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Valiant's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 175 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters.


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roysier wrote:

Run as written means what it says. If you make it harder and players die or use up unreasonable resources you have wronged them as a GM.

Also, if players find out you changed the module and they don't like the results they can appeal the module.

Crystal clear! :)


Spoiler warning!!!

PFS Gm's.

I know that any module is ment to be run as written.

As such I still would like to run a specific character in there a bit different, to make it more flavourable for my players.

Biyo, the cook is the players first and foremost informant on everything that's going on in the Harrowing realm.

What if I'd 'replace' or roleplay him as follows:

I find it hard to believe that the main villain, the blue patchwork dragon, doesn't know the players have arrived. After all, it's all he does the last centuries: luring people into his realm. He has the looking glass to watch what's going on when the players enter the realm.

As such, I'd like to run Biyo like he is an informant for both the players as the dragon himself as well.

The players would have to deal with Biyo to get information on the realm. In order to do this, they have to trade information about themselves as well. As such, the dragon would get to know the players very well, and would be very much prepared when he has to face them.

This makes certain encounters more challenging for my players (of which some are super powerfull), since the monsters come prepared for the players powers and weaknesses.

In my eyes it would also be more logical for the dragon to do this: He'll have a bigger fighting chance to take on the players then if they would just appear at his feet, catching him flat footed...

Would a certain idea be reasonable within pfs play?

(I am comparing this idea like the players ending up in 'The Enchanted forest', from the TV series 'Once Upon a Time'...and will roleplay Biyo a bit like Rumplestiltskin...they have to make deals with him.)

Did I read it correct: In order to use Telekinetic Blast from the Kineticist class in occult adventures:

I need to pick up Throw Anything?
(unless you use the blast the other way and substitute con for str to do the damage?)

Use Beast Shape III on your Goat familiar and make it go into combat after you cast Animal Growth on it: Gargantuan animal ftw!

Get a Drain Spider and have it deliver a Quickened, Empowered, Maximised, Intensified Snow Ball spell with it's +15 to ranged touch attacks, so you KNOW that snow ball is gonna hit... and then do it again as a standard action!!! (Staff of the Master is a -must- here though)
Have them hit for 90 frost a piece (and 2x a fort save or be staggered)

Unless it crits! then max damage is 180 per snow ball :)

Crazy max damage in 1 round: 360 (if both crit)

just 2 cheezy ideas :)

How many d20s does one have to throw when you save vs a metamagic persistant spell, while also affected by the spell Ill omen and the witch hex Misfortune?


Woran wrote:
The Fourth Horseman wrote:

Nuh-uh. My VC can beat up your VCs. He's a pirate.

(Walter Sheppard, best as I can tell from his board posts, is pretty awesome).

We are Dutch. Your pirate threats dont scare us!

Indeed we are! My VC is better then yours. Also because he hasn't fired me...


I think...


And he can beat up yours! :)


wait....did you just call the Dutch people Nazi's? :)

Meh, just kidding. Aspis are what Pathfinders turn into when turning bad. Pathfinders rox! :)
They are the Dark side....
We of the Light are always in danger in falling to the dark side....

the build is with a Rapier and a Cestus, so casting with a hand free is no problem.

Hmn, nice suggestions. The Sacred Slayer will become a melee twf 'beast', especially when Bane kicks in and with the War domain.

It'll become more versatile with the chaos domain.

The nature's Fang druid build is nice too: it's more versatility. RP wise I'm trying to get my head around the 'Pirate Hunter' idea: how would that fit?

The Half Orc idea is fun too: Higher saves for lower AC trade off and single weapon fighting style.
I am favored to the TWF build, since it would be viable with the Double Bane option and the Sneak Attack later on.

3 swords wielding? Dunno why, but if you are looking for such a sort of build, check out the Juggler archetype of the Rogue...I'm not going for that though :)

The two weapon fighting road with rapier and cestus does sound very thematic! Especially with the sneak attack dice later on it will work. Thanks so much. I'll go that road, BadBird. :)

When it comes to domains/inquisitions: I like the War domain buff with community minded trait for sheer melee power....and I do need to 'win' from those darn pirates who need some sorting out :)

The Chaos: Protean one sounds very fun at lvl 8 and could really screw up the 'pirates luck' and defeat them that way.

Sanctified Slayer of Besmara it is. Now the question is: What would you build the character upon? Rapiers? Pistol? Combination? Spells?...what would thematicly fit -and- acually work? What domain / inquisition to pick?
It's PFS, so I sadly can't take black powder inquisition.

Awesome, thanks for that :)

Sounds thematicly and sweet!

Hmn...would a Rapier/Pistol wielder combination work? (like the Picaroon archetype of the swashbuckler?)

Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor: What kind of build do you suggest?


First priority: Make it awesomesweet flavor rp wise..

When found: Make it an effective Pirate Hunter :)

Hmn....missing out on the judgements doesn't make it less effective?

What would you make to use as a Pirate hunter?

Meaning: a character that chases and executes Pirates in the name of Besmara (pirates who've broken 'the pirate code')....with extreme prejudice :)

You know....the monster all pirates tell their children is comming for them....if they are not nice pirates.

What would that be?

Clear! Thanks!

Normally the weapon enchant Ghost touch works only on melee weapons.

A net is a ranged weapon.

The 'Net Adept' - feat makes you treat the net as a melee reach weapon.

Net Adept (Combat)
You have trained to use the net as a melee weapon.

Prerequisite: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (net), base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: You can treat a net as a one-handed melee reach weapon with a 10-foot reach. Further, you take no penalty on melee attack rolls for using an unfolded net, and you can use one full-round action or two move actions to fold a net.

Normal: A net is a ranged weapon that imposes a –4 penalty on ranged attack rolls if it is unfolded. Folding a net takes a proficient user 2 rounds.

Would you then be allowed (PFS, rules as written!) to enchant the net with Ghost Touch...or not?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Bruno, thanks! That clarifies a lot.

A Ghost Touch Net (as per the weapon) puts the 'entangle' condition on the Ghost...and then you would be able to drag it/have it captured, right? Since ghosts/incorporeal creatures have no real STR score to burst the net or resist being dragged?

Yeah, thats why I was wondering if we could somehow get an official ruling on this. Would be nice, eh?

I am building a new character for PFS. Idea is that he is going to 'teach' the Pathfinders how -not- to be a murderhobo!

So he catches everything...and I mean -everything-.

Things I have figured out up to now:

1. He will have some animal (companion?) drag around a Huge Wagon with on that a Huge iron cage as a mobile prison. (the official 'mobile prison' is to vague in it's description to be of use)
This iron cage prison will later on be upgraded to a Huge Adamantine cage (dunno how much that'll cost me in PFS, but hey :). Wrapped around it will be a Net (as per the weapon) with the Ghost Touch ability, or more to cover the entire size.
This prison will be able to hold incorporeals like shadows and ghosts, ready for transport and will hold huge creatures too.

2. He will use a Mancatcher, Ghost Touch enchanted, to catch stuff to throw in his prison.

Now, with that: What class/build should I use?

- Nonlethal damage: He needs to do that...and do that good.

- Must be able to slap on Dimensional Shackles on a Glabrezu, or cast a very high DC/reroll Dimensional Anchor on it on higher levels, so he can capture them even! (I don't want the bugger to just teleport out of my grapple/tie up with ropes) - or otherwise capture it.

- Preferrable a 'Tanky' Baton and Shield build, since I'm emulating a Riot Police kinda guy. This is not a must.

- Spellcasting way to capture foes in that prison is fine too.

- Diplomacy (wanna convince people not to see killing as first option all the time), Sence Motive, Perception, Survival and Heal are preferrable skills to be good at.

What do you guys advice me to do? I'm soooo stuck! Thanks for helping me think about it.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Hey guys, I'm designing a character that is focused around capturing everything alive.

I can't find a solid ruling in the rules section, nor anywhere else:

1. May I use a Mancatcher weapon, ghost touch enchanted to grapple a ghost?

2. May I use Dimensional Shackles (as per the magic item) and use them in a Combat Maneuver to Tie Up a teleporting demon, giving him the 'Helpless' - condition (thus capturing him, since appearantly the buggers can just teleport out of ropes and the like) or can this Tie Up combat maneuver be only done with a rope, giving him the helpless condition, but making it possible for him to just teleport out of them? detail: I'm bound by PFS Raw rules, so no homebrew. I like the idea of a does that work? Does that work at all? Ghost can't kill themselves? Nice..ok...

First I was thinking about capturing one in a Resillient sphere spell, but that just runs out of time....

I just got told that Dimensional Shackles would hold a teleporting creature.

So about ghosts/shadows and the like? Would that be allowed/work?

1: How does one imprison/capture a ghost (or the like creatures, like shadows) and transport them?

2: If a creature is bound: when he uses a Supernatural ability to teleport: does he stay bound, or does he teleport out of his binds?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Darn mobile phone keyboards....

Though these are good looking for a build that can capture an imprison everything. Ghosts, teleporting creatures, creatures immune to nonlethal damage. How do i do that?

Dimensional shackles....ssubdual damage...grappling...spellcasting to hold or capture and imprison monsters.

How do i transport them?

Also...goood diplomacy is wanted due to convincing peoplele that peace is good...


Dear community,

I'm looking for a build which is based around the folowing concept:

Capturing everything alive, as fast as possible. Imprisoning/holding stuff instead of killing.

My aim is to subdue, restrain and capture everything instead of killing. This includes enemies that teleport.

What builds are best for this? The archetype bounty hunter? A grappling monk? What items should I use? What should I take in account?

This is for PFS and I'd like to pride myself by reaching lvl 12 without any bloodshed.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congrats Benoit!! La vie de Pathfinder est belle! ( french sucks)

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I don't see what staggered has to do with the nausiated condition. They are two unrelated conditions.

You gain the Nausiated condition.
Specific rule overrules the general rule.

As such, Nauseated creatures are unable to attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or do anything else requiring attention. The only action such a character can take is a single move actions per turn.

So thats it. That's what you can do, because you are Nausiated. No swifts, free, standard or full round actions, or anything that requires's in the description of the condition.

Hope to have helped.

Dear all...

I'm lost in rules.

What happends to a Diminutive creature (like a Drain Spider) when you cast Beast Shape 1 on it and make it a medium creature (Through the use of the share spells feature for familiars) and then cast Enlarge Person on it?

What would be it's ability modifiers/stats?
What would be it's space/reach?
What happends to it's attack bonus and AC?
What happends to it's damage dice?



Anyone know if the Drain Spider from the inner sea guide is PFS legal as a familiar?

Is the Mad Dog Barbarian archetype PFS legal at all?

Thanks again for your great ideas! I'll be checking them all out.

The kind of scary I was going for is not defined: I wanted to see as many sorts and builds there are, so I can get a good overview of what is possible and get good inspiration and advice for my new Dhampir PFS character.
Roleplay wise she'll be one of those young girls that just gives you the creeps. She'll say in one of those emotionless tones in her voice and emotionless face that she used to be a very funny clown (No way in hell! She was a 'funny'clown like IT was a funny clown!!!)in the circus, but the circus is now gone...and she really has no idea how or why...really.

And with that I need a build around intimidate/fear, but it should not be the only thing she can do.

Optimising for fear and a backup strategy for things immune to fear. It doesn't matter if she is a combatant or a healer, a buffer, a caster or anything :)

Whoa! Very nice advice here. Thank you so very much. I'll be looking into those builds as well. I also heard something about a Thug Rogue build with some items...a mask or something? Anyone know about that?

Dear advisor people.

I am in the market of creating a new character based on fear.

It will be a Dhampir for pathfinder society. Roleplay wise she will be the 'classical' small girl who'll scare the crap you of everything.

What class / build would you advice to put all your optimising in fear?

The character would have to work in seison 6 adventures....

So, what is YOUR vision of the most scary character you can make with these criteria?!

Oh, also...the item is called Weapon Blanch er-substances#TOC-Weapon-Blanch

fun thing: you'd have to put your claws in a red hot furnace to melt the adamantine to your natural weapon for it to be able to use it ONCE on a successfull attack..... stuff.

I'm still pondering the same question myself.

One item can be used to overcome hardness. I don't know it's specific name, but it's an alchemical item. I think it's a salve or something. Adamantine salve...something...

It basicly says: Pay 100 gold, apply to your natural weapon...and you can overcome hardness like your natural weapon was made out of adamantine.....

for 1 attack only....

Yeah...that's gonna be expensive. I know. But hey, in a pinch it can help.

Still looking for better solutions myself.

Dragon rider (PFS legal):

Pick a 'Small' race. (Gnome, Halfling)

Pick a class with a Familiar.

Get Improved Familiar. (Pseudodragon, Tiny size... or Faery Dragon)

Cast: Reduce Person on yourself.

Cast: Enlarge Person on your familar.

Ride that dragon!!!!

(Yeah, I am not sure if Enlarge Person works on your familiar..but's worth a shot)

- Girdle of Opposite Gender -

Is the name of the item. Sinde it's a cursed item, there is no real pricetag to somehow you'd have to find it ingame.

Also, fur color change is easy enough done with the Prestidigitation cantrip. Or go to your local Petshop and have a furr-dye done:)

Shrink Item on a cursed belt that changes your sex and wear it as a collar?

One of the prereq for the prestiege class is that you have the 'Still Mind' class ability.

Now correct me if I'm wrong:

A lot of the Monk Archetypes you are mentioning in your guide require Still Mind to be swapped out.

So you can't get the prestiege class with those they might not be worth mentioning?

Again, correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Love the read on everything else!


Hey all!

I'm really excited for the new theme of next year. As such I'm in the gruesome process of thinking up a new character.

Do any of you know a nice thematic concept for the Year of the Sky Key?

A Kellid Barbarian from Numeria is the only thing I can think up now, but I'm really interested in more thematic options.

What a nice thematic character for the next year?

Thematicly, a Raven is the familiar of choise.


Thanks for the great help! I'll be looking out for those


Hey people!

Who can point me to some resources concerning Numeria? (other then the inner sea world guide)

I'm trying to come up with a very much in-theme with Numeria new character concept. Thus far I've not come further then a barbarian with an adamantine sword :)

So who has some flavor advice? Are there prestiege classes to consider? Archetypes? (Like Winter Witch for Irissen)

If you have any other flavor/in-theme character consept advices for the new year, feel free to post them here!

Hey all!

I'm looking for advice in what to pick/how to build.

Pathfinder Society:

So what do you reccomend I build?

Ultimate healer/buffer - Cleric? Oracle? Bard? Life Shaman?

How do I build this character?

My wife is going to play your straight-forward hulking Half-orc barbarian "me am smash!", who will be an invulnerable rager archetype (and maybe the unbreakable fighter). You know, simple, straight forward combatant with no brains, all brawn and hard to kill. (if you have any advice on how to build a character like that, that would be fun, but that's not really what I need right now.)

My question is: I am going to build a character that is completely in service of that character. A 'personal healbot/buffer/protector/make-sure-the-damned-raging-barbarian-stays-up-and -running'.

Thanks for your ideas!

Get the Beast Totem rage powers. At lvl 10, get a level of the prestiege class: Mammoth Lord.

This will give you a Huge animal companion. Congratulations: you now have a pouncing Mammoth! (or pick a tiger if you want)

Have some way to cast 'Animal Growth' (A druid spell) from a scroll or so, and grats: You have a Colossal Pounching Mammoth/Tiger.

Happy mounted combat :)

Mount too big to fit in the dungeon? : Spell reduce animal --> enchanted tower shield to hold your companion: go on..


The most legendary roleplayed Cleric of Asmodeus that stuck to my mind is the one Crispy roleplayed.

His cleric of Asmodeus is exactly what you'd not expect: A very friendly, happy and open person with a super-texas accent when he speaks. I remember quotes like:"Naaahh, don't you worry about the worshipping of Asmodeus. Nothing terrible about it! A little blood sacrifice here, a little ritual there and he's happy. If he's happy, then I'm happy. If I'm happy, you are happy. We are all happy!"

Or something like that. Crispy, the player himself, can of course describe him way better and more accurate then I just did. His roleplay just stuck to my memory even though it's been over a year that I had the priviledge to sit at the table he played his awesome Asmodean cleric.

So don't get stuck in a dogma. Play him/her the way you want to. It can be any way.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My favorite: Scarab of Death.


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