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Spells provoke, so why wouldn't psychic spells?

If it's an NPC, why can't it just be an Adept?

Just stuff the corpse's mouth full of small onyxes and then order the newly formed undead to cough up the remainder - excess material compounds should be unaffected by the spell.

A spontaneous caster with the Mount spell could do the trick - but you'd be out of spells after every voyage.

If the Summoner is Humanoid, Knowledge (local) will do the trick.

DrDeth wrote:
how would a Fighter, ect gain Improved Familiar?


No. A Spell Component Pouch would suffice, as those body parts have no listed value.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
how to portray this sense of guilt without sounding melodramatic or whiny

Maybe small acts of kindness, while talking about how those used to be normal?

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My Self wrote:
the GM is part of the team.

An all too often overlooked fact.

It's cool (in a sick way), it's not overpowered, it makes sense and it's unlikely to occur all that often.

So go for it, even in the absence of supporting RAW.

Why not just take the theme and run with it? Like...

How many Bobs are in this dungeon?
A crazy wizard (let's call him Bob) has been researching immortality - and failing spectacularly. First he tried crafting a Simulacrum so he could take over that body, but you can't swap souls with something that has none. The Wax Golem turned out to have the same problem. A Ghoul test subject bit Bob, but even though his body rose as an undead it also reincarnated (contingency, lesser wish) and activated a prepared Soulbound Mannequin. So now there are:

  • Reincarnated Bob.
  • Ghoul Bob.
  • Simulacrum Bob.
  • Soulbound Mannequin Bob.
  • Bob's lab assistant, who's masquerading as him and trying to take over the lab.
  • Sentient Wax Golem Bob.
  • A few dormant Bob clones.
  • One very confused Familiar of Bob.

I'd advice the Alchemist.

"Here's an infusion. Now heal yourself and stop bothering me while I throw bombs."

So you're what happened after that Goblin Dog humped your mother's wooden leg!

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You're overthinking. "To the victor go the spoils" has been the motto of warriors since time immemorial.

Besides: if the PCs don't pick it up, the Goblins will...

Spider Swarms are nice for draining resources.

This may be the Rules Forum, but my advice is: use common sense. Mindless creatures can work as a team, as long as their required behaviour is covered by their instincts or geneticly encoded imperatives. So it would all depend on which teamwork feat you want to use.

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  • The Homunculist, who can't actually make a Homunculus (but instead gets a familiar that's called Homunculus. You know, the thing the other Alchemists get as a simple discovery without giving up their poisons and mutagens).

LordAwesome wrote:
I am just looking for suggestions on how to go faster, excluding the obvious. Ex. Boots of striding, longstrider potions, mithril.

What exactly is obvious to you? Because I'd suggest simply getting a pony or two, to improve your speed and carrying capacity.

A belly-warmer.

Wear Dust Knuckles, and poison someone with four different venoms in one hit.

Beast-Bonded Witches can permanently take over their Construct Familiar, except.... well, you have to be a 10th level Beast Bonded Witch. With a Construct Familiar.

Two words:

Rust. Monster.

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They are approached by a nearby nation with a request to spy on their future guests.

Most Constructs impose a Caster Level requirement on their creator that must be met - does this archetype have a way around that? Otherwise you'll be struggling to build any Constructs until you hit level 6 or so.

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Do you want to increase your Caster Level in general, or while casting? The former has only a few options: the drug aether, and the spells sharesister and death knell among them.

This thread has a lot of ideas.

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redpandamage wrote:
I'm sure a 19th level wizard can find mythic ranks somehow.

Maybe his GM won't let him?

No. Infusions aren't spells.

The Elsa character from Disney's Frozen could work as a template too.

Play a Druid.
Let them die. A lot.
Keep reincarnating them into all sorts of weird races.

Hilarity may or may not ensue.

Ascalaphus wrote:

It looks like you actually coast it

Oh, I took the casting as a given. It's the preparation that has me puzzled.

Maybe some sort of "ghost realm", similar to the Plane of Shadow? It might hold "echoes" of things and creatures dead or destroyed on the Material Plane.

As a GM, how comfortable would you be without a published adventure to guide the story?

Lure it into a cave maybe? Dragons are smart, but they're also proud and greedy. A baited trap might be the way to go.

Partially, I'm guessing. You lose your class levels when becoming a Ghoul, but they do know how to speak. So not everything is forgotten.

(First: this is not about Pages of Spell Knowledge or Rings of Spell Knowledge, but the Spell Knowledge Discovery.)

Spell Knowledge wrote:
Select a single spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list that is at least 2 levels lower than your highest-level extract known. You can prepare and cast this spell as an arcane spell. Preparing the spell uses up an extract slot 1 level higher than the spell's level.

That's pretty cool. But how does it work? Does the Alchemist prepare the spell like a Wizard and if so: is the spell in his Formula Book or does he need a separate Spell Book? Can Wizards read an Alchemist's spell, even though they cannot understand Formulae?

Or do they just concentrate for 15 minutes, like a Sorcerer?

chaoseffect wrote:
lopping of its head then fixing it would be death.

Why would you assume that? While the Dragon is petrified it's an object, and cannot die. Fix the object, and any Stone to Flesh spell should restore the Dragon in good health.

Just, you know... don't glue the head on backwards.

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A Broodmaster could use Transmogrify to move all evolutions to one of the Eidolons, though that wouldn't actually make the other ones merge or disappear.

An Alchemist could make Touch Injection Infusions and give all party members the power to heal with a touch. It'll do wonders for the whole party's action economy.

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Lathiira wrote:
But intimidate/diplomacy? Hm.

Maybe they can be combined into one "intimacy" roll?

Two words: Armor Spikes.

Ashiel's Guide to Adventure Preparation should be a life-saver.

Actually... with the Spell Knowledge discovery, an Alchemist can become a caster (albeit of a single spell). So after that they do have a Caster Level and can qualify for the Lich template.

Moospuh wrote:
What I'm really looking for is other uses for constructs.
Even Tiny Animated Objects can be quite useful - just make sure you have a lot of them.
  • Unlike summons they're always around. No more guard duty for the PCs.
  • Their immunities mean they can attack while the party throws poisons, fear effects and what-have-you-not.
  • Mules. Sure the little tykes have next to no strength, but they're tireless. Make a dozen or so push a cart.
  • Expendable stormtroopers. Make them fan out to flank all enemies, even when they can't really take anyone down by themselves.

Give everybody in the party their very own Homunculus?

I wonder what happens when your armour goes berserk, with you in it...

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As far as I know, a Phylactery has to be a tiny box, with strips of parchment inside. So why not let it be just that? Tiny boxes aren't exactly noteworthy.

I'd weigh it down, and throw it into a well. Liches can reform under water just fine. She can just wait there for a bit, out of sight while regaining spells.

Edward Sobel wrote:
does Daze spell fall under the effects of this trait?

Probably not. Daze does not result in peaceful acts, rather it prevents some acts altogether.

Although that would apply to sleep too, unless you consider falling asleep an act.

Irwin, the Gnome wrote:
Why make a duplicate thread?

'cause That one was about a specific case, and (probably because of that) didn't get much attention.

You're right though, I should have put a link in.

And, why leave out the text we quoted you last time that answers your question?

Because it didn't answer that question (nor this one). The Alchemist's class description is in conflict with its own formulae list. We can argue about which rule takes precedence, but really: one of those rules just shouldn't be there.

Alchemical items are cheap, and often give a bonus against a potential cause of a Fortitude save - stock up on those, and just swallow the whole apothecary before heading into danger.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

How can Alchemists create an infused extract of True Strike, when they cannot make an extract that has a Focus requirement?

the Advanced Player's Guide FAQ wrote:

Alchemist and infusions: Can I use the infusion discovery to create an infused extract of a personal-range formula (such as true strike), which someone else can drink?

Yes, you can. The design team may decide to close this loophole in the next printing of the Advanced Player's Guide.

the Alchemists' class description wrote:
Extracts cannot be made from spells that have focus requirements
the True Strike spell wrote:
Components V, F (small wooden replica of an archery target)

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