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Ok guys; it is that time of year again to pick what our topic of jack o lantern carving will be, always a lot of fun; we have already done over the years; witches, goblins, beholders, add if I have forgotten a year.

We need to pick our new theme for the jack o lanterns; hope you all will participate and post pics for Paizo braggin rights.

Monsters are the theme; so pick a monster; we havent done vampires so I suggest that since they have so much attention these days.

Hey guys, check out Journey Into Mystery; Mavel 637; even if you only read the first page of the comic. Lol, is a Game Master setup if you ever saw one.

my homebrew using 3.5 d&d rules is open for another player or two; could use a rogue type at least. is a quest into a goblin held dwarven hold to recover an artifact of great evil. It is an ongoing campaign and has a discussion board.

As I scroll through the pbp looking the the games I am in or the games I run; I see a lot of clever and fun names; what are some of your favorites?

If Paizo made a calendar with a lot of neat, high quality Pathfinder pics for each month; I would probably buy it, others probably would as well. I like a good calendar with our gaming genre pics.

just a thought in case you guys think about making one.

Anyone know if I-10 from Las Cruces to Tucson is safe to drive? I am not to good a web surfer; all I can get is driving routes but nothing that matches where all these fires are and if they are in my path. thanks.

Well, can't say much for the new version out; Version 8; and most of us still have version 7 army lists; so wondering what is up for my army next; Warriors of Choas.; but with the new rules and without a new army; still some big changes in building an army so I have like 9 excell pages of 1.5k and 2k army lists; trying to put together the most awesome army to lay some smack down on Skaven.

now Skaven have a lot of troop types; which means you have to be pretty wealthy to play that army; requires a lot of miniatures to be purchases; painted; moved in fighting.

I just cant decide what to do; big blocks of infantry; ie a horde of 55 chaos warriors as central with packs of mauraders to not get flanked; go heavy wizzy and lay down all kinds of magic mayhem using the new rules; go all fast movement with maurader horsemen and knights - granted with he new rules and point limits on a 2k army that is like 8 or 9 knights and with horde rules of units of over 50 miniatures; am wondering how effective they would be. Granted; if you give them Rage Banner and Nurgle mark; that makes them really nasty. But units of 50; sheesh; +4 bonus to combat just for rank bonus most likely and unmodified leadership tests.; with tiny units of 8 or 9 minis; loose two and you gotta make a test; still; each knight gets 3 attacks; four for the champion at strength 5; WS 5 and the nurgle mark helps a lot as well; and they are 1+ armor save; still; what to do; what to do. Hence; I have eight different 2000 pt armies; with all kinds of ideas on strengths and weaknesses; from 50 models to 120 models on the field.

hehe crazy eh? and sheesh; the price of minis is going through the roof; Just for fun am thinking to add two giants to my army; that is some serious cash and wonder how stable the mini is; will it stand up and how durable is it. Also, I am thinking to take some bits and build my own Disks of Tzeeentch, they take 50mm bases though; and that is pretty big.

I think Banshee has the edge here in fighting experience; smarts and the ability to fly though I think Black Canary is more violent minded and aggressive; be a very close match up to go either way unless Banshee just picked her up, flew and dropped her; which is very doubtful he would do.

now Planet of the Apes; sheesh; restart of a lot of superhero movies; redoing John Wayne; come on Hollywould; cant you guys write a decent movie anymore, I know I sure could.

Anyone have any thoughts on all the remakes; at least the Tron movie was a continuation; but seriously.

Guess this thread could be in either thread; but is more comic news oriented. How are these comics translated to movies? Might be spoilers inside, depends on how current you are and how much you read.

so; Superman rebooted new guy; old story?
Spiderman rebooted; new guys; middle of story?
Capt A, Green Lantern, and Thor on the way in who knows what story; origins I guess though Caps story is supposed to be cosmic cube I hear which is a slice of the infinity shard or something like that.

Xmen; Preboot? back to Xaviers story back with Magneto and that one is just jacked up crazy in the comic timeline.

I love my comics and love my supers movies; but sheesh; gettin tired of the Superman rewrites; so the last one Sups returns only made 391 million; I liked it; real subtle and I thought he played Sups great and Clark even better.

At least Batman is going to continue after the Batman Begins reboot; I like them all; but like the grittier Batman Begins story over the others.

I dont like Iron Man at all; but the movies where pretty good; but what story line do you take from here; you cant do the comic line of Armor Wars; as they havent introduced all those other armored characters yet and FF4 movie messed up the line for all the fights between Iron Man and Dr. Doom; and they have tangled a lot. Dr Doom in the comics actually hunted Iron Man down just to prove whose armor was better. Same as Dr. Doom hunted down DR Strange to prove he was a stronger sorcerer than the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

Wolverine to do a solo movie about his samurii time in Japan; ok; comics had several mini series about that; him alone or with various other characters; but they killed off his lover and main protagonist in Lady Deathstrike; so that makes no sense and Wolvie loved her as Yukio before she became Lady Deathstrike; so this is jacked.

So we love all these characters as their comic identities so what the heck are these substandard bozo's at the movies doing; taking away all the reasons we care about the characters; rewriting identities; is total garbage.

Still, I will watch them anyway; better than nothing.

Anybody out there play BFG?
wonder if it is practical to do BFG by play by post; hmm.

anyway; would like to know if there are any players out there and if you have any of your fleets or fleet battles or pictures posted; would like to check em out.

am just wondering; lot of people have new years resolutions to lose weight and I guess so many fail; hurts self esteem; and gamers are usually either super skinny or excessively overweight; so I am wondering how this is going for everyone as I like our gamer community and want us all to be around for a long long time; and with all the health issues like diabetes and heart disease and back pain and so on; I was wondering how everyone is doing; made any resolutions; that sort of thing.

me; am working hard to improve my circulation; seems like my leg or arm or such is always falling asleep and ahem; correct my manly issues; that is my goal; wouldnt mind loosing maybe 8 lbs; so I have been working on it and things are getting better.

I so need peeps for my army; if you play let's army up; I suck; only have army of two; hehe Balfic and I from here on the boards; he is like level 260; i just started so am like 32nd; but if you play or have interest; join us.

Hey; anyone want to help me make a comics made into movies list? just in time for Xmas :)

this is supposed to be the list; but most of these movies were never made :(

*nod* and salute to all our brothers in arms out there now and past. Whew. As for me; Army veteran; signal corps. Anybody going to a parade today?

Back in the day there used to be Power Pack; any good comics out there for the 5-8 age of kids?

Maybe it is because I am a bit long in the tooth; but all this new soccer excitement is just wierd; I dont give a fig about soccer; when did this become big in the U.S? seems weird; but then; I am big into hockey and that isnt very primetime; but soccer; sheesh; to me seems slow and boring.

I know some of you love it; no prob; love it all you want, to each his own; was just wondering if anyone else out there doesnt care for soccer either; going to the games are bit insane; lot of rude people; but not as bad as at a softball game in this country; overseas peeps get killing crazy about soccer; just plain wierd. Sometimes the only times Americans overseas are thought of in a good light is at a soccer game; because we just root for our team and dont try to kill the opposing team or fans; wierdness.

we dont have a category for it; so thought I would start one. I love several of the miniture games out now; but one problem is how long they take; like hours and hours for some games.

So, I play Warhammer Fantasy; 40k; Bloodbowl, and looking to do my first game of Battlefleet Gothic; as I have a fleet now; am looking to play some Chariot races; lol; which you can play with any warhammer chariot and a copy of the variant rules; looks like crazy, bedlam fun and gives you a nice alternative game to play with your mini's that doesnt take all day though I have yet to play a game.

currently I dont have alot of time to game; so am liking shorter versions of miniture games as less of a time-sink.

So; what are you guys playing on your tabletops with minitures?

I thought it would be nice to have a venue where we could discuss games; likes; dislikes; tactics and stragegies and like that.

Hehe I have started reading the New Avengers title; man has that got me laughing out loud; I love the interplay between the characters; great dialogue between Luke Cage and Spidey; and the scene in the jungle when they are all captured and loose there close is priceless and I am growing to like Spiderwoman who never really caught my eye; her conversation with Wrecker after he more or less trashed the party was intelligent and timely and then the pheremone explaination hehe; great stuff.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

PP+wps= attack dicepool - vs - Complication+evasion=Damage Pool
Example: Bob shoots at Sam at short range
Bob has PP characteristic 2 dice and 3 dice weapon skill 5 dice total
roll 5 d10
Sam trying not to get shot, moving but in the open.
in the open, no armor, no range modifier; complication 5
Any roll of 5 or more is a success on any of Bob's dice roll of 5 d10 will hit Sam.

The damage is per weapon; so if an Assault Pistol Physical; ie a bullet
Damage 6 for each Success.
Sam is not a warrior; so his evasion is half his PP in Dice rounded up.
Sam rolls his one die vs the strength of the weapon; and can remove a damage pip if successful.

Armor works as a defense; if your weapon is str 6 and the defense is str 7; you do no damage. If there is a tie; ie str 6 attack vs str 7 armor defense; then it is roll vs roll vs number of successes; sometimes the attack may win; sometimes the armor will block.

Weapons and Armor are rating by damage type; Physical; like a lead bullet; steel sword and the like. The normal damage type is Energy; ie a LASER or other beam weapon like various accelarated particles or whatnot.

Each weapon and armor type is rated either Physical or Energy and the defense must be rated for the attack type. Most armors give some protection against both; but some older or cheaper styles do not.

Various weapons, ammo, and armor are controlled by law and local governments; so without special liscensing; a person cannot walk around earth in Military Assault Armor and carrying and assault rifle.

A defense pistol, small cutter or bludgeon weapon is allowed most lawful places; the more on the rim or uncontrolled and area is; the more arms types are likely.

Woot! I just did my pre order; am considering the Lifetime membership; as Cryptic cheated me out of getting Champions Lifetime membership; thought this game might be successful and new and be around a while.

I like the sci fi genre; have been reading about the game; so do you guys think the game will rock or is it just the same old game with differnent skins.

I am reading it will use the same cryptic engine as COH, and seems to be quest based with the idea that each quest you do is like a tv episode from your favorite series. I really like seeing a new game and exporing; seems geared right to me to do mapping and exploration quests, meet new races; get new tech hehe.

Looks like the Nuetral Zone is going to be the PVP area; you can be a Klingon or Federation. If you want to change your look; I suggest you pre order; as various stores give differing bonus tweaks; like you can have tribbles for pets if you like; hehe have classic colored costumes; I went for the Borg bridge crew member from Amazon.

the figures of people in the game look pretty cartoony with very hard edges; am not liking that very much; but I like the ship design; the look of the ships; and that you can build your own ship with quite a bit of variation.

The three classes, if you will, seem to be one milatant good at fighting, fly somethign like a Reliant class ship; one science that seems the healer and primary support, like Dr. Crushers Science Vessel <which can still kick some A>; and one more or less in the middle with decent fighting and good cargo area, the typical Constitution or Galaxy class vessel.

So what is important to you? I have played more game systems than I can easily count; way more than the number of GM's I have played with so I have been wondering; is it the game system and the "world" that is so fun; or do you just play whatever the GM is running and have a good time with that?

I would have to say the second for me; a creative gm who runs a good game can do so in any system, but I have read on these boards various things about "yeah, this game" that bring people out of their closets (MMO's) to play.

There are so many worlds and systems to choose from out there; and i guess we all have our favorites; so I am wondering; is it just the link to something familiar and some givin world development; like say Waterdeep or the City of Greyhawk, that get you excited to play a character that fits into that world; or do you come up with a character concept you want to try and find a world that fits.

This is sort of a GM's personal Homebrew vs some other GM's marketted Homebrew they sell to everyone question. Is it genre? seems to me every system has its advantages and drawbacks; some have a lot of support from lots of published material; some just handle the rules in creative ways. I think most people I know; including myself; bought marketed worlds because of the maps; kinda gives a plug and play feel. But everyone I know has created their own world and mostly runs that as all that other stuff was too available to the masses; it got to be you could play in four different guys Forgotten Realms world or Greyhawk world or whatever. Though GM's differ; still lacked creativity as compared to a homebrew.

So; if a gm says he wants to run his own game and system; are you afraid or intrigued? how many of you have the playtest bug and how many does that take you out of your comfort zone. Hmm, maybe this is a rules lawyer vs pure player question; maybe not.

anyway, if you have a comment I would be interested if your opinion

I have been kicking it around some and am thinking to run a science fiction type game set in the near future before first contact with any alien race. I have been kicking this around a few years and have a scenario and long term campaign set up.

The main theme will be that the solar system has been colonized and many planets and moon have been terraformed; there are mining operations throughout the solar system for various minerals and gasses; no FTL exists yet and all attempts to leave the solar system for nearby stars has failed; all unmanned probes have had failures presumably from assummed espionage.

There are pirates that operate throughout the solar sytem and generally hide among the asteroid belts where a lot of independant, but necessary mining operations go on.

The Space Navy is fairly strong; but few in number; various corporations have merchant and miner vessels that are armed enough to give them a chance against pirates; many pirates are thought to be funded by various corporations fighting rivals and competators.

The population of the solar sytem is fairly high; thus food and raw materials are always lacking somewhere and inflation is fairly high.

As the Navy does not have the personnel and equipment to track down numerous leads and smaller pirate incidents whereas the corporations and governments have a vested interest in protecting their claims; restoring law or at least vengence of one degree or another; there is under the law rules for Privateers and Armed Militia and a section of the Navy that enforces and directs such efforts. These Privateers are detectives and militia and various combat and engineering experts who do what any pc's would do; hunt down bad guys; explore ruins; so a bit of combat; who done it; and exporation. There is also a need for scout ships to scout areas and collect mineral and gas data; merchants who desire and pay for protection on valuable shipping lines; that sort of thing.

now; I have not decided what system to use for the game; I have Space Master; which I originally wrote all my scenarios for; but that seems a bit overly complex for PBP; so; I am thinking about hero game systems with a toned down version as that would be easiest to build anything.

What kind of characters available race or species wise; well, there are no aliens; at least yet so that is long way down the road; but there are meta humans enhanced by drugs and training; cyborgs; low level mutants; and all the gifts and problems a sci fi society would have with such things; add corruptions of lots of various religions and sprinkle in some new liberals and old conservatives and we would have a fairly potent pot to play in. There are of course normal humans and all kinds of gear available tech wise from corporate upgrades; military hardware; and even experimental stuff; and there is practically a drug for anything; hehe can you say juicer?

anyway; does this sound fun?

Well, I have played this for a few hours now and pretty much think it really has massive suckage; a great dissappointment. The support material and character information is just plain missing. The sorry peeps at Cryptic seem to have the belief that I want to spend hours and hours on their forums like so many of the players obviously have to <by the number of players on the forum asking questions that should have been answered in the support material> just figure out how to play the game.

So far:
the character screen has no description in game other than very cursory information such as health and energy; even the tutorial really is lame. For instance, there are things you get in inventory that have little buffs to things like stats; you have nine boxes in the middle of your character screen where some go and some dont with no explaination; no toggle hot word other than the word primary; some go there some dont; no game information explains this box, so I have two filled out of nine.

Another thing: Targetting really sucks for melee players, game is seriously bent toward blasters and other range guys in two ways: 1) they kill things before a melee guy can get over their; 2) with mobs jumping around; distance relationships and targetting is a real problem and the targetter picks some randomly closest guy and with many mobs I have found it hard to manually pick the tuffer mob as the targetter is defaulted to your pinky finger key. This should all really be in a gui like so many other games but i clicked every box I could find and could not discover it if it exists.

so change keybinds you say: haha; love to; you just have to go again to their forums and read through lots of posts to find the archaic keybind DOS like scripts to type in and change your keybinds; better download the entire keybind list if you can; oh; keybind list you say; hmm; game doesnt even bother to tell you what the keys are for other than movement; lame tutorial; took me a while to type every key on the keypad to figure out how to throw something I picked up.

This is basic information that should be in the manual; a description of the game screen and some information about all the, and there are a lot, diffent buttons and bars and boxes that are on the game screen.

I am not saying they didnt do some things well; I just want anyone to understand that Cryptic doesnt care about you or they would have hired a decent technical writer and editor and given you more information than that of 7 or 8 extremely basic keys and a couple of the many bars on your character sheet.

If you going to play this game; and it looks great; expect to spend a whole lot of time reading there forums trying get information from old timers to find out how to play.

I give this game a 5 out of 10; but intend to keep plugging away at is as my friends are playing it.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

Ok; thought we might need a cohesive discussion thread up so we are all looking in the same place for information. Post all out of RP information and other game things here; thanks.

ok gang; its time for our annual discussion on costumes, parties and what theme we are gonna do for our jack o lanterns; hehe Last two years have been great; we started off with doing beholder pumpkins for the first one; hehe thanks to Lilith for posting the pics for everyone to see of all the pumpkins: We did goblins last year, hehe that was really fun as well.

lets get a good theme this year and chat it up, let the recipes be traded and spread them tidbits to make this a great holiday.

Did you guys read about this in Wired Magazine; was facinating; silly scientologists broke the one rule to never break: Don't Feed The Trolls! The exploits of the trolls are facinating; sheesh; really wild stuff all as payback from various presumed attacks and tyrany from the Church of Scientology. We are talking serious stuff here; its an amazing read about social activism from anonymous poster to either affect change or get Lulz; very interesting read.

Ok; post your views; pilot is out; I liked it; as most shows it is a bit shaky as people learn their parts and figure out how to make the story work; but I think it has a lot to build on and good characters and I like the archtypes; I am gonna watch it; of course, that probably means it will be well written decent so to cerebral for the common man and get cancelled.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

It is a overcast and cool, rainy day in the Celtic area, the Gnome village, and pretty much everywhere the pc's are located. The ground though grasses is much like a swamp as the water logged earth seems to suck at your feet; dry areas of travel are muddly and water pools everywhere; it has been raining hard for three days; flooding is everywhere across the region. Lakes and rivers are swollen; trees and building collapse as the foundations are two wet to hold them against the push of the wind; and sometimes what a wind it is; gusts up to 30 mph. heck sometimes it seems it is raining sideways. It is cold, wet and miserable; unless you like that sort of thing and it does keep down the bugs. So this is sometime in Spring, late spring. Whether you a sea elf traveling north or a Celt traveling south or leaving the Gnome village; you pass no farms; just abandoned and burned out places. No planting; no crops in the ground; looks like it will be a hard winter for some.

The two Bards set out from the Elven ship and move north; for a week and 3 more days do you travel. The pace is fast and the weather no impediment to elves and their strike eats of miles neither forest nor watery plane seems to slow their light yet quick steps. The Master bard leading his student on seems to know right where he is going and direct do they travel avoiding all. Till one night they stop at a burn out village; the building demolished and wretched; evidence of much past burning; Ignoring the rain; the elves find a couple chairs and a table and set down to await something; the student knows not.; yet wait they do. The Master Bard seems to be laying out a feast; far more food for the mid day meal than the two of them would fast upon.

At the Gnome village; Hava takes charge; "as fortold; the Goliath has come down from the mountain peaks; thus my fine young friends we must travel a bit to one place then another. No better companion could be had; a honorable strong goliath; a industrious gnome who wields magic and a crafty, dextrous halfling; as fortold; well; say your goodbyes and gather your things as we leave right after breakfast. So a feast is laid out at night and again in the morning; gifts are exchanged; food is packed and each meet late in the 9th hour to set out for travel; though raining; superior gnomish engineering drains the water from the walkways and it is pleasant until you leave the village; at the edge; Hava calls everyone to stop and says; boys; now we ride; you look around a bit; and there is nothing TO ride; not on the ground or up in the air. But, Hava says some mystical words and gestures powerfully with staff and hand; and a fully bridled and saddles warhorse of smoke and darkness appears. And for the Goliath; a massive heavy charger. "mount up boys; and follow me" The creatures are easy to mount; you step into the saddle stirrup and instantly your on board; you cannot fall off so no ride rolls are needed; the creatures practically fly over the terrain; much much much faster than an ordianary horse; the ride is quite thrilling as they leap large bushes and go across stream or lake with equal ease and forests are no impediment though many squeeze their eyes shut now and again; the rain does sting at this speed; so by by lunchtime; this hellride has become quite unpleasant though tens of mile have been covered.

the horses slow and walk into a burned out village as described above. Hava pulls reign in front of a husk of a destroyed inn or tavern.
"ah; Master Bard; I greet thee my friend; it has been a long time. "As I greet thee and yours my friend; Master Wizard replies the elderly elf. Hava brings out some very good wine and introductions are made.
When you dismount; the horse fades away like smoke.

Hava: "this gnome be Gloisil, that is Merrick of the Mountain peoples; and this is Bob; whose train has been staying and helping out in our village.

the Master Bard "I am called Astledier, and this is my student Sunset of the Sea People, I am please to meet you each" he says is a melodic voice, "let us break our mid past fast and get aquainted them move to the stone; It is some miles that way"; he points toward some higher hilly and forested area.

"ah; sad about his village; I always kind of liked it; the innkeeper made a fine, very fine roast lamb dinner and among the best pastries I have tasted. sigh; nothing lasts, but you my ancient friend; would know more of that than I." says Hava. "yes, all things change; as the seasons and verily the centries go by; but some things never change; evil still creepith from the ugly places under the earth. Evils with a face of old that has not changed but to become more wicked."

you guys can all describe yourselves now if you wish.
Hava is all bundled up; wears a mystic cloak and has a staff of mystic runes and all kinds of trinkets; he wears a mask that covers his entire face that looks like a grey rat, though is long gnomish beard pokes of of the bottom and grows down to mid belly; he is typical height for a gnome, but well dressed. He also carries a short sword.

Ok Galen; your party travels as they have for weeks; perservering through rain and sludge; at a quick and meaningful pace; and the days of travel pass; you pick up the feeling of needing to hurry that increases as the miles go by; each day you are filled with renewed vigor and each night your dreams are guided by Frey "Seek yea a man of the mountain peaks; see yea the song of sea when sun sets; seek yea the gnome of inward lore and the halfling who opens doors" You keep seeing ancient set of stones in your dreams; like Menhirs; great stone columns carved from rock in a great circle with a large stone table or altar in the center. you dream of stars patterns; as if the stars are watching you; waiting; eager; yet look as you will; your eyes do not peirce the overcast, dark and stormy skies.

Until one night; Lord Anton comes to you: "Two nights more perhaps, yes, I deem it so; we travel tomorrow; and tomorrow night we make camp; it is likely we will meet others; some destine to be your coming companions; could be anyone; but one should be a giant of man, from the mountain peaks between here and my home; his kind live up very high; higher than those like us would like; not much air there to breath; and very cold; not much grows; leaping from cliff to cliff like the giant goats of the region. It is likely he or she will come or all is not as it should be; the others; could be nine other companions; each with various special abilities. It should be an interesting start for you Sir Galen.; rest well for we start early."

Heyas all; anyone out there play Blood Bowl; Balfic and I and some others here in ABQ are getting a league together; but I have never played so would be nice to hear some stories or tactics; he is gonna do dark elfs and I am going to play the Wood Elves. I have only seen one game; and read the rule book a few times and am jazzed to play.

But seriously; that Dwarf team looks totally unfair; way way way to cheap for all the skills and armor; I think they should just add 20k cost to everything dwarf. Am not looking forward to loosing players to Nurgles Rot, yikes! and that goblin team looks like it is gonna really cause some damage with all their special players.

I am wondering about agility and dodge vs good old armor. Most of these teams look very evenly matched and looks like we are going to have a lot of fun.

If anyone out there has played and has some good advice or whatnot; well; post em here.

So; I see a lot of dire animals in the 3.5 books; is that a template or what; can anyone point me to the rules that say how to upgrade an animal to a dire anmial; is that a template; and advancement or what; anyone know?

my pbp could use two or three players; we are doing 3.5 rules and make a level five character; could use some heavy fighter types or a cleric or mage; or whatever.

We are pretty heavy on roleplaying; flavor if this adventure is Ancient Greek and the foe of choice for this adventure is the dreaded undead.

most posting updates happen Sun-Wed; with a few posts on other days; check out our thread and make up a character. Place a post on the thread if your interested and we can talk here or on my pbp discussion thread about any new characters; this is a perfect time to join as the characters are all at the Oracle of Delphi and just about anyone from anywhere can be there to ask the Oracle a question; so if you want to be summarian or bablyonian or egyptian or american indian or heck; chinese it is all workable; am using most of the modern world mythos in various parts of the world and a few fantasy ones as well.

Join in; have some fun; save the world; it needs it or some save the world type might come along and decide to recycle '}

Hey all; i could use 2 or 3 players; level 5; 3.5 rules; next scenario is up against the cold dead fingers of death hehe ;ok; well the undead anyway.

I use real world mythology; we are in the Greek area; could use an Eygyptian; that would be cool; but anything is good; even American Indian mythos; I use the old Dieties and Demigods or what some of you might call Legends and Lore.

check out my discussion page or read any of my pbp homebrew; currently the party is at the Oracle at Delphi and about to go on a quest into the dark depths of hmm Hades? hehe on a rescue mission; save the world; win the day; get the girl; ehhe that sort of thing.

Heya all,
Its that time of year again; we have had some really great Jac's cut in the past few years and its that time again to pick a topic

lets see; last year we had Beholder's as the topic; that was great fun
Year before we had Goblins as the topic.

So; what are we gonna do this year; I love cutting up some squash for a nice themed Paizo post.

lets get some suggestions

hey; Avengers comic starts airing on tv tomorrow night; got my TIVO set

Warhammer Online releases September 18 built on the setting of Warhammer Fantasy and is being run by Mythic Entertainment; they have stated they learned a whole lot about fun and playability from there other MMO's and this looks to be a great game; I am gonna play it.

you can check it out here and watch the trailer:


Two mages ; one a pc; one your npc; using control weather to give ships and advantage in ship to ship combat; by robbing the other ship of wind and giving good wind to themselves; seems the spells are equal in power; same local that they both can affect; how would you handle whose spell works and whose doesnt; do they cancel; do they contest somehow; how would you handle it?

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

the ink on all the posts for adventuresome people has run in all the daily rainstorms; but the egyptian writing at the bottom is fairly fresh and the posts are written on the skin of same animal stained with some unknown ink.

see the gaming discussion thread if your interested in a pbp game in a long running campaign world.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

A bit more; I own almost every book; so any book I have or can get ahold of is permitted; magic; psionics; all good; am not race picky; play what you want, but you have to deal with the problems; you play a gnoll well; sure that is cool, but some guys are just going to kill you on sight meaning prejudice is alive and well; rampade even; better have a reason or some friends to vouch for you or something; nearly anything is workable; will work with you as nearly every race and thing is involved and many are on both sides of this war.

Ok; over the years I have run both good and evil groups in campaigns; am currently running two games with mostly the same players and damned if the night we play the evil campaign is the most whiney, gripey, fill in the blanks, night of every gaming complaint you can think of, well they dont call me names or anything, but:
the mobs are too tuff
we are gonna die (so I should attack player x when he is weak so he dies too)
my character doesnt make alliances, i want to beat everyone into submission
Can I play this template instead, mine is too wimpy
Can you expand my spell list (so I can have several classes spellsat once)
Can I have some secret levels nobody else knows about?
I (warrior) am not using that magic sword; i use axes
But with my stealth, nobody should be able to see me standing here in the swamp in this puddle of water with all my muddy tracks around right out here in the this open spot

hehe; these are just some examples this I hear all the time. In good campaigns the tone is more like:
wow; we are in it now
we are gonna die
anybody got a plan
hey lets try this

has anyone else experienced this or is it just me?

Could someone tell me the first issue of the introduction of the savage tide story path? thanks

So what comes with this set; does it have all the expansions that the old game had; what makes it deluxe? If the old expansions are not in this game, are they still available? I see the y2k expansion, but the old game had a few others...

Well, I love Illuminatii and am interested in this game, but am dissappointed that a key factor has been left out of this and other product item descriptions: how many people can play this game and what is the minimum number of players; sure would be cool if some of the games hit the pc market so I could play against computer opponents is nobody was around to play and I wanted to take over the world or the mob at 3am :)

does anyone know all the books that contain all the hexblade curses and spell lists? I want to make sure I am not missing any as one of my players is sorta complaining there isnt much offered (in a gentle wish type way).

Ok all; we are getting down to the wire so we need to seriously start discussing the day before All Saints Day. We need a nice D&D theme for our Jack O' Lanterns this year; last year was Beholder O' Lanterns and we had some fun with it; see the pics if you need to.

ok; so we need a Jack theme with postable pics

time to put out the Hallow'd recipes again...the good ones.

Sigh, I think I am being roped into being a superhero this year costumewise, what are you guys doing?

Anyone want to relate a ghost story; this is the thread.

how about good theme music other than canned tracks you buy at the store; anyone gonna mix up a nice brew of music tracks to play while handing out grub?

only 37 days to plan; remember that your paper mache stuff is gonna take some time to dry and paint so time to get started and your themed D&D adventures dont just write themselves.

In my game it seems that defensive casting never fails and the attack of oppurtunity never happens due to characters with concentration rolls that never fail. I am curious what other gms have considered and what other gms have done to address this issue. Please comment on what you do or how it is handled in the game your in or if it is a non issue. Seems if spellcasting in melee provokes an attack of oppurtunity you shouldnt need a whole series of feats just to get a chance to actually take the attack agaisnt a guy who never fails a skill check.

Well, am about to send my player into a swamp that has a lot of geothermic activity; so hot gysers and boiling mud; that kind of stuff all set to an Eygyptian theme; pcs are seeking a lost temple of Anubis but do not yet know it it guarded by a tribe of Sobek worshiping men, crocs and werecrocs; I would really like to have the wetlands come alive so could use any hazards or boons that the place might grant; I already have the important mobs down, but any insects or terrain hazard like sucking pools of tar and whatnot would be nice; am thinking to put a lost kingdom of apemen at the other end of the wetlands; maybe the two tribe have constant warfare; but I cannot find any monkey gods so might have to make them up

Well, am about to send my player into a swamp that has a lot of geothermic activity; so hot gysers and boiling mud; that kind of stuff all set to an Eygyptian theme; pcs are seeking a lost temple of Anubis but do not yet know it it guarded by a tribe of Sobek worshiping men, crocs and werecrocs; I would really like to have the wetlands come alive so could use any hazards or boons that the place might grant; I already have the important mobs down, but any insects or terrain hazard like sucking pools of tar and whatnot would be nice; am thinking to put a lost kingdom of apemen at the other end of the wetlands; maybe the two tribe have constant warfare; but I cannot find any monkey gods so might have to make them up

You know; I would buy a T shirt that said "the day the world ended and had the date for the last issue of Dragon/Dungeon mag; or the day the world stood still or " a moment of silence and the date" or "NO MORE TEARS, last tear dropped on "date of last mag" or End of and Era; and the date; T shirt should be black; themed in mourning.

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