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The same thing we do every night.

But the spell only lasts for a few hours, so the best you might come home to is a few puddles of meltwater.

Simulacrum, Lesser wrote:
Duration 1 hour/level

Bwang wrote:
I already have the lesser form and having oodles of fun with it.

I'm dead curious: what exactly are you doing with the Lesser Simulacrum spell? 'cause I really can't see much of a use for it myself.

It's lonely at the top.

ProfPotts wrote:

Charisma 20 = +5

Prodigy Feat = +2
Skill Focus Feat = +3
Masterwork Musical Instrument = +2
Class Skill = +3
Ear for Music Trait = +1

So... you need rank 4 in your Perform Skill on top of that to get +20 (so you can consistently get a 30 by taking 10)... so you'd need to be all of Level 4 to do that (assuming no other class features, racial traits or Feats are stacked on, of course).

lvl 1 Human.

Charisma 20: +5
Defiant Luck + Inexplicable Luck feats: +8 (once per day)
Inner Beauty trait: +4 (once per day)
Class skill +3
skill ranks +1

A slave, who loses hitpoints in order to give them to the party?

I'm getting deja-vu... (and so I FAQ'd again.)

Knowledge is power. So wipe your own memory after creating this sanctuary: it'll be a lot safer that way.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Princes can be princes in their own right too, without being a child of a queen. Just invent a principality someplace. Or better yet: make it a long since gone principality, so you'll have the title in name only.

The floor is now lava. Again.

hector212121 wrote:
could a character take a inert statue, Stone To Flesh it, then use Magic Jar to temporarily inhabit the body?

No, but ask your GM all the same.

A "stone-to-fleshed" statue is just a statue, but made out of flesh now. At best, it's a corpse. There's no soul or life-force in there to trap, so the caster can't "take over".

If so, what would the stats of the body be? Obviously, having no intelligence means that it'd go without a save. Would it have the stats of whatever creature it appeared to be? What if you possessed a flesh-statue of a specific person?

I'm guessing the stats would be those of the original creature depicted, or of an average specimen if it's non-specific.

Chad the DragonLord wrote:
It says that affected creatures can take no actions other than listening and following - does this mean they are not allowed to talk or communicate with anyone around them? Can they use hand signals, point, wave, etc?

No action. At all. Just Listen, Follow and probably anything done passively, like looking or breathing.

do the targets (new and existing ones) still make saves each round until the 1 round per level duration is used up?


what is the difference between the spell ceasing and the spell wearing off?

Ceasing = you stop. Wearing off = they get rid of it, either because you stop or something is countering the effect for them. It's effectively the same in most cases.

Wouldn't it depend on whatever kind of spell created the illusionary wall?

Detect Magic can't actually detect that the wall isn't real - the spell just detects auras, after all. If an illusion was created with a spell that had a duration of "immediate", I don't think there'd be any sort of aura to detect. The illusion itself doesn't have one, only the spell does (or did).

Why shouldn't he just call himself Human? Humans seem to be cross-bred with almost anything, I doubt very many of them are "pure-blooded" Humans anyway.

Why yes, I am a God.

The act was Chaotic. The motivation was Evil.

That's my opinion anyway, based on the available information.

Are we certain "bardic knowledge" is a knowledge skill at all? They may share the "knowledge" part in their names, but there's no skill called "bardic knowledge".

In my opinion, a "bardic knowledge check" is not a skill check, nor a knowledge check. It is its own thing. You can't take 10 or 20 and you're not limited to a DC 10 either.

You start by being disagreeable.
So you got that covered already.

Shut up, Pyro. You're the reason they didn't call Boaty McBoatface Boaty McBoatface!


  • any brown songbird of the predominantly Old World family Alaudidae, esp the skylark: noted for their singing
  • short for titlark, meadowlark
  • up with the lark: up early in the morning
  • a carefree adventure or frolic
  • a harmless piece of mischief
  • what a lark! how amusing!


It's a pity then, that Ioun Wyrds can't be Tumor Familiars.
Putting your kidney stones back into your body would heal them right up!

No you're the stupid.

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Arcane casters can make Simulacra, and let them handle the drudgery of controlling the troops...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Bards get no respect, but they definitely kick arse.

There's the Cloak of the Diplomat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

*reminds everyone that goatees are a clear sign of Evil Twins from Parallel Universes*

It would encourage caster to "go nova". But I don't really see much of a problem - until the party encounters an enemy using one.

7. Rec Room
This room seems to attempt to recreate a natural environment. A very alien natural environment, very artificially recreated. There are strange potted plants, even stranger plastic plants, illusionary plants still stranger and the least said about the depiction of plants on the walls, the better.

Let's just hope there are no strange animals too...

If those islands truly float, I'd suggest beacons to facilitate navigation.

And Gnomes trying to put paddles on at least one of these islands.

Could you hold it between your teeth? Just how much "manipulation" is required anyway?

*posts links to some choice examples of "black corn smut"*

Do make sure to support their characters as much as you can. Buffs, help them to flank... anything, really. Odds are, it'll annoy them too.

It's so hard being hard-boiled, when people are... nice.

You will never die. (Surprise! You end up turned to stone for all eternity.)

miscdebris wrote:
I'm not sure -2 spellcraft is much worth a feat though.

Oh, it's not. But I interpret "an observer must make a Perception check opposed by your Sleight of Hand check to notice your spellcasting" as denying the Spellcraft check completely if they fail the check.

You can't identify what you don't even know is there. So long as the spell itself has no immediate, obvious effect, you should be able to cast 'till you're blue in the face.

Why not just train a mundane creature? Or buy a Homunculus - they don't have to be familiars.

The Secret Signs feat may help. Or just hiding yourself while casting.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

  • Use a role model, so you can think "What Would X Do/Say".
  • Have a few handy catchphrases, so you'll always say the right (albeit the same) things.

I like big toes and I cannot lie.

Given the continuing interest in this subject, a creative solution may well be worth the effort.

I'd settle for a yes-or-no answer though.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

*announces his grandiose return! (without adding anything of substrance to the actual discussion, of course)*

Implanting Ioun stones is from Seeker of Secrets, as I recall. It's Paizo material.

Alternatively (and probably not very useful to you) you can also take an Ioun Wyrd familiar, who can incorporate Ioun stones into itself while still granting their boon to its master.

Cuup wrote:
Scrying wrote:
You can observe a creature at any distance.
The description seems pretty plain to me; viewing a creature is your only option when using Scrying.

While that makes sense, it doesn't explain the existance of spells like Obscure Object.

Obscure Object wrote:
This spell hides an object from location by divination (scrying) effects, such as the scrying spell or a crystal ball.

Thanks, that makes sense. Did you deduce that, or did I just miss it in the rules somewhere?

Well... while the description of the Scrying spell (which the Crystal Balls are based on) suggests otherwise, there's no actual requirement to scry on a creature. So you could use it to check in on a specific place, and no-one will be getting any saves.

Given that there are several other spells to hide places or objects from scrying attempts, it seems to be the RAI.

The Wizards' Arcane Bond ability grants two options (familiar or bonded item) and has two forms (Ex or Sp).

So which is which?

Well I never!

*stomps off*

*proclaims he had his perfect, answers-all-questions post eaten by the forum*

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kinevon wrote:
Zahariel wrote:

I last read this thread two years ago. The succubus is still grappling that PC?

Imma buy that man a beer.
I thought the PC was a naked wildshaped-to-bear druidess?

I'm sure she'd still like a beer.

Or honey. Bears like honey, right? Drizzled all over their grappling partner...

Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack.

Note that this only indirectly means one cannot have two separate Familiars from two classes, and nothing is said about having two Familiars keyed off levels of the same class.

What would stop the party from torching the whole place once they catch on?

Kill 'em all, let the Gods sort 'em out.

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