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Red Dragon

Ventnor's page

3,469 posts (3,627 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 aliases.


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1.) Gibbering Mouthers have invaded City Hall! How did this happen?

2.) Wait, the CIA has been manipulating the action figure industry for decades?

3.) Grab your nerd gun! We're going Grendel hunting!

What questions might I see?

1.) I am the best at being humble. No one else is even close!

2.) In the end, it was our hubris that did us in.

3.) Well, obviously!

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I'm partial to the lavalympic swimming pool myself.

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Yrtalien wrote:

We are playing a Hell's Vengeance game and the Magus Mindblade is thinking of taking the Signifier prestige class... but bemoans the loss of strength for his mindblade (as he loses Magus levels for his PrC levels).

There's nothing about the Signifier PrC that really attracts him except it feels appropriate to the character. Is there any reason I shouldn't let him call himself a Hellknight (after going through the initiation) without taking the PrC?

Would you say he has to take at least one level of the PrC, then he can just walk away? Is there any other way for him to get bonuses to his Mindblade to make up for the loss of levels?

Any help appreciated...

I'd say that if he passes the initiation for being a Hellknight Signifier then he's a Hellknight, PrC or not.

Auntie Muriel's Right Boot

KenderKin lives his life like he's one K away from disaster.

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Could I have some details about the Lovecrafty corruptions, please? I'm asking for this eldritch abomination I know.

Carson Jarroc wrote:
Eberron must be a very, very amoral place with all that elemental binding going on...

A bunch of elementals got enslaved and imprisoned, and a few years later the Day of Mourning happened.

Just putting it out there...

A half-giant walked into Pulg's room at midnight one night, began to tell Pulg that he was a wizard, realized where he was, then turned around and left.

Uncle Cornelius's Left Boot

What do the half-Orc horror racial traits look like, if I may ask?

When KahnyaGnorc says "jump," his followers say "One leg or two?"

Gonna need some context, I think.

No shots for me please
Your beer tastes like piss and Your
Vodka is obscene

Paizo's Giant Nuclear Furnaces of the Inner Sea didn't sell very well. At all.

Paizo hates longswords!

KenderKin has a fever. It has only one cure...

KahnyaGnorc is the Cowbeller for Blue Oyster Cult.

After a certain halfling asked it, the "What's in my pocket?" riddle was made illegal in the official Riddle Game Rulebook. Guess who decided not to read it?

The Paladin uttered an oath of eternal loyalty to Asmodeus.

Rysky wrote:
Cruel Illusion wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Cruel Illusion wrote:

Thanks Rysky!

Also, what about the With Archetype?

Instead of a familiar they commune with a hoard of loot. I'm not joking.

Even at 1st level? Does it mean they start rich? Or do they have a pile of junk they sleep on or something?

It starts at 50g worth of non-magic valuables and goes up as you level.

What's equally hilarious and awesome is that other witches' familiars and the board can trade spells, and that you can learn spells from scrolls and Spellbooks by stuffing them into your hoard.

They also commune and get their spells back by sleeping on said hoard.

Does it have to be a "giant pile of gold" hoard, or could your witch form a bond with a stamp collection or a heap of really rad bottle caps?

Poison Dusk wrote:
Secret Wizard wrote:
Alex Mack wrote:
Luthorne wrote:
Rysky wrote:
They do not.
Ah, well. Probably more thematic for a champion of Apsu class, anyways, and will still probably have some decent synergy for monk/paladin (or tyrant antipaladin!).
You can combine this with the Irorian Paladin however. That should be pretty awesome :). And I think you can prolly even get CHA to AC twice this way.
El no stacko. Both are untyped bonuses.
As I understood it untyped bonuses from different sources stacked.

Not if they're using the same ability score, if I remember correctly.

What kind traits are in the book?

KenderKin is secretly Donald Trump's Antimatter Universe counterpart, Tronald Dump.

Anthony "Closets" Falcone

45.) The Golden Tower: The character who draws this card is immediately made the Republican nominee for President.

Since the Goblin Pundit didn't follow the rules of the thread, the Paladin didn't actually fall for smiting him!

The Paladin had a climactic rooftop battle with the Antipaladin and finally defeated her nemesis once and for all.

Owning a HAZMAT suit is a prerequisite for playing in one of Goofus's campaigns. Even when his home isn't being fumigated. (It happens more often than you'd think!)

Before running a campaign with horror themes in it, Gallant makes sure to ask all his players if there are certain subjects that are off-limits for them.

A.) Come on! You are the Oracle-Who-Sees-All-Except-For-One-Thing! Surely you can tell us how to get to the Labyrinth!
B.) You thought of a good subtitle for your biography yet?
C.) All we need to end this stupid fetch quest is find a rind of Golden Cheese. Fiend, did any farmers mention where it was before the... er... incident?

Ask me no questions, and this game ends. So please ask.

1.) Yeah, well, I'll just make my own then! With blackjack, and hookers!
2.) These deadly predators hunt by sound alone. So be on your guard.
3.) Sound the vuvuzelas of war!

Pulg pleads pitifully 'pon paisley-plated pontoons.

KenderKin is wanted by Interpol for aggravated abbreviation abuse.

Much appreciated!

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The Rogue does one of those spinny kung fu jumps.

Wonderful. Could you elaborate on the Dragon Oracle and Drake animal companions please?

I'm a little curious about how they managed to inject Horror flavor into the Paladin.

Might we have a sneak peak, MYTHIC FEROS, please?

Ninjaxenomorph wrote:
On the entire shop?

Probably on the entire city block that the shop is in, just in case.

Message Board Troll has a fuzzy butt himself, so it's fine.

one could find

wasn't present, but

Be careful, Pulg! There's danger in donating dinars for doners, who don't dance daringly!

1.) Geez boss, Jimmy the Snitch is shaking like a leaf! What did ya do to him?
2.) So, I take it that these are some kind of Ancient Bedouin batteries, then?
3.) I don't get it. You're a hero! Why do you look so sad?

What goes up must eventually be answered.

1.) Well that's... that's just, uh... great.
2.) Zombies. In the end, it's always zombies.
3.) Well, the Queen wouldn't approve, I can tell you that much!

KenderKin is just another brick in the wall.

I'd say that maybe one of the Oracle archetypes that lets you get heavy armor with a Revelation (there are a few) might be what you're looking for. Plus, I think Oracle works on a thematic level since their whole class theme is "gifted with divine powers and doesn't know why."

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

*looks up from counterfeit 'Win'*

Fiend Fantastic, what's happening to you?!? Hold still....

Surely it's not as bad as it looks?

The Sun

If the Paladin had been using Detect Evil as he should have, he would have seen that he needed to protect the Lawful Good Fire from the Chaotic Evil Orphans.

The Paladin became the host of a Daytime Television Show where he taught people how live life according to the paladin's code.

Goofus tried playing a unusual and possibly uneffective build just so he could see if he was good enough at roleplaying it. Despite the fact that he's tried to do so 15 times before and was kicked out of 3 different campaigns when he did so.

Gallant's Vigilante is indeed based on a comic book character, but Gallant provides a twist that gives the Vigilante a uniqueness all his own.

GoatToucher wrote:
Sorry. I heard "unstoppable and nauseating" and assumed someone was talking about me.

Fair enough.

Super I'm-Hiding-In-Your-Closer Bros. was unfortunately ahead of its time and didn't sell very well at all, significantly contributing to the great Video Game Crash of '83.

A. Flohting, Torso
Specialist: a doctor who
Is kind of a quack

1.) I have but two pennies and a rubber band. Can I affored anything?
2.) My face and throat are unbreakable! What say you to that?
3.) High-five!

What questions await me, I wonder?

1.) What a time to roll a natural 20, huh?
2.) Oh no! No no no! No! Definitely not.
3.) From a certain point of view, I suppose you could say yes.

"Get all up in there!"
Shouted Ulysses to troops
"There's room in that horse!"

KahnyaGnorc is the founder of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes chain of restaurants.

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