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Red Dragon

Ventnor's page

4,002 posts (4,401 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 aliases.


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I could see this concept working for a mid-to-high level campaign. With the PCs as the officers, I mean.

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It would help if the metaphorical hands rule, the spell manifestation rule, and other "assumed but not stated" rules were clearly spelled out in a revised CRB.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:

And here we see the wild Lmao in its natural habitat. These majestic creatures once roamed in massive herds across the plains of the Internet, but hunting by people with bad grammar has led to their predicament today, on the verge of extinction.

Many fools have died
On this hopeless fruitless quest:
Trix Rabbit's struggle

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Thanks for too much turkey!

No Thanks for too much turkey!

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Back in my day, posting multiple times in a row was punishable by death!

Heartless Hemorrhoids

1.) Everyone, please rise for the National Anthem.

2.) So, how are we going to know when the warp drive is gonna kick in?

3.) Hah! 7 vertebrae shattered with one karate chop! Can you top that?

Fresh, piping answers! Straight outta the oven!

1.) I'm sorry, but I'm all tapped out.

2.) That is indeed quite impressive.

3.) What if I answered your question with another question?

Because I kicked you so hard in the butt that you flew!

My raps are like a supernova, they blast you from space!

Wish granted! Except replace the words "rebuild a medieval town" with "explore a static two screens of city blocks" and "hunt monsters with" with "scream obscenities at." This is an MMO we're talking about, after all.

I wish to be the leader of a secret agency with a dumb acronym.

To post on this thread
You need Seven Syllables
In the middle line

You could also get the extra ninja trick feat to get Vanish as a spell-like ability.

You could dip Brawler and pick them up with Martial Flexibility. Have them in the combats where you need them.

master_marshmallow wrote:
Improved Bravery compares to superstition, and Shatterspell is Spell Sunder for fighters.

Shatterspell is Spell Sunder for dwarf fighters. And maybe humans who spend a feat to have a dwarf grandpappy.

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master_marshmallow wrote:
Jader7777 wrote:
That is exactly the feat I would need in the undead scenario presented in that book. Hopefully I can have a feat for every situation; I'm sure fighter builds work like that- or whatever.

A big thing about fighters is being able to pick and choose through all the feats.

From the DM side of things, those other feats work great on NPCs that are meant to be weak by comparison or only have niche versatility.

That's actually the purview of Brawlers and a few specific Fighter archetypes.

Brawlers are truly Schrodinger's fighter.

Nargemn wrote:
I know you said you don't want the ranger to be actually undead, but if you made them a ghoul you have the option of giving them the corpse companion feat.

If the Ranger was a Dhampir, they could have a Vampiric Companion.

Claxon wrote:
Ventnor wrote:
Might I recommend taking a look at the Witchguard archetype?
He's not really trying to make a defender though. He wants to make an archer, who has undead thematics to it, without actually being undead.

So the bodyguard stuff isn't useful. You still can get several neat necromancy spells with the archetype that the Ranger wouldn't have access to otherwise.

Might I recommend taking a look at the Witchguard archetype?

No, it's fine, I know where I am! All I have to do is find the starting point and then I'll be a-okay!

The next poster is preparing a Thanksgiving feast for everyone in the thread.

Eustace and the Third Rail: A Love Story

Haster open the door when people knock. Otherwise they think I'm rude!


Who's there?


EXTREME!!! who?

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Morning Star! You have a skeletal bad guy laughing it up and then bam! Ball of spikes to the face!

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Was thinking he looked like Ron Swanson and chose it after a Parks and Rec binge. It is a mighty mustache.

You're saying it weird. The proper pronunciation is "moustache".

But the way you play Risk leaves your soldiers sick and tarry!

After I drop dope rhymes your jaw falls to the floor!

"The night may be long, but the sun always rises." Sarenite proverb about enduring adversity.

I imagine that worshippers of Lamashtu refer to each other as "brother" and "sister" since they see each other as the metaphorical (or possibly physical) children of the Mother of Monsters.

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Bandw2 wrote:
kyrt-ryder wrote:
Flexibility is crucial to fighting. The Brawler has more fighting potential than the Fighter, while the Magus has more still.
what's more flexible that the options granted by your enemy being dead?

Being able to punch a ghost or punch a haunt when you need to?

I think Brawler is a better choice for this character because there are some enemies which simply cannot be tripped. Martial flexibility means that when you fight those enemies, you can have feats that will help you better face those foes instead of feats which are useless in that particular encounter.

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True Royal Armor is created when spirits of especially loyal knights at the end of a lifetime of service are bound to a set of armor (usually Full Plate). The ritual also involves a sacrifice of blood by a currently reigning monarch. After its creation, the armor can then only be worn by members of that royal bloodline. When the royal wearing the armor is in danger, the spirits bound to the armor can make it move on its own, ensuring that the bloodline they are protecting never dies.

Next Subject: Smugness

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So Your Dog Stabbed the Pope

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Cthulhu caught a glimpse of my true form and went stark raving mad. #level20problemd

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Mass migration of demons and qlippoth survivors trying to conquer a new home for one, I think.

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Pulg wrote:
He gets a rotary connection, i.e. he has to dial up using one of those old-school telephones, hold Minnie Ripperton up to his ear and say 'Ahoy ahoy, Internet' before he can get logged on

That's not even getting into the part where Bleached Otyugh is eating the wi-fi signal.

Don't ask me to explain how he does it. He just does.

1.) *Smug smirk* Onions.

2.) The burning is unbearable! How do I make it stop?

3.) But hey, who cares. It's just New Jersey, right?

Who asks the answers?

1.) You have to teach them how to say "goodbye."

2.) Say no to this.

3.) See you on the other side!

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I've had the soundtrack to Hamilton running through my head lately. Let's do this!

"Raise a glass to freedom." - A common toast among worshippers of Cayden Cailen.

"Never be satisfied." - Aphorism among Calistrians. Refers to both the lust and revenge aspects of her portfolio.

"You are running out of time." - Saying attributed to Groetus. Occasionally used as a death threat by his worshippers.

Well, they are made out of moths.

Pulg has a third nostril for extra ventilation.

spectrevk wrote:

Unrogue isn't an option because the gm said so.

Now why would STR slayer be an effective character in a stealth oriented campaign? Bad stealth, no ability to conceal weapons with sleight of hand, no acrobatics to get into position...this sounds like terrible advice.

I think the idea isn't that you're dumping Dexterity. Pretty much only certain Oracle builds can do that.

But you do make it secondary to your Strength score.

But you'll only be remembered for being stung by a bee!

My rhymes are so fresh, they smell like freshly-picked apples!

I don't even know what a dota is! I just wanted to chat with some folks across the world! But people kept screaming at me and yelling that I was a scrub! *sob*

The next poster is about to show us their true power!

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Here, why don't we move this off-thread?

You're not my Dad!

I mean, um, sure.

Anyway, getting back on topic, I guess talk about characters being unrealistic. My personal view is that once you hit level 5, every character should be able to accomplish feats that make regular folks think witchcraft was involved. I'm kind of a fan of the Charles Atlas Superpower trope as far as fantasy heroes go.

Gotta say, my favorite path of the three was the Stormborn path. You could totally flavor things as your Barbarian's hair bursting into flame when he rages.

Nautical Ninja Nuns

Chess Pwn wrote:
kyrt-ryder wrote:

The answer is allowing the 'unarmed strike' to be enhanced.

Chess Pwn wrote:
And since unarmed strike is any attack, you'd still potentially get twice the value if you could enhance all unarmed strikes. You'd need some split enhancement plan that enhanced each attack you could make separately to have the price be the same as a weapon.


By default, no special abilities, TWF with IUS would get you twice the benefit from an enhancement if you just enhanced IUS and got it for all attacks. Thus the price increase.

What if we considered an Unarmed Strike to be a single weapon that a person could possess? That is, making a punch with your left and right arms would be considered attacking with the same weapon twice? That way, a person could never TWF with just unarmed strikes since you need two different weapons to get extra attacks from two-weapon fighting.

The exceptions would be Monks and Brawlers, but that just makes sense anyway considering they're the unarmed fighting classes.

Don't forget that Studied Target is an out-of-combat boost to several skills that an assassin would want to use.

spectrevk wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
spectrevk wrote:

Perhaps it would help if I explained precisely why two-handed weapons and medium armor would be useless in the campaign:

We're supposed to be sneaking into an extremely hostile, paranoid Galt. My goal is to look like a common Galtian, so armor that can be concealed under clothing would be best, as would weapons that can be hidden from view. Heavy Armor in a country of starving, paranoid peasants who can turn into a ravening mob at a moment's notice is just asking for trouble.

Also, building for 2h increases MAD for the build anyway, since DEX and INT are already heavily weighted for anyone going for Death Attack/Assassinate.

A Dex-based Slayer is still better than a Core Rogue/Assassin in almost every way, and avoids these problems. Indeed, Dex-based Slayers are solid in general.
A dex-based Slayer won't be able to lean on Power Attack and a larger weapon die, though. Wouldn't it end up with less damage than the Core Rogue, just based on how much worse the sneak attack progression is on a Slayer, and the relatively low damage from Studied Target? Certainly, the Slayer would have better odds of hitting, but the Rogue would hit harder, and surely by late-game one can easily set up flanks/flat-footed attacks using Invisibility/Greater Invis, Darkness, and other spells?

There's actually a Slayer archetype, the Stygian Slayer, that gets invisibility as a spell-like ability and can use a bunch of sneaky-type spells with items without bothering with Use Magic Device checks.

Neigh? Nay!
The Story of the Revolt against the Horse Overlords

KahnyaGnorc gets paid to be paid. The pay is surprisingly good.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
The only problem I have with the above post is the example, because in-world, per the way that Class works, nobody decides to be an Oracle. That's something decided for them.

You say that, but I could easily see a character that might not work that way. For example, let' say that we have a devout worshipper of Iomedae who one day sees his town invaded by orcs. He makes a vow to his goddess that he will never tell a lie if she will grant him the power to save his home.

Mechanically, he would be an Oracle with the Battle Mystery and the Legalistic Curse. In-universe, though? He totally asked for those powers, and his goddess answered!

I wonder, though, if one could take Craft (Spells) as a skill, in addition to Spellcraft?

"Dr. Frankenstein-"
"It's pronounced Fraun-ken-steen."
Mel Brooks still got it

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