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Red Dragon

Ventnor's page

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Deciding that his authority as sheriff gave him the authority to destroy said chapter houses with a massive fire and unite them all in hatred of the Paladin was one way of making peace among several factions of the Pathfinder Society, I suppose...

The Paladin and the Ranger had a bonding moment when they both realized that they worshiped the same deity.

Yes, it's been a hard-fought game, but in the end the Brapples stnanked out a victory!

Thank you to all who participated!

Rat-a-tat-tat and A-Boomity-Blat: The Scatman Mafia

KahnyaGnorc is the Weird Uncle Who Lives in the Basement of Dragons.

Porridge wrote:
Two potential hiccups with going straight Swashbuckler: (1) they're not proficient in light shields, which the Shield Gauntlet Style requires, and (2) there's no feat that allows you to apply dex to damage on spiked gauntlets. Boo.

Straight Swashbucklers can be proficient with Light Shields if they have the Regional Recluse Trait.

MageHunter wrote:

Forgot that. I don't want the lesser tribes to be stupid, but they are illiterate. The Xulgaths have writing. Obviously this knocks out wizard.

Edit- in response to Olaf.

Perhaps there's no writing, but what about Quipu?

Obligatory wikipedia link about quipu.

Evil Desires are the Curse of All Men, Charlie Brown

Would Freedom of Movement let the PC swim in lava?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

No, John, You ARE the Demons: Have your corpse animated as a zombie.

Time to end this ONES and for all: Kill a boss with a higher CR than your party by punching it in the face.

Bullets too Slow: Kill 100 enemies as a non-multiclassed Gunslinger using unarmed strikes.

Pulg is currently in the lead with Tweedly-Two points! KenderKin only has Buppleteen points!

Can he pull it back?

The song of KenderKin's people is It's Raining Men.


Rules as Written? No.

The Bolt Ace and Maverick both modify the Gunslinger Initiative and Pistol Whip Deeds.

The only way to get Spellstrike aside from being the Magus is to use the Blessed Hammer feat, which lets you channel touch attacks through a warhammer attack. But you have to worship Torag, a very dwarfy god, to get the feat, so that might be against flavor. You also need to be able to cast 3rd-level spells, which means that a Ranger can't pick it up for a while.

But it lets you essentially Spellstrike using Divine Spells.

Pulg's victory in the War of Spanish Succession granted him the throne of Austria. Then he fell into a time portal, is now here, and he's learned that Austria is no longer ruled by a monarchy. It's been kind of a rough week.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Paladin didn't roast them long enough, and fell after his party mates all contracted salmonella.

The Paladin helped the Inquisitor root out a heretical cult.

when a cold front moved

Cromulent Word Contest! 3, 2, 1, GO!!!


Ernie Earns an Urn VI: Claylamaty

pH unbalanced wrote:
I *think* Magic Tactics Toolbox also has that language for its new talents. If so, it gives me hope that they are doing exactly what you suggest.

There are some rogue talents in Magic Tactics Toolbox which can be used by Investigators, but none of them can be used by Slayers.

GoatToucher's island used to be called Australia.

... named KahnyaGnorc.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's been over a year since the Slayer Class was released in the Advanced Class Guide. In that time, there have only been two books in which more talents for the Slayer have been released: Advanced Class Origins, and Dirty Tactics Toolbox. And the options in Dirty Tactics Toolbox are restricted to the Catfolk race. On top of that, there have been no new Advanced Slayer Talents released.

This wouldn't be so bad, since Slayer's can access a limited amount of Rogue talents through one of their own Talents. This means that, theoretically, every time the Rogue gets more talents, the Slayer gets more talents. However, since the Slayer can only take a select group of rogue talents, any new rogue talents have to specifically say that they can be selected by Slayers. This language has only appeared, as far as I can see, in Blood of Shadows.

Slayers are a cool class. I'd like it if they got some more cool toys to play with. An archetype every now and then is neat, but more Slayer Talents can benefit all Slayers.

I guess you could say that it breaks my immersion to have supposedly-good characters use a line of reasoning that inevitably (in my opinion, of course) leads to evil deeds.

deuxhero wrote:
Assuming a five ounce bird is a diminutive animal with one strength (which seems right based on the raven stats), just cast bull's strength on it

Sounds like witchcraft to me!

And do you know what we do with witches?

BackHandOfFate wrote:
Ventnor wrote:
I don't really like this line of reasoning, honestly. Life experience has taught me that the people who boast about their own righteousness the loudest are often the most corrupt.

While what you say is true, that assumes the Paladin is boastful about who he is. That may be how some choose to play the class, and it is decidedly pompous to do so. Paladins embody not only what it means to be lawful. They also embody what it means to be GOOD in a much heavier sense. That includes displaying an appropriate amount of humility, which is implied when a class is dedicated to putting others before themselves. True, a paladin may not shy away from the spotlight when it is shined on them. But, they do not seek that spotlight at the expense of others.

A paladin can say "I'm a Paladin." and easily prove it in some way without having to resort to being boastful and arrogant. Using lay on hand to heal the wounded, for example..

And if the Paladin has taken an archetype that trades away lay on hands?

I'm introducing the pony's natural predator, the quadricorn, onto the island now!

KenderKin's piñata ranch covers at least half of Texas.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
BackHandOfFate wrote:

What's all this now?

"You Don't Have Any Actual Authority, Just Because You're A Paladin"


Paladins have MORAL authority because they hold themselves to such a strict code of ethics. That may not give them title or the right to lawfully govern. But it does give them power. Even if they aren't an elected or appointed official, people will often look to them for guidance because they know a Paladin isn't out to screw them. Even elected officials will seize the opportunity to enlist the aid of a Paladin for the same reasons. They aren't just some random mercenary. They are always noble, altruistic, and HONEST. No other profession can claim the same high standards unless it has a similar code of conduct.

I don't really like this line of reasoning, honestly. Life experience has taught me that the people who boast about their own righteousness the loudest are often the most corrupt.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
KenderKin wrote:

Crusaders by definition are operating outside of their recognized jurisdiction (geographically, politically, both?).... Look it up if you like..

Which doesn't mean that the local law enforcement is going to recognize the validity of their "crusade."

Likewise law-bringers by definition is bringing law with them into a location where it is lacking.

And again, the local law enforcement will not appreciate the implication that they don't exist or have no authority.

You do know what happened to "crusaders" when they were captured by the Islamic authorities, don't you?

Exactly what said "law-bringers" did to the Orthodox Christians they encountered, I reckon.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kryzbyn wrote:
Or that there's an investigator class...

Investigators don't actually have to investigate anything. There's no Investigator code of conduct that requires this.

a rubber chicken to be found, despite

Their glorious revolution would not

Nary a Gumdrop to be Seen

GM_Beernorg, no matter how hard he tries, cannot count to 3. He can count to 2, he can count to 4, 5, and the numbers beyond, but never 3.

Kung-Fu Kennedy vs. Judo Nixon

GoatToucher would know. He wrote the scroll, 200 million years ago.

Android Anarchy

A witch turned Molten Dragon into a newt. He has yet to recover.


FedoraFerret, what if you titled the Cabalist section of your guide "How to be Raven?"

I think she's about the closest fit one can get to the Cabalist's rather spooky talent set.

Elvis Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog



Wait there, everyone, I need to go find Ken Burns! This should make for a fascinating documentary...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The secret society that KahnyaGnorc leads, W.H.I.S.P.E.R.S., is so secret that even he doesn't know what its acronym stands for.

Agreed that an evil Kung-fu master should be accompanied by his most accomplished evil Kung-fu students.

I shapeshift into dopamine. Wonderful, happiness-bringing dopamine.

Nordic Neville and the Villainous Valkyrie


Feeding your party members to a hungry troll isn't lawful good behavior at all.

The Paladin taught The Barbarian how to play chess.

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