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Why not just go with a Broodmaster Summoner, and end up with eight companions and (almost) as many hands between them as you wish?

No. Words of Power have a major problem: it's a consistent system. There are potent combinations, and spontaneous casters get more mileage out of it. But you lose out on all the fun spells, the quirky ones and those that combine nicely with other spells.

Nearyn wrote:
Can you provide citation?

Actually... no.

The "beat the DC" case is, as Jeraa pointed out, simply an application of the Aid Another rules. The "beat the weight" situation isn't covered by the rules, so I just assumed basic physics.

Depends. If it's a weight that needs to be moved, you can simply add up all the Strength scores (provided all parties can actually contribute). If there's a DC to be met, then you just add +2 for everyone who helps to the roll of the strongest person.

Which makes no logical sense whatsoever, but there you go.

I think it would be an interesting idea. But the more options a character has, the greater the chance a player finds a "game-breaking" combination. So get your players on board: you want Rogues to be interesting again (right?), not problematic.

Maybe the Half-Orc can be a Gorilla, as Animal Companion? That would simplify the situation somewhat.

When you grapple a climber, wouldn't you be able to add your weight to its encumbrance?

That does require the party to lug around one or more statues though.

Clerics have an oft-overlooked class feature, that the other classes can't match: they're religious authority figures.
Support from a church or pious population is nothing to sneer at, for instance when you want scrolls without taking the feat to make them yourself.

Join A completely, and then take it over from the inside?

Can't they just be retrained?

Ask your GM, that's really the only logical answer. Were I the GM in question... I'd probably post a message like this here, to get some feedback.
Honestly, both yea an nay make sense here.

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Or she's climbing towards the angel at the top of the Christmas tree, mistletoe at the ready.

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Well, when she's up a tree and there's a bear-shaped druid under it... she might decide to stay up there a while longer.

Blood Money has to be cast before a spell to affect it.
Permanency has to be cast after a spell.

So you'd need some shenanigans to make Blood Money affect Permanency.

You're making me feel old...

Don't forget the option of trying to outsmart a construct. They're usually mindlessly obeying a specific command, like "destroy all invaders". So don't be an invader. Be a visitor.

Hey everybody! Poog's buying the next round!

mplindustries wrote:
Obviously, one of his golems was actually intelligent

A Wax Golem could fit this bill.

Shame you don't have a Familiar: the Skinsend spell can allow it's hide to go with the party and deliver your touch-based spells.
(You can designate its skinned body on your lap as the toucher, and the skin can take "any action it normally could". That should include delivering touch spells.)

DR is a good thing to have, when you can make your foes roll lower damage. It helps making the PCs feel truly weakened, without necessarily killing them outright.

You could maybe salvage enough material for a Flesh Golem though.

Looks like it should work, yes. I'd be a bit odd to Perform something the one round, and then just seem to stand there the next though.

Regardless, the point is: Tippyverse isn't even reliant on high level casters, just the logical application of "broken" rules. The rules of D&D and PF are balanced for adventures, not daily life.

So you retrain at level 5. And get a trait-based cantrip to take care of the CasterLevel requirement.

Mathius wrote:
An undead work force will not change to world because paladins, but constructs might.

A 5th level commoner can have the Craft Construct feat. Homunculi can be made with another providing the required Craft(Leatherware) skill; a 1st or 2nd level commoner could probably make the check even taking all the penalties for not meeting any of the prerequisites. So two NPCs, when given enough gold, could crank out a stream of undying, untiring and ever loyal servants.


The straps that hold a shield in place... are behind a shield. So while it's a Move action to undo them yourself, for a foe it's an impossibility (unless they get behind you, and Pathfinder doesn't have rules for facing).

Does not.

It's an extract, not a can of beer. It doesn't make a sound. Although trying to hide the fact that you're drinking is another matter.

Depends on how much otherwise useless magic you get in your loot.
And on how often your rest is denied.

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Ally Shield could do the trick, provided your ward is willing to "betray" you.

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My Baby, Flesh of my Flesh.

Are those stats fixed? 'cause That's an awfully high Charisma, while Strength and Constitution are rather lacklustre for a "supporting fighter".

Wouldn't a Bat beat an Owl inside caves? It doesn't make their master see better, but bats do themselves have Blindsense.

If all this is your imagination... then you seriously need help.

Except we don't know any winning Goblins, now do we?

The Homunculus' description has this little titbit:

it is possible for one person to give blood for the creation, another to sculpt the base material, and another to magically animate it
So how does that work?
  • Can one character have required feat, and another roll the skill check?
  • If so, what happens when the DC is increased to gain speed or cover a lack of requirements?
  • Would they both need to be present and actively work on their shared creation for the whole duration of the process?

Cuttler wrote:

Have I miss something?

Has anybody seen or got an errata or comments about this?

No, no and yes. Supposedly it's supposed to be like this, though I'm not aware of a logical explanation.

Okay, who dropped this Win?
Well, finders keepers then.

Are you even allowed to sell them? They're sentient beings, capable of speech and independent thought - it could qualify as slavery, dependant on local laws and customs.

the Queen's Raven wrote:
results in all levels converted to Anti-paladin immediately.

Is that a punishment or a reward?

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demontroll wrote:
The babies don't have an alignment yet

That would make them quite unique, and possibly even moral abominations because of it: everything has an Alignment.

Can apes use weapons? They seem rather clumsy irl when picking up sticks and such.

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Get out of the cursed wood the fastest way you can: slash and burn a clearing, and heal there.

Rynjin wrote:
Poison is never really good on any PC. It works too slowly to usually make a combat difference.

Use drugs instead.

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:

The spell's target is a willing creature.

There is no circumstance in which a saving throw is needed.
You are either willing or not.

While logical, this isn't quite true.

The spell's target is "a willing creature", but it also allows for a Will save. And - unless I'm unaware again - unconcious creatures do get to roll Will saves.

Historically, the moniker "morningstar" has been used for maces, flails, ball-and-chains, gutentags... anything with a spiked weight. Hence the confusion now.
The gentleman in the picture appears to be carrying a small mace though.

Whereas I claim The Win out in the open, brazen as brass.

You learn something new every day. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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