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Red Dragon

Ventnor's page

3,902 posts (4,269 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 aliases.


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The audiobook version is read by Just your average clone.

Except your own were eaten by an angry alligator! not sorry

My raps blaze hot like lyrical fire!

Veilgn wrote:
Alexandros Satorum wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
If all your foes are making their saves...
then cast spells that don't require saves (<== I like this one better)
I only know msgic missile.

Wall spells, summoning, and buffs don't need saving throws, and they all tend to be pretty effective. I mean, unless your buddy's fighter decides that he wants to make a saving throw against haste for some reason.

GoatToucher locked Uncle Teddy in his workroom and then forgot the PIN number to the electronic lock.

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Snowlilly wrote:
Kullen wrote:
Snowlilly wrote:
The two gaming styles are mutually exclusive at any given point in time.
In the same way that only the moon or the stars can be out at night, but never both!

See the example I posted above for Roleplay vs Rollplay.

** spoiler omitted **

In both examples, dice were rolled. Therefore, they are both examples of rollplay.

Fuschia. Roast them until they turn fuschia.

Sennje wrote:

In the end of the Gorum section of the inner sea gods. It doesn't mention warpriests but since they use the same spell list I would allow it.

EDIT: 4 seconds too late.

There's a note at the beginning of the latest player companion, Divine Anthology, that Warpriests are allowed to use variant spells that clerics get.

Kat's Eye has to fill in for Kat's Nose occasionally.

Ain't got time for Wat
Angkor or any others
Ruins can be dull

Grandpa Wonderbra became Great-Grandpa Wonderbra last Thursday. Congratulations!

GoatToucher wrote:

Back in my day, every low level fighter worth his onions carried a back up blunt weapon for when skeletons attacked.

And heavy maces only did 1d6.

Back in my day, every low-level fighter carried a bag of onions just in case.

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Also, if you're going with the possessed hand route, another one of the possessed hand feats lets you grow an eyeball on said hand.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet was doing the "creepy clown hanging around in public" thing before it was cool.

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Cyrad wrote:
master_marshmallow wrote:

The Dragonsoul Half-Elf seems to be the Paizo equivalent.

You give up either your human or your elf subytpe, and are treated as a dragon for things like favored enemy, but not for things like feats and prestige classes (so you can still go Dragon Disciple).

It's in Legacy of Dragons.

I never understood the benefit of that racial trait.

You gain a +2 on saving throws against sleep, paralysis, and fear effects, but you lose immunity to sleep effects and a +2 bonus to all enchantment effects. So the benefit is getting a much weaker version of a trait you lose. And you lose other beneficial traits. And you suffer the drawback of being treated as a dragon for bane and favored enemy.

There are also some spells in Legacy of Dragons that get added to your spell list for free (they have the [Draconic] descriptor) if you count as a dragon. That's also a benefit.

rashly5 learned how to play the tuba from GoatToucher. For some reason, no orchestra will let him play with them.

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I'd actually use an Investigator.

Think about it. A high intelligence for many skills because fictional butlers are expected to know how to do a crapload of different things. Inspiration makes them do those things well. And alchemical extracts with the infusion discovery can be represented as different teas that the butler prepares for the master to get them psyched-up for an upcoming encounter.

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Snowlilly wrote:
Trigger Loaded wrote:
Blackwaltzomega wrote:
Snowlilly wrote:
Prince Yyrkoon wrote:
Just bump non-int based classes/archetyles to a 4 skillpoint base. Rolling is just needlessly complex.

Were you planning on bumping the HP or bab or the int based classes.

You know, since you are penalizing them for investing in their primary stat.

I'm sure the guy who can use the laws of physics as a yo-yo and summon a devil to fetch him a beer just to remind it who's boss around here is going to feel mighty penalized that the fighter can assess his surroundings, bandage a wound, ride a horse, AND do a cartwheel instead of just two of those.
What Black Waltz said. They're already rewarded plenty for investing in Intelligence, and are the most powerful classes in the game. They don't need anything to 'make up' for other classes getting a few extra skills.

So, we apply a damage penalty to strength based characters then. Wisdom based classes should always have will as a poor save. Charisma based classes should never have social skills as class skills.

Can't have characters receiving full benefit from investing in their primary stat, i.e., intelligence based characters are penalized by being explicitly exempted from the rules change because they are intelligence based.

You see where this goes. Any time you penalize one class on the basis of their primary stat, you open the door to penalizing other classes for their stat choices.

Prince Yyrkoon wrote:
Not getting a buff is not the same thing as a penalty.

Having base skills set lower than every single non-intelligence based class would be a penalty.

The base expectation is moved upwards when you buff all other 2+ skill classes, making a specific exception for intelligent characters.

Example: Federal minimum wage is increased for everyone. Except McDonalds employees, they can stay at the previous minimum wage. They have no right to complain, this is not a penalty, just a bonus for everyone else.

Replace "McDonalds Employee" with "Hedge Fund Manager" and your analogy makes sense.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

45.) Dramatic Wind: When this weapon is drawn, it creates a slight breeze that cause any cape, cloak, or scarf that the weilder is wearing to flutter in a dramatic way.

rashly5 has martial incontinence. That's why his avatar picture looks the way it does.

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One idea is that if the PCs are ever in a pinch, you could have some NPCs from this town show up to help them, with a line like "You've done so much to help us. Now it's our turn to help you!" Or something like that.

johnlocke90 wrote:
Ventnor wrote:
johnlocke90 wrote:
Qaianna wrote:
johnlocke90 wrote:
I make wizards take concentration checks to cast if they don't have their robes and pointy hat on. Its harder for them to think if they aren't dressed properly for magic.
Hopefully that's in jest. 'Properly' is, as this thread is showing, pretty subjective -- you're opening yourself to 'Well, of course MY wizard learned to cast in something else!'.
Well then their character learned how to do magic wrong and will take penalties for that.
What if it's clothing that is magically glamered to not look like wizard robes, but otherwise is?
If it's illusion spell, the wizard is okay, but if it actual transforms the clothes, then penalties.

What about shirtless wizards?

johnlocke90 wrote:
Qaianna wrote:
johnlocke90 wrote:
I make wizards take concentration checks to cast if they don't have their robes and pointy hat on. Its harder for them to think if they aren't dressed properly for magic.
Hopefully that's in jest. 'Properly' is, as this thread is showing, pretty subjective -- you're opening yourself to 'Well, of course MY wizard learned to cast in something else!'.
Well then their character learned how to do magic wrong and will take penalties for that.

What if it's clothing that is magically glamered to not look like wizard robes, but otherwise is?

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See if you can convince your GM to let your character come back as an Onmyoji Spiritualist. It's an archetype that changes the spiritualist's spell casting so that it is divine rather than psychic. Your character would still cast divine spells, it's just that the nature of those spells changed when he had a spirit bound to him.

KahnyaGnorc likes to go into the mountains on weekends and spin-kick pumas.

Well, that lobster is the protagonist in The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

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Lune wrote:

I'd like to throw (pun intended) another point in favor of Starnkives:

Since they are a melee weapon you can add the Spell Storing enhancement to them. Delivering the spell also does not require a melee attack, it can be done with a thrown weapon. It creates some interesting options when bouncing that weapon around with the Startoss feats.

A Desna-worshipping Eldritch Scion Magus could be interesting.

Plus if Charisma is not your character's strong suit, you can instead get Starry Grace and go all-in on Dexterity instead.

Have it give up spellcasting and nature bond, I guess.

Looks like you've been disarmed!

Startoss Style and Starry Grace also require one empty hand for them to do anything, so TWF isn't a good fit with this build.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
"My favored-enemy sense is tingling! That must be either a dragon, an ooze, or a dwarf. If only I could tell them apart!"

"Hm... it looks kind of blobby... no discernible anatomy whatsoever... definitely mindless... I think we're dealing with a Fire Drake, everyone!"

You could take the Mostly Human Racial Trait, if you want to benefit from those extracts.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So, not an exact analogue for any fictional candy, but I think it would be kind of funny if your identify extract was a piece of gum which changes flavors depending on what kind of magical item you're looking at.

"Strong cinnamon flavor... little bit of apple here and there... I'm pretty sure that this is a +1 Flaming Longsword, everyone!"

1.) Whoooooooo wants a donut!?
2.) Look, all I asked is why there was that giant splinter on your tuckus. Is there a point to this story?
3.) Is there a reason you brought all this absinthe home?

The questions to your answers are right here!

A.) Why are you telling me this? You'd never tell anyone this!
B.) Oh, nevermind! It was just a duck.
C.) I thought he had to be nude.

Dresdran wrote:

Plus I can make him move to people and touch them with CLW (and other spells of it's ilk) without having to touch them and it can come sprinting back on the same turn if they are close enough. I like it. A pity I don't have Intimidate as a class skill, but if I had a peacock the bonus gained from it combined with my character's 20 Cha (he has Sidestep Secret at level 1 via Lore Mystery, which is the mystery I decided to give him) would make it somewhat irrelevant. Probably would put a point or two in it, but I feel a legitimate business man wouldn't have as much use for intimidation. That's what the hired help is for.

I also plan on taking Spirit Ally at level 9, mostly because a constant Unseen Servant is fantastic flavor for this character (especially since the Str-score of this version increases with my CL up to a 12 Str score).

The Extremely Fashionable trait might be worth a look for your character, actually.

GoatToucher's face is the face that launched 1000 ships.

Away from him.

With all possible haste.

I'm going to second the Oracle idea. There's a new Oracle Curse in Legacy of Dragons, Covetous, which fits the concept perfectly. The curse basically requires you to have as much non-magical shiny things bedazzling your body as you can afford. As for mysteries, I think you could go either metal (temporarily reshape your metal coins to literally beat your enemies to death with your money) or lore (a very cerebral type of mystery which fits the contemplative Kalistradian well).

By eating the apricot raw, the Paladin broke his sacred Oath Against Paleo Diet.

After several years of scheming and manipulation, the Paladin became the Grand Master of the Red Mantis Assassin Cult.

Just you average clone is a big protestor against GMO food, ironically enough.

I'm Hinding In Your Closet: Clownbeast Forme

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1.) Hello! Can I speak to you about Cthulhu, our lord and savior?
2.) Why are you looking at me like that? All I said is that I think Chernobyl is a fun vacation spot!
3.) GoatToucher-brand Rump Ointment as the seasoning? Really?

First the answers... Then the questions.

A.) Ow! My pride!
B.) Eh. That actually sounds like a good idea.
C.) Ya shouldn'ta done that!

Excuse me? Does someone have a map to Pulg's scalp? I seem to have been going in circles for hours!

The next poster just lost a bet that they wish they hadn't made.

KahnyaGnorc and the Dolphinic Hegemony have recently reached an agreement to share the Pacific Ocean.

Improved Familiars can't be Maulers, since they lose "Speak with Animals of Their Kind ."

Now you're just tempting fate, Teddy!

1.) Did Kim Jong Un just run past us crying?
2.) You want to back what on Kickstarter?
3.) Good job, the world is now doomed! Why did you sell them the launch codes?!

Feel the power of my overwhelming answers!

A.) Very well. If this is the only path forward left to me then I accept!
B.) Because I don't do requests.
C.) Somehow I completely forgot about that.

Wish granted! You summon a Tentacle Monster named Safe Distance, who promptly eats you. You have to watch the chaos from within it.

I wish that I had at my disposal a secret agency with a cool acronym.

The look on The Big Bad Wolf's face is him seeing a hunk of raw steak sitting in the middle of a forest clearing.

I wasn't aware that you could use a wand that way.

Universes such as KahnyaGnorc's home dimension. He has traveled to this world to end the menace of the ever-haired demon once and for all.

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