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Vamp's page

47 posts. Alias of Brian Minhinnick (RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16).

About Vamp

Jefferson Carver aka Vamp PL10


Abilities (32 Points)
Str 3
Sta 3
Agl 3
Dex 0
Fgt 4
Int 0
Awe 3
Pre 0

Advantages (11 Points)
Defensive Roll 7
Evasion 2
Improved Initiative
Uncanny Dodge

Skills (5 Points)
Perception +13 (10 ranks, 3 awe)

Powers (87 Points)
Regeneration persistent, regeneration rank 20 - Source (bite attack that round) (20 points)

Teleportation accurate, change velocity, extended, increased mass 3, turnabout teleport rank 6 (29 points)

Super Senses Accurate 2 (Smell), Acute 1 (Smell), Analytical 1 (Smell), Counters Concealment 5 (Smell), Extended 2 (Smell), Penetrates Concealment 4 (Smell), Tracking 2 (Smell), Darkvision 2, Distance Sense 1, Ultra-hearing 1 (21 Points)

Bite accurate 3 attack penetrating 7 strength-based damage 7 (17 points)

Defenses (15 Points)
Dodge +9 (6 ranks, 3 Agl)
Parry +6 (2 ranks, 4 fgt)
Fort +5 (2 ranks, 3 Sta)
Toughness +10/+3 (+7 defensive roll, 3 Sta)
Will +8 (5 ranks, 3 Awe)

Bite +10 (damage 10, penetrating 7)

(Motivation) Enemy - Jefferson hates Tallow Genetics and blames them for making him into a 'vampire'. He knows they are looking for him, and is completely paranoid because of it. He will do anything to destroy the company.

Addiction - Jefferson is addicted to drinking blood for psychological reasons. He thinks he needs it.


Jefferson Carver doesn't really remember much of his childhood. His earliest memory is of being taken away from his mother when he was still a very small boy. Some men took him to the place. It was underground. They kept him in a dark room all by himself. The gave him injections regularly. He's not sure how long he was there, or when exactly he became able to do amazing things. The amount of sedation they kept him under made it difficult to keep track. One day he woke up in his cell, his head was spinning and his stomach cramped with hunger. It was dark, but he could see perfectly. He could hear things he'd never heard before, and he could smell EVERYTHING. He could smell the air coming through the vents from the outside. He kept thinking about the sun, and smelling the grass through the vent. Suddenly he disappeared and reappeared outside, on all fours in the grass.

Looking up, he saw the entrance to the facility destroyed, left in a smoking ruin. He could smell the dead people inside. He didn't know what happened but he didn't care, he was free. He began running as fast as he could, and then he started teleporting. Each step carried him rapidly away. He stopped, astonished at what he was capable of. Looking around he found himself near some train tracks. He followed them for a time, making short jumps along the tracks. He came to a rail yard, where he could smell a few people inside one of the freight cars. Teleporting inside, he startled them. They rose up and attacked him, so he instinctually fought back, biting at them. When he bit he realized his mouth was huge, and that he had two rows of razor sharp fangs like those of a viper. As the blood of the hobos filled his mouth he felt himself growing stronger and more vital. He couldn't stop himself. Mad with fear and confusion he killed the three men. As he lay there in the blood he realized that he was not human. He rested inside the train car for a day or so as it clacked along the tracks.

By the time he got out, he had no idea where he was. Wearing a hodgepodge of the dead men's bloody clothes he was seen by some freight hopper kids. They were roughly the same age as Jefferson and asked him if he was okay, seeing all the blood. He bared his fangs at them and hissed, unsure what they intended. They screamed and he teleported back a ways, frightened. The teens yelled at him to come back. After determining that he didn't know who he was, or what he was, they informed him that he was a vampire, and that it was totally sweet. Jefferson followed the kids around for a while, meeting some of the more interesting characters of the American underbelly. He eventually fell in with some other people who considered themselves vampires, but they put him on a pedestal. His fangs, healing and teleportation made him the real deal in their eyes. Unable to provide a better explanation for who he was, he went along with it, coming to believe that he truly was a vampire. He's lived like that ever since. Traveling around the continent off the grid, visiting vampire cults. One day the mercenaries came, they had powers too, they killed his favorite humans. He doesn't know how they found him, but now he's on the hunt for their masters. God help any who try to stop him.

Jefferson is extremely secretive and paranoid, treasuring his freedom as much as his life. He intentionally makes himself as 'other' as possible to mainstream society in an attempt to be left alone. The only people he doesn't immediately run away from or kill are others who are castaways from the normal people. He currently considers himself unique except for the other supers who attacked his coven.

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