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Poor Eledia

Ven's page

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I'm running a game, actually the story is based off of Chrono Trigger but with twists to make it Golarian-y, and coming up soon is a section where they travel to the age of darkness.

Anyone have any idea what the world is like? I figure I might cover the world in ash (mimicking the snow of 12,000 bc) and have the party beset by surface dwelling Drow. But other than that I can't really think of interesting environments for them to traverse.

I do intend on moving the kingdom of Shory into this age (the humans using it to get above the clouds of ash and soot). Anyone feel like shotgunning me some brainstorm? These forums never disappoint on creativity.

Interesting, thank you.

Oh I see, so it's divided then. But, if its used to adjust the difficulty, but not the XP. Wouldn't that mean you just made as challenging as a CR 6 but only rewarded CR 4? (random numbers).

The DMG says you now add a multiplier to the xp values of an encounter if it has multiple monsters. that seems like a bit of crucial information for the PHB or MM to have had... It also says if you have more or less players there are multipliers (or dividers) for that too. Do these multipliers replace the old "total up the xp and divide by number of players" rule? Or does a party of 4 player's still recieve 1/4 of the experience per player?

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I've read that the character's pretty much steam roll the campaign. But I plan on making a Monk and wanted to know if there are any obvious problems with that choice. Also, could it help up the challenge to not bring a healer at all?


Does a Dullahan's CR account for his Heavy War Horse already? Or should that be factored in to the XP/general challenge of the encounter?

That's a great point EvilPaladin. As for Big CR monsters, they aren't taking on CR20+ critters yet, but they have beaten some pretty tough Solo monsters out with a few lucky crits.

@Mojorat, I intended to include it being solo in my analysis, but I forgot to mention it. The point is not lost on me though.

3 Players are Magus, Paladin, Fighter. So definitely no lv 9 spells. In fact, no lvl 6 spells. They are also not veterans, this will be their 3rd pathfinder game. 4th roleplaying game. They don't want to out think the Tarrasque, they want to melee it to death. You know, beat it at its own game to show their worth type of thing.

I was also interesting on a purely academic level, from which I gathered "No, it's pretty impossible for any CR to be accurate at 25, let alone a -1 Template."

I might simply supply them a 4th character, an ancient mythic being or some such.

I was going to send a 3 player party of lvl 15/10 mythic tiers at it. I was worried APL+5 would be overkill. In mid levels CR-1 has been appropriate for most encounters. In other words, I send them against a CR 12 Battle when I would normally use CR 13 for 4 characters.

Even CR 24 against an APL 19(15+5 -1 for 3/4) scares me.

I need to lower the Tarrasque's CR by 1. Does applying the Young template even come close to being accurate?

No problem! I'm just glad somebody noticed this.

I made this years ago because I like to make spells on the fly quickly using this spell system. Nobody really plays this but eh, thought I'd throw it up now that google drive is a thing and I can have it hosted easily.


Just go to "file-> make a copy" to start making spells for yourself.

LazarX wrote:

That's it'... I'm not going to be sucked into another idiotic thread started by some wannabe rules lawyer.

I would not sit with a judge who thinks this way nor as a PFS judge would I permit a player to be this disruptive at a table. If you did bring this up at a table where you were playing, I'd have to be extremely sorry for the judge that had to put up with your time wasting rules lawyery.

The rules are not perfect, they can't be built to address every single niddly bit corner case someone will bring up. If they could, we'd wouldn't need judges because adding machines would be able to do our judging for us.

We rely on our Judges, people who give a good deal of effort, time, and resources to provide players with tables. In return players should give thier Judges deference and respect the fact that it takes human judgement to cover the places that rules don't address.

You guys missed the point entirely. The point I'm making is exactly as you said. You can't take the rules literally -> you must go with realism in many cases. People like to go on and on about how something works because the rules say one thing or another and hash out word choices in the writing but ultimately, if the rules can't even adequately describe in game terms what happens when someone falls "unconscious" then you can't expect them to be 100% accurate 100% of the time.

Because there is nothing that says your fall prone when you are unconscious.

My point being people shouldn't interpret the rules so strictly. They are loose enough to allow people to hold on to their weapon if thats the way the group imagines it. (perhaps since you drop it right next to your hand you can simply grab it with little effort).

Hah, I see the problem here. I fixed the title :D

Find me the rule that states this happens.

After that we can talk about any other RaW concern.

at least if your relying on true strike the tarrasque will easily reverse the grapple on his turn.

TGMaxMaxer wrote:

If he did say that, then it -would- work on cleave, but only on the first attack not the cleave attacks.

I'm afraid not. You need to use your standard action to attempt to cleave at all. You are making a cleave attack, not using the attack action.

Neither Overhand Chop nor Vital strike say "as a standard action, do X," they both say "when using the attack action, [add X effect]"
And cleave does not say "when using the attack action" it says "as a standard action."

One more time, the first attack roll of cleave is not the attack action, it is a specific standard action that imparts a -2 to your Armor Class and then allows you to roll against a 2nd foe if the first hit is a success.

"So, when you disarm someone, you get the ability to pick up."

is referencing the Disarm rules:

"If you successfully disarm your opponent without using a weapon, you may automatically pick up the item dropped."

"However, to pick up a weapon, you get an Attack of Opportunity"

is saying that after disarming, I can pickup the weapon, but it provokes an AoO, and:

"If you wanted to use said AoO, could you use it to instead attempt to pick up your weapon as well?"

is asking if you may instead pickup the weapon that was just disarmed from you rather than attack.

But, "Automatically" means "No attack of opportunity." And even if it did, you would not be able to use your ATTACK of opportunity for something that is not an ATTACK.

When you went from Editor in Chief to Creative director, was that a change in position, or just in title?

Would you give me some advice? I have recently found myself on the development staff for an upcoming game. I like to follow game devs on various social media, myself, and always wondered if they had more personal accounts separate from public face as game developers.

My question is, do you think I should have a personal e-mail/twitter et cetera? Or, do you find it to be unnecessary?

Dryder wrote:

"There can be only one!" Rules for absorbing Mythic powers!

This rule exists actually. Or at least, this setting exists in the playtest, I don't remember how fleshed out it was.

There are magic systems in books that let you do pretty much anything with magic. Like Garth Nix's Sabriel. Magic flows from a system of symbols representing words. If you meditate you can see the "charter", as it's called, and simply string together a sentence that describes what they want and it happens. Basically only bound by their vocabulary. Basically the Words of Power system but you know all the words.

So, mages without spell preparation limits are awesome, terrifying, and mythical in the golarion setting.

Oh right! The test of the Starstone! I almost feel like paizo will never publish this on the grounds that nothing a human can come up with would be good enough to describe it (and it always changes) and I understand that concept... but some guidelines would be nice...



The telepathy on a succubus' profane gift states "across any distance."

Does this include inter-planer travel?

I don't remember ever reading this, can't find it either. The bestiary section on demons however states that death is their enemy because it allows the mortal to go on to his afterlife reward rather than staying to be tortured.

How do I know what magical bonuses my players are supposed to have for a given level? As in, when is a +4 sword appropriate? +4 armor? +4 cloak? +4 belt/headband?

How do I know whether or not I need to make sure my players get upgrades before tackling Spires of Xin Shalast?

side note: One of my players desperately wants to learn druidic even though he's not a druid (in fact, its because he's not a druid that he wants to learn it). How can he go about doing this, and if he can't, what important things would get in his way?

I want pics =(
I get excited at pathfinder minecraft stuff. I want to make a karzoug statue but i'm bad at that kind of thing.

Shoot, didn't even think of elevation, that area is more complex than I imagined (I haven't run chapter 6 yet).

That's tough, It looks like about 8.5 squares of stairs, but only 30ft elevation.

Then 1.5 squares up to the well is another 10ft up, and 2 squares over by area Y2 is 20 ft up. Those are some stairs!(and a little inconsistent).

I'd write it off as an artists license. I'd go with a 2x scale, and use only half-slabs, if you must be accurate however, normal stairs leading up to the rune-well and to area Y2, though it wont look quite as nice it would be by-the-numbers.

I can imagine that would be annoying, But I own the server so I'm sure to backup everything I do on to my local single player before I restart. I make the world files available to players who want them also.

Wile there are no walls in the eye, consider things like the throne, or the well. They only take one square. And while the stairs+blank signs method makes a serviceable minecraft chair with one block, it's hardly a throne.

By doubling the length of the 5 square cubby it sits in, you can have 3 blocks on either side. that makes the space 3 meters, or 9.8 feet: the same mathematically as the 2 squares on each side of the original. This leaves you with 4 squares with which to build an impressive throne. or if you want to stay consistent to the original throne-to-empty-space ratio, there are some nice 2x2 throne designs as well.

As for the rune-well, there's just no way to do that with less than 3 blocks. In fact, I'd consider adding an extra row of blocks running through the center of the Eye (making it 43 blocks from top to bottom) with the extra row going right through the well and the throne. That would give you enough blocks to make the well look something like this
(my quick soul lens throws it off i think)

Truthfully the real problem came from the WALL. Since in PF the walls of the house are between squares and in MC the walls have to fill an entire square. Mathmatically every 2 squares should be 3 blocks, but I ended up doing double in the end. It feels more spacey. Even if it's a little big sometimes that was okay for me, it's a mansion after all. And, it helps make the thick walls feel more natural.

But then since each stair was 5 ft across and the spiral stain between them was 10, and I needed 2 walls between them the Manticore room and the dining room ended up getting 2 blocks bigger as a result.

Using 2 blocks for every square also really helps building along curves. If there is a cave wall cutting a square in half diagonally you can just pop off one of the corners in the 2x2 block that corresponds to it.

Three words for now, I'll try to come up with more later but first thing's first the words are:


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I made a replica of The Misgivings to live in for my Minecraft Survival Server. I'm sort of at a loss for what to fill the rooms with. It feels empty. Suggestions?

Room Numbers based on the original printing of the adventure, not sure if they changed in the Anniversary version, but I own that one too if someone needs a room clarified.

James Jacobs wrote:
Ven wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

(because I'm a math nerd, I'll include this for posterity)
** spoiler omitted **

I'm over 800 miles away from my Runelords notes at the moment... are you looking at the stats for Karzoug from the original book or the new hardcover?

His +2 for being Azlanti should be in there, but that bonus didn't exist when we first did the Adventure Path, so if you're looking at Pathfinder #6... they aren't there.

I also think I remember giving him his +3 bonuses for age to his mental stats... but again... I don't have my notes handy so I can't confirm.

I am using the Hardcover. The text does specifically state that he got hit +oldman stats but not his -oldman stats (cause he is kept young). I guess the real reason I'm asking is, assuming I'm right (and I think I am or he'd have to have started with a 6 wisdom otherwise), would giving +2 to everything except INT make him unbalanced for his CR? He would get 20 more hit points, and +1 to AC, Fort, Refl, Will, and +2 to his CMD. What's more important? Keeping him mathematically accurate and increasing his CR(if it merits that at all) or keeping his stats appropriate for his CR, and let the math bugger off?

Rise of the Runelords spoiler:
I've done some reverse engineering of Karzoug's stats (I wanted to see just what a 25 point build on a true azlant would look like). I may be off on where 1 point was spent and thus which stats other than INT were raised as he leveled, but once I took off the bonuses for his magic items spells and transmuter ability it actually became extremely easy to see what his base stats where. Unfortunately, it seems like he's only getting the default human stat bonus (+2 to one stat)rather that the Azlanti +2 to all. Mostly on account of he had to have started with an 8 wisdom. Is it possible this was an oversight? I'll admit I may have made a mistake, but I am pretty confident in my calculation. I ask because I want to give him +2 to all the others if this is the case, super-powered ancient human race makes me a little giddy.

(because I'm a math nerd, I'll include this for posterity)

Boring math stuff, just in case you're interested:

25 point build
Str 13 (+1 leveling, +6 belt, +4 wish)
dex 14 (+6 belt, +4 wish)
con 12 (+6 transmuter, +4 wish, +6 stones)
int 16 (+2 race, +3 age, +6 stones, +5 wish, +4 from leveling)
wis 8 (+3 age, +4 wish)
cha 15 (+3 age, +4 wish)

It's possible that the +1 from leveling not on his INT could have been dex or cha, in which case the base goes down by 1 and the point cost is the same.

The XP explosion is slightly addressed, they suggest slow progression.

As for the wealth, Epic Meepo I think you are mistaken, a little.
See, if you fight cr 15 you would want to award cr 15. which is fine when your fighting cr 15, but not cr 10/tier5. average armor class for cr 10 is 24. a APL 10 party considers this an easy fight, but cr 15 is an average AC 30(according to monster creation rules in the bestiary) and the rewards for cr 15 are balanced to give characters the bonuses necessary to target a high AC. But if your CR 15 is because you have 10/5 then your characters are getting the ability to hit a cr15 opponent when the ones they are fighting are no harder to hit than a normal monster of their APL.

IF the party only fights normal non mythic monsters of a cr appropriate to their level+tier then it works fine with extra treasure (and probably should get more so they can handle the extra defences and monster to-hit). IF the party only fights mythic monsters for the extra challenge than it only works with normal treasure for their level.

but the biggest problem is switching between the two in the same campaign.

that was complicated, does anyone still follow me?

level 5 party fights a monster at cr5, gets cr5 treasure. Level 5 tier 5 party fights a cr5/tier5 monster and gets the same fair fight, but gets more treasure for it being equivalent cr 10. The next fight is much easier comparatively.
seems problematic, not sure how to reconcile.

I'm pretty sure that the voting system is supposed to show 2 items that you have not seen before. This is not the case. Just letting you know.

You know I just noticed the ethillion from the abjurant halls does a good job of disenchanting rules.

My group is going into runeforge this week for the first time. Any advice on which enemies should attack on site and which should simply look up and say "who are you and what are you doing here?"

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My wolf is the same size as my Horse. My bear is the same size as my dog.

Mythic characters go first. I don't see a problem with it. I like it.

Honestly I kind of like the idea of a character leaping into an incredibly tough battle and having a zero chance of dying, and then doing this again for 5 more battles before encountering one mythic creature that really messes up their everything and leaves them in the infirmary. It makes that mythic boss fight feel that much more important and threatening, and they know they have to fight it again and win this time.

Found this on google. Still no answer? Seriously the wolf should be marked dire wolf if its going to be large.

What makes a good GM? (Simple question;complicated to answer)
Do you prefer GM, or DM, and why? (purely a simple question)

Now that is an exceptionally clever idea. I'm not familair with the shattered star (would like to run it as a player) but from what I've looked up that could be a very interesting way to make it work.

as for his Sin... suffice to say that he known to, on occasion, get drunk and sing "Veovis Andorhal: he's the greatest man of them all!"
(Veovis is of course, his own name.)

What can I do to tie in the oracle finding a cure for his wasting with the plot of ROTRL? What should the "cure" be?

I forgot to point out, we're on our way past the storval stairs right this moment. So we will be fighting mokmurian soon.

I'll also add that i have him rotting away. The color of his hair fades away the higher level he gets, he coughs up blood particularly when casting lots of magic. Each milestone in his ocracle's curse makes it get worse. Currently he is immune to disease because frankley, no living virus or bacteria could sustain itself on his wasting flesh. I can easily halt the progression of his symptoms but leave him with the scarred face from enduring it. That wouldmake it so he could keep the -4 cha for character purposes.

I have an oracle in my group. His story goes like this: he used to be a wizard who tried to unlock healing magic using arcane means rather than divine, (bards and witches can do this fter all). On, lets call it a whim, Nethys cursed him one night declaring that he would not have personal control over divine spells until he learned to respect it. So he stripped him of his arcane magic spell casting ability(all his wizard spells fizzle now) and gave him a wasting disease. Now he can heal everyone but himself. No magic he tries can cure the disease.

His goal is to return to arcane magic using thasalonian rune magic or the words of power system, thinking they pre-date Nethys' assention to godhood they wouldnt be under his sphear of influence. And/or cure his disease somehow.

I plan on giving him a ritual to find in runeforge that allows him to cure his disease but it sacrifices his eyes, he will decline because he uses scroll magic a lot.

As an oracle of life he gets cured of all disease at lvl 20 but i want this to be significant in the plot somehow rather than just something he gets for leveling. And he'd rather be free from wasting than get arcane magic back, he's better now with divine spells than he ever was with wizard spells.

Any idea's?

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