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Urman's page

Goblin Squad Member. 2,210 posts (2,305 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 aliases.


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Goblin Squad Member

Just making sure - the settlement that posts the most screen shots of a completed crafted item of +1 or better wins? Sounds like a lot of screen shots.

Goblin Squad Member

I tried to patch at about 9:45 Pacific, but didn't try to get into the game when the patcher didn't find anything new. I tried the patcher again at maybe 11 and it started patching then.

Goblin Squad Member

I think the bombers have both a knockback and spin, from the concussive bomb. Shaman also have a knockback effect.

In my experience, the knockback isn't too bad if you're close when it goes off. With one shaman or bomber I can sprint in, get knocked back just a little, and kill the gob with a spear exploit followed by a jab before their second attack fires at me. I imagine someone with a good AOE could take out a couple that way.

Rumor has it that the bombers will engage at 25m, while most mobs agro at 20m. I find it helpful to *not* zoom all the way out on the minimap - my minimap is about halfway zoomed and I can keep my distance from the goblins as I pass.

Goblin Squad Member

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Neadenil Edam wrote:
Yeah, sticky stuff counts as adhesive I think, there is also smelly stuff.

Fanon: the names of the goblin bags indicate what's inside them; there are 8 bag types. In the tale Princess Snaggletooth and the Eight Goblins, the Goblins are named Itchy, Smelly, Sticky, Fiery, Dreamy, Healthy, Dangerous, and Bitter. Coincidence?

Goblin Squad Member

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I haven't played Pathfinder, but when I played AD&D it was assumed that our characters were contantly training and honing their skills during downtime between adventures. If a player said, "Hey, my character is training between adventures and should get pluses to his attacks," the GM would look at him and coolly say, "That's nice, but constant training is assumed. If you ever decide to stop training, let me know and we'll assign penalties to your attacks."

In PFO I assume Tier 1 capabilities are pretty mundane. A character can maintain his training regime without a lot of gear (so even with access to just an NPC settlement). At Tier 2 and 3, though, those constantly training characters have better trainers, better training gear, the best adventurer training diets, etc., etc. And all those advanced trainers with their fancy training gear and elaborate training regimes all have standards of what kind of town they want to live in: it's not something downstream of Rotters' Hole.

Goblin Squad Member

If some group ties up 100 accounts locking down a hex that means they aren't doing things in other places.

Goblin Squad Member

After the first week or two, cooldowns are likely less important. We never lose xp, so it won't be difficult to plan ahead, leave one settlement at the end of a game session, stay out of the game for say 24 hours, then log back in and join the new settlement and immediately buy training. Same with companies.

Is there a risk of being impaired for the the time between settlements, if my settlement/company needs aid? Sure. Which just means that I'll plan ahead and make sure I don't switch at the same time everyone else is switching. And I won't switch terribly frequently.

Goblin Squad Member

Proxima Sin of Brighthaven wrote:

The Fine Print

There are two key elements not yet in the game that will make a big difference to Subterfuge users. Per the tabletop game everyone should be entering combat Flat-Footed unless they have Uncanny Dodge; since that is a very prominent state for Subterfuge attacks and reactives it will make a big difference. Second, sneak attack damage is a major factor from Rogue Feature feats that is not implemented in the game yet.

I'm not sure of this, but I think sneak attack damage from Rogue feats like Opportunist is actually in the game. When I have Opportunist slotted and I'm attacking targets that give me opportunity, I do +25 damage over my normal opportunity exploit attacks (with spear, so it might mean +10 damage * attack's damage factor).

Goblin Squad Member

It still doesn't make sense. If Joe is flagged as an Attacker (or Criminal, Heinous, whatever), then I should be able to attack him and not lose Rep. If I have to kill him 10 times to drive him away from my village, and he's flagged each time, then those were 10 responsive attacks, not aggressive PKing. I shouldn't gain a murderer tag.

I suspect/hope that the attacker flags and murderer tags are in a simple form now, for MVP, and will be cleaned up later.

Goblin Squad Member

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Ryan Dancey wrote:

You can begin using your game time when Early Enrollment begins. You can use that time sequentially, or you can play a month, put your account in suspension, and then play later. While your account is suspended your characters will not earn XP.

Early Enrollment is just like Open Enrollment in that you have to pay to play each month.

Goblin Squad Member

sspitfire1 wrote:
So question: Why don't Refining Achievements go up to +5? If they did that like Crafting Achievements did, then the point deficit at the end of the day would only be 3 Points.

The devs have already thought that through. They explained it somewhere, but I don't care to search.

We refiners create +4 and +5 goods only through random chance. If there was the possibility of gaining +5 crafting points for getting a lucky roll and the possibility of getting an additional +6 crafting points for getting a very lucky roll, then the economy would shift to putting a premium on raw materials. We'd basically have the same messed up situation like the crafting in themeparks, where raw materials are precious and refined goods are junk. There would be a huge glut of cheap +3 refined goods in the market from the refiners' failed attempts at making a +4 or +5.

edit to add: As a refiner, I see no problem at all with getting to Lv20 with the new/current crafting achievement points rules. I'll get some while cross-training other refining skills (which I need for attributes) and get other points from some crafting.

Goblin Squad Member

Proxima Sin of Brighthaven wrote:
What do Freeholders do at the Holdings?

It depends on the holding. Freeholders are specialized gatherers and refiners. While they might not yet be PF canon, I'd offer that they may have similarities with miners in medieval Europe. (As I recall:) Miners were generally protected by the local kings or other high nobility, and were sometimes not subject to the local authority (baron). Miners were 'free', but unlike free farmers (yeomen), they didn't owe military service. They were frankly too valuable to the high nobles.

Goblin Squad Member

I think there is an implied feudal relationship. Companies hold hexes/holdings, settlements don't. If the company is a sponsored company, then the holding can be attached to the sponsoring settlement. If the company isn't a sponsored company, or they choose not to attach it to a settlement, then it's an independent holding.

Goblin Squad Member

I've logged my character Winter on at the bank, recovering Rep. I'm likely doing other things today, but she can increase the character count by one.

Goblin Squad Member

avari3 wrote:
I wish we had floating names in real life...

I spent some time in the Army. Nametags on everyone.

Goblin Squad Member

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:

I think so. But then, I thought so that last time we had a "discussion" about this.

Guurzak: Crowdsource a better name for "PoI"

Ya, I thought "Holding" did pretty well in that thread.

Goblin Squad Member

I'll move a character to RH, to have it there for any weekend events.

Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.

A side comment on gear tiers in PFO:

I've been playing Crusader Kings lately, and my county has Light Infantry (LI), a few Heavy Infantry (HI), and some archers. (It's a poor rural district). No Medium Infantry, I think. I was thinking to myself - where's the LI/MI/HI difference in PFO? Light and medium armors are in many cases almost as expensive as heavy armors.

Eventually it struck me: the LI/MI/HI divide in PFO isn't between the rogue/light fighters and heavy fighters. It's between the Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3 gear sets.

There's always going to be some number of Tier 1 characters. New players, low level alts, and mostly-non-combatants like my Refiner toon, who I'm quite willing to take into PvP with Tier 1 gear. That's the LI. Poor settlements and companies may outfit the LI in T1+0; rich settlements might manage T1+1 or T1+2, if only to buff the LI hit points.

In the mid-long term, MI will be the bulk of most PVP groups. It will be PvP-focused characters with 3-4 weeks time in game up to about 6 months in game. Like with LI, MI will likely have a range of gear based on the wealth of the company and settlement.

The HI are the Tier 3 crew. They'll have 6+ months in game and a solid economic base, but that high plus T3 gear is going to be dear.

Goblin Squad Member

I think the intended progression of armor (or is it all gear?) is:

T1+0; T1+1; T1+2;
T2+0; T2+1; T2+2; T2+3;
T3+0; T3+1; T3+2; T3+3.

T1+3 and all of the +4/+5 armors are special cases that do not fall into the normal progression.

Tier1+3 can be used effectively by someone who can also use T2+3; it will likely be rarely used, as T2+0 has the same keyword total and gets better RNG. Just because we can make T1+3, T1+4, and T1+5 gear six weeks into the game doesn't have to mean it's a useful thing to make.

I think an argument could be made that T1+3 (and +4 and +5) shouldn't be craftable - it's likely going to be more trouble than it's worth with scammers selling it to new players and people crafting their way into dead-ends.

Goblin Squad Member

Kero wrote:
- Friend-or-Foe recognition is also very difficult. We had about 6 defenders against about 8 attackers and we had agreed beforehand to change our armor colors to red and blue, respectively. Still, it was often difficult to tell a friendly cleric running towards you from an attacker. Being dropped from the party via disonnects, the difficulty to quickly target someone to at least check his name, as well as the precolored armor being destroyed...

It was helpful that the defenders were flagged in blue, but the coverage depends on the armor. Dwarves in heavy armor were almost fully colored; as a light fighter human I had minimal color on my character. At some points I think I was basically using the technique of highlighting a possible target and checking my list of party members. I wouldn't doubt that I stabbed 'friendlies' who weren't in my party.

IRL, armies got around the confusion by deliberately marking themselves, with surcoats or arm bands or standards to indicate friendlies. It would be good to have some way of flagging ourselves as a member of a company or settlement. So *if* I choose to do so, "Brighthaven" appears above my character. I'm wearing the colors and friendlies see me as such. It reduces the total number of people trying to kill me :)

Goblin Squad Member

Thats 8 out of 14 Armor levels, or 57% of max. That's close to 12 out of 20 character levels - if the character was leveling armor and attacks and everything else uniformly. (Closer to character level 11 of 20, but the Devs might be rounding up.)

Goblin Squad Member

I think that while a Gatherer character can get to Lv7/Tier2 with about 8 days xp, a lot of characters won't be primary gatherers or will just have 1 or 2 gathering skills at a high level. Those characters are still going to be harvesting Tier 1 stuff. (Perhaps any gushers they find will also be limited to Tier 1.)

Goblin Squad Member

Some hexes are better than other for node distribution. I've had good pelts drops from trash heaps in some woodland hexes. Woodland critters like rabbits and squirrels and whatever, I guess. Trash heaps in plains more often drop textiles.

It seems a reasonable separation of resources, one that should encourage trade from one area to another, or drive conflict.

Goblin Squad Member

randomwalker wrote:

Nihimon, is the 1+2+3.. confirmed?

I mean, thats how I interpreted it too but does it actually work?

Achievements have always been additive, even refining and crafting. The charts now show the crafting feats as 1 point for making a +0 item, 2 points for making a +1, 3 points for making a +2, etc. This is the same progression as shown in other feats. It's a departure from the way it was previously, which was 1 point/+ for Tier 1, 1 or 2 points/+ for Tier 2, and 2 or 4 points/+ at Tier 3.

(There a possible glitch for Tier 2 uncommon refining, +2 and +3 items earn 4 and 5 crafting points instead of 3 and 4.

Goblin Squad Member

@Black Silver. Yup. I was being ironic or sarcastic or something, with the :)

By saying something like "including X and Y", you let the player know that X and Y are two examples of the type of critters they can get divine points from, but there are more. Eventually the player will discover that there are similar creatures like Elite Cultists and Ghouls, and there will undoubtely be more later. Ryan doesn't need to spell out every possible creature with a short example list.

Goblin Squad Member

Swiss Mercenary wrote:

Somewhere you should state that once XP is spent there is no way to get it back. As far as I know, no respecs are planned so once spent it has gone.

Also it should say that you should only spend XP on something you are 100% sure that you will need.
These are important points to stress otherwise there is going to be a lot of complaining by the new players.

I'd agree with the sentiment, if not the actual verbiage. I don't think someone has to be 100% certain, but I think a warning box would be helpful, something like: [ CAUTION: Once XP is spent there you have the feat and there is no way to reverse XP expenditures. Be careful not to double-tap buttons and know what you are buying! ]

Let's just do a quick gut check: how many of us here would want to go into EE, having our xp allocated like we spent it on our first character in Alpha?

My first character, frankly, was a hot mess. I didn't know what I was doing for probably a week.

Goblin Squad Member

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
New Player Guide wrote:
Clerics can earn Divine Achievements by killing Skeletons.

I think it's more than just skeletons?


In addition to their Holy symbols, Clerics can earn Divine achievements by killing specific creatures of the [????????] category.

Or: In addition to their Holy symbols, Clerics can earn Divine Achievements by killing specific enemies, including skeletons and cultists.

That leaves it open ended, even if additional creatures are added later. Like ghouls :)

Goblin Squad Member

Ravenlute wrote:
You still need 10 Survival to use them as well, which takes a Wisdom of 12 I believe. Not so easy to get.

Does it say you need 10 Survival or 10 Survival Skill?

My character shows Survival lv7 in the feats tab, and Survival skill 75 on the character sheet (with +5 as a human).

Goblin Squad Member

a. They don't work right now.

b. We don't know that they provide storage. They might just be power regen/injury healing stations and we need another craftable item for temporary storage in the field.

Goblin Squad Member

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Stephen Cheney wrote:
They're intended to be powers useful for something similar to EVE's tackler role: something you get lower level allies to do to your enemies so you don't have to. They all have six second activation times, so even a slow weapon Interrupt can stop them.

@Nihimon, yup. When I saw those very long duration effects, like caltrops, my immediate reaction was: this isn't for the rogue to use to multiply his effects on some PvE target. This is for the rogue to use on other players so every member of the rogue's party or group gets bonus effects on those targets.

Goblin Squad Member

sspitfire1 wrote:
The goal is a system that does not require us to train outside our role to meet role-related feat reqs. The second ability score req on Armors will do just that, however.

Every Adventurer armor style except Cameleon will (eventually) require 1 attribute at 30 and 1 attribute at 20, but we can reach Tier2+2 without the secondary attribute. I'd assume that many of us will have to branch out our characters beyond that point.

Goblin Squad Member

sspitfire1 wrote:
Takasi wrote:
It's a moot point though as I don't see how you're going to get Dex 14 without a few more months of xp.
Bingo. The goal is a system that does not require us to train outside our role to meet role-related feat reqs. The second ability score req on Armors will do just that, however.

There are 3 different Rogue armor feats:

- Chameleon (Pure stealthy Rogue): Requires only Dex
- Scout (Gives Perception bonus + Archery): Dex + Wisdom as secondary
- Swashbuckler (Dandy Highwayman): Dex + Personality as secondary

A Rogue doesn't have to boost another attribute; she can be a plain-vanilla Chameleon.

To benefit from higher ranks of the Scout style, the Rogue is going to have to focus on Perception which is a Wisdom-based skill.

The Swashbucklers are the front men of any gang; the guy who gets out into melee range to shout "Stand and Deliver". He's likely the boss or an officer and will have to develop other Personality-based feats.

That all makes sense to me; each style in different and may appeal to different players to fill their character concept.

Goblin Squad Member

I must say, it's pretty quiet with the new chat.

Goblin Squad Member

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
I'd still like to see PvE dropped gear start with low durability to drive people to crafters and reduce its prevalence in the AH

It might. In the early stages of Alpha I felt underutilized as a crafter.

It might all be moot after about 21-25 days when the first refiners and crafters can make Tier 2 gear. Giving about +50 (on a d200) to attack/defense might render much of the Tier1 armors at least second rate.

Goblin Squad Member

Proxima Sin of Brighthaven wrote:
Am I to understand the base 50, 100, 150 are added into the numbers we see on the character sheet?

No, the numbers are included in the character sheet.

Check your reflex/fort/will defense numbers wearing any Tier1 armor, including the starter peasant clothes. Take the armor off and check your numbers again. It should be 50 points less on all three defenses, more or less.

Goblin Squad Member

It takes about 24 days to buy one set of attack feats up to Attack Level 4, sufficient to use Tier 2+2 weapons.

It takes about 45 days for the smelter, tanner, and weaponsmith to have enough skills to make the first Tier 2+2 weapon.

It takes 1 1/2 days to buy levels 1-4 in Encumbrance. I expect almost every heavy fighter to eventually buy those 4 levels of that feat (ie, +8 encumbrance?). Any calculation of encumbrance should probably assume those levels are bought, unless the character is a brand new player.

Goblin Squad Member

I spent 2 plus hours clearing an escalation (from 7.?% to 0%) near KreuzBernstein. Mobs were risen skeletons. My character had 42 encumbrance per bar. I was wearing light + spear + focus.

After about an hour and a half, I started feeling the encumbrance (I was slow to run sometimes) and I checked inventory was at about 1.3-1.4 bars. I dropped all of the junk like rogue kits and fighter trophies and starter weapons for cleric and mages. I regained the stuff quickly enough I just went to the village, banked a bunch of stuff and finished clearing.

2 Hours worth of clearing was probably 2 full bars. It's not worth the risk to slow yourself unless you are playing pack mule and have guards. In any case it was easy enough to go thru inventory and drop low value stuff, imo.

Goblin Squad Member

Valkenr wrote:
TT/Single-player-game rogues are a different thing than MMO/pvp rogues. They are spike damage, quick movement and stealth classes, not pickpocketing, lockpicking, smooth-talking thieves.

I don't think that PFO rogues need to be the same as every other MMO's rogues. They should be closer to PF than to WoW.

If someone want to play a spike damage (edit: more lethal than an average fighter), quick movement and stealth character, then they can mix and match rogue and fighter capabilities to make a spike damage, quick movement and stealth character. It doesn't have to be a default rogue.

Bluddwolf wrote:

Secondly, none of the Armor features of the Rogue role are build to Medium Armor. Currently all of the Rogue Armor Feats only support Light Armor, and have key words mostly for Light, Stealth, etc.. The problem is, you can't stealth in melee combat.

I see there being a need for each role to have one armor variant that can step up one or down one.

Again, PF rogues are proficient with light armor, but not with shields. If someone wants to play a rogue character who wears medium armor, they can mix and match rogue and fighter capabilities to make a medium armored character using rogue weapons and feats.

It's a classless system. There's already space to do these things.

Goblin Squad Member

It's +50 for tier 1 armor, +100 for tier 2 armor, +150 for tier 3, iirc.

I believe it works that way as a stopgap, to provide a base defense to armors. In time it is expected to change.

Goblin Squad Member

^^ what Kadere said.

Maintaining skills at peak condition will depends on having a support structure. Think of Olympic athletes, professional ball players, elite military members. There's coaches, medical types, and a huge amount of infrastructure behind each of those. They train all of the time to stay at the top of their field. Yes, they take breaks. But not long breaks before they are training again.

Goblin Squad Member

@Huran, I think it depends on how it's implemented after WoT. If say, support buildings are cheaper and less complicated than training buildings, then smaller or lesser settlements could exist with little training capability. They wouldn't be the key centers people flock to for training, but they might be business centers or just solid everyday resource/farming towns.

They might end up being subjects of more agressive settlements. Such is the way of the world.

Goblin Squad Member

T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
After the War of Towers ends, Settlements will have to decide which buildings to put up--using limited resources and slots--to support which Feats and Skills, and to what levels. No one Settlement will ever be able to do all things at once.

And one of the things limiting how many buildings the settlement can put up is the settlement's Development Index (DI). How does the settlement get DI? One of the ways is to have companies hold hexes with Points of Interest (POI). If a settlement doesn't have enough companies and moxie to take towers, it's probably really going to be hurting when it comes time to take and hold hexes with POIs.

Goblin Squad Member

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
I'm saying each hex type should have a "weight-share" of heavy items that are critical to everyone, so that no one terrain-region is at a weight-import disadvantage to the others

Is it just weight-share, or weight-distance-share?

I think trying to explicitly balance hex-by-hex with resource amounts is likely in the too-hard category. Or rather, it's in the there's-an-easier-way category.

Settlements will be good at what they can be good at. By the end of EE, some area like Brighthaven/Keeper's Pass might be starved for coal and survives simply on its control of the gold markets. Having access to yew might be important in the early game, and then settlements discover they really need maple. Or oak.

I think the way the settlements were seeded was not ideal (here are 33 pokes. There's a pig in each poke. Make your decisions.), but in the end, the map *had* to be seeded. We all might end up somewhere other than where we started.

Goblin Squad Member

Salvage items may be heavy. Discard them when it's not worth carrying them.

I will point out that salvage items might just appear to be heavy for now. Wait until we seriously start harvesting hexes. Premium ores weigh 0.5 each. Second and third (and fourth?) cuts will weigh more. If a fourth rate ore weighs 1.4 EP, those broken weapons at 1.3 EP look pretty good as ore substitutes.

otoh, Miners and Smelters are Con-based. They'll likely put quite a few points against Encumbrance.

Goblin Squad Member

Medium and heavy armor should either have a set (high) weight or a % reduction of your carrying capacity, not both. I am in favor of increasing their weight and removing the % reduction.

In the TT game, medium and heavy armor have a high set weight and a reduction in movement speed. Perhaps GW should go with a straight movement penalty to medium and heavy armors rather than the % reduction to carry cap.

Goblin Squad Member

Giorgo wrote:
3- What is the latest on Sneak Attack being fully implanted and working properly?

Sneak Attack appears to work for the Opportunist rogue feature feat. With Opportunist slotted, my character does about +24-25 more damage to targets showing opportunity or flat-footed, compared to when Opportunist is not slotted.

Goblin Squad Member

He might considering Tier 1 +3 armor, which would have only 4 basic keywords.

(Tier 2 +2, with 3 basic and 1 advanced *would* be more likely to be worn that the T1+3, but he's talking about +3 and 4 keywords)

Goblin Squad Member

Diego Rossi wrote:

But who will train for it?


Someone can calculate the time needed to train the encumbrance skill, strong back , the freeholder armor skill and the other stuff that you will need to make this character worthwhile in his role as a porter?

I don't think we'll see combat porters. I do think that some character who need Con gains to support their ACE (AFE?) skill set will certainly scoop up levels in those skills.

Miner, smelter, sawyer, and tanner are Constitution based roles. Encumbrance, strongback, pioneer armor feat are all Con based skills. To get to skill 11 or so, those refiners and gatherers will be buying related skills to get their Con up. Will all of those refiners be DTs? No. Many refiners will be DTs at first, but in the future DTsrefiners will be normal characters. Some will be mains, if they are useful.

I think a lot of adventurers will likewise spend some points for encumbrance. Some people will insist on spending 100% of their xp within their class. Others will mix and match, spending only 60-80% of the xp in the 'main' role. Time will show which builds are more competitive overall.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Shaibes wrote:
Which begs the question--what good are nodes, then?

Nodes are the lowest tier of gathering, but any node might turn out to be a gusher. So we'll have to whack some nodes. (We've been told that drops will be less than currently - yield is artificially elevated to cover the mats we'd get from gushers).

Once the gusher is discovered something like the following happens:

The finding character has some amount of time to a) get and place a kit, b) call in friends to help gathering, c) call in help to help guarding.

When the kit is placed and as materials are removed, the gusher attracts attention. It becomes a mob magnet. (As other PCs hear of it, it becomes a predator magnet, too, like Bluddwolf hints at.)

The mobs seek to get to and destroy the kit (or maybe the mine-holder; that's not clear). Guards try to keep the kit alive, gatherers try to pull out as many resources as possible before the kit expires or is killed.

I'm looking forward to see how it's actually implemented.

Goblin Squad Member

It might even encourage some to adopt light-fighting styles; styles that can't match an armored fighter or cleric in combat, but suit the purpose of running down lightly armored or unarmored harvesters.

Even fighters might train to use more than one type of armor. Heavy for fighting over towers and defending known locations. Medium for clearing escalations and for the commanders during raids and archers in wartime. Light for common soldiers, archers, and auxilaries during raids and running battles.

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