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Nar'shinddah Sugimar

VM mercenario's page

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Speedster. With speed based powers.

Or really, just an actual mobile warrior with increased base land speed.

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alexd1976 wrote:
Baronjett wrote:

I would buy a book with all the spells in it, another with all the feats and traits.

As would I, but they would have to re-release that every time new spells and feats came out...

Of course, in the digital age, a PDF document would work just as well, with paid customers getting updated version for free...

Why buy, when a great man has done the job out of love and kindness?

I'm reading the GitP thread and I don't have an account there, so I'm going to crosspost here. Hope it's not too confusing.

I like MilleniaAntares idea of the Panoply of Blades having an ammo count. It could open some really neat interactions, like the Psychic Fortress idea.

Don't suppose you guys would be willing to include some Legs Slot items?
I agree with Ambrosia Slaad on his review. It's wholly uncharted territory and a lot of unused design space. And since Purple Duck already made the necessary references and jokes other parties could do a more serious job.

DHAnubis wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:
DHAnubis wrote:
Fair enough, I understand that point entirely. Though I'm not sure how exactly to word it other than maybe something along the lines of "The Psychic Armory does not have enough fine control over the Panoply as to use the Two Weapon Fighting feat to increase the number of blades it can throw." Just worded more elegantly.
Just to be clear, the Two-Weapon Fighting feat doesn't allow you to increase the number of attacks you can make, it just lowers the penalties for the general Two-Weapon Fighting option which is available to everyone. Maybe if the phrasing prevented use of your off-hand for making attacks instead? No off-hand, no TWF.
Maybe something like "The armory can't use weapons, natural attacks or off hand attacks while using Psychokinetic Throw"? Would also prevent someone tying to mix regular weapon attacks with the armory blades. Or godsdamned armor spikes.
Probably the simplest and most effective answer, though I have this image in my head of an Armory wielding a greatsword, swinging twice and dropping an opponent, and then using his last iterative to throw a mindblade from the Panoply at a nearby enemy.

Distill Panoply. Can be taken as early as second level. I'm pretty sure you can mix shots with melee, Panoply Barrage gives you TWF with half the attacks being throws and half being melee.

And I just realized my approach doesn't work cause you should be able to TWf with your melee Daggers from Distill Panoply.

How about going more simple? Mind blades created from panoply of blades do not count as a valid weapon for Two Weapon Fighting. And the Distill Panoply gets a line 'Blades distilled with this talent can be used for two weapon fighting' or 'If the character possesses the Mind Daggers blade skill, he may use Two Weapon Fighting with these daggers'. And change Panoply barrage from 'When making a full attack' to 'As a full round action' so you can't use Panoply barrage while Two Weapon Fighting.

Edit: Ninja'd

CalethosVB wrote:

At first level, you are a Human Sorcerer with 20 Intelligence or Charisma or Wisdom. It doesn't matter which right now, but reduce your available Spell Points by an appropriate amount. When you gain your first level in another class you can choose which stat to use as your casting stat, so pick one you like. Int for more skills, Cha to be a face, and Wisdom for just plain better Will saves. Doesn't matter what Bloodline. Replace your Arcana with a Focus Sphere (free sphere, +1 CL to that sphere). Choose Conjuration. Take 5 points worth of drawbacks to gain a Spell Point per level. At 1st level you gain 8 Spell points (1 from a level of a Caster, 5 from Cha, 1 from replacing your Bloodline spells, 1 additional from taking drawbacks). This is enough to Summon 4 Companions that last all day long. You gained Conjuration for free this time. You take Lingering Companion as your first Companions Form talent. You take Greater Summons as your Sorcerer talent, with both of your first casting class talents as Extra Companion. Use one of your first level feats on Extra Magic Talent (Extra Companion) and the other on Extra Spell Points. All Companions take Lingering Companion as their Form talents. At first level you have 5 2 HD Eidolons. That's 10 hit dice of meat shield that you can put in from if the rest of your party, and if they die, just conure them up tomorrow at full health. 10 Spell Points.

At second level take Incanter with Sphere Specialization (Conjuration). Pick up Channel Energy or a couple Domains while you're here, as you'll never see Incanter feats. You gain 2 additional Spell Points (12 total). With your three magic talents you gain from your first level of Incanter, you take Extra Companion, each with Lingering Summons. You now have 7 CL 4 Eidolons (3 HD each, 21 HD total). Unfortunately, you can only summon 6 of these Companions per day at this level. These Companions have 2 feats each that you can tailor to whatever you wish. One Companion can pick up Basic Magic and Advanced Magic, gaining any...

Can someone please tell me that this is b~&*#&%~? That this is not actually a thing you can do?

Cause I was thinking of getting SoP too, but not if it manages to somehow be more broken than regular vancian casting. This is Simulacrum levels of b%+!!!!#.

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Ssalarn wrote:
DHAnubis wrote:
Fair enough, I understand that point entirely. Though I'm not sure how exactly to word it other than maybe something along the lines of "The Psychic Armory does not have enough fine control over the Panoply as to use the Two Weapon Fighting feat to increase the number of blades it can throw." Just worded more elegantly.
Just to be clear, the Two-Weapon Fighting feat doesn't allow you to increase the number of attacks you can make, it just lowers the penalties for the general Two-Weapon Fighting option which is available to everyone. Maybe if the phrasing prevented use of your off-hand for making attacks instead? No off-hand, no TWF.

Maybe something like "The armory can't use weapons, natural attacks or off hand attacks while using Psychokinetic Throw"? Would also prevent someone trying to mix regular weapon attacks with the armory blades. Or godsdamned armor spikes.

Edit "The concentration required to manifest the Panoply of Blades means the psychic armory can't use weapons, natural attacks or off hand attacks while using Psychokinetic Throw" Maybe add a penalty to concentration checks too, depending on how you want the class to work as a dip for a wis caster.

Brutality Blade is much better. His blade is better than the normal soulknife for most of his career, but it's balanced. Raging Surge is great and seems well balanced for what it costs. And I like Raging Euphoria in it's Wrath Augment version.

For Psychokinetic Throw, maybe make it it's own full round action, like Spell Combat and Flurry of Blows? Not sure if this would still allow Rapid Fire. Maybe keeping the wording as is would be better.

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Psychic Platform allows for double jumping, sticling to the ceiling and skating around. I love it. Every Soulknife I ever make will have it.

Psychic Armory is beautiful. Just a few suggestions for Armory Tactics: the ability to gather the blades in a single giant blade that falls from the sky, or raises from the ground (single throw but with higher base damage, maybe can be combined with Vital Strike); the ability to make the blades pop up from the ground under the enemy, like spikes (area damage + difficult terrain for a round?)

Eh, I'm actually okay with it. It's a cool thing for the soulknife to have, what I don't like is that this archetype is so much better than regular soulknife.

Who the heck thought the Brutality Blade was good like this? A +1 to +5 weapon enhacement is worth way, way more than one feat and throw psychic blade. The chance of psychic enervation is not nearly enough to offset this since it only goes up on the first round of the fight. And it allows you to go above the hardcap of +10 bonus on a magic weapon something that noone else can do.
And Raging Surge is eventually a +4 to attack, damage and all saves. For one blade skill. It should be a trade for four blade skills at least.
The brutality blade is absurdly better than a normal soulknife.
It either needs to be tuned down a lot or lose a lot more of the base soulknife abilities.

Pious Soul seems balanced, but there are some concerns on the vows:
Vow of balance: How much DR does he ignore and how much SR is reduced. And what types of DR are reduced? And how in the heck does one have a neutral alignment equal to the pious soul wisdom modifier? I think the wording here maybe a little out of whack.
Vow of destruction: needs to specify duration. Is it until you sleep or until the foe dies, like smite (which would be way to powerful since you don't need a 18 wis to have that +4 to attack) is it for only one strike (way too weak) or is it something else (tilll the end of the battle, for one minute)?

Augmented Blade seems to have no problems. He loses some of the soulknifes more nifty tricks, but he gets some versatility and he gets to make a golfbag of weapons actually useful. I like it.

I look forward for the Psychic Armory. Archer from F/SN type of stuff is a cool concept. Gilgamesh from the same anime too, just hitting you with all the weapons.

On Blade Skill:
The daze function of Mindflayer can be used even in other forms right? The way it reads right now is a little ambiguous and makes it seem like you can only daze if it's in a whip mode.

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LMPjr007 wrote:
Rednal wrote:
So... ultimately, would I support a joint 3PP campaign? The answer, of course, is "it depends". If it meets enough of my personal criteria, I probably will support it. Otherwise... *Shrugs*
CalethosVB wrote:
To be fair, we're still in the dark about the anticipated size and scope of this project. All we've heard so far is it's got a bunch of bigger 3pp names.

OK since you all have given such great feedback, here is the concept pitch for this 3PP AP, which we are calling Crisis of the World Eater.

(Begin marketing pitch mode)

A god like creature called the World Eater has been consuming worlds after worlds. The World Eater simply devours all life and energy from each and every thing on each and every world it visits. Nothing survives the World Eater and it leaves a world a carcass where nothing again can live on it.The World Eater has been annihilating worlds for over a millennium, with many attempting to stop the advancement. No matter how powerful, no matter how advanced each and every world that stood again the World Eater failed. Nothing has slowed or prevented the consumption of world after world.

Now the World Eater has sent it's executor to your world to evaluate it for it consumption. And like so many worlds before, if the World Eater succeeds, it will leave your world a dead husk. What will you do to stop the World Eater when so many before couldn't? Where will you gain allies for the impossible task? Where will you be taken in finding ways to stop the World Eater? What will you sacrifice to defeat the Wold Eater?

(End marketing pitch mode)

Basically it is Crisis on Infinite Earth PLUS Ultimate Galactuc Trilogy equals Crisis of the World Eater. So if those series interest you, then you should like the idea of this AP concept.

So dimension hopping from NeoExodus, to Thunderscape, to Kaidan, to Midgard, to Cerulean Seas, to Necropunk type of stuff? Could probably be made with all NPCs and sample characters from several 3pp classes and not a single Paizo PF class too.

Yes. That would be awesome. You should have started with that, everybody who supports 3pp will probably support that, it's awesome. It also shows a little from different publishers so you can get a taste of everything, show a highlight from each world and why they would be fun to play, just enough rules on the stat blocks to be playable while making you want to go and buy the class and see what else it can do, it would be great publicity for all involved.

I think I just had a nerdgasm.

Two more:

Quick: A small races oriented bloodline. Halfling, Gnome, Kender, Goblin, Ratfolk, Wayang and even Quicklings. The opposite of the Brute bloodline, focusing on agility, skill and being small.

Chronal: Time related bloodline. For those descended from time dragons, from wizards or scientists that experimented with time travel, or from the misterious Temporal Nobles.

There, I think I've run out of bloodline ideas.

More ideas:

Disgraced: For those with the blood of infamous villains and notorious failures and that wish to redeem their families or create their own legends.

Occular: Beholder themed bloodline. Can include some magic alltering, some improved vision modes, some anti magic. Most powers should give an extra eye.

Phrenic: An Illithid/Githzerai/ Githyanki flavored bloodline. Psionic if you're okay with third party, occult if not.

Unrelated, two ideas for the blood of ____ series:

Champion: for those descended of great athletes and sports champions;

Sage: for those descended from great thinkers, scholars, philosophers and inventors;

And another idea:

Super: for those with a humanoid alien with godlike powers in their family tree. Basically kryptonians others like that. Cross with Martial or Heroic for asgardians and amazons or with Thelassic for atlanteans. Crossblooded with Bizarre makes for a nice martian bloodline if still lacking the telepathy powers..

Maybe allow a choice of getting either an akashic shield or akashic blade or akashic bolt, making it an alternative for the soulblade, soulbolt or mindshield, possibly making it compatible with those archetypes somehow.

Also, I just realized that veil is Erics shield from the D&D cartoon. Are there veils for the others too? Just an yes or no before I spend an hour looking for them.

Edit: I'm guessing the Mind Shield would work as the shield for Chusaders Shield, so the akashic veils are not replacing the mind blade. Are there any similar veils that enhance weapons?

Looking on the bestiaries... I got nothing. Maybe the quicklings but that is not enough for what the bloodline would need. Well, it was worth a try.
If I come up with something I'll pop up again.

Small nitpick: on the Lamyros bloodline, in the Cursed Form power, in the Raptorian option, you only mention the arms becoming wings, but you also gain two talon strikes. Maybe you could add that the feet become those talons when the Scion transforms.

If you're still looking for bloodline ideas how about a speed, agility and quickness based bloodline, for those whose blood gives access to the speed force?

kyrt-ryder wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:

I like the idea that full attacking is your best attack, but I also wish the martials could move and lose only 10%-20% of their damage.

I would like to bake it in every full bab class a class feature that gives some way to move and still deal most of their attacks. They would get these abilities at 11-12 level which is around when they get the third iterative.
The barbarian gets pounce, which is a full attack but demands a straight line with no difficult terrain or obstacle in the way.

Or a good Acrobatics Modifier. [or certain feats]

The fighter can full atack as a standard action but loses his last iterative attack. Not a powerful as pounce but more versatile, you could move and full attack, drink a potion and full attack, draw a weapon and full attack, etc. The slayer, cavalier and samurai could also have this ability or something similar.

It's not horrible by any means [that last attack does have rather crappy odds of hitting, though in my own games I houserule that iterative attacks are all -2 to hit rather than a downward spiral of -5's] but it's an unnecessary additional siderule to remember. Pounce is already better than a standard action full attack because it has double the range.

The swashbuckler loses his highest iterative but can attack at any point of his movement, either full attacking an enemy or hitting several enemies sround the battlefield. It's the least powerful option but ideally the class would be able to make up for it with other stuff, like parry and counterattack.
If you want to give battlefield mobility to a class, don't take away its best attack to do so.

Well what is your suggestion? Just make full attacking a standard action? Just give everyone pounce? Give an idea so we can judge it's merits.

thejeff wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
Icyshadow wrote:
So, has this thread yielded any fruit thus far?

My sarcastic colleagues aside, I'd say it has. I think everyone agrees in principle that martials are unnecessarily hampered by the move-or-full-attack paradigm. There also seems to be general agreement that martials should have better defenses against magic, although the exact form that takes varies considerably.

A lot of people have suggested an enhanced role for followers that doesn't require the Leadership feat (if a 17th level fighter wants to gather an army, let him), and a much enhanced role for skills.

And Arachnofiend is right -- martials should be better at their specialties than a wizard is.

ETA: of course, if you've got other suggestions, it's nowhere near closing time.

I don't really have a problem with the followers/army thing, but I wouldn't want a class to be too reliant on that. It limits a lot of adventure types.
Agreed, and I raised the issue myself earlier. Actually, weren't you the person who suggested raising an army, disguising them as friars, and putting siege engines in their habits as a solution to the challenge?

No. I remember that post, but I didn't write it.

Giving them that kind of ability is tricky, since it's very powerful when it's usable, so it's got to be balanced by not having something else, but that leaves them in trouble in games where it's not appropriate. Maybe as an option or archetype?

Maybe as a feat? Call it Leading an Army, or Leading a guild, or something more generic like Leader, or Leadership, or something. :)

Would Leadership be unbroken if it was two feats one for the followers one for the cohort?

For ideas you could check the Master of Masks PrC from 3.5 Complete Scoundrel, and the Jester class from Dragon Compendium.

First I'll add to the chorus, the ability should be namded One Thousand Faces, or A Thousand Faces, or something. 1000 Faces is weird.

Masque: First what is the point of having a masque if he doesn't have to wear it? Second how is it reformed immediatey, what action does it take or s it a no action? What is the point of it being an object if it can't be stolen or brooken even for a round? Try this wording:
Every Harlequin is attuned to a source of eldritch magical power. At level one he creates a supernatural mask representing his personality or the source of his powers. If this mask is stolen or broken he can recreate it in his hands as a move action. The harlequin must be wearing his masque to gain it's powers.

Thematically why would he only have one masque? He should be able to have several masques known and then be able to switch between them to gain different powers.
You could stiil add as masques: Wind and Fire since you already have ones for earth and water; Maybe a few more based on animals and monsters, including a devil to balance the Seraphin; Everyman or Blank giving you a Disqguise Self that also disguise the fact that you are wearing a Masque; and others based on theater traditions.

The masques themselves seem to be a little stronger than domains but not by that much too sustain a class on itself.

Graceful Strokes: Holy mangled english Batman. Try: "A Harlequin is adept at striking when his enemies are otherwise preocuppied. At second level he gains a +1 (morale? competence?) bonus to hit enemies that are threatened by one of his allies. This bonus increases by +1 at seventh level and every five levels after. This bonus stacks with the bonus from flanking."
Normal language for PF/D&D is 'he gains this bonus at this level and the bonus increases at these levels" Also bonus always need to be typed. Untyped bonus are very powerful abilities. Keep in mind that penalties don't have type but bonus always have.

Sneak Attack, Nimble, Harlequin Discipline and Harlequin Spells are good.

Masquerade Dance: You gain a second Domain. Underwhelming.

Masquerade Host: you gain two more domains. Very underwhellming for a capstone.

Mechanically it could probably be redone as a Slayer archetype, it doesn't rally have anything going on that deserves it's own class.
Thematically the only thing connecting it with harlequins and jesters are the masques and you only have one for most of your career. You can't mock people into doing stupid stuff, or taunt them to give penalties. You can't have several masques and switch between masques to emulate different party roles. You don't have disciplines for clowning around juggling or being an acrobat. Seems more like you just wanted your own take on the magic rogue but you missed a good opportunity to make a kind of full BAB bard, capable of changing his abilities to suit any party role while debuffinh enemies.

I like the idea that full attacking is your best attack, but I also wish the martials could move and lose only 10%-20% of their damage.
I would like to bake it in every full bab class a class feature that gives some way to move and still deal most of their attacks. They would get these abilities at 11-12 level which is around when they get the third iterative.
The barbarian gets pounce, which is a full attack but demands a straight line with no difficult terrain or obstacle in the way. It's also a full round action so it can't be combined with anything else.
The fighter can full atack as a standard action but loses his last iterative attack. Not a powerful as pounce but more versatile, you could move and full attack, drink a potion and full attack, draw a weapon and full attack, etc. The slayer, cavalier and samurai could also have this ability or something similar.
The swashbuckler loses his highest iterative but can attack at any point of hus movement, either full attacking an enemy or hitting several enemies sround the battlefield. It's the least powerful option but ideally the class would be able to make up for it with other stuff, like parry and counterattack. The monk could have something similar too.
The ranger could get an ability based on the 3.5 scout, adding extra damage or some damage riders when he moves. Same with the paladin and bloodrager, just changing the flavor and abilities of the damage riders.

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
Fergie wrote:

I would just add that higher level martial types should have some ability to do area damage. The most classic is hitting the ground with your hammer or fists like Thor or the Hulk, but there are a variety of options in classic fantasy.

How do you describe this in non comic book terms?

As I said earlier, half the issue is coming up with fluff that won't trigger the anti-anime, anti-wuxia, anti-superhero crowd. When your two icons are literally Avengers, I suspect you've crossed the line.

What would Beowulf, Conan, or Indiana Jones do for area damage? How do you sell the ability?

Some version of the barbarians Groundbreaker rage power. An often forgotten rage power because it's only adjacent squares, and instead of using his CMB to trip it uses a fixed DC 15 ref save. Not a 10+Str+1/2 level, a fixed 15. A better version would use his CMB and do a small amount of damage, with a Improved version giving a longer radius and the ability to make it a cone instead of a radius.

Devant wrote:
Cyrad wrote:
...this article...

Actually this was a great article and beyond making me understand what was going wrong with my thought, it provided answers to many similar considerations. The part about crafting was particularly helpful and the title of the article states exactly what I needed: a claibration of expectations.

Thanks for all responses!

EDIT: Thinking about what led me to have such a distorted view, somewhat shameful, considering I've been storytelling in d20 for the past 15 years, I understand that a big part of it were the demographics rules of cumminity generation in 3rd. They were quite clear on having a couple 8-10 level characters in almost every notable city, rather than them being a one of a generation occurence, along with a host of all levels between 1 and max. The Forgotten Realms campaign setting provided a similar view, if not even more extreme.

It makes sense if you consider that in a magic rich environment more people are born above average and that in a high adventure world there are more chances and paths for talented people to rise above others and become better.

If you compare NPC arrays with point buy and Arrays for PCs and important NPCs you'll notice that in universe these are people who are simply naturally born with higher attributes.

RedDogMT wrote:
After all, a person who has worked all their life as a cabinet maker and eventually becomes a highly skilled master craftsman may not know a lick about swinging a sword around...and let's not even talk about hit points.

A person who has worked all their life as a cabinet maker and eventually becomes a highly skilled master is still a 5th level character. You need 2,400,000 experience points to reach level 20 on the fast track. There are no rules for getting experience from working or even training. Even if the expert cabinet maker gains points for defeating social and skill encounters, if he lives a mundane life he will NEVER find an encounter that gives him the 5,000 thousand xp needed for sixth level much less the 2.4 MILLIONs needed for twenty levels. With normal CR1 and CR1/2 encounters, which would only hapen once on twice a month (a cutpurse trying o get his cp, a hardy bargaining noble) he would take thousands of years to reach high level.

That there is another reason that can explain why the best of our world is level six once a generation but Golarion has hundreds of them in every city. We just don't have high CR challenges to give enough XP in one lifetime to break that barrier. It took the Theory of Relativity encounter to get Albert Einstein to sixth level. It took most of WW2 to make badass like Simo Hayha and Audie Murphy.

A few things:
1- You don't need a 20 level expert to get a +25 Knowledge bonus. A 10 level one with Knowledge(history) as a class skill, the feats Skill Focus Knowledge(history) and Scholar: Knowledge(history) and some other Knowledge, and an int of 14 has +25 Knowlegde History bonus. Higher if he puts more points in int. So you started from a flawed proposition.
2- If, somehow, you get an expert to twenty level without a single fight in his life (practically impossible with the way experience works), he probalby has read enough health and fitness books and martial arts manuals that he can wipe out most tenth level fighters. a 20th level anything is a demi-god and the demi-god of historians being able to beat the barely superhuman fighter is something that should be able to happen.
3- You're not accounting for the combat feats and class abilities the fighter has. Like a +3 from weapon training or a probable weapon focus feat, and also the fighter will have a much higher strenght score since PCs have way more points to buy attributes than NPCs. A fifteen level fighter will have a much higher BAB than a 20 level expert. You cannot claim to be sistematic while ignoring huge swats of the system.
4- Why in the name of Nethys would you need a +25 bonus to knowledge? The highest DC you can get on a Knowledge(history) check is 30, and that is for something absurdly ancient and obscure like the name of a minor azlantean noble from before the starstone fell. You can reach that with a +20 bonus and taking 10.

Lindley Court wrote:
As a result of some leet budgeting skills, I've upped my pledge from $50 to $500. What do I win?

My vote for any public office election you want. With that level of leet budgeting skills, you could probably save the economy.

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

sepik121 wrote:

I'm a little bummed because I don't think the architect class is gonna happen via the KS, but I'd still love to actually see that class. I loved playing dungeon defenders and I would be really interested to actually have a tower defense style character in game.

But that said, the update showcasing some of the art plus the open documents for review makes me really excited for this. I've pitched in already, and even upped the pledge to 25 bucks. Can't wait!

Well, we are REALLY close to goal (like $89 at the time of posting) so it is TOTALLY within the realm of possibility that we will hit the first stretch goal.

If we don't hit it, I personally love that class, so there is a very good chance that it will be released solo or as part of something else in the future.

Maybe the start of a Gonzo 3, or the LRGG take on a technology guide with technology based classes?

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
I was working on a speed-based class, that I called the dynamo. Its an unfinished project - one where I'm struggling to get the pictures in my head out onto the page. It can be difficult stretching a thin concept out to 20 levels. You're welcome to take a look and see if it gives you any ideas.

Don't remember if there ws a thread for this one, but here is some comments:

Celerity: Free action +1 bonus to all dice rolls that lasts for most of a fight? No. That is too much.
Unerring Action: Why spend a point for something that you can gain permanently with a feat? Give it a different bonus like miss chance or make it a dodge bonus against all attacks till the beginning of your next turn.
Swift Attack and Extra Action: This ones are really nice.
Dash: That is pretty bad. If movement is going to be your schtick, it should start as good as the barbarians +10 feet at level one and end better than the monks +60 at level 18. Also allowing someone to moving 55ft as a non action is at the same time to much and underwhelming. Maybe include an option on Celerity to spend a point and do a second 5ft step or do a 10ft and later 15ft step.
Flurry: Switch the damage bonus to 7th, attack bonuses are much better than damage bonus. Maybe up the attack bonus to 15th and at 11th he can forgo flurry and gain Rapid Attack from the Mobile Fighter.
Uncanny Abilities:
Deflect Arrows: Add that he can spend celerity points to deflect more projectiles in one round. Also give Snatch Arrows if he is higher than 10 level
The Recovery Line and Dodge Ray are awesome.
Pounce: Clarify if this works with Flurry. Probably shouldn't.
Uncanny Might and Uncanny Endurance don't make any thematic sense with the rest of the class. I can see why you would want to maintain that symmetry but they don't mesh with everything else.
Everything else is pretty good.

Capt Darling wrote:

I would never have made dex to damage a thing. I would have given the class abillities that could do other things that is assosiatet to dex and speed like evade, riposte, accuracy and stuff like that. Allowing dex to be used as str is just lazy design. IMOP.

Not allowing a melee class to do any damage is terrible design, forcing a class about speed and dexterity to have str 16 and dex 12 to function is even worse. Dex to damage should be at least a talent you can take at second level.

Dex to damage definetly. At level one.
Increases to base speed, starting at level one and ending up higher than the monk.
Give Run as a bonus feat early on, cause nobody is going to waste a feat on it.
Alluria Publishings Marauder, which has the same concept, has a list of bonus feats like Spring Attack and Lunge and gains bonus damage when using those feats. It's a little weird but works.
Better yet, you can use the mechanic from 3.5 Scout and give an attack and damage bonus whenever the character moves more than 10 feet in a round. If you use this don't give them pounce.
DO NOT make them immune to AoOs from movement. One of the best things a speedster could do for the party is run a lap around the battlefield and draw the AoOs so the others can move, cast or do other stuff without worrying about AoOs.
DO give them Mobility, Wind Stance, Lightining Stance and abilities that stack and improve upon them. Or maybe just the abilities and the players can get the feats if they want. Make so the class can draw AoOs and then laugh at their failure. If you give them talents a nice talent would be forcing the enemies to use their AoOs even if they know they can't hit or want to save them for the wizard who is casting. Maybe give it a Will save to make it balanced.
Another idea for an ability would be getting a bonus on some maneuvers if you move before them, like a +1 to CMB for every ten feet to Bullrush, Overrun, Drag and Trip. To represent add your momentum to a tackle or something like that. Maybe add Sunder with a talent. Maybe add the maneuver as a rider when you charge or Spring Attack
A bonus to initiative is not necessary, since it's a dex based clas but it can be flavorful. Maybe also an ability like the divination wizard so at high levels you always roll 20 on initiative checks. If this a Flash type of class he should be able to tie with a divination wizard.
What else... Good Ref save, Evasion either always on maybe only if you moved at least ten feet on the round before, or maybe you can spend an immediate action to take a five foot step and gain Evasion for a round.
Give it 4 or 6 skill points per level. This class seems set for being a scout and going ahead stealthted or checking for traps. Maybe some talent or archetype to add trapfinding and danger sense.
Maybe an ability to take more than one 5ft step a round or take 10ft step instead, maybe x/day or fueled by a point pool.

This is for a more or less mundane class, like the fighter or rogue. If it goes more supernatural like the barbarian or ranger we can give it some true speedster powers:
-Gain Fast Healin and later Regeneration for a few rounds a day, based on quick metabolism
-X/day use your Reflexes instead of Fort or Will, being so quick you dodge the spell, or having a quick metabolism eats the poison or disease.
-Gain the ability to run on walls and ceilings, and on top of water or other liquids, When doing a full-round movement, running, charging or withdrawing.
-Create a sonic blast as part of your movement, this blast has a ten feet radius and originates form any one square you pass during your movement. It deals 1d6 sonic damage +1d6 for five levels and deafens for one round. A Fort save halves the damage and negates the deaf condition.
-Leave a wind wall in the squares you've passed that lasts for one round.
-Spend a standard action after moving to gain the benefits of Haste, Blur or Mirror Image for a number of rounds equal to your dex modifier
-Run for a full-round to add a lot of damage and some riders to your next attack, stacks with the bonus damage if you charge or move before attacking in the next round. For that special round the world, speed of light, super punch Flash can sometimes do.

Fixing Dual Identity:

The vigilante has a vigilante identity and a social identity. At first level he chooses which one is the real one, that identity has his real alignment. He can pick any aligment for his other identity. Effects that detect or work based on aligment use the aligment of the identity he is using. If he is subjected to an effect that would alter his alignment it affects the aligment of his real identity. The vigilante only fulfills the alignment prerequisites for feats, classes, or worshipping a god if both identities fulfill that prerequisite. For example a vigilante can only multiclass with paladin if both his idetitie are LG, but he can multiclass as cleric of Iomedae if his vigilante identity is LN and is social persona is NG.
When the vigilante is in his vigilante identity, it does not count as a disguise, and any attempts to see trough it with Perception or Sense Motive automatically fail. The vigilante and social identities are treated as two separate creatures for the purposes of knowledge checks, diplomacy checks to gather information, and all divination spells, such as Legend Lore and Commune. Attempts to scry or otherwise locate one identity only work when the vigilante is in that identity, if he is in a different idenitty they fail as if he had succeed on his save roll.
The vigilante loses all bonuses from this ability against anyone that knows the connection of his two identities, such as if they see him change, are told by the vigilante or by someone with concrete proof and evidences, or see the vigilante use any vigilante identity talents while in his social identity.

There we go. Closes all the loopholes, is powerfull enough to be better than a normal disguise focused class, and allows you to decide if it's Bruce Wayne or Batman that is the mask.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Would it be better if they got full six level casting as the base ability and the base abilities of the Avenger and Stalker were buffed to match, or would that be too powerfull?
What if they had 4th level casting like paladins and rangers, but modified so they start casting at first level instead of fourth?

The main problem remains the super long time needed for Dual Identity.
Maybe a talent that allows you to use the ability of your vigilante identity without your disguise, but people get a huge bonus to find out about your secret identity. Lesse:

Eschew Secrecy: You can spend a full round action changing your mentality from your social identity to your vigilante identity. In this mindset you can use the abilities of your vigilante identity even without the disguise. Anyone that sees you, including any enemies you fight with, get a sense motive check as a free action every round they see you against a DC of 10+half your level+your charisma modifier to connect your social identity with your vigilante identity.

There we go. Take a moment to make sure you really want to do this, and if you're sure it's worth the risk you can kick ass even as Bruce Wayne. The mooks probably have really low Sense Motive, but you should be worried, what if one of them rolls a twenty. But try this in front of a cop or worse the Joker and you secret is busted. Using, stelth, invisibility or smoke bombs would keep your identity secret, and is what Batman or Daredevil would try if they had to fight in civilian disguise.

Maybe have the main class be a transformation (quick change but most of your power is locked in your vigilante persona) and then have a Badass Normal archetype (trade a slower change for having access to most of your abilities even in your social identity). A Super humanoid archetype (Quick change, keeps most of his powers in social identity) could be possible but it would hae to trade in other stuff, like Many Guises, Loyal Aid and all the Appearance abilities.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Maybe if everytime time you chose a talent, you could also choose a talent for your social persona. So at second level and every even level you get two talents, one social, one vigilante. Then you can have social talents like:
Bumbling Defense: You gain a +1 dodge bonus in your social identity. This bonus increase by +1 at 4th and every 4 levels after. At sixth level you gain Evasion. At 12 level you gain the Feat Deflect Arrows. Whenever an attack misses your AC, you successfully use your Evasion or use the Deflect Arrows feat while in your social identity you can make a Bluff check as a free action to convince onlookers that you escaped danger through dumb luck, sheer coincidence or other reason.
Accidental Attack: As a free action you can roll an opposed bluff check resisted by an opponents Sense Motive. If you win you can attack him and make it look like it was an accident. This attack can use wathever bonuses and abilities you would gain from your Vigilante Talents. If you fail the bluff check you cannot attack but can still take other actions as normal.
Hidden Casting: You can cast any spell you gain from your vigilante talents but only if you succeed in your checks to make a concealed casting. Prereq Concealed Casting.
Shine Through: You can let some of your vigilante facade into your face for a moment, gaining the intimidate bonus of your vigilante identity for a single check. You lose you disguise bonus and immunity to divinations from Dual Identity against the target of the intimidation check for a week.

Ravingdork wrote:
The only one I can think of is having 6th-level arcane and divine spellcasting, but that would eat up pretty much all of your talents in return.

Doesn't even work, the magic training talents have the Arcane Training I or Divine Training I as prereqs and those are base path abilities. So even if you divorce the talents from paths, you still can only get arcane magic if you take the warlock path and divine magic only if you take the zealot path.

Edit: Some nice combos:

Vital Punishment with Leave an Opening on a Stalker is a nice way to rack some damage on the first round but is not even close to unbalanced.

Expose Weakness with Favored Maneuver (Dirty Trick) on an Avenger makes Expose Weakness actually possible instead of a very shiny trap.

Armor Silence is kinda of a must for Stalkers. Avengers would like Up Close and Personal, just for the extra attack as swift action when they have to move.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Arcanemuses wrote:
My only concern is the warlock specialization. Will it eclipse the magus class because it has a more powerful spell list?

Not at all, because the warlock vigilante has much, much less spells per day. He starts with one more spell per day over the magus, the magus catchs up at level 2, the magus is one spell ahead at 3rd level, the vigilante catches up at level 4 and then the magus is ahead at every level after.

This is a horrible idea.
First, the barbarian is already one of the best classes at dealing damage, he doesn't need any of this in any way.
Second you compare it to the monk, but the monk doesn't gain points except for a couple of archetypes, and even then it's not as easy as hitting an enemy.
Third, gaining a point everytime you hit someone and everytime they hit is just awfull from a game design stance. There is no balance possible.
Fourth, this in no way affects your proposed problem of "I enter rage. I smash people." It only makes it "I enter rage. I smash people. Harder."
Fifth the barbarian already has a serviceable pool of points in the rage rounds, no need to tack another one on top. Just create or improve some rage powers so you can spend a rage round and have a bonus out of combat. Like: "Raging Climber: Spend a rage round and gain a climb speed of 30ft for one minute." "Raging Swimmer: Spend a rage round and gain a swim speed of 30ft for one minute." Do the same with scent, darkvision and other utility abilities. Done, easy.

Purple Duck Games wrote:

Wouldn't the Carl's Prestige Archetypes and Warrior Prestige Archetypes also count? They are 20-level class reworkings of PRCs a full classes.

It's also lacking the Awalim, Brujo and Infinyte, and others like Sheriff, Shinobi and Timebender hould be changed from 4 Winds Games to Purple Duck Games. Is Path of Power II ever getting finished?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is this still being updated?

Northwinter Press has the Monster Trainer and the Journeyman

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Dragon78 wrote:
So your saying you want holy, unholy, axiomatic, anarchic related blasts?

I think he means more the planes of Positive and Negative energy.

A kineticist linked to the plane of Positive Energy would be a biokineticist (vita is a latin root) and have a positive energy blast that heals people and harms undead. If chosen as both primary and secondary element gains a Holy blast that deals blunt damage and does extra damage against evil targets. Other powers would include controlling plants and animals, some degree of shapeshifting, healing, and some other holy powers.

A kineticist linked to the plane of Negative Energy would be a necrokineticist and have a negative energy blast. Other powers could include causing disease, generating pure entropy, and general necromancy abilities.

A kineticist linked with the Shadow Plane would be an umbrokinetic (the greek version is skiakinetic and it just doesn't work) and have a shadow blast that is touch and can deal blunt, piercing or cutting damage but can be disbelieved and only deal half damage. Powers would revolve around controlling shadows, stealth and illusions. Fire Kineticists got would get some light using powers to balance.

Finnaly a kineticist linked to the Astral plane would be a psychokinetic and have a mind blast or the ability to make and throw psychic weapons. He would have some telekinesis but more focused on fine motion and without access to lift large weights or flying. Other powers would include telepathy and teleport, some mental attacks, and some time related powers.

That should cover the whole D&D type cosmology, unless you start making kineticists based on Heaven, Hell and other Outer Planes, but that would be too much work. Maybe a single theokineticist with varying blasts and powers depending on which outer planes he connects...

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

Battle butler, overall, played just fine. It played uniquely- boosting it’s declared master’s AC, having it’s to hit/damage adjusted throughout the battles via his service meter, and he was a little bit of a crit monkey (like he should be). The one sticking point we really have is these things called “tricks of the trade” (still hate that name). Currently you get one every level and they are not SUPER useful. They are meant to be these little flavorful out of combat abilities that have a rare use in battle and a rare few could potentially can be used quite effectively in battle if you REALLY pushed yourself to do the right set up. The issue is 1 every level is a pain in the butt. We are probably switching it to a lump sum upfront (possibly something based on Int modifier) and maybe a few down the road (maybe via a feat?).

Whhy is it a pain the butt? Because he gains too many of them across his career and you'd need some fifty different ones, at least? Or because they are little abilities and gaining a small thing every level is not all that satisfiyng?

Maybe gain a bunch at first level and them a smaller bunch at other levels? 3+Int at first level and +3 at 4th and every 4 levels?
Hard to comment on names without knowing the names of other class abilities, but if you go with gaining multiple ablities at a time how about Household Management and individual abilities be Homemaking Tricks or Housekeeping Chores?

On Lashing Spinnerets, with 3 points of essence invested, I can throw the rope at a building 50 feet away and move a total of 100 feet movement, from one wall to another wall. Is that correct?
If it is correct, then a misteryal monk with Access Middle Chakra Slot (Wrist) and the Lashing Spinnerets veil can become Spiderman as early as 10th level. This is amazing.

Starbuck_II wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:
kyrt-ryder wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
From a tactical standpoint, Amplified Rage really says "here's a feat you can take that will keep you from charging effectively, lock you into using non-reach weapons, and make you a target of every AoE spell the casters can scrape up." For those kind of limitations, I'd want it to give me DR 20/kryptonite, not just another +2 to hit over normal rage.
Keep in mind of course that DR/Kryptonite is still DR and still vulnerable to that same AoE spell damage you were concerned about.
Superman's DR was actually DR/magic hilariously.

No, remember magic ignores all DR according to DR rules (Paizo later changed it so some magic is weakened by DR though). His DR doesn't have to be /magic.

"A creature with this special quality ignores damage from most weapons and natural attacks. Wounds heal immediately, or the weapon bounces off harmlessly (in either case, the opponent knows the attack was ineffective). The creature takes normal damage from energy attacks (even nonmagical ones), spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. A certain kind of weapon can sometimes damage the creature normally, as noted below."

Only weapons and natural attacks are supposed to be reduced.

It's DR/magic because magic weapons also hurt him.

Vagabond? post what you already have so we know what needs doing.

Puna'chong wrote:

Don't forget Tropicalia as a sub-sub-domain. Maybe a Blessing...

Ela e minha menina!

Go for the more broad approach and go for latino. That can include tropicalia, samba, pagode, tango, salsa, meregue and bossa nova.

Latino Domain

You have mastered several sexy dances and powerful rhythms. In addition you gain Bluff as a class skill.

Hip Shaking (Su): As a swift action your dancing movements grant you a +1 dodge bonus to AC for one round You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + your cleric level.

Aura of Lust (Su): At 8th level, you can emit a 30-foot aura of lust for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. All enemies in this aura take a -2 penalty to all will saves against enchantment spells and a -4 penalty on all Sense Motive and Perception checks.

Domain Spells: 1st—charm person, 2nd—hideous laughter, 3rd—suggestion, 4th—charm monster, 5th—dominate person, 6th—symbol of persuasion, 7th—waves of ecstasy, 8th—irresistible dance, 9th—dominate monster.

Lucky Salamander wrote:

I have an idea...

Dubstep Domain

Put some dub in your step! You treat climb as a class skill.

Dub(Su): As a full round action, twice per day, you can make a melee touch attack, when hit, whenever the victim speaks you treat the language as common as to understand it.

Rock Hard Tune(Su): At 8th level, all allies within 20 feet of you have a +2 bonus to attack rolls. You also have DR/5 adamantite.

Domain Spells:

1st- Alarm 2nd- Chill Metal 3rd- Blood Biography 4th- Moonstruck 5th- lesser Planar Binding 6th- Stone to Flesh 7th- Delayed Fireball blast 8th- Polar Ray 9th- Twin Form.

This has nearly nothing to do with dubstep. And again would be easier to do a more broad Eletronic Domain. (music created by androids/constructs in-universe?)

Kalindlara wrote:
I'm surprised that Lastwall Phalanx doesn't see more action. Do people just not know about it? Because it sure seems like the business. ^_^

It has the same problem of Shake it off, in that you have to be adjacent to your partner. That kills flanking, forces two characters (usually both of melees) to always focus on the same enemy, and makes you weak against all the AoEs in the game.

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
Is the Davatti based on or similar to your Dimensional Knight? How is it different? And why can't I buy Tome of Spell and Sword on the Paizo Store?
And Tome of Spell and Sword is up on Drive Thru RPG still. I'll see if we can get it back up on

Thank you, I had seen it on Drive Thru but didn't want to make an account just for one book, at least not while there is so much on my to buy queue.

My favorites from the decriptions are the davatti, the princess, the henshin hero, multiman and Matter Eater Lad.

Any plans for the Battle Buttler to have a Maid archetype with cleaning powers?

And where did you get the name davatti? I thought it was indian and some kind of dervish or fakhir, but Wikipedia doesn't know it and all Google has is a restaurant name...

Aratrok wrote:
The scope of this effect increases with level, so you might be famous in Hell's Kitchen at low levels and across an entire city district or city at high levels. Might be class abilities that let you move this effect around temporarily.
That gives me pause for concern that the scope on this class is going to be too small. First level being a district is fine- but by the high end of this you should be known to the world or the multiverse. That'd be like if Superman was only known in Metropolis.

That is what playtests are for. Hopefully we get Mark Seifter on charge of the playtest, I liked him on the Kineticist playtest.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is the Davatti based on or similar to your Dimensional Knight? How is it different? And why can't I buy Tome of Spell and Sword on the Paizo Store?

But explaining all his powers as being from the sword makes for crappy Pathfinder. It works on Dresden Files RPG and on Mutants and Masterminds but not in Pathfinder. So we make him a paladin.

Back on topic, @fictionfan maybe if we scrap plot sense as something that has to be a thematic choice of the DM, we can make an archetype trading Lay on Hand for a more powerful Weapon Bond and a few extra combat feats?

Mechagamera wrote:
A melee type that isn't reliant on any physical stats, just charisma.

You mean something like a SMITING PALADIN?

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