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VRMH's page

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A Dirge Bard who UMDs a wand to create a bunch of permanent Zombies and Skeletons should fit the bill already - why create a whole new archetype?

The RAW do no prohibit this, though it seems an oversight.

Creepy is probably more interesting than downright Evil. The Sotto Voce and Haunted Fey Aspect spells might both be mere cantrips for instance, but can be quite flavourful.

The rules are silent on the matter, but this board's consensus seems to be that everything "mind related" would go with the life-force, while "body related" feats stay with the body. So if you load up your Familiar with feats that make its mind more powerful while making your Animal Companion a more potent body... you should end up with a amalgamated creature loaded with feats.

An interesting idea, I must admit.

Isn't the host effectively dead already?

Did anyone see my win? I'm sure I left it here somewhere...

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Alzrius wrote:
I'd prefer succubi with cake; optimally, with her inside of one.

Nonono, we mustn't make this a cake-walk for the Succubus. Make her work for those levels she wants to drain. We want to see some serious grappling going on!

Dustyboy wrote:
they technically don't exist

And there's your problem. You can't apply the rules to something that violates the rules, without first creating new rules.

now assuming i'm a 10th level with with a full animal companion, (such as through animal ally) who gives all of his remaining feats to his familiar, and has an animal companion with all of its feats, how would this work out?

How would what work out, exactly?

i'm not sure where feats come into play.

Feats come "into play" whenever any creature gets them - be it a Witch, their Familiar or an Animal Companion.

An Intelligent Magical Item that creates a Simulacrum that creates an Intelligent Magical Item that creates a Simulacrum that creates an Intelligent Magical Item that creates a Simulacrum that creates...

Money's the issue though. Where's the magic item that creates magic items going to get the required components?

This system seems made to be automated - manually it would take too long to "populate" hexes the party might never visit.

Whatever you do, do it quick. You want that thing out of you while it's still inside an egg...

Camila Marina Garrido Espinosa wrote:
How does it look? Is it too much information for a player new to the setting? Too little? Is there anything you want to know that isn't provided? Could you comfortably write up a character in this setting? Other comments?

Looks good, but might be awfully overwhelming to a reader. Might I suggest creating a document with pictures, maps and different letter-sizes for headlines?

Interzone wrote:
if I get that penalty to 0 there is no penalty for not being proficent, yes?


he could use one Tekko-Kagi as a weapon, and the other as a buckler with no penalty, yes?


Can he enchant the 'shield' one as if it was a shield?

Only if it is listed in the list of Shields, which I don't think it is. It isn't a shield, it just can be used as one.

it is just much cooler looking having them on both hands.

Then take a buckler that looks like a Tekko-Kagi. Which should be possible, since they can be used as such. It would still be a shield though.

  • Implanting Bombs into little orphans.
  • Starting an Orphanage, and then use Hypnotism on the little tykes while they're still below 4HD. Use it a lot, implanting all sorts of triggers.
  • Creating Lesser Simulacra who have enough Spellcraft ranks to realise exactly what they are, and what's going to happen to them.

Sorry, haven't read up on Qlippoths recently

1. You added half your tier to the Caster Level, so that is now the new Caster Level. "Your" CL is the CL you cast the spell with methinks, though the wording is vague.

2. I don't think so, as you're not "under the effects of a spell or extract".

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Craft = making a great sausage
Profession = earning money making sausages (great or otherwise)

Brokenbane wrote:
1D4 points of slashing damage

Shouldn't that be piercing? And how would this function when the victim has DR/piercing or DR/whatever-base-damage-the-weapon-does?

Yup. She'll now have a kitty as well as a wolf. Hilarity will ensue. :D

By the way: the Familiar will be able to deliver Ranger spells as well, which might prove useful.

AtlasDM wrote:
Should we just load up the witch with wands and I play a melee character?

Yes. Melee, or something that brings a melee presence with them (Summoner, or Necromancer for instance).

yazo wrote:
in our homebrew game the only Paizo races that are worth playing are Strix and Human.

If that is the case, then we'd need more info on this setting before commenting on the value of the Drow Noble.

A snazzy uniform. Chicks dig a guy in uniform. (Vice versa too.)

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Raltus wrote:
now I want to turn the second succubus in WoTR into a grappler and have her room set up for BDSM.

Might I suggest using the Greater Whip Mastery to grapple with a whip, and keeping a hand free while doing so? You never know what she might want to do with that other hand...

You want the win? You can't handle the win!

Scythia wrote:
I don't think I've ever run or participated in a battle where anyone stopped to talk for a full minute.

Then how about making that check as a Swift Action?

Hey, that's my win!

Sure you can add to the undead's Constitution score. It's just that (does-not-exist)+2=(does-not-exist).
But if that critter ever gets destroyed and then brought back to life (non-unlife) they'd be a very healthy specimen.

Chess Pwn wrote:
I'm wanting something where the water will be able to be stored for a long time.

It seems you need a cistern.

Do you have any plans to add an Alchemist build? They're weak compared to their spellcasting counterparts, but Boneshard bomb-implanted Zombies are just too funny not to mention.

As far as I know you may use/stack/apply your abilities in whichever order is most beneficent to yourself, unless there's a specific rule saying otherwise.
Although I can't recall where that rule came from...

There are a lot of different ways Feats (and magical items) refer to the requirement of having a Familiar:

  • Levels in a class that grants a Familiar
  • Familiar class feature
  • Spellcaster with Familiar class feature
  • Familiar
  • Ability to acquire a Familiar
  • get the idea.
Are any of these meant not to work on Familiars acquired in a specific way (Arcane Bond class ability, Witch's Familiar class ability, Arcane Bond bloodline power, Familiar class ability, Summon Familiar class ability, Tumor Familiar discovery, Tattoo Familiar class ability, et cetera), or is it all just sloppy terminology?

Oddly enough, undoing death seems to require fewer (and lower-level) resources than preventing it. But as for immortality: my favourite scheme remains Binding: Minimus Containment. Stack up on items to cast Magic Jar from, and you can even remain part of society.

This could be done on a level 1 Commoner if need be, provided someone forks over the dough...

dragonhunterq wrote:
Whether you save or not, you are still subject to the spell.

You've been a target, but I disagree about having been a subject. The target has, after all, not been "subjected" to the spell's effect.

JuanAdriel wrote:
Paladin with Oath of Chastity.

Paladins are required to actively fight Evil though, which might get in the way.

Westphalian_Musketeer wrote:
Eh, I want the pair to be entail a real unicorn, which means using the leadership feat.

Why? It's an NPC, isn't it? So why can't the pair be two NPCs?

j b 200 wrote:
Removed Silent Spell

Speaking of which... what kind of defence does a Bard have against magical silence? Their spellcasting gets shut down and most of their Performances won't work either.

Pizza Lord wrote:
would it count as also affecting your familiar?

No. Familiars have a soul of their own (they can be ressurected, after all) and the spell clearly was meant to work with one soul at a time.

should that Target description just be viewed as one listed for simplicity's sake?

Yes. In fact, just try to guess what the intent of the spell was and go with that. The actual spell description is a mess.

is a target wizard's familiar considered a separate target?

Yes, because I can't see why it shouldn't be. Whenever the Familiar is considered to be part of its master for the purpose of a spell, it's spelled out in the spell's description.

is it possible to randomly jar it?

Possible, but unlikely. A Familiar only has the HDs it started with. So by the time Magic Jar comes into play there should be a big difference between the Life Force of a Wizard and that of their Familiar.

What might a familiar do if its wizard were magic jarred? Would it lose its familiar power (technically it's still within a mile most likely and on the same plane, so probably not,) would it just flop about making noise trying to alert everyone, or other?

Depends on the Familiar's personality. But they still have their intelligence, so likely they'd do something reasonably smart: flee, alert an ally or maybe break the Jar if they made a Spellcraft check and realise what just happened. Or try to reanimate their boss if they don't.

As for certain feats a target possesses, some should obviously stay with the body, correct?

The most commonly heard opinion is that physical abilities and effects stay with the body, and mental ones go with the soul. But there's no RAW on the matter.

Vagabonds. wrote:
I'm trying to figure out how to boost my damage so I don't have a 50% chance of dealing zero damage.

You don't have a 50% chance of dealing zero damage, unless your foes all have damage reduction or immunities to subdual damage. When your attack hits, it always does at least one point of subdual damage.

You could simply take a Small, rather than a Tiny Familiar.

I'll admit it's not very constructive, but... the trait Mutant Eye would give you yet another eye. Four-eyes, anyone?

Tik, Brevick's Quasit Familiar wrote:
"That's why it helps to have Invisibility as an at will spell-like ability!"

Or reach from the Evolved Companion feat.

Jadeite wrote:
VRMH wrote:
If that were possible... why would the Hags and Deamons put so much effort in snatching them?
If raising the dead were possible, why would rich people die of anything but old age?

'cause You're no longer rich when you're dead - your next of kin are. ;)

Kidding aside, I think Avoron is right: it could be done per the RAW. Personally, I think you'd soon get a visit from a Psychopomp explaining the finer details of soul-ownership to you though...

The Alchemist or Investigator classes can create a whole slew of nasty liquids to inject into people, so I'd suggest checking their "spell list". And since Drugs are alchemical items, you won't be dependent on a supplier.

Callum Finlayson wrote:
VRMH wrote:
Summoned creatures disappear upon death though - there'll be nothing left to re-animate.
PB's a calling not a summoning so they don't vanish when killed.

Doh! You're right of course - my bad.

Ecaterina Ducaird wrote:
I don't believe there is a matching one for casters for Move, Cast, Move (thank the gods).

Well... A Valet-archetyped Familiar can deliver touch spells like that.

If that were possible... why would the Hags and Deamons put so much effort in snatching them?

Seems like you have your options all thought out - so what exactly is the question here?

(also: take a look at the Valet archetype for familiars.)

Have you considered trying to optimise a supporting PC, who helps others being better at what they do? You might end up killing two birds with one stone that way.

Summoned creatures disappear upon death though - there'll be nothing left to re-animate.

Or the Dragons fall in love and start an elaborate aerial mating dance.

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Personally, I like the "oh shi_" rule of thumb: whenever you would be saying (or thinking) "Oh shi_, oh shi_, oh shi_", "This had better work or I'm in deep shi_." or anything similar... you can't take 10.

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