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Verminlord's page

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...something is missing

***( )( )

The fluff is great, but the adventure isn’t. Yes, it is solid stuff, but nothing I expected from the crew of the Dungeon Magazine. There is nothing in it I couldn’t brew together in an afternoon, nothing I say ‘Wow, that is great stuff.’ Certainly a disappointment, mostly because I think that it reads like a lot of energy was wasted in ,what expects the customer from us’ and trying to make everything right, it has no soul, tastes bland.

Boring as it could be...

*( )( )( )( )

It is a classic, once you pick up and know at once it has all the things, why D&D was called a wargame. Room, monster, treasure, repeat this 500 hundred times. And don't ask any logical question, where come the logistic, doorways for large monster and food for the monsters etc. So if you like roleplay, don't buy it, it is not worth the money.

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