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Vint Penal's page

15 posts. Pathfinder Society character for The Shifty Mongoose.

Full Name

Vintus Penault


Varisian 1/2-elf


Bard (Detective)/Fighter (Lore Warden)







Special Abilities

Ancestral Arms (Swordbreaker Dagger), Careful Teamwork, taking 'em in alive, dry wit


Lawful Good


I don't do praying.


Absolom, used to be Magnimar


Common, Elven, Varisian


Private Investigator, Public Speaker, ameteur poet

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 19

About Vint Penal

"I joined the Society - why else does anyone join the Society? Not for idealistic reasons, in my case. Every day, you hear stories: this crazy gnome sorceror stole something 'cause she just wanted it, those Szcarni punks killed a man in cold blood just 'cause they could. Some Pathfinders head out there looking for knowledge, others for thrills... Me? I'm looking for that slimy son-of-an-otyugh who thinks he can take Protection From Law literally.

"No, brown's not my natural colour. If you wanna know, my father got... taken advantage of by a drow, who thought it would be more cruel to leave him with an unwanted child than to sacrifice her very own newborn. Lucky for me, huh? I didn't like tattoos nor shame, so I left for the biggest city in the world. It isn't so bad, if you really want to live in it, and you bet your last copper I do."

"...Torch got me into the Society, and showed me that, if people can't take responsibility for themselves, they have to be held responsible. Now that I found myself in with that Zadrian woman, I'll show him what he taught me by dragging him back to Absalom myself."

The Pathfinders have an ideal; they rescue stuff rather than steal.
Oh, they'll have a say, and then they'll get their way,
but for me it means one more hot meal.

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