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Eagle Knight

Venture Captain Krenshar's page

14 posts. Alias of Pact Stone GM.

About Venture Captain Krenshar

Venture-Captain Krenshar is the Pathfinder in charge of the Kothi, a Pathfinder lodge in Sothis. He has close ties to Absalom.

The Venture Captain is one of those men whose age is tough to place – he might be in his 40’s but he might be a young looking 50-year old. With his reputation, the later is more likely. He wears the garb of a foreigner who has spent enough years in Osirion to know how to properly dress. He wears light silks of grey with a black sash – no capes, boots or other items coveted by northerners. His black beard is neatly trimmed.

Only open the spoiler tag below if your PC successfully makes a DC 10 Knowledge (Nature) or Knowledge (Arcana) check. Note these skills cannot be used untrained, so if your PC does not have ranks in either of these skills, they may not attempt the checks or review the spoiler tag.

A krenshar is the name of a bizarre cat or wolf-like creature capable of frightening predators by pulling away the skin on its face revealing the flesh and bones below. (Feel free to read the entry on the krenshar in Bestiary 2 for more information if you have access to it but it’s not at all necessary)

Only open the second spoiler tag below if after succeeding on one of the above checks your PC further succeeds on a DC 10 Knowledge (local - Osirion) or DC 15 Diplomacy (for an information gathering session). If you attempt the Diplomacy check option, please make sure you post that you have done so as this simulates ‘asking around’ at the Kothi. It means your PC has been chatting with a number of the staff or residents, prior to the start of the game.

Krenshar is a nickname. It is a reference to the Venture Captain’s personality. Although insanely busy, Venture-Captain Krenshar is notoriously likeable and easy going – until crossed. Then, it is said, he becomes a complete bastard. Whether true or not, this reputation has worked wonders for him – people work hard to stay on his good side so they don’t have to find out just how significant the contrast truly is.

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