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Kaerishiel Neirenar

Valkenr's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,233 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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Goblin Squad Member

Tork Shaw wrote:
4) POIs are designed for companies of between 10 and 20 people to run. It will be some weeks of gathering/building to complete one.

What kind of ratio should we expect to see between the time to gather and build, and the time to capture or destroy?

Goblin Squad Member

1. The most common form will likely be taxation. Though some settlements may monitor you contributions and reward you accordingly. You don't really need game mechanics to do this.

2. Yes

3. Each character gets 1 racial change. There are no classes.

Goblin Squad Member

I think EvE has it almost right for logout timers, and general unsanctioned pvp flags. 5 minutes from the last PvE action(from or against you), 15 minutes from the last hostile player action (from or against you). Bottom line, your character is in the game until things cool down. But there should be a global logout of at least a few minutes. If you want a safe logout, do it in a location with a soulbinding point, otherwise roll the dice.

I often have to abruptly step away, I accept this as part of my playtime, and it factors into what risks I'm going to take. Unless I know I have a solid hour, I'm not going to go do some hour long activity in my best gear.

There's not much that can be done for someone who doesn't know how long they have to play, catering to this crowd just presents ways to exploit escape. I'm guessing it won't be a huge deal for someone to step away for a minute or two, as long as their group is willing to hold up, some groups may even be willing to hold up for log-off timers.

For those that don't know about the EvE system.

Goblin Squad Member

I agree with Wyspr.

If the game was in First-Person-Perspective, I would support more realistic terrain, like in Rust, but when your camera is flying 30 feet above your character, that is a lot of screen crowding. I would love for the game to be like that, but that idea was shot down pretty hard early on.

Goblin Squad Member

Ryan Dancey wrote:
You will log in at a Shrine of Pharasma you have soulbound to, not the point where you logged out.

What are you doing to keep people from using this as a 'teleport home' ability?

Goblin Squad Member

I'm pretty sure there has been an official response, because you are not the first person that wanted to make an 1-man-army. Search the boards.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wasn't there a huge discussion about this about a year ago, where all the casual people and hardcore people were yelling back and fourth? I think I started it, and I think it was along the lines of having sleepers like Rust, for logged out players.

If it couldn't be exploited, I would suggest players are returned to their bind point when logging out.

Goblin Squad Member

I meant cruiser, didn't play much, too many C-words in EvE, I always mix them up.

Goblin Squad Member

Enruel wrote:

1. Will multiboxing be a TOS violation?

2. Macros. How complex can we make them before they violate the TOS?
3. Will there be a follow command to get one character to follow another?
4. Will there be target assist options to get one character to automatically target a targeted ally's targets with hostile effects?

1. No

2. Depends, you shouldn't be making macros that are 'fire and forget' type things. If you macro isn't more than a few seconds long, and doesn't loop, you should be safe

3. Unknown

4. Unknown

Stop trying to think of a way to play multiple characters at once and slave them together.

Goblin Squad Member

Lord Regent: Deacon Wulf wrote:

All I know is my +3 Apprentice's Charged Staff is cooking....

But I have to ask... Where did all the wizards get the nice looking robes....?!

Bonny was handing them out to Adventure Time participants, among other gear appropriate for the level of training. No way the escalation could have been done without them.

Goblin Squad Member

I would hope that the tech to assign XP per character is part of the MVP. It's kinda integral to the payment system, and adds $100+$15/mo per character and requires multiple accounts.

If this is not in the MVP, I would at least give everyone 2 characters training.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
-Aet- Areks wrote:
Why do some folks have a red triangle to the right of their health bar? No idea.

It indicates they're "High Rep". My guess is +2,500 or greater, but I'm not certain.

I think that number is coincidental. I think the red triangle signifies that you are at your maximum bonus, because that's when my rep started skyrocketing. I think I finished my first night around 4k rep, and got the bonus an hour or so before logging off. A lack of icon seemed to indicate high rep, an icon was neutral rep, and a red icon was low rep.

Goblin Squad Member

celestialiar wrote:
Being wrote:
Given the reputation system, from what of it I have seen in Alpha, I doubt there will be very much in the way of 'unsanctioned' PvP. The time it takes to work off a serious amount of negative reputation is going to be an effective governor of PK activity. Since the character has to be in the game and moving to regain reputation and settlement NPC guards are totally devoted to removing low rep characters even when they respawn, all the low rep will have to do are things that increase encumbrance and slow them down. They will end up having to destroy their gains just to be able to walk until their reputation recovers over time.
Yeah, well I'll have to do more research on the mechanics of war. Do you have to be tied to a settlement in order to store stuff or train? Can a settlement that declared war attack non combat characters? I do think regular pk should be harder than most games, but if you're still in a war zone getting killed, that is the same result.

Give this a read.

Goblin Squad Member

We were never supposed to see that map, so we can't assume it is accurate to what the game is going to expand into.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm pretty sure the West Sellen river is being used as a geographical wall. If the plan is to expand into the River Kingdoms, we don't cross the river. We have lots of south and east, a little north and a tiny bit of west to expand from the EE map.

Goblin Squad Member

DropBearHunter wrote:

how does selling an account work?

I'm on Early Entry Destinys Twin (Crowdforger Pioneer from pretty much day 1) but I don't think I'll have the time to play once the action starts.

Shieldmate is also still open.

If you are going to play the game, just not right at launch, I would hold onto the account. If you are going to start playing within the first four months, I would consider starting your character from day 1, and letting them accumulate xp with the free subscription time you were given.

To sell at the current time, someone gives you money, and you give them your login details, then they can go change them. The trouble here is with the Paizo account, since they are kind of linked, and all the digital content is through that account, so you either have to lower your asking price, or give them your paizo account too.

Then the buyer has to hope that you never try and retrieve your account details from Paizo or GW, and claim someone stole your account.

Unless you are selling an invite from a guild/buddy pack, in which they get to create their own account. All the buyer has to worry about is actually getting the email. The buyer could request to use Ebay, but they should also expect to cover the associated costs of using Ebay.

Ryan has told us that down the road they will be providing a safe way to sell accounts, but who knows how far out that is.

Goblin Squad Member

Tyncale wrote:

There is also the problem that you currently can not check what exactly is included with the EE account you are buying. The perks and rewards from an original KS EE account do not show yet on your account page, so no way to differentiate between an EE account that has been bought recently in the Goblinworks store, that does *not* have Destinies Twin, and the other Kickstarter goodies.

So maybe wait untill GW has sorted that out (soon, before start of EE is the expectation).

If you are buying a pre-made account, yes, you can't tell what kind of account it is. But if you have someone like me, with unused invites, you can be positive it is for a kickstarter Crowdforger Pioneer account.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

@Adding to Tycale

There are two types of DT accounts. The $35 one is for Open Enrollment, which will start some time in 2016.

Then there are the Early Enrollment DT accounts, that retailed at $100, but I doubt anyone will sell them for close to that price now.

The EE DT accounts will always be a much higher value because they will have 1-2 years over the OE DT accounts. They also come with a few hundred dollars worth of goodies.

Goblin Squad Member

Still? I can connect to the website.

Goblin Squad Member

Perhaps players should be able to pick-up smallholdings at a reduced cool down (24-48 hours), inventory in-tact(but inaccessible until it is placed again). When a hex is claimed, after 48 hours all smallholdings not aligned with the POI are despawned with this reduced cool down.

POI's should take precedence, players shouldn't be able to place items in a hex that increase the time to claim. Claiming a hex is a PvE activity. Raiding or taking the hex is the PvP.

Goblin Squad Member

After seeing that Base Attack Bonus 4 (or 5?) was upwards of 50.000 XP, I wanted to start a discussion on how people feel about these large cost feats.

My first experience in EvE lasted between 1-2 months. The moment I queued up Carrier V, I lost all interest when I saw a 60 day training time.

Keeping people interested is very important, from my experience in gaming, this means that they are actively advancing their character in a very obvious way for a long period of time. I would like to be see people able to pick up at least a feat every two days that moves them towards maxing their role. And for the first few months, people should be able to pick up multiple feats a day.

So instead of having something that costs tens of thousands of experience, you give it lots of requirements, or trickle down that xp into the required feats.

Goblin Squad Member

Rep doesn't really mean much right now, since you can restart your character and be 99.9% of the way to where you were.

Goblin Squad Member

Smallholds don't have any utility outside of storage/chat. POI's have utility that allows you to get resources from the hex, and other things.

Goblin Squad Member

Being wrote:
TEO couldn't come up with more than fourteen?

Encouraging your group to forward your idea, just because they are in your group is a highly frowned upon action, and I would expect all members of the EBA to be above that type of activity.

Goblin Squad Member

Anti group-dependency has no place in PFO, it's a social game. A single person shouldn't be able to make a big problem for a group.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
-Aet- Areks wrote:
That leaves the "army of alts coming in not to harvest, just to go far enough to get flagged and leave so you take the chaos hit as a settlement" issue.
Thinking about what Traianus Decius Aureus said above, it seems like there ought to be some minimum amount of Criminal activity that goes unpunished before any Corruption is applied to the Settlement. My first thought was that this would mean the Criminal stayed in the hex for a certain amount of time, but that creates the problem where your enemies go into your hex when no one's online. Perhaps only Criminal activity that occurs during your PvP Window should apply, but it seems like that would cause other problems. I'm curious to see how the devs crack this nut.

I would have NPC guards, not Wardens, patrol hexes with POI's. They have to observe people breaking laws set by the POI. If you break a law in view of a Warden, you are flagged for 1 hour to everyone from that POI to their Nation if they are connected to one, and the warden tags your location. There could be an upgrade where the NPC's pretend not to notice law-breakers and just report their location, so the law-breaker doesn't know if they were spotted.

When a POI becomes part of a settlement, the guards match the settlements defense capabilities, and increase in number.

Goblin Squad Member

TEO Cheatle wrote:

LOL, hmmmmmmmm, I don't know.

OK, OK, I got it! If you are in town, and super encumbered, your speed is reduced by 75-80%, but if you are outside a Hex, you are rooted. Fair compromise, and also always everyone to come back to town before the next patch.

With boosting everyone this week, I'm predicting a continuation next week with some more alpha invites. Then a wipe the next cycle, back to standard advancement.

Goblin Squad Member


Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:

Kind of a funny story about someone running around in the wilderness following other players and killing them...

My wife was running around west of Sotterhill last weekend gathering resources when she suddenly spoke up and laughed "I think this guy's following me." She didn't seem too worried so I didn't think much of it, but a couple minutes later she mentioned he was still trailing along after her, so I started heading her way to give a little back up. She was still laughing about it because she knew she was a lot faster than him - he was sneaking a lot and apparently trying to be sly. Sure enough, when I'm about halfway to her she says, with obvious disappointment, "looks like he gave up".

Half an hour or so later, I'm helping a friend by trading some resources or something (I forget exactly what) when it suddenly dawns on me it's the same name as the guy who was trailing my wife. Turns out he'd already killed a couple of folks, and remembered stalking her but had gotten cold feet when he realized she was on to him.

He learned an important lesson about Reputation when he couldn't train that character anymore, but it was also a good reminder that wilderness PvP is a wholly different animal than deliberately targeting folks in town where they're most likely to be extremely distracted by other things, or even AFK.

PvP can be a lot of fun, even when it's actually kinda meaningless.

Didn't that end up being Darcnes?

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
Lord Regent: Deacon Wulf wrote:
Diplomacy, Trade, Resource Management, Morale, all these are real factors that will be in the hands of players, not the developers.

Trying to tread lightly, because I'm acutely aware of the likelihood of easy misunderstanding.

First, I agree with you. The only reason I'm replying is because I think that issue of "Morale" is a very interesting topic that is worth pursuing.

I worry that attacking your enemy's morale (not the Morale Development Index, but the actual morale of the players) is too close to griefing because it has the potential to drive people away from the game. I also worry that, if this view is reasonable, it will inevitably lead to anything that reduces some players' morale being inappropriately tarred as "griefing". It's a very challenging line to walk, and I wonder what other folks think.

I hope that most players maintain high enough spirits that they enjoy the game and continue to log in even when they're Settlement is being burned to the ground. I especially hope that is true of anyone that I personally take a stand against.

There are two groups of players. Players that play for the group, and players that play for the game.

Players that play for the group are a concern when it comes to actual morale, because if their morale is lowered, they are more likely to leave the game, than to find another group.

One thing I would consider adding is a limit to how much you can attack a non-war target. I get this idea from killing Decius 50 times (when he was red!) at the Sotterhill spawn point. At 40 kills I was fine, then sometime after that my rep tanked. It would be nice to see a penalty for over-targeting a player or organization, outside of War or amicable PvP agreements.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm guessing nodes are free game, or will be for a while.

But bulk resources require a POI which requires ownership of the hex.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tyncale wrote:
I am also curious if GW is thinking about putting a certain limit on the amount of achievements you can get per 24 hours.

Everything in this game doesn't need to be time-limited. There have to be some things that people can grind away.

There are these gamers, they have lots of money, they have lots of time. If GW makes a game they can only enjoy for an hour or two a day, they will not give GW their money.

I'll say again, there is no good reason to limit how much someone can load a character with unused xp.

Goblin Squad Member

Yelta wrote:
I think most of the PvE people like myself just hope there is a way of playing wherein our PvE gains wont be trampled by weekly PvP raids ><;;

You either have to stay near the starter towns, or find a place that can offer you protection in exchange for some of your PvE gains.

Goblin Squad Member

Lam wrote:
1) There is a suggestion that there may be limits to how long you can accumulate.
Ryan wrote:

And if someone, for some reason, decides to not spend that XP, and it accumulates for several years .... I would estimate the value in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Doesn't sound like they plan on it, and there is no reason to. The only people that would get mad are simply jealous someone made money and they didnt, or they are mad that someone doesn't have to wait as long as they did.

I don't see why GW wouldn't want people to do this, they get more money in the end. They don't get the box cost from the buyer of the account, but the seller spends 4 or more times that amount cooking the account.

Lam wrote:
2) to accumulate, there must be investment of monthly costs.
Valkenr wrote:
...or increasing my investment..
Lam wrote:
3) If you want to sell, I want another.

Shock me with an offer.

Goblin Squad Member

I have some. I'm not committing to selling to anyone, or even sure If I'm selling them yet, unless someone shocks me with an offer. I don't really know what they are worth to people, as Destiny's Twin doesn't have a known value.

I'm torn between selling them now, or increasing my investment and cooking them for a year or two. An DT account with 2 blank 2-year-old characters could be worth a lot of money.

Goblin Squad Member

It's going to be interesting to see if true neutrality is possible in the political climate.

You need all your friends to either be friendly or neutral towards eachother, and they all need to see more value in keeping the location under your control, than controlling it themselves.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Bluddwolf wrote:

Now, will a settlement benefit if everyone can PvP at a basic level, yes, and they should. If a settlement needs everyone to PvE at a basic level, should the pvpers.... Yes they should. Settlements not only need both , but they may have times when "all hands" need to do both.

Sorry to lump the whole company in, but you have to admit that the UNC doesn't have a great track record interacting with people with aversions to PvP.

There is a basic level that everyone has to follow if they are going to last in the game: Turn and attack your attacker. No build with be 0% effective against other players.

Goblin Squad Member

Xeen wrote:

Maybe PVE'ers need to learn to PVP, Since PVP'ers do PVE.

Simple fact in a game like this, you cannot have one without the other.

PVP'ers must PVE to be able to PVP. PVE'ers must PVP in order to PVE.

This seems to be an idea unique to the UNC that they keep trying to shove down everyones throats.

Someone who focuses entirely on a PvE build will have a high output.
Someone who focuses entirely on a PvP build will have a high effectiveness.
Someone who focuses on PvP and PvE will have shortcomings in both areas.

Yes PvPers can PvE, but if GW is doing their job there won't be a build that is equally effective and competitive with pure PvP and PvE builds.

Imagine there are 1000 units/hr of PvP threat, 1000 units/hr of PvE resources, and 100 allied players in a hex.

If 50 players can dissipate 20 units/hour of PvP threat each, and the other 50 can collect 20 units/hour of PvE resources, they cover the output of the zone.

You can also have every player dissipate 10 units/hr of each to the same end.

Protection is a commodity to be traded, just like everything else.

In practice, a collection of diverse specialists is better than a bunch of generalists.

Goblin Squad Member

GrumpyMel wrote:

From my perspective PFO is going to have to strike a good balance between alot of different activities if it wants to be truely successfull. PvP is going to be a major aspect of the game. However, it is important that it does not become such a dominant aspect of gameplay that it crowds out the other aspects of gameply. If it does, IMO, then what you are going to see happen is a positive feedback loop where eventualy the only players logging in to play will be the ones doing so to PvP. If that is the case, then it better hope that the PvP it offers is qualitatevly better then the hordes of other PvP focused online games out there, or it will be drowned out in a sea of competition.

If PvP dominates the game will fluctuate.

while (online == true)
PvP dominates, PvE gets frustrating, PvE leaves
PvP bored, no PvE to target, PvP leaves
PvE prospers and grows, PvP starts to grow

I suspect the game will be in a constant flux like this, and the magnitude is based on how GW balances PvP in the system.

Goblin Squad Member

Darcnes wrote:

Seems like any claim goes out the window if you do not show up to defend said claim.

On the topic of ownership for these goods, it would be a great thing to allow companies/settlements ownership of store-bought in-game items like the smallhold and basecamp. Eligible members could check them out, and if they left the company or settlement they no longer have access to them. (Could make them disappear for cooldown period before reappearing in settlement / company vault.) If the company or settlement is instead disbanded/destroyed, whoever had the item would likely retain ownership at that point, possession and all that.

Point being, a group could donate towards the smallhold, and not feel like a single member can screw them over.

If company/settlement store pseudo-accounts were feasible, that would be kinda nice. Just add money to the joint account and authorized users can spend it.

This gives me an idea, allow players to donate Skymetal Bits to their company. And allow company owners to purchase things from the cash-shop with those bits. If a renewable item is destroyed/despawns it returns to the companies storage, or company owner if no storage is available.

Goblin Squad Member

It can kind of be seen here

Goblin Squad Member

I wouldn't say they are the best, K is probably the best neutral location. Emerald Lodge is the most desirable to be neutral, as it is the closest to the Emerald Spire, but controlling the Emerald Spire could be very lucrative.

Not saying they are going to do this, but EoX could potentially lock down the Emerald Spire if they also controlled the Emerald lodge.

Truly neutral ground is found in the NPC settlements.

Goblin Squad Member

T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Please also remember much of Goblinworks is on airplanes headed to Indianapolis.

Ah, didn't realize this.

Goblin Squad Member

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Honestly, I don't think Bluddwolf resents the idea of leaving EL alone nearly as much as he resents implications that going after EL in-game would mean he has no out-of-game respect for Thod.

Bluddwolf is one of those players who takes the gap between IC and OOC pretty seriously in this regard, from what I've seen. Understanding this is key to engaging him in a semi-productive manner.

Also, take this stick. If he doesn't react, poke him a few times.

This game isn't a 24/7 RP, what you do in-character will always reflect you out-of-character to the majority of the people here. It may seem RPer heavy, but as I have said many times here, forum populations are not representative. This game will cover the entire spectrum of always to never RP.

If you have a Lawful-Good Paladin, and a Chaotic-Evil Rogue, you can't go rob and murder some random group on your Rogue and expect them to be all buddy-buddy to your Paladin.

For most people, your characters are an extension of your personality, not a separate personality.

Not everyone will take negative actions against them as badly, but you can't be surprised when someone does, or think that it isn't disrespectful to negate potentially hours of work. I actually became friends with the guys I pulled my most exciting robbery on in Rust, I also pissed a lot of other people off and was KOS to pretty much the entire server.

Goblin Squad Member

Ryan? someone at GW?

Goblin Squad Member

T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
What game are you talking about, please?

Judging by his recent posts in the premium items forum, ArcheAge. They have a beta event this weekend.

Goblin Squad Member

celestialiar wrote:

It's not sustainable. Players lose ground by protecting an area just to keep it as a safe zone. Basically has to be npcs. Even ones created or bought by players. There is no incentive to do what you said and while it may start that way, it likely won't stay. The same people who say those things are possible in a sandbox say but sandbox when any structure is proposed that doesn't involve players.

Creating a safe zone creates a zone of unhindered PvE. PvE is what drives the economy. You end up with people focusing on what they are good at, and end up with the highest output per area.

They only lose ground if they do it for free.

Goblin Squad Member

Summersnow wrote:

Wait, if your still in alpha and the game is scheduled for September, when is Beta Testing?

There was a rather lot of discussion during the kickstarter about early enrolement NOT being a beta because too many people balked at the idea of paying to beta test the game.

That's why you changed the name from beta to early enrolement.

Early Enrollment is and isn't a beta. For the development process, it can be considered a beta, but functionally, it isn't.

Instead of being given a full game with all the planned features, EE is the minimum viable product that can be played. Starting small, and building up, not piling everything on at once and trying to sort through all the mechanics.

Too many people didn't balk at the idea of having a paid beta, it is basically mandatory in game development now. A bunch of uninformed people who didn't understand what is necessary to bring a game to market nowadays made a lot of noise, and GW shut them all down.

Most people aren't used to seeing a game like this, a game in this state is usually behind closed doors.

Goblin Squad Member

How is stealing not disrespectful?

Goblin Squad Member

Read some other discussions and look at the store, there are a few conversations that include the release along with the new premium items.

Clear answers for game release dates don't exist, and you shouldn't want them to.

GW announced September 15th, believe it if you will.

Expect September/October for Early Enrollment

Q1/2016 was the projection for Open Enrollment.

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