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Valiance's page

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biggest disappointment so far

*( )( )( )( )

Just got this one in on an order I had with several other minis and this one looks terrible. He has no mouth and rest of face is smushed looking. Honestly does no one quality check these minis before they are sent out? I bought specific minis that I really wanted but this one makes me not want to buy singles any more

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Was not expecting to like this one. I don't much care for pirate stories or adventures, or much nautical based fiction, so the fact that i loved this book is all the more surprising to me. I really liked the characters and the book kept me wanting to see what happened next.

So, bravo for making me like a book outside my normal preferences.

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Flipflopping First Person Perspective again! Really?

*( )( )( )( )

Picked this book up, flipped through one chapter ... OK, this is first person perspective of the noble.

Flip through next chapter ... OK, this is first person perspective of the bodyguard.

Put the book down and walked away.

I refuse to waste any more time on a novel written like this, it is annoying and unnecessary. I suffered through the writing of the previous novels with these characters, but i just cannot do it any more.

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Its been awhile since I was this excited about a Pathfinder book(sorry, just have not liked a lot of them lately), but this book is amazing. I had once thought about making a book pretty much like this if I ever had my own RPG company, but I am sure I would not have made anything this awesome. Good Job Paizo!

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Another great faction for this game. I really like the troll and devil. These games are really doubly awesome to me, since not only is it a good game but the minis are great too! And for someone like me that only relatively recently started collecting minis, getting these(which some have said are reprints?)is great for me since a lot of these minis are helping to fill the gaps in my mini collection ( which mostly just consists of Pathfinder Battles minis)

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