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Vasnar's page

3 posts. Alias of StagoftheBurningHeart.

Full Name

Vasnar Steelsoul












Lawful Good






Common, Orc,


Monk at monastary of Irori.

Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 12

About Vasnar

Vasnar's grandmother Malnara was a member of an orc tribe in the Windswept Wastes of Casmaron. Every year they sacrificed one of their weakest, casting him or her into the Pit of Gormuz as a gift to the Rough Beast. Malnara's eight year old daughter Vanara was deemed to be the next sacrifice; her docile nature and small stature was believed to be a weakness that they didn't want to pass down to future orcs.

Malnara could not bear the thought of her daughter being thrown into a giant hole that only the gods knew what was at the bottom. She ran away in the night to try and give her daughter a chance to live a full life. She headed east, foraging for whatever food she could muster for her and Vanara until they could get closer to the human cities. She knew that they could never be with orcs again. Either she would run into her tribe again, or a different one that would treat neither of them very well. Her only chance now was within the human settlements where she at least had a chance of coexistence, however unlikely that was.

Malnara and Vanara were in Vudra now, where a sympathetic half-orc mentioned the monastery of Irori would take them in if they were helpless. Their gods apparently favored kindness to all even if their history is stained in blood. Malnara could scarcely believe anything like that could ever exist. The monastery did indeed take her and the child in, with the understanding that she would serve the monastery and that they would teach her daughter their ways in hopes that Vanara could become a beacon of hope for her ravaged and broken people.

Malnara lived out her days there while Vanara was now a cleric of Irori. She even found love with a monk named Sajan, whose physique could match many of that of her orc brothers. He never seemed to notice her orcish looks, or look at her in that distrustful way that she saw her mother get.

Their union created Vasnar, who now is 18. He received much of the physical physique of his father and the good nature of his mother, which only later he would realize the irony. His father taught him in the ways of the monk, and through his own ambition wanted to learn to become a cleric like his mother Vanara.

His lawful ideologies have now become more prominent, and he has decided to take a more active role in spreading enlightenment and good around the world. He sees himself as a vassal of judgement, someone who knows what the experiences of a bad life can do to a person; wanting nothing more than to protect those from the negativity of evil. The monastery believes that it should maintain a passive approach, which has caused tensions between Vasnar and the high elders. and even though he was an exceptional student and subject, he knew there would be consequences if decided to walk out on the monastery. The respect he had built up his whole life if he decided to leave.

However, this decision was bigger than his reputation. Vasnar left the monastery, traveling to new settlements and villages to more proactively spread the good and positive energy that he felt everyone should get the chance to experience. It became his true purpose. He traveled from village to village all around Casmaron, every stop signifying the end of another homage into Nirvana.

Several years have passed, and still Vasnar continues his never-ending homage across Golarion's continents. He has begun to build a new reputation to replace the one he had lost at the monastery. It was easy to pass as a stranger at first, but a wandering orc monk giving away food and water to the poor was not an everyday occurrence.

Then there were the ones who would try to harm him, thinking him easy prey because he was alone. That made his name soar even further; forced to fight three, four, or even five men at once. The common folk loved him for that. "Half-demon, with an angel's heart," an old man once called him.

He was a champion of the people who truly needed one. He never had much to give them, but where he lacked in material things he made up for in protection. Justice. He couldn't protect them all, he knew, and certainly not all at once. He would never catch every rapist or thief, or heal every wound that festered, but it made sense to Vasnar that Irori's work would take his entire life; why his homage can never end.

Character Sheet: Vasnar Steelsoul

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