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72. Interactive anatomy lessons.

Ishpumalibu wrote:
VRMH wrote:
A Simulacrum of a Lemure
I can't remember if that makes them constructs or not

Nope, it doesn't. They have the (sub-)type of the original.

Close off the entrances to the dungeon, and smoke/flush/burn the "heroes" out.

Who's to say modern materials even exist in the game world(s) anyway? There's no mithral in the real world either. Plus we're talking about a universe based (loosely) on Greek elemental building blocks, rather than atoms and molecules.

A Simulacrum of a Lemure would be obedient.

36. Scarecrows.
37. Rickshaw taxi services.

A small child shows up, and asks "Why?"

It's fun, original and not against the rules. Go for it!

Maybe team up with a Trapper Ranger, who can set traps from a distance?
He sets 'em up, you knock 'em down... with a double *boom*.

Item creation requires feats, so don't go for any specific "build" for your caster. It also requires downtime, a place to work and base materials. These are largely dependant on your GM, so check if the campaign will have them available.
Oh, and ask the other players whether their PCs will actually need gear and if so: what kind.

Erm... wouldn't light actually create shadows? Try Darkness instead. There's no shadow when there's no light.
There is of course a lot of darkness, but no actual shadow.

a small idea:
LuxuriantOak wrote:
a lot of my plan hinges on her not getting smacked down and into a bloody pulp the first time they see her

Okay, you got that and a lot of ice... so how 'bout using some Simulacra of the main villain?

There's another type of construct that's easily overlooked: an Intelligent Magical Item.

Secret Wizard wrote:
could I have a figment Ioun Wyrd without paying for the construction cost?!

I doubt it, but that would make sense.

Either way, a sorcerer talking to a heap of pebbles as if it's a sentient creature does make for a nice bit of comic relief.

Might I suggest the Net as Loki's weapon? He's credited with inventing it, after all.

An Alchemist/Enchanter/Necromancer, who has ensorcelled minions that:

  • Fight, die and then go: BOOM!
  • Rise up as undead, fight again, die again and then go BOOM!

Ghouls are probably the nearest thing. Sentient, capable of gaining class levels and not too powerful.

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45. "Are you sure?"

That's more for Druid sports, right? Apart from Devils, anyway.

Once you're grappling, you're no longer attempting to grapple. So the penalty should be meaningless by then.

I think you only get a free touch attempt when it's part of the casting. So no moving before touching; if you do it becomes a standard action.

Demi-mummy. Or "dummy", for short.

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Tacticslion (and I) gathered some ideas in this thread about how a Caster Level could be cranked up during the work on a Construct, to meet the requirements:

  • A (Flawed) Orange Prism Ioun Stone for +1 CL.
  • AEther (and a healer on hand to undo the addiction) once every hour for another +1.
  • The Death Knell spell cast every ten minutes (just crush a beetle or something) gives another +1.
  • The Sharesister spell (and again a healer on hand for the casting sister or brother) for +3. But this needs to be repeated every few minutes.
The last items on that list are pretty hard to keep up for a full working day of course. Also: everything but the Aether is going to rack up quite a bill. But you can start working on more advanced Constructs a lot earlier this way.

Another idea:
The "Inner Beauty" trait gives a whopping +4 to a single craft check once a day. Just make sure you're sculpting particularly pretty Golems, and you're good to go.

Alchemists can slowly mummify themselves over the course of their career. I'd goad players who want to be undead towards that class.

The ability to reroll failed checks can also cover for a lack of actual skill ranks.

A Homunculus isn't a Golem. And if it gets destroyed, its creator takes damage so they're best kept out of a fight. That said, they're pretty cool.

I'd drop the idea of crafting Golems or any other type of constructs though, and instead go for Simulacra. More bang for your buck.

Byakko wrote:
why not just equip a mundane dog with a magic item, and have the "command word" be a particular type of bark?

Most dogs have trouble understanding the concept of "aiming", so you may need to give the creature an Intelligence boost. And dogs do tend to bark anyway. A lot. At inopportune times...

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Nice one! But...

Tacticslion wrote:
It's possible that the Construct subtype is not subject to negative levels

I'd be more concerned with the sex issue: I'm not so sure that giving a Homunculus a penis makes it "male"...

All of this can be done by a 4th level adept.

...with a sugar daddy or fairy godmother - the costs are staggering. But hey, that was the basic premise anyway.

Neutral Evil. His "apolitical dedication to science" became apparent only after being a nazi became a bad thing for him.
He did evil things for an evil regime, in an evil way and to evil ends.

alexd1976 wrote:

Stone weapons ARE fragile, they are listed as such. Which is odd... if they are primarily bludgeoning weapons...

It implies that wood is harder than stone.

It implies that stone is more brittle than wood - which it definitely is. The flexibility of wood makes it really hard to break while the hardness of stone is precisely what makes it easier to damage.

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Putting the thread on a tangent:

Magical Crafting feats require specific Caster Levels. And the crafter of Constructs then has to meet a minimum Caster Level on top of that. Most of the suggestions in this thread pertain to the casting of spells, or rely on short-lived bonuses. But what if you want to create a Golem at the lowest possible level?
The Orange Prism Ioun Stone could be used to meet the feat requirements one level earlier (if you could afford it), and AEther and Death Knell could conceivably be used during the crafting process. But from what I can tell, all the other sources of bonuses either work only on spells, or would have to be refreshed every six seconds, eight hours a day for a few weeks...

Did I miss any? I'd love to have a 4th level Adept follower cranking out Wax Golems if I keep him funded (and high on aether).

JJ Jordan wrote:
I wouldn't make a character that is focused on anti-mind control. Your GM will find a new favorite way to try and kill your characters.

Yeah. Put some effort into taking (mind-controlled) people out of the fight too. If you counter something completely, there's no telling what will be thrown at you instead...

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Problems with a player need to be resolved outside the game.
Problems with a PC may have to be resolved outside the game too, if dealing with them in-character would prove to be too disruptive.
PvP is almost always too disruptive.

jasin wrote:
Can two allies grant this bonus to a third?

They could, but the effects wouldn't stack: it's a bonus from the same source, even though it came from two different PCs.

Can a single ally grant this bonus to two different allies?

I doubt it, as the granting ally can only lose their own armour AC once. But there's no explicit rule against it that I'm aware of.

Got a link to the specs of this vehicle?

Krell44 wrote:
How do I determine when I could normally acquire a new familiar?

Ask your GM. Technically your current familiar needs to be dead or dismissed first, but many GMs and players find that ridiculous.

But first ask your GM if they'll let you qualify for the Improved Familiar: Alchemists aren't Arcane Casters.

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Sheppard Book wrote:
Any other ideas on what I could take after 5th level?

Craft Construct. Then prepare a Soulbound Mannequin (or a Soulbound Shell once you hit level 12).

Now whenever you die... two of you will rise!
Beat that, dr. Who.

It's possible, it's legal and it's pretty odd - which is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.

You still can't wear metal armours though. Being metal is fine, wearing metal is a big no-no for druids. You may want to add something in the character's background about how it convinced another druid to train it though.

Because who wouldn't want to live in a home with an angry vampire, who gets loose the moment you're late with the rent?

BlingerBunny wrote:
Just a Guess wrote:
Sow Terror (Monster)
Where'd you find this, and could it be made to work for a core race?

It's from Classic Monsters Revisited, it's a feat and its only pre-req is the Stealthy feat. So it should be available to all races.

I actually love it - Pallies really should put the fear of their God in anyone who opposes them.

However... frightened is a really annoying condition to impose on your enemies. You don't want them to run away, you want them to stand their ground and take the beating they got coming.


The Archives of Nethys usually mentions the origin of its stuff as the first thing of the description.

Seginus wrote:
VRMH wrote:
You can Intimidate or Antagonize people while hiding in the bushes just fine.
Actually, that's not true.

Gah! You're right. Still, sound is probably the way to go. Maybe add a few illusions so that you are visible - just not in person?

The main problems with Golems are their costs and the investment in Feats, Skills and Levels that is required. boring7 Already gave most of the good advice, so I'll just add this little tidbit:
Crafting skills are more easily cranked up with Traits, Feats and Spells than the Spellcraft skill.

boring7 wrote:
You could also, in theory, bluff or disguise your way into controlling it. At least my quick search didn't turn up anything saying that a mindless creature cannot be bluffed into believing, say, that you are its creator under the effects of a magical disguise. Then you simply order it to obey the orders and commands of this guy you are pointing at as if those orders were your own until further notice.

This looks like it could work. Fossil Golems have a Wisdom and Perception of +0, so you might be able to fool it with a decent disguise - if you know what the erstwhile owner looked like.

And if you do know that, you could also create a Simulacrum of him. That might work even better.

And what precisely is the advice you seek?

Apart from how to be a Paragon of Virtue, a Knight in Shining Armour and a Defender of Truth, Honour and Honesty while also being scum? ;)

By using sound. You can Intimidate or Antagonize people while hiding in the bushes just fine.

  • Inner Beauty trait (requires worshipping Shelyn): +4 to a perform check once a day.
  • Inexplicable Luck feat (requires Defiant Luck and being Human): +8 to a d20 roll.
  • Deific Obedience feat (Shelyn): +4 sacred bonus to perform.

Shield Guardian Golems are controlled by whoever holds their amulet, but that doesn't apply to regular Golems of course.

You could try raising the previous owner (possibly as an undead) and ask/force them to order the Golem to obey you.

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