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The Elsa character from Disney's Frozen could work as a template too.

Play a Druid.
Let them die. A lot.
Keep reincarnating them into all sorts of weird races.

Hilarity may or may not ensue.

Ascalaphus wrote:

It looks like you actually coast it

Oh, I took the casting as a given. It's the preparation that has me puzzled.

Maybe some sort of "ghost realm", similar to the Plane of Shadow? It might hold "echoes" of things and creatures dead or destroyed on the Material Plane.

As a GM, how comfortable would you be without a published adventure to guide the story?

Lure it into a cave maybe? Dragons are smart, but they're also proud and greedy. A baited trap might be the way to go.

Partially, I'm guessing. You lose your class levels when becoming a Ghoul, but they do know how to speak. So not everything is forgotten.

(First: this is not about Pages of Spell Knowledge or Rings of Spell Knowledge, but the Spell Knowledge Discovery.)

Spell Knowledge wrote:
Select a single spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list that is at least 2 levels lower than your highest-level extract known. You can prepare and cast this spell as an arcane spell. Preparing the spell uses up an extract slot 1 level higher than the spell's level.

That's pretty cool. But how does it work? Does the Alchemist prepare the spell like a Wizard and if so: is the spell in his Formula Book or does he need a separate Spell Book? Can Wizards read an Alchemist's spell, even though they cannot understand Formulae?

Or do they just concentrate for 15 minutes, like a Sorcerer?

chaoseffect wrote:
lopping of its head then fixing it would be death.

Why would you assume that? While the Dragon is petrified it's an object, and cannot die. Fix the object, and any Stone to Flesh spell should restore the Dragon in good health.

Just, you know... don't glue the head on backwards.

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A Broodmaster could use Transmogrify to move all evolutions to one of the Eidolons, though that wouldn't actually make the other ones merge or disappear.

An Alchemist could make Touch Injection Infusions and give all party members the power to heal with a touch. It'll do wonders for the whole party's action economy.

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Lathiira wrote:
But intimidate/diplomacy? Hm.

Maybe they can be combined into one "intimacy" roll?

Two words: Armor Spikes.

Ashiel's Guide to Adventure Preparation should be a life-saver.

Actually... with the Spell Knowledge discovery, an Alchemist can become a caster (albeit of a single spell). So after that they do have a Caster Level and can qualify for the Lich template.

Moospuh wrote:
What I'm really looking for is other uses for constructs.
Even Tiny Animated Objects can be quite useful - just make sure you have a lot of them.
  • Unlike summons they're always around. No more guard duty for the PCs.
  • Their immunities mean they can attack while the party throws poisons, fear effects and what-have-you-not.
  • Mules. Sure the little tykes have next to no strength, but they're tireless. Make a dozen or so push a cart.
  • Expendable stormtroopers. Make them fan out to flank all enemies, even when they can't really take anyone down by themselves.

Give everybody in the party their very own Homunculus?

I wonder what happens when your armour goes berserk, with you in it...

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As far as I know, a Phylactery has to be a tiny box, with strips of parchment inside. So why not let it be just that? Tiny boxes aren't exactly noteworthy.

I'd weigh it down, and throw it into a well. Liches can reform under water just fine. She can just wait there for a bit, out of sight while regaining spells.

Edward Sobel wrote:
does Daze spell fall under the effects of this trait?

Probably not. Daze does not result in peaceful acts, rather it prevents some acts altogether.

Although that would apply to sleep too, unless you consider falling asleep an act.

Irwin, the Gnome wrote:
Why make a duplicate thread?

'cause That one was about a specific case, and (probably because of that) didn't get much attention.

You're right though, I should have put a link in.

And, why leave out the text we quoted you last time that answers your question?

Because it didn't answer that question (nor this one). The Alchemist's class description is in conflict with its own formulae list. We can argue about which rule takes precedence, but really: one of those rules just shouldn't be there.

Alchemical items are cheap, and often give a bonus against a potential cause of a Fortitude save - stock up on those, and just swallow the whole apothecary before heading into danger.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

How can Alchemists create an infused extract of True Strike, when they cannot make an extract that has a Focus requirement?

the Advanced Player's Guide FAQ wrote:

Alchemist and infusions: Can I use the infusion discovery to create an infused extract of a personal-range formula (such as true strike), which someone else can drink?

Yes, you can. The design team may decide to close this loophole in the next printing of the Advanced Player's Guide.

the Alchemists' class description wrote:
Extracts cannot be made from spells that have focus requirements
the True Strike spell wrote:
Components V, F (small wooden replica of an archery target)

I concur.

Mechanical Pear wrote:
I'm still imagining a rich Sensei giving 96 homunculi all crowded around him the ability to all pop off Scorching Rays.

You may want to reconsider: a Homunculus does 2d10 points of damage to its master when it dies...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Bard. Just: Bard. He won't be the Best Swordsman Ever, but he can make anyone believe he is...

The Toe Tappers.

Dave Justus wrote:
The focus for the clone spell is an alchemist lab.
And that's precisely my problem. Clone Master alchemists can already clone themselves just fine. The beauty of a Clone extract would be to hand it out as an Infusion: clones for everyone! But if a Clone infusion is allowed, at which point would the focus be required?
  • When the infusion is mixed? That takes the longest amount of time (a minute), but all they're really making is a vial of some concoction - no different at that point from other extracts.
  • Or when the infusion is used? That's the moment the actual Clone is produced, and also when valuable material components would have to be added for extracts that require them. But it's just a standard action - what's that whole laboratory adding to the proceedings?
Or it's simply not allowed as an infusion or extract, and Clone is only added to the list to allow Alchemists to use a Wand of Clone. Has anyone ever seen one of those?

Irwin, the Gnome wrote:
Even though, in the Alchemist writeup in the APG, True Strike is listed as one of the Formulae that they can prepare as an extract?
Is it? The class description in the PRD, under "Alchemy", states:
Creating extracts consumes raw materials, but the cost of these materials is insignificant—comparable to the valueless material components of most spells. If a spell normally has a costly material component, that component is expended during the consumption of that particular extract. Extracts cannot be made from spells that have focus requirements (alchemist extracts that duplicate divine spells never have a divine focus requirement).

So if you have a counter-quote, we'll have the grounds for a FAQ.

Irwin, the Gnome wrote:
Are you saying an Alchemist cannot create an extract of True Strike, either?

I am, or rather: the rules are. (Non-Divine) Focus = no Extract. Alchemists can use a Wand of True Strike though.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

  • Alchemists with the Clone Master archetype get the Clone spell as a 6th-level extract.
  • Clone cannot be made into an Extract, as it has a Focus requirement.
  • Clone cannot be made into a magical item, as none exists for it. No Wand or Potion, obviously. But also no Staff or other kind of item that I'm aware of.
So what's a Clone Master to do with that Clone formula? Why does it get an option it cannot possibly ever use for anything?

You're a Sorcerer - just summon another meat-shield if the first doesn't cut it.
Craft Rod's usefulness very much depends on how available magical gear is. Rods are great. So if making them is the only way to get them, then it's a good feat. But an improved Familiar is always good.

Got a link to that build?

1). Correct. You do not need to sleep.
2). Correct. Though I'm guessing True Resurrection, Wish and Miracle are still options.
3). It's not marked as Evil as such. So I'm guessing it's like any other form of violence: not Evil when warranted or inflicted upon the deserving.
4). It seems doubly-iconic for this character to be hopping a lot, so I'd put some emphasis on that in your RP.

As far as I know, penalties always stack - unless they don't, in which case it should be specifically mentioned.

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Daniel Grace 245 wrote:
they could do it because they are, in actuality, the same person.

Yes. And no. Physically they are indeed the same person, capable of doing the same things. But mentally they are not. I truly believe that Superman isn't capable of being the demure, unnoteworthy person Clark Kent is. When he puts on the cape, he becomes this paragon of virtue and effectively must act it.

The superhero will not remain passive or silent, while the social persona could stand by and watch, waiting for the right moment to change. They really do have different capabilities due to their different mindsets.

Less specialisation, more options!
Just let everyone "pick 'n' mix" their Talents.

I concur, though some Talents really should be limited to the Vigilante persona. On the other hand, it would be an option to have Talents that only work for the social guise.
The right tools for the right job, so to say.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Batman as an example might not be the best idea for this discussion: he is the Batman; Bruce Wayne is merely a disguise. But Peter Parker and Clark Kent for instance are people in their own right. They can do things Spider-Man or Superman cannot, and almost seem to have their own agendas. They'd need access to those Talents in their social guise.

A Sarenraean priest in Taldor could make good use of the class, if he or she is of great social status. And let's not forget the "demure, oft neglected servile creature secretly so much more capable than everyone else" concept: capable woman in a male-dominated socienty or vice versa, the slave who's really the master of the household or the child that saves the day while the adults are bumbling about.

It has already been established that the casting of Stilled & Silenced spells can be observed, since bystanders get to roll a Spellcraft check. So what's the point of the Warlock's Concealed Casting talent? It's definitely not concealing anything, since it merely hides Verbal and Somatic components.

Also: the talent's description specifies it works on "the target". If that is the target of the spell, then a third party would still see and hear everything. "Observers" are only mentioned in relation to an already hidden Vigilante.

The question isn't about Hit Dice though, but Class Levels in Cleric. Of which the Familiar doesn't have any, and its master probably doesn't either.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Trekkie90909 wrote:
The easier way of doing that would be to make the mutagenic form's persona your vigilante persona.
Yeah, but where's the fun in that? Instead you can have:
  • Dove Girl, the Lawful Good "superhero" mutagenic form persona of:
  • Bob, the mild mannered, Lawful Neutral town alchemist. He secretly is in love with Dove Girl and so he must be certain she never finds out he's also:
  • Wicked Willy, the Lawful Evil crimelord and arch-nemesis of Dove Girl (who can never manage to find him, for some strange reason...)

It's not just a one PC party... it's a one character adventure!

Juda de Kerioth wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
What this means is you take a -6 penalty to Fort saves, and HP per level. ONLY.
you at least gains 1 hp per level.

Correct. But you're not leveling up (or down) when taking ability damage, so that's probably not relevant.

Unless the intent of that rule is that a PC always has at least 1HP per level.

How would this combine with the Master Chymist's Mutagenic Form, I wonder. Three personas, with three personalities and even three alignments? Things might get... confusing.

Buy a dog.

/me calls for a spy check on Umbral Reaver...

The new Alchemist, the Construct Rider, might be an interesting option. Being pulled around by a clockwork horse while lobbing bombs left and right... it has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Why would you want to get it down? A bit of smoke, and that sucker can no longer target anyone. A bit of wind, and he blows away out of range of his cone attack. He has no cover, no foothold and nowhere to manoeuvre. That Demon is a sitting - correction: hovering duck!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Abraham spalding wrote:
Don't be the wizard being grappled.

While sound advice, this is optional should Succubi be involved.

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