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Nar'shinddah Sugimar

VM mercenario's page

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I kinda think this is going in the wrong direction. I agree with rungok, it would be easier to create a subsystem based on aura and dust and then create two or three classes based on that system and then use archetypes to mold closer to each character. Maybe some archetypes to normal classes too, Blake could easily be a Slayer or Ninja using an Aura archetype and Yang could be a Brawler or Monk archetype.
So what do we know about Aura?
It passively increases your strenght and speed while it's on. Either have this passives as part of the class features or maybe something like spending a point activates aua for a minute and then you get the passives during this minute.
It gives you a defensive aura, but any damage you take drains your aura. Having Aura active gives some temp HP but if those temp HP are consumed you start losing Aura points, maybe?
It fuels your semblance, which can be anything from healing to superspeed, to magic. The aura based classes could have a list of normal semblances maybe with some advice for the DM on how to create other semblances. Archetypes would be basically having that class as a semblance, so an aura using barbarian is actually someone with a semblance of Rage (Yang would then be an Aura Barbarian with elemental powers and using an unarmed style, maybe multiclassing with Aura Brawler or the Aura Warrior class), the archetype of ninja that replaces Ki with Aura is the semblance of Stealth or the semblance of Shadows (Blake) and the archetype of Magus that uses Aura togheter with Arcane Pool has the semblance of Magic (Glynda) (Maybe a fullcaster? not sure) and the paladin archetype has a semblance of Healing or of Good (Jaun, at least according to fanon).

Here's a rough draft:
Aura (Su): At level 1 you gain a pool of aura points equal to your constitution modifier + your level. As a ??? action you can spend an aura point to activate your aura granting +2 morale bonus to strenght and dexterity and 5 temporary HP per level. Your aura lasts for one minute or until you lose all you temporary HP. If your aura is deactivated through damage you can spend an immediate action to reactivate it. You need your aura active to use your semblance.

Greater Aura: At level 10 the bonuses to strenght and dexterity from having an active Aura increase to +4 and the aura lasts for ten minutes unless you lose all your temp HP.

Infinite Aura: At level 20 your Aura is always active unless you lose your temporary HP. You still have to spend an aura point to restart your aura in that case. Your bonuses to strenght and dexterity increse to +6 while the Aura is active.

Semblance (Su): At first level you select your semblance. A semblance works only while your aura is active. Spending an aura point to use a semblance ability is a free action unless stated otherwise.

Semblance of Speed: You gain a +10 feet increase to your base speed while your aura is active. This increases by +10 feet at 8th and 16th level. You can spend an aura point to double your speed for one round. At 4th level you can spend an aura point to make a turn as part of a charge. At 8th level you can spend an aura point to gain the Light Steps class feature like a ninja of your level for as long as your aura is active. While using this ability you can also run on walls and ceilings but you still must end each turn in a vertical surface capable of holding your weight. At 12th level you can spend an aura point to gain the benefits of Haste or Air Walk as if cast by a wizard of your level. This spell is dispelled if your Aura is deactivated. At 16th level ???. At 20 level ???.

Aura Stunt (Su): At 2nd level you learn to use your aura to subtly bend the laws of reality in favor of awesomess and style. As a free action you can spend an aura point to add 1d6 to the result a d20 roll. This can be a skill check, ability check, attack roll or a saving throw. You can only do this once per roll. When using an aura stunt you must describe your action in a properly awesome, badass or stylish way.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:

@ I'm Hiding In Your Closet:

I can accept help fleshing out the Egyptians, but I think it would be best if the better mythology buffs tackled the less known pantheons first, leave the norse and the greek for last since anyone can do them. I would like to see the slavic or the canaanite first, if you please.
Okay - where do I go/what do I do to do this? Do we just post it here?

Just post here and Wannabe Demon Lord says he will organize everything in a google doc once we have a few pantheons down.

God of Life, Death and Rebirth, Lord of the Afterlife, Judger of Souls
Alignment: LN
Domains: Death, Healing, Law, Nobility, Repose
Favored Weapon: ??? (Maybe the flail?)
Symbol: The pharaos crook and flail, in green and black
Osiris was the second pharao of the gods after Ra, but he was killed and dismembered by his brother Set. After his wife and sister Isis and their son Horus brought him back he became the lord of the Duat, the underworld. His main job is to weight the souls of the dead against the feather of thruth. Those whose soul is too heavy from sin or to light from inaction are devoured by Ammut but those who lived a good life are sent to enjoy their stay on Duat.
Osiris appears as a pharaoh with green or blsck skin, wielding the crook and flail and wearing a crown with ostrich feathers. Sometimes he may appear mummified and bandaged from the neck down. He is fair and just ruler with little pacience for lawbreakers and hose that would waste his time. His sacred colors are green and black and his sacred animal is the ostrich.
Osirian priests often help with funeral rites and judgements. Worshippers of Osiris include judges, lawmakers, those who work with dead and many who are sick and close to death.
Osirian priests are ambivalent about undead, with some sects vowings to destroy all undeath, except for mummies, while others devote themselves making and serving the undead, specially mummies. Mummies are specially sacred to clerics of Osiris and no cleric of Osiris can attack a mummy.
Clerics of Osiris halve the casting time when casting Raise Dead, Ressurection and True Ressurection.

scary harpy wrote:



The god of heaven, lord of constellations

Symbol: sacred shine surmounted by the divine horned cap.

Sacred number: 60

Astrological region: heavenly equator

Sacred animal: the heavenly Bull

He is a progenitor of the pantheon, the father of the gods, and he is the sky god in the sense that he is god of heaven or the "great above". To our more modern thinking, heaven would be outer space or, to D&D players, the outer planes.

In the Anunnaku (Sumerian) pantheon, An lost influence to Enlil; in the Igigi (Babylonian) pantheon, Ellil (Enlil's counterpart) lost influence to Anu. Enlil/Ellil is the actual god of the sky. Anu is a god of monarchs and is not friendly to the common people. His 'kishru's (shooting stars) have awesome strength. He has the ability that anything he puts into words becomes reality.

In the transition from the Anunnaku to the Igigi pantheon, An became both Anu and Anshar; Anu is the god of heaven and Anshar is the axis of heaven - the axle/pivot on which heaven turns. Anshar is not an evil god of darkness.

IMHO, Anshar, 'whole sky', is good name for the one deity and Anum , a more correct spelling for An, is good for his counterpart.


Celestial, Travel,

Celestial, Creation, Law

Avatars of Heaven


messenger / vizier


Anu and Ishtar's 'son'; the 'son' of heaven.

You asked for the example. I made an example. You ignore the example. Why?

Here's the template. It's based on the smaller gods in Inner Seas Guide as WDL has been asking since the first post.

??? Pantheon

Titles, Epithets, God of ???, Lord of ???, Etc
Alignment: ???
Domains: ??? (4 to 5)
Favored Weapon: ???
Symbol: ???
1st paragraph What does the god do, what is his role in the pantheon. What is his sacred animals, does he have sacred colors.
2nd paragraph What does he look like in art or when he sends avatars to interact with the players. Does he even interact with people. How is his personality.
3rd paragraph Who are his worshippers, what are they expected to do. Any adventure hooks for a player tht chooses this god.
4th paragraph Any other interesting bits or cool legends you want to add about this god
5th paragraph A small bonus for worshippers independent of domain, a spell they can cast a level early, a spell they can get from another list, bonus flavor choices when casting Summon Monster spells, small bonuses when casting spells against the deities favored enemies, stuff like that.

I should update Bes to include more stuff.

@ I'm Hiding In Your Closet:
I can accept help fleshing out the Egyptians, but I think it would be best if the better mythology buffs tackled the less known pantheons first, leave the norse and the greek for last since anyone can do them. I would like to see the slavic or the canaanite first, if you please.

@ Aleristhe
Could you help Scary Harpy with the Mesopotamian first? What would you suggest for the favored weapon and domains of Anu?

Bes god coming through for an example:

Egiptian Pantheon

God of Ugliness, Deformities and Birth Defects, God of Luck, Protector of Children and Mothers, God of Music, Dance and Parties
Alignment: NG
Domains: Community, Good, Luck, Protection
Favored Weapon: Club
Symbol: A representation of his face.
Bes is a protector god with the job of scaring away spirits and fighting demons. He gives special protection to children and pregnant mothers, to those that suffer from deformities and to those that work to bring joy to others such as artists and courtesans.
Bes appears as a human male about the size of a gnome but with distorted proportions and a stockier build. His face seems squashed and beaten in, with eyes not properly aligned, one bigger than the other, a big nose, broken and badly reset and wild untamed hair, beard and eyebrows. His priests teach to not judge by looks and to consider ones actions when judging them.
Priests of Bes usually work with hospitals, in maternity wards or helping those that have suffered amputations or disfigurement. Priests of Bes are also expected to ward of evil and protect their communities, many even becoming adenturers.
Clerics of Bes may prepare the Fear spell as a 4th level divine spell, ignoring the material component of the spell.

Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:

I figured it would be a divide and conquer type thing. Each person would cover one, or a part of, a pantheon.

Basically it would go like this:

Each deity would get an Inner Sea Gods appendix entry. Name/Alignment/Title/Areas of Concern/Domains/Subdomains/Favored Weapon/Symbol/Sacred Animal/Sacred Colors. So each one wouldn't be much work, most of it can be inferred from the mythology, which can be found quickly on Google. Inner Sea gods's appendix is only a small part of the book, and covers 300 deities. But I could totally be in over my head.

And yeah, Arthurian mythology is really cool. Not sure how it would work for this, though.

So, okay, do I just pick the gods I want, post them in this thread and you organize by pantheon in a google doc and later a pdf? Is that how it works?

I call the egyptians. I've restarded reading Rick Riordan so I'm going to try and do the ones from the books.

Tyrannical wrote:

Took on board all the recent feedback and did some tweaking, didn't end up going for the Quinggong Monk style of progression in the end, but I think this works out well. I wanted to make sure there weren't any dead levels, just as Monk is, and think I got a balanced version here;

** spoiler omitted **

I'll come up with a list of bonus feats soon, just wanted to see what people think of this version so far.

Now that you did the fly template doing other skystriker classes is easy. Here's the Skystriker Cavalier, a Cavalier with a secondary of Monk.

Skystriker Cavalier:

1 = High Jump, Challenge 1/day, Order, Tactician
2 = Levitation (30 feet, 1 hour/level), Order Ability
3 = Fly (40 feet, clumsy, 1 min/level), Cavaliers Charge
4 = Challenge 2/day
5 = Banner
6 = Fly (50 feet, average), Bonus Feat
7 = Challenge 3/day
8 = Order Ability
9 = Fly (60 feet, 10 min/level), Greater Tactician
10 = Slow Fall 50ft, Challenge 4/day
11 = Mighty Charge
12 = Fly (70 feet, good) Bonus Feat, Demanding Challenge
13 = Challenge 5/day
14 = Greater Banner
15 = Fly (80 feet, 1 hour/level), Order Ability
16 = Challenge 6/day
17 = Master Tactician
18 = Fly (90 feet, perfect), Bonus Feat
19 = Challenge 7/day
20 = Fly (at will), Supreme Charge

High Jump, Levitation and Fly replace Mount and Expert Trainer
Cavaliers Charge, Mighty Charge, Supreme Charge and any Order Abilities that affect mounted charge instead affect charges while flying.

Tomorrow I'll do the alchemist and the swashbuckler.

Chengar Qordath wrote:
11. Randomly roll a dice, then smile to yourself. When someone asks what the roll was for, just say "You'll find out later." Bonus points if you were rolling in the open, and the die came up as a natural twenty or natural one.

65. Randomly roll a dice and then look worried/guilty, like you're not sure that they can avoid a TPK. Bonus points if you were rolling in the open, and the die came up as a natural twenty or natural one. Mix with 11 for extra mind fu@+$ery.

Tyrannical wrote:

hmm, just going over ideas for what secondary class to put in, how do people feel about these secondaries?

Cavalier - Able to use flying to charge enemies, as you would on a mount

Druid/Wizard/Sorcerer/Arcanist - Able to command wind, like the Air Nomads of 'Avatar', somewhat

Alchemist - Special bombs that must be dropped instead of thrown.

Swashbuckler - a form of aerial deeds, to perform airborne stunts and attacks.

Magus/Warpriest - Throwing themed weapon buffs and a small pool of spells. Scaling weapon damage as these classes would offer.

Oracle/Shaman - Some spiritual connection to the heavens, sun, moon, stars or wind that allows for flight, and uses hexes/revelations

Do all of them. Alchemist bombers, Magus fighter jets, Druids specialized in turning into birds or bird hybrids, Swashbucklers masters of aerial acrobatics, Cavalier air jousters, Oracles of sky. Make a whole party of flying characters.

Groups with little experience is the worst argument against the skill using maneuvers. Because they would say "A skill check? Well you can fail that, I guess this maneuver is okay". And they would be right, because it takes a lot of min-maxing to go around making items that give +10 bonus to a skill just because of a couple maneuvers. If it was auto succeed they would take one look and say "No, nope, screw that, banned, ban forever"

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Bloody good work!

You were waiting all month to use that bloody line weren't you?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
Removed some posts and the replies to them. One of the important things in our Community Guidelines is being observant of other gamers/gaming styles. Even if there is something about a game/gaming you do not like, be respectful to others in the conversation. Additionally, we have many threads concerning the issues regarding the Advanced Class Guide. We do not need to rehash them here.

So many posts got removed, I was scared for a moment that my very important contribution had been lost. Then I realized the thread had just turned wonky because of the insane amount of posts that had to be removed.

Look at Page 3, my friends. A terrible battle was fought here. Now, only shapes to see, perhaps, not to touch.

You people kept feeding the regenerating giant. I, and hopefully others, did what any decent forumite should do and flagged every one of his posts for 'breaking other guidelines', i.e. beign a regenerating giant.

Let me try to help:

Weapon and Armor proficiency: Shinobi are proficient with all simple weapons, plus the kama, katana, kusarigama, nunchaku, sai, shortbow, short sword, shuriken, siangham, and wakizashi. They are proficient with light armor but not with shields.

Poison Use (Ex): At 1st level, a shinobi is trained in the use of poison and cannot accidentally poison herself when applying poison to a weapon.

This ability replaces track.

Ki Pool (Su): At 2nd level, a shinobi gains a pool of ki points, supernatural energy she can use to accomplish amazing feats. The number of points in the ninja’s ki pool is equal to 1/2 her shinobi level + her Intelligence modifier. As long as she has at least 1 point in her ki pool, she treats any Acrobatics skill check made to jump as if she had a running start. At 10th level, she also reduces the DC of Acrobatics skill checks made to jump by 1/2 (although she still cannot move farther than her speed allows).

By spending 1 point from her ki pool, a shinobi can increase her speed by 20 feet for 1 round. In addition, a shinobi can spend 1 point from her ki pool to give herself a +4 insight bonus on Stealth checks for 1 round. Each of these powers is activated as a swift action.

The ki pool is replenished each morning after 8 hours of rest or meditation; these hours do not need to be consecutive. If the shinobi possesses levels in another class that grants points to a ki pool, shinobi levels stack with the levels of that class to determine the total number of ki points in the combined pool, but only one ability score modifier is added to the total. The choice of which score to use is made when the second class ability is gained, and once made, the choice is set. The shinobi can now use ki points from this pool to power the abilities of every class she possesses that grants a ki pool.

This ability replaces the Slayer Talent gained at second level.

Slayer Talents: When a shinobi selects a slayer talent, she may choose any ninja trick whose effects are tied to her ki pool in addition to those she can normally choose.

This alters the slayer talent class feature.

Poison Immunity (Ex): At 11th level the shinobi becomes immune to all poisons.

This ability replaces the swift tracker class feature

Abundant Step (Su): At 13th level or higher, a shinobi can slip magically between spaces, as if using the spell dimension door. Using this ability is a move action that consumes 2 points from her ki pool. Her caster level for this effect is equal to her shinobi level. She cannot take other creatures with her when she uses this ability. Starting at 17th level this ability consumes only one point of ki. At 19th level the shinobi can spend 3 extra ki points to use this ability as a swift action or 2 extra ki points to take other creatures with her as normal per the dimension door spell.

This replaces slayer's advance, quarry and improved quarry.

If the intent is to completely subsume the ninja you can add these new Slayer Talents:
Swift Stike (Su): Prerequisite: Ki Pool. By spending 1 point from her Ki Pool the slayer can make an extra attack at her highest BAB as part of a full attack.
Ninja Steps (Ex): Prerequisite: Level 6. The slayer gains the No Trace and Light Steps abilities, using her slayer levels as her effective ninja level.

The best version of the feat is the original one.

Frak Qinggong Monks. If you want to be a pseudo caster you lose this single advantage of being pure martial. And frak gnomes and other SLA races.

The only thing I would change is include extract makers as having caster levels for the purpose of this feat and allow it to be retrained if you get a level in a class with caster level. Mostly because this feat was published before Alchemists existed and before there were retraining rules.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I support the skill check maneuvers. It's something you're going to be able to do once, twice tops, in a fight. You should be able to do it consistently since you're spending 5% of your WBL a feat (or more) and full ranks on sleight of hand.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Elder Basilisk wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:

You're probably being a little extreme. The fighter isn't the skill guy. He should, however, have at least as many skill points as a Ranger. There's no reason a Ranger, who can twiddle his fingers to solve so many of his problems, should have 6 skill points and the fighter shouldn't. The only reason he does is because hide in shadows, move silently, and track/survival are now skill points instead of class features.

But, two good saves is an imperative, and seriously, ALL good saves wouldn't be overpowered. The fighter has no class abilities that stack on them, unlike the monk.

Evasion should be a combat feat.

Talents are as bad as combat feats, and should be reserved to make the Rogue special.
Fighters should have their own 'Techniques' that other classes can't take, which should basically be combat feats that actually scale and are useful at all levels. In effect, a fighter's 'bonus combat feats' should be at least the equal of Rage Powers. They are both class features, but one is useful at all levels, and the other is meh.


Actually, I was being sorta serious. One of the assumptions from previous editions of the game is that fighter and rogue are separate classes--that Fafrd and the Grey Mouser have different class based abilities rather than just different stats and builds.

What if rather than having "skill guy" and "fighting guy" as archetypes, we just had a "non-magical" guy who is skilled at fighting and skilled at skills? That would nicely solve the constant complaining that fighters can't contribute outside of combat and rogues cannot contribute inside combat. And it would make it much easier for "fighter" characters to model the abilities that fictional heroes have. Many fictional heroes can fight well, ride, jump, climb, notice the ninjas sneaking up on them, notice when they are being lied to, be stealthy, be suave, lead an army, seduce a lady, and tinker with gadgets in their spare time--all at once and without splitting those abilities...

And we could call it something cool like slayer or something.

Insain Dragoon wrote:

I think we need to break the chains on this discussion and free ourselves of the need to discuss what we should and should not discuss! We should discuss a new method to discuss whether or not a topic for discussion should be discussed.


You guys should stop dis cussing thing. You'll get banned.

Leadership nets you a second PC up to two levels lower than the rest of the party and up to 163 followers. That is a small village.
Note that you have to pay for your laborers or for the ex-slaves, but followers cost nothing.

If any discipline can be used while mounted, all disciplines are mounted.[/koan]
Maybe for a different class or next book you can think of a discipline that is focused on working with mounts/animal companions/familiars. Mounting and dismounting, boosts that allow the AC/mount to do extra stuff, stances that give bonuses while mounted or when adjacent to to AC, strikes where instead of attacking you command your pet and it attack using your standard action or you both attack as part of your action...
Make a path of war Hunter.

One more vote for changing Piercing Thunder so it's less damage and more acrobatics and effects. Can I suggest a maneuver like that one Matrix scene where he braces the staff on the ground and does a whirlwind attack?

Made an archetype.

Archetype: String Musician

Musical Manipulations: At fist level the String Musician can create barely visible ethereal strings that extend from the strings of a musical instrument. Hands used to hold or play a string instrument, such as a harp, guitar or lyre, are considered free for the purpose of starting using and concentrating on manipulations. The String Musician can still create strings and use manipulations without an instrument, but his manipulation range is diminished by half. This alters the Manipulation ability.

Sound Mastery: The String Musician adds the following Manipulation as a Universal Manipulation and he gains access to sound flairs:

String Orchestra: The String Musician attaches Strings to all objects and surfaces in his range and uses those strings to play a Bardic Performance. This Bardic Performance has an audible component and lasts as long as the String Musician concentrates on this manipulation. The String Musician can use Inspire Courage or Fascinate, as a Bard of the same level. Improved: The String Musician can use Suggestion and Dirge of Doom as a Bard of his level. He can also spend a standard action make powerful Sound Burst. This is a ranged touch attack to any enemy inside his maximum manipulation range that deal 1d4 + the String Musician Cha modifier as sonic damage (Fort for half). Greater: The String Musician can now perform Inspire Heroics and Soothing Performance as a Bard of his level. In addition his Sound Burst now deal 1d8 +half is String Musician class level.

Well Versed: At second level the String Musician becomes resistant to the bardic performance of others, and to sonic effects in general. The String Musician gains a +4 bonus on saving throws made against bardic performance, sonic, and language-dependent effects. This replaces Dominant.

Versatile Performance: At second level the String Musician can use his bonus on the Perform (String Instrument) instead of his bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy. When substituting in this way, the String Musician uses his total Perform skill bonus, including class skill bonus, in place of its associated skill's bonus, whether or not he has ranks in that skill or if it is a class skill.

New Flairs:
Discordant Vibrations*(Su) (sound): You gain the Discordant Voice feat, and can use with any performance made with String Orchestra. Prereq: String Musician level 11.

Vibration*(Su) (sound): When using string Orchestra you can attach strings to a single ally or enemy. If used that way the performance functions only on that person instead of in an area. When used like that the performance loses its audible and mind affecting components as the strings vibrations carry the performance directly to the creatures brain. If used on an enemy increase the DC of Fascinate Suggestion and Sound Burst +2. If used on an ally the String Musician can use Inspire Courage and Inspire Heroics at the same time. Prereq: String Musician level 13, Greater String Orchestra.

String Telephony(Ex) (sound): The String Musician can attach a string to any object he touches. As long as the object is within his maximum manipulation range he can hear anything said around the object as if he were there in person. He can also send his voice to appear as if coming from the object. He can also send whispers that can only be heard by anyone touching the object.

Arcanic Drake wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
2-Both count as spellcasting, I think. Check with your DM. Best thing to do with Imprint Class ability is actually to combo combat boosters, you can't get Favored Enemy, Weapon Training or Sneak Attack, but you can get Smite, Challenge, Judgement, Bane, Bardic Performance, Rage, Studied Target and Studied Enemy.

I was just wondering because they were spell-like abilities instead of regular spellcasting.

The sneak attack however was already said by Right Publishing to work with the ability. The reasoning behind it was that in order for the ability to have an effect was for the user to take an action to attack (it was also limited because of the level reduction and the moments of change used per sneak attack).

Really? Nice.

Rynjin wrote:
Cheapy wrote:

Actually, the direct inspiration for the Alchemist class was the video game The Witcher, in which you're an alchemically enhanced human that uses bombs, mutagens, and potions to enhance your fighting styles. It then merged with other alchemists of lore to become less focused on fighting, as the fully-Witcher-inspired class would probably have been a full BAB class.

James Jacobs came up with the idea of the Alchemist after playing The Witcher, IIRC.

He may have, but considering the Alchemist class bears very, very little resemblance to Geralt or the other Witchers in how they function, saying it was based on them is a stretch.

The Witcher throws bombs, makes and drinks potions, poisons his weapons, makes traps and uses the witcher signs.

The Alchemist throws bombs, makes and drinks extracts and mutagens, and poisons his weapons. He is only missing the traps and signs, but that is balanced with the effect bombs and with the more magical types of extracts.

First thing I thought after seeing the alchemist class was thinking I could use to build Geralt.

1-For another Dex or Str skill. So Climb to Swim or Stealth. To change to any skill you need the Shaped Capacity Improved Skill Imprint. If you have that you can exchange any skill to any other skill. Climb to Perception or Perception to Spellcraft or whatever.

2-Both count as spellcasting, I think. Check with your DM. Best thing to do with Imprint Class ability is actually to combo combat boosters, you can't get Favored Enemy, Weapon Training or Sneak Attack, but you can get Smite, Challenge, Judgement, Bane, Bardic Performance, Rage, Studied Target and Studied Enemy.

3-...Good question, I don't know either. I guess infinite and you can spend moments of change to change what you get. I would also allow spending a moment of change to dismiss the natural attacks so you don't have to always walk around with fangs and claws.


5-Choose masks that can easily be intimidated or are allied to the party. It's more useful for misteries and intrigue. And remember just because you turn into the BBEG doesn't mean you have his powers.
You can use this to confront important people and see their reaction before actually confronting them. "Lady MacBeth did you muder him?" "Yes and now I'll murder you!" "No you won't."
Or to get information in a controlled enviroment without needing to kidnap someone and tip your hand to BBEG. "This information is not valid to the judge, I'll tell him you kidnapped me and forced me to say those things." "But we never kidnapped you."
Or to get information from someone you killed without using a Speak with Dead spell. "Oops we killed the guy who knew the password." "Don't worry I touched him."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Does the group has any means to know in character they're dealing with a homebrew LG zombie?
Does the group has any reason to believe that instead of believing this is a trap laid out by somee necromancer/lich/other BBEG?
If any of those is a no, then the rogue is justified in killing the zombie.
If they kill it, have the book have any info necessary written on it with a folded map indicating the town being used as a pagemarker.
Also: Absent players don't get to vote, unless the characters are beign used in battles even with the players absent.

I got so focused on gushing about my homebrew I forgot to actually say my point. Sorry.
The point was in trying to make a no magic/low magic low BAB class. The only ones I've seen trying that niche where the Noble by Litle Red and the Momenta by Amora games

Interjection Games wrote:
How does this compare to the Amora Game class of the same name?


Amoras Survivor is a badass survivalist with a mission. He trvels with a party so he has help on what he wants to do and because a group helps keeping you alive.
My Survivor is an action survivor trying to survive whatever crazyness is happening now. He doesn't have any real talent for adventuring, he fights like a wizard and casts like a fighter, but maybe he is a chosen one that has to carry a macguffin for the party, or he can be trying to keep an eye on his brother/bestfriend/love interest who decided that beign a wandering adventurer was a good idea, perhaps he is some scholar or priest that hired the party, or maybe apocalipses just happen around him on a weekly basis and the party hangs aorund for the fun.

Amoras Survivor is a much better fighter and he can share some of his defensive abilities with the party.
My Survivor is much more versatile in builds, with a talent every level from two pools of talents, the ability to chose what attributes are important to the class and he can choose between buffing, aggro pulling, area control, attrition fighting and two different types of debuffing. It's also much harder to kill, and can choose one area of defenses to specialize on.

Amoras Survivor is somewhat based on a ranger. It seems to aim for a tier 4.
I based mine on the sorcerer chassis trading the bloodline for basic defensive abilities and 9th level spellcasting for the talents. I aimed for a high tier 3 to low tier 2.

Another idea I have from my unfinished homebrew folder:
The Survivor:
Some people don't adventure because they want, they just find themselves continually at risk wrapped in dangerous situations. Where most become capable warriors or savy scoundrels and others find power in faith, in studiyng or in their blood, the Survivor just does his best to survive fromone day to the other, wheter by cowardly skill, improbable luck or sheer toughness.
The Survivor would be a d12 1/2BAB all good saves tank/debuffer class with no spellcasting. It can choose two attributes to specialize on, one from con, dex and will, and one from str, int or cha. Or he can choose to not specialize and spread his attributes more.
It would have some fixed class features including DR, SR, fast healing, fortification, resistance to poisons, diseases, atributte damage/drain and immunity to death attacks.
It would have two types of talents, srvivor talents and Survival Paths.
Survivor Talents are based on Cha, Int, or Str
Cha talents focus on taunting or looking like easy prey to draw aggro or inspiring others by cheering them on or giving bonus to people who become your protectors.
Int talents focus on using your knowledge of defenses to lower the defenses of enemies, like pointing the weakness of their armor to lower AC or helping lower the SR of a monster or stopping their fast healing/regeneration for a few rounds. They can also focus on using skills in place of CMB for certain maneuvers.
Str talents deal with doing AoOs, forcing the enemy to provoke AoOs, using touch attacks to deal conditions and trying to keep enemies close to you or focused on you.
Survival Paths is my favorite part of this idea because I don't think I've seen anything quite like it on D20. You have six paths, each path has ten steps. At first level you can take the first step on one path. At every odd level you can either take the first step on another path or the next step of a path you're already in. To access a step you need to have all the steps before it and a score on the associated attribute equal to 10 plus the step number. That way you can stick to one path to get a capstone level ability, or take the inicial steps of several paths to increase versatility or if the your attributes are lower.
The six paths I made:
Armor (Con): The path about trusting your armor to keep you alive. Gives stuff like heavy armor and tower shield proficiency, bonuses when shieldbashing, extra DR, allowing the class DR to stack with DR from armor, and armor training.
Natural Toughness (Con): The path of being a tough bastard. Extra HP, natural armor, a form of controlled rage, increased fortification, mettle, turn the fast healing to regeneration.
Speed (Dex): The path of people who prefer to dodge attacks and consider running away a viable tactic. Gets speed improvement, extra attack and damage for every 10ft before attacking, evasion, miss chances, freedom of movement and even flying.
Shadows (Dex): For those that believe that you can't be hurt if the enemy can't find you. Skill bonus in stealth, disguise and bluff, some sneak attack, HiPS, nondetection and eventual mindblank.
Foresight (Wis): Because it's not parania when they're really coming after you. Bonuses in Perception and Initiative, a smite type ability that can be used on the first round only against people with a smaller initiative, utility abilities, some traps divinations and even the ability to turn any place into a safehouse.
Willpower (Wis): Some people may be frail in body but they more than make up for it with mental strenght. Bonuses against magic, a retaliatory strike that deals extra damage based on the damage you took the past round, ignoring conditions, and eventually making an antimagic field centered on yourself.

With a sidebar saying the player should check with the Dm what traits the race has in his campaign world, and maybe a sidebar with recommended traits for the core races. Yeah, that actually works a lot better than what I tried to do.

The Paragon: The ultimate racial class. One racial class for all races.
A paragon is the epitome of his race, an idealized version made flesh, the spirit of the times, a phisical representation of all that the race aspires to be. It's captain america the class.
The paragon should have the same alignment as the usual for the race. So a paragon for an evil race is the epitome of evil.
The main ability would be a list of talents different for each race.
For instance an elf could gain talents involving bow using, nature abilities and some arcane spells, while dwarves would get alents involving axes/picks/hammers, earth related abilities and abilities based on being stubborn and gnomes could get technologic abilities or arcane spells. Talents could also include gaining extra alternate racial traits and racial feats.
Other abilities would include gaining extra attribute points, diplomacy bonus when dealing with your own race, and eventually ascending as a minor godling of your race.
Archetypes I envisioned: the Pariah, the representation of everything bad about the race, the red skull to the captain america of the base class. The Adopted, someone that lives amongst another race for so long that he goes native, so native he starts turning into that race. The mutant is the next step of evolution and gains some evolution points to buy powers. The Renegade changes the class in the ethics alignment for chatic dwarves or lawful elves, not sure what it would change beseides the permitted alignment, I just really like Mass Effect and puns.
I have several skeletons for the class but when it gets to making the talents and talent lists is where I lose steam.

Err... What old wish list? Or are you asking for ideas?
If it's the second I have an idea for a class that I've been working on and off for years but I never manage to finish it. I would love to see what a better writer like you could do with it.

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On the string manipulation, invisible web, the puppeteer needs to be able to fill less cubes than his maximun so he doesn't fill an entire room when he only needs to trap a door.
It needs a flair to upgrade Grappling braid/ Gossamer Razor so you can attach your strings to stuff and pull them back to you. Like Scorpions 'Get over here' move from Mortal Kombat
Grappling Braid should be able to attach to two points so you can make a tighrope/ropebridge for people to cross.
Also needs a flair so you can as an immediate action attach strings to an ally and pull the back from danger or save them from a fall. Something like give them a +2 to reflex and if they pass you can move them 5 feet in a direction of your choice. If used on a falling ally you pull them with a line or make a net to catch them so they don't take falling damage.

How about a mastery about attaching strings to enemies and messing with their movements
Malicious Puppeteering: attach string to an enemy and plague them with random jerky movements gives some penalties to attack and movement speed, improved when he misses an attack you can make him reroll that attack against another target in range, greater stop him from making 5ft steps or AoO unless he passes a reflex save
Barbed Hook: Pull a single enemy towards you, improved pull or push enemies in any direction but always in a straight line, greater throw enemies up in the air or pull them to the ground if they're flying. If you beat the enemies CmD he can choose to not move but instead take damage as the hooks rip from his skin.
String Trap: You can subtly snake strings around the target or burrow them trough the earth to form a trap. Choose a square in your manipulation range to trap, any creatures that enter the square take damage equal to your int mod and are flatfooted until the beginning of your next round. Perception to notice the trap is X, DC to disarm the trap is X, the trap is a magical trap. If you are observed you can roll stealth against your opponents perception so they won't notice you are laying the trap. Even if they notice they need a perception check againstthe trap DC to notice the trap. Improved, the target loses dexterity to AC for one round, or you can use the trap to start another manipulation or flair that attaches to an enemy. The trap lasts for int rounds even after you stop concentrating on it. Greater, you trap two squares with a single action, these squares don't need to be consecutive and can be occupied. The trap now does your int mod damage in a five foot radius when triggered and instead of the other effects it can temporally blind mute or paralyze the target that triggered the trap.
Ultimate: Enemy Puppet: Make one enemy fight for you as if controlled by Dominate Monster. Short duration but you can change the save to fort. The enemy is aware that he is being manipulated.
... Maybe exchange String Trap with Invisible Web.

Edit: On the BAB usage:
Allow Gossamer Razors to be a full round action to attack multiple times with your BAB. Make it attack normal AC instead of touch. increase the enhancement bonus a little so it can be comparable to a secondary weapon on a frontline PC so +1 +1 for every four levels on improved (up to +5) and +2 +1 for every three level on greater (up to +8) on grater.
On Dancing Weapon, on improved allow the Puppeteer to to get a second dancing weapon gaining an extra attack at full BAB but with a -2 to all attacks, or add a dancing shield to incrase AC, or if using a single weapon gain a +1 to attack. on Greater allow for a third dancing weapon (another attack at full BAB, no extra penalty) two weapons and one shield, single weapon and shield for +1 attack and AC or single weapon for +2 attack and damage. Each weapon can attack a different target as long as all targets are inside your maximun manipulation range.
New Flairs:
String Fighter: The Puppeteer can select his string as a weapon for the purpose of feats like Weapon Focus. He counts 1/2 his total puppeteer level as his fighter level for the purpose of qualifying for feats. If he has levels in fighter, these levels stack. Feats that increase damage increase the damage of Dancing Weapon and Gossamer Razors.
String Training: The puppeteer gains +1 attack and damage when using Dancing Weapons and Gossamer Razors. This increases to +2 at 8th level and to +3 at 16th level.


Also, maybe a third pair of bloodlines at 10th level? Oh, how about am ability where he can give some of his blood for others to drink and he lends them a bloodline power he isn't using? Like, lose X HP to lend a 1st level power, 2x HP for a 3/4 level ability and lose 1 con for an 8/9/12 level ability?

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The correct terminology is manslaughter nomad. But murderhobo rolls off the tongue better.

A big Interjection Games book without a class? Is that even possible?
How about a 3/4 BAB six level arcane caster with bloodlines, to complete a trio with the bloodrager and sorcerer?
Maybe his schtick can be getting several bloodlines but only having one or two active at a time? Gets extra spells known from sorcerer bloodlines and bonus feats from the bloodrager ones. Maybe the capstone can allow picking and choosing abilities from his known bloodlines to make his own favored bloodline.

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*looks at nearly a hundred 3rd party classes on external HD*
*looks at to buy list with over a hundred other classes*
*knows that Interjection, Little Red Goblin, Rogue Genius and Dreamscarred will keep releasing classes and alternate systems that I will want to buy*
What is this bloat you spek of? Pathfinder needs more stuff.

OPs idea is categorically dumb, because it actively worsens the problems it's supposed to fix.
It doesn't stop powergaming because a powergamer is going to make a straight classed character 95% of the time.
It doesn't improve roleplaying potential or player freedom, it effectively diminishes the number of flavor builds one can do.

Cool thanks. I still have to buy clan of the bat and clan of the pig to see how you did flying and aquatic races, but expect to see it around mid march.

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Casts Raise Thread.

Liber Influxus Communis has the Battlelord, Conduit, Demiurge, Medium, Metamorph, Mnemonic, Momenta, Mystic, Pauper, Survivor, Syniergist, Umbra, Warloghe and Warsmith.

Alternate Paths has Adventurer, Athlete, GFladiator, Guardian, Inheritor, Tataued Warrior, Thane, Undying and Wrath. LRGG probably has other new classes but I'd have to check wath was launched since you last updated.

Interjection Games has the Onmyoji, Breakdancer, Cantor, Harmonicist, Ethermagus, Etherslinger, Scion of Discordia and Sanguine Disciple.

My vote goes for Genius.

Hey Meepo, since you won't be doing insectile races, would you mind if I posted a vemin clan based on your model on the homebrew boards? I've been reading the Shadows of the Apt book series and the idea won't leave me alone.

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Insain Dragoon wrote:
"Hey guys, I feel kinda bad just taking all this stolen money. It doesn't feel right. I mean GoodFolks village probably really needs this money to make it through the winter. Should we really be taking it as our own?"

"Modified Law of Salvage. If I'm puttiing myself in mortal danger than whatever I find is mine for the taking. It stopped being their gold when the orcs stole it. With the orcs dead the gold belongs to whoever takes it."

1- Marcone is a Chicago born mobster, he isn't going anywhere. Also he considers Harry to be more useful than disruptive, since Harry doesn't actually goes after normal criminals and will throw himself against any supernatural thing that could threaten his empire.
2- Lara and the white court are actually all over America and Europe, but she has made her homebase in Chicago to keep an eye on Thomas and, like Marcone, she knows that anything that could take her down will probably have to go through Harry first.
3- Nicodemus and the nickelheads go all around the world with their schemes, the ones we see Harry foil are just a very small sample of what they do. The first time they go to Chicago is because the were after the shroud. The second time was to use Harrys connections and try to recruit Ivy. After that they keep coming back for revenge.
4- Summer and Winter are global, tough we only see european and american feys, he first meets Mab because of a coincidence, the summer knight also living in Chicago, and then faerie things kept happening in Chicago because Harry managed to get the attentions of all six queens of faerie.
5- There is a great conspiracy involving the Outsiders and trying to cause as much destruction as possible and at the same time trying to get control of the major supernatural factions. The first three books are a sample of random things they have been doing all around the world. It just happens to be that Harrys mom made sure to have his birth at the exact day and the exact hour under the right moon and the right star alignment to make him a chosen one against Outsiders. Also Harry has managed to anger to the point of irrationality every major participant of the conspiracy we've met so far. So their plots turn more and more to Chicago so they can try to kill him.

Actually the Riddler is fixated on proving himself against Batman, that is why he stays in Gotham. Same for most of his villains really, they all are fixated on Batman to a degree or another. The Penguim is an exception in that he isn't insane and is more of a gangster, but then again he doesn't even have superpowers, he is just a fat, short balding man, I'm pretty sure Gotham is the only place where thugs, criminals and gangsters will take him seriously.
There are actually a good number of reasons for why all those things happen in Chicago. I will post the whole thing tomorrow.

Tequila Sunrise wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
Zaister wrote:
I'm thinking of implementing a house rule that basically says "for each +1 enhancement bonus of the weapon (not counting bonuses from greater magic weapon), reduce the DR by 5 points." In this way, DR/magic can become meaningful again.
Keep in mind that magic weapons are supposed to be somewhat rare and only in the hands of rich people or elite units. DR 15/magic is useless against PCs but allows the creature to walk up to an army, kill thousands and not take a single scratch.

I call that a feature.

DR isn't supposed to be a real obstacle for PCs, IMO; it's supposed to create another reason that the world needs heroes. :) And the '+1 weapons overcome any and all values of X/magic' always seemed silly to me, so I really like VM mercenario's idea.* It creates an incentive to get those higher enhancement bonuses without creating an insurmountable obstacle for characters whose magical weapons aren't quite up to snuff.

*Which isn't a new idea, to be fair; plenty of gamers have played by it. But kudos for coming up with it on your own VM!

I think you got confused. That is Zaisters idea.

I think it's a pretty awful one. Martials don't need extra nerfs.

Green should be TN like most nature gods in most settings.
White should be NG.
Add Artifice and Law to Blue and remove Protection, trade Law for War on White, add Liberation to Red, trade Good for Community and add Repose on Green, add Rune to Black.
That would give 10 domains to each and correct the alignments.

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Zaister wrote:

My take on this is, DR is not useless in general. My pet peeve with DR is that what really is useless is DR/magic. I mean, there are CR 20 creatures with DR 15/magic. What's that supposed to be good for?

I'm thinking of implementing a house rule that basically says "for each +1 enhancement bonus of the weapon (not counting bonuses from greater magic weapon), reduce the DR by 5 points." In this way, DR/magic can become meaningful again.

Keep in mind that magic weapons are supposed to be somewhat rare and only in the hands of rich people or elite units. DR 15/magic is useless against PCs but allows the creature to walk up to an army, kill thousands and not take a single scratch.

What Bradley said.
I like the base Synergy ability. I like how it builds up on the sucesses of the party. I like how Aptitude is a bonus to all skill checks, instead of having to guess which skill will be needed. I love that giving Synergy is not restricted to in combat, so you can give everyone Aptitude so the party can participate in social ecountes or sneak around for an ambush or give them Fleet if you need to escape. And the whole thing is EX so you can use to cheat at competitions with impunity.

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IS there any announcement for whne we should download again to see if there were any revisions/changes/added content? If I download now will the Marine archatype be there? Anyway...
Round two:
Survivor: One Survival Tactitc gives continuous Freedom of Movement (a 4th level spell) as an Ex, but another Tactic gives Non-Detection (3rd level spell) as a SP that needs an hour long ritual. I'm just saying but it seems wrong to me. Also any chances for a Greater Shady Character tactic that allows the ritual to cast Mind Blank instead of Non-Detection? Also the Unshakable Tactic needs a clause saying it stacks with Splippery Soul/ Elusive Thought, since they are all insight bonus. Either that or be brought up to +4. Otherwise it's a pretty underwhelming capstone for a three talent chain.
Synergist: Reactive Echelon does nothing unless the cast member has Combat Reflexes, in which case he will already have good dex. Maybe it could give Combat Reflexes to the cast member. In Supportive Cast "Supportive Cast does not as an action" should probably be "Supportive Cast is not an action". And Critical Aid seems to be straight up worse than Critical Catalist, and that is just weird.
Warloghe: Look at all those Taboos and Major Taboos. I love the sheer amount it has... which just strkes me as odd when there's only five spirits. I hope there will be more in the final release. I do love the Haunted ability and I can see interesting tactical uses of trapping somewhere with a chosen haunt.

Recently I started a job that is mostly answering e-mails for a company, but since I work the night shift I've got a lot of free time to read pdf. Here is a list of what I've read recently:

The Dresden Files Reread all of it. Still one of my favorite series. The first book has recently been translated and released here in Brasil and I'm going to buy it as soon as I can find a store where it hasn't sold out already.
Shadow Ops by Myke Cole. Interesting setting but the first book is a slog with a very unlikable main character. I plowed through it and found that the mcs of the other books are much better.
Clockwork Century by Cherie Priest. Zombies and a steampunk Civil War. Funny, good pacing, I liked it enough that I want to search for other stuff from the author.
Aeons Gate by Sam Sykes. Had to stop towards the end of the second book. All of the characters are unlikable. I pushed through the first book hoping for some character development but they only developed into being more unlikable.
Pantheon Series by James Lovegrove. Read two of he books so far. Each book is a stand alone with its own setting and focused on a different pantheon. It has some flaws but all in all it's a good read.
Night Angel by Brent Weeks. A really interesting setting that I really wish could be made an RPG setting. I really liked these books and it's another author that I want to read more.

Be an Urban Barbarian, get whatever you need for dex to attack and damage or go archery. Maybe both. Max ranks in Stealth, Acrobatics, Disable Device, and Sleight of Hand, maybe other rogueish dex skills if you're human or get bigger int. Pay a trait for Trapfinder. Use Controlled Rage to make your skill checks be better than the Rogues by 2, and later by 3. Laugh at the Rogue as much as you like.

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