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Valegrim's page

9,866 posts (11,957 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 25 aliases.

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Male Greek/Roman Demigod

my take on the imagery that would be gleaned from the soulgaze by the woman.


It is either dusk or dawn; the area not well illuminated; the sun is missing, has it set or not yet come. Aximeus stands on high ground in a defensable position as if the earth it self has lifted him up and cradles him in clutched fingers of bones. Around him are the dead and dying, faceless men and woman in the garb of the last hundred years, (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Haiti,South Afrika, Palastine,Bosnia, Afganistan) their soft moans fill the silence. Lightening splits the sky and thunder shakes the earth; Aximeus cringes slightly, in the distance the angry, wine dark sea pounds the surf and a muscles on Axe's face twitches. From the rocks below the sounds of the unrestful dead and demons crawl from the underworld. He knows not why he is here; who the enemy is; only that his friends need him, he draws his sword, his eyes colder than steel, with this motion the warrior heart in those around him beats harder; they become more in fccus; even the most wounded rise to fight. Aximeus moves to the front; the skeletal bone fingers of the earth open "You do not stand alone my brothers and sisters" with the lightening a glimps of the battlefield can be seen; thousand dead and thousands more coming, a battle with no end, Aximeus fights on, but doesnt know why; only that he has to, born to.

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Lion beat Buc's; but wish the Lions weren't so whoosi in the fourth quarter; on first down on that last drive; just one; and they would have been in feild goal range and sealed the finish on this game. They gave the Buc's two chances to score, man that is not long term winning approach. Looked like they were sitting back on their laurels and just protecting the ball trying to run the clock out; that has bitten them in the butt more than once and almost did again. Other than that; they played so much better than other years.; woot go Lions.

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male Winathian Co legion founder

"Ok; team; let us get in the ship and meet up with the others and get underway to stop this villian in the 13th Century or minimally to gather what information we can to help the others defeat him.

I think once there we should work in shifts with Invisible Kid and Dream Girl on days; Shadow Lass and Timber Wolf on nights; and myself in swing shift to work with both."

Once onboard; I will move our craft at maximum speed to our rendevous and meet the others; on the trip I will familiarize myself with Earth of this period and the terrain we will be encountering and various local customs and period dress if available; if not; we will figure these things out in our primary recon after I bring the cruiser into orbit over 13th century earth.

sorry about lack of posts; been in the hospital and recovering.

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Do we really care what Heavon or Hell is like? No matter what religion if professed in whatever time period it really seems to come down to only a few basic themes like:

overindulgence will shorten your life and kill you

if you are selfish, self centered and the center of your universe, you will live a painful life without joy

if you kill people; you teach others to kill people and so on and it is like a landslide and is really really hard to stop.

if you do not walk or move about much; your body doesnt work right and your life will be shorter.

there is no gift better than helping other and giving of yourself especially to strangers or those in need.

if you carry a lot of anger, hate and other dark emotions around with you constantly; your body will have problems and nobody will want to be around you other than like minded people; so you will be friendless.

be the person you want to fill the world with; be the good neighbor, friend; companion; lover, citizen and the world will improve.

and, we are all really small on a small spec of dust in a very large universe in only one tiny spec of time, so why worry; everything is very local and doesnt amount to much on the cosmic scale. dont sweat the small stuff, and, its all small stuff.

I could go on with more of these; but you get the point; all this stuff is jazzed up, painted over, argued with and blah blah; but really; from all my world travels; contemplation and study of ancient writings, religions and all that; it pretty much boils down to just this few things; sure there are a few safety things like bury the dead and dont eat rotten or poisonous food and so on, but basically you have a choice of how you decide things; how you feel about things; and who you associate with; with these choices you will create either a good or evil identity and you can choose to change that at anytime.

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Ok; once again full of hope; GO LIONS!!!
yeah, I know...pipe dream.

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hehe, after reading Lady Auroras (nods in her direction) comments; gm, please insert rust monster groupies; you know they are hungry and all that iron would be uhm; delicious. of course; haveing the pc wagon train that stuff back over the next several months to a smelter, then to various ports for sale would provide some nice bandit adventure as they get raided cause weath like spilled milk draws flies.

Lol Ultradan; I too read this tread thinking it was going to be asking how to put some vim and vinager into a lackluster party.

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I am totally immersed in Black Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe

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Can you imagine Sam Kinison (sp?) as gm yelling that the party is going straight to hell because of the cold hearted Biot## elf mistress in the party that broke some guys heart; that would be fun; short; but fun.

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Fake Healer wrote:
Dave The Viking wrote:

Heres a play by play.

Rouge,dave, and gabriel stand outside a door, rouge say, "lets check for traps" Dave say no, gabriel say yes, gabriel use suggestion to make dave hit his head on the ground, dave recover and open door, dave resemble pincushion.

Rouge is make-up or a color. Rouge cannot say anything. ROGUE is a sneaky dude who checks for traps. R-O-G-U-E not R-O-U-G-E.

I am on a mission to eliminate the mangling of the Rogue's class name. It happens way more often than any other misspelling I have seen. BTW anyone with a Rouge character needs to reduce its speed to 0' and all stats to 0 also to reflect the inanimate object class that it took.


hehe I make the rouge mistake all the time, lol; add +4 to any charisma skill check; heck; you gotta be brave to wear it unless your a girl; then subtract 4 from charisma checks unless you have disquise cause your probably wearing to much. give +4 spot checks due to the ability of using the mirror to see behind you. hehe I love that your on a quest to erradicate this wrong word error; kinda reminds me of the old days when you couldn't say or write ain't, which is a great word that through schoolmarms into near apolexy. Ah, feel the need to play my rouged rogue right now :)

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