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Blackfire Adept

Varisian Wanderer's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 115 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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About Varisian Wanderer

Things I enjoy in Pathfinder are...

Favorite Divinities: Desna, Shelyn, Cayden Cailean, Sarenrae, Calistria, Pharasma, the many Demon Lords (especially Baphomet, Nocticula, and Socothbenoth), and the Empyreal Lord Cernunnos.

I also like elves, drow, tieflings, demons, couatls, werewolves, vampires, mothmen, daemons, fey, phoenixes, agathions, simurghs, merfolk, proteans, and faerie dragons.

My favorite classes are bard, cleric, sorcerer, and witch.

I draw and write in my spare time, mostly creating and detailing various characters, creatures, and adventures.

Music - all types! - but especially ambient game music and nature sounds.

Other things I enjoy include philosophy, cooking, video games, dining out, reading, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.

Things I'd like to see in Pathfinder and Golarion:


Sacred or Divine Familiars: I'm really fond of familiars, and often have my cleric characters take the Eldritch Heritage feat to gain an animal sacred to their faith as a familiar. Ideas for these include:

Giant butterflies or moths for priests of Desna.

Songbirds for priests of Shelyn.

Doves for priests of Sarenrae.

Giant wasps for priests of Calistria.

Whippoorwills and Nosoi psychopomps for priests of Pharasma.

Giant bumblebees.


The thrush statistics work for many of these, but maybe one day they'll get their own stats!

A lesser phoenix-like songbird that could be taken as an Improved Familiar. For example, Neutral Good, 3d10 HD, Small-size, Magical Beast (Fire), with a limited self-resurrection (1/year), ability to cast cure light wounds, and a minor shroud of flame, reminiscent of it's greater cousin. Inspiration comes partly from Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix. They'd likely be sacred to Sarenrae.

Expanding on these concepts, perhaps a feat which allows a familiar to serve as a divine focus, so long as the animal that is serving as a familiar is sacred to the specific character's faith.

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