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VRMH's page

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Vikingur wrote:
how much medium or small creature can ride a huge or larger mount-like creature.

Four Medium creatures.

Ask the other players. They're the ones who have to:
A) adventure with an Orc.
B) adventure with someone who keeps trying to redeem the enemy, rather than just kill 'em and take their stuff.

There's good RP potential in the concept, but it may not work in every party.

An elephant.

So let's FAQ this one, and see what happens.

Failing a Fly check means you fail to fly. Really it can't get much simpler.

Just put it near a summoning circle. A Good aligned weapon would be a potent "motivator" against a summoned Fiend, and the Clerics couldn't cast the spell themselves.

Wouldn't a first level character with a scroll of Widened Fireball be able to cast it?

Krell44 wrote:
And they Raven gets to speak a language as well, or is that just the Thrush?

They both do.

Oddly enough, the Parrot doesn't.

Buy a guard dog; they're cheap and expendable.

A duality-based religious system might make sense: a Lawful pantheon that defends people from random meteor strikes, and a Chaotic one that causes them - for good or ill.
It'll make a nice change from the usual Good vs. Evil too.

Considering this all started 'cause the PC decided she wanted to bear a king's heir, wouldn't it be important to stay at court for at least a few months? You don't want there to be any doubt about who sired that child...

What about a full-faced helmet? That should do the trick.

Splendor wrote:
Caster level is not a requirement to make an item.
True, but there's an exception for making Constructs:
Building and Modifying Constructs wrote:
Each missing requirement increases the Craft DC by 5. Regardless, the creator must meet all item creation feats and minimum caster level requirements.

Alas, the Caster Level requirement of Construct crafting cannot be skipped. And while there are ways to crank up the creator's CL, they are cumbersome and expensive.

The Unchained ones have clear home planes, but vanilla Eidolons? Who knows?

Blue Tempest wrote:
do a little damage to a player if their character says the wrong thing

Ah, if only...

Kidding aside, I think the idea is silly. Errors in combat cause physical damage. Errors in conversation cause social damage. Have bystanders guffaw or something, and give that PC a circumstantial penalty to further social interactions for a while. But you don't suddenly get a nosebleed just 'cause you made a faux-pas.

(p.s.: combat is roleplaying too, or at least it can be.)

The drawback of a Hare though, is that it's edible...

Personally I like the Raven.

  • +8 untyped bonus to a d20 roll from Inexplicable Luck.
  • +4 from a helpful Halfling using Aid Another.

It's a pretty awful spell and finding uses for it is a bit of a chore. The Alchemists' version is truly useless: spending 24h creating something that'll last 8h and paying 100gp per HD for the privilege?

But with the False Focus feat granting free 1 or 2 HD Lesser Simulacra to arcane casters, there may be situations where the spell comes into play. You'll need decent Diplomacy or Bluff skills to get them to do anything for you. But creating mercenaries or craftsmen who'll melt into a puddle before you have to pay them may have its uses, once in a blue moon.
(Provided they don't make a Spellcraft check to realize what they are, and how long they have to live.)

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Renegadeshepherd wrote:
I love how half the posts are breaking the 4th wall and making fun of pathfinder communities Deadpool style.

We fought monsters for too long, and have become the most scarey monsters ourselves...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This one works better the older your players are:


Dead children, cries of children, child ghosts and above all: possessed children the party may have to confront. Never fails the unnerve me.

A permit to be scurrying around in graveyards.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

No doubt you'll often be given the advice not to be an Evil character in a group with a Paladin in the first place, so I won't bother.

You could be an Evil Cleric of a non-Evil deity. You have your god's alignment aura after all, not your own.

Artifix wrote:
To what extent can a intelligent item grow limbs. Could it possibly grow a whole body?

It could create a Lesser Simulacrum and then attempt to take control. Or take levels in a class that allows the growing of additional limbs. Or it could already be a whole body (scarecrow? doll?) and then animate itself.

You know what real-world people use against snipers?


Seriously. Just hang up a few sheets, and everybody is denied their line-of-sight and line-of-effect. Works great against archers, wizards and bomb-chuckers - until they set fire to the curtains anyway.

DeliciousDebris wrote:

Also just a small aside, the tattoo familiar is listed as a Su.

Does that mean if I or my Familiar walked into an antimagic field, she would disappear like a summoned creature?

As I read it, the creature is real and the tattoo is a Su. So instead of disappearing, the opposite would happen: if "Flopsy" is currently a tattoo, it'll suddenly spring to life the moment your inked skin hits the Antimagic Field.

So... what about Werewolves? That translates as Man-Wolf.

Nohwear wrote:
No! The link is wrong. A warlock is an oathbreaker and receiver and that is it.

Sort of. It does mean oath-breaker, but became a generic swearword. Which then was used against (male) witches to the point that it ended up being identified with them.

Detect Magic.

You could just drop it.

Cyg wrote:
I keep seeing this type of stuff everywhere, saying casters need a CHA or WIS score to cast certain spells. Where is this in the CRB?
Here for casting from a Scroll. Oddly enough, the rule that you need a minimum Ability Score to cast spells altogether isn't a generic magic rule, but gets repeated in the class descriptions. So for instance:
Cleric wrote:
To prepare or cast a spell, a cleric must have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the spell level.
Cyg wrote:
Where do I find these "requisite ability scores" mentioned in the scrolls section? Is this something different than the caster level?
You can't find it directly.
  • You have to check the Class' spell list, to see at which level it gets the spell in question.
  • Then you have to check which Ability Score that Class actually uses to cast.
  • And then you need to see if the Ability Score of the PC is greater or equal to the Spell Level + 10.
It's really rather unintuitive, but there you go. And none of it has anything to do with Caster Levels - that's a whole other kettle of fish.

Someone else mentioned Haste requiring a CHA or INT score of 13. How do you know this?

Most Classes that have Haste on their Spell List, get it as a third level spell. So a Sorcerer (who casts using Charisma) needs a minimum of 3 + 10 = 13 to cast the spell from a scroll. And a Wizard needs an Intelligence that high for the same reason.

I feel like I'm missing out on a big part of spell-casting!

Possibly, but don't sweat it. Just work your way through the options, and don't hesitate to ask "stupid" questions.

Potions are the simplest items to get the hang of. Then Scrolls, Wands... and then it gets really messy...

Forbiddance maybe?

As long as they have no reason to travel somewhere, what does it matter they could travel anywhere? Let them "hop" all they like, but the action was back where they started.

Also, just scale the map down in your mind. Maybe in ye olden days the next village was a day's travel. Now the next country is. So just think of a whole nation as just another town.

A "letter of marque" might be a useful way of drawing the party into the larger political spiel.

Opuk0 wrote:
Would a familiar whose master has ranks in linguistics gain new languages?

In my opinion: no. "Whenever you put a rank into this skill, you learn to speak and read a new language." That's the rule, and the Familiar didn't actually put any ranks into the skill.

In addition, does the master having ranks in a skill that is considered a class skill for the familiar (acrobatics, climb, etc) allow the familiar to gain the +3 bonus for having a rank in that skill?

Yes. After all: why else have Class Skills to begin with?

It's still an unanswered question. Or, to be honest: it's an answered question, but it doesn't make any sense.

pulseoptional wrote:
it doesn't seem like there is a good way to get a decent amount of damage in the long game out of imp. weapons. or am i missing something?

You're not missing anything. It's why weapons exist in the first place, inside the game and (alas) in the real world. "The right tool for the right job."

zainale wrote:
is there any feat that improve your to hit chance?

Weapon Focus.

Artifix wrote:

I disagree. If anything, Monks are more dependant on good gear than other martials - mundane stuff tends to not help them one bit; they need magic to keep up.

I'd pick Cleric myself, or Summoner.

Perhaps you couldn't find it because it's actually a spell/elixir: Touch Injection.

zauriel56 wrote:
I don't see the bombs fitting in with the whole Schtick.

Refluff them as a concoction of irritating natural "gunk" or bags filled with fire ants and nettles maybe?

Just 'cause it does fire damage, doesn't mean it needs to be fire.

You could take a Thrush or Raven with the Figment archetype. They'd need some buffing, but you can have the Skilled evolution at level 3.
And you'd save yourself a feat.

Couldn't some Faery queen give the happy couple a child to raise, since obviously they can't have kids of their own?

Ragusa Cekbar wrote:
I'd like to unnerve the player.

Have an NPC healer mention that those who died recently can somehow not be brought back to life...

Answer: no-one knows, ask your GM.
And if you are the GM: don't allow this trick; while it makes sense there are too many ways in which it can be abused.

Wait... an Animated Object isn't a Clockwork Construct, is it? Even if you animated a clock, it still wouldn't be a Clockwork Construct.

So are you making a Clockwork Construct that happens to be in the shape of a comfy chair, or are you animating a comfy chair that happens to have a clockwork inside?

Dimming the lights and lighting a few candles should be a good start. What kind of Gothic are we talking about though? Faux-Victorian? Modern? Medieval?

Coffee is 1 copper per cup, and two of those reduce Fatigue penalties.
It's no solution, but it's dirt-cheap.

Blake's Tiger wrote:
VRMH wrote:
Aren't minimal Caster Levels of the creator mandatory?
I don't think so... E.g. A pearl of power can be CL 3, not CL 19.

True. I was confused with the rules for crafting Constructs:

Craft Construct wrote:
the creator must meet all item creation feats and minimum caster level requirements

Aren't minimal Caster Levels of the creator mandatory?

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