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My personal favorite thing is that addition of Hybrid Grenades, which allows a Grenadier Soldier to basically cast a spell every fight he's in. At least, if he gets 10 minutes to craft the grenade.

I think that the Icestar Staff is a pretty neat weapon, personally. A Solar Armored Solarion wielding one of those would be both thematically appropriate and hecka accurate on full attacks with the multi-weapon fighting feat and flashing strikes.

I don't think that works, because Weapon Finesse expressly says that it replaces your strength modifier on attack rolls.

If you like the idea of the Orc Double Axe, I'd recommend giving the Molthuni Arsenal Chaplain archetype a look.

The most important thing the archetype does is essentially trade in the scaling damage dice given to you by sacred weapon in return for the Fighter's weapon training class feature. Since the Double Axe already has a fairly decent damage die on it, the tradeoff isn't quite so onerous.

I don't know how locked in you feel with your character build, but I'd recommend giving the Arcanist class a look. The Arcanist prepares spells like a wizard does, but casts their prepared spells spontaneously like a sorcerer.

Anyway, at level 1 grease is not a bad spell to have in your back pocket. You can use it to make enemies slip and fall down or cast it on an ally to help them escape a grapple.

I’m wondering at this point if Paladins should be scrapped as a base class and made into a prestige archetype instead.

Goth Guru wrote:

This is a case of'"A must have item". A phylactery of faithfulness.

It tells you if a considered action could annoy your deity.

Great idea, Detect Lead. First round, it tells you if there is lead in front of you. Second round, it tells you what or who has the lead. Third round, it tells you the location and shape of the lead, such as bullets or a lead lined box.

I read the rest of the topic and I stand by my first statement.
The spell may need some suggestions though.

I’m just going to say that if you buy that item, GMs have permission to have every NPC laugh at your character.

Because the phylactery of faithfulness is a box that has our tie to your head. So wearing one makes you look like a moron who can’t tell right from wrong.

It looks so dumb, you guys.

Arachnofiend wrote:
If you need to be elected to be legitimate, then does that mean that Andoran is the only legitimate governing body in all of Golarion?

Campaign idea: an Order of Paladins begins a crusade against Andoran because they view elected governments as inherently illegitimate, and proper authority can only be obtained from a ruler directly blessed by the Gods.

If you’re looking for villains, one you could work in would be an Oracle Initiative agent who is secretly on the payroll of the Aspis Consortium.

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Scythia wrote:
Ramanujan wrote:

The reason it shouldn’t be completely free is that without it there is no differentiation between two handed and one handed weapons for people with nothing in their other hand.

For example, why build a scimitar wielding Magus, when you can have a greatsword weilding one with no downside? - just shift your grip for free when you want to cast spells/strike.

The same applies to anyone else who wants to be able to have a hand free and wield a weapon.

There also doesn't seem to be as much of a benefit for using a 2h weapon anymore. You don't get extra bonus damage from Strength now, and unless you have Fighter or other feats that call for a 2h weapon then all you're getting is a bigger damage die (usually with less properties).

EDIT: Besides, they'll probably make magus abilities require a 1h weapon, just like how Rogue Dex to damage does.

As a counterpoint, I’d say that weapon damage dice are even more important in PF2e. Remember that magic weapons don’t add static modifiers to damage, but more weapon dice.

A +2 Weapon dealing 3d12 damage as opposed to 3d8 is a noticeable difference. And if you want those d10s or d12s when bringing the pain, then you’ve got to use 2 hands. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

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Link to required katana meme. Beware of NSFW language.

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Draco18s wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
I like the idea of having a free ability bonus from your class, even if it wrecks the 18/16/14/12/10/8 array. I'm just not sure how we succinctly express "your key ability is the one you picked" in cases when you're making more than one choice.
"Your class's key ability is the highest of...." and list or or two. Sure, the fighter could select Con as their class boost (taking it to 18), but they'd still have to use STR or DEX as their key ability.

Why, though? If a fighter wants to boost their Constitution super high and become the tankiest tank that ever tanked, then why not make their key ability Constitution?

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My personal recommendation would be to be a dwarf. Dwarves get automatic proficiency with advanced melee weapons, specialization with them at level 3, and the +Con +Wis -Cha ability modifiers are about as nice as you could ask for.

Somee caveats would be to make sure that you get heavy armor proficiency at level 1 and to make sure that you invest at least 1 skill point into a spaceship combat skill every level. I’d say that Star Shaman would be your best connection since the piloting skill allows you to be a decent pilot or gunner. Plus, being up close to the baddies while using your Starlight Form class feature means you have a chance to blind them, which could be fun.

Garrett Larghi wrote:
Now here is an idea. A cha dex build. With the loss in str you can still do the damage needed if you can make your solar weapon operative. This would be great! Better initiative and ac. You could be a dodge tank and still put out the damage.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this yet. I can imagine there might be a way in the future, though.

Buried at the back of the weapon fusion list in the Armory is the Soulfire infusion, which when attached to a Solarian Weapon Crystal (and, in fact, can only be attached to said Crystals) makes the Solar Weapon that crystal empowers add the Solarian’s Charisma modifier to damage.

The fusion itself is level 1, and the armory also includes level 1 weapon crystals, which means that Solarians can now go their entire career adding two ability modifiers to their melee damage rolls.

I remember that back when Starfinder was first released, there were several posters who believed that a Solarian would be better served buying an advanced melee weapon rather than using the class-granted solar weapon. With this seal, that’s probably no longer the case.

Buried at the back of the weapon fusion list in the Armory is the Soulfire infusion, which when attached to a Solarian Weapon Crystal (and, in fact, can only be attached to said Crystals) makes the Solar Weapon that crystal empowers add the Solarian’s Charisma modifier to damage.

The fusion itself is level 1, and the armory also includes level 1 weapon crystals, which means that Solarians can now go their entire career adding two ability modifiers to their melee damage rolls.

I remember that back when Starfinder was first released, there were several posters who believed that a Solarian would be better served buying an advanced melee weapon rather than using the class-granted solar weapon. With this seal, that’s probably no longer the case.

I believe the official name for places where Solarions train is "Cosmonostaries."

Which sounds both hilarious and awesome at the same time.

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Xenocrat wrote:
spectrevk wrote:
Thebazilly wrote:
spectrevk wrote:

Page 197—In the Spells chapter, in the Spell Attacks section,, Spectre VK <>, Aug 14, 2018
in the second paragraph, at the beginning of the fifth sentence, add “You add your Strength or Dexterity modifier to these attacks as normal, and”
Does this mean that a spell attack is now (proficiency) + (casting stat) + (dex or str)?

For a melee touch attack, yes.

I misread your question, sorry. No, you don't add the casting stat to touch attacks. It would be proficiency + Str/Dex only, using your proficiency in spellcasting rather than your proficiency in unarmed attacks.

I thought the casting stat was added to all spell rolls, and spell attacks use your spell roll.
A _spell_ MAKING an attack (Spiritual Weapon, Black Tentacles) makes a Spell Roll based on your casting attribute. A _spellcaster_ ATTACKING WITH a spell (Disintegrate, Shocking Grasp) makes an attack roll based on the appropriate attribute (dex or str for melee, dex for ranged). In both cases you use your spellcasting proficiency (expert at 12, master at 16, etc.) as a modifier.

I gotta say, that feels needlessly complex. Attacking with a spell and making a spell attack feel like they should be the same thing, but I guess not?

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I think the idea behind ancestral hit points is to make 1st-level characters a bit tougher. So yes, they are intended to have the biggest impact at lower levels. There's a similar mechanic in Starfinder that works the same way.

The half-orc heritage hp boost, looked at in that vein, is intended to show that half-orcs are about as tough a dwarves, since both start with 10 ancestral HP that gets added to their class HP.

I already favorited the OP, but I figure I'll add my support via a post so that hopefully the devs will consider this idea.

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One nice thing I noticed in the rune section of the PF2 playtest: weapons with the returning rune etched on them that are thrown as part of a strike return to your hand after the strike is completed, instead of at the end of your turn like in PF1.

This means that if you want your Gozreh-worshipping cleric to get full use out of her trident or your tricky rogue to focus on knife-throwing tricks, you don't need to jump through all the hoops present in PF1 that made it almost possible to play a character who likes throwing weapons.

So that's neat.

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magnuskn wrote:
Fabius Maximus wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
"Ancestry" sounds incredibly clunky and you will never see a person in the real world use that word in conversation when talking to another person, outside of academia. And even there they would use words like "ethnicity", "nationality" or "race".

Firstly, your personal experience is anecdotal and cannot be generalised. People do use species in everyday conversation when applicable.

Secondly, you are German, are you not? If I'd meet anybody using "Rasse" when talking about human beings (and not about dogs, for example), I'd be extremely wary of that person, for obvious reasons. Btw, "Herkunft" (i. e. Ancestry) is rather common in my experience.

Words have different contexts in different languages and nations. "Race" is used more colloquially in English and Spanish than it ever would be in German, due to the context of my countries history. The same way "propaganda" is a commonly used word in English and Spanish, but in German it has a strongly negative connotation, again due to the history of my nation.

As someone who can grasp the concept of "context", I am fine with the word "race" as applied in English, while at the same being perfectly able of being appalled when it is used in German.

As an American, I’ve got to say that at least, where I’ve lived, propaganda has usually been seen as having a negative connotation. Race too, for that matter, though the main reason is because the word is usually used when discussing... current events.

And that’s all I’ll say on that.

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I'll preface this that I like the idea that the main goal of proficiency bonuses is to expand the scope of the kinds of things you can do with skills, and not just add a bunch of +1s. I do, however, feel that Legendary skill feats are not quite legendary enough. Here are some idea for the kind of things I think legendary-proficient characters should be able to do.

Titan Feller - You can use Athletics to grapple, shove, or trip enemies of any size without penalty.

Paragon of Fear - You can use the Intimidate skill against creatures which would normally be immune to fear like constructs or undead.

Hide in Plain Sight - You can stealth anywhere, anytime.

Steal Enchantment - You can make a thievery check to steal one ongoing spell effect on an enemy and apply it to yourself instead.

I feel like these are the kind of things that Legendary heroes should be able to do with their skills.

All characters can get a General Feat at level 3, and one of the general feats you can nab at that level is Ancestral Paragon, which allows you to get a Level 1 Ancestral Feat (like Orc Weapon Familiarity, for example).

As far as I know, that's the only way to get Orc Weapon Carnage at level 5.

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So, this concept can only be realized towards the end of your character's career, but I think it's still kind of funny.

You've gotta be a Bard, so that you have Bardic Lore and advance your Occultism skill to legendary so that you become an expert in Bardic Lore.

First, you take the Assurance skill feat, which lets you "take 10" (or 15 in this case) with Bardic Lore. Then you get Automatic Knowledge, which lets you make a free Recall Information each round using any skill you have Assurance with (and which can only be used with the "take 10" aspect of Assurance on). Finally, you get Dubious Knowledge, which kicks in if you fail a recall knowledge roll. You learn one piece of true knowledge and one piece of false knowledge, and have no idea how distinguish which is true and which is false.

Which means now you have a Bard who knows everything about everything and can tell you right off the top of his head. It's just... not all of it is entirely accurate, that's all.

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JDLPF wrote:
Natural Ambition doesn't say it grants you a class feat because it doesn't need to. Per p. 279, you can swap any class feat for an archetype feat. You still haven't shown a rule that conflicts with this, merely provided opinions, which while welcome, don't change the actual rules for multiclassing.

Actually, if you want to be super rules-lawyerly about it, then let's look at the text.

Natural Ambition wrote:
You were raised to be ambitious and always reach for the stars, causing you to progress quickly in your chosen field. You gain a 1st-level class feat for your class.

Natural Ambition only allows you to take a 1st-level class feat that is specifically for your class. Archetype feats are not class feats for your class. They are class feats for the specific archetype that they are attached to, which other classes can gain access to by spending class feats at a specified level.

But said archetype feats have the "archetype" tag, and not the "fighter" tag or the "sorcerer" tag. So archetype feats are, Rules As Written, not class feats.

So, the only two weapons with the orc racial trait in the playtest are the orc knuckle dagger and the orc necksplitter, both of which fall into the knives weapon group. Most knives deal d4 damage, with the exception of the kukri and these particular weapons, the knuckle dagger rolling d6s and the necksplitter rolling d8s.

I just find it kind of interesting, is all.

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Except in 2e, anyone can 2-weapon fight without a feat. In fact, it's a fairly decent idea to have a stronger weapon in one hand and an agile weapon in the other which has reduced penalties when making multiple attacks in a turn.

Fighters and Rangers just 2-weapon fight better than other classes do because of their class feats. What I don't really see as a problem. If a fighter has nothing unique that they can do, then why do they deserve to exist as a class?

That could actually work.

That sounds pretty similar to the Defense System that 4e used.

Which I personally like myself.

I think if I wanted to play with the concept I’d probably give my Soldier some skill ranks in mysticism, but I am very much a fan of the idea.

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I’ll chime in and say that a big broad-bladed sword that you only stab with doesn’t make much sense in the fiction of the game. Or at least, that’s how I see it.

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Personally, I like that a lot of what had been grab-bag Weapon feats are now Fighter-only feats. It means something that if you want to be an absolute paragon with the bow, that you have to dedicate your life to it (ie be a fighter). Others can pick up some tricks for shooting better (multiclass Fighter), but being an absolute master of weapons should be the Fighter’s niche and not something that just anyone can do.

Bombard soldiers are also the best at securing escapes!

What you do is create a hologram grenade. The hologram looks like a regular grenade explosion except with a blast ring around it. When you enemies see it, they will be stupefied, trying to figure out why you meddled with adding that extra effect to the explosion what a regular grenade explosion already looks pretty cool. And while they're trying to puzzle it out, you escape!

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There are no level 1 archetype feats. The lowest level at which you can get an archetype is 2.

So, no, you can’t use Natural Ambitiin to get any archetype feats, multiclass feats included.

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gustavo iglesias wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
I believe that philosophically where CN conflicts with Pharasma is that Pharasma is about in-part about Fate and CN is in-part about self-determination, and moreover Pharasma is has arranged an orderly hierarchical system for the dissemination of souls according to "where everybody fits" in order to keep the universe running well, which is hard to reconcile with "maximally chaotic."
There is admittedly some validity to this. I suppose the "mad prophet of Pharasma" would be a concept that might be well-suited to a special archetype.
Or it can be a mad prophet of Pharasma, who is not CN.

Indeed. There are some pretty unfortunate implications in saying that people with mental illnesses are all inherently chaotic.

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There are some threads in this forum that focus on what you can’t do in Pathfinder 2. Let’s talk about some of the interesting stuff you CAN.

So, here’s one of my favorite interactions. One of the gnome’s level 1 ancestral feats let them get a small animal as a familiar. Familiars have the ability to deliver touch spells. And an interesting quirk of Pathfinders “powers-as-spells” system is that Lay on Hands now counts as a touch spell.

So from level 1, you can have a thrush or badger buddy running around and healing your allies while you hold the line.

That would be correct, I believe.

Another reason Bombard Soldiers are the best Summoners: they theoretically have access to every variation of summoned creature. They never actually learn the spell, and are thus not limited to picking just 4 options off of the summoner monster list.

MaxAstro wrote:

Man I hope characters aren't trained in unarmored defense, because that's a huge nerf to the monk.

Or is "I have the same AC as someone wearing the weakest armor in the game, at least until the fighter gets expert with it" really supposed to convince me that not wearing armor is the way to go?

I mean, that's the case either way, but the monk could at least be good comparatively at being unarmored.

Monks actually get Expert-level proficiency in Unarmored Defense as a class feature at level 1.

Shinigami02 wrote:

So I was looking at Gorum's Edicts and Anathema...

Edicts: attain victory in fair combat, push your limits
Anathema: kill prisoners or surrendering foes, prevent conflict
through negotiation, win a battle through underhanded tactics
or indirect magic

So let's see. He wants you to fight fair, and gets upset if you kill those who are at your mercy or use underhanded tactics... Someone remind me, why does he support Evil and not Good? Because those tenants seem borderline Good-leaning to me.

If you’re not stabbing peace negotiators when they keep on trying to negotiate, Gorum is going to abandon you pretty quickly.

TheFinish wrote:
Nekome wrote:
MaxAstro wrote:
Your numbers of spells known as a bard is always equal to your number of spells you can cast.

This seems to say it can be higher:

Page 64, Spell Repertoire wrote:
Though you gain them at the same rate, your spell slots and spell repertoire are separate. If a feat or other ability adds a spell to your spell repertoire, it wouldn’t give you another spell slot, and vice versa.
So you learn a spell every time you gain a slot by leveling, but you might be able to increase the number of spells you can know by other means (though there don't appear to be any available in the playtest rulebook).
There is at least one way I found: the Esoteric Scholar Class Feat (for Bards). I don't think Sorcerers get anything similar though.

Sorcerers actually do get the ability to expand their spell repertoire. At 4 level, they can pick up Arcane Evolution, Occult Evolution, or Primal Evolution which lets them do just that, though it does so in different ways depending on the feat.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Are any of the advanced melee weapons worth it? I mean i'm seeing spending 2 feats to go from a d4 to a d8

Some of the powered weapons like the Zero Knife and the Polarity Gauntlets deal only energy damage, which allows operatives to target EAC instead of KAC. Since EAC tends to be the lower AC, it works out to be a decent accuracy booster.

Also, fun thing you can do with a Gnome Paladin: pick a familiar, and from level 1 you can send your badger friend to go heal your other friends while you hold the line, since Lay on Hands qualifies as a spell that a familiar can cast for you.

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Dragonborn3 wrote:
But not much of that is actual felixibility for them because one of the two familiar powers has to apply to the caster unless I'm misunderstanding something. Even LESS flexibility if your familiar has a fly speed.

You don't have to pick any of the Master options if you don't want to. Or you could pick two Master options instead.

Though I think this is just one more instance of the playtest rules not having the most intuitive formatting.

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Funnily enough, an injection glove can serve as a pretty good bayonet at low levels.

There's an interesting variety of items that was introduced in the Starfinder Armory: Hybrid Grenades.

Hybrid grenades are, quite simply, grenades that produce magical effects when used. You've got grenades that makes walls of force, grenades that create holograms, even grenades that can create robots.

And which Soldier fighting style allows you to create a free grenade for almost every fight you're going to be in? That's right, the Bombard Solider!

Bombard Soldiers might actually end up being the best summoners in the game, since they can throw a Summoning Grenade (yes, that is an actual thing now) in every fight that they have 10 minutes to prepare for.

Which is pretty awesome, I think.

An idea for a sport that I had is Mageball, where the whole idea is that the only way to move the ball around and score points is via the use of magic spells or supernatural abilities.

Including, of course, mind-reading to figure out what strategies the other team is going to use.

For a Blaster Druid, I’d recommend looking at the Lightning apocryphal subdomain. It’s very much about piling on damage, even endangering your character to do so.

I’d recommend looking at the leshykineticist archetype from Ultimate Wilderness. It sounds very much like it would support the character concept you’re going for.

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