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Red Dragon

Ventnor's page

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A character whose entire schtick is based off of Charles Atlas Superpowers. This character would be able to accomplish feats like:

- Jump onto a dragon's back.
- Break steel with nothing but his bare hands.
- Block attacks aimed at him while blinded.
- Piledrive a Fire Giant.

And do all this without using any magic whatsoever. His power all comes from grit, gumption, and doing like a billion situps every day.

Whips qualify for Slashing Grace without needing any Swashbuckler levels.

Just throwing that out there.

Considering that the Battleaxe's crit range makes it a pretty terrible Magus weapon anyway, I'd let it work.

I'll admit, I prefer the magical implement route to the material compnent route. A wizard casting a spell through a staff or want is much more evocative to me than a wizard who reaches into a bag to pull out some bat poop that didn't contaminate the flower petals and spider silk despite all of them sitting in the bag all jumbled up together.

39.) Promise your soul to Asmodeus, and when he comes to collect it, beat him up and conquer hell.

40.) Eat the souls of the Wild Hunt. The entire Wild Hunt.

An internet hi-five to anyone who gets either reference.

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If you know that this is going to start an edition war, then why did you post it?

With the Arcane bloodline, you can self-buff with the Mystic Focus ability you get just by turning the ability on. It's something you normally can't do, since Eldritch Scions lack the Greater & Mighty Bloodrage features that Bloodragers get. Turning on Blur or Haste as a swift action sounds like a good deal.

So, Arcane is still a good choice.

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Bladelock wrote:
You could use a bite with Swashbuckler if you had Feral Combat Training.

Of course, you realize that you'd have to make some kind of pun about biting every time you attacked, right? Could you handle that level of responsibility?

What bonuses exactly are you referring to?

Lemmy wrote:

3- I think Swashbuckler's Finesse doesn't work on katana (not sure, though).

It does if you take Slashing Grace, since that feat makes the Katana count as a 1-handed piercing weapon for all feats & class abilities that need you to use such weapons.

A halfling with the fleet of foot alternate racial trait should cover the Tallfellow mechanically, I think. The rest is just roleplaying.

Some Random Dood wrote:
Zwordsman wrote:
Well weapon focus isn't too bad of an idea for the blade adept anyway.
Yea, it's just a question of where to fit it in.

If you're willing to wait a month or two to play this character, maybe you could play a Rapier-Focused Eldritch Knight? The Swashbuckler's Inspired Blade archetype grants you weapon focus in Rapiers as one of its features, which means that qualifying for Fencing Grace would be pretty easy. Plus, the panache pool is based partly off your Intelligence modifier in the archetype, which synergizes pretty well with Arcanists.

You can be guaranteed proficiency in both Katana and Wakizashi if your character is a Tengu. Totally RAW.

If you're an elf/half-elf/human with racial heritage, there's the Lantern Bearer prestige class.

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Novack wrote:
Felyndiira wrote:
You can't drain off spell slots either, since that's very specifically a separate Arcanist class feature. You're effectively stuck with the staves and wands if you want more points in the pool.

Wands are too expensive. The most efficient way to regain Arcane Reservoir points are 2nd level scrolls made by yourself with bonus Scribe Scroll feat gained by Wizard at 1st level - 150 gp apiece.

I got even idea how to visualize consuming scrolls. You turn them into magic dust and then snort it like cocaine, because nothing beats junkie Wizard literally addicted to arcane power :D.

I'd probably flavor it as my Arcanist eating the scroll.

"Mm-mm! Tastes like abjuration!"

Maybe instead of a Fighter as your martial component, what if you went Swashbuckler? You can rely more on your Dexterity that way if you also get Slashing Grace.

Could this feat in conjunction with a Divine SLA qualify anyone to take Divine Protection?

If Thri-Kreen were statted up in Pathfinder, would they have no intelligence?

My personal favorite is the draconic bloodline. It's probably not the most powerful mechanically, but I like the theme of the powers slowly making the Bloodrager more and more draconic until they actually turn into a full-blown young adult dragon at Level 16.

It feels pretty epic, at least to me. Plus there's even an archetype in the book that makes natural attacks even better, so there's that going for dragon bloodragers too.

Dragon blood certainly seems to work out better for Bloodragers than for Sorcerers, that's for sure!

Studied Combat only provides an attack roll bonus to melee attacks. The bonus to damage rolls, however, applies to both melee and ranged attacks.

First of all, here's the feat I'm inquiring about:

Pathfinder SRD wrote:

Noxious Bite (Monster)

Your acid-dripping breath causes those you bite to become ill.
Prerequisites: Acid breath weapon, bite attack.

Benefit: Your bite attack deals 1 point of acid damage in addition to its normal damage. Living creatures you bite must make a Fortitude save (DC equal your breath weapon's DC) or be nauseated for a number of rounds equal to 1 + your Constitution modifier (minimum 1 round).

My question is, can a bloodrager take this feat? The bite attack requirement can be fulfilled with a racial trait; half-orcs, tieflings, and tengus can qualify. Bloodragers with the draconic bloodline can also get a breath weapon as one of their bloodline powers, and have it inflict acid damage if their bloodline is associated with black, green, or copper dragons.

However, said breath weapon can only be used during a Bloodrage, and not whenever the bloodrager wants. Does the bloodline-granted breath weapon qualify a character to take this feat?

Chess Pwn wrote:
SO I found the Bladed Dash for Magus spell combat gives a pounce effect.

The Force Hook Charge spell works as a psuedo-pounce effect too, but only when used with Spell Combat.

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Lord Twig wrote:

I'm amused that people are trying to defend the Bard. The OP never said the Bard was bad, just that he didn't like them. This is supposed to just be a fun thread where you state which classes you don't like and why. Even if it doesn't make any sense.

Oh, I don't like Bards either. I realize they are effective, I just don't like the style of play they evoke. In the last game I ran one player had a Halfling Bard that played the banjo.

I also don't like the Barbarian. I am just tired of the big dumb guy with anger problems. I know you don't have to run them that way, but that is the way they are always played around me, and I'm sick of it. Plus the fact that they are just hands down better than other melee classes bugs the heck out of me.

Gunslinger. Just don't like anything about them. Bad gun rules, grit, and built-in ways to break rules just to make the effective (reloading so fast it defies all logic).

My new unfavorite, the Brawler. Martial Flexibility just makes no sense and they have no reason for why they can punch through steel or adamant. They just can.

I don't like Half-Orcs. Mostly because people insist on making them Barbarians.

I feel sad for you. This is the best reason for a martial doing anything.

Zolanoteph wrote:

What classes piss you off and why?

I've always been easy to piss off. There are some classes I wish I could just destroy forever:

1) BARDS (non-archaeologist): Singing? Dancing? Speeches? COMEDY? Do you mean to tell me that while the fighter is being torn limb from limb in the front you're standing back singing and telling jokes? F$!& you.

2) SKALD: Same thing.

3) Swashbuckler: With ability/class feature names like "flamboyant", "panache" and "Derring do" this guy got on my nerves from day one. You can build a dex based martial character that doesn't bring to mind Richard Simmons.

So what classes are pissing you off lately?

The fighter. You mean the bard's giving you all these great buffs and you're STILL getting torn limb from limb? F$!&ing weak.

It's not been released yet, but one of the feats in the Advanced Class Guide Origins player companion was previewed in another thread. It's called Fencing Grace, and it's basically Slashing Grace, but for Rapiers. Same pre-reqs and everything, which means that Kensais can take it at level 1.

I forsee a lot of Kensais becoming Rapier specialists when that supplement becomes available.

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Put some in Powered Armor.

I don't know if that breaks the game or not. I just want to have a character that wears Powered Armor.

It's primarily to allow Arcanists who take it to take prestige classes like Eldritch Knight or Hellknight Signifier and progress their Black Blade at the same time. Because let's face it, you're not going to be using that sword any time soon if you stick with a 1/2 BAB class.

If you're going the natural attack route as a Bloodrager, then the Rageshaper archetype is no contest. A half-orc draconic bloodrager could rock 3 natural attacks (bite + 2 claws) for most of his career until he turns into a large dragon @ level 16, and gets even more attacks.

Dread Knight wrote:
Primalist allows them to get two rage powers in place of their Bloodline powers after 1st.

"After 1st" being the key words. You have to get at least 4 levels of Bloodrager before you can swap any bloodline powers out, so it's not really conducive to dipping.

revaar wrote:
Zilfrel Findadur wrote:
What is a Gish?
Simply put, a Gish is a character who combines martial prowess and magic abilities.

The term itself comes from a group of marauders in AD&D called the Githyanki who had a corps of warrior-wizards which were called Gishes.

Zilfrel Findadur wrote:
Trying to make the Arcanist, but can't understand how the spells work, i mean is so confusing, those 2 tables, i still haven't figured out if his spells slots need to be selected or are just there like the sorcerer.

The table on page 14 determines what spells you cast for a day. Consider it your Sorcerer "spells known" list that can be changed around. The table on page 10 gives you your actual spell slot number.

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I'd recommend the Magic Knack trait, so that your Magus caster level doesn't lag for your 2-level Pally Dip.

Also, to those who say that Paladins don't make sense for Nethys, remember that Nethys has 2 aspects to him. A Paladin could easily focus on worshipping Nethys's good aspect and trying to combat/heal his more evil aspect.

I honestly don't know. If I was the DM, I'd rule that you could take the extra discovery feat, but only to take discoveries that the Mutation Warrior Archetype allows you to take. RAW is unclear, so it probably needs to be clarified at some point, I think.

Only the core. They might release options for other races at some point, but not in the ACG itself.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
Raith Shadar wrote:
This is going to replace the rogue class along with the Investigator. Rogue is done as far as I'm concerned. Fighter probably done too. Then again no one played a rogue in our campaigns and the fighter was pretty rare as well.

As noted above, some of the archetypes also obsolesced the Rogue. But, I do agree, the are going the way of the dodo.

I think that the Fighter still has a place in the game. I could be wrong though.

Fighters can now be "the guys who aren't magic and can still fly."

Mutation Warrior is a neat thing.

Shinma the Lost wrote:
Maybe someone can verify for me but I was under the impression that you could not use MoMS with brawler. You can't archetype with the parent class of a hybrid class

The "no multiclassing with parent classes" rule was removed from the book. It's a thing you can totally do.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Slashing Grace with Temple Sword may be worth it.

Two handing it for extra damage from Power Attack.

Unfortunately, that doesn't work. Like Dervish Dance, the feat's Dex-to-damage ability only works while you wield the weapon in 1 hand.

Well, as it stands right now, Slashing Grace doesn't apply to light weapons. A reasonable DM might say otherwise, but RAW, you can't Slashing Grace a Kama.

Also, they're terrible weapons anyway.

One thing I like is the Draconic Bloodrager's ability to turn into a large dragon at level 16. Seriously considering a Half-Orc Bloodrager for a character at some point; he just gradually takes on a more draconic shape as he gets more powerful until bam! Dragon to the face!

A monk might dip one level of Swashbuckler to get Slashing Grace for a Temple Sword.

I'd allow it. Sherlock Holmes did engage in fisticuffs from time to time, after all.

Kazaan wrote:
If both Attacker and Defender roll nat20, you get an epic clash with sparks and energy flying everywhere, the two combatants locking eyes and trying to overpower one another. It becomes a power struggle and each rolls again trying to break the deadlock. Whoever wins this roll is thrown backwards 20 feet and suffers 3d6 force damage. Each subsequent pair of 20's means a continuation of the clash and, when one ultimately fails, increases the distance by an additional 5' and the damage by an additional 1d6. The winner gets 10 hero points plus 2 for each additional continuation of the clash. All other combatants in line of sight must make a will save or be fascinated for 1d6 rounds.

Anyone who rolls a natural 1 on the will save is compelled to mention the power levels of each duelist.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:

I currently have an ifrit swashbuckler I was planning on playing in a society game, but I am not sure I want to wait for yet another book to come out to be able to take Fencing Grace. Instead, I am considering making him a human, and taking EWP (wakizashi) and Slashing Grace at level 1. Then I'll take Piranha Strike at 3. That way I can leave Str at a 10 and use those points elsewhere in the build.

Well, I guess that begs the question of whether Swashbuckler's Finesse counts as Weapon Finesse for the purpose of pre-reqs. It would certainly be quite stupid to have to take the Weapon Finesse feat when I already have Swashbuckler's Finesse.

Unfortunately, Wakizashis are a light weapon, and Slashing Grace only applies to one-handed weapons. Slashing Grace doesn't apply to wakizashis by the Rules as Written.

Whip of Spiders. Not sure if its actually good, but you're making a whip out of spiders.

One thing I don't like about the Warpriest is that his weapon buffing ability sucks in comparison to the Inquisitor and Magus. Both of those classes have abilities that buff their weapons (Judgement & Arcane Pool). Each of these buffs are pretty long lasting, and fairly quickly you can expect to have them up for several fights a day.

Warpriest can only use their class-granted weapon buff for 1 round per day per level. 1 round. That's just weak.

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Ross Byers wrote:

The pricing and crafting requirements of technological weapons is to treat them like a magic weapon of equal power. A chainsaw costs 2,700 gp. Therefore, emulating a chainsaw is roughly as powerful as emulating a +1 weapon.

Can you and should you emulate chainsaw using a soulknife are different questions.

You make a good point.

On the other hand, psychic chainsaws.

It's on the Bard list, so Skalds can totally cast it.

You can also make whips out of Army Ants or Centipedes, if you so desire.

VRMH wrote:
Bardarok wrote:
A paladin must attempt to give mortal (human elven orc dwarf etc.) enemies a chance to surrender and repent.

Should be okay, but some Deities have strict rules about giving quarter. You'd have to decide which rule the Paladin holds in a higher regard.

Against an evil immortal enemy (evil outsider, dragon, undead) the paladin is not required to fight honorably they may ambush, use poison, and lie if necessary.

Dragons are immortal?

Anyway: "Boo! Hiss!". Codes like that of the Paladins are weakened by if... then clauses and other detractions. Sure, an Undead will probably be put to death as an abomination. But if quarter and mercy in combat are part of the Paladin code, then quarter and mercy must be offered. Paladins are at their best in simple, straightforward and black-and-white situations.

A Paladin always has the right to ask the GM if an action they are considering taking is a violation of the code.
It's a bit "meta" to put that in the actual code, but probably a wise table-rule all the same. Although... isn't that what the Phylactery of Faithfulness is for?

Maybe the paladin doesn't want to wear a dumb-looking box on their head?

I dunno, that talent that Sickens a foe that you've studied every time you hit them seems pretty good. You don't even need to use studied strike to do it. Every hit, they're just sick.

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Yep! It's an exotic 2-handed weapon that deals 3d6 damage and has a scimitar's crit range. It does need to be powered though, so you need to keep track of how many charges you're using.

Jeff Merola wrote:
Scythia wrote:
pezlerpolychromatic wrote:
Simply put, it's not about the weapon itself, but the weapon's qualities. The character might be better at punching the bejeebers out of someone, but wouldn't be as effective against an iron golem, for example. In that case, the brawler would be wise to carry around an adamantine weapon.
Doesn't Close Weapons include knuckles? Using Adamantine knuckles to punch a golem to fragments sounds just fine to me. Kind of cool even. :P
If you have the ability to choose ahead of time, yes, you should always get a weapon that matches your class abilities. But given that it's not uncommon for adventures to hand you a weapon you wouldn't normally use as the only reliable way of fighting something, I'd rather have a better chance of being proficient with it than no.

If that's the case, then shouldn't Brawlers be proficient with every martial weapon then?

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