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*posts links to some choice examples of "black corn smut"*

Do make sure to support their characters as much as you can. Buffs, help them to flank... anything, really. Odds are, it'll annoy them too.

It's so hard being hard-boiled, when people are... nice.

You will never die. (Surprise! You end up turned to stone for all eternity.)

miscdebris wrote:
I'm not sure -2 spellcraft is much worth a feat though.

Oh, it's not. But I interpret "an observer must make a Perception check opposed by your Sleight of Hand check to notice your spellcasting" as denying the Spellcraft check completely if they fail the check.

You can't identify what you don't even know is there. So long as the spell itself has no immediate, obvious effect, you should be able to cast 'till you're blue in the face.

Why not just train a mundane creature? Or buy a Homunculus - they don't have to be familiars.

The Secret Signs feat may help. Or just hiding yourself while casting.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

  • Use a role model, so you can think "What Would X Do/Say".
  • Have a few handy catchphrases, so you'll always say the right (albeit the same) things.

I like big toes and I cannot lie.

Given the continuing interest in this subject, a creative solution may well be worth the effort.

I'd settle for a yes-or-no answer though.

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*announces his grandiose return! (without adding anything of substrance to the actual discussion, of course)*

Implanting Ioun stones is from Seeker of Secrets, as I recall. It's Paizo material.

Alternatively (and probably not very useful to you) you can also take an Ioun Wyrd familiar, who can incorporate Ioun stones into itself while still granting their boon to its master.

Cuup wrote:
Scrying wrote:
You can observe a creature at any distance.
The description seems pretty plain to me; viewing a creature is your only option when using Scrying.

While that makes sense, it doesn't explain the existance of spells like Obscure Object.

Obscure Object wrote:
This spell hides an object from location by divination (scrying) effects, such as the scrying spell or a crystal ball.

Thanks, that makes sense. Did you deduce that, or did I just miss it in the rules somewhere?

Well... while the description of the Scrying spell (which the Crystal Balls are based on) suggests otherwise, there's no actual requirement to scry on a creature. So you could use it to check in on a specific place, and no-one will be getting any saves.

Given that there are several other spells to hide places or objects from scrying attempts, it seems to be the RAI.

The Wizards' Arcane Bond ability grants two options (familiar or bonded item) and has two forms (Ex or Sp).

So which is which?

Well I never!

*stomps off*

*proclaims he had his perfect, answers-all-questions post eaten by the forum*

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kinevon wrote:
Zahariel wrote:

I last read this thread two years ago. The succubus is still grappling that PC?

Imma buy that man a beer.
I thought the PC was a naked wildshaped-to-bear druidess?

I'm sure she'd still like a beer.

Or honey. Bears like honey, right? Drizzled all over their grappling partner...

Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack.

Note that this only indirectly means one cannot have two separate Familiars from two classes, and nothing is said about having two Familiars keyed off levels of the same class.

What would stop the party from torching the whole place once they catch on?

Kill 'em all, let the Gods sort 'em out.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Even if they refuse to admit it, pretty much everyone knows that these new rules were implemented just so they didn't have to fix psychics

Do not attribute to malice that which can equally well be explained by incompetence. ;)

TomParker wrote:
Any other benefits from a familiar that would essentially always be on my person?

One more Perception roll in the party. Or Sense Motive. Or even an extra save, just in case the whole party fails theirs against a single spell.

I wouldn't give a Sloth guard duty though...

zainale wrote:
i just wana know if 1 lvl of wizard is equal to or not equal to the discovery Spell Knowledge.

It is not equal.

when an alchemist reaches the lvl where he can make 3 lvl formulas is there anything that prevents the alchemist from taking brew potion?

Yes, there is. The alchemist isn't a "3rd level caster" for the purpose of taking the feat; he is still a 1st level caster (and a 7th level Alchemist, but that doesn't help).

Also: I'm not sure the regular feat allows the Alchemist to make potions based on his extracts.

  • Get appointed "peacekeeper"(or somesuch) by the local authorities, and you can play judge-jury-executioner all day long.
  • Get a magical item that turns people to stone, and call it a "merciful" punishment.
  • Do Bleed damage, and neglect to heal.
You may want to hand in your Paladin card though.

I'd suggest a wheelbarrow, but Pathfinder doesn't have any rules for them.

Manly-man teapot wrote:

Halfling Juggler. Rogue (Makeshift Scrapper) 1. High Dex, good Cha. Feats: Skill Focus (Bluff). Traits: Clumsy Slave, Surprise Weapon. Skills: Bluff (9+cha), Sleight of Hand (for juggling).

Schtick: Be nothing but a harmless entertainer. Throw improvised saps for 1d4+1d6 (SA), then bluff people into believing it was an accident, so you can do it again.

Hehe. Nonchalant Thuggery would be a nice trait for this concept too.

As for my own entry: a Sorcerer with an Aberrant Figment Tumor familiar - and a terrible case of Münchausen syndrom.

Tony Cotterill wrote:
Why on earth would you Arcane Mark someone in combat? There may be a rare role-playing reason but essentially it's just to use the system as writ to get an extra attack.

Ever seen Zorro in action?

Nah! Feels a bit 'munchkin' to me.

Fair enough, and I do agree. But there isn't much of an alternative.

TheMonkeyFish wrote:
But the Victim can't trigger this ability?

Not the Betrayal feats, no.

A few bad-ass quotes from films or books can work great too.

Ventnor wrote:
Be an Inquisitor.

But you can only be the "victim" then.

Lay On Hands.

A Cleric is a caster. A Paladin is HOLY.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

A "Pageant of the Peacock"-bard with Item Creation feats: bluffing your way through Golem creation... and actually succeeding!

Fake it so you'll make it.

A level 1 wizard could instruct an Unseen Servant to "animate" available corpses. Such a "faux-zombie" can't actually attack of course, but it does make for a great distraction.

LordQwert wrote:
Did I miss some errata somewhere that lets formulae function as oils? Is that a discovery perhaps?

Nah, Paizo just keeps forgetting Alchemists aren't spellcasters.

Also: Mask from Divination's mask is a focus, and so the spell can't be made into an extract.

Stoner? Granny Granite? Marbleous? Peter?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
RDM42 wrote:
Sledgehammer wrote:
You propose a character in who specialises in games of chance (chaos) and actively cheats (neutral to evil).
Chaotic, sure - evil? No.

You can probably interpret some forms of cheating as Lawful (not many though). If the game requires a reasonable amount of skill, and if the character is out to prove his superiority and punish fools for their lack of cardmanship, then it could be seen as a Lawful attitude.

Somewhat. A bit. Maybe.

Modesty preserver - holds up a towel or blanket when you're bathing.

The simplest way for a Bard to do more damage is to have more people in the party. Bards act through others.

Homunculi can become healers by force-feeding them ten CLW potions - sort of.

Hiding your spellcasting is quite doable. It's hiding the spells themselves that causes issues.

It might be a better tactic to buff yourself to the gills and then go thieving the old-fashioned way. Or possess or enchant others to do it for you.

So is a Gauntlet on your hand also in hand, for this purpose?

Letric wrote:
My Raven can use Wands without any issues, right?

I think you need at least one point in UMD yourself too, otherwise the skill isn't "trained".

will it survive at all with 1/4 my HPs?

Not for very long - it's just another humanoid in the party now, and a reasonable target for most enemies. But being a Figment, it'll be back when you wake up.

Probably minus the Anthropomorphic Animal or any other buff though.

Could I potentially store it inside a Bag of Holding and it could move action to get out, cast a spell?

Or choke, whichever happens first.

Do you consider would be better to go Sage Familiar?

I wouldn't like the fragility of the Familiar myself. A Figment will die more easily, but it'll be back.

can Monkey familiars manipulate items like Wands?

Probably, they do have opposable thumbs. Ask your GM though.

It's not a very good archetype, but the Promethean Alchemist gets, at level 1, a Construct that can use (and even create) the Alchemist's Extracts. So you can just take a seat while RoboNurse whips up and hands out the Infusions.

There's the Shadow Gambit feat, that does the trick.

Missio Dei wrote:
Is Treatmonk's guide still the defacto wizard guide?

Yes and no.

Much of his factual advice has been superseded by later source books, but the basic strategies are still sound.

4) Does an attached tumor familiar need to eat? Or sleep?


Specifically a Promethean Alchemist. They can't throw bombs and they can't "hulk out" with a mutagen. So all that's left are the Alchemists' Extracts. But the Homunculus has that covered already: it can make and use them.
Where does that leave the Alchemists themselves? What do they actually do? Make constructs all day?

Fairy tales, or Disney movies?

quibblemuch wrote:

^ good one. I was thinking "benefactor" or maybe "fount".

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