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Get hay fever, you stew-waiting-to-happen.

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Step 1: Take the Evolved Familiar feat.
Step 2: Grant your familiar the Gills evolution.
Step 3: Keep your familiar in a cauldron of water, with a lid on it.

Your aquatic bunny can, per the rules, breathe underwater indefinitely. So it can't choke and no-one has line of sight to it even if they know you have a rabbitfish in the pot you carry.
And should you get hungry, you've a good start on rabbit stew.


Or, you know, share the Skinsend spell with it, and have a "dead" bunny in your pocket while a balloon bunny provides familiar services.

  • You could use a flying carpet.
  • Or craft a simulacrum of a mount, and keep replacing it with a bigger and better one.
  • Ditto for an undead creature.
  • Or transmute a regular horse.

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:
So, my question is can I take the symbol with me wherever I go?

Sure. It does need to be "in plain sight and in a prominent location" to function though, so you may have to unpack your 5' placard first.

Or does the long casting time combined with the lack of transportation make it useless for the adventuring PC?

I think it's not that useful, given its cost and various limitations. But I'd never call any spell "useless"; much depends on the specific situation and the ingenuity of the player.

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Maybe your witch needs to research a new spell: Rain of Manure.

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An imp tumor familiar?

Use prestidigitation to make his moustache slowly grow while he's talking to someone, until either they say something about it or it takes over his entire face.

Incredibly stupid guards are a standard fantasy trope. But usually for a one-scene gag purpose only.

Ascalaphus wrote:
Dragons are really pushing it. It's not all that realistic that they can actually fly without any magic at all, being all that bulky and such.

They're actually blimps. They need to be that big to fly. ;)

Mathwei ap Niall wrote:

It doesn't work at all.

The power is very specific and unless you have a familiar of type animal this power doesn't work for you.
I beg to differ. The ability is poorly worded, and conflicts with itself:
  • Beast Shape II allows the caster to take the shape of an animal.
  • A Familiar is never an animal.
  • Therefor: the ability allows you to take the shape of your familiar, as per a spell that doesn't allow that.
So how exactly the ability would work with a vermin familiar is just as much a GM-call as how it works with a "normal", magical beast familiar.

Archae wrote:
1 rp Carrion sense- like scent, only works on corpses or badly injured creatures. (25 % hp)

Rotting meat and fresh blood have distinctly different smells; I'd pick one or the other. Probably blood.

I feel the name Komodos would be to obvious


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Teatime42 wrote:
and then cast it from his spellbook, since his interpretation was that it was reusable).

His interpretation is wrong. When you use the house-rule that a spellbook can be used as a scroll, then you have to accept that the spellbook is used as a scroll. The pages he casts from, crumble into dust.

Provided you keep that part fixed, allowing spellbooks to be used as scrolls is not an overpowered option.

Clerics can cast Cure Light Wounds. Barbarians can't. They can Rage though, which a Monk cannot do. There are differences between classes. They make no sense, but they exist. So NPCs can do things PCs can't, and vice versa. It's not a simulation game, it's a roleplaying game. And some roles just aren't catered for.

(Ravingdork, between you and me... I think you're "jumping the shark" with this thread.)

Sherlock Holmes then?

The description says the "shield" can be wielded as if it's a worn shield. But it doesn't say the wearer acts as if they are wearing a shield - there's a difference.

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Cap. Darling wrote:
I wonder why she is chaotic, isent the giths more or less all lawfull?

Githzerai are, as a rule. Githyanki aren't.

As I recall untyped bonuses do not stack when they come from items that were crafted using the same spell. But I'm not quite sure about that, and it doesn't apply to OP's question anyway.

Logically: yes.
Literally: no.

You can dominate a friendly PC who is already dominated, in an attempt to wrest control from an evil manipulator. That would, in my opinion, be neither evil nor chaotic.

MCABC wrote:
So then if I was controlling the mindless undead. Could I command them to be willing?


...which is kind of evil: denying others their sustenance by violent means. ;)

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bob_the_monster wrote:
TBH I want to call this guy out as a rotten DM.

Please don't do that. If you don't like his game, then just don't play. But there's no need to become offensive or abusive.

It warrants an answer, I'd say.

My advice: be very, very careful about specialising your Bard with an archetype. While the class can become quite potent that way, the real strength of the Bard class lies in its versatility. And you'd lose that.

Accept that you'll never be the best at anything, and you'll be good at everything. Play the standard Bard, especially if it's your first.

He could just get a little side-quest as the Raven he is now, looking for a new master. Maybe even become the Familiar for a new Witch PC?

DarkMidget wrote:
one of my friends who has been a DM for like, 12+ years says it seems quite broken to be able to use the feat to double-slot magical items.

You may want to remind your friend that Pathfinder has done away with "slot affinity" for magical items; a magical tattoo is not really different from a slotless item.

88. The royal wetnurse. Recognizable by her huge tracts of land, hers is the hand that rocked the king's cradle.

I would consider Besmara the polar opposite of Adabar, but She might be a bit too "nautical" to be of use.

Ravingdork does have a point, albeit one most of us don't seem to agree with. Paizo has on occasion been sloppy in using game terms within otherwise descriptive text. So it's normal to either get confused, or become rigorous in one's interpretations.

Better_with_Bacon wrote:
Could someone use it on a creature that has a spell-like ability that is on the caster's class list?

No, the ability is not the spell.

Ask your GM nicely though, I doubt it's game-breaking to allow this.
can I scribe a spell into my spellbook even if I can't cast it yet?


73. Courtesanes. These ladies (or gentlemen) are courtiers in name, assigned to tend to the well-being of visiting dignitaries. They'll not only see to the guests' every wish and desire, they'll also report back to the king's spymaster.

Ascalaphus wrote:
You have to clearly present your DF

Actually, that's only required when channeling energy. When casting spells, the Divine Focus merely needs to be "manipulated".

It all boils down too: is the "action" from the spell definition a game-defined "Action" (standard, move, etc.) or a language-defined "action" (any activity at all).


A trained attack dog might be more useful as "combat backup". Or just buff the rest of the party, and let them handle it.

You could use Dimension Door with a Contingency. That way you've cast it beforehand, no limitations should apply when the contingency kicks in.

It should, yes.

There's the Half-Blood Extraction spell, which could be house-rule-altered to become a Half-Blood Infusion spell instead.

Maybe it was a botched attempt to make the PC an actual Orc?

Azten wrote:
Would shrink item help?

Good question, this.

57. Heir Apparent / Crown Prince / Crown Princess.

Tomos wrote:
Manage Line of Effect and your problem will be solved.

There's no Line-of-Effect requirement for Magic Jar though, neither when casting nor when "body hopping".

It's just not a combat spell.


Per the text, you are correct. However, I would side with your GM when it comes to interpreting an intended meaning. There's not much point in getting a +2 bonus to various abilities, when all you can do is bleed to death anyway.

Pettable animals, young children and sexy people. Anything featuring one or more of these will evoke an emotional response.

As far as I can tell they do not have to rest, meditate or anything like that.

I don't actually have an answer, but...

Phloid wrote:
If another spell or ability protected from other abilities with the "fire descriptor" would this include this ability?

...if another spell or ability exists, that grants "protection from an ability with the [fire] descriptor", then it stands to reason abilities have such descriptors. And it then follows that an ability which doesn't explicitly mentions its descriptor, doesn't have one.

Green Smashomancer wrote:
The primary goal of Svarozic is to find more ways to improve the works of civilization, whether that means redesigning obsolete traditions or to inspire great deeds with the younger generations."

Start with Paladins of Abadar, and add a bit more Goodness in their goals.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Lynceus wrote:
if Bardic Performance is considered a special attack, then Ability Focus could be applied to it, couldn't it?

I concur with that. If and when a Bardic Performance is considered a special attack (as with the Lillend example) and your GM is okay with a PC taking a "Monster Feat", then it should indeed work.

Shouldn't that be "La Petite Mort"? My French is rusty though...
Also: the flavour, while, eh... flavourful, might not sit well with every group. But I'm sure you know your own players well enough.
Having a poison act upon injury and contact seems a bit superfluous.

It's potent, but poisons aren't usually very useful for PCs, unless they're used not in combat, but in (anti-)social encounters. So I wouldn't worry too much.

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