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Valiance's page

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I would prefer for the AP Map Folios to be revamped into battle maps of key locations instead of regional maps that are not that much use to me. For me Battle maps will always be more useful ...

How they make them or how they may or may not be included in the books, or separate products is not important to me ... I just want them made so I do not have to spend the time to make them myself ... and I am not good at it.

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Outvoted? From what i can tell most of the responses here agree that the release speed is too much ... Not that I am complaining, i just mainly cant wait for Legends to come out, but seems to me if there was a vote then it would prolly tip the scales over to the people that dont like the speeding up of releases.

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I only buy printed books. I dont like computers much to begin with(my time on this website is pretty much the only computer time i enjoy), and the printer i use sucks on ink. I dont like to read much at all from a computer screen, and overall just prefer to have an actual book in my hand. Even if I had a nice fancy printer, there is just something about holding a book and reading it.

On this note, I will also say that I was not happy when Paizo started putting the player's guides for the APs in PDF form only. I am perfectly willing to buy them, and the fact that they are free does not sway me at all. I want print copies, not PDF's. Please Paizo go back to printed form players guides!

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Its been awhile since i played any MMO, but one thing that annoyed me and eventually caused me to quit playing WOW was the PvP aspect of even a normal server. It was really annoying to be walking up to a quest giver only to have someone from the other side run up and kill the NPC. That plus many other annoyances of PvP minded people killed the enjoyment of the game for me. It was made worse by accidentally flagging yourself as PVP by doing something in the game that you might not realize would cause that.

I dont want to rant on and on about how much PVP annoys me, but basically i would like to see at least one server where PVP is disabled and not allowed. When i play games such as these i do it for the fun of it, not to prove my character is better than someone else.

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I actually have plenty of maps of the inner sea, but i would probably still buy the vinyl map if it was released, but even more so i would go for the globe. To me that would be too awesome.

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I have always sucked at naming characters, and always got laughed at for my stupid character names, but one time i named the very first cleric i ever played Ramik, and i was proud of that name, but i think my DM at the time figured out a way to make Ramik a funny name ...

Eventually in that campaign we all got knighted, and i from then on was known as Sir Ramik, the ceramic priest.

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Ok now on to the AP articles. I have shortened the name of some of them, but here they are. Some of them detail more in depth info on deities. In this instance i just put the deity name, likewise on area details, i just put area (city, country, etc..) name.

AP 1 : Sandpoint , History of Thassilon
AP 2 : Magnimar , Desna
AP 3 : Keep Upkeep , Varisia
AP 4 : History of the Stone Giants , Dragons
AP 5 : Magic of Thassilon , Lamashtu
AP 6 : Karzoug, Runelord of Greed , High Altitude Adventures
AP 7 : Harrow , Varisian Culture
AP 8 : Plagues , Abadar
AP 9 : Red Mantis , Rakshasa
AP 10: Cinderlands , Shaonti
AP 11: Zon-Kuthon , Hold of Belkzen
AP 12: Kazavon Relics , Harrow Deck of Many Things
AP 13: Riddleport , Gold Goblin Gambling Hall
AP 14: Planets , Cayden Cailean
AP 15: Drow , Celwynvian
AP 16: Zirnakaynin , Fleshwarping
AP 17: Kyonin , Calistria
AP 18: Land of Black Blood , Demon Lords
AP 19: Gnolls of Brazen Peaks
AP 20: Pale Mountain Region , Sarenrae
AP 21: Katapesh , Genies
AP 22: Maelstrom/Proteans , Sulesh the Great Genie Binder
AP 23: City of Brass , Rovagug
AP 24: Spawn of Rovagug , Genies and Wishes
AP 25: Westcrown , Tieflings
AP 26: Trial , Iomedae
AP 27: Hellknights , Pathfinder Treasures
AP 28: Study of Hellknights , Possessions
AP 29: Asmodeus , Thieves' Guilds
AP 30: Catastrophes , Mammon
AP 31: Brevoy , Exploration
AP 32: City and Nation Builder , Erastil
AP 33: Iobaria , Six New Sites
AP 34: Boggards , Stolen Land Treasures
AP 35: Pitax , Gorum
AP 36: Beyond Kingmaker , First World
AP 37: Castaways , Serpentfolk
AP 38: Eleder , Gozreh
AP 39: Five Factions , Juju
AP 40: Deadly Traps , Charau-ka
AP 41: Illmurea , Nethys
AP 42: After Serpent's Skull , Ydersius
AP 43: Ravengro , Horrific Haunts
AP 44: Pharasma , Palatine Eye
AP 45: Whispering Way , Lycanthropes

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Not sure if anyone else has done this, or if there is somewhere i can look these up, but here is a list of Pathfinder Prestige classes. Some of them have multiple entries from different sources, and some of them obviously are from 3.5 rules set. Source appears on the left and prestige class name on right next to it. AP of course means Adventure Path followed by the issue number.

AP 2 : Spherewalker
AP 9 : Red Mantis Assassin
AP 14 : Chevalier
AP 15 : Demonic Initiate
: Pain Taster
AP 22 : Genie Binder
AP 26 : Inheritor's Crusader
AP 27 : Hellknight
AP 45 : Agent of the Grave

Second Darkness Player's Guide : Liberator
Guide to Katapesh : Balanced Scale of Abadar
Taldor, Echoes of Glory : Lion Blade
Osirion, Land of Pharoahs : Living Monolith
Qadira, Gateway to the East : Daivrat - Genie's Friend
City of Strangers : Bloatmage
Andoran, Spirit of Liberty : Steel Falcon

Halflings of Golarion : Halfling Opportunist
Elves of Golarion : Brightness Seeker

Campaign Setting : Harrower
: Low Templar
: Pathfinder Chronicler
: Red Mantis Assassin
: Shackles Pirate

Inner Sea World Guide : Harrower
: Hellknight
: Low Templar
: Red Mantis Assassin

Core Rulebook : Arcane Archer
: Arcane Trickster
: Assassin
: Dragon Disciple
: Duelist
: Eldritch Knight
: Loremaster
: Mystic Theurge
: Pathfinder Chronicler
: Shadowdancer

Advanced Player's Guide : Battle Herald
: Holy Vindicator
: Horizon Walker
: Master Chymist
: Master Spy
: Nature Warden
: Rage Prophet
: Stalwart Defender

Seekers of Secrets : Pathfinder Delver
: Pathfinder Savant
: Student of War

Lords of Chaos : Demoniac
Princes of Darkness : Diabolist

Please let me know if i missed any. Next time i will post the list of AP articles(the extra stuff in AP's after the actual adventure i mean), unless someone else wants to beat me to the punch, by all means please do so. I like to have lists like these compiled and would like to also know if there is some other post for lists such as these. Really, really would like to have a list of stat blocks and sources which i might eventually get around to making.

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