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3. The menagery of pet animals meant for students to pick a future Familiar from, has gained some sort of group intelligence. They escaped en masse and are now reaping havoc on the school grounds.

Pop-up grid maps with height differences.

At the risk of appearing flippant: an increase in the base Wisdom score would do that. And Inexplicable Luck gives a massive 8 point bonus to a d20 roll... but only once a day, only for Humans and only after taking two feats.
Aren't there any traits for allowing a once-per-day reroll of a d20, or rolling twice?

The Mutant Eye trait is a nice start.

As I read it, it's a constant effect - as long as the prerequisites are met, of course.

Safewords exist for a reason...

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by being in a hurry."

Your player may simply be eager to keep the game moving along, which is a good thing. Just institute the rule that all rolls must have been seen (as suggested by several people already) and move on.

What's the prize we're fighting over anyway?
I'd like to know what I just won.

A troll with a parasol?

Maybe an item that puts a continuous Speak with Dead on the corpse? And maybe add a few Unseen Servants to move the body around. It'll still be a corpse, but at least it's a walking, talking corpse.

1) Maybe the PC can only be in Unicorn form while not under any duress?
2) Just be lenient about what can be used, and how it can be used.
3) Classic Monsters Revisited has more on Hobgoblins, so I'd start there.

Secret Stash combines well with the Alchemical Tinkering spell - first you pull an alchemical cartridge out of your... erm... wherever, and then you change it into something else.

Essentially there are two forms of "stealth casting", each with their own issues: hiding the fact that you're casting a spell, and hiding the whole caster. The first is usually the purview of Prestige Classes and the latter involves invisibility and/or sniping.

Claxon wrote:
Basically magical energies surrond you as you cast spells or some such that make it obvious what you are doing because even with no spell components you still provoke an AoO.

Was it ever confirmed that something observable occurs when casting a spell? As that AoO might just be because the caster is focusing on the spell and not paying enough attention to their defences.

A witch's familiar retains its spell knowledge for 24 hours; I think that's the only Pathfinder rule on the subject.

Intelligent items that'll cast their own spells for him?

Oh, and what about a Simulacrum of the NPC, which is made to do some of his work (and because of that is fitter, looks better and maybe is nicer too.)

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Levitate an open Bag of Holding, upside-down. Let it drop on anyone getting too close.

Not so fast, my fine feathered friend.
(Those are feathers, right?)

Lord Sir wrote:
is there a way to trap a -already dead- soul?

Depends. For mindless undead, the soul has already gone to Pharasma. But sentient ones usually have their soul still with them, and so should (per the fluff) qualify as "recently dead" where trapping souls is concerned.

The desired effect is to place it into a zombie/corpses body.


Ventnor wrote:
18.) A mother's love can transcend all things. Even death.

Man, that would be embarrassing for any would-be hero (or villain)!

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Take the Keen Scent and Blind Fighting feats and carry around an Eversmoking Bottle

This deserves bonus points for coolness.

You should certainly let the character work towards such an end - it's a good thing when PCs have goals and motivations (as long as these don't interfere with the adventure at hand).
If the final transformation actually creates a character that's too powerful compared to the other PCs, then it's time for the newly formed Demon to become an NPC and for the player to roll up a new character. But until then, just say yes.

GMs who say "Yes, but..." create more fun than those who just say "No."

Considering you can already get cover from your mount by using the Ride skill, I don't think the feat would work.

And swarms. And innocent bystanders.

An army? With all those unshaven faces? I think not.

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Of course, you can no longer open a door: the handle cannot detect you...

Akihiko takashi wrote:
how can you find a lich's phylactery?
  • Kill Lich.
  • Find Lich while it's reconstituting.
  • Kill Lich again.
  • Destroy anything box-like that has a magical aura nearby.

wanted to know if there are any feats that let me change super-natural abilities(SU) and extraordinary abilities(EX) from lethal to non-lethal

Not that I'm aware of.

would ability damage from SU, or EX abilities count as breaking the vow since it just says spells and weapons?

Depends on whether the PC considers the vow by its literal definition (in that case: no, it wouldn't count as breaking the vow) or by its intent (in which case: it would totally be breaking the vow).

Secane wrote:
Method: Redirect any hatred of your imp to yourself. Make the party sympathize with your pet instead.

Good idea!

Disguise kit. Make the critter look like a Mephit or a Homunculus. It's a mundane disguise, so all divinations will be thwarted.

There's no logic behind what gets categorised as Vermin.


  • The first save is made right away, when the victim comes in contact with the infestation. If that save is made, nothing at all happens. Fail, and you are now infested (though nothing yet happens).
  • After 4d6 hours, and every hour thereafter, a save has to be rolled against that same DC to avoid the Constitution damage.
  • In this particular case, succeeding on a save merely avoids the damage. Only killing or removing the parasites will end the Infestation.

Greylurker wrote:
according to the Animal Archive (top of page 18) a Familiar can give up it's starting feat (EX: Weapon Finesse)and take something different

Provided they're: "Feats that are meant for familiars". Which seems to be the case for the OP.

Gisher wrote:
There seems to be something wrong with the guide. google docs keeps crashing my browser every time that I click on the link. This wasn't a problem before now.

It works for me, but does start up in "editing mode".

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3. Some nosey neighbours just don't know when to quit! Even from beyond the grave you're still being watched.

D20PFSRD only got into "trouble" when they started selling stuff on the website. So while I'm not a lawyer, you should be safe as long as you:

  • Attribute properly
  • Put the correct license on everything
  • Make no money from this

7) What kind of an action is it to switch from using a Scorpion Whip as a Scorpion Whip, to using it as a regular Whip.

All of which seems to boil down to: is a Scorpion Whip a Whip?

Maybe suggest (or even buy for him) a published adventure?

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Lathiira wrote:
We're entertaining ourselves.

No, that would be the "Can You Touch Yourself?"-thread. Here, we are being entertained.

Someone pass the popcorn, please?

A Beastmorph Alchemists loses his appearance every time he takes his mutagen - work towards the Master Chymist PrC and you'd even lose your whole personality while using the chemicals you need to save your people.

It's not particularly "otherworldly" though.

I think it's Disguise.

Just reanimate only Evil creatures, and call it "preserving the balance".

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And try not to invade Russia.

It's probably not the RAW that's prohibiting this, but common sense. After all: how is the Eidolon going to attack with the very hooves it's standing on?

464. Bedtime Stories
This book is an exceedingly dull treatise on the behaviour of hibernating Arctic snakes, but just to make sure: every third page has a Sepia Snake Sigil cast on it.

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Zwordsman wrote:
We were all solidly good so actual torture was out.
I put a mark on him and told him next time he lied to me he would burn his body and soul and would be my toy for 10 years before burning out.

I am confused...

I think Blood Money is barred too. So maybe a Dirge Bard? Same necromancy flavour, less evil.

Also, the Mutation Warrior does something similar, albeit with mutagens rather than evolutions.

For: it launches projectiles, which is pretty much what (cross-)bows and slings do too.

I doubt it's a weapon - it doesn't do any damage, doesn't have any range increments (of its own) nor a critical range.

Kilroy was here.

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