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Under the "Alchemical Affinity" header, you mention the ability to copy healing spells from a Formula Book to your Spell Book. However, just 'cause a Spell Sage can cast those spells, doesn't mean they're on the Wizards' spell list.

Or just use an Unseen Servant to apply the poison for you.

So this is what winning feels like, hm?
Interesting. I think I like it.

Starglim wrote:
It's an interesting question how it might work with a boat that moves no faster than your normal speed.

Probably the same way as it would on the second floor of an unmoving house. My guess is: if the surface you're on is as sturdy and reliable as "the ground", it qualifies as being the ground.

Magic tends to work best when considered intuitively, rather than scientifically.

But your item still emits "a slight blue light". In a totally dark environment, almost any light source can be seen from miles away.

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It's not a "normal, unmodified animal" any more though.

Maybe the numbers are correct, but it's supposed to increase with +4 (to a total of +9)?

Simulacra would in many cases be a cheaper alternative. But if you're set on golems: the Wax Golem would be a good start. I'm not sure if they remain obedient after becoming sentient though...

Does your dinosaur have hooves?

Well... it does say "for the purpose of familiar abilities". So per the RAW it wouldn't fly, unless the companion's definition states it acts as a familiar for the purpose of sharing spells.

169 You inherit... you! It seems your granny was feeling lonely, and commissioned a simulacrum of you. Don't you feel guilty now for not visiting more often?

ShroudedInLight wrote:
the whole point is to have two halflings burst out of a trenchcoat.

It's probably not at all what you're looking for, but: put a Greater Hat of Disguise on a Tumor Familiar and the second Halfling will be bursting out of you!

Activate an item that'll deparalise you - provided the activation is a mental command.

justaworm wrote:
Garrick Williams wrote:
2) How does the empire plan to spread the disease? Smuggle an allied elf in? Maybe the empire bribed a dragon to betray the kingdom?
Infected mosquitos and rats, just like in the real world.

And using the Animal Messenger spell to speed things along.

chaoseffect wrote:
Sepia Snake Sigil can let you keep your cattle in suspended animation (no escape for them but also no need to feed, water, or provide air for them) and with Blood Money there is no costly component.

Shadow Conjuration would negate the costs too (but the spell is one level higher).

So... who's wearing that circlet? 'cause Dead creatures can't - they're objects.

You might be able to track down an old splatbook: "Hollowfaust - City of Necromancers". It's for 3.0 as I recall, so the rules won't be very useful. But it's an interesting take on a community of civilised, "not always all that evil"-necromancers.

fretgod99 wrote:
That dwarves get to treat them as martial weapons for proficiency purposes doesn't change that they are exotic.
True, but:
Weapon Familiarity: Dwarves are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word "dwarven" in its name as a martial weapon.

It doesn't say anything about proficiency. Dwarves treat any weapon with "dwarven" in the name as a martial weapon. So that should be for all purposes: proficiency as well as creation.

How 'bout an anthropomorphising Pack Lord?

Well, religion has very little influence on a Bard build, so I'd suggest telling us more about what kind of a Bard you'd like to play. Support? Healer? Skillmonkey? Frontline meatshield? Or even an all-singing-and-dancing jester?

A summoner and his eidolon share magic item slots. Does this also apply to:

  • Magical Tattoos? They're already priced as slotless anyway.
  • Fungal Grafts? They're not actually magical, they just render a slot inaccessible.

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Icyshadow wrote:
Why punish the babies for the crimes of their parents?

Actually, this is the norm in many historical and even some current legal systems. Though usually "toddlers" are exempt.

I'd say it could pass for not-evil (but only just) if the PC invoked rules and customs of warfare. But in most cases that won't fly.

A potion of Polypurpose Panacea could make someone sober for an hour. However, per the rules the drinker is the caster, and so the drinker gets to decide what the potion does.

Goblin on a flying mammoth, hm? Just one word popped into my mind:


Dafydd wrote:
A KN Nature would tell your character if it was a were.

Why Knowledge? Wouldn't Perception make more sense, the animal shape being essentially a disguise?

Additionally, don't weres revert to their humanoid form if killed? (Dead give away there)

They do, but to know that should require Knowledge (Nature).

  • I've no idea what I'm doing, but it seems to work all the same.
  • Anything you can cast, I can cast better. Or too, anyway. Sort of.
  • I will become the grandmaster wizard of ALL magic!

Was that the sort of thing you meant?

We need a new, general rule: traits only ever grant trait bonuses, even when their description mentions no specific type.
Or better: no bonus from a trait ever stacks, in any way, with that of another trait.

Bonuses to a single d20 roll might work too, depending on what you want that Wisdom score for. Inexplicable Luck gives +8.

That Crazy Alchemist wrote:
telepathy requires line of effect and line of sight.

Does it? All I could find was a range limit.

Though I'd still say "no", since you can't communicate with creatures you're unaware of anyway. Telepathy is communication, not detection.

Some magical items actually come inscribed with identifying marks, up to and including their command word.
So if the PCs won't identify their loot, make the loot identify itself.

Negate Aroma might not seem very interesting... until you realise sharks hunt mainly by scent.

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Sissyl wrote:
So what would change with a succubus if she gets M instead of S?

I think she'd gain strength and lose dexterity as well as the other size bonuses from being Small.

Or did you mean her "partner" grows in size? 'cause that could happen, with the right ministrations...

KitsuneKid wrote:
The weapon that's attatched on both ends to a chain (not sure what it's called)

Kusarigama. I'd forget about a polearm; the Kusarigama already has reach.

And for subterfuge you may want to take a look at the Realistic Likeness feat.

I don't think it's clarified anywhere.

3. The menagery of pet animals meant for students to pick a future Familiar from, has gained some sort of group intelligence. They escaped en masse and are now reaping havoc on the school grounds.

Pop-up grid maps with height differences.

At the risk of appearing flippant: an increase in the base Wisdom score would do that. And Inexplicable Luck gives a massive 8 point bonus to a d20 roll... but only once a day, only for Humans and only after taking two feats.
Aren't there any traits for allowing a once-per-day reroll of a d20, or rolling twice?

The Mutant Eye trait is a nice start.

As I read it, it's a constant effect - as long as the prerequisites are met, of course.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Safewords exist for a reason...

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by being in a hurry."

Your player may simply be eager to keep the game moving along, which is a good thing. Just institute the rule that all rolls must have been seen (as suggested by several people already) and move on.

What's the prize we're fighting over anyway?
I'd like to know what I just won.

A troll with a parasol?

Maybe an item that puts a continuous Speak with Dead on the corpse? And maybe add a few Unseen Servants to move the body around. It'll still be a corpse, but at least it's a walking, talking corpse.

1) Maybe the PC can only be in Unicorn form while not under any duress?
2) Just be lenient about what can be used, and how it can be used.
3) Classic Monsters Revisited has more on Hobgoblins, so I'd start there.

Secret Stash combines well with the Alchemical Tinkering spell - first you pull an alchemical cartridge out of your... erm... wherever, and then you change it into something else.

Essentially there are two forms of "stealth casting", each with their own issues: hiding the fact that you're casting a spell, and hiding the whole caster. The first is usually the purview of Prestige Classes and the latter involves invisibility and/or sniping.

Claxon wrote:
Basically magical energies surrond you as you cast spells or some such that make it obvious what you are doing because even with no spell components you still provoke an AoO.

Was it ever confirmed that something observable occurs when casting a spell? As that AoO might just be because the caster is focusing on the spell and not paying enough attention to their defences.

A witch's familiar retains its spell knowledge for 24 hours; I think that's the only Pathfinder rule on the subject.

Intelligent items that'll cast their own spells for him?

Oh, and what about a Simulacrum of the NPC, which is made to do some of his work (and because of that is fitter, looks better and maybe is nicer too.)

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