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Vic Wertz

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This PDF really is perfect for it's niche, regardless of your preferred genre. Whether you're playing in a fantasy city set in a volcano, or in a sci-fi villain's lair set in a volcano, or in a superhero hideout set in a volcano, or even in a Star Wars RPG set in a volcano, this product is for you. And, of course, you can't beat the price—FREE!

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More information

To those of you reading reviews to determine if this Hero's Hoard is right for you, I'd like to point out a few things.

A: There are several messageboard threads that you may find informative, including: RODUCTItemCards

If you have questions, that last thread would be a good place to post to get them answered.

B: The word "random" doesn't properly convey the structure of the packs.

In addition to the foil, which can be any card, each pack should contain:
1 armor (cards 1–15)
2 weapons (16–39)
2 potions (40–57)
1 scroll (63–72)
1 wand (79–88)
and 2 wondrous items (89–110).
Half of the packs also contain 1 ring (58–62); the other half contain 1 rod or staff (73–78).

C: A few of the "reviews" below are from people who apparently don't have actual firsthand experience with the product. (Note phrases like "I was... ready to buy this until...," "As far as I know," and "I... blew this off as a no sale.") You might want to consider that when you weigh their opinions.

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