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Red Dragon

Ventnor's page

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Don't take the more situational Combat Maneuver feats like grapple or disarm as permanent feats. Only pick them up with Martial Flexibility; that way you have them available against the humanoid opponents they really shine against.

Pathfinder Design Team wrote:
Previewed Errata wrote:
The wielder of a weapon enhanced by this raging song counts as if she is under the affect of an inspired rage raging song for all purposes involving the skald’s rage powers.

"My sword burns with the rage of my ancestors! Literally!"

Thing is, I hate mind control in stories in general. It's generally a lazy way to get characters who would never fight each other to fight each other.

How about a Halfling archetype that's a master of using the Halfing Sling Staff? It could be a fighter, rogue, slayer, ranger, whatever would fit best. The important part is that it's an expert at using the Halfling racial weapon.

You might want to swipe the Oracle Curse mechanic. It's certainly got a "power at a price" theme going on.

Chess Pwn wrote:
Well if you take the archetype that lets you add metamagic feats and use highten spell then I guess you could opt to get a +6 on the DC. The biggest thing to me is I don't know what spells a bloodrager has that you'd be making sure the DC wasn't beaten.

Detonate, maybe? Exploding yourself to hurt your foes sounds like a pretty Bloodragery thing to do.

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Durngrun Stonebreaker wrote:
alternis sol wrote:

hmm I'd say yes for PFS because of this line

Pathfinder Player Companion: Varisia, Birthplace of Legends wrote:
Additionally, a bladed scarf dancer can wield a bladed scarf as a one-handed melee weapon.
the bladed scarf dancer can wield the scarf as a one-handed weapon which is what the bladebound requires.
It has to be a one-handed slashing weapon (or rapier or swordcane), not simply wielded as one. Although I think it's perfectly fine as a house rule. I have even combined bladebound with staff magus to create a blackstaff character.

Was your blackstaff character's name Ebenezar McCoy?

If you want to use Ranger, the Witchguard archetype could be handy too in expanding the Ranger's spell list depending on which patron you choose. It stacks with the Woodland Skirmisher archetype too.

63) Each of the PCs has been visited by the same ghost. Said ghost wants the PCs to avenge his death.

I like it! Taking the "spit poison" concept and running with it is pretty neat.

Secret Wizard wrote:
Scavion wrote:

Senpai noticed me!

Now all they have to do is offer me a job...

That is an amazing gif.

Gazebo Golem.

I think my Nagaji Bloodrager request got overlooked with all the other posts in the thread, so I'm reposting it.

Since the Drow were originally elves, they should probably mirror them in some way. What if you had elves favor "elegant" magic such as enchantments and illusions, while Drow favor more "brutish" ways of using magic such as evocation and transmutation. Since they've settled next to dwarven territory, they've probably also picked up some dwarven culture too.

Perhaps drow in you setting are just beginning to experiment with magitech? Since they're uniquely caught between elvish magic and dwarven engineering, that could be a direction to go in.

How about Nagaji Bloodrager?

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525.) The Art of War

Written by a Tianien strategist named Sun Tzu, referencing this book gives its reader a +2 to any Knowledge Checks dealing with warfare.

526.) A Knife's Guide to Knives

This book details how to create and maintain daggers, including tips on how to sharpen, clean, and polish them. The book itself also radiates moderate transmutation magic, and if the proper command word is said, will transform into a +2 Dagger. Saying the word again reverts it back into book form.

3.) The God's Gravestone: This immense mountain has a large fissure running down its North side. Local legend says that the fissure spontaneously opened at the exact moment Aroden died. This made the mountain a congregation spot for some of Aroden's worshippers after his death, but these pilgrimages have all but disappeared as Aroden's church shrank.

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Victor Zajic wrote:
Brawler flurry does seem to be missing that language, so if you are flurrying with a temple sword in each hand, your penalties increase.
Theoretically - but why would you? All you're doing is wasting gold on an extra sword and using up your off-hand. (For a brawler you should always use a shield. While it's debatable whether or not they're proficient - worst case they can use a darkwood shield at no ACP.)

Brawlers don't get their in-class AC bonus if they use a shield. And that bonus applies to Touch AC, which is pretty good.

It kinda needs to, considering the Kapenia Dancer forgoes armor proficiencies like the Kensei does. So, in fact, Dex-to-damage is probably the smartest way to go about making one.

So, the Kapenia Dancer is a Magus Archetype that was released in the Varisia Player Companion. It's an archetype that specializes in using the Bladed Scarf, and it allows the Magus to wield a bladed scarf as a one-handed weapon and gives them weapon focus with it for free.

Add in that Bladed Scarves work with weapon finesse, and deal slashing damage, and finally the Slashing Grace feat from the Advanced Class Guide. A Human Kapenia Dancer could be using Dexterity as their damage ability from level 1. And you know what? It makes total sense.

Anyway, just thought I'd point that out.

36.) A big monster is attacking a city? Why? Who cares? Go kill it.

37.) You learn of a troll living under a bridge who eats people who cross over it.

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160a. "Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal..."

162.) You have spent quite a while honing your sorcerous powers, inherited from some dragon ancestor. Then, one night, you receive a magical message. It seems that your draconic great-something-grandparent has finally passed away of old age. He decided to pass his vast hoard of treasure to the first of his descendants who can discover where he hid it. Of course, this is a dragon who has lived a VERY long time. As such, there are hundreds of claimants to the hoard now.

Lesser Spirit Totem might not be a bad call. You should have the Charisma to make it work, and an extra attack per party member could be pretty good.

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26.) Everyone has things about them that they wish to hide; negative emotions that they want to repress. However, facing your true self and accepting it can grant you a strength beyond anything you could imagine. After all, it takes a truly strong person to reach out to the truth.

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Out of curiosity, why doesn't Pushing Infusion work with Force Blast? It feels like that should work.

22.) The Phantom who is bound to you was a person who was deeply, obsessively in love with you. Whether you return that affection is another matter entirely, but they are devoted to doing everything you ask of them.

17.) One day, years after he had died, your best friend appeared to you in chains. He told you that you had to change your ways, or else you'd end up with his fate. Fortunately, he can change his fate by altering yours. So now the both of you have to redeem yourselves with acts of heroics.

18.) A mother's love can transcend all things. Even death.

20.) You REALLY should not have opened that box.

21.) You are a reincarnation of a great orcish warchief. And the greatest harpist of all time. And a dread pirate king. And who knows how many others? The point is, many of the worlds great people have reincarnated into you. At the exact same time. It can be kind of confusing.

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12.) There is an order of Spiritualists devoted to Sarenrae called the Dark Before. Their mission in life is to find spirits who have evaded being sucked into the abyss or sent down the styx, and do the impossible; redeem them. These are the souls, after all, of murderers and monsters. Is it truly possible to have them repent for what they've done?

Kolokotroni wrote:
Lord Mhoram wrote:
Cardz5000 wrote:
Kolokotroni wrote:
The kineticist screams for a monk archetype if you ask me. Heck, I want a full on hybrid class to be honet.
I've already been working on a character for a gestalt game.
So have I. :D
Will his hair change color when he takes burn? :P A gestalt kinetist/monk may be the character i have always wanted to play in my heart of hearts... Now i want to go back and watch a certain anime that was on saturday mornings when i was younger...

Unfortunately, taking on that burn requires 500 Full-Round Actions. :p

7.) The spirits that you channel are all ghosts with unfinished business. You help them fulfill the goals that they couldn't finish in life. Said ghosts depart for the afterlife once these goals are fulfilled. However, the next day another spirit seems to pop into your life; your reputation as a ghost-helper grows with each spirit you aid. There are a lot of ghosts who need your aid, after all.

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5.) It doesn't happen often, but sometimes an Eidolon DOES die. But death isn't always then end. Those Eidolons who had an especially strong bond with their Summoner will sometimes claw their way out of the realm of the dead to join the Summoner again. Things aren't the same, since the dead nature of the Eidolon alters the way that the Summoner can use magic. But it's worth it; that separation would be more painful than anything.

Just have you Telekineticist carry some daggers around. They're light objects, after all.

Can a Telekineticist specialist apply an Aetheric Boost to his Telekinetic Blast?

The ancestral weapon trait seems like an especially good fit, thematics-wise, for this class.

I think that a spells-known table would be a handy addition to the writeup.

First of all, have to say that I love this class, like everyone else. Also adding another voice to the "Geokineticist" and "more skill points" lobbies.

Finally, I think that Telekinetic Haul sounds awesome, but could be tweaked a bit. It seems wrong that a telekineticist who flings a dagger and one who flings a boulder deal the same damage. So what if a Telekineticist with the Telekinetic Haul talent could burn themselves to up the damage of the objects they throws? It feels pretty thematic to me, at least.

So, is Fencing Grace good for Investigators?

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You'll probably want to have one of those Intimidation-boosting traits, and possibly be a half-orc for the +2 bonus to Intimidate (the +2 Int helps with your extracts, so it's pretty good anyway).

Bruising Intellect would actually be an excellent trait for you. You can dump charisma and still scare the bejeezus out of people.

Nathaniel Walker wrote:
Awesome! Which book or post has this? Will take a look!

Look in the Barbarian section of the Advanced Class Guide. All the Bloodline Rage Powers are there.

Chengar Qordath wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
K177Y C47 wrote:
Sauce987654321 wrote:
Since lord of the rings always seems to be brought up, I remember in another thread where someone was saying shelob was an epic level encounter and a cave troll was a CR 17 encounter. I was pretty curious as to how someone finds these creatures that high of a CR, but that thread was pretty dead when I discovered those posts.
I think that was quickly debunked seeing as The Leng Spider is not even an Epic creature and that thing can teleport all over the place... and Last i checked Shelob has no real supernatural powers....

It wasn't debunked at all. Shelob is a Mythic creature, almost a demi-diety. She is intelligent, and has Epic DR.

From LotR wiki:Ungoliant (Sindarin IPA: [uŋˈɡoljant]) was a primordial being in the shape of a gigantic spider. ...There, in a ravine south of the mountain Hyamentir, she established her dark abode and took the form of a monstrous spider, and here sucked up all the light she could find."

It took Morgoth (Sauron's boss and a ARMY of Balrogs to defeat her).

Sure, but that's Ungoliant. Her children, like Shelob, are FAR weaker than she is.

It helps if you think of Ungoliant as Cthulhu with extra legs and no tentacles.

boring7 wrote:

Rule of thumb taught to me here on these boards is that if it is a choice that hands-down, everybody and there mother takes, it is probably too good.

Power Attack is OP! Ban it!

Elemental Bloodline, maybe? Flying Archers can be pretty neat.

Play up the evil lawyer angle.

"I assure you, it was not my intention that all those innocents died by explosion when they read the road sign leading up to my mansion. But it was my property, and they were the ones who read it, so really aren't they the ones at fault here? Certainly not me, a fine upstanding member of the community!"

Arachnofiend wrote:

Oh, you want to use stunning fist at range? Allow me to present you with the greatest ki power.

In PFS it's Oread only but otherwise you can use it to Toph Bei Fong your way through many a pesky flying creature.

Ka-me-ha-me-ROCK!!! Seriously though, that's awesome. It looks pretty neat for Sacred Fist Warpriests too.

Seranov wrote:
And now I'm kind of tempted to make a Slayer 2/Magus X that uses Thunder and Fang to 1h an Earthbreaker for Spellstrike nonsense.

Maybe you could go Thunder & Fang Skirnir Magus?

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At some point, I wanna play a half-orc green dragon-bloodline bloodrager. With toothy and caustic saliva to go along with that.

All of the green!

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kikidmonkey wrote:
CigarSmoker wrote:
If you're performing and playing an instrument how are you to say the spell words or make the gestures without stopping the performance was my question. Or statement. Not sure which I made at this point but both are valid :D

one hand has a tambourine, playing the performance, that frees up the other hand and your mouth for verbal and somatic. BAM!

Also, have you never seen an 80's rock/heavy metal music video? All kinds of barding going on up in there. Heck, one strum of their guitar and they are straight up transmuting people!

For your listening pleasure, I give you a bard casting resonating word.

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CigarSmoker wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
CigarSmoker wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:
CigarSmoker wrote:
TarkXT wrote:

So, you can sing two different words at the same time?

One of which is an arcane amalgam of consonants and vowels with odd inflections and tonal qualities, and the other is some single word that would inspire your comrades.
The mouth, tongue, and voice box...
more like his song now is being said in spell lingo, but keeping the tune, his dance changes to have the correct movements at the correct times.
Bardic performance is language dependent. So if you start saying weird words in your song you've stopped your performance and the bonuses for that end. Because what is says is important in the bardic performance, that's what is supposed to inspire this bonus in the other people around him.

SOME bardic performances are language dependent:

If a bardic performance has audible components, the targets must be able to hear the bard for the performance to have any effect, and many such performances are language dependent (as noted in the description).

If it isn't in the description of the performance it isn't language dependent.

In fact the only language dependent for a core bard is suggestion and mass suggestion.

Actually if you choose singing as your bardic performance type then all the effects would be language dependent because they have an audible component.

And then if you are singing "The ballad of +2 buffs for my party" and want to cast a spell, the words of the spell are not going to provide the bonus that the song would. They are different. Performance does not equal Spell.

I dunno, I'd be pretty inspired if my party bard cast haste on me, or used a dominate spell on the monsters.

Who says that casting a spell can not itself be a Bardic Performance?

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Physically Unfeasible wrote:
the secret fire wrote:
Physically Unfeasible wrote:
To the Mary Sue thing - I just don't see that either. Sure, the Bard solves most skill challenges, but the battle skills and tone suggest a support character. With Mary Sue being, in its origins, a power-play/self-insertion - I just do not see it. Who Mary Sues as Luigi when Mario is an option?
The accusation of Mary Sue in regards to the Bard class probably revolves around the fact that the Bard is the clearest "everybody loves me" class in the game. To the extent that you think this particular form of power would be more attractive to Mary Sues, I can see the argument, though I do not find it compelling. Mary Sues comes in all stripes, as far as I can tell.
You're right with this, really. But I just think Paladin works far better if you want the ultimate "I am the amazing-est, loveliest, strongest!" power-trip. Heck, your class has it written in that you're a paragon of goodness that people should strive to!

The most mary-sueist class of them all is either the Wizard or the Arcanist. They can make people love them, they can smite people with meteors from the heavens, and they can assume any "inner animal" form that they desire. And they don't need to justify any of those abilities at all, because magic.

Heck, Arcanists can get a super-special talking katana if they want one.

Dual Klars.


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