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VRMH's page

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Be a Duergar Antipaladin?

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Probably only the spells and races for the most part.

Have you considered "skipping" Pathfinder then, and focusing on a D20-compatible product instead - perhaps with guidelines on how to incorporate Pathfinder-based elements?

Pathfinder itself is a D20 derivative, after all.

  • Gurgam the Smitten
  • Noblesse Oublier
  • Gurgam the Gall Ant
  • Gurgam the Knobbly
  • Humbler Than Thou

27. My other shirt is a Robe of the Archmage.

Low Intelligence crafter Bard with the Pageant of the Peacock masterpiece.

Do a little dance, make a little magic.

There's the Boasting Taunt rage power, and the Court Bard has a few abilities that penalise enemies for not attacking them.
Also: Gnomes have some tricks in that department, like Caustic Slur.

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26. I memorised Explosive Runes this morning...

Axial wrote:
you could be your worst enemy. :)

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And if I'm my own worst enemy, then the enemy of my enemy is me.

It's a bit "tl;dr". Can you condense the issue to a singe question?

15. Aroden lives!

Deadmanwalking wrote:
The issue Bards have is that they're Charisma based

Only up to a point - a 13 starting Charisma is an issue only for a debuf-casting Bard. Constructs themselves being (as a rule) immune to much of a Bard's powers would be a bigger problem.

13. Romanes eunt domus!

With this spell, you infuse your life force and psyche into your shadow

That suggest it's the Quasit's shadow, and so should have the Quasit's size.

Your shadow has Hit Dice and hit points equal to your own.

And that means it's not a standard Shadow anyway. So my guess is: it's a tiny Shadow.

Wouldn't a channeling cleric be a better match?

Burst spells only require line-of-sight to the centre of the burst, not to everyone caught in the blast. So that's an option, if you roughly know where the enemy is.

The Reaching Vines Fungal Graft might make a "bad touch" Cleric plant-relevant.

Another benefit of a catapult: it can't be bribed to destroy your army instead.

Wouldn't wearing a (minor) Ring of Spell Storing give a caster level? It says the "wearer" can cast any spell therein, and they're real spells - not SLAs.

Decimus Drake wrote:
you could expand the limitations to include followers of closely allied gods

Good idea. Maybe add a quest-type payment for being resurrected, the severity being determined by how closely allied the PC's patron deity is to the priest's?

The Pathfinder Chronicler PrC has the capacity to pluck whatever she needs out of thin air, with the Deep Pockets ability. Wands with just a single charge left aren't very expensive, so those are an option.
You still have to pay for them though.

Flying carpets. Don't forget the flying carpets.

Goblin13 wrote:
An apathic miracle-worker that stays out of everything unless pushed very hard to do something ?

Maybe a Sensei Monk, who just stands there and tells everybody what they should be doing.

Gisher wrote:
Would Weapon Focus (Scorpion Whip) grant the +1 bonus to hit only when using it as a light weapon or would it also work when using it as a standard whip?

It should get the +1, because otherwise Weapon Focus (Whip) would have to give the +1 in that situation. And that would be silly.

Or just be a Bard, and call yourself a priest.

If Cap isn't a paladin... then who is?

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Necro-ing to add a rather bizarre new feat: Artful Dodge

Artful Dodge wrote:
You can use Intelligence, rather than Dexterity, for feats with a minimum Dexterity prerequisite.

Should be interesting for Magi or combat Alchemists.

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72. Interactive anatomy lessons.

Ishpumalibu wrote:
VRMH wrote:
A Simulacrum of a Lemure
I can't remember if that makes them constructs or not

Nope, it doesn't. They have the (sub-)type of the original.

Close off the entrances to the dungeon, and smoke/flush/burn the "heroes" out.

Who's to say modern materials even exist in the game world(s) anyway? There's no mithral in the real world either. Plus we're talking about a universe based (loosely) on Greek elemental building blocks, rather than atoms and molecules.

A Simulacrum of a Lemure would be obedient.

36. Scarecrows.
37. Rickshaw taxi services.

A small child shows up, and asks "Why?"

It's fun, original and not against the rules. Go for it!

Maybe team up with a Trapper Ranger, who can set traps from a distance?
He sets 'em up, you knock 'em down... with a double *boom*.

Item creation requires feats, so don't go for any specific "build" for your caster. It also requires downtime, a place to work and base materials. These are largely dependant on your GM, so check if the campaign will have them available.
Oh, and ask the other players whether their PCs will actually need gear and if so: what kind.

Erm... wouldn't light actually create shadows? Try Darkness instead. There's no shadow when there's no light.
There is of course a lot of darkness, but no actual shadow.

a small idea:
LuxuriantOak wrote:
a lot of my plan hinges on her not getting smacked down and into a bloody pulp the first time they see her

Okay, you got that and a lot of ice... so how 'bout using some Simulacra of the main villain?

There's another type of construct that's easily overlooked: an Intelligent Magical Item.

Secret Wizard wrote:
could I have a figment Ioun Wyrd without paying for the construction cost?!

I doubt it, but that would make sense.

Either way, a sorcerer talking to a heap of pebbles as if it's a sentient creature does make for a nice bit of comic relief.

Might I suggest the Net as Loki's weapon? He's credited with inventing it, after all.

An Alchemist/Enchanter/Necromancer, who has ensorcelled minions that:

  • Fight, die and then go: BOOM!
  • Rise up as undead, fight again, die again and then go BOOM!

Ghouls are probably the nearest thing. Sentient, capable of gaining class levels and not too powerful.

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45. "Are you sure?"

That's more for Druid sports, right? Apart from Devils, anyway.

Once you're grappling, you're no longer attempting to grapple. So the penalty should be meaningless by then.

I think you only get a free touch attempt when it's part of the casting. So no moving before touching; if you do it becomes a standard action.

Demi-mummy. Or "dummy", for short.

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Tacticslion (and I) gathered some ideas in this thread about how a Caster Level could be cranked up during the work on a Construct, to meet the requirements:

  • A (Flawed) Orange Prism Ioun Stone for +1 CL.
  • AEther (and a healer on hand to undo the addiction) once every hour for another +1.
  • The Death Knell spell cast every ten minutes (just crush a beetle or something) gives another +1.
  • The Sharesister spell (and again a healer on hand for the casting sister or brother) for +3. But this needs to be repeated every few minutes.
The last items on that list are pretty hard to keep up for a full working day of course. Also: everything but the Aether is going to rack up quite a bill. But you can start working on more advanced Constructs a lot earlier this way.

Another idea:
The "Inner Beauty" trait gives a whopping +4 to a single craft check once a day. Just make sure you're sculpting particularly pretty Golems, and you're good to go.

Alchemists can slowly mummify themselves over the course of their career. I'd goad players who want to be undead towards that class.

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