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Nar'shinddah Sugimar

VM mercenario's page

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Hybrid Classes from Wayward Rogue:

The Windblade a Druid Sorcerer hybrid.

The Super Spy a Vigilante Investigator hybrid.

The Bullet Disciple is a Gunslinger Monk hybrid. The same book also has the Dimensionist, a Witch Kineticist hybrid.

The Sky Rider is a Cavalier Ranger hybrid.

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I wanna see that build. How did you do that?

Also, to your question, a 20th level fighter can, literally, by the rules, jump from a falling spaceship, hit terminal velocity, ignore the burning from the air friction, hit ground face first, inside an active volcano, swim in the lava, leave the volcano, be hit by the falling spaceship, have it explode around him, shrug off the radiation poisoning, and go on to fight like nothing ever happened. Breaking the sound barrier doesn't even merit a yawn.

14+ level characters are pratically superheroes, why are you surprised?

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Someone with no sense of right or wrong.

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Dude. The uncommoner.
It needs an unexplained phenomena that exploits that malevolent twisting architecture and alien geometries of haunted houses and eldtrich multidimensional places. Like a dimension door that allows the uncommoner to run in one door and come out in another unrelated door or go up the stair and windup back in the same floor or outside the house.
Mostly because with that, Disguised, Forgotten Aptitude and Expertise, Surprise Resilience, Strioke of Luck and Twist of Fate, plus the feats Animal Ally, Run and Fleet a bunch of times, I could build Shaggy and Scooby.

More seriosuly, while this is a very fun archetype for a comedy one-shot, it is unplayably weak for anything else, and kinda of an NPC archetype. It's literally an commoner with some small powers. Could be a commoner archetype instead f a Shadewright archetype.
Is that intentional?
I mean, is it supposed to be an NPC that gets weird things to happen to him? Or is it supposed to e a PC that learns stuff, survives being in a horror movie or game and becomes better, even if it is just better at surviving?

Sorry for the rant, but one of the classes I've been trying to realize for the last couple years started on a similar idea of playing a commoner that keeps getting into PC stuff and surviving it and my main struggle has been to keep that feel while giving him class features to keep him relevant and useful as a PC.
In that vein, I'm stealing the Unexplained Phenomena for my class.
Yoink :)

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I like the name Warspeaker better than Knight-Scholar. Knight-Scholar feels more like the name of an archetype or prestige class. Maybe an archetype that returns the Warspeaker to Int?

With a name like Warspeaker and abilities like Warcries, I think the idea going in should be less 'motivational speaker' and more 'sergeant telling the universe to what it's told or else'.

I like the name Advocate. It gives me an idea of someone that either convinces the universe through rethoric and debate or through some sort of bargaining. Can the Advocate have a lawyer archetype? Maybe a writer or storyteller archetype whose edicts are him telling the universe that the story should go this way instead of that. Maybe a bard archetype?

Also What Tzocatl really needs IMO, is a third class. PoW I and II and Akashic Mysteries both have three classes, it seems to me the perfect number for showcasing a system. Maybe a medium BAB skill user? Split focus between Int and Cha with abilities to use these two instead of phisical scores so they don't get too MAD. Someone in the playtest documented suggested Poet for a class name. A mixture of word artist, conman and motivational speaker. Where the Warspeaker orders the universe to do things and the Advocate reasons with the universe, the Poet could be the guy that lies and charms so well the universe believes and changes to accomodate.

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TimD wrote:

Aeronaut's Windlass was a lot of fun :)


It really was. To me, the cats steal the spotlight. They are just so awesome.

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Lanitril wrote:

Alright, so obviously the book with the Occult Classes is ALLLLLMOSSST out, but I figure it's never too early to theorycraft. I wanna know what you guys think.

What is the best gestalt for a Kineticist? At first, the main one in my mind was Monk/Kineticist. Not for any sort of overpoweredness, I just liked it. But now I've been seriously wondering about the different combos. Something with Mutagen or Rage for extra HP to burn? Synthesist for the exact same reason? Unchained Rogue to go into melee, dual wielding light kinetic blades, while still maintaining ranged power?

Any other ideas anybody got? Maybe for the other classes too?

Now that it's actually out:

Kineticist: Scarred Witch Doctor (ignoring the godawful errata). Con and Dex is all you need. Blast with kineticist and if you're up against elemental resistance debuff with witch spells. And you have lots of utility slots on both sides.
3pp: Mystic from Amora Games Liber Influx Communis. You start with two elements, and eventually get a third and fourth. You are the Avatar.

Medium: Dunno, I don't like the medium, the spirits feel very bland.
3pp: Whatever gestalt you think of doig with the Medium can be done with more power and better flavor with Radiance Houses Occultist. If the Harrow Medium ever gets released, then you could gestalt Harrow Medium with Occultist and house nearly ten spirits at the same time. Just for lulz.

Mesmerist: Fighter or Cavalier. Psychic spells can be used with heavy armor, the stares work well with melee combat, bravery becomes actually semi useful, being a frontliner helps with implanting tricks mid combat if you need and mesmerist covers the fighters lack of outside combat abilities.
3pp: Anything with full BAB heavy armor and can use charisma. Warlords, Daevas, Battle Lords, etc.
Alternatively, Taskshaper. Consumate Liar + Glib Lie + Shapeshifting = best infiltrator ever.

Occultist: Wizard, Arcanist or any other Int full caster, because being int SAD is always powerful. Battle Host//Fighter or any other full BAB that can spare points for int without getting MAD. Occultist/Investigator//Wizard makes for a perfect Harry Dresden.
3pp: Same thing, really, with the addition of craft focused classes. Occultist//Artisan, Occultist//Vizier or Occultist//Machinesmith make for great item focused characters.

Psychic: You can use the psychiic instead of the wizard in any gestalt that uses wizard, except now you have an easier time wearing armor. Psychedelia Mutation Mind Psychic//Alchemist is astonishigly flavorful.
3pp: Same thing, anything you can gestalt with psion you can gestalt with psychic. Of special mention is the Mnemonic from Liber Influx Communis, a monk type class that uses int instead of wis and and specializes in memory theft, memory manipulation and punching poeplein the mind.

Spiritualit: Monk. Punch people while yor standphantom punches people. Get an Anger or Dedication Focus Phantom, put points in performance dance or acting so you pose with skill, say ORA ORA ORA, and name your standphantom after a song. Bonus points if the first and last names of your character start with Jo, Gio or a similar sound, no matter their race. Double jeopardy points if you choose your touch spells known inside a theme as your standsphantoms power.
Or you can be a boring person and go with cleric with the phantom of a champion of your deity. Better armor, nine level spells, wis focus. Or Druid if your DM allows you to have a Phantom and an Animal Companion at the same time. Gunslinger can work with you shooting and a Jealousy Phantom (your dead lover that you want to avenge, maybe?) protecting you in the frontlines.
3pp: Different monk type classes, for different JoJos! Gurus, Stalkers, Deadly Fist Soulknifes.
Or other wisdom using classes. If you're a boring non-JoJo person.

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Elricaltovilla wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
Elricaltovilla wrote:
Fury of the Tempest wrote:
We ARE allowed to post our own items as suggestions... right?
You can submit them to our website or message one of us writers if you have something you'd like to submit. After all, why not do what we do and get paid for this? :P

Posting a suggestion that popped in my head coming back from work:

Belt of Throwing: This belt has loops, hooks and pouches for daggers, handaxes and other thrwing weapons. This belt can be enchanted as a throwing weapon. Any weapon or ammo drawn from this belt gains the weapon enhancement and enchantments applied to the belt. This lasts until the weapon is used for an attack or for 30 seconds (5 rounds) after it has been drawn. The belt can hold up to twenty one handed or light weapons, or 50 pieces of ammo. Belt Slot or Chest Slot. Two belts of throwing can be used on chest slot at the same time.

Basically an Amulet of Mighty Fists for throwing. Hopefully not as overpriced.
Should solve one of the main problems with throwing weapons. Simple solution someone might have thought of before. I don't remember seeing a similar item before, but I could be wrong.

Is there a reason for you to be allowed to put two belts on your chest slot?

Crossed bandoliers, the always necessary belt of phisical perfection, crossed bandoliers are cool, in case someone wants to pay for two sets of weapon enchanments, bandoliers are badass.

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Elricaltovilla wrote:
Fury of the Tempest wrote:
We ARE allowed to post our own items as suggestions... right?
You can submit them to our website or message one of us writers if you have something you'd like to submit. After all, why not do what we do and get paid for this? :P

Posting a suggestion that popped in my head coming back from work:

Belt of Throwing: This belt has loops, hooks and pouches for daggers, handaxes and other thrwing weapons. This belt can be enchanted as a throwing weapon. Any weapon or ammo drawn from this belt gains the weapon enhancement and enchantments applied to the belt. This lasts until the weapon is used for an attack or for 30 seconds (5 rounds) after it has been drawn. The belt can hold up to twenty one handed or light weapons, or 50 pieces of ammo. Belt Slot or Chest Slot. Two belts of throwing can be used on chest slot at the same time.

Basically an Amulet of Mighty Fists for throwing. Hopefully not as overpriced.
Should solve one of the main problems with throwing weapons. Simple solution someone might have thought of before. I don't remember seeing a similar item before, but I could be wrong.

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Pixie, the Leng Queen wrote:
LuniasM wrote:
Pixie, the Leng Queen wrote:

All undead are evil. Simply being undead is enough to ping as evil.

You think the villagers are gonna be reasonable and straight forward about the orcs? They will most likely say that the orcs killed many of their men and spread the typical horror stories of orcs.

If an undead who does nothing evil, works to overcome their evil desires, and preserves the lives of their potential victims still pings as evil, the DM is a jerk. If you don't do evil things you aren't evil, simple as that. There are examples of "evil creatures" becoming good in the Golarion setting - Wrath of the Righteous has a few. This trend of "All x are Evil" is a 3.5 relic that Paizo has explicitly avoided. Regardless, a Paladin who kills that vampire still falls for committing murder of an innocent.

If the paladin is tricked into going after those orcs, they still need to verify the story they were given. People can and will lie to get what they want. You cannot make assumptions as a Paladin - you have higher standards than that. If you want to play the character that blindly trusts people and mercilessly slaughters anything anyone says is bad, don't play a Paladin.

Think about this.

1)How many paladins speak orc?

2) The orcs have already bee attacked once, they see some HEAVILY guys strolling up to their camp. Chances are they will jump to action beofr giving them an oppotunity to hit them first.

3) Orcs have A piss poor reputation already. If you wanna make it even tougher, say a camp of drow. Drow are universally known as evil. They are also Known liars. Most wouldnt think twice of killong some drow. Same thing with the orcs. Orcs are like goblins, they are "monsters".

As for the undead thing, yeah some people get redeemed, but one thing Paizo has deffinetely not budged on is ALL undead are evil. Your actions mean nothing in regards to alignment of undead. Otherwise mindless undead would be neutral... sinply BEING undead is enough to be evil.

1. How many don't? Along with Abyssal, Demonic, Subterranean and Drow. Those are the languages of their main enemies, why wouldn't they study them? What kind of stupid paladin wouldn't want to decypher written messages and be able to understand what their enemy commanders are shouting?

2. That is why you arrived with weapons sheated and announce yourself in a loud and clear voice before arriving. Ask them to leave without bloodshed. If they start a fight you kill them in self defense.

3. Only a racist lets prejudice cloud judgement. Paladins by definition are not klansmen. They won't kill them just because they are green.

Just because some people don't know how to play a Good character, doesn't mean it's impossible.

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Quintain wrote:

Yes, but the question is why? If the LG deity had a vision showing the release of Rovagug and the ensuing end of the multiverse, what are the options.

This comes down to a question of perspective. If you liken golarion to a limb on the human body and that limb has gangrene, is it not better (aka more Lawful and Good) to sever the limb so that the rest of the body can survive?

Kill millions so that untold trillions may live? That is the scenario.

Kill none. If the deity can forsee Rovagug awakening then it can forsee how it is awakened and we stop that. And remember what we say to the gods of Evil: Not today.

Kill Rovagug. If we can't stop Rovagug awakening, we remind the gods why THEY need US, because gods are limited by their destinies but mortals are pure potential, changers of fate, destroyers of destiny. Be awesome, be epic, be mythic. Kick your puny reason to the curb, pierce the skies, do the impossible, kill the unkillable.

Die trying. If its impossible you go out fighting for good. You don't bow to evil, you dont accept death. Never give up, never surrender, this is the duty of a paladin, nay, his privelege.

Quintain wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:

Wouldn't be the first time the Big Damn Heroes of a story manage to kill an evil entity that was only sealed the first time.

Paladins find another way. They certainly don't force the sacrifice of others. Familiar with the Culling of Stratholme?

This is a fantastic question:

Let's flip the scenario -- let's say you (as a paladin) are thrown back in time, and are pivotal in the events where in a fellow paladin became a great evil, but there are events in the scenario where your intervention could prevent that fall.

Here are your options: prevent the fall, thus changing the timeline and all it's inherent unknowns coming into play, possibly bringing an even greater evil to the fore,


allow the fall, knowing full well that you strengthen evil in the short run and thus ensure that all the atrocities said anti-paladin commits will come into place.

What do you do?

Prevent the fall. You can't predict the future to know this would cause a greater evil, you also can't predict the future to know if this will make the future better for everybody.

Stop evil now, and if a worse evil shows up, you stop that evil too.

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Bardess wrote:
The Patrician is a high-level LN Aristocrat/Expert. I don't see him as a PC.

I guess you stopped reading before Night Watch, then. Vetinary is a slayer, or possibly a ninja. He could beat Vimes perception checks when he was a teenager, before he graduated from the Assassins Guild School.

His stealth score is so good, he failed his stealth exams because the examiner couldn't find him to take the exam.

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alexd1976 wrote:
Baronjett wrote:

I would buy a book with all the spells in it, another with all the feats and traits.

As would I, but they would have to re-release that every time new spells and feats came out...

Of course, in the digital age, a PDF document would work just as well, with paid customers getting updated version for free...

Why buy, when a great man has done the job out of love and kindness?

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Ssalarn wrote:
DHAnubis wrote:
Fair enough, I understand that point entirely. Though I'm not sure how exactly to word it other than maybe something along the lines of "The Psychic Armory does not have enough fine control over the Panoply as to use the Two Weapon Fighting feat to increase the number of blades it can throw." Just worded more elegantly.
Just to be clear, the Two-Weapon Fighting feat doesn't allow you to increase the number of attacks you can make, it just lowers the penalties for the general Two-Weapon Fighting option which is available to everyone. Maybe if the phrasing prevented use of your off-hand for making attacks instead? No off-hand, no TWF.

Maybe something like "The armory can't use weapons, natural attacks or off hand attacks while using Psychokinetic Throw"? Would also prevent someone trying to mix regular weapon attacks with the armory blades. Or godsdamned armor spikes.

Edit "The concentration required to manifest the Panoply of Blades means the psychic armory can't use weapons, natural attacks or off hand attacks while using Psychokinetic Throw" Maybe add a penalty to concentration checks too, depending on how you want the class to work as a dip for a wis caster.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Psychic Platform allows for double jumping, sticling to the ceiling and skating around. I love it. Every Soulknife I ever make will have it.

Psychic Armory is beautiful. Just a few suggestions for Armory Tactics: the ability to gather the blades in a single giant blade that falls from the sky, or raises from the ground (single throw but with higher base damage, maybe can be combined with Vital Strike); the ability to make the blades pop up from the ground under the enemy, like spikes (area damage + difficult terrain for a round?)

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LMPjr007 wrote:
Rednal wrote:
So... ultimately, would I support a joint 3PP campaign? The answer, of course, is "it depends". If it meets enough of my personal criteria, I probably will support it. Otherwise... *Shrugs*
CalethosVB wrote:
To be fair, we're still in the dark about the anticipated size and scope of this project. All we've heard so far is it's got a bunch of bigger 3pp names.

OK since you all have given such great feedback, here is the concept pitch for this 3PP AP, which we are calling Crisis of the World Eater.

(Begin marketing pitch mode)

A god like creature called the World Eater has been consuming worlds after worlds. The World Eater simply devours all life and energy from each and every thing on each and every world it visits. Nothing survives the World Eater and it leaves a world a carcass where nothing again can live on it.The World Eater has been annihilating worlds for over a millennium, with many attempting to stop the advancement. No matter how powerful, no matter how advanced each and every world that stood again the World Eater failed. Nothing has slowed or prevented the consumption of world after world.

Now the World Eater has sent it's executor to your world to evaluate it for it consumption. And like so many worlds before, if the World Eater succeeds, it will leave your world a dead husk. What will you do to stop the World Eater when so many before couldn't? Where will you gain allies for the impossible task? Where will you be taken in finding ways to stop the World Eater? What will you sacrifice to defeat the Wold Eater?

(End marketing pitch mode)

Basically it is Crisis on Infinite Earth PLUS Ultimate Galactuc Trilogy equals Crisis of the World Eater. So if those series interest you, then you should like the idea of this AP concept.

So dimension hopping from NeoExodus, to Thunderscape, to Kaidan, to Midgard, to Cerulean Seas, to Necropunk type of stuff? Could probably be made with all NPCs and sample characters from several 3pp classes and not a single Paizo PF class too.

Yes. That would be awesome. You should have started with that, everybody who supports 3pp will probably support that, it's awesome. It also shows a little from different publishers so you can get a taste of everything, show a highlight from each world and why they would be fun to play, just enough rules on the stat blocks to be playable while making you want to go and buy the class and see what else it can do, it would be great publicity for all involved.

I think I just had a nerdgasm.

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
Fergie wrote:

I would just add that higher level martial types should have some ability to do area damage. The most classic is hitting the ground with your hammer or fists like Thor or the Hulk, but there are a variety of options in classic fantasy.

How do you describe this in non comic book terms?

As I said earlier, half the issue is coming up with fluff that won't trigger the anti-anime, anti-wuxia, anti-superhero crowd. When your two icons are literally Avengers, I suspect you've crossed the line.

What would Beowulf, Conan, or Indiana Jones do for area damage? How do you sell the ability?

Some version of the barbarians Groundbreaker rage power. An often forgotten rage power because it's only adjacent squares, and instead of using his CMB to trip it uses a fixed DC 15 ref save. Not a 10+Str+1/2 level, a fixed 15. A better version would use his CMB and do a small amount of damage, with a Improved version giving a longer radius and the ability to make it a cone instead of a radius.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Would it be better if they got full six level casting as the base ability and the base abilities of the Avenger and Stalker were buffed to match, or would that be too powerfull?
What if they had 4th level casting like paladins and rangers, but modified so they start casting at first level instead of fourth?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Maybe if everytime time you chose a talent, you could also choose a talent for your social persona. So at second level and every even level you get two talents, one social, one vigilante. Then you can have social talents like:
Bumbling Defense: You gain a +1 dodge bonus in your social identity. This bonus increase by +1 at 4th and every 4 levels after. At sixth level you gain Evasion. At 12 level you gain the Feat Deflect Arrows. Whenever an attack misses your AC, you successfully use your Evasion or use the Deflect Arrows feat while in your social identity you can make a Bluff check as a free action to convince onlookers that you escaped danger through dumb luck, sheer coincidence or other reason.
Accidental Attack: As a free action you can roll an opposed bluff check resisted by an opponents Sense Motive. If you win you can attack him and make it look like it was an accident. This attack can use wathever bonuses and abilities you would gain from your Vigilante Talents. If you fail the bluff check you cannot attack but can still take other actions as normal.
Hidden Casting: You can cast any spell you gain from your vigilante talents but only if you succeed in your checks to make a concealed casting. Prereq Concealed Casting.
Shine Through: You can let some of your vigilante facade into your face for a moment, gaining the intimidate bonus of your vigilante identity for a single check. You lose you disguise bonus and immunity to divinations from Dual Identity against the target of the intimidation check for a week.

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Arcanemuses wrote:
My only concern is the warlock specialization. Will it eclipse the magus class because it has a more powerful spell list?

Not at all, because the warlock vigilante has much, much less spells per day. He starts with one more spell per day over the magus, the magus catchs up at level 2, the magus is one spell ahead at 3rd level, the vigilante catches up at level 4 and then the magus is ahead at every level after.

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Is this still being updated?

Northwinter Press has the Monster Trainer and the Journeyman

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Dragon78 wrote:
So your saying you want holy, unholy, axiomatic, anarchic related blasts?

I think he means more the planes of Positive and Negative energy.

A kineticist linked to the plane of Positive Energy would be a biokineticist (vita is a latin root) and have a positive energy blast that heals people and harms undead. If chosen as both primary and secondary element gains a Holy blast that deals blunt damage and does extra damage against evil targets. Other powers would include controlling plants and animals, some degree of shapeshifting, healing, and some other holy powers.

A kineticist linked to the plane of Negative Energy would be a necrokineticist and have a negative energy blast. Other powers could include causing disease, generating pure entropy, and general necromancy abilities.

A kineticist linked with the Shadow Plane would be an umbrokinetic (the greek version is skiakinetic and it just doesn't work) and have a shadow blast that is touch and can deal blunt, piercing or cutting damage but can be disbelieved and only deal half damage. Powers would revolve around controlling shadows, stealth and illusions. Fire Kineticists got would get some light using powers to balance.

Finnaly a kineticist linked to the Astral plane would be a psychokinetic and have a mind blast or the ability to make and throw psychic weapons. He would have some telekinesis but more focused on fine motion and without access to lift large weights or flying. Other powers would include telepathy and teleport, some mental attacks, and some time related powers.

That should cover the whole D&D type cosmology, unless you start making kineticists based on Heaven, Hell and other Outer Planes, but that would be too much work. Maybe a single theokineticist with varying blasts and powers depending on which outer planes he connects...

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Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

Battle butler, overall, played just fine. It played uniquely- boosting it’s declared master’s AC, having it’s to hit/damage adjusted throughout the battles via his service meter, and he was a little bit of a crit monkey (like he should be). The one sticking point we really have is these things called “tricks of the trade” (still hate that name). Currently you get one every level and they are not SUPER useful. They are meant to be these little flavorful out of combat abilities that have a rare use in battle and a rare few could potentially can be used quite effectively in battle if you REALLY pushed yourself to do the right set up. The issue is 1 every level is a pain in the butt. We are probably switching it to a lump sum upfront (possibly something based on Int modifier) and maybe a few down the road (maybe via a feat?).

Whhy is it a pain the butt? Because he gains too many of them across his career and you'd need some fifty different ones, at least? Or because they are little abilities and gaining a small thing every level is not all that satisfiyng?

Maybe gain a bunch at first level and them a smaller bunch at other levels? 3+Int at first level and +3 at 4th and every 4 levels?
Hard to comment on names without knowing the names of other class abilities, but if you go with gaining multiple ablities at a time how about Household Management and individual abilities be Homemaking Tricks or Housekeeping Chores?

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Kalindlara wrote:
I'm surprised that Lastwall Phalanx doesn't see more action. Do people just not know about it? Because it sure seems like the business. ^_^

It has the same problem of Shake it off, in that you have to be adjacent to your partner. That kills flanking, forces two characters (usually both of melees) to always focus on the same enemy, and makes you weak against all the AoEs in the game.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is the Davatti based on or similar to your Dimensional Knight? How is it different? And why can't I buy Tome of Spell and Sword on the Paizo Store?

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Epic Meepo wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
No reason to not take Come and Get Me instead of Taunting Stance, since they come at the same level and you probably have some other stance already.
The unchained barbarian can't take Come and Get Me. The unchained rage powers replace all of the rage powers from the CRB, APG, and UC except for those listed in the "Unmodified Rage Powers" sidebar. (The sidebar states this explicitly.)

In that case there is no reason to use the unchained barbarian. It's a straight downgrade to a balanced class. Just houserule it and give the upgraded talents and most of of the stance talents to the regular barbarian.

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scary harpy wrote:



The god of heaven, lord of constellations

Symbol: sacred shine surmounted by the divine horned cap.

Sacred number: 60

Astrological region: heavenly equator

Sacred animal: the heavenly Bull

He is a progenitor of the pantheon, the father of the gods, and he is the sky god in the sense that he is god of heaven or the "great above". To our more modern thinking, heaven would be outer space or, to D&D players, the outer planes.

In the Anunnaku (Sumerian) pantheon, An lost influence to Enlil; in the Igigi (Babylonian) pantheon, Ellil (Enlil's counterpart) lost influence to Anu. Enlil/Ellil is the actual god of the sky. Anu is a god of monarchs and is not friendly to the common people. His 'kishru's (shooting stars) have awesome strength. He has the ability that anything he puts into words becomes reality.

In the transition from the Anunnaku to the Igigi pantheon, An became both Anu and Anshar; Anu is the god of heaven and Anshar is the axis of heaven - the axle/pivot on which heaven turns. Anshar is not an evil god of darkness.

IMHO, Anshar, 'whole sky', is good name for the one deity and Anum , a more correct spelling for An, is good for his counterpart.


Celestial, Travel,

Celestial, Creation, Law

Avatars of Heaven


messenger / vizier


Anu and Ishtar's 'son'; the 'son' of heaven.

You asked for the example. I made an example. You ignore the example. Why?

Here's the template. It's based on the smaller gods in Inner Seas Guide as WDL has been asking since the first post.

??? Pantheon

Titles, Epithets, God of ???, Lord of ???, Etc
Alignment: ???
Domains: ??? (4 to 5)
Favored Weapon: ???
Symbol: ???
1st paragraph What does the god do, what is his role in the pantheon. What is his sacred animals, does he have sacred colors.
2nd paragraph What does he look like in art or when he sends avatars to interact with the players. Does he even interact with people. How is his personality.
3rd paragraph Who are his worshippers, what are they expected to do. Any adventure hooks for a player tht chooses this god.
4th paragraph Any other interesting bits or cool legends you want to add about this god
5th paragraph A small bonus for worshippers independent of domain, a spell they can cast a level early, a spell they can get from another list, bonus flavor choices when casting Summon Monster spells, small bonuses when casting spells against the deities favored enemies, stuff like that.

I should update Bes to include more stuff.

@ I'm Hiding In Your Closet:
I can accept help fleshing out the Egyptians, but I think it would be best if the better mythology buffs tackled the less known pantheons first, leave the norse and the greek for last since anyone can do them. I would like to see the slavic or the canaanite first, if you please.

@ Aleristhe
Could you help Scary Harpy with the Mesopotamian first? What would you suggest for the favored weapon and domains of Anu?

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
Removed some posts and the replies to them. One of the important things in our Community Guidelines is being observant of other gamers/gaming styles. Even if there is something about a game/gaming you do not like, be respectful to others in the conversation. Additionally, we have many threads concerning the issues regarding the Advanced Class Guide. We do not need to rehash them here.

So many posts got removed, I was scared for a moment that my very important contribution had been lost. Then I realized the thread had just turned wonky because of the insane amount of posts that had to be removed.

Look at Page 3, my friends. A terrible battle was fought here. Now, only shapes to see, perhaps, not to touch.

You people kept feeding the regenerating giant. I, and hopefully others, did what any decent forumite should do and flagged every one of his posts for 'breaking other guidelines', i.e. beign a regenerating giant.

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I support the skill check maneuvers. It's something you're going to be able to do once, twice tops, in a fight. You should be able to do it consistently since you're spending 5% of your WBL a feat (or more) and full ranks on sleight of hand.

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Elder Basilisk wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:

You're probably being a little extreme. The fighter isn't the skill guy. He should, however, have at least as many skill points as a Ranger. There's no reason a Ranger, who can twiddle his fingers to solve so many of his problems, should have 6 skill points and the fighter shouldn't. The only reason he does is because hide in shadows, move silently, and track/survival are now skill points instead of class features.

But, two good saves is an imperative, and seriously, ALL good saves wouldn't be overpowered. The fighter has no class abilities that stack on them, unlike the monk.

Evasion should be a combat feat.

Talents are as bad as combat feats, and should be reserved to make the Rogue special.
Fighters should have their own 'Techniques' that other classes can't take, which should basically be combat feats that actually scale and are useful at all levels. In effect, a fighter's 'bonus combat feats' should be at least the equal of Rage Powers. They are both class features, but one is useful at all levels, and the other is meh.


Actually, I was being sorta serious. One of the assumptions from previous editions of the game is that fighter and rogue are separate classes--that Fafrd and the Grey Mouser have different class based abilities rather than just different stats and builds.

What if rather than having "skill guy" and "fighting guy" as archetypes, we just had a "non-magical" guy who is skilled at fighting and skilled at skills? That would nicely solve the constant complaining that fighters can't contribute outside of combat and rogues cannot contribute inside combat. And it would make it much easier for "fighter" characters to model the abilities that fictional heroes have. Many fictional heroes can fight well, ride, jump, climb, notice the ninjas sneaking up on them, notice when they are being lied to, be stealthy, be suave, lead an army, seduce a lady, and tinker with gadgets in their spare time--all at once and without splitting those abilities...

And we could call it something cool like slayer or something.

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Does the group has any means to know in character they're dealing with a homebrew LG zombie?
Does the group has any reason to believe that instead of believing this is a trap laid out by somee necromancer/lich/other BBEG?
If any of those is a no, then the rogue is justified in killing the zombie.
If they kill it, have the book have any info necessary written on it with a folded map indicating the town being used as a pagemarker.
Also: Absent players don't get to vote, unless the characters are beign used in battles even with the players absent.

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On the string manipulation, invisible web, the puppeteer needs to be able to fill less cubes than his maximun so he doesn't fill an entire room when he only needs to trap a door.
It needs a flair to upgrade Grappling braid/ Gossamer Razor so you can attach your strings to stuff and pull them back to you. Like Scorpions 'Get over here' move from Mortal Kombat
Grappling Braid should be able to attach to two points so you can make a tighrope/ropebridge for people to cross.
Also needs a flair so you can as an immediate action attach strings to an ally and pull the back from danger or save them from a fall. Something like give them a +2 to reflex and if they pass you can move them 5 feet in a direction of your choice. If used on a falling ally you pull them with a line or make a net to catch them so they don't take falling damage.

How about a mastery about attaching strings to enemies and messing with their movements
Malicious Puppeteering: attach string to an enemy and plague them with random jerky movements gives some penalties to attack and movement speed, improved when he misses an attack you can make him reroll that attack against another target in range, greater stop him from making 5ft steps or AoO unless he passes a reflex save
Barbed Hook: Pull a single enemy towards you, improved pull or push enemies in any direction but always in a straight line, greater throw enemies up in the air or pull them to the ground if they're flying. If you beat the enemies CmD he can choose to not move but instead take damage as the hooks rip from his skin.
String Trap: You can subtly snake strings around the target or burrow them trough the earth to form a trap. Choose a square in your manipulation range to trap, any creatures that enter the square take damage equal to your int mod and are flatfooted until the beginning of your next round. Perception to notice the trap is X, DC to disarm the trap is X, the trap is a magical trap. If you are observed you can roll stealth against your opponents perception so they won't notice you are laying the trap. Even if they notice they need a perception check againstthe trap DC to notice the trap. Improved, the target loses dexterity to AC for one round, or you can use the trap to start another manipulation or flair that attaches to an enemy. The trap lasts for int rounds even after you stop concentrating on it. Greater, you trap two squares with a single action, these squares don't need to be consecutive and can be occupied. The trap now does your int mod damage in a five foot radius when triggered and instead of the other effects it can temporally blind mute or paralyze the target that triggered the trap.
Ultimate: Enemy Puppet: Make one enemy fight for you as if controlled by Dominate Monster. Short duration but you can change the save to fort. The enemy is aware that he is being manipulated.
... Maybe exchange String Trap with Invisible Web.

Edit: On the BAB usage:
Allow Gossamer Razors to be a full round action to attack multiple times with your BAB. Make it attack normal AC instead of touch. increase the enhancement bonus a little so it can be comparable to a secondary weapon on a frontline PC so +1 +1 for every four levels on improved (up to +5) and +2 +1 for every three level on greater (up to +8) on grater.
On Dancing Weapon, on improved allow the Puppeteer to to get a second dancing weapon gaining an extra attack at full BAB but with a -2 to all attacks, or add a dancing shield to incrase AC, or if using a single weapon gain a +1 to attack. on Greater allow for a third dancing weapon (another attack at full BAB, no extra penalty) two weapons and one shield, single weapon and shield for +1 attack and AC or single weapon for +2 attack and damage. Each weapon can attack a different target as long as all targets are inside your maximun manipulation range.
New Flairs:
String Fighter: The Puppeteer can select his string as a weapon for the purpose of feats like Weapon Focus. He counts 1/2 his total puppeteer level as his fighter level for the purpose of qualifying for feats. If he has levels in fighter, these levels stack. Feats that increase damage increase the damage of Dancing Weapon and Gossamer Razors.
String Training: The puppeteer gains +1 attack and damage when using Dancing Weapons and Gossamer Razors. This increases to +2 at 8th level and to +3 at 16th level.

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The correct terminology is manslaughter nomad. But murderhobo rolls off the tongue better.

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*looks at nearly a hundred 3rd party classes on external HD*
*looks at to buy list with over a hundred other classes*
*knows that Interjection, Little Red Goblin, Rogue Genius and Dreamscarred will keep releasing classes and alternate systems that I will want to buy*
What is this bloat you spek of? Pathfinder needs more stuff.

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Casts Raise Thread.

Liber Influxus Communis has the Battlelord, Conduit, Demiurge, Medium, Metamorph, Mnemonic, Momenta, Mystic, Pauper, Survivor, Syniergist, Umbra, Warloghe and Warsmith.

Alternate Paths has Adventurer, Athlete, GFladiator, Guardian, Inheritor, Tataued Warrior, Thane, Undying and Wrath. LRGG probably has other new classes but I'd have to check wath was launched since you last updated.

Interjection Games has the Onmyoji, Breakdancer, Cantor, Harmonicist, Ethermagus, Etherslinger, Scion of Discordia and Sanguine Disciple.

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Insain Dragoon wrote:
"Hey guys, I feel kinda bad just taking all this stolen money. It doesn't feel right. I mean GoodFolks village probably really needs this money to make it through the winter. Should we really be taking it as our own?"

"Modified Law of Salvage. If I'm puttiing myself in mortal danger than whatever I find is mine for the taking. It stopped being their gold when the orcs stole it. With the orcs dead the gold belongs to whoever takes it."

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Zaister wrote:

My take on this is, DR is not useless in general. My pet peeve with DR is that what really is useless is DR/magic. I mean, there are CR 20 creatures with DR 15/magic. What's that supposed to be good for?

I'm thinking of implementing a house rule that basically says "for each +1 enhancement bonus of the weapon (not counting bonuses from greater magic weapon), reduce the DR by 5 points." In this way, DR/magic can become meaningful again.

Keep in mind that magic weapons are supposed to be somewhat rare and only in the hands of rich people or elite units. DR 15/magic is useless against PCs but allows the creature to walk up to an army, kill thousands and not take a single scratch.

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IS there any announcement for whne we should download again to see if there were any revisions/changes/added content? If I download now will the Marine archatype be there? Anyway...
Round two:
Survivor: One Survival Tactitc gives continuous Freedom of Movement (a 4th level spell) as an Ex, but another Tactic gives Non-Detection (3rd level spell) as a SP that needs an hour long ritual. I'm just saying but it seems wrong to me. Also any chances for a Greater Shady Character tactic that allows the ritual to cast Mind Blank instead of Non-Detection? Also the Unshakable Tactic needs a clause saying it stacks with Splippery Soul/ Elusive Thought, since they are all insight bonus. Either that or be brought up to +4. Otherwise it's a pretty underwhelming capstone for a three talent chain.
Synergist: Reactive Echelon does nothing unless the cast member has Combat Reflexes, in which case he will already have good dex. Maybe it could give Combat Reflexes to the cast member. In Supportive Cast "Supportive Cast does not as an action" should probably be "Supportive Cast is not an action". And Critical Aid seems to be straight up worse than Critical Catalist, and that is just weird.
Warloghe: Look at all those Taboos and Major Taboos. I love the sheer amount it has... which just strkes me as odd when there's only five spirits. I hope there will be more in the final release. I do love the Haunted ability and I can see interesting tactical uses of trapping somewhere with a chosen haunt.

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Everybody freaking over Korrasami and I'm just here gushing over Varric/Zhu Li. That was all kinds of awesome, cute and heartwarming.

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Bought the WIP. My first thoughts:
Battlelord: Really awesome. Could use a couple more specialties that, to me, seem no-brainers: Cavalry (gets a mount) and Marine(for aquatic campaings). Also where are his archetypes?
Metamorph: I actually did a similar homebrew PrC, and I love the idea behind genesis and pheotype. Well done.
Momenta: A half BAB class with only 4th level spells. You beautifull mad genius! Also what does Superior Tactics does? My insomniac brain is not getting it.
Mystic: There is an Avatar archetype. Is all I wanted.
Umbra: The Umbra doesn't have an option for the shadow plane (or the ethereal and astral). Whut? Umbra means shadow. Literally. I expected Shadow plane more than the demiplanes.

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Bandmember: Have ranks in a Performance skill, without being a bard (or skald or similar class), while being in a party with a bard (or skald or similar class)

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The Shepard
Talk a campaign villain into suicide.
The Constantine
Sell your soul multiple times to multiple devils/demons. Make them fight each other for it.
The Dresden
Insult an unfriendly or hostile beign of at least double your CR and survive.
The Kirk
Seduce a member of a different species in the same day you discover the existence of that species.
The Kratos
Kill a god.

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You separated the feats by what class feature or ability the affect. You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman and you have my praise.

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A lot of the problems with the class could be solved with the right Wild Talents. Here is my attempt at them:

Elemental Resistance:
Elemental Attunement
Element Air, Water, Earth or Fire; Type Su; Level 4; Burn 0
Prerequisites kineticist level 1st
You gain resistance 5 against eletricity, acid, fire or cold, matching your element. This increases to resistance 10 at tenth level, resistance 20 at 15th level and immunity to that elementat 20th. If you learn to use another element you can take this talent again to gain the associatd resistance.
Additionaly if you have fire resistance you are immune to enviromental heat effects. If ou have cold resistance you are immune to enviromental cold effects. If you have acid resistance you are immune to nonlethal damage from hustling and forcedmarch and are immune to starvation and thirst as long as you are in solid ground. If you have eletric resistance you are immune to suffocation as long as you're not completely submerged, and can hold your breath for one minute per point of constitution.

Defeating Elemental Resistance:

Nuclear fire
Element Fire; Type Su; Level 6; Burn see text
Prerequisites primary element is fire, expanded element (fire)
You can use fire so hot it disintegrates matter. When you hit with a fire blast you can, as an swift action, accept one point of burn and instead of dealing damage reduce the targets fire resistance by 10, to a minimun of zero. Alternatively you can accept 2 burn to transform fire immunity in fire resistance 40 or to give fire vulnerability to a target that doesn't have fire resitance. This effects last for a number of rounds equal to your con modifier plus the burn points you are suffering. This effects stack.

Absolute Zero
Element Water; Type Su; Level 6; Burn see text
Prerequisites primary element is water, expanded element (water)
You can bring a cold so potent it defies the laws of magic. This functions as Nuclear Fire but with cold blasts and cold resistance.

Aqua Regia
Element Earth; Type Su; Level 6; Burn see text
Prerequisites primary element is earth, expanded element (earth)
You mix a number of acids into a single substance capable of corroding any material. This functions as Nuclear Fire but with acid blasts and acid resistance.

Element Air; Type Su; Level 6; Burn see text
Prerequisites primary element is air, expanded element (air)
You gather millions of volts in a single blast that burns away any insulation. This functions as Nuclear Fire but with eletric blasts and eletric resistance.

Yeah, if you're willing to spend six rounds and take 8 burn you can make a fire elemental be weak against fire. That is not a bug, it's a feature.


Air could have a sound blast and some measure of sound control.

Fire could be used to make fire with less heat and more light or different types of light, or to make flashes to dazzle or blind:
Element Fire; Type Sp; Level 3; Burn 0
Prerequisites kineticist level 7
You can conjure a fire that sheds light like a daylight spell. You can accept one burn to affect creatures as if it was daylight, double the radius of illumination or to count as a 6th level spell for cancelling magical darkness.

Earth could have create pit as a sp; the ability to make earthquakes or something like this:
Create Difficult Terrain
Element Earth; Type Su; Level 4; Burn 1
Prerequisites kineticist level 5
You can make small spikes on the ground, raise feet level walls or even make quicksand in order to hinder your foes. You create an area of difficult terrain around you. This area is the square you occupy plus all the adjacent squares. At tenth level this area extends by another five feet. You ignore the difficult terrain you make with this ability. If you have extended reach you can create this are at any point in thirty feet instead of centered on you.

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Tell this to your players:
"You pass your disbelief check. You don't believe he summoned a bunch of clones of himself. You think they may be illusions. Whatever they are they move to fast to notice which ones are translucent and make it harder to attack the real one."
"You pass your disbelief check. You don't believe she is invisible. She is still invisible, you just have a mental breakdown and deluded yourself in seeing an imaginary person who probably doesn't look like your enemy, is not in the same place or doing the same thing.
The rest of you see him attacking the air. You're not sure if he is attacking the invisible enemy, gone mad or if there are two enemies now."
"You pass the Spellcraft check. You know he used a spell to make illusory Mirror Images. Everybody else knows that because they have eyes and saw the mirror images that appeared out of thin air."
"You pass the Spellcraft check. You realize he is casting a Invisibility spell about half a second before he turns invisible. Your sudden exclamation of 'He is casting invisibility!' is met with a chorus of 'Thank you, captain Obvious.'"

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Authorities in fantasy universes need adventurers. Because, as a rule, they are straight up better than regular soldiers.

When an orc band attacks a village, if the king doesn't send the army the village dies, because an orc band will destroy a villages police/militia. So if adventurers appear and say "You seem to have a orc/drow/hobgoblin problem. We are adventurers that will take care of it for you for X amount of cash!" the mayor is likely to sing allellujah and pay extra. Better than being killed together with his village.

When a dragon shows on the country side, armies die. Ten thousand arrows from ten thousand soldiers tickle Smaug. The very few people with enough power to take on a dragon usually have better stuff to do, are to afraid of trying to do it alone, or just don't care about your kingdom. So when a roaming bunch of adventurers shows up wanting to fght your dragon or, better yet, already famous for killing dragons, you promise them as much money as they want. If they die you don't lose anything. If they win, you would have to be a special kind of stupid to refuse paying or send assassins against people that can kill dragons.

And if they are calling adventurers for something, like in published material, it is usually something where normal resources have already failed, so they are calling in the specialists. And it doesn't matter what sort of problem you think you have, you pay the specialist rates. If you call the best law firm available for a shut case, you still pay the price for the best law firm. If you hire a five star chef for a night and ask him to make a grilled cheese, you still pay the cost of five star chef. If you hire a team of high risk mercenaries to kill dire rats, you still pay the cost of a team of high risk mercenaries.

And any politician that tries to make disappear the group of well trained, well equiped and well prepared adventurers that just did something his usual teams of assassins and soldiers couldn't, well... He deserves what happens when said group of well trained, well equiped and well prepared adventurers comes after his head.

Treating adventurers as vigilantes or outlaws only gets you outlaws that can break castle walls, kill armies, control the elements, summon the forces of hell, turn nobles into tadpoles, raise armies of the dead and other really unpleasant things. Better pay them to do 'adventuring' where the good and neutral ones can kill the more evil ones, than turn them all against you. Some long forgotten king must have realized that it's best to divide and conquer, than to unite and lose.

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You destroy him. Chunky salsa flies everywhere. For a moment you see a translucent form of him and then it too is hit by the afterimage of your strike. An observing cleric or wizard can tell you that not only you killed him but somehow managed to kill his soul. For a quick moment you see Pharasma standing by your side looking flabbergasted, her mouth hanging open and her arms waving in a 'what the hell' motion. The she turns at you with a scowl and a glare and dissappears. Alternatively you see Zon-Khuton looking impressed. He turns and offers two thumbs up and what passes for a smile and then dissapears. If you are quick enough to raise an empty hand before he dissapears, he gives you a high five and then dissapears.

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Le Petite Mort wrote:
Okay, maybe the example I gave was more distracting than clarifying. To rephrase my question more explicitly, are characters railroaded into believing everything said to them at face value if they fail a given Sense Motive check?


Le Petite Mort wrote:

It seems to me that a character who is bad at sense motive would be aware that they are bad at it, much in the same way that someone with low Knowledge (planes) knows that they know little about the workings of the outer planes and their denizens. Do low SM characters automatically believe that what is said to them is true all the time, or do they merely gain no additional information from the GM about the motivations of those they speak with?

The latter interpretation seems more sensible to me.

Gullible people are not aware that they're gullible. Gullible people in fact believe themselves to be really good at detecting lies. It's what makes them gullible.

In your example Thoggs response could be "Ha knew you wren't half devil, that ain't even a thing. Who would have sex with devils anyway?"

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AndIMustMask wrote:
chaoseffect wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:
i say 'human' fist because it's much more cost-effective to chop it off and have a clockwork prosthetic instead (which is real freakin' backhanded to monks there paizo).
This is a thing? Where? How? How much? Stop standing there gawking, you fool! Tell me now! I NEED IT.

clockwork prosthetics, from magical marketplace. they're fairly cheap (6400g a pop i think? so you're basically enchanting a firearm--pardon the pun), grant hilariously good bonuses vs various combat maneuvers, drastically increases your lift and carry weights (respectively), function in non-magic fields, can't be sundered since it's a part of your body (and you can't do that for some reason in pathfinder) and--here's the kicker--can be enchanted as if it were a weapon (for it's usual price and all the way to +10 total bonus) with any affect that would work with an unarmed strike. so it's a cheaper and more powerful AoMF with loads of peripheral benefits attached.

you just have to live the the fact that in paizo's twisted mind, you LITERALLY have to pay an arm and/or a leg to be good at unarmed combat.

i'm honestly tempted to rake up the dough to get all four limbs replaced (only enchanting one main one and a secondary for side benefits) and just run around grumbling "i didn't ask for this!" as i kick people in the face with my energy legs.

warning: don't stick brilliant energy on them or they'll be functionally useless for mundane tasks (your leg would sink through the nonliving floor, hands couldn't grab nonliving stuff, etc.), though it WOULD let you punch people through walls.

You can use command words to turn brilliant energy (or any other weapon ability) on and off. So your hands work normally when you want but when combat begins you can say "This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you! SHINING FINGER!"

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