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Shalelu Andosana

Venture-Captain Shalelu's page

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Good, but seems incomplete

****( )

As with village, the art is great and the idea is one I support wholeheartedly. I hate waiting so long between releases. I'm also concerned that future map packs will be $13 instead of $10, even though the tile count won't increase.

***NOTE*** I wrote a long, extensive review of this product, but when I tried to submit, it took me out and I lost everything I typed.

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Not enough of a good thing

****( )

The thing I hate about products like this is that we have to wait months in between releases. This is an exceptional GM aid, but it leaves me wanting more, and out of frustration I will need to get other tiles from other sources.

The artwork is great, but layout can be a bit confusing, since there's no overview or guideline. I appreciate that they can be arranged in a variety of manners and are customizeable, but I would also like the option of using all of them for a large focal map.

We really need several sets like this just for a village. I'd like to see some road tiles, a jail, an inn, and maybe a few homes.

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It's about time!

****( )

I've been waiting for nearly 20 years for someone to come up with this idea, and I must say that Gamemastery has done a good job. The artwork is very nice, and each card has a unique drawing and description, even for similar items.

As much as I love this product, I would really like to see a set of cards containing more mundane items that we typically see in an adventurer's inventory. This way we could actually carry cards representing everything that our character owns, such as backpack, torches, tinderbox, boots, cape, flasks of oil, thieves tools, etc.

Good job, Paizo, and looking forward to more boosters!

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