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Vigal's page

14 posts. Alias of GM Idyll.


What are your thoughts on the Scarred Witch Doctor archetype found in the Advanced Race Guide (and linked here)? Would you allow that to apply to a half-orc character? If not, could an orc walk around Absalom freely?

I'll update the background a bit if you would be willing to consider the character.

I also have Calvin the Surgeon that would love to be resurrected for a game, if the scarred witch doctor is a no-go.


Here's what I've put together so far. There are some holes to fill in and items to expand upon, but this should give you an idea.


Vigal, like most of his race, is the result of an unholy union between and orc and a human. However, slightly different than normal, his mother was an orc who forced herself upon a poor male woodsmen near her tribe's temporary encampment. Several months after the encounter, she suspected that she might be pregnant.

Uninterested in giving birth to a half-breed, she visited an orcish witch doctor for counsel. He examined her belly and confirmed that she was indeed pregnant, but that her child - a single boy -bore a sign of fate and should not be discarded. His mother did not care. She just wanted it out of her body. The witch doctor gave her some herbs, which almost instantly induced labor. Vigal was born several months premature, but was nursed to health by the witch doctor.

The witch doctor also served as his mentor and tutor, teaching him to read the signs and perform the duties of a tribe's sage. When he was just a teenager, the old orc carved two ornate symbols - one on each arm - into Vigal's skin. The pain was nearly unbearable. As soon as the cuts were made, Vigal realized that he had untapped further power. The witch doctor instructed that this power was to be found in his blood, and to unlock further potential, further scars would be required.

As Vigal approached adulthood, he became quite restless, eager to see what fate had in store for him. In the weeks before he left, the old orc helped him carve his own fetish mask, a further source of arcane power.

He made his way south from the Churlwood and arrived in the hold of Sandpoint on the eve of the Swallowtail Festival. Having traded with multiple races over the years, he was used to interacting with the others - though he wasn't exactly gifted at it. He secured lodging at The Rusty Dragon as he determined what his next step would be.


Vigal is quiet and introspective by nature. Though he has dealt with other races, he is accustomed to only dealing with an old, curmudgeonly orcish witch doctor. As a result, he doesn't speak much for fear of being yelled at or insulted. He is still discovering the possibilities of his power and will eagerly discuss the topic with any who can provide guidance or wisdom.

I'll get a backstory up tonight as I'm on the road today.

Thanks for the consideration!

I'd like to play with Vigal, a scarred witch doctor. By default, he'd be an Orc, but if you're willing, I would prefer to make him a half-Orc.

If you're ok with this archetype, I'll flesh out his profile.

Ha! "Feasible?" You're perfectly suited to take down my creation. There's little hope of my survival now! least I still have my axe. Prepare to feel the pain of a +1 strength modifier!

You know things are dire when your opponent's save modifier is higher than your DC - how is your Will so high?!

You reached me on your first move...

Round 2
Vigal feels the greataxe he is holding shatter in his hands, immediately followed by two fierce blows. He fortunately manages to avoid the third.

Weaponless and no longer surrounded by the tornado, he floats a step back and calls forth a companion from another plan.

Summon Monster IX - Nalfeshnee

What's your speed? Are we separated by 70'?

If you can reach me in one move:

Vigal is surprised by the barbarian's ferocity. The attack takes him off-guard and causes him to drop the effects of the spell.

He focuses all of his attention on the attacker and narrows his eyes. He looks into the spirit realm and foresees the death that is coming for his foe.

Dire Prophecy Hex - Will Save DC29 to negate

If fail...
Dire Prophecy (Su): The witch curses the target so he is doomed to die (Will negates). As long as the curse persists, the target takes a –4 penalty to his Armor Class and on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks. While the curse persists, the witch may end it by bringing its full force upon her victim all at once. Doing so gives the victim a penalty equal to the witch's caster level to his Armor Class or on any single attack roll, combat maneuver check, opposed ability or skill check, or saving throw. The witch must decide to apply this penalty before the roll to be modified is made. If the witch does not have line of sight to the target, the full force of the curse occurs when the GM considers it most appropriate, such as when the target is in mortal danger.

If you can't reach me in one move:

Vigal sees the barbarian charging towards him. In an effort to stop the foe from reaching him, he mumbles a few words and projects a hex to put him to sleep.

Slumber Hex - Will Save DC29 to negate

If fail...
A witch can cause a creature within 30 feet to fall into a deep, magical sleep, as per the spell sleep. The creature receives a Will save to negate the effect. If the save fails, the creature falls asleep for a number of rounds equal to the witch's level. This hex can affect a creature of any HD. The creature will not wake due to noise or light, but others can rouse it with a standard action. This hex ends immediately if the creature takes damage.

Vigal then flies 30' straight up into the air.

Buff Round
Vigal lifts his hands and is surrounded by what appears to be a multi-colored tornado forming around him. He is lifted from the ground. He draws a massive greataxe from his back.

GM Only - Or Spellcraft DC24:

Cast Winds of Vengeance Spell. I am now flying.

A tall, grotesquely mutilated creature stands before you. His flesh is covered in what appear to be tribal tattoos, but upon closer inspection, it is clear the intricate designs are not done in ink, but are scars of self-inflicted wounds. Many of the wounds remain open and gaping.

As he steps into the arena, observers can see that slightly hunched over. He wears a fearsome-looking mask and a number of rings and amulets.

Initiative Roll: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Vigal, checking in.

1d100 ⇒ 9

I've added the following to Portia's profile. I want to clean it up - and can - but I've got to head out for the day.

I look forward to seeing who's selected!


Portia grew up, the daughter of an average-at-best wizard in Ravengro. He studied countless hours, seeking to improve his craft, but achieved less-than-desirable results. While frustrated by his failures, he become obsessed with little Portia when she displayed something of an aptitude for the arcane. He invested a considerable amount of money in getting her talented tutors and trainers to help her become the wizard he was unable to become.

Unfortunately, Portia preferred other pursuits - dancing in particular. She stayed away from the formal Ustalavan dances, choosing instead to explore and experiment with exotic dances from Qadira and Varisia. An older Varisian woman who wore brightly colored silk scarves took her under her wing and taught her these dances. Her father was angered by this "distraction" - so much so, that he uprooted his entire family to Caliphas so that she (and, to be honest, he) could study from the "brightest arcane minds in Ustalav." Even with the uprooting, Portia still frequently managed to sneak away to dance with the numerous trade caravans and carnivals that came through.

When her father passed away in her 18th year, she mourned him, took her inheritance and began traveling. The first place she visited was her old home, Ravengro - particularly to see if her Varisian friend was still living. In a sad stroke of fate, she arrived on the very day of her funeral. She had died from an infection that had taken several other lives - it was determined that her belongings and her home needed to be destroyed to contain the threat. In an effort to hold onto a final memory of her's, Portia snuck into the quarantined house and stole a scarf - a bright pink one she remembered fondly.

Coming out of the home, she was caught and threatened to be put to death for carrying the disease out of the home. The Professor happened to be passing and rescued her, saying that he had requested the scarf so that the disease could be studied by his peers at the University of Lepdstadt. The guard allowed Portia to keep the scarf and her freedom. Portia was overcome with gratitude for the Professor. He smiled broadly and said it was nothing. He turned to walk away, but paused and turned back. He said that he may have need of her assistance in the future and he hoped that he could count on her should he call. She nodded eagerly - she was willing to do anything for him in that moment.

Creel wrote:


Question 2: Please describe a Dervish Magus. It is new to me. Is it simply a Magus focusing on scimitar and the Dervish Dance feat from Qadira, Gateway to the East? Or is there more to it? You might want to reread the Source content paragraph again. Not saying no, but it might be an issue.

The Dancing Dervish feat can also be found in The Inner Sea World Guide, but I see that too might be nixed. My apologies. If it's a deal-breaker for my character, I completely understand.

Creel wrote:

Question B: I am assuming you mean the village of Ravengro rather that the ruined prision Harrowstone. Will double check w/GM about knowing Kendra before game start. Probably fine.

Yes - I think I was typing a little too quickly. I can adjust that relationship if necessary. Perhaps I moved away before her family arrived and heard of the great professor from friends or acquaintances who still lived there.

Creel wrote:

Please. More is never bad. If you do decide to do more then remember to lay the groundwork for the nonCore/APG feat if it is vital to your character.

Can do!

Player Questions
1: What will you add to the party?
I will add frequent posting, a laid-back attitude and (hopefully) an interesting character and interactions.

2: How do you see your character developing both in terms of mechanics and in role play?
For now, I intend on staying strictly Dervish Magus. I've never played as one, and I'm intrigued by the class.

3: Do you feel able to commit to attempting the entire AP?
I do!

4: Is there anything you want to ask us?
What is the vibe of the group right now? Are players eager to move forward? Do you know why the group derailed originally?

Character Questions
A: What is your connection to the Lorrimer family?
I actually know the professor's daughter, Kendra - a bit. I grew up in Harrowstone, but my parents moved us away when I was 14. Kendra and I were schoolmates and often played and did homework together.

B: Why did you miss the funeral?
I was in a spot of trouble with the local magistrate of a small village in Anactoria. He made a pass at me one evening and I made a pass of my blade across his cheek. I spent three days in the jail before…I left.

C: Why are you currently in or very near the local church to Pharasma?
Having missed the funeral proper, I've decided to go ahead and return to Harrowstone to see any old acquaintances that remain there and pay my last respects to the Professor.

D: Why do you care what happens to a tiny hamlet in the middle of nowhere?
This isn't just a hamlet in the middle of nowhere - it was my home for my formative years.

E: What are you afraid of?
I recognize the cliche', but I'm terrified of spiders ever since my stupid cousin put one down my dress when I was a little girl. I've gotten used to the garden-variety small ones, but the idea of a giant spider is quite terrifying.

Let me know if you'd like more backstory based on my responses.


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