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Nar'shinddah Sugimar

VM mercenario's page

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I'm interested. What IS the limit if you only choose PDG products? Cause there is a whole lot of Porphyra I would love to get.

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Hybrid Classes from Wayward Rogue:

The Windblade a Druid Sorcerer hybrid.

The Super Spy a Vigilante Investigator hybrid.

The Bullet Disciple is a Gunslinger Monk hybrid. The same book also has the Dimensionist, a Witch Kineticist hybrid.

The Sky Rider is a Cavalier Ranger hybrid.

pulseoptional wrote:
Adahn_Cielo wrote:

Yup,as others said, it's mostly to keep themselves open if they want to make options to change stats in the future. There's nothing right now that freely allows you to switch Stat dependencies

...I mean, there's one, IIRC. In the April's fool document there's the Daring Hero prestige class that switches all of your initiating and class features to work on Cha, but out of the options in the book it's the least balanced one (if at all).

is that document still floating around?

Yep. Pay what you want.

Mako Senako wrote:
Can you be a little more elaborate im not exactly sure im following. I have a succubus character that im making and I'd like to use Crimson Countess archetype of Harbinger but only if I can use my Charisma Modifier as her initiator stat as well as class feature stat.

No. So far, there is no way to change the initiator stat like that. Other people have been bugging DSP to make a Charisma using archetype for harbinger since the class was in playtest, but no luck. Ask your DM if you can homebrew that change.

The wording of "Your initiator stat" exists because, for example, there are spells that are on both the sorcerer and wizard lists, but say "add yor Charisma modifier", making them useless for wizards, and spells that use "add your Intelligence modifier", making them useless for sorcerers. Same thing happens with clerics and oracles. With "Your initiator stat" a Int using harbinger and a Cha using warlord can both use Sleeping Goddess maneuvers if they want. Without that wording, Sleeping Goddess would probably reference Wis and only be usable by warders and mystics.

Pierce Brosnan James Bond. It's what I grew up with.

Favorite gadget is the umbrella from the Kingsman movie. Bulletproof, shoots projectiles, stylish as all hell.

Thanks for the book! Saves me money to buy Hybrid Classes Volume 2.

According to 3,5 Unearthed Arcana 1d6 of Sneak Attack is worth a feat.
According to the Vivisectionist archetype, 10d6 of Bombs is equivalent to 10d6 of Sneak Attack.
Therefore you can trade Bombs for a 10 feat progression, one at first level and one more at every odd level.

FAQ: Wouldn't that make the alchemist a better fighter than the Fighter?
Answer: A vivsectionist beastmorph alchemist has been a better fighter thn the fighter since those archetypes have been released.

Jedi Knight.. Maybe make an archetype that adds some mind control and telekinesis powers and some abilities to improve those powers. Works for both Jedi and Sith.

Jedi Mystic.. Make an archetype that refluffs the Wild Surge as Force Channeling, or Force Trance. Some of the Surge Types work for Jedi, some are more Sith flavored.

If this works for what you need, I can make the archetypes pretty quick.

Don't really like the adventurer. I vote for the gun mage.

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I wanna see that build. How did you do that?

Also, to your question, a 20th level fighter can, literally, by the rules, jump from a falling spaceship, hit terminal velocity, ignore the burning from the air friction, hit ground face first, inside an active volcano, swim in the lava, leave the volcano, be hit by the falling spaceship, have it explode around him, shrug off the radiation poisoning, and go on to fight like nothing ever happened. Breaking the sound barrier doesn't even merit a yawn.

14+ level characters are pratically superheroes, why are you surprised?

To me, the still reigning champion of shapeshifters is the Taskshaper.

Nice concept, but here's some comments:

First Versatile Profession should only give one Profession skill each time. Choosing two makes this straight up better than Versatile Performance, and the Explorer a better skillmonkey than the Bard, when it has no reason to be.

Second, Market Baron is just bad. Gaining 60% percent more on what you sell means you sell stuff for more than you would spend to buy it. This means you could sell a +5 weapon to one guy, buy a +5 weapon from a different guy and have a net profit. Don't mess with WBL, or at least don't mess with it so much, it breaks the game.
I can understand the part about cheaper magical properties for improvised weapons since you might want a +5 shovel and +4 fishing pole and some +4 forks to throw at people, but I think this would be best as part of Equipment Training, just have Improvised Weapons he uses gain a scaling magical bonus for minutes a day, similar to what paladins can do with Divine Bond, instead of Weapon Training.
Also Market Baron just doesn't mesh with the rest of the flavor for the Explorer. He's a forever wandering traveler, but SOMEHOW he is also a renowned salesmen? What? Also I'm pretty sure if you enchant an improvised weapon with weapon enchantments, it stops being "improvised" and becomes a weapon.

Favored Movement, Terrain mastery and Terrain Dominance all come too soon. You only have one Favored Terrain so you can't actually choose your movement, mastery and dominance. And this keeps going until twelve level. Also Terrain Dominances are too powerful for fourth level, they were designed for tenth level characters.
Suggestion: Give Favored Terrains faster than a Ranger, maybe two at first level and one more at third and every three levels. Bump Terrain Mastery to 4th level and every four levels. That way you'll have a choice of three terrains to to master. Pusho Terrain Domince to 9th or 10th level and every four after. That way you'll have an actual choice of whcich terrain to dominate.

Gear Upgrade just goes from 90 gp to 65,610 gp. Might think of having this increase gradually with levels? Also, a nine-fold increase would be 810gp. 65,610 is a seven hundred and twenty nine-fold increase. And finally, this ability is broken as all hell. Seriously he can produce a headband or belt of +6 to one attribute or +4 to all three, every day he is not adventuring and outfit the party for free.
My recommendation would be to diminish the daily amount a lot, this should be useful to get a potion or scroll or wand with only a few uses left or a cheap one shot item, not to outfit an army in magic weapons and armors in a few days. Also put a sentence saying that after a few hours unused or permanent items just seem to get lost or broken, even if someone was wearing them. Maybe lost in the Pathways or sent back somewhere so other explorers can find them when rummaging.

Exotic Ritual, once again straight up better than what a similar class gets, in this case, the Skalds Spell Keening. Make it a full round action unless the spell has a longer casting time and either restrict the classes it can cast from or limit the spell level to sixth or maybe seventh, to keep it close to the factotum.

Master of All Lands, why does this gives the final favored movement? Why does the explorer gets all favored terrains, all terrain masteries and all terrain dominances but not all favored movements?

Being of All Terrains. Wow, this is broken. You basically gain at least +2 favored enemy against everything, a boatload of spell like abilities, lots of improved senses, movement types, bonuses to a bunch of skills, immunity to fatigue and exhaustion, Fire and Cold Resistance 20, Dr 2/Adamantine, and his attacks count as good, lawful, chaotic, evil, silver and cold iron. This would be broken as a capstone, as a 15th level ability it's just nuts.

What I suggest is:
Being of All Terrains, spend some time to retrain a Favored Movement Terrain Mastery or Terrain Dominance to a different Favored Terrain, this should be as fast or faster than actual retraining rules, maybe even faster if you can get a guide or teacher that also has that favored terrain to tach you.
And keep the progression Favored Movement, Terrain Mastery and Terrain Dominance going instead of stopping at random levels.

The Veil: Why does this create undead? An Su way to cast Resurrection is already good enough, you don't need to turn all the party into undead on top of it.
Wanderlust Pass: What is the action to open the passageway? Geas doesn't have a saving throw but it does have a en minute casting time, if this has a smaller casting time, use a different spell, with a saving throw instead. Also area of effect compulsion has a 90% chance of screwing the party, either allow party members to ignore the effects or give the explorer knowledge of where allies wind up so he can gather them again. Just allies, using this to scatter enemies and then taking them out one by one should necessitate some other way to find them.

Unassuming is cool, but Bliss is awful. He can grant multiple wishes or miracles with a week long ritual, without cost. Wish and Miracle are already broken spells, no need to make the thing even worse. If you're dead set on this capstone add that it can only grant the wish or miracle to one traveler per trip and that it can't grant wishes/miracles to the explorer since he already obtained his bliss.

I'll throw in some Forbidden Path ideas later. Do you mind if some are based on MtG?

Thanks for the feedback!

Ciaran Barnes wrote:

It looks like you still need to tidy up and/or clarify things, but I applaud you for developing the concept far more than I ever did.

I like the addition of Kn. Geography. A speedster would get around, wouldn't he?

Dash: Does this movement provoke attacks?

No. It's an extra five foot step, five foot steps don't provoke.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Extra Swift: What kind of action is it to use? I assume a free action.

Second paragraph of Celerity: Unless otherwise noted, performing an act of celerity costs 1 point from his pool and spending a celerity point is a free action.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Quick Opportunity: It looks like the point has to be spent before an attack is provoked, so that the point could very easily be wasted. I suggest rewording this so that he can spend a point and make an AoO, even if he doesn't have any more left.

I'll have to think on a new wording for this one.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Fleet-Footed: The second sentence should be expanded upon. I'm not sure what the wording should be, but I'm sure there is an existing ability somewhere whose wording your could compare to.

I'll look into it, but can't guarantee anything, the first time I searched I didn't find anything I could use.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


This ends up being a huge boost to speed. I think it would help to make this an enhancement bonus, like the monk ability.

A huge boost to speed is the intention.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


Clever way to work in a feat that no one even chooses, much like the ranger's endurance.


Ciaran Barnes wrote:


I will point out that Skirmisher Strike is already granting a bonus to attack when he moves 10 ft or more. As written, these two bonuses would stack. I don't think that was your intention.

Not the intention, Momentum is already higher than the attack bonus because of it.

Changed wording on Skirmisher Strike to "weapon attack rolls", based on wording from the ranger and fighter, that should stop the stacking.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


Can you format these a bit? It's a bit wall of text right now.

Italicized the Stunt names.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


I like the intent, but the wording needs work and I'm not a big fan of having a 2nd point pool.

It's supposed to make up for only having a good Ref. I'm okay with it having a second point pool. If it keyed off directly from Celerity I would need to increase the Celerity pool. Changed the wording a little from "roll a Reflex save instead" to "use his Reflex save instead". Does that make it clearer? I honestly don't know where else the wording needs work.

Arcanemuses wrote:

Run (Ex):

At second level, the speedster gains run as a bonus feat. In addition to this, whenever the speedster takes the run action...

I would like you to sweeten this deal. Typically whenever a class gains a feat as a class feature, they get a little more out of it than normal. Just look at the Alchemist's Throw Anything feature, and you'll see what I mean.

Added a small dodge bonus to AC and an ability I had scrapped as not being good enough for a speed stunt.

This homebrew class is an effort to make a truly mobile warrior without having to rely on being a Martial Initiator. It is based on the Scout from 3.5, the Dynamo by Ciaran Barnes and the Marauder by Alluria Publishing and uses inspiration from media speedsters like the Flash, Sonic and the Roadrunner.

Please read and review. Tell me if there are any glaring errors, any possible abuses or just any talents or powers from speedsters in other media that you would like me to add.

Accompanying the class are two archetypes:
The Juggernaut, for those that want to be the immovable object in addition to being the unstoppable force.
And the Wilderness Scout for those that want a mobile warrior but without the supernatural flavor.
With more archetypes planned for the future.

This is pretty good, and hopefully the beginning of a series.

I love the intimidation and strenght lines you added.
Traditions is good too, except for Lightfoot. Immunity to tracking is bad, unless unhinged rogues can get it too and unhinged rangers can beat it without magic. I would suggest instead a increase in DC to track the barbarian amd a small bonus to stealth.

Accurate Stance, I liked better the unchained version that only works with melee and thrown. I think throwing barbarians should be more vable than archer barbarians. Or at least give the AC penalty from Reckless Stance. There is no need to be two different stances that add attack bonuses. Also: "This does not apply to damage rolls for spells, spell-like abilities or supernatural abilities." Course it doesn't it's a bonus to attack. If I gueess your meaning, change it to "This does not apply to touch attack and ranged touch attacks".

Superstition, you forgot to add "supernatural abilities" back to the wording. The unchained wording is an unnecessary downgrade from the original Rage Power. If anyone needs a hit it's the human FCB not the Rage Power.

Unexpected Strike, remove "The barbarian can use this ability only when there are no other foes in a square threatened by the barbarian.", this makes the power nearly useless. Add a number of times per day it can be used like Mighty Swing.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Someone with no sense of right or wrong.

Beast Hunter: What is the duration on Penetrating Blow? One minute, until the creature is dead, or something else? Way it written it almost looks like you have to make a standard action attack and pass a skill check just to ignore a little DR. If that's it, at least ignore 5 and later 10 points of DR or ignore the creatures natural armor against attack or hit it as if it was flatfooted or block fast healing and regeneration for a few rounds. Or give a choice so the beast hunter can use the best straegy against that particular monster. Disabling Strikes is crap. Depending on the monster you might roll something useless or that they're immune. Or it becomes unconscious and gets coup de graced. Also it's usable at will whenever a monster misses? Dude, no. That is too random, at the same time too powerful and too useless. Back to the drawing board with this ability.

Braker, Centurion, Meta Adept, Tavern Brawler and Toxicologist are all from older products. Makes me wonder if we're getting a revised Commander in this book too. I noticed the Adventurer being based based on the Adventurer class you guys had too, but improved.

Forged: No big problems, except for the two things Insain mentioned and some bad grammar. Needs a pass by the editor.

Ki Scion: Change Focused Path to give more Ki. This class will burn through Ki like nothing else. Powerful Blast needs to change "he gains additional damage" to "he may add additional damage" so he can choose not risk staggering at a bad moment. Super Scion: I see what you did there. It gives very little rounds, barely enough for a single fight. I suggest 4+Con.

Long Gunner: How does Sniping Shot interacts with Vital Strike? Can you guys add a paragraph that allows you to add Vital Strike with Sniping Shot?
Rifle Mastery II gives him a bonus feat, but he must use a move action to activate it? What if he spends the move action and the shot isn't a critical? Why not just give him the feat, no strings attached? Or maybe keep the move action to activate, but give in return the ability to trade which critical feat he has from this ability, like how an inquisitor can use a standard action to change his last teamwork feat.
Rifle mastery III, can the Long Gnner make a called shot with a sniping shot? I don't know much about called shots. If not maybe add that to Rifle Mastery IV?
Rifle Mastery IV It takes four level to be able to add a critical feat to an attack that threatens a critical. From the point of view of a player, I'm etter off just getting the feat as a feat.

Wild Shot: Cool ideas but not enough oomph, might as well stay as a Gunslinger. Pistol Whip and Evasive are gunslinger deeds, Reliable Friend is worse than Quick Clear, Hair Trigger is worse than Gunslingers Initiative, Two Pistol Fighting makes no diffeence for someone targeting touch AC, Dual Shot is missing the word "standard" in "as part of the same action"
On the other hand Vital Shot is good, Lucky Cover, Quick Foot, Utility Shot and Fastest Gun are all good too.
I would give the Wild Shot an ability called Fastest Gun that gives the ability to not provoke AoOs when shooting in melee and a scaling initiative bonus. Maybe a Wild Card to allow him to disarm with a shot.

Armiger: So cool. Arcane Heraldry needs a paragraph clarifying what happens if the magus has an arcana that gives new weapon properties to use with arcane pool, such as Bane Blade or Devoted Blade. Hopefully they can also be used with Arcane Heraldry.

Battlefield Sapper would be a great archetype if Hidden Satchel didn't came in at 19th level. The heck, that should come online much earlier and for free. Sapper Satchel on it's own is not worth losing the Animal Companion. Make some other ability for 19th level like being able to have multiple Satchels as long as they are affixed to the Structural Quarry or to Ranger Traps. Also in Hidden Satchel change "A battlefield sapper must possess the Learn Ranger Trap feat in order to use this ability." to "A battlefield sapper must be able to create ranger traps in order to use this ability." so it works with the Trapper archetype and other classes or archetypes that offer Ranger Traps as class features.

Battle Sorcerer: Sorcerer Strenght is pretty cool but still not enough to make up the fact that the sorcerer has low BAB and no armor. Cool concept but no socerer is going to fight in frontlines. And Spell Barrier is awful. One spell level is not worth one HP. Maybe ten, five at the lowest, but one for one is a horrible trade. You're trading three feats for something that can be only used if your HP is low and might not save you you until 11th level because the next attack from the full attack will probably kill you any way

Decrier: The first knee jerk is that this is a bad archetype because Condemner, Spread the Word and Word of Censure are not worth the abilitites they replace. But then Propagandize comes in and might save the whole archetype. Can I use a bane that is not the creatures alignment? I mean can I hit a LN enemy with a chaotic bane or a evil bane? The line "Creatures without a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful alignment may not be affected by this ability" Means a LN creature is immune, is immune to Good and Evil banes or only TN creatures are immune to this ability?
No, wait, it takes three rounds before you can use a bane or boon because it takes that long before you can discern power and location with a detect spell, and you can't hit a LN creature with a Chaotic bane because they won't even show up on a detect chaos spell. And you can only use a boon if your ally shows up on the detect spell, which just makes it harder to use both boons and banes in the same battle. This ability is horrible
And then you have censuring strike that wants you to hit in melee when you want to be 30 feet away so you can include as many allies and enemies on your detect spell at once, and decree of denouncement wants you to cast which works better when away from melee.
Final Verdict: Decrier is not worth the word count it wastes. Get the dev to redo from ground up so enemies aren't straight up immune, so it doesn't take almost the entire battle before you can use your main fature, so you don't get screwed because you detected for the wrong aligment and so you can use censuring strike with ranged weapons. Mostly just divorce Propagandize from aligment and Detect Alignment.

Field Medic: Medicinal Mists either blinds your allies or heals your enemies, or both. It's worse than useless, it actively harms the group. Make it so it makes a cloud that gives fast healing but only to allies and hinders the sight of enemies as a fog cloud. Maybe coming at a higher level, like 4th or 6th.

Peacebane Oracles curse doesn't actually hinder him any. Might inconvenience the party but not that much. Maybe make creatures inside the area have a starting attitude one step lower unless they pass a DC15 will save, and foes in combat have to beat that save in order to surrender or flee, otherwise they fight until they die or the oracle dies. And the bonus are missing the type, probably don't stack and are not that good.

Qi Gong Ninja, Raider, Sleep Peddler, Warchanter and War Wizard are okay. On the whole I love Armiger and I think Battlefield Sapper and Field Medic can be easily fized.

PrCs on the next post.

Update is a few weeks late, so let's see what took so long.


Adventurer is more complete, but still only three guilds. Hope there's more on the final product.
Also, how has this slipped by so long? Journeyman Apprentice and Master Apprentice are useless. You can take 20 a craft check as a standard action? Craft checks are made by the day or week. Do these abilities let me craft stuff in one standard action? If so it should mention it in the ability since that is the main part of the ability. If not maybe you mean they can take twenty on their apprentice skill without increasing the time and without wasting materials when crafting or without making mistakes for proffession. I have no idea what Journeyman Apprentice is supposed to do.
Also the names are dumb. Just change them o Journeyman Skill and Master Work.

Ward of the albatross feels too obviously tacked on and doesn't scale.

Adventuring Guild:
Begginers Luck: What is the action to activate this? It lasts for one roll or for all rolls for ne round?
Guild Master: Can the adventurer still use her luck pool to add to saves and skills or has he lost that? What does 'assist her allies in a similar way to ardic performance" even mean? That she can spend a point and give allies a morale bonus to... what? One roll between attack, damage, saves or skills? All rolls of that type until the beggining of the adventurers next turn? Shouldn't this still be a luck bonus? Or are you supposed to spend a luck point to use Inspired courage as bard or your level?

Assassin Guild is missing it's Guild master ability. Also Hide in Plain Sight and Death Attack need to go through editing and make sure to say that 8th(?) level and 6th(?!?) level are prerequisites. As written now they look like they were supposed to be given at those levels intead of chosen as talents. And adventurers apparently can take them earlier than Rogues and Slayers. Is that intentional?

Herculean Guild... "Woe to the men" Not "Whoa to the men". Also a couple of instances of rage instead of rush. Scrap It makes so the broken shield can't be repaired even with magic and it breaks the shield independent of the shields hardness or hit points. No one is going to ever use that. Except maybe to use artifacts and other indestructible stuff as improvised shields and destroy them without any effort. Not a good ability.

Battle Lord archetypes: Warchief and Zealot still trying to dictate the alignment of the party. It's bad on the paladin and it's worse here because it doesn't even have the excuse of flavor and being an iconic archetype of roleplaying games.

The Dan Tien straight up lost the ability to increase the threat range with trance. I'm okay with that.

Synergist archetypes:
Echo: On Simpatico and Twin Echo do the rolls have to be on the same type of thing or can the Echo get a 17 on a bluff check to feint and an ally can get a 17 on an attack and this triggers the ability?
Vagarists Unbridled Bloodshed means that the bonuses apply to the enemies too and that the enemies crits also trigger it? Awesome. Not sure if I like Odds Are. Chaos Theory is soething I particularly would even bother with but that is just playstyle differences.

Warloghe Forbidden Magic Taboo doesn't have the lesser version as a prereq. That means a Warloghe could get Greater Forbidden Magic without taking the other two. Is that intentional?

Other Archetypes and Prestige Classes next post.

Secret Wizard wrote:
Skinwalker Bloodrager or Druid (Something that can transform. A sort of wildshape from level 1, with extra lycanthropic options, would be cool.)

There's something like this in book 2 ;)

Gnome Skald (I'd find it hilarious to be insulted then raged at by a gnome. Especially if it had the strength and damage to back its threats up.)

I kid you not, right before I read your post, I was reading wikipedia articles on the tradition of insults in skald poetry for no reason in particular ;)

(It's actually quite interesting, you should give it a look).

Book one is finished? Where can I buy it? What's the name?

Weird, did Munitions Complexity get changed? The combo was to use Quickened Munitions to launch two Micro Munitions in one round. That costs no war points and deals half damage twice, so the equivalent to full damage. You have to wait until level 12 to do it because you need to apply two morph counts to your Micro Munitions. Wait, what was the purpose of using Munitions Complexity with this combo again?
Maybe I goofed up and you didn't notice at the time?

The problem with Swallowed by the World is that it is an instantaneous Save or Die. (Not a Save or Suck, a Save or Die. You gotta look at it from the point of view of a low reflex character being hit with this ability on the opening round of a fight:

DM: Hey, Fighter roll Reflex.
Player: Ah crap rolled a ten, howe much damage do I take?
DM: No, you're dead.
Player: And I never played with that group again.

Can I at least convince you to do like Suffocation, and give the target a three round count before it dies? Like:

First round if the enemy fails his Ref save he is entangled and takes damage, if he fails again on the second round he is paralyzed, buried to the neck and takes damage again, on the third round he dies. On the first round he can try to escape with a strenght check or Escape Artist roll, on the first or second round someone can spend a standard action to dig him out, making a strenght checkto break the hold, with the trapped creature providing an Aid Another.

Also it should cost an additional void point if the creature is more than two sizes bigger than the Nihilurge. Swallowing a giant should be harder than a human.

Hey Gears. I like the class, despite the name. I can stomach Unmage, but Abarcana? Those talents need a way better name.

Some things I noticed:
Unmage Dodge: Dodge bonus already apply against touch attacks. The only advantage of deflection bonus is that it works against incorporeal. Changing the type for spells does nothing. Just make it a straight deflection bonus. It also saves the class a ring slot.

Trace teleport: Could this also include a free perception check if someone teleports into that 60ft area? Sensing a mage teleporting in for a Scry and Fry could be more useful than finding where he goes when he runs away.

Null healing: No problem I just wanted to say how much I love that the Unmage can counter Channel Energy.

Instantaneous Dispelling: This would allow the Unamage to Dispell two spells right? One with a readied action and one with an immediate action?

I agree with Scud22 on Fumbling Feint, Teleportation Stalker and Turn Magery

Ideas for new Abarcanas: It needs something to handle incorporeal and the miss chance from Blink, basically getting Ghost Touch. Some anti-undead/antinecromancy would also help the class, since undead are common minions of casters and many undead are also casters.
Maybe an abarcana that hurts someone that tries to dominate/charm or one that fools scrying into seeying something you wish them to see, like Fool Spell but for divination.
Also you need something against illusions, like a bonus to disbelieve and perhaps diminishing the reality of a illusion by 10 percent, kinda the opposite of what a shadewright.
The class could use some way to mess with Familiars, Animal Companions, Eidolons, Phantons and other caster sidekicks. Maybe an Abarcana that makes them count as summoned for Dominate Minions, Turn magery and other Abarcanas like that.

Finally to extend the class use against things that aren't casters you could add Abarcanas, or mabe archetypes, dealing with creature types that are normally but not always spellcasters, like if you have Eldritch Slayer against Dragons you can spend a use of Unspell to gain flight, energy resistance and natural armor, if you have it against constructs you gain DR and the ability to ignore DR and hardiness and if you choose magic beasts you can gain scent and darkvision and something else.

Oh, two new classes.

The Nihilist is awesome. My only complaint is the Swalloed by the World anomaly. Save or dies are bad. Save or dies riders on another good ability are worse. Save or dies available at 12th level are the worst. Just remove it. Now to check the Unmage.

Start with a base of Slayer. The archetypical martial hero is smart and not above some sneaking about. Add full Brawler and full Barbarian with some refluffing, so Rage is more of a battle focus. Add the Samurais challenge and resolve and the Swasbucklers panache and deeds. Give him a good Will save, the archetypical fantasy hero can out willpower mages and gods, it's weird that no martial class has a good will save.
This the archetypical euro-american/fantasy hero, tough, charismatic and smart, with lots of tricks under his sleeve and amazing willpower.
If 3pp allowed I would add some Warlord instead of Swashbuckler, not even for maneuvers, but because his class abilities are better at representing the inspirng leadership heroes normally have.
Ranger and Paladin are too supernatural for the archetype and gishes are right out, the archetypical martial is as Ex as possible. You could also trade Barbarian and Swashbuckler for Fighter and Gunslinger for a more Western/WWII/Modern archetype.

Nice. Too bad I already got my books for november, but it's definetly on the cart for december. And if you can include Plant and Ooze kingdoms with the object ones I'm also sold on the expansion.

15 Bucks for a pdf is expensive. Some questions:
Can the shapeshifter, or one of its archetypes, turn into other humanoids, possibly copying individuals, with abilities to support infiltration? Can he transform in any of the following or only animals: Vermin, Magical Beasts, Oozes, Giants, Dragons, Undead (or at least undead versions of animals and vermin)? Most importantly, what is his BAB, HD and please tell me he doesn't cast spells.

I just bought and downloaded this. Unlike the original this doesn't seem to have had any playtest.
Some thoughts:
Adventurer has an empty level at 13. Doesn't even get a BAB increase. Hopefully this is fixed on the next update.
On the Battle Lord archetypes I like the Dual Specialist and I want to like the Warchief, but that restriction that Lawful characters can't benefit from any drills or auras is way too harsh. Having an alignment restriction is bad already but imposing a restriction on the rest of the party is even worse. Same with the Sealot. Even a paladin has a clause saying he can work with evil characters against a greater evil.
I like the Syphon but it has the same problem a normal Conduit would have if the campaign is mixed instead of just magic or just psionics. Any chance of a feat that would allow a Conduit to absorb powers and Syphon to absorb spells?
I love the archetypes so far for the Metamorph. Kinda wish the Everchanging had the ability to change her phenotype, even if it took a long ritual to do it.
Holy s$!# the Dan Tien Mnemonic is crazy. With Improved Critical and a few good rolls he could be getting a crit of10-20 or even bigger. Combat trance needs to mention that it's added after Improved Critical, Keen and other similar abilities. It also needs some limit like not getting a critical threat highter than 12-20.
These are what jumped at me in a first read through.

Okay after testing some builds, I changed my mind. The uncommoner is a solid tier 2. He starts weak as hell but about level 7 he has great utility and can summon stuff like nobodies business and his utility just increases by level.

First build: Shaggy

Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers
Human Uncommoner Shadewright 12, 20ptb
Str 12 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 18/22
Feats: Run; Nature Soul; Dodge; Animal Ally (Dog); Fleet; Mobility; Sidestep
Skills: Disguise, Acrobatics, Ride, Handle Animal
Gloamings: Shadowy Avoidance; Hide In Plain Sight; Shadow Initiative; Gloom Seer
Relevant Items: Headband of Charisma +4
Unexplained Phenomena: 18
One UP is used to turn into a shadow point and another to start Underworld Armor everyday as son as he wakes up, leaving 16 points for other Phenomena. Shaggy mostly uses Disguised, Forgotten Aptitude and Expertise, Surprise Resilience, Stroke of Luck and Twist of Fate.
Jokey character, but the list of Gloamings is actually pretty solid and doesn't eat his Unexplained Phenoma. Any chance of a Shadow Speed or Speed of Darkness Gloaming? As Pratchett said darkness is faster than light, because wherever light goes, darkness is there first waiting for it. Also would improve the Shaggyness of the build a lot. Also you should increase the skillpoints. Only classes that can get by with 2 a level are int based fullcasters. If I could afford Bluff and a ix of Stealth and Disable Device Shaggy could work pretty well as a face character and abackup rogue.

Second build Garret

Garret Level 1
Human Uncommoner Shadewright 1, 20ptb
Str 10 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 18
Feats: Light Armor Proficiency, Martial Weapon Proficiency (rapier)
Weapon: Rapier
Skills: Perception, Bluff, Stealth
Unexplained Phenomena: 6
One point in Underworld Armor means he actually has a pretty good AC, Leaving him with five rounds of ball lighting and really hoping to have less than four fights or that all fights end in round one. With only two skill points and no int he can't even do like a wizard and be helpful with skill checks.

Garret Level 5
Human Uncommoner Shadewright 1, 20ptb
Str 10 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 19
Feats: Light Armor Proficiency, Martial Weapon Proficiency (rapier), Weapon Finesse, Extra Unexplained Phenomena
Skills: Perception, Bluff, Stealth
Gloamings: Shadowy Avoidance
Unexplained Phenomena: 11
One point in Underworld Armor is still obligatory. But now we can become a troop and have a summon going on every fight. Free action summoning rocks. He has three UP really free for utility, maybe more if he has a low CR fight, but most likely this UP will be used to Twist of Fate and Stroke of Luck any saves he has to make. Trying to use his rapier on anything besides as a troop starts to become useless.

Garret Level 12
Human Uncommoner Shadewright 1, 20ptb
Str 10 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 21/25
Feats: Light Armor Proficiency, Martial Weapon Proficiency (rapier), Weapon Finesse, Extra Unexplained Phenomena x2;
Skills: Perception, Bluff, Stealth
Gloamings: Shadowy Avoidance, Trough a Glass Darkly, Shadow Jump, Umbral Communion
Unexplained Phenomena: 23
Relevant Items: Headband of Charisma +4
Underworld Armor continues to be an always on ability. I got a few more utility gloamings instead of focusing on passives, since by level 7-8 you actually have enough to spend on the utilities. You can also go crazy with summons when fighting bosses, Ball Lighting, Bigfoot, Skeletons, an Unexplainable, plus your own troop, that is a lot of creatures under your control. Maybe a Shadow Familiar and a Nightshade if you get those Gloamings.
The build still has two open feats, mt sure what to do with them except more EUP and Extra Gloamings, or maybe get Medium and Heavy Armor Prof since Underworld Armor can stack and Phenomena don't have spell failura chance. In fact a better build might be to just get Armor Profs and Extra Gloamings and Unexplainable Phenomena.
I went with rapier for better damage but now that I rethink it maybe a bow would be better so I can shoot while the summons fight and get longspear as my simple weapon for using as troop.

My main preocupation is the lack of skillpoints, specially at low levels. I'm of the opinion that no class should have less than four skillpoints per level, except maybe int using full casters.

At first sight the free action summoning is a little worrying, but the creatures aren't particualrly powerfull, are buffed by summoning feats and unlike an actual caster the uncommoner doesn't really have anything to with his other actions. He can miss with a crossbow or sling, move around the battlefield, maybe try to feint or demoralize an enemy. He can't cast a buff or fireball or even a second UP. It also has the side effect of making it look less like random crap and more like there is some supernatural powerhouse that really wants to potect the Uncommoner.
The uncommoner might get the master summoner problem though. Not particularly powerful, but bad because of having too many critter and too long turns. Making the summon Phenomenas a move action or standard wouldn't help, he doesn't have many uses for his action economy and the problem is more of a lack of options. A solution would be to give him other things to do on his turn besides becoming a troop then summoning every round. I'll give some ideas on the next spoiler.

Unexplainable Phenomena:


Potergeist Haunt: Area debuff as mischievous spirits or fey move small objects, tug at clothes and are generally annoying. -2 to attack and damage, to concentration checks and to dex and str skill checks. Affects everyone except those that pass a Will save.
Sudden Possession: Enemy gets possessed by a vengeful ghost or angry demon. Does confusion or like a short duration Dominate, anything that makes him immediately attack other enemies. It's a possession effect instead of compulsion though. Can instead affect an ally giving him some bonus, like rage or something.
Expontaneous Combustion: 1d6 fire damage per level, fort halves, not ref because the flames come from inside the creature, maybe affects more enemies at once as you advance in levels.
Unnatural Sounds: The area around the Uncommoner is filled with the sound of rattling chains, screams of the damned, evil laughter, creepy children songs or dark gloomy instrumental sounds or maybe even unnatural eeiry silence. Penalty to perception checks and in saves against fear, caster have % of spell failure to spells with verbal or emotional components.
Silent Mists: Casts Obscuring Mist, later can upgrade to Haunting Mist, Solid Fog and Mind Fog, all centered on the Uncommoner. Can also be called Mists of the Hills.
Also Umbral Chemtrails should scale to Cloudkill and Incendiary Cloud.
Grasping Portal: Opens a portal to some other plane that releases alien tentacles or hellish chains that entangle and damage opponents.
I also had an idea for Unnatural Sights from seeing paintings that move, sudden blood messages on the wall, shadows and reflections that move out of sync and nightmares or hallucinations that would give the uncommoneer divinations, but you can do close enough with Umbral Communion and Through a Glass Darkly.

Also Unaware Teleport, to me, would be better as something like:
Alien Geometries: The haunting of powerful spirits or the closeness to eldritch abominations briefly alters geography, connecting doorways, altering gravity and warping time and space. This functions a portal between two doorways, stairways, holes in the ground, cave entrances, or anything that can be considered an 'entrance', 'gateway' or 'exit'. This portal opens when the Uncommoner passes through and either closes right after him or stays open till the begging of the Uncommoners next turn. Both exit and entrance need to be at least 10 ft from each per class level. The Uncommoner is not aware of the portal until he sees it or passes through it.
This way it can work both for Scooby Doo door shenaningans, but also for stuff from Stephen King, Lovecraft and House of Leaves. Open a door in the attic, go through, you're in the basement. Fall down the stairs or into a trap door and tumble out of a nearby a closet door, it leads outside three stories up, or into the mouth of a nearby cave. Take a left turn and now you're into someone else house.

And I gotta admit, I don't understand how troops work. Their damage is your base weapon damage or is it something else and just use the damage type? Do you get extra HP or HD as a troop? What if you have a ranged weapon when you become a troop?

Well with low bab and nothing to increase it besides stroke of luck he can't attack until level 5. Also the bonus to attack from uncanny allies is useless since troops, like swarms, don't roll attack and simply deal damage to enemies in range. With all weak saves and a d6 HD he will depend on underworld armor, stroke of luck, surprise resilience and twist of fate any time some enemy looks in his direction. On low levels he will depend on ball lighting since unexplainable beings only have 10% HP and damage.

The main problem is that he needs to use the same pool for survival, attack, and for utility and I think it will not be enough. I'll make a build and run it through a few scenarios see how he works.
Also the first time I read "but only a single unexplained phenomenon can happen to the uncommoner each round." I think I registered as only one phenomon can be in effect at a time and got a knee jerk reaction to the long working phenoomena like Underworld Armor. Now that I read it again I noticed my mistake. Sorry.

I don't think it needs an increase in BAB or HD, but maybe some passive abilities could help. Increased speed from running from horrors all his life, a bonus to will from becoming jaded to all the jumpscares and ghost possessions and what not, a fort bonus from going through so many swamps and abandoned hospitals, maybe some more ways for him to participate in combat besides suummoning and uncanny allies.

On more phenoma I've thought of some but they would be less 'random weird' and more 'this is now a scene from a horror movie/game'
A weird one would be Conspiracy Pawn: A member of a shadowy conspiracy approaches the uncommoner as if he was part of the consiracy and delivers him a small item that may prove useful or some information dossiers or some orders. It may be a mistake, or the uncommoner may be a sleeper agent or maybe he is being used by the conspiracy. He gains a bonus to a knowledge check in the next hour or reduces the time for a diplomacy check to gather information or something like that.

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Dude. The uncommoner.
It needs an unexplained phenomena that exploits that malevolent twisting architecture and alien geometries of haunted houses and eldtrich multidimensional places. Like a dimension door that allows the uncommoner to run in one door and come out in another unrelated door or go up the stair and windup back in the same floor or outside the house.
Mostly because with that, Disguised, Forgotten Aptitude and Expertise, Surprise Resilience, Strioke of Luck and Twist of Fate, plus the feats Animal Ally, Run and Fleet a bunch of times, I could build Shaggy and Scooby.

More seriosuly, while this is a very fun archetype for a comedy one-shot, it is unplayably weak for anything else, and kinda of an NPC archetype. It's literally an commoner with some small powers. Could be a commoner archetype instead f a Shadewright archetype.
Is that intentional?
I mean, is it supposed to be an NPC that gets weird things to happen to him? Or is it supposed to e a PC that learns stuff, survives being in a horror movie or game and becomes better, even if it is just better at surviving?

Sorry for the rant, but one of the classes I've been trying to realize for the last couple years started on a similar idea of playing a commoner that keeps getting into PC stuff and surviving it and my main struggle has been to keep that feel while giving him class features to keep him relevant and useful as a PC.
In that vein, I'm stealing the Unexplained Phenomena for my class.
Yoink :)

Ethereal Gears wrote:
I like all your ideas. I'll try to work them into the documents (probably with a few tweaks of my own because I can never leave well alone)

No worries, as long as i'm in a creative swing I'm full of ideas, but I don't ever have the ilusion that I'm actually a good rules writer. You should probably check with Kamenhero or someone for actual balancing.

I'll see if I can cobble up something else, especially for riders and brutes since I didn't get them on my first pass. What's your opinion on stealing bit and pieces from other martial classes, like maybe giving the brute a few rounds of rage and allowing to buy rage powers for evolution points?

On the DR, I think it wouldn't work because of the warder. Maybe Fire Resistance 10 and later 20, add acid, eletric and cold resistance if you have those stratagems (caustic, galvanic, cryo), Munitions Resistance would still be better but it would help you not worring if you shoot your own soldiers.
Maxim 20: If you're not willing to shell your own position, you're not willing to win.

Also, just saw the Shadewright. I'll comment there in a few days. That is a lot of archetypes to through. I love it.

And I should ride this creativity burst and work on my own classes. Someday I'll finish one of them.

Thanks for the change to sulfuric munitions. And you're right about micromunitions and selective, no need to make them features. I can think of at least two good builds that wouldn't need them. Three if you like the Stratagems.

I think you didn't see it because I edited it in later so I'll ask again:
Can Magelings use Share Spells to use personal buffs on other Spell Soldiers? Or on the Battlecaster?

Stratagem Ideas:

Alchemical Bombling: You can change the base attack of a bombling from alchemist fire to liquid ice, acid flask or alkali flask. As a swift action you can transfer a flask of holy water or similar, a flask of oil, a packet of powder or similar, a tanglefoot bag, thunderstone or smoke pellet from the battlecaster to the bombling. The bombling can throw it with his next attack on the same round or keep it to throw when ordered.
Elite Grunt: When summoning a Grunt the Battlecaster can spend a warpoint to make an elite grunt. If the grunt has a higher base strenght he becomes large sized as per the Enlarge Person spell. If the grunt has a higher base dexteriy it gains a +2 dodge bonus to AC, a +10 feet increase to his base speed and can make an extra attack at his highest BAB when mmaking a full attack action, this extra attack does not stack with those granted by Haste or similar abilities.
Adept Mageling: The Battlecaster can scribe in his spell book one spell of each fisrt second and third level from the cleric, druid or witch spell list. All three spells must be from the same spell list. He doesn't add this spells to his his spells known and cannot cast them but he can use them with the Magery ability of his mageling spell soldier.
Combat Mageling: The mageling can cast personal and touch range spells on other spell soldiers as if they had range of 30 feet.
Poisoning Scout: When summoning a scout spell soldier the Battlecaster can spend a dose of poison on his person as a swift action. If he does so the poison is transferred to the scout. If it's an injury or contact posion the scout gains a bite attack that deals 1d2 damage and injects the poison. If it's contact, inhaled or ingested poison the scout can attempt to set the delivery method of the poison.
Assassin Scout: When summoning a scout spell soldier the Battlecaster can spend a war point to give him the ability to strike at vital points. If the scout hits an unaware or helpless target he adds a number of Sneak Attack dice equal a rogue of half the battle casters level.
Fighting Warder: When using a shield the Warder can use any polearm or spear of size as a one handed weapon. He can also use his shield hand to load and draw a crossbow without losing his shield bonus to AC.
Double Summoning: By spending a full round action the Batlecaster can summon two Spell Soldiers of the same type at once. He must pay an extra war point and the the war points for both Spell Soldiers. The Spell Soldiers appear at the start of his next round. If he summons two Spell Soldiers from a type with multiple selections, like grunts or magelings he can summon different selections of the same type. Prereq: Level 12

New Spell Soldier:
Security (or maybe Sentry or Hunter)
Long Lasting like the Scout, can keep going even if Battlecaster is asleep.
Extra Senses instead of advanced movements.
Gains maneuver feats and abilities, either grapple, dirty trick or a choice with multiple selections. It's so it can occupy an enemy while raising alarm or to take enemies in a nonlethal ways. It would also be useful in battle.
Can Spell Soldiers talk/make sounds? If not maybe he can make alarm sounds. And be able to recognize passwords so he doesn't sound the alarm just because someone walked away from the campfire and into the bushes.

New Feat
Bomb Bombling
I heard you like bombs so we put bombs on your bombling.
Prerequisite: Alchemical Bombling Stratagem; Bomb 2d6 class feature
As a swift action you can spend a use of Bombs class feature to transfer it to the bombling. The bombling counts as the alchemist for all purposes and the bomb does not become inert in his hands. If the bombling Self Destructs while holding the it, the Bomb explodes centered on the bombling.

Overpowered. Kek.

No. A low BAB with 4th level spells is nowhere even near the same league as anything close to being overpowered.

And it really isn't all that good a dip either. It gives you Combat Casting and a single tamwork feat, one round of tactician, a blast that will become useless in a couple of levels, and a somewhat good summon that will get useless in a few levels.
A martial wanting a teamwork feat would be better with a Cavalier dip, since it doesn't lose BAB and the tactician lasts way longer. Maybe if you dip two levels for Camp Follower Stratagem for a long lasting minion that can detect traps by walking into them. But that is only useful if you don't have a rogue type character and a caster that can use summoned monsters or unseem servant. But that is like the opposite of optimizing, it's spending two levels to cover the weaknesses of an all martials party.
A caster would balk at losing a caster level just to get Combat Casting and a summon that would soon be worse than learning Summon Monster 3. No munchkin would dip while building a caster.

Now to some actual constructive criticism.

Arcane Strategist, when used on a Spell Soldier, only affects the one summoned. you would have to use two uses and summon two spell soldiers before this is actually useful. Maybe have it affect all summoned Spell Soldiers at once. Or clarify if that is already the intention. You could move it to level five, when the duration is also more useful to the party. Would also help with not steping on the toes of the poor cavalier.

Eldritch Munitions wants to be meat of the class, judging by the number of Munition Stratagems, but it's too expensive at early levels to use all the time and with Stratagems it could eat your War Points like nobodies business. I could see Munitions builds having to take extra War Points multiple times and spending lots of spells on realocations. At the same time it seems balancd since it does do a lot of damage and can have multiple riders.

Spell Soldiers are what I really like about the class, the real meat, but they are sorely lacking in Stratagems. I'm hoping this will be rectified, and if you want I can suggest several possible ideas.

Battle Lore is okay, Tactical Mind needs to clarify if it also adds to Perception checks to notice ambushes, since you're technically not in a combat situation yet, but it starts a combat situation. Eldritch Field Marshall is a good capstone.


Selective Munitions is pretty much obligatory. So is Micro Munitions.
The save of a Micro Munitions doesn't change right? It's still good for delivering conditions?
You can combine Micro Munitions, Muntions Complexity and Quickened Munitions to do the equivalent to full damage munitions every round for free. Takes three Stratagems a full round action, level 12 or 11 with a feat and has a smaller range and area and can't apply conditions, so in the end I consider it okay.
Strategic Strikes work only with the Standard action attack, correct? Maybe add so he can use it with charges too, or Strategic Charge will be pretty much useless. Maybe with Spring Attack attacks too. Anyway this and Strategic Expansion can actually make for a viable Vital Strike build since he can't full attack for cap anways.
You should allow Strategic Reactions to increase his BAB to full on AoOs because otherwise he will misss with all of them even with Strenght and Int to them.
I would personally like if the automatic damage to items worn and carried be removed from Sulfuric Munitions. It's fine for Alkahest and Conflagration, for when you really want to nuke everything, but on Sulfuric it makes a cool DoT into something that risks destroying your loot by accident.
Also Alkahest and Conflagration should mention that foes killed by them are turned to ash and harder to ressussitate like with a Desintegration spell.
Lastly on Stratagems, Tentacled Ammunitions still does damage on top of the tentacles right?

Spell Soldiers:

I can see why the concentration for multiple soldiers is necessary for balance, but I don't quite like it. Maybe Stratagem to reduce it one step at something like 14th or 16th level?
Their basic abilities are comparable to a basic animal companion so they're okay. BAB and str/dex bonus are a little higher, HD and saves are lower, they're more glass cannons than normal ACs but that is a good
Adjutant is neat. It's not going to be anyones first type of soldier, but when you can control three or more he becames very useful.
Bomblings and Magelings strongly remind me of tower defense games. I might make a build based around it.
Munitions Resistance seems to me like something all Spell Soldiers should gain, maybe in exchange for Evasion and Improved Evasion, which are kinda of useless with their poor Ref save.
Can Magelings use Share Spells to use personal buffs on other Spell Soldiers?
Brutes only have half evolution pool, so I guess they'll be fine.
Grunts need an aside marking hat if they have a style like Two Weapon Fight or Sword and Shield they get a light weapon or a shield, otherwise they only show up with a single weapon as per War Forged.
Rider and Scout are neat, Warder shold appear with a shield too, maybe even be able to appear with a Tower Shield.
I have some ideas for other Spell Soldier types I will include them with the Stratagem ideas if you want.

Edit: Some spellchecking, an extra thought about Spell Soldiers.

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I like the name Warspeaker better than Knight-Scholar. Knight-Scholar feels more like the name of an archetype or prestige class. Maybe an archetype that returns the Warspeaker to Int?

With a name like Warspeaker and abilities like Warcries, I think the idea going in should be less 'motivational speaker' and more 'sergeant telling the universe to what it's told or else'.

I like the name Advocate. It gives me an idea of someone that either convinces the universe through rethoric and debate or through some sort of bargaining. Can the Advocate have a lawyer archetype? Maybe a writer or storyteller archetype whose edicts are him telling the universe that the story should go this way instead of that. Maybe a bard archetype?

Also What Tzocatl really needs IMO, is a third class. PoW I and II and Akashic Mysteries both have three classes, it seems to me the perfect number for showcasing a system. Maybe a medium BAB skill user? Split focus between Int and Cha with abilities to use these two instead of phisical scores so they don't get too MAD. Someone in the playtest documented suggested Poet for a class name. A mixture of word artist, conman and motivational speaker. Where the Warspeaker orders the universe to do things and the Advocate reasons with the universe, the Poet could be the guy that lies and charms so well the universe believes and changes to accomodate.

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TimD wrote:

Aeronaut's Windlass was a lot of fun :)


It really was. To me, the cats steal the spotlight. They are just so awesome.

Question on Telekinetic Athleticism: It gives all the effects of both feats, any reason why it doesn't just grant those two feats?

There are Blades Skills for getting Soulbolt, Mind Armament and even the Soulblade if you don't have it, but there is none to get the full Mind Shield from the shield achetype or Empowered Strike from Deadly Fist. Is that an oversight or on purpose?

And I guess that is it for me. Everything looks good and those are my last doubts.

upho wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
upho wrote:
@VM mercenario: I like it. Though I believe my dual shield wielding/throwing Shield Champion brawler/warder loves his new look (he really likes shields), he also wanted me to tell you he finds it "insulting" his shield bonus to AC hasn't increased, even though he's carrying "more metal than an F&%"*ing Abrahams main battle tank", running around buried in a pile of no less than 40 gargantuan heavy steel shields... :P

Humm, extra AC for having multiple shields, that is a little outside of what a single item should give...

Maybe a feat?
This one should help. Should increase his AC by +3, not much, but it helps. It's third party, but since you're already using homebrew...
Heh, I was mainly kidding to illustrate one of the more hilarious potential consequences of your belt idea, or more precisely of these two sentences:
VM mercenario wrote:
The belt can hold up to twenty one handed or light weapons, or 50 pieces of ammo. ... Two belts of throwing can be used on chest slot at the same time.

But I still like the idea, and thanks for the suggestions!

VM mercenario wrote:

Oh, maybe you could count all those shields as if he was wearing fullplate armor. Fullplate armor made of shields, should increase his AC, unless he is already wearing fullplate.

Increase the price of the weapon enhancement bonus on one of the bandoliers by 50% so they can also caount as armor enhacement bonus. Should balance WBL a little since he won't be paying for armor separately anymore.
Actually, this touches upon a potentially more important and purely mechanical limitation of the belt, namely that as written it cannot have magic shield enhancement bonuses or special abilities, which with Shield Master makes it pretty useless for shield throwers past 10th level. OTOH, this might very well be preferable to removing that...

No worries. The most optimized way to be a shield thrower is having a single shield and bouncing it off from enemy to enemy. It's already well suported by both the Iron Tortoise style and by the Shield Champion Brawler. It's also the most flavorful, since it is what Captain America uses. Two shields is cool for two weapon fighting and melee, but it doesn't help with throwing.

Covering yourself in 40 shields is a joke build, pure flavor, no optimization. I believe that if a player really wants to do it in a comedy one-shot he shouldn't be punished. If my item allows for a bit of fun and it's not breaking the game, then it's doing it's job as intended.

To your former question, the problem with the Belt of Might Hurling and the Blinkback Belt is the problem that you still need to have multiple magic weapons and they all need to be kept at a competitive enhancement bonus.
A twelfth level knife thrower could have up to 8 attacks in a round (3 BAB, 3 TWF, 1 Rapid Shot, 1 Haste). That means, if he wants to hit a CR appropriate enemy, he needs 8 +3 weapons, leaving him no money to buy anything else really. And after he full attacks he only regains four knifes for the next round with Blinkback Belt, halving his attack power for the rest of the fight. If he is using a Belt of Hurling, he better have killed everything in one full attack cause he now has to spend a couple of rounds to gather his knifes.
If he doesn't have all that many magic knifes he might as well throw paper balls, since he won't he be hitting anything anyway.

upho wrote:
Kudaku wrote:
This is sheer genius. I especially love that you managed to sidestep the problems both the blinkback belt and the belt of mighty hurling ran into. The only suggestion I can make is to also make a similar item for two-handed throwing weapons, perhaps a wide-mouth quiver?

Sorry for my ignorance, but what exactly is the problem with blinkback and mighty hurling? The 50% cost markup from sharing slot with a phys-boost belt? Or did I miss something vital regarding their functionality in practice?

@VM mercenario: I like it. Though I believe my dual shield wielding/throwing Shield Champion brawler/warder loves his new look (he really likes shields), he also wanted me to tell you he finds it "insulting" his shield bonus to AC hasn't increased, even though he's carrying "more metal than an F&%"*ing Abrahams main battle tank", running around buried in a pile of no less than 40 gargantuan heavy steel shields... :P

Humm, extra AC for having multiple shields, that is a little outside of what a single item should give...

Maybe a feat?
This one should help. Should increase his AC by +3, not much, but it helps. It's third party, but since you're already using homebrew...

Oh, maybe you could count all those shields as if he was wearing fullplate armor. Fullplate armor made of shields, should increase his AC, unless he is already wearing fullplate.
Increase the price of the weapon enhancement bonus on one of the bandoliers by 50% so they can also caount as armor enhacement bonus. Should balance WBL a little since he won't be paying for armor separately anymore.

Also, I'm kinda curious how he is using gargantuan size stuff. Did he start as a large race?

Fury of the Tempest wrote:
Adam B. 135 wrote:
Bits sounds like something that belongs in psitech in all honesty, considering bits and funnels are controlled by the user's mind, and are only used by psychics.

Wrong playtest, go to the Soulknife Augmented playtest. It has an entire archetype of UBW. And can also be used to play Gil.

I like that the paragon changed from just Superman to any hero who is super strong and invulnerable.
I think you could add the Advanced Prowesses Celerity and Juggernaut to the list of Prowesses he can pick instead of Paragon Powers.

I still think that in Man of Steel you can change "At 10th level, this damage reduction is no longer be negated by magic weapons." to "At 10th level, this damage reduction becomes DR/-" to use clear rules language.

Something that could make a good Paragon Power is gaining the rock throwing racial ability.. So you can throw cars wagons at people, like a true superhero.

The Paragon Power Touch of Truth should specify that holding an end of the rope, chains or lasso used to tie an enemy counts as phisical contact with the enemy.

Uncanny Movement allows you to make Jason Voorhees as a paragon fighter. This is good.

The barbarian Rage Powers Body Bludgeon and Come and Get Me, or variations of them, could be used as Combat Prowesses. CaGM was actually a combat feat in 3.5.
Body Bludgeon would work best as a Paragon Power, so a medium human paragon can grab a giant by the ankle and use him to bludgeon a kaiju.

A few more ideas for Paragon Powers:
Animal Speech: speak with animal at will and Wild Empathy. Necessary to finish Aquaman or Wonder Woman builds.
Secret Identity: Something based on the Vigilantes Dual Identity, which could also be a feat. Because Clark can't be Superman, he wears glasses!
Shapeshifting: Starting with Alter Self a few minutes a day and later adding Beast Shape. Necessary to build J'onn, though telepathy would be too complicated to make as Powers. He can dip Psion or Tactician for that.
Size Shifting: Cast Enlarge Person or Shrink Person on self, an buy multiple times to enlarge up to colossal or shrink down to fine. Doesn't stack with Mightier than a Titan while you're enlarged, or stack only up to Colossal, since there is no larger category. Because Ant Man. Also Hulk probably has one level of this.

Battle Telepath:
On Bladed Collective in the first paragraph, I think this "As part of a standard action that the the battle telepath used to make an attack, he may manifest his mind blade as if his position were the same as an ally’s position within his collective." could be reworded as this: "As a standard action the battle telepath may manifest a mind blade in the square of an ally in his collecive and attack as if he were standing in that position. This mind blade disspates after the attack." I think it's more clear on the effect.

On Collective Skill, Improved Lend Blade Skill means you can lend all your Blade Skills at once? It sort of implies you can lend any one blade skill you know instead of the one you chose for Lend Blade Skill, but Lend Blade Skill doesn't say you have to choose one Blade Skill and can only lend that one. Also, can you lend different Blade Skill to different members of the collective?

I agree this and Primarch need better names, but I really can't think of them. Primarch makes me think of WH40K, which has nothing to do with the PrC. And Battle Telepath makes me think of telepathic attacks, not of mind blades.

Also the Primarch is much better now.

Lemmy wrote:
Hey, VMM! Good to see you're still around! I thought you had given up on Pathfinder.

Not on Pathfider, just on juggling work and games. I mostly haunt the homebrew forum and the 3pp playtests.

I'll be back if I can guarantee to always have sundays free. Or if you can guarantee the rest of the group isn't going to disappear for three sundays and only go when I can't go.

Lemmy wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
TATICAL MOVEMENT: I'm trying to remember if there are any circunstances that ask for a reflex save instead of an acrobatics check for any of those things and I'm coming up blank. Are there any spells that do it or is it just future proofing?
"Better safe than sorry". :P

Maybe add it to reflex saves against things that would entangle, slow or pparalyze him instead?

Lemmy wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
ARMOR TRAINING: For some reason you changed the not being slowed by medium armor from 3rd level up to seventh level with heavy armor. It also allows you to sleep in any armor which is better than Endurance's main benefit, making an already bad feat worthless for the fighter.
Uh... Fighters stop being slowed by armor at 7th level. I didn't change that one. I don't mind Fighters not needing Endurance to be able to sleep in heavy armor. They are Fighters! Their armor is all the shelter they need! XD


Core Rulebook wrote:
In addition, a fighter can also move at his normal speed while wearing medium armor. At 7th level, a fighter can move at his normal speed while wearing heavy armor.

Yeah, core fighter can move normal speed in medium armor at 3rd level. Only Heavy Armor is 7th level.

Lemmy wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
WEAPON TRAINING: It's okay. I would prefer if his main weapon group was full bonus and the secondary groups were all at full bonus -1, but for flavor reasons. I like the idea that he is best with one weapon group but still awesome with the other. But I think that is just me.
I don't like the fact that it has diminishing return... Besides, you can always represent focus on a single weapon/weapon group by taking feats such as weapon focus, improved critical, etc.

Not diminishing returns, I would like a swordmaster, for example, to be Heavy Blades +5, Light Blades, Bows, Polearms, Close +4, but I know it's just me.


Armor Adjustments: I get what it's supposed to do but it's useless. Increase the duration from rounds per level to hours per level, that way you can use it on the whole party in the morning and have it set, instead of having to fidget with their clothes every other minute like a fussy mother.

Fake Surrender: If you ever make a Revised Rogue this should be Rogue Talent too.

Phalanx Fighter: It has an extra he lost on the phrase. Also add that he loses reach if he is not using a shield on the other hand. Unless two weapon fighting with reach is supposed to be allowed, in which case give some other benefit to wielding spear and shield, like being able to brace as an immediate action.
Add that if he is using a spear in both hands he can use a swift action to change grip on the weapon and lose reach to use the spear against adjacent enemies. Maybe add that he can do it as an immediate action but takes a -2 to attack until te beginning of his turn.

Positioning: Clarify is this is an extra 5ft step, he can take. If it isn't then this prowess does nothing, since you can already do 5feet teps.

Shield Expertise: Change the last sentence to "He may equip a shield as a immediate action when attacked. He gains the shield bonus to AC against the triggering attack. This may cause the triggering attack to miss."

Skill Focus: Yeah... no one is going to waste a prowess on a skill focus. Prowesses are supposed to be better than feats, and as humans prove skill focus is worth less than a feat.

Wild Card Feat: Clarify that if you get more than one feat with a swift action you can use a wildcard feat as prerequisite for the other, so you can, for example, use two uses to get vital strike and improved vital strike.
Also I think additional times could give two uses each.

Awe Inspiring Strike: No need for the *. Just add the sentence about switching strenght normally, like you did on Impose Will.

Fleet Footed: Should be a Basic Prowess.

Secure Perimeter: Change it to a Greater Prowess, increase the Blindsense to 15ft, increase it to 30ft at 17th level, increase the blindsight to 10ft at 20th level. A Supertitious barbarian gets Blindsense 30ft at 16 level and Blindsight 30ft at 19th level, no reason the fighter should be so much worse.

Toe Stomper: Add that if it's a winged creature he can attack the wing and apply the penalty to flying speed and to Fly skill checks. If the creature is flying when he does this it must pass a fly skill check or begin falling.

Rise the Fallen: Should be 'Raise'. It would make more sense to me if it was Breath of Life, so he could revive people, instead of using their corpses. Also it's missing how many times a day e can use it.

Elemental Warrior: Change "and gains energy resistance 10 against all other types" to "and gains energy resistance 10 against the other three types" or add "and gains energy resistance 10 against all other types, including sonic and force". Maybe allow him to choose immunity to sonic or force but gain only 2d4 extra damage instead of 2d6.

Hero of Legend: Give a save to the Shaken condition, or remove the additional 5 rounds after they leave his threatened area.

A few ideas for Combat Prowesses:


Army Training: The fighter gains ranks in Profession (Soldier) equal to his fighter level. He does not take non lethal damage from hustling or forced march. He gains a +4 bonus to resist thirsty and starvation, and considers his strenght score as two higher for the purposes of carrying capacity.

Navy Training: The fighter gains ranks in Profession (Sailor) equal to his fighter level. He can hold his breath for one minute per point of con instead of two rounds per point of con. He ignores the normal cover bonus to AC when attacking creatures that are partially immersed in water. He can move half his speed as a move action underwater with a sucessful swim check, or his full speed as a full round action with a sucessful swim check.


Master Blacksmith: You gain the Master Craftsman Feat and a bonus to to the chosen skill equal to half your BAB. This Prowess can be taken more than once each time you take it you must select a new skill.

SKILLS: I think 4 skill points should be enough, 6 should be reserved for the classes that are supposed to be skilled, like the ranger and bard.

FIGHTING STYLE: Have you considered changing it to one feat from that list and starting Weapon Traing at first level? It's weird to me that the Fighter of all full BAB classes is the only one that has to wait until fifth level to get his attack and damage bous feature.

PRACTICE OVERCOMES TALENT: Pretty good, not only it helps with Combat Expertise, it also allows the fighter to use Two Weapon Fighter without focusing on dex and allows him to take those monk feats that require high wis.

TATICAL MOVEMENT: I'm trying to remember if there are any circunstances that ask for a reflex save instead of an acrobatics check for any of those things and I'm coming up blank. Are there any spells that do it or is it just future proofing?

COMBAT PROWESS: I like the name, just for avoiding using 'talents'. More in depth on the prowesses on my next post.

ARMOR TRAINING: For some reason you changed the not being slowed by medium armor from 3rd level up to seventh level with heavy armor. It also allows you to sleep in any armor which is better than Endurances main benefit, making an already bad feat worthless for the fighter.

BRAVERY: Change mind control to charm and compulsion effects.

SOLO TACTICS: It's a good ability. You should make at least one archetype that replaces it with Tactician.

MEN AT ARMS: Good ability and I like the flavor.

WEAPON TRAINING: It's okay. I would prefer if his main weapon group was full bonus and the secondary groups were all at full bonus -1, but for flavor reasons. I like the idea that he is best with one weapon group but still awesome with the other. But I think that is just me.

FEARLESS: It doesn't invalidate bravery, since bravery still protects you from possession and mind control.

PROMPTITUDE: Gods that name! How about Battle Ready, or Vigilant? Also maybe add your bravery bonus to perception checks to notice ambushes and to determine awareness during a surprise round?

MARTIAL MASTERY: Pretty cool, more flavorful than powerful.

UNSTOPABLE and RELENTLESS: maybe add a little something unstoppable, it triggers my OCD that unstoppable is only one thing and relentless is four. Also Relentless needs to make clear if the fighter is staggered if has less than 0 hp but isn't unconscious. Normally abilities that allow you to remain conscious make you staggered, but on the other hand they usually allow you to remain conscious until you die.

ARMOR MASTERY: It allows a dex melee fighter to suddenly wear full plate with no penalty, for maximun AC. That is a feature. It allows an archer the same thing. That isn't. Not much can be done about it, just wanted to point out the exploit.

WEAPON MASTERY: It's okay, just change te last sentence to "In addition, he cannot be disarmed while wielding a weapon from one of his weapon groups". The way it is now it makes it seem you have to chose one weapon group that can't be disarmed.

WARBOUND: Good capstone.

Fist Fighter: Flurry of Blows is using different languange from Flurry of Blows from the monk. Don't do that. Either use the same language from the Unchained Monk, or rename the ability. My suggestion is using Brawlers Flurry, just copy paste from Brawler and change brawler to fighter.
Vigor Burning: It doesn't say if its gained at 7th level together with Vigor or at 9th when you would gain Unstoppable, needs clarification.

Paragon: I see what you did there :)
At Man of Steel, change the second phrase to "At 10th level this DR becomes DR/-." Short and uses game terms to avoid confusion.
Any way to make so that Freezing Threat can instead be focused on a single target to entangle the target and paralyze if used a second time on an entangled character?

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Lanitril wrote:

Alright, so obviously the book with the Occult Classes is ALLLLLMOSSST out, but I figure it's never too early to theorycraft. I wanna know what you guys think.

What is the best gestalt for a Kineticist? At first, the main one in my mind was Monk/Kineticist. Not for any sort of overpoweredness, I just liked it. But now I've been seriously wondering about the different combos. Something with Mutagen or Rage for extra HP to burn? Synthesist for the exact same reason? Unchained Rogue to go into melee, dual wielding light kinetic blades, while still maintaining ranged power?

Any other ideas anybody got? Maybe for the other classes too?

Now that it's actually out:

Kineticist: Scarred Witch Doctor (ignoring the godawful errata). Con and Dex is all you need. Blast with kineticist and if you're up against elemental resistance debuff with witch spells. And you have lots of utility slots on both sides.
3pp: Mystic from Amora Games Liber Influx Communis. You start with two elements, and eventually get a third and fourth. You are the Avatar.

Medium: Dunno, I don't like the medium, the spirits feel very bland.
3pp: Whatever gestalt you think of doig with the Medium can be done with more power and better flavor with Radiance Houses Occultist. If the Harrow Medium ever gets released, then you could gestalt Harrow Medium with Occultist and house nearly ten spirits at the same time. Just for lulz.

Mesmerist: Fighter or Cavalier. Psychic spells can be used with heavy armor, the stares work well with melee combat, bravery becomes actually semi useful, being a frontliner helps with implanting tricks mid combat if you need and mesmerist covers the fighters lack of outside combat abilities.
3pp: Anything with full BAB heavy armor and can use charisma. Warlords, Daevas, Battle Lords, etc.
Alternatively, Taskshaper. Consumate Liar + Glib Lie + Shapeshifting = best infiltrator ever.

Occultist: Wizard, Arcanist or any other Int full caster, because being int SAD is always powerful. Battle Host//Fighter or any other full BAB that can spare points for int without getting MAD. Occultist/Investigator//Wizard makes for a perfect Harry Dresden.
3pp: Same thing, really, with the addition of craft focused classes. Occultist//Artisan, Occultist//Vizier or Occultist//Machinesmith make for great item focused characters.

Psychic: You can use the psychiic instead of the wizard in any gestalt that uses wizard, except now you have an easier time wearing armor. Psychedelia Mutation Mind Psychic//Alchemist is astonishigly flavorful.
3pp: Same thing, anything you can gestalt with psion you can gestalt with psychic. Of special mention is the Mnemonic from Liber Influx Communis, a monk type class that uses int instead of wis and and specializes in memory theft, memory manipulation and punching poeplein the mind.

Spiritualit: Monk. Punch people while yor standphantom punches people. Get an Anger or Dedication Focus Phantom, put points in performance dance or acting so you pose with skill, say ORA ORA ORA, and name your standphantom after a song. Bonus points if the first and last names of your character start with Jo, Gio or a similar sound, no matter their race. Double jeopardy points if you choose your touch spells known inside a theme as your standsphantoms power.
Or you can be a boring person and go with cleric with the phantom of a champion of your deity. Better armor, nine level spells, wis focus. Or Druid if your DM allows you to have a Phantom and an Animal Companion at the same time. Gunslinger can work with you shooting and a Jealousy Phantom (your dead lover that you want to avenge, maybe?) protecting you in the frontlines.
3pp: Different monk type classes, for different JoJos! Gurus, Stalkers, Deadly Fist Soulknifes.
Or other wisdom using classes. If you're a boring non-JoJo person.

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Elricaltovilla wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
Elricaltovilla wrote:
Fury of the Tempest wrote:
We ARE allowed to post our own items as suggestions... right?
You can submit them to our website or message one of us writers if you have something you'd like to submit. After all, why not do what we do and get paid for this? :P

Posting a suggestion that popped in my head coming back from work:

Belt of Throwing: This belt has loops, hooks and pouches for daggers, handaxes and other thrwing weapons. This belt can be enchanted as a throwing weapon. Any weapon or ammo drawn from this belt gains the weapon enhancement and enchantments applied to the belt. This lasts until the weapon is used for an attack or for 30 seconds (5 rounds) after it has been drawn. The belt can hold up to twenty one handed or light weapons, or 50 pieces of ammo. Belt Slot or Chest Slot. Two belts of throwing can be used on chest slot at the same time.

Basically an Amulet of Mighty Fists for throwing. Hopefully not as overpriced.
Should solve one of the main problems with throwing weapons. Simple solution someone might have thought of before. I don't remember seeing a similar item before, but I could be wrong.

Is there a reason for you to be allowed to put two belts on your chest slot?

Crossed bandoliers, the always necessary belt of phisical perfection, crossed bandoliers are cool, in case someone wants to pay for two sets of weapon enchanments, bandoliers are badass.

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Elricaltovilla wrote:
Fury of the Tempest wrote:
We ARE allowed to post our own items as suggestions... right?
You can submit them to our website or message one of us writers if you have something you'd like to submit. After all, why not do what we do and get paid for this? :P

Posting a suggestion that popped in my head coming back from work:

Belt of Throwing: This belt has loops, hooks and pouches for daggers, handaxes and other thrwing weapons. This belt can be enchanted as a throwing weapon. Any weapon or ammo drawn from this belt gains the weapon enhancement and enchantments applied to the belt. This lasts until the weapon is used for an attack or for 30 seconds (5 rounds) after it has been drawn. The belt can hold up to twenty one handed or light weapons, or 50 pieces of ammo. Belt Slot or Chest Slot. Two belts of throwing can be used on chest slot at the same time.

Basically an Amulet of Mighty Fists for throwing. Hopefully not as overpriced.
Should solve one of the main problems with throwing weapons. Simple solution someone might have thought of before. I don't remember seeing a similar item before, but I could be wrong.

ErrantX wrote:
Skaldi the Tallest wrote:
ErrantX wrote:
Skaldi the Tallest wrote:


Thoughts on something to allow a multi-armed soulknife the ability to manifest more than 2 blades? Either a blade skill or a feat?

While I'm not opposed to that, I'm curious what races have multiple limbs that are considered non-super powered, viable PC races?


A human with 5 levels of Aegis/ levels in metaforge? Starting at level 5 a character can have three functional arms from their astral suit and a level 5 equivalent mindblade.

The Metafoge is what originally made me wish that a soulknife could split their weapons more than once.

Seems feasible. I'd say weapons for hands three and onward would have to be light weapon equivalents though.


Maybe use Mind Daggers as a prereq and the other hands have to use a mind dagger?

Also, link, so I don't have to go to the first page everytime.

Edit: On the Primarch, The 4th level Ice Psychic Awakening is worse than the Fire and Storm ones and it's a worse form of what he gains at 7th level anyway.
Singularity of War has some wonky wording. For a Fire path Primarch does it means he can throw an Energy Ball as a free action when manifesting his mind blade? It's great for Flame and Storm but useless for Ice and Metal.
And it says that 'his second awakening improves its potency as well by gaining the following technique based on upon the primarch’s psychic epiphany.' He does gain a new option but that doesn't improve his second awakening power it just grant another power.
And the Singularity of War of the Metal path doesn't specify an action. Is it an attack action, a swift action a free action? If it's an attack action can I use it to substitute my last iterative attack? Can I use it in place of an AoO? If I use it to hit at range what is the range? First increment range as if I was throwing the blade, first range for my soulbolt, some other range?
Finally is the Primarch supposed to be the PrC that was based around Blade Skills? It kinda gets sidetracked by all the elemental stuff.

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Pixie, the Leng Queen wrote:
LuniasM wrote:
Pixie, the Leng Queen wrote:

All undead are evil. Simply being undead is enough to ping as evil.

You think the villagers are gonna be reasonable and straight forward about the orcs? They will most likely say that the orcs killed many of their men and spread the typical horror stories of orcs.

If an undead who does nothing evil, works to overcome their evil desires, and preserves the lives of their potential victims still pings as evil, the DM is a jerk. If you don't do evil things you aren't evil, simple as that. There are examples of "evil creatures" becoming good in the Golarion setting - Wrath of the Righteous has a few. This trend of "All x are Evil" is a 3.5 relic that Paizo has explicitly avoided. Regardless, a Paladin who kills that vampire still falls for committing murder of an innocent.

If the paladin is tricked into going after those orcs, they still need to verify the story they were given. People can and will lie to get what they want. You cannot make assumptions as a Paladin - you have higher standards than that. If you want to play the character that blindly trusts people and mercilessly slaughters anything anyone says is bad, don't play a Paladin.

Think about this.

1)How many paladins speak orc?

2) The orcs have already bee attacked once, they see some HEAVILY guys strolling up to their camp. Chances are they will jump to action beofr giving them an oppotunity to hit them first.

3) Orcs have A piss poor reputation already. If you wanna make it even tougher, say a camp of drow. Drow are universally known as evil. They are also Known liars. Most wouldnt think twice of killong some drow. Same thing with the orcs. Orcs are like goblins, they are "monsters".

As for the undead thing, yeah some people get redeemed, but one thing Paizo has deffinetely not budged on is ALL undead are evil. Your actions mean nothing in regards to alignment of undead. Otherwise mindless undead would be neutral... sinply BEING undead is enough to be evil.

1. How many don't? Along with Abyssal, Demonic, Subterranean and Drow. Those are the languages of their main enemies, why wouldn't they study them? What kind of stupid paladin wouldn't want to decypher written messages and be able to understand what their enemy commanders are shouting?

2. That is why you arrived with weapons sheated and announce yourself in a loud and clear voice before arriving. Ask them to leave without bloodshed. If they start a fight you kill them in self defense.

3. Only a racist lets prejudice cloud judgement. Paladins by definition are not klansmen. They won't kill them just because they are green.

Just because some people don't know how to play a Good character, doesn't mean it's impossible.

Pixie, the Leng Queen wrote:
Ashiel wrote:
Pixie, the Leng Queen wrote:
All undead are evil. Simply being undead is enough to ping as evil.

This is incorrect. Undead creatures without the evil alignment do not ping as evil. Detect evil explicitly requires an aligned undead to ping, not just any ol' undead. If you meet a neutral-aligned mummy, they won't show up on detect evil at all.

Undead do, however, provide stronger auras when they are aligned when using detect [alignment] spells.

I cant remember if mummys may be different but the problem is that Paizo made it a point of ensuring undead ARE EVIL for the sake of being undead. Case and point, the Ju Ju zombie. First time a necromancer type could make non evil undead... then they changed it to be evil...

Yes all undead are made evil, and the vampire template makes you evil.


An inteligent undead is fully capable of changing his alignment. That example vampire is trying to, and probably has, change her alignment.

Undead are not of the [Evil] subtype, so if they change alignment to good, or even just neutral, they stop pinging on Detect Evil.

And a paladin, or any adventurer really, should study the vampire before attacking, if nothing else to make sure it's not ten levels higher than the party. That scouting would reveal the thruth to the paladin.

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