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Nar'shinddah Sugimar

VM mercenario's page

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Is the Davatti based on or similar to your Dimensional Knight? How is it different? And why can't I buy Tome of Spell and Sword on the Paizo Store?

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Epic Meepo wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
No reason to not take Come and Get Me instead of Taunting Stance, since they come at the same level and you probably have some other stance already.
The unchained barbarian can't take Come and Get Me. The unchained rage powers replace all of the rage powers from the CRB, APG, and UC except for those listed in the "Unmodified Rage Powers" sidebar. (The sidebar states this explicitly.)

In that case there is no reason to use the unchained barbarian. It's a straight downgrade to a balanced class. Just houserule it and give the upgraded talents and most of of the stance talents to the regular barbarian.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
Removed some posts and the replies to them. One of the important things in our Community Guidelines is being observant of other gamers/gaming styles. Even if there is something about a game/gaming you do not like, be respectful to others in the conversation. Additionally, we have many threads concerning the issues regarding the Advanced Class Guide. We do not need to rehash them here.

So many posts got removed, I was scared for a moment that my very important contribution had been lost. Then I realized the thread had just turned wonky because of the insane amount of posts that had to be removed.

Look at Page 3, my friends. A terrible battle was fought here. Now, only shapes to see, perhaps, not to touch.

You people kept feeding the regenerating giant. I, and hopefully others, did what any decent forumite should do and flagged every one of his posts for 'breaking other guidelines', i.e. beign a regenerating giant.

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I support the skill check maneuvers. It's something you're going to be able to do once, twice tops, in a fight. You should be able to do it consistently since you're spending 5% of your WBL a feat (or more) and full ranks on sleight of hand.

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Elder Basilisk wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:

You're probably being a little extreme. The fighter isn't the skill guy. He should, however, have at least as many skill points as a Ranger. There's no reason a Ranger, who can twiddle his fingers to solve so many of his problems, should have 6 skill points and the fighter shouldn't. The only reason he does is because hide in shadows, move silently, and track/survival are now skill points instead of class features.

But, two good saves is an imperative, and seriously, ALL good saves wouldn't be overpowered. The fighter has no class abilities that stack on them, unlike the monk.

Evasion should be a combat feat.

Talents are as bad as combat feats, and should be reserved to make the Rogue special.
Fighters should have their own 'Techniques' that other classes can't take, which should basically be combat feats that actually scale and are useful at all levels. In effect, a fighter's 'bonus combat feats' should be at least the equal of Rage Powers. They are both class features, but one is useful at all levels, and the other is meh.


Actually, I was being sorta serious. One of the assumptions from previous editions of the game is that fighter and rogue are separate classes--that Fafrd and the Grey Mouser have different class based abilities rather than just different stats and builds.

What if rather than having "skill guy" and "fighting guy" as archetypes, we just had a "non-magical" guy who is skilled at fighting and skilled at skills? That would nicely solve the constant complaining that fighters can't contribute outside of combat and rogues cannot contribute inside combat. And it would make it much easier for "fighter" characters to model the abilities that fictional heroes have. Many fictional heroes can fight well, ride, jump, climb, notice the ninjas sneaking up on them, notice when they are being lied to, be stealthy, be suave, lead an army, seduce a lady, and tinker with gadgets in their spare time--all at once and without splitting those abilities...

And we could call it something cool like slayer or something.

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Does the group has any means to know in character they're dealing with a homebrew LG zombie?
Does the group has any reason to believe that instead of believing this is a trap laid out by somee necromancer/lich/other BBEG?
If any of those is a no, then the rogue is justified in killing the zombie.
If they kill it, have the book have any info necessary written on it with a folded map indicating the town being used as a pagemarker.
Also: Absent players don't get to vote, unless the characters are beign used in battles even with the players absent.

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On the string manipulation, invisible web, the puppeteer needs to be able to fill less cubes than his maximun so he doesn't fill an entire room when he only needs to trap a door.
It needs a flair to upgrade Grappling braid/ Gossamer Razor so you can attach your strings to stuff and pull them back to you. Like Scorpions 'Get over here' move from Mortal Kombat
Grappling Braid should be able to attach to two points so you can make a tighrope/ropebridge for people to cross.
Also needs a flair so you can as an immediate action attach strings to an ally and pull the back from danger or save them from a fall. Something like give them a +2 to reflex and if they pass you can move them 5 feet in a direction of your choice. If used on a falling ally you pull them with a line or make a net to catch them so they don't take falling damage.

How about a mastery about attaching strings to enemies and messing with their movements
Malicious Puppeteering: attach string to an enemy and plague them with random jerky movements gives some penalties to attack and movement speed, improved when he misses an attack you can make him reroll that attack against another target in range, greater stop him from making 5ft steps or AoO unless he passes a reflex save
Barbed Hook: Pull a single enemy towards you, improved pull or push enemies in any direction but always in a straight line, greater throw enemies up in the air or pull them to the ground if they're flying. If you beat the enemies CmD he can choose to not move but instead take damage as the hooks rip from his skin.
String Trap: You can subtly snake strings around the target or burrow them trough the earth to form a trap. Choose a square in your manipulation range to trap, any creatures that enter the square take damage equal to your int mod and are flatfooted until the beginning of your next round. Perception to notice the trap is X, DC to disarm the trap is X, the trap is a magical trap. If you are observed you can roll stealth against your opponents perception so they won't notice you are laying the trap. Even if they notice they need a perception check againstthe trap DC to notice the trap. Improved, the target loses dexterity to AC for one round, or you can use the trap to start another manipulation or flair that attaches to an enemy. The trap lasts for int rounds even after you stop concentrating on it. Greater, you trap two squares with a single action, these squares don't need to be consecutive and can be occupied. The trap now does your int mod damage in a five foot radius when triggered and instead of the other effects it can temporally blind mute or paralyze the target that triggered the trap.
Ultimate: Enemy Puppet: Make one enemy fight for you as if controlled by Dominate Monster. Short duration but you can change the save to fort. The enemy is aware that he is being manipulated.
... Maybe exchange String Trap with Invisible Web.

Edit: On the BAB usage:
Allow Gossamer Razors to be a full round action to attack multiple times with your BAB. Make it attack normal AC instead of touch. increase the enhancement bonus a little so it can be comparable to a secondary weapon on a frontline PC so +1 +1 for every four levels on improved (up to +5) and +2 +1 for every three level on greater (up to +8) on grater.
On Dancing Weapon, on improved allow the Puppeteer to to get a second dancing weapon gaining an extra attack at full BAB but with a -2 to all attacks, or add a dancing shield to incrase AC, or if using a single weapon gain a +1 to attack. on Greater allow for a third dancing weapon (another attack at full BAB, no extra penalty) two weapons and one shield, single weapon and shield for +1 attack and AC or single weapon for +2 attack and damage. Each weapon can attack a different target as long as all targets are inside your maximun manipulation range.
New Flairs:
String Fighter: The Puppeteer can select his string as a weapon for the purpose of feats like Weapon Focus. He counts 1/2 his total puppeteer level as his fighter level for the purpose of qualifying for feats. If he has levels in fighter, these levels stack. Feats that increase damage increase the damage of Dancing Weapon and Gossamer Razors.
String Training: The puppeteer gains +1 attack and damage when using Dancing Weapons and Gossamer Razors. This increases to +2 at 8th level and to +3 at 16th level.

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The correct terminology is manslaughter nomad. But murderhobo rolls off the tongue better.

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*looks at nearly a hundred 3rd party classes on external HD*
*looks at to buy list with over a hundred other classes*
*knows that Interjection, Little Red Goblin, Rogue Genius and Dreamscarred will keep releasing classes and alternate systems that I will want to buy*
What is this bloat you spek of? Pathfinder needs more stuff.

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Casts Raise Thread.

Liber Influxus Communis has the Battlelord, Conduit, Demiurge, Medium, Metamorph, Mnemonic, Momenta, Mystic, Pauper, Survivor, Syniergist, Umbra, Warloghe and Warsmith.

Alternate Paths has Adventurer, Athlete, GFladiator, Guardian, Inheritor, Tataued Warrior, Thane, Undying and Wrath. LRGG probably has other new classes but I'd have to check wath was launched since you last updated.

Interjection Games has the Onmyoji, Breakdancer, Cantor, Harmonicist, Ethermagus, Etherslinger, Scion of Discordia and Sanguine Disciple.

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Insain Dragoon wrote:
"Hey guys, I feel kinda bad just taking all this stolen money. It doesn't feel right. I mean GoodFolks village probably really needs this money to make it through the winter. Should we really be taking it as our own?"

"Modified Law of Salvage. If I'm puttiing myself in mortal danger than whatever I find is mine for the taking. It stopped being their gold when the orcs stole it. With the orcs dead the gold belongs to whoever takes it."

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Zaister wrote:

My take on this is, DR is not useless in general. My pet peeve with DR is that what really is useless is DR/magic. I mean, there are CR 20 creatures with DR 15/magic. What's that supposed to be good for?

I'm thinking of implementing a house rule that basically says "for each +1 enhancement bonus of the weapon (not counting bonuses from greater magic weapon), reduce the DR by 5 points." In this way, DR/magic can become meaningful again.

Keep in mind that magic weapons are supposed to be somewhat rare and only in the hands of rich people or elite units. DR 15/magic is useless against PCs but allows the creature to walk up to an army, kill thousands and not take a single scratch.

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IS there any announcement for whne we should download again to see if there were any revisions/changes/added content? If I download now will the Marine archatype be there? Anyway...
Round two:
Survivor: One Survival Tactitc gives continuous Freedom of Movement (a 4th level spell) as an Ex, but another Tactic gives Non-Detection (3rd level spell) as a SP that needs an hour long ritual. I'm just saying but it seems wrong to me. Also any chances for a Greater Shady Character tactic that allows the ritual to cast Mind Blank instead of Non-Detection? Also the Unshakable Tactic needs a clause saying it stacks with Splippery Soul/ Elusive Thought, since they are all insight bonus. Either that or be brought up to +4. Otherwise it's a pretty underwhelming capstone for a three talent chain.
Synergist: Reactive Echelon does nothing unless the cast member has Combat Reflexes, in which case he will already have good dex. Maybe it could give Combat Reflexes to the cast member. In Supportive Cast "Supportive Cast does not as an action" should probably be "Supportive Cast is not an action". And Critical Aid seems to be straight up worse than Critical Catalist, and that is just weird.
Warloghe: Look at all those Taboos and Major Taboos. I love the sheer amount it has... which just strkes me as odd when there's only five spirits. I hope there will be more in the final release. I do love the Haunted ability and I can see interesting tactical uses of trapping somewhere with a chosen haunt.

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Everybody freaking over Korrasami and I'm just here gushing over Varric/Zhu Li. That was all kinds of awesome, cute and heartwarming.

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Bought the WIP. My first thoughts:
Battlelord: Really awesome. Could use a couple more specialties that, to me, seem no-brainers: Cavalry (gets a mount) and Marine(for aquatic campaings). Also where are his archetypes?
Metamorph: I actually did a similar homebrew PrC, and I love the idea behind genesis and pheotype. Well done.
Momenta: A half BAB class with only 4th level spells. You beautifull mad genius! Also what does Superior Tactics does? My insomniac brain is not getting it.
Mystic: There is an Avatar archetype. Is all I wanted.
Umbra: The Umbra doesn't have an option for the shadow plane (or the ethereal and astral). Whut? Umbra means shadow. Literally. I expected Shadow plane more than the demiplanes.

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Bandmember: Have ranks in a Performance skill, without being a bard (or skald or similar class), while being in a party with a bard (or skald or similar class)

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The Shepard
Talk a campaign villain into suicide.
The Constantine
Sell your soul multiple times to multiple devils/demons. Make them fight each other for it.
The Dresden
Insult an unfriendly or hostile beign of at least double your CR and survive.
The Kirk
Seduce a member of a different species in the same day you discover the existence of that species.
The Kratos
Kill a god.

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You separated the feats by what class feature or ability the affect. You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman and you have my praise.

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A lot of the problems with the class could be solved with the right Wild Talents. Here is my attempt at them:

Elemental Resistance:
Elemental Attunement
Element Air, Water, Earth or Fire; Type Su; Level 4; Burn 0
Prerequisites kineticist level 1st
You gain resistance 5 against eletricity, acid, fire or cold, matching your element. This increases to resistance 10 at tenth level, resistance 20 at 15th level and immunity to that elementat 20th. If you learn to use another element you can take this talent again to gain the associatd resistance.
Additionaly if you have fire resistance you are immune to enviromental heat effects. If ou have cold resistance you are immune to enviromental cold effects. If you have acid resistance you are immune to nonlethal damage from hustling and forcedmarch and are immune to starvation and thirst as long as you are in solid ground. If you have eletric resistance you are immune to suffocation as long as you're not completely submerged, and can hold your breath for one minute per point of constitution.

Defeating Elemental Resistance:

Nuclear fire
Element Fire; Type Su; Level 6; Burn see text
Prerequisites primary element is fire, expanded element (fire)
You can use fire so hot it disintegrates matter. When you hit with a fire blast you can, as an swift action, accept one point of burn and instead of dealing damage reduce the targets fire resistance by 10, to a minimun of zero. Alternatively you can accept 2 burn to transform fire immunity in fire resistance 40 or to give fire vulnerability to a target that doesn't have fire resitance. This effects last for a number of rounds equal to your con modifier plus the burn points you are suffering. This effects stack.

Absolute Zero
Element Water; Type Su; Level 6; Burn see text
Prerequisites primary element is water, expanded element (water)
You can bring a cold so potent it defies the laws of magic. This functions as Nuclear Fire but with cold blasts and cold resistance.

Aqua Regia
Element Earth; Type Su; Level 6; Burn see text
Prerequisites primary element is earth, expanded element (earth)
You mix a number of acids into a single substance capable of corroding any material. This functions as Nuclear Fire but with acid blasts and acid resistance.

Element Air; Type Su; Level 6; Burn see text
Prerequisites primary element is air, expanded element (air)
You gather millions of volts in a single blast that burns away any insulation. This functions as Nuclear Fire but with eletric blasts and eletric resistance.

Yeah, if you're willing to spend six rounds and take 8 burn you can make a fire elemental be weak against fire. That is not a bug, it's a feature.


Air could have a sound blast and some measure of sound control.

Fire could be used to make fire with less heat and more light or different types of light, or to make flashes to dazzle or blind:
Element Fire; Type Sp; Level 3; Burn 0
Prerequisites kineticist level 7
You can conjure a fire that sheds light like a daylight spell. You can accept one burn to affect creatures as if it was daylight, double the radius of illumination or to count as a 6th level spell for cancelling magical darkness.

Earth could have create pit as a sp; the ability to make earthquakes or something like this:
Create Difficult Terrain
Element Earth; Type Su; Level 4; Burn 1
Prerequisites kineticist level 5
You can make small spikes on the ground, raise feet level walls or even make quicksand in order to hinder your foes. You create an area of difficult terrain around you. This area is the square you occupy plus all the adjacent squares. At tenth level this area extends by another five feet. You ignore the difficult terrain you make with this ability. If you have extended reach you can create this are at any point in thirty feet instead of centered on you.

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Tell this to your players:
"You pass your disbelief check. You don't believe he summoned a bunch of clones of himself. You think they may be illusions. Whatever they are they move to fast to notice which ones are translucent and make it harder to attack the real one."
"You pass your disbelief check. You don't believe she is invisible. She is still invisible, you just have a mental breakdown and deluded yourself in seeing an imaginary person who probably doesn't look like your enemy, is not in the same place or doing the same thing.
The rest of you see him attacking the air. You're not sure if he is attacking the invisible enemy, gone mad or if there are two enemies now."
"You pass the Spellcraft check. You know he used a spell to make illusory Mirror Images. Everybody else knows that because they have eyes and saw the mirror images that appeared out of thin air."
"You pass the Spellcraft check. You realize he is casting a Invisibility spell about half a second before he turns invisible. Your sudden exclamation of 'He is casting invisibility!' is met with a chorus of 'Thank you, captain Obvious.'"

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Authorities in fantasy universes need adventurers. Because, as a rule, they are straight up better than regular soldiers.

When an orc band attacks a village, if the king doesn't send the army the village dies, because an orc band will destroy a villages police/militia. So if adventurers appear and say "You seem to have a orc/drow/hobgoblin problem. We are adventurers that will take care of it for you for X amount of cash!" the mayor is likely to sing allellujah and pay extra. Better than being killed together with his village.

When a dragon shows on the country side, armies die. Ten thousand arrows from ten thousand soldiers tickle Smaug. The very few people with enough power to take on a dragon usually have better stuff to do, are to afraid of trying to do it alone, or just don't care about your kingdom. So when a roaming bunch of adventurers shows up wanting to fght your dragon or, better yet, already famous for killing dragons, you promise them as much money as they want. If they die you don't lose anything. If they win, you would have to be a special kind of stupid to refuse paying or send assassins against people that can kill dragons.

And if they are calling adventurers for something, like in published material, it is usually something where normal resources have already failed, so they are calling in the specialists. And it doesn't matter what sort of problem you think you have, you pay the specialist rates. If you call the best law firm available for a shut case, you still pay the price for the best law firm. If you hire a five star chef for a night and ask him to make a grilled cheese, you still pay the cost of five star chef. If you hire a team of high risk mercenaries to kill dire rats, you still pay the cost of a team of high risk mercenaries.

And any politician that tries to make disappear the group of well trained, well equiped and well prepared adventurers that just did something his usual teams of assassins and soldiers couldn't, well... He deserves what happens when said group of well trained, well equiped and well prepared adventurers comes after his head.

Treating adventurers as vigilantes or outlaws only gets you outlaws that can break castle walls, kill armies, control the elements, summon the forces of hell, turn nobles into tadpoles, raise armies of the dead and other really unpleasant things. Better pay them to do 'adventuring' where the good and neutral ones can kill the more evil ones, than turn them all against you. Some long forgotten king must have realized that it's best to divide and conquer, than to unite and lose.

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You destroy him. Chunky salsa flies everywhere. For a moment you see a translucent form of him and then it too is hit by the afterimage of your strike. An observing cleric or wizard can tell you that not only you killed him but somehow managed to kill his soul. For a quick moment you see Pharasma standing by your side looking flabbergasted, her mouth hanging open and her arms waving in a 'what the hell' motion. The she turns at you with a scowl and a glare and dissappears. Alternatively you see Zon-Khuton looking impressed. He turns and offers two thumbs up and what passes for a smile and then dissapears. If you are quick enough to raise an empty hand before he dissapears, he gives you a high five and then dissapears.

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Le Petite Mort wrote:
Okay, maybe the example I gave was more distracting than clarifying. To rephrase my question more explicitly, are characters railroaded into believing everything said to them at face value if they fail a given Sense Motive check?


Le Petite Mort wrote:

It seems to me that a character who is bad at sense motive would be aware that they are bad at it, much in the same way that someone with low Knowledge (planes) knows that they know little about the workings of the outer planes and their denizens. Do low SM characters automatically believe that what is said to them is true all the time, or do they merely gain no additional information from the GM about the motivations of those they speak with?

The latter interpretation seems more sensible to me.

Gullible people are not aware that they're gullible. Gullible people in fact believe themselves to be really good at detecting lies. It's what makes them gullible.

In your example Thoggs response could be "Ha knew you wren't half devil, that ain't even a thing. Who would have sex with devils anyway?"

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AndIMustMask wrote:
chaoseffect wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:
i say 'human' fist because it's much more cost-effective to chop it off and have a clockwork prosthetic instead (which is real freakin' backhanded to monks there paizo).
This is a thing? Where? How? How much? Stop standing there gawking, you fool! Tell me now! I NEED IT.

clockwork prosthetics, from magical marketplace. they're fairly cheap (6400g a pop i think? so you're basically enchanting a firearm--pardon the pun), grant hilariously good bonuses vs various combat maneuvers, drastically increases your lift and carry weights (respectively), function in non-magic fields, can't be sundered since it's a part of your body (and you can't do that for some reason in pathfinder) and--here's the kicker--can be enchanted as if it were a weapon (for it's usual price and all the way to +10 total bonus) with any affect that would work with an unarmed strike. so it's a cheaper and more powerful AoMF with loads of peripheral benefits attached.

you just have to live the the fact that in paizo's twisted mind, you LITERALLY have to pay an arm and/or a leg to be good at unarmed combat.

i'm honestly tempted to rake up the dough to get all four limbs replaced (only enchanting one main one and a secondary for side benefits) and just run around grumbling "i didn't ask for this!" as i kick people in the face with my energy legs.

warning: don't stick brilliant energy on them or they'll be functionally useless for mundane tasks (your leg would sink through the nonliving floor, hands couldn't grab nonliving stuff, etc.), though it WOULD let you punch people through walls.

You can use command words to turn brilliant energy (or any other weapon ability) on and off. So your hands work normally when you want but when combat begins you can say "This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you! SHINING FINGER!"

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Benchak the Nightstalker wrote:

In matters of taste, there can be no disputes.

The only response the OP requires is "Cool story, bro!" :)

Bah, his story is boring, cliche, and full of plot holes. What isn't purple prose is succint to the point of confusion. His characters are flat and uninteresting, his descriptions are meandering and lifeless and his action scenes are laughable and his attempt at moralization is forced, simplistic and confusing. His story is not cool.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Since it actually wasn't impossible for humans on Earth, VM, I'm not sure how much your otherwise pretty reasonable consideration applies. Of course, people in Pathfinder are designed to basically be able to pull off any style just by virtue of freakin' insane stats. Hell, I bet the "water balloon fighting technique" could be perfectly effective in Pathfinder.

Use it to:

- Extinguish torches!
- Distract casters!
- Freeze the water and break skulls!
- This is stupid.

EDIT: I'm not sure why you're addressing Doomed Hero with this, though—he was actually saying dual shields was a fairly viable real-life style.

I might have come out wrong. I just wanted to point out that he can do it with normal human abilities, imagine what someone who had PC stats could do with it. Not arguing with him,more using him as an example.

Heck, if you can consider a hard rubber ball filled with water as a water ballon, a barbarian with more arms strenght than the best baseball players could probably throw it with enough strenght to cave a persons skull or rib cage. A hard rubber ball, likea dodge ball, filled with water, would probably hit like it was mde of steel and weight way less. Throwing water ballons could be a viable style.

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DragGon7601 wrote:

If I take the "Weapon Group Adaptation" feet I can use Mithral Current moves with my fists... Now I just got to work out how to sheath my fist so I can punch people from 30 ft away.

Maybe if I cover it with something, like my pocket... Or my other hand... What do you guys think? Is there a way of using "Iron wave" (2nd level strike) to full effect with your fists?

Off the top of my head, there was a character in Negima that fought with his hands in his pockets, 'unsheating' his hand, punching, and 'sheating' it again so quick the enemy doesn't even how he got hit. Another idea would be long kimono style sleeves. Or maybe a fighting style where you hold yourself at military rest or at ease stance, with your hands behind your back.

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Chengar Qordath wrote:
DekoTheBarbarian wrote:

The archtypes I've liked the most so far are the Crossblooded/Untouchable Rager archtypes. Gain two bloodlines with a small penalty to Will saves (which gets canceled out with Greater Rage and Mighty Rage), and lose the very VERY limited spell casting for spell resistance that becomes permanent at level 14?

Please, sir, can I has some more?

Actually, I find the Untouchable Rager a very weak archetype. Spell resistance is very much double-edged sword, since it blocks buffing and healing spells from your allies. I would argue that getting it on permanently at level 14 is actually a net loss for the bloodrager; since since you go from being able to raise/lower your spell resistance as a free action (entering/exiting bloodrage) to needing to burn your standard action to lower SR, and then it stays down until your next turn.

Not to mention that the price of the SR is losing your spellcasting, which is a huge cost. Bloodrager has some very nice self-buffing spells.

Also, worth noting that you can't combine Untouchable and Crossblooded, since they both modify bloodline bonus spells.

Here's a nifty "spells are for the weak" blodrager build: Untouchable Primalist Bloodrager with the Arcane bloodline, trade Arcane Bloodage at fourth for Superstition and Witch Hunter, Trade Caster Scourge at twelve for Spellsunder and Eater of Magic. Use your bonus feat for Disruptive, Improved Initiatie, Iron Will, Spellbreaker and Combat Reflexes, in whichever order you want. Watch as anything with casting cries as your stupid high saves and spell resistance and ability to reroll failed saves make you as close as immune to magic as the game allows, while breaking enemy spells and having extra damage against casters and being always hasted. Might change Eater of Magic for Ghost Rager if you consider the bonus to touch AC is better than rerolling saves or if you can get rerolls from somewhere else.

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Artanthos wrote:
graystone wrote:
Artanthos wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Scavion has the right of it. Combining items is perfectly in line with the RAW, is not a house rule, and is hardly unbalanced.

Obviating the need for strength at the cost of 2000 gp, without giving up an item slot, is not unbalanced?

The choice between encumbrance or dedicating a slot to overcoming encumbrance is very much a limiting factor that prevents many builds from dumping strength down to 7 (or 5 with racial mods.) Allowing custom magic items to overcome this limit is something every GM should take a long, hard look at before permitting.

So masterwork backpacks and the Muscle of the Society trait throw everything off too?

It's really, really, really not unbalanced. And it's RAW.

Building a custom race and outfitting him with Cybernetics is also RAW. Are you going to allow that in your campaigns?

Are you going to show up to a PFS game with your custom item and try arguing RAW?

Like PFS has any semblance with RAW, RAI or balanced...

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My knee jerk reaction is why would anyone play a barbarian instead of an untouchable primalist bloodrager, except maybe for the Invulnerable Rager archetype. You lose Trap Sense for Spell Resistance, and trade ten rage powers for ten rage powers +the first level bloodline power +five feats. They've Rogued the Barbarian. Seriously.
I think I'm going to write the Primalist Guide to Stealing the Barbarians Best Toys and give it to the first person that makes a guide to the Bloodrager.

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Back to GoTG: Did anyone else notice that at one point in the climax it becomes live-action Space Invaders?
Also, best scene in the whole movie:

Dancing baby/sapling Groot.

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Bandw2 wrote:
Anzyr wrote:

Ok wow... this thing really is convoluted, because I just now realized you can apply any metamagic at all you want that you have, not just the two (or more) you picked for the feat. It literally doesn't care how many you tack on provided you don't go past a spell level you can cast. I...

[Blue Screen]

Error 404: Balance not found.

you can't blue screen and then get an error message...

The feat broke him so hard, it broke his blue screen. That there is some weapons grade brain breaker.

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At this point martials don't have issues anymore. They have subscriptions and collections.

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K177Y C47 wrote:
Torbyne wrote:
It was an out of combat encounter; a series of opposed stealth, track and perception checks. The outcome was obvious from the start but the slayer just had to go through the motions. The death was off screen and quite.
Quite?..... Sudden?

I think the slayer caught him mid sentence.That's what you get for divulging his secr

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markofbane wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Xabulba wrote:
Sebastian wrote:
markofbane wrote:
John Woodford wrote:
Alex Martin wrote:
jemstone wrote:
GregH wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Dazylar wrote:
Dazylar wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Itchy wrote:
Fromper wrote:
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Caineach wrote:
Fromper wrote:
strayshift wrote:

"I'll go... uh... check on Mr Scruffy."


Yeah, that struck me as a bluff check, where nobody was paying enough attention to bother making a sense motive roll. Guaranteed he's stalking the vampire.
it struck me as "the best way I can help is by being out of the way"
Possibly. Just reread it & I noticed that he's kind of looking directly at Durkula as he's saying it. I suspect that Fromper & strayshift might be on to something...
Either we're totally right, or Belkar really is just worried about the vampire eating his cat. :P
Or it's both. Also, the nesting quotes are starting to look like either a pit or a pyramid, depending upon how my eyes look at it.
Both pit and pyramid are appropriate for OotS :P
That's a pretty weirdly proportioned pyramid...
I suppose it'll look right when it gets to about 35 'nests'.
That's what you get when you make pyramid out of sticks.
I think its starting to look more like a longhouse.
50 Shades of Nest Gray pattern's forming there.
At what point does the background in the middle swamp the print?
An intriguing question. I suppose we can find out while we are waiting for the next OotS comic.

So, the OotS thread is now the how deep can nested quotes go challenge?

I'm in.

Nest it til' it breaks
Really? REALLY?!
No. Don't do that.
Don't do what, exactly?

Ignore the combobreakers!

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Orthos wrote:
And ** spoiler omitted **

I don't think so.

She may be out of the action, but after the relationship upgrade, I think we'll be seeing a lot more of her.

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So, you make people roll for stats and then want them to suffer for a poor roll? Step down and stop GMing. What kind of person punishes somebody for something that isn't even their fault?
Or maybe, just maybe, don't be a jerk to the poor guys and use point buy.

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The backup weapon of the godwizard is the rest of the party. The godbotherer, the meatshield and the sneaky one. It's what he uses wen he can't be arsed to unleash his full power on the little ants.

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I think that for the forseeable future I'm incapable of rolling acrobatics without yelling Parkour!

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SiuoL wrote:

See, here is the thing, each class does certain things, it's up to your GM to make sure each classes get their chance to shine.

Wizard sucks early levels if you don't know what spells to pick, or your team is unreliable. However, you get to bend the world while still be what you are. You don't have to chance, the world change for you.

Sorcerer, not too much better than wizard in low levels, but you get to change into things that you like. Also each bloodline gives your different stuff. Elemental immune to critical hit, Draconic a little more AC and blasting power. And they don't get scared by monk as much.

Rogue is not the best at anything except sneak attack. But when your group got imprison in the dungeon with guards, only rogue can get you our. Bard can't kill all those guards in one hit without them alarming others, only the best rogue can.

Ranger sucks when not fighting his favorite enemies in his favorite terrains, but what if they do? Enough said. PS: one of the best tracing class out there.

Paladin only good when fighting evil things. But it got so much auras!!!! Immune to so many things with very good saves and some spells! Hardly anything evil can kill you.

Monk can't hit... What are you hitting? A full plate? Why would you even do that? Monk are one of the fastest, yet potentially the tankiest class there could be, only to be matched by few like Dragon Disciple with both Wings, class feat and bloodline. Have a monk charge 180ft and Quivering Palm you in the face is the scariest thing that could happen to any wizard. Also with those good saves and SR, how many spell can you use on them really?

Fighter sucks. Yea? When your team now trapped in the room in the dungeon with only one door way, no way out. Outside filled with thousands of goblins. How suck can a fighter be when he is the only class that can stand in that door way all day long? It's not very realistic but I guess in fantasy, fighters train so hard they don't feel tried from fighting.

Druid is not good in spell casting like Wizard. Wildshape at will plus level spells already allow you to be able to survive almost anything. Don't spellsling with the wizard, it's not your job. Shambler!

Cleric are only good as a healbot and their healing sucks. Really? Implosion, True Resurrection and Miracle. What can't you do?

Bard sucks at everything other than singing. Well, it's their job. Do a bit of this, do a bit of that. Just enough to survive so they can perform and make everyone better. By everyone, it's not just your team. Raise army, start war! Think bigger! Also counter song! If you GM never give you a chance to use it when you played a bard, you know he isn't very good.

Lastly, barbarian. They do run out of rage, and they can't do much once it's out. Well, at level one, it's the strongest class of all. What do you expect? Beside, they still kick ass when they rage. Can fighter dodge those touch attacks? Don't think so. Can paladins? No. Can any class that that bad ass +8 morale bonus to strength? No!!!

So there you have it, that's what I think about each classes. They are not perfectly balanced but they don't suck, just that it's not your turn to shine, or your GM sucks.

Wow! You got everything so wrong, I'm not sure you even read the Core rulebook.

Ok, Wizard and Sorcerer can suck at early levels if you completely suck at selecting spells, but that is not fault of the class or GM it's yours for being dumb. Sleep and Color Spray and whatever you want for flavor. Done.

Rogue can't kill anything in a sinlge attack after level 3, maybe 4, except some very optimized builds.

You know who can be just as good as the rogue at freeing the group from a jail cell? The Ranger. Forget favored enemy, favored terain: urban makes you better at being stealthy than the rogue could ever hope to be. And even without favored enemy they still have a wolf to do some extra damage, get some feats earlier than the fighter, and has some really nice spells (lead blades, longstrider, etc.)

Hardly anyithng can kill a paladin. Fullstop. Not just evil, neutral, lawful, chaotic and even good would have a hard time killing this guy. Also even when not fighting evil he has divine bnd to make his weapon better than what the fighter could buy, and he has spells. Anyone that thinks a fighter is the best in that door scenrio of yours has never seem a pally with Deadly Juggernaut, Weapon of Awe and Righteous Vigor going.

Wizards are going to fear charging quivering palms as soon as monks learn to fly. Quivering Palm and Stunning Fist are worthless against melee enemies because the save is just too low. Thta SR is actually a bad class feature since it stops the monk from receiving beneficial buffs. The monk also has abilities like slow fall (worse than a first level spell) and Tongue of the Sun and Moon (worse than a second level spell). He does have some good archetypes tough.

Fighters are very good at DPR noone against that. But they're not so good that a paladin, barbarian or ranger, even with all their resources spent, couldn't do the exact same thing. And if there is a single goblin shaman in that endless horde, the fighter would be the worst to have in that place, since he has the worst chance of resisting mindcontrol.

Druids are not as good at spells as a wizard but that is still better than not being a level 9 spellcaster. Also don't forget the animal companion. You know who else can stand in a doorway and kill thousands of goblins? A buffed up tiger.

Bard sucks at everything except singing? In 3.5 maybe, but not in PF anymore. PF bard outrogues the rogue. He is as good at skills and he has spells to back it up. The rogue has a little more damage but not enough to kill enemies before they sound an alarm, unless the enemies are very low level, in which case even the wizard could probably kill then in a single round.

Barbarians only run out of rage in the early levels. At high levels he has more rage rounds than he knows what to do with. And even without rage the barbarian is only a little worse at DPR than the fighter. Not a significant enough difference to really make the fighter shine.

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Lathiira wrote:
thejeff wrote:
At one point (back in the 60s?) he controlled it with magnets. Probably in an attempt to handle just such questions. Of course, other than a few demonstration panels, it did exactly the same kinds of things as it did before the magnets and after they gave up on the idea.
At one point Cap was talking to someone who had just seen him do the multiple-hit-ricochet-back trick and Cap explained. "I used to use magnets, but it threw off the balance and I was stuck standing there waiting for it to come back. So I gave up on them and learned to do it the other way." To paraphrase his answer.

I believe the super serum gave him the ability to telekinetically control round mettalic objects. I've noticed how in some comics/cartoons he can do shield stunts with trashcan lids and hubcaps when someone takes his shield away.

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If you've read the Dresden Files series, the Knights of the Cross are perfect representations of paladins. Michael specially is what every roleplayer should aspire when playing a paladin.

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666bender wrote:

last night our barbarian died.

he has saves in the statospher, and DR but the huge gian with improve vital strike made some holes in him.
sadly for the barby, he got hit on a vicious critical - and fell to begetive hit points.
the healer healed but the save was 50% worth amount of heal.
than he droppoed and as the rage ended.... he auto died.
is he normally great? yes. does he have weak spot? ofc, especially when we buff.

Any crit that can do that to a raging barbarian would have done worse to a fighter. Remember that the barbarian has more HP than the fighter, something between 4 (1st level) to at least 120 (at 20 th level). A fighter in the same position would've died before the healer could even launch his spell.

The barbarians weakness is that he lasts a round more than the fighter would before dying. I'm okay with that.

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They always said I had an explosive temperament. Toss a bomb
Undead? Well if you can't helium, can't curium, might as well barium
He will try to frighten us, but we must do like noble gases and not react.
If anyone asks "Are you sure" Like a proton, I'm positive.
You think this is hard? To me it's pretty basic.
Acid what you did there.
Don't worry, I can always find a solution.
An alchemist never dies, he justs stops reacting.
If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

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Telessar Talimah wrote:

Lazar we did the same BI with 2the rogues at level 15-16. We handed the group of high level demons their heads through teamwork. The main damagers were in order (zen archer, ninja, magus, Scout) the bottom damagers were summoner barbarian and paladin.

The magus was a shadowdancer as was the scout. 2.25 rogues


Paladin. Bottom damage dealer. Against demons.

Flagged for trolling.

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Tels wrote:
K177Y C47 wrote:
1) Half his feats are COMBAT ONLY feats. I mean, that SCREAMS "OPTIMIZE ME FOR COMBAT!" Additionally, the fighter's biggest advantage is the ability to get certain feats faster than other classes because he can move through the feat chain faster (due to his obnoxious number of feats). The thing is, if the fighter keeps stopping along the way to take Skill Focus (Basketweaving) or whatever (assuming he is not actully taking SF to get Eldritch Heritage (Abyssal) to get the mad Str Buff.) then he is actually going to be no better than the ranger when it comes to feats. This will make the fighter player quite sad when his guy is barely better (if not worse) than the Ranger/Paladin/Barbarian AT THE ONE DAMN THING HE IS SUPPPOSED TO BE GOOD AT.

Uh, Fighters aren't meant to beat Barbarians, Paladins, or Rangers when they are benefiting from their spike damage. Fighters are meant to be the martial that is always good in a fight. Put the Paladin up against a non-smite target, and his biggest damage spike will be taken away (though he's still good). Put a Ranger up against a non-favored enemy and he has the same issue as the Paladin. Barbarians eventually do run out of rage, or may be fatigued.

Fighters, conversely, still get their feats and weapon training against any enemy, all day long. The fighter's only limited use ability is his HP and that's what healers are for.

Granted, yes, Barbarians effectively have limitless Rage because most parties stop pushing forward long before the Barbarian runs out (at least at middle levels and later). Paladins are also arguably the best tanks in the game. But none of that means the Fighter isn't a good fighter. He's not supposed to be the best, he's supposed to be consistent.

If a Fighter gets hit with a Ray of Exhaustion, or Waves of Fatigue, or didn't get enough sleep and is fatigued/exhausted; he fights on.
If the Fighter is up against elementals or hordes of evil enemies, each a valid target for smite; he fights on.
If the Fighter is up...

Except being 'consistent' and 'able to go all day long' is worth crap in a team game. After the casters have spent their spells and the barbarian and bard spend their rounds, and the monk spent their ki, and the pally is out of lay on hands/smites, the fighter and the rogue have three options:

1- Keep going alone and die against any level appropriate encounter.
2- Drag the party with them so they can all die while the fighter uses the enemy distraction to kill the enemies and feel good about his bad carrer choice at the cost of everybody else.
3- Rest with the team.
Well there is a fourth... Go alone and face ridiculously weak opponents and be coddled by the DM so the player can feel special.

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TheSideKick wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:

Not really. A Fighter can hit stuff better more consistently. Other classes can still hit stuff, and often better.

If you take archetypes out of the equation there isn't anything a Fighter can do that another class can't.

one dimensional thinking...

Caedwyr wrote:

What actual goals/effects can the fighter produce/do that other classes can't?

many many things. more then just "i hit harder", things like... wait ive had this same debate 5 times now...

i dont care anymore, i feel like im in a monk thread all over again!! same points over and over, no one willing to see that they are being to harsh and that the fighter has value outside of "i hit things hard.

And it's been five times you failed to show what else the fighter can do. Six now.

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OgreBattle wrote:
Simple question, what do you see as the Fighter's niche that the Ranger is unable to imitate?

Being super extra boring, having no base flavor, no out of combat utility, not having any important, exciting or really useful class features, being incapable of solving problems without resorting to violence, having to spend all their money and regular feats to ape what other classes get for free.

Am I missing any thing?
Ah yes, doing a little more DPR than an unbuffed, no favored enemy ranger, but not so much more as to really matter.

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