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Vandraven's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 7 posts (12 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


Dark Archive

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Adjule wrote:

The bloodrager's magic is murder. Yes. The bloodrager can cast spells. He can cast the deadly lightning bolt if he wants (I think that's on the magus list). But his magic is better utilized in buffing himself up to murder things with his giant greatsword/greataxe/other big 2-hander.

I really, really think saying "The bloodrager uses the first four levels of the magus spell list" was a VERY bad choice. Maybe then, people wouldn't be comparing the bloodrager to the magus. If you want mechanics like the magus, just play a magus.

The Bloodrager get's the magus spell list because it's easier then writing a new list out. The class is made to be the same as a Ranger or Paladin. The Ranger and the Paladin don’t use the Druid or Cleric spell list. They both have their own spells.

I think the Magus Spell list is fine. What I would like to see is the ability to cast a spell as part of a charge action. Maybe have to make a concentration check or lose the spell. Least then you could use the Magus’s more offensive spells without being a copy of the Magus.

Dark Archive

Can a Bloodrager use the Crossblooded Archetype? Sense spells aren't really a focus it would let you pick and chose your ablilites, from two pools.

Dark Archive

I'd love to play a Half/Elf Magus. Please let me know if I am considered and I will post all items you listed.

Dark Archive

Is there still room in this game for one more? I'd really like to try out a Blade bound Magus.

Dark Archive

My favorite and most heroic death was a character I played in Red Hand of Doom back in 3.5

The GM was awesome, the players were awesome it made me look forward to each game.

Vandraven Elf Rogue / 7 I think

My rogue had done a lot of dumb things throughout the campaign due to me being new to the game and the character I played was a fast talking thief. Needless to say I ended up at -9 three different times. One time it was due to putting on a clock with a flame pattern I won at a carnival of Nurgle, we had as a side quest/break.

My characters main clam to fame was killing a goblin shaman and a worg at level two through the use of terrain and tricks.

Our party hears of the Red hand army moving through the mountains near by. There’s only one bridge crossing. Without the bridge it adds another week or more to the armies travel time. My group decides that were going to destroy or hold the bridge to buy some time for people to evacuate.

When we get to the bridge our group takes out a scouting party of hobgoblins and ogres. It’s a tough fight but we pull it off. Vandraven climes up one of the bridge towers and looks around from the roof. Here comes the army of the Red Hand. Oh and a giant black dragon.

The dragon doesn’t see Vandraven so he does a strafing run on the rest of the party with his flame breath. Everyone but Vandraven and the Wizard panic and run back across the bridge.

Vandraven draws his sword and yells to the wizard to finish the bridge. The wizard starts to finish the setup to blow the bridge.

The dragon hovers over the wizard about to breathe fire again. Vandraven leaps off the of the tower and crits the dragon for max damage (DM said I took out his eye ;). Through very high reflex saves Vandraven grabs the dragon by a horn and stays on him.

The dragon is furious and the wizard blows the bridge. Vandraven goes two more rounds on the dragons head scoring one more crit hit with his longsword two handed before falling to his death in the chasm.

Dark Archive

When Paizo releases the virtual table top on the website, will you GM or play in a game with me?

Dark Archive

Right now I am playing a Tiefling Cleric of Besmara. I made my holy symbol into a skull and crossbones belt buckle. We also have a druid in the party but he doesn't heal. So far my healing and debuffs have been enough for the party.

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