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Varisian Chronicler's page

923 posts. Alias of Ludomancer.


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I don't have it in me to try to keep the game going, so I won't be running it anymore.

The pin is a golembane scarab.

The tunic is a snakeskin tunic.

The mask is a medusa mask

The lock to the one chest opens. You find four potions - three of which you identify as cure moderate wounds and the last remaining a mystery, a +2 kukri, a ring of jumping, and a beetle-shaped pin.

You need one more spellcraft check for the last item. You only have one of the medallions.

The first item is the longspear, sized for a large humanoid. It's a special magic item with ties to ancient Thassilon known as an Impaler of Thorns. It's a +1 weapon that, once per day, as it strikes a foe, can be activated as a free action to cause a 30-ft-radius burst of despair that affects anyone not wielding an Impaler of Thorns. All creatures affected must succeed a DC 16 Will save or become overwhelmed with sadness and despair, taking -2 penalties on attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls for 6 minutes. The target struck when this effect is triggered must also succeed at a second DC 16 Will save to resist becoming nauseated with despair for 1 round.

The second item is the medusa-like mask that you can't identify.

The third item is a silver medallion engraved with the sihedron rune, just like the one you found on Nualia, that you can now identify. While worn, the Sihedron medallion gives the wearer a +1 resistance bonus on saving throws, and once a day, as a free action, can be activated to bestow the wearer the effects of false life at CL 5.

The fourth item is a tunic made of large scales that you can't identify.

The last item is a ring of protection +1.

The chest is locked.

There are five aurus on the creature and seven coming from one of the chests.

Round 5

A giant spider appears and immediately launches webbing at the snake-woman, entangling her, and provding a great boon for Tomaru's allies. Praxim and Lym give enough fire power to drop the creature.

Combat over.

Round 5

Rhianni's spell fizzles.

The creature summons five mirror images.

Round 4

Praxim shoots down the remaining illusions. The creature get blasted by one of Lym's spiritual, but avoid the Tomaru's spirtual weapon.

Tomaru begins summoning.


1d4 - 1 ⇒ (3) - 1 = 2

Round 3

Tomaru continues healing the party while his starknife dispels an image.

Round 4

Rhianni keeps waiting for an opportunity to act, and she notices the snake-woman look at her through the corner of its eye and sneer.

The monster points at Praxim and shouts out, "You don't mean to be doing this, do you?"

Lym, the monster stays within 10 feet of Rhianni. Are you still going to cast the spell?

You begin feeling confused. Make a DC 21 Will save or lose your turn.

Round 3

Praxim shoots down three images.


Round 3

Lym blasts the monster with two scorching rays, while Rhianni waits for an opportunity to act.

The creature casts a spell and resummons six mirror images.

Round 2

Praxim destroys the remaining illusory clones. Tomaru heals his allies and revives Rhianni, while his spiritual weapon flails about harmlessly.

Lym and Rhianni. Rhianni is prone.

FYI, the creature's range with her weapon is 10 feet, so Rhianni is susceptible to AoOs.

Lym Blackhand wrote:
But she's prone, right? I meant to aim the fireball well overhead.

OK, I get it.

Praxim wrote:
Did the first arrow miss by less than five? If so, it still hits an image.

It missed by more than five, so it missed everything.


Round 1

Tomaru calls on Desna's favor. His spiritual weapon attacks, dispelling another of the enemy's images.


Round 2

Lym explodes a fireball above the creatures's head, and the creature twists her body to avoid much of the flame.

Rhianni stabilizes.

The monster fires a scorching ray and hits Praxim (12 dmg).

Praxim and Tomaru.

Round 1

Praxim's first arrow whiffs all targets, while the second dispels a false image, and the third sticks the monster in the tail.


Tomaru wrote:
That depends, is there someone or something between me and her? How close am I to Rhianni?

There's nothing between you two. You're a movement action away from her.

Lym Blackhand wrote:
Lym casts Fireball, aimed so it will hit the snake-monster, but not Rhianni

That's not possible. Rhianni is 10 feet away from the monster.

Round 1

Lym's missiles hit the target square in her chest and she flinches slightly. Rhianni begins her oratory just as the serpentine attacks, thrusting her spear three times in succession, each time cutting through Rhianni (15+11+10 dmg). Rhianni collapses, dying.

Praxim and Tomaru, if he wants to change his actions.

Rhianni is at 32 HP.

Lym, per the FAQ, you can't target any of the images with magic missiles. You can only do damage to the real thing.

Yes, I want you to continue. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Rhianni covers the monster with glitterdust, outlining a large snake-like creature and half a dozen mirror images, all occupying the same space. It shakes off the blinding effect and continues after Rhianni.

Lym fires a freezing ray, and it hits one of the outlines, causing it to dissipate.

The villain attacks the gypsy, and its invisibility wears off, revealing a large monstrous woman-snake creature wielding a massive spear with a thorn-shaped head and wearing a medusa-like mask. Rhianni takes a large gash in her side (11 dmg) and a wave of despair is unleashed over everyone (everyone make a DC 16 Will save or take -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls).

Snake woman

Initiave: Rhianni/Lym, monster, Tomaru/Praxim

Your weapon hits your target, but the demon doesn't flinch or seem to notice your attack. It does seem to flicker, though. Then you realize you're attacking an illusion.

This demon isn't familiar to you.

Lym, Rhianni:
Just as you finish casting your spells, you see a large creature with the head and torso of a human female, and the body and tail of immense snake. The creature is attempting to sneak up on Rhianni, wielding a massive spear, its end topped with thorn-shaped, wide-bladed barb.

Rhianni and Lym can take a standard action.

Would someone mind taking over Rhianni for now?

Rhianni, are you here?

A cloud of smoke begins to form directly above you, heat radiates from the cloud and the smell of brimstone wafts over you. Moments later, a flying demon appears from the cloud and begins circling the tower, but it doesn't attack.

You don't know anything about the statue.

You go up and reach the top of the tower. The smoky filthy rooftops of Underbridge sprawl below this dizzying perch. The conical roof supports an onyx statue of an angel. Towering like a god, her weathered features are caked with grime, making her seem almost demonic in countenance. At the far end of the hollow space under the roof, in the angel’s shadow, lay a nest of cushions, silk sheets, and a line of several small chests.

You going up?

You don't detect anything.

Praxim breaks through the door.

The room on the other side is large and cluttered, filled with immense gears and clockworks. Most of them appear to have rusted in place.

An exit in the western wall again leads to stairs that circumvent the outside of the tower and go upward.

AFAIK, while hardness reduces damage, it's not actually a type of damage reduction, which is a trait only creatures can have.

The archon repeatedly attacks the door until vanishing, doing no visible damage.

You find two ravens in the cabinet.

The monsters can't reach the party and all end up burning to death from Lym's fireball.

A timber cabinet sits against the southern wall of this room, while a boarded-up door stands in the wall to the east.

You move around to another side of the tower and enter the room above
Three hairless, featureless creatures, like the ones you met at Aldern's house, stand near the doorway, on either side.

Initiative: Tomaru, faceless creatures, everyone else.

The bat is dead.

Outside the doorway, the rickety stairs continue up the exterior of the tower, high up off the ground below, to a room that must lie just beyond the ceiling directly above the bells. Do you continue up?

None of you see anyone up here.

You don't see anyone up here.

Two of the creatures take the full force of your attack, and all of them retreat out of the exit at the top of the stairs.

Three faceless humanoids, like the ones you met at Aldern's townhouse, stand at the top of the staircase looking down at you.

By RAW, it looks nothing else happens after the bell hits you and you can continue flying.

You ascend toward the top of the tower. You make it halfway up, when suddenly a loud BONG echoes throughout the tower. Looking up, you see one of the bells swinging, just before tearing free of its ropes with a tremendous crash. The immense bronze bell tumbles and smashes along the walls as it plummets towards you. Lym manages to avoid getting bludgeoned, but everyone else isn't so fortunate.

Praxim and Tomaru take 20 dmg. Rhianni takes 22 dmg. Make a Fly check.

The stairwell looks treacherous, made up of rotting wood and, in some places, missing two or three stairs at a time.

The stairs look like they exit out of the tower near the beams where the bells hang. You don't see any other floors.

You don't find anything on this level.

You move further into the building.

Now what?

The site won't let me submit posts in the gameplay thread, so I'll post here for now.

You don't detect evil.

Round 3

The rhinoceros impales its horn in the constructs side.

Round 4

Praxim nearly decapitates the golem and it falls deader than dead.

Lym Blackhand wrote:
I missed with a ranged touch attack of 20?! O_O

You're right, the creature is slowed.

Round 2

Tomaru summon a rhino that rushes at the construct, who rolls over and dodges its horn, before moving over to Praxim and blessing him with fortune.

Round 3

Rhianni performs a story to boosts the confidence of her allies. Praxim hits the golem with two more arrows, further opening a gash in its body. Lym fires a ray of fire, but misses her target.

The construct stands up and swings at Praxim, missing wide.

The rhino gets an attack of opportunity, then Tomaru's turn.

Round 1

One of Praxim's arrows pricks the golem's recycled flesh.

Tomaru begins casting a spell.

Round 2

Praxim targets one spot and opens a decent-sized wound on the monster. Lym vanishes from sight. Rhianni makes the ground underneath the flesh golem slippery, and it falls.

The creature crawls out of the grease, toward the party.


Tomaru, then round 3.

The golem is prone.

I meant to have you at level 7 before starting this segment. Go ahead and level up and memorize whatever spells you want to fill your slots and we'll continue as if you were leveled before entering the clock tower.

Round 1

Praxim and Rhianni's missiles bounce off the construct as it lumbers toward the middle of the room and mows down Lym with its scythe (10 dmg).

Tomaru, then round 2


Read the discussion thread.

This is a flesh golem. It is immune to magic, with the exception that magical cold or fire effects cause to slow. It is also immune to death effects, disease, stun, paralysis, sleep, poison, necromantic effects, fatigue, and ability/energy drain/damage. It's also resistant to all weaponry except of adamantine weapons.

Praxim's arrow hits something with a very soft thud, as if the force of the projectile had been absorbed and dissipated. Out from the shadows lumbers a large misshapen humanoid wielding a scythe. A jumbled mass of body parts incorporating as much beast as it does man, the monster's considerable girth is topped by an idiot head that leers and drools like a grotesque baby. It is dressed in straw and dung-covered rags, giving it the appearance of that of a scarecrow, and giving off the sickly sweet smell of decay. It's face is cruelly stitched, the lips sewn partially together. A trio of what first appears to carved pumpkins hang from cords on the Scarecrow's belt, but a second glance reveals these to be horribly bloated human heads with a sick yellow tinge.


Initiative: Praxim/Rhianni/Lym, scarecrow, Tomaru


Arcana knowledge checks apply.

You detect faint evil in the northernmost part of the room.

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