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Vedic Boreal's page

234 posts. Alias of Doomed Hero.

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Would they stack?

Armor Kilt wrote:
When you add an armored kilt to a suit of light armor, the set counts as medium armor. Likewise, a kilt and medium armor counts as heavy armor.

Mage Armor adds a +4 Armor bonus, but does not actually count as Light or Medium armor.

How do these rules interact (if at all)?

The Magic Circle Against Evil spell notes that -

If the circle of powdered silver laid down in the process of spellcasting is broken, the effect immediately ends.

and that -

You can add a special diagram (a two-dimensional bounded figure with no gaps along its circumference, augmented with various magical sigils) to make the magic circle more secure. Drawing the diagram by hand takes 10 minutes and requires a DC 20 Spellcraft check.

Are there any rules for permanent Summoning/Binding circles?

Could a caster carve a "special diagram" out in a stone floor and pour molten silver into it to make a permanent and (fairly) unbreakable circle?

Could a hoola hoop of silver be carried around as a portable ready-made summoning circle (maybe with Shrink Item to make it portable)?

For example, could a wizard summon a monster onto the battlefield on the other side of a Wall of Force from themselves?

Can someone inside a Resilient Sphere cast a conjuration spell that creates something outside the sphere?

Imagine that two people are aware of each other, and one of them decides to attack, but doesn't want the other to know the attack is coming.

My group has always handled this with an opposed Bluff/Sense Motive. If the bluff is successful, it begins combat as per the usual surprise round rules.

Today I learned that this is (apparently) a house rule. I can't find rules for initiating surprise combat with bluff instead of stealth anywhere.

Are there rules for this?

15 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

In our recent game a strange situation came up,

A Darkmantle cast Darkness on the room. Our Arcanist thought that since the Darkmantle was the only thing that could see, it would be the only thing effected by a Color Spray. This prompted a series of questions.

1) Does Color Spray make it's own light?

2) Does an Illusion of light actually create light people can see by?

3) If someone makes their save against a light-creating illusion, does that mean they can't see the light anymore?

4) Does a Darkness effect negate (or even effect) Illusionary light?

Would it be possible to add a feature to the site which would allow users to mark Aliases as 'inactive' or 'hidden' or something?

At this point I've been in so many games that I have more than a 150 aliases, most of them from games that have long since stopped running, and I cannot delete them.

I'd really like to be able to do some housekeeping on my Aliases tab.

Loot Tracker Current Map

Here we go!

Gameplay is up. Let's kick this off.

Loot Tracker Current Map

It had been a year since Talas and Garridan had forged a partnership on a blasted beach. They'd taken work where they cold get it as local guides, scouts and mercenaries. They'd made a name for themselves as reliable and professional. Their unofficial office was a tavern called The Stock and Barrel.

They were waiting for a client. They didn't expect it when Thedra sat herself down across from them.

"Evening, gents. I have a proposition for you."

If you were to apply ghost salt to a tanglefoot bag, could you entangle an incorporeal creature?

Here's where we will create and discuss new characters for games set in Arch.

Loot Tracker Current Map

This thread will be for discussion of the City of Arch game collective.

Out of Game discussion for each games should be kept to those individual threads. This Discussion thread is for general discussion pertaining to all Arch games, and as a space for Arch GMs to discuss rules issues with each other. It will also act as an informal space where players across arch games can banter. When rules or organization issues come up for discussion, we ask that any banter halt until those situations are sorted out.

The Central Planning Gameplay thread will act as a connection point for all characters to be able to interact across games. Between arcs the Gameplay thread will be used to recap and report, and to set up the next arc.

Information about Arch itself can be found in the Campaign Info tab.

Loot Tracker Current Map

Darian was late again.

Nathaniel Shepherd tapped his stylus against his glassteel slate in a slow staccato rhythm that echoed through the small unadorned meeting chamber.

"You knew he was going to be late, didn't you?" Nate asked the Oracle.

"Yes." the Oracle shrugged.

"So why didn't you just set the meeting time for when he was going to show up?" Nate said, clearly annoyed.

"It doesn't work that way. I knew he was going to be late. I didn't know exactly how late. The meeting time was an educated guess." the Oracle didn't tend to get impatient. Everything happened in its own time. While he waited he played a mindless game on his own slate, matching and manipulating geometric colored illusions as they appeared in sequence.

"Some all seeing Oracle you are." Thedra said with a wry smile. She stretched her arms behind her head and leaned back in her chair. Next to her a small glowing orb of light hung in the air.

"I don't think there's any amount of premonition that could predict the comings and goings of our dear Headmaster." the Oracle shook his head. He lost the game he was playing and looked up just in time to see Darian walk through the door.

His clothes were badly burned and his skin was looking new and pink, a sign of recent healing. He took his seat with a smile. "Sorry I'm late. That Lizardman Demigod possessed some priest of his and started raising his army from the dead. Had to go off city to deal with it."

"How many times do you have to kill that guy?" Thedra said, a bit amazed.

"Twice more." The Oracle said.

"Goooood to know." Darian said. "Anyway, meeting time?"

Nate called them to order. "Shard, you may begin." he said to the small glowing sphere near Thedra. It chimed and it's surface became a silvery mirror, showing them all in a distorted reflection.

Nate began ticking things off this slate. "Darian Kale, is present representing the Academy. Thedra Locke is present representing the Watch. The Oracle is present representing the Harbinger Contingencies. Nathaniel Shepherd is present representing the council. The Godstone Archon Shard is recording."

"First order of business: New blood. We've lost a lot of citizens recently. The next generation of Scions is still children. The academy is all but empty. We need to bring in Petitioners."

"I know where we can find a few." Thedra said pulling up some information on her slate. "They have the spark, but no contact has been made. We were dealing with the situation with that Genie and the Foundation at the time. They were tagged. I think we can find them again without much trouble."

Nate nodded. "Darian, how fast can you have them through the academy?"

Darian shrugged and looked to the Oracle. "If I can have access to the Experience Vault, I can have them through before the next Harbinger cycle."

The Oracle looked wary. "I'll have to vet them personally. A full liable probably analysis. If there's negligible mnemonic risk, then I can give you authorization."

"Second order of business:" Nate said, moving on. "The Labyrinth has been moved entirely off-city. All the breeches have been closed, but it is too late to really contain. The Architect says he's managed to mostly stabilize the structural infection, but it means some areas of the city are still uninhabitable. The spread has been stopped, but nearly fifteen percent of the city is now a quarantine zone."

Thedra picked up where Nate left off. "There are still missing people, and a number of flagged individuals have disappeared into this new maze, and we have reports that there have been portals opening and closing in the quarantined area. The unpredictable magics and shifting terrain is making our attempts at divination extremely unreliable. The entire place is a huge security risk."

"What's the risk to our people?" Darian asked.

"From the infection itself? None." Nate answered. "Only structures seem effected. Golems and artificial persons are at risk, but living creatures are only in danger from the sudden changes in their surroundings."

"Doesn't sound so bad." Darian grinned.

"Imagine trying to find your way out of a constantly changing maze that is also a giant angry Mimic." Nate said dryly.

"Huh. Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem." Darian said, no longer grinning.

"We need people skilled enough to scout the labyrinth and bring back information about what is going on inside. We need eyes inside and the Watch doesn't have manpower to spare." Thedra said pointedly.

"So I'm hearing 'train people faster.' Same as the last problem." Darian said with a small shake of his head. Then his eyes narrowed in thought. "What is the current threat assessment?"

"Journeyman scale." The Oracle said simply.

"The Crucible." Darian said, smiling again.

Thedra slowly joined his smile. Nate frowned. "What?"

"I've been meaning to come up with a new Crucible anyway." Darian explained. "Everyone knew about the forest. Students were starting to tell stories about it. This sounds like a great fit. Two birds with one stone."

Thedra nodded. "I like it. Means a nearly constant scout rotation through the quarantine. Also means when we lose people, they're still in city. No more trying to search that whole damn forest for bodies."

"So we're going to use a dangerous site of magical flux as a testing ground for unproven students?" Nate said, making some notes. He didn't particularly sound surprised.

"Same as before, really. Just urban instead of wilderness." Darian said innocently.

Nate sighed. "Third order of business." He didn't continue. He simply looked worried and looked up at the Oracle.

"Containment of the Eternium artifacts has been extremely draining. Together with the expenditures from the recent attacks that has meant we have lost a lot of our reserve energies. The Harbinger is nearing a critical risk state. I'm recommending that anyone we can spare be asked to donate Experience."

Thedra's brow furrowed. "I'll put the word out."

"This is going to mean a major reshuffling of our power structure." Nate said, sounding worried.

"We've done it before." the Oracle said. "We know what to expect."

The Intimidate rules state that there is a cumulative -5 penalty for Intimidating a creature more than once. This seems to happen regardless of the success or failure of the previous roll.

It there a way of getting rid of that penalty?

The only thing I can think of is the Memory Lapse spell.

I haven't looked into it too much, but it seems like the variant Multiclassing system could be used to give Dual Identity to any class. Then you could do the vigilante shtick with whatever you wanted. Opens the door to a lot of thematic options.

Barbarian Vigilante: Hulk
Fire Kinetisist Vigilante: Ghost Rider
Zen Archer Vigilante: Green Arrow

12 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 2 people marked this as a favorite.

Assume the creature being moved is controlling the grapple. Then they get moved into another square.

Bull Rush, Reposition, Drag, Hydraulic Push, Force Punch, Awesome Blow, Create Pit, Reverse Gravity, and a lot of other abilities can move creatures around against their will. How do those abilities interact with Grappling?

Possible options-

1) The Grapple ends. No CMD/CMB check necessary. The grappler can't hold on so the grappled creature loses the grappled condition.
Precedent: If you are out of range of a grapple, you can't grapple. Simple as that. The movement takes precedence.

2) The Grapple does not end. No appropriate check to breaqk the grapple has been made, so the grapple continues and the creature being grappled goes along for the ride.
Precedent: The grapple rules state that creatures grappled at range are dragged to the grappler's closest available square. We can use this rule as a point of reference to understand how a grappled creature could be dragged around by a grappler.

3) Circumstantial. Because the rules are unclear this is entirely GM arbitration territory.
Precedent: None. That's the point.

16 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 2 people marked this as a favorite.

Can someone killed by attribute damage be brought back to life by Breath of Life?

Breath of Life seems to presuppose that the target was killed by hit point damage, but it only actually makes an exception for Death Effects.

The Dreamweaver's Dreamspinner ability is all about affecting sleeping characters with mind effecting spells. The DC's go up, and even if the target succeeds at a save, they still don't remember the save or wake up.

That seems awesome, except for this-

Targeting a Spell wrote:

"... Unconscious creatures are automatically considered willing."

So that means this whole section-

Dream Spinner wrote:
At 2nd level, when a dreamweaver casts a mind-affecting spell on a target that is sleeping because of her slumber hex or a spell she cast, she adds +1 to the mind-affecting spell's DC. If the target succeeds at the saving throw against the spell, it does not wake up, nor does it have any recollection of having resisted a spell.

-is completely irrelevant.

It doesn't matter what the DC is because the target can't resist. It doesn't matter if the target won't remember being effected if it makes it's save, because it can't make a save in the first place.

The only part of the ability that is left is this-

If appropriate, the dreamweaver may incorporate elements of a mind-affecting spell (i.e., sow thoughts, suggestion, and so on) into the target's subconscious so it believes the spell's effects originated in its dreams (the details of how these elements fit into the dream is up to the GM).

-which is kinda neat, but not really anything more than fluff.

So am I missing something, or is this whole ability essentially a typo?

What is it supposed to do?

In order to enchant something the base item has to be masterwork. Generally speaking it also has to have something to do with the skill being boosted. (Boots of Elvenkind giving stealth bonuses by helping the wearer move quietly, for example)

A specially crafted item designed to facilitate a certain task sounds an awful lot like a Masterwork Tool to me.

So, would/could the item being enchanted also be a masterwork tool?

Since masterwork tools grant Circumstance bonuses and enchantments grant Competence bonuses, they stack, which means pretty much all listed skill-boosting items could grant a bonus two higher than listed for an extra 50 gold tacked onto the cost.

Am I missing anything here?

PFSRD wrote:

Share Spells: The wizard may cast a spell with a target of “You” on his familiar (as a touch spell) instead of on himself. A wizard may cast spells on his familiar even if the spells do not normally affect creatures of the familiar's type (magical beast).

If a familiar had the ability to cast a spells, could they use Share Spells to cast a spell with a target of 'You' on their Master?

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I can't seem to find an answer to this on the boards. I can't believe it hasn't come up yet considering the Titan Mauler exists.

If a Medium creature is wielding a longspear for a Large creature, what is the medium creature's effective reach?

Possible Options:

A) Large Longspears are 20' long. The reach of the creature is 20 feet.

B) Large longspears double a large creature's natural reach (10 feet), which means the weapon itself is 10 feet long. Add that to the medium creature's natural reach, and we conclude that the creature's reach is 15 feet.

C) Something else.

Say you've netted someone. The rope is 20 feet long.

You move towards them.

What kind of action is it to re-grab the rope (or slide it through your hand) to make the lead shorter?

Just came across These Photographs which show the gear english military personnel have carried over the years.

Looks like a lot to drag about, don't it?

It got me thinking about the gear adventurers carry around. Think about it all laid out like that, and how an adventurer might pack for maximum efficiency.

Makes you appreciate Handy Haversacks and Bags of Holding doesn't it?

This thread is for discussing what adventurers carry, how they carry it, what living out of a backpack is really like, and ways of making lugging all that junk around easier.

Read the rules carefully, and you might be confused.

Aid Another wrote:

In melee combat, you can help a friend attack or defend by distracting or interfering with an opponent. If you're in position to make a melee attack on an opponent that is engaging a friend in melee combat, you can attempt to aid your friend as a standard action. You make an attack roll against AC 10. If you succeed, your friend gains either a +2 bonus on his next attack roll against that opponent or a +2 bonus to AC against that opponent's next attack (your choice), as long as that attack comes before the beginning of your next turn. Multiple characters can aid the same friend, and similar bonuses stack.

It turns out, according to the rules the best way of protecting someone isn't by being next to them. It's by being next to the person attacking them.

I could almost buy that, except that the following feats use Aid Another as a core mechanic-


In Harms Way

So now we have a problem.

A guy with a shield is a bad bodyguard. What you want is a guy with a polearm! You don't want your bodyguard next to you. You want them in the middle of as many enemies as possible! Their ability to protect you is contingent on how many people they Threaten with their weapon, not on weather they are between you and someone trying to stab you! Someone should probably tell the Secret Service they're doing it all wrong.

Bodyguards are also completely helpless against ranged weapons. There is no such thing as "taking a bullet" for someone. It can't happen. It doesn't even matter if the bodyguard is threatening the shooter. All they can do is take a normal AoO and hope that shot they couldn't stop wasn't an Arrow of Slaying.

Basically, Bodyguard and In Harms Way are counter-intuitive and bad.

This recruitment is closed.

This came up in a game i'm in. I'm pretty sure I understand it, but I wanted to be sure. Please let me know if any of these statements seem incorrect-

Spells like Alter Self and Disguise Self do not allow you to assume the form of a specific creature. They also grant a bonus to the Disguise skill.

The Disguise skill can be used to pretend to be a specific creature.

When using the Disguise skill to pretend to be a specific creature you still get the bonus from the spell. It is the skill that allows it. The magic is making it easier by more closely matching your shape to that of the creature being copied.

Is that correct?

The idea of a Werewolf Antipaladin is super cool and kind of an obvious fit, but there's this potential wrench in the gears-

Plague Bringer wrote:

the powers of darkness make an antipaladin a beacon of corruption and disease. An antipaladin does not take any damage or take any penalty from diseases. He can still contract diseases and spread them to others, but he is otherwise immune to their effects.

Plague Bringer makes note of damage and penalties but leaves out any potential benefits a disease might bestow.

The question is, can antipaladins even become lycanthropes.

Lycanthropy is listed as a Curse, but the description of it (and the cure) specifically call it out as a disease. It seems to be both.

So, by my reading there's a few possibilities-

1) Lycanthropy is a Curse, does not count as a Disease and effects the Antipaladin normally (I call this the boring option).

2) Antipaladins can only be carriers of lycanthropy, sort of like a werewolf Typhoid Mary, passing anger and hair growth everywhere they go. The trail of spawned manbeasts would be almost impossible to track back to the anti paladin (great option for a mystery-oriented game plot)

3) Antipaladins can become lycanthropes, but are actually immune to the drawbacks of the disease. They don't go crazy under the full moon, they don't have any of the usual signs, they might not even have a weakness to silver. (Antipaladins make the best lycanthropes. This seems powerful, but rather appropriate.)


What about Vampirism?

Mummy Rot?

Are Aid Another checks subject to Concealment?

Does Miss Chance effect the Attack Roll needed to Aid someone?

Meet Kreig:

Kreig is a 9th level Paladin of the Holy Light, Tier 3 Guardian.

He has a Strength of 25, Mythic Power Attack and Mythic Vital Strike.

He wields a +2 Large sized Bastard Sword (he has the Exotic weapon proficiency and wields it in two hands).

At 9th level he took the Legendary Weapon mythic power twice (using both his Path ability and his Mythic feat) to turn his favorite weapon into a Minor Artifact and added the Foe Biting quality to it.

Foe Biting wrote:
Foe-Biting: When this item deals damage, its user can use mythic power to double the total amount of damage it deals. If the attack is a normal attack, the bearer can expend one use of legendary power to double the total amount of damage. If the attack is a confirmed critical hit, the bearer must instead expend two uses of legendary power to double the total damage. Damage from weapon special abilities (such as flaming) and precision-based damage are also doubled. This ability can be applied only to weapons. An item must be a minor or major artifact to have this ability.

So now the math that Kreig hits with is pretty ridiculous. It seems like it might not work the way we think it does.

Here's Kreig's math. Can any of you smart rules people break this down and tell us if we're doing anything wrong?

4d8+4 Base weapon damage while Vital Striking (+2 Large bastard sword)

+10 Strength Damage (str mod +7, two handing)

+13 damage, Mythic Power Attack (base +9, and two handing)

Mythic Vital Strike doubles both the strength damage (+20) and the power attack damage (+26), bringing the total so far to:


+18 damage is added from Smite (level 9 Paladin, doubled by Mythic Vital Strike)

+2 damage from Aura of Light (+1 base, doubled by Mythic Vital Strike)

Total so far:


Let's assume Kreig hits with this pile of math. Then, he spends a Mythic point to use Foe Biter. Damage is now:


Then, Kreig spends another Mythic point to take an additional Standard action (from Amazing Initiative, tier 2 ability). He uses it to Vital Strike again.

Kreig's new damage total (assuming he hits with both attacks), for the cost of 3 Mythic points and 1 use of Smite, is now:


Is this math correct? Are we doing something wrong?

Loot Tracker Current Map

This will be the campaign thread for the second group of Royal Archeologists.

This recruitment is closed.

Loot Tracker Current Map

Base camp wasn't much. A few good sized tents. Some wind-breaks tied between scraggly trees. A good sized fire where the cook was bubbling up some kind of stew for the evening meal. A half-dozen bored guards sitting on top of crates of various supplies playing dice games. A few energetic academics arguing over a map.

They'd been here for two days getting set up and settled in.

They'd been waiting for the professionals who's job it was to delve into these sorts of dilapidated ruins. The royal explorer's society was fairly new. They wanted to bring back treasures and lost knowledge and tales of success.

Mostly what they'd found so far was collapsing caverns filled with dangerous things that had moved in when the original builders had left.

It was hard to find people crazy enough to go into these sorts of places. It was harder to find people skilled enough to come back.

Everyone was anxious to see what kinds of characters were on the wagon that was rolling up the trail...

Loot Tracker Current Map

This thread will be for Out Of Character discussion for Doomed Hero's Tales of the Royal Explorer's Society campaign.

All expeditions fully supported and funded. Wages based on potential danger, as determined by pre-survey Divinations. Professionals and qualified experts only. Apply within.

The Game

This game will be a series of classic dungeon crawls. Your characters will be professional dungeon-delvers hired to survey and clear various ancient ruins.

The dungeons will be randomly created by This Program, and then edited by me to create an interesting archeological concept for what the ruin is and why it was built.

The general feel and culture of the setting is loosely based on a fantasy version of early renaissance england. There are ruins built on ruins and much of history has been lost or is poorly understood. The crown has managed to unify the land under one rule and and the Royal Archeological Society has been founded to uncover and document the many mysteries of the past.

The story is set in a "generic" low-magic fantasy world. All the standard fantasy tropes are included, but there are no "magic marts" or fully stocked "adventurer walmarts."

Instead, loot will be based on what is randomly generated by the dungeon.

In addition, between dungeons, I will randomly roll for what items have been recovered from other ruin sites that are available for player purchase.

In spite of the randomized nature of the game, I plan on attempting to narratively connect the dungeons based on the character's actions. Recurring themes and villains are definitely going to be included, though none have been determined yet.

It is my hope to create a narrative organically as the party discovers more and more about the ancient history of the setting.

Recruitment will be open for as long as it needs to be to create a solid four person group.

The Characters

20 Point Buy


Core Races Only (going for a more classic feel)

Any Class

3rd level

2nd Level starting wealth

Divine Characters: This game is not set in Golarion, so we will not use the Golarion gods. Instead, being that the setting is loosely based on Britain, we will use Norse, Celtic, Roman and early Christian mythology as the foundation of our cosmology. Instead of picking a god, simply pick domains appropriate to your character' concept, and we'll fill in the appropriate god at a later point.

Being an explorer/ruin delver/treasure hunter/archeologist/bodyguard/historean or something of that nature is a must. Your character is a professional. They have to want to be there. This game will not be creating motivations for you. The story hook is that this is your job.

Please do not create ties to other characters until after selections have been made. Character ties will be discussed in the discussion thread.

House Rules

No Item Creation feats.

Anyone with a BaB of +1 or higher may attempt Combat Maneuvers without provoking Attacks of Opportunity.

Reposition: The caveat about not being able to move people into danger with this maneuver is removed. (seriously, why else would you want to do it?)

Power Attack and Combat Expertise are granted as bonus feats at +1 BaB. (These are things that everyone familiar with weapons knows how to do.)

Dervish Dance is weapon-specific (like weapon focus) may be used with any Finesse-able weapon. This feat may be taken more than once, but applies to a different weapon each time. (dex-martials deserve some love)

Anyone proficient in Martial Weapons may use a spear of any kind in one hand.

Reach Weapons use the 3.5 Exception (letting them threaten on diagonals) and do not use the ranged weapon soft cover rules.

Magical Mishaps: Spells don't "fizzle." Anyone that fails a concentration check doesn't simply lose the spell. Instead, the Scroll Mishaps rules will be consulted to see what happens to the magical energy when it is interrupted.

The Plan

I've been thinking about a game based around short scenarios with a "rotating cast" for some time. This would allow people who cannot commit to years of gameplay to try their hand at PBP games, and would allow new players to get some experience. It would also create a "guild" atmosphere where characters would come and go from the overall narrative.

This is going to be my attempt at creating that game.

In the event of character death, I will be returning to the Recruitment thread and Private Messaging a suitable replacement. Players who's characters die are encouraged to make new explorers, but may need to wait for a slot to open.

I'd like to do one small dungeon over the course of 3 to 6 months. Then I will re-open recruitment for a new team for a new mission. Characters from successful missions will be able to re-apply, but are not guaranteed a position in the next mission.


This game will be written in 3rd person narrative. I'd also like players to keep out of character commentary in the Discussion thread. OOC text is reserved for clarification of actions and information directly related to gameplay. I'd like the posts to flow from one to the next as much as possible. If we do it right, it will feel like a novel, which makes things very fun. I believe that immersion in a play by post game is mostly dependent on quality writing. I will absolutely give special consideration to people who's writing engages me. Posting in text-speak is grounds for a sudden, localized cave-in.

I post daily during the week and when I can during the weekend. I'd like players to be able to keep up with me. I am not a tyrant, but if you go more than a day or two without posting or notice as to why you are missing, I reserve the right to NPC your character. If it happens more than once, there is a good chance your character will suffer a tragic accident and have to be replaced.

If this game runs as smoothly as I hope, I may open a second game that will run concurrent with the first, and may even be taking place in another area of the same dungeon (a different team in the same general area). Character cross-over and interaction is likely.

Does Mythic Improved Channel effect Command Undead? (or rebuke?)

The wording specifies damage, so I'm guessing not, but since the non-mythic version does, I'm hoping there is an errata or something.

What are the rules regarding created creatures/sentient objects using magic items?

Could an intelligent staff wield a Ring of the Ram?

Could a Golem wear a Cloak of Resistance?

Could an Animated Desk activate a Feather Token?

The nuances and differences between the examples escape me. Any discussion or rules citation would be fantastic.

I have a Dwarf who uses a Dorn-Durger.

He just picked up Dorn-Durger Master to be able to use it in one hand.

Dorn Durger Master has a prerequisite of Two-Weapon Fighting, which I can't really see this character ever using.

If I were to retrain two-weapon fighting to another feat, would I lose the ability to use Dorn-Durger Master?

A fantastic group just lost it's GM.

We haven't gone far into the Adventure Path. (We are currently exploring the castle just after facing off with the Crow Demon and his minions.)

The remaining players in this group have proven themselves to be extremely dedicated, and very skilled writers. We have enured long delays in gameplay and unpredictable posting schedules from the GM who finally was forced to shut down the game, but we simply don't want to let go. We are hoping for someone to step up and save this great game.

The party consists of-

Mai Seori: Human Sword-Saint Samurai, the heir to the throne (replacing Amiko for the purposes of the story)

Mamoru Onitora: Half-Ogre Daimyo Samurai, Mai's oathbound oni bodyguard.

Tengokuno Uta: Aasamar Geisha Sound Striker Song Healer Bard, the "adviser to the throne" (and a masterclass in the intricacies of character building)

Taliv: Sylph Ninja, recently returned to us from the spirit world. He is a mystery, but sworn to see the princess upon her throne.

Here is the current Gameplay thread.

If you are interested in running Jade Regent with a phenomenal group please jump into the discussion thread and introduce yourself.

My character is Enlarged, Raging, and has Muleback Cords. Raw strength 20. Lifting strength 28.

He is standing on a dock. Out in the water, but within my character's reach, is a 20x30 barge with enemies on it.

One enemy with a reach weapon is Threatening me.

I want to tip the barge to try to dump the enemies into the water.

The GM's ruling on how it would work:

Muleback cords do not apply because I am in combat.

I take an AoO.

I make a Grapple check against the barge to grab it.

Next round, I take another AoO and attempt to Pin the barge. If I successfully Pin it, and if I am able to lift it's weight (without the benefit of Muleback Cords) then I can tip it over.

How I think it should work:

I take an AoO for picking something up while being threatened.

I make a Touch Attack against the barge to get a hand on it.

I check the weight of the barge against my encumbrance values. If I can lift the barge, I can tip it. Lifting weight is a static value, so no further roll is necessary.

The two issues are:

A) Does lifting an object require a Grapple check (and/or a roll to Pin)

B) Do Muleback Cords apply their bonus to lifting objects while in combat.

A civil, but frustrating argument has ensued. I'd appreciate any feedback, one way or the other.

It seems so obvious, and yet the rules for it don't work at all.

Obviously a Centaur can't take itself as it's own bonded animal, and it's definitely not going to ride a horse, or anything else.

How would you work this?

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So this just happened in a PBP game I'm in. I have no idea how it should be resolved-

An ogre Bull Rushed a horse into an adjacent horse (10 foot bull rush). Both horses are mounted by knights with a Ride score of about +8

The horse that got Bull Rushed had just been hit with a Tanglefoot Bag (made it's save so its entangled, but not stuck to the ground)

The whole area is Difficult Terrain.

So here's some questions:

1) Does a rider automatically move with their mount if the mount moves involuntarily? Do they risk falling out of the saddle?

2) If you bull rush a creature into another creature, does the second creature move as well, or are the creatures forced to share the same space? (there is another horse and rider in line after the second one, so the domino effect could continue even further)

3) Can two large creatures and two medium creatures share the same 10' square?

4) What are the Ride check DCs to deal with this mess?

The Unnatural Presence trait allows Vermin to be Intimidated.

Would it allow you to intimidate a Swarm since they count as one creature?

I am looking for 2-4 players to join an existing game.

The current characters are an Oracle of Life and a Wizard. Every other niche is open.

The game is Arabian/Egyptian in theme and will involve a lot of ruin-delving.

The Setting:

Basic information can be found here

The gameplay thread so far is pretty short. Feel free to read it to get a better idea of what the setting is like.

The Style:

This will be primarily a dungeon crawl/exploration game but there will be occasional urban adventures involving street chases, roof-climbing, gathering information and that sort of thing.

I prefer to run combat loosely and quickly in a cinematic style. Maps will be used, but only as a frame of reference. Tactical battlemat rules are de-emphisized in favor of speed of play.

Character Creation Guidelines:

20 Point Buy

All races are "skinned" as various kinds of human and "fluffed" as exotic cultures. A halfling might just be a human midget. An Elf might just be a willowy person from a culture that focuses on education and martial training from a young age. (I'm asking everyone to avoid particularly exotic races, please)

Two traits. Each trait must come from a different category. I will allow custom traits, as well as slight alterations or "refluffing" of existing ones to better fit your backstory.

Average starting gold for your class

No guns


The setting primarily uses the Egyptian pantheon. Most worshipers are polytheists who pay homage to all the gods, though some choose to devote themselves to one in particular over the others. Characters with Domains are allowed to pick whatever domain they want as long as they can explain how the domain ties into the god they follow.

Your characters will begin as accused criminals who have been offered the choice of prison or debt. You chose debt, and now are essentially indentured servants to the state who are working off your crime-debt by doing things no one else can/wants to. Please come up with the crime you were accused of and the circumstances under which you were caught. Based on your crime I will be granting you a bonus trait.

Posting Guidelines:

Since I took the time to write this I figure I should probably use it too.

I want the story to feel as much like a novel as possible, so strong writing skills are a must.

I post often. I want players who can keep up and help keep the game moving. Nothing kills PBP games like lack of momentum. Don't apply if you can't post once a day, minimum. (That being said, I understand real life sometimes happens. Just let us know.)

I don't want recruitment to turn into a "tavern" of roleplaying where everyone tries to get their character established and noticed. For the sake of my sanity, please keep things business oriented here.

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"Three Hundred Crowns." the Vizier's muffled voice sounds dispassionately from behind their mask.

You were one of many judged today. The Vizir heard your case, looked at your file, offered you prison or fine and you made your choice. having no money to pay, you chose Service to work off your debt.

The Vizir named your debt-price, the guard hauled you away, locked a collar around your neck and pushed you out into the bright sun.

After two days in jail, freedom was bliss.

Standing at the Fortress Gate, other Visirs looked over the crowd of the Collared, glancing at their work sheets and beckoning to those they thought fit their work profiles.

One points at you and a few others, and motions you to him.

"Trade skills." the Visir says from behind the faceless mask that was the mark of their order.

You wonder if it's true about what they say about lying to a Vizir...

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This is the discussion thread for DM Doomed Hero's Black Sands game.

House Rules will be added to the Campaign Info tab shortly.

Character Creation Guidelines-:

20 Point Buy

All races are "skinned" as various kinds of human and "fluffed" as exotic cultures. A halfling might just be a human midget. An Elf might just be a willowy person from a culture that focuses on education and martial training from a young age. (I'm asking everyone to avoid particularly exotic races, please)

Two traits. Each trait must come from a different category. I will allow custom traits, as well as slight alterations or "refluffing" of existing ones to better fit your backstory.

Average starting gold for your class

No guns

Your characters will begin as accused criminals who have been offered the choice of prison or debt. You chose debt, and now are essentially indentured servants to the state who are working off your crime-debt by doing things no one else can/wants to. Please come up with the crime you were accused of and the circumstances under which you were caught. Based on your crime I will be granting you a bonus trait.

This will be primarily a dungeon crawl/exploration game but there will be occasional urban adventures involving street chases, roof-climbing, gathering information and that sort of thing.

You will need a tracker, and you will need someone who can disable traps.

Please read the Campaign Info and go ahead and start discussing concepts.

When a GM has to stop running a game, but does not move the game to Inactive, the game just sits in the Campaign tab.

Is there a way to make games automatically go to inactive after a certain amount of time without any activity?

Lets say you have a 20' movement.

You move forward, then diagonal then forward.

You've moved 15'

Does that mean you are not able to move diagonal with your last square of movement?

Can a creature with Burrow bore through walls?

How about wooden doors?

How about the hull of a ship?

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Butterfly Sting

Seize the Moment

Lets say Big Guy and Little Guy are threatening Bad Guy.

Big guy has a Naginata (x4 crit, Reach), Improved Critical, Seize the Moment and Combat Reflexes.

Little Guy has a Fauchard (18-20 crit, Reach), Improved Critical, Butterfly Sting, Seize the Moment and Combat Reflexes.

If I read this right, when Little Guy confirms a crit, he does normal damage and immediately grants Big Guy an AoO, which Auto-Crits if it hits. Because Big Guy just confirmed a crit (automatically), Little Guy then also gets an AoO (and another chance to crit).

Do I have this right?

If so, ouch...

Some related reading

A little more.

There seems to be a bit of confusion about how and when fear effects stack, especially with concern to the Intimidate skill.

So here's my problem-

Let's say I have an Antipaladin with Cornugon Smash and the Shaken Cruelty and they hit with a Conductive weapon (adding the Cruelty to their attack).

1. So first they make an Intimidate check when they hit with the attack. Does Aura of Cowardice effect the Intimidate DC?

2. (Assuming the Intimidate check succeeds and the target is Shaken per Demoralize), when the Cruelty effect takes place, is the target now Frightened?

The Cover rules on the SRD (page 195 of the Core Rulebook) state that while making attacks at reach the ranged combat rules for cover apply.

Normally, if you are trying to attack with a ranged weapon, and something is between you and your target, your target gains Soft Cover.

Does that mean that if you have a spear and are standing behind your sword-and-board buddy, that you take a -4 to hit the guy in front of your pal? (or a -8, if Soft Cover and Firing Into Melee penalties stack)

What if your buddy is a halfling (and you're a human)?

How does this work for something with Natural Reach, like Hill Giant?

Do you need Precise Shot to build a good polearm fighter now?

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