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Urizen's page

18,620 posts (20,508 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 31 aliases.

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I ran into a bit of a money crunch with some unplanned expenses this month, so I was wondering if I can postpone this order until next month's subscription cycle and combine it with that one (because I still want this).

Please confirm and thanks in advance. :)

Behold the potential third wave of atheism in the modern era under the nom de guerre of Atheism+. Misogyny by the old guard is one of the primary factors resulting in the seeds of this movement that has erupted within the blogosphere within the past two weeks.

--> Link Alpha. <--

--> Link Beta. <--

DISCLAIMER: I am an atheist in the general sense (regardless of how Citizen Duck wishes to [re-]define it), but mine takes on more of a zen approach versus some of those who prefer to be more politically charged in their position. I wanted a chance to point out to those who profess a sectarian faith that the atheist movement isn't without its own issues that religious groups have experienced over the millennia.

These aren't citizenry being self-appointed militia men.

These aren't foreigners from the middle east committing jihad in the name of their god.

These are active U.S. soldiers allegedly having access to $87k worth of guns and bomb making materials who also killed a former soldier who had learned of their plot.

Let the conspiracy theorists & 2nd amendment rights arm-chair debaters begin their spin.

And Comrade Anklebiter, commence your politroll jester masquerade in T minus 3 ... 2 ...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

For goodness' sake, the child was an innocent, but you had to frame her mother all in the name of trying to invalidate string theory.

Bad dingo; no conspiracy theory for you.

There are some of you out there who may have a clue as to who Varg Vikernes is and what he is (in)famous for. He has recently admitted that he would like to begin work on a TTRPG in the near future.

His passion for all things Tolkien is well publicized, but expect an air of controversy to follow if he actually manages to get the project to the release stage.

I didn't even know a Kickstarter existed for this until someone else brought it to attention this morning. Definitely caught my intrigue since it's SteamPunk, but I have concerns whether the goal being asked might be a bit too high. Anyone else came across this?

Pure Steam Kickstarter Page.

I have a friend who is in the process of redoing a real estate company's website and PDF documentation to make the contents more user-friendly, but acquiring Adobe software is a bit out of her price range. I'm familiar with creating PDF files, but not editing existing ones. Does anyone have any suggestions of PDF editors out that does the job for the novice user without breaking the bank?


As much as I would like to acquire this inaugural release, I find it necessary that I must cancel this order as I need to keep existing finances in check so I am able to at least sustain the subscriptions I currently desire. :(

My original intent for getting this was to support the option for others to obtain their subscriptions for miniatures in the chance it would come to fruition. That plan obviously succeeded.

Thanks, Customer Service Minions and Creepy Mustache guy.

You have been put on due notice.

Every one of you.

Hello, Customer Service Gurus and Gninjas!

I ordered the above product on June 7th. I have the PDF, but I lack the book. I've already had my monthly subscription go out for June and July. Should I expect the softcover to be bundled into my next shipment? I notice that it is in stock, so I was curious.


I'm completing a research paper for my final essay for ENGL 111 and one of the demands that has to be met is for me to compile a survey as well as a brief interview.


The survey has five multiple choice questions plus one brief essay. You must have seen the movie to participate.


The brief interview has four open-ended questions and in addition to having seen the film, you must be familiar with the comics. I don't care which era as I know Thor has been reinvented several times.


I opened it up so that we don't necessarily have to be friends on Facebook, but it does require you to have access to Facebook to participate accordingly. I have to capture / document the responses to turn it in along with my other resources when the paper is completed so the professor can review it. I will not be compiling any responses left here.


Urizen / Gregg

Something's funny with the ordering system. Each time I use the primary card for purchase, I get a decline. I use the same card again, it goes through. It's the same card I use for my monthly subscription. Is the system inadvertently reading an older card first and declining? That's the only thing that makes sense. I know there's money available as it's tied to my checking account.

This order did go through and bundled into my subscriber shipment after the second try, but I'd like the piece of mind knowing it should happen on the same card on the first try.

Thanks. :)

His salary doesn't come close to mine. That show will be gone in a year without me. Duh, not winning.

My eyes are bleeding right now reading some of the threads on the board and instead of just cutting into the middle of the thread to say what I'm thinking a hundred times over because of the distress of one little rule ret-con change, I'm going to say it here:

Homerule it. And get over it.

Feel free to voice or rant a situation you ran into where one player or GM went berserk on a rule and wouldn't let it go despite you could easily homerule it and continue on with the game. Because those type of players, the Rulius Magisterius, needs these changes to be codified as the only means to satisfy him.

Interplanetary Transport? Seriously. Homerule it, and get over it.

Were those the casualties during the Saturday server upgrade?

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I was unable to locate whether a distinction would be made whether one can use spellcraft to identify a spell-like ability in the same fashion one was identifying a spell being cast. Since there are other situations where these serve their own distinct differences, would the same apply here with regard to the DC?


I recently picked up this trilogy of books, The Darkness That Comes Before, The Warrior Prophet, and The Thousandfold Thought, used at Half Price Books. I liked what I read when skimming the pages as well as the synopsis on the back covers. Have anyone else read these? Thoughts?

How am I able to place an order on a product in back-order using my existing Paizo credits and then bundle it to be included in the next monthly shipment ... and not have the back-ordered item prevent from my regular monthly shipment to go out if the product is not yet available? I can't seem to wrap my head around how to get that done effectively.

FYI: I'm trying to do that for the Psionics Unleashed book+PDF bundle utilizing my $28.65 in credits.

Thanks! =)

I'm partial to these. But I'm sure there's more of these tropes hanging around here. They're timid, but lurking.

I have a PC ranger that I'm creating a backstory for that had been involved in the Goblinwood Wars as a child and left orphaned as a result. I figure that Perin's Bluff would be a perfect place to be his hometown, but looking through the older Campaign setting book as well as the Gazetteer and the recently released Primer, I've found no information about this village (?). Is there any information that can tell me more about this place in any of the published works? I was unsuccessful in locating anything about it on the Pathfinder Wiki.


Autographed StormTrooper helmet.

100% of the proceeds go towards Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Anyone interested? What's one more to your collection, right?


Received notification yesterday that this shipment is due to be sent. It appears that I'm slated to be receiving (2) copies of the Freeport Companion Guide (PFRPG). I did order it, but not two copies. I'm hoping I didn't pre-pay for two copies, either. I intended to get only one. Can you check that out for me, oh uber Customer Service Triumvirate! Muchos Gracias. =)

The package arrived today! YAY!

Saw that my Prince of Wolves made it this time. YAY!

However .... The PF Chronicles Classic Monsters Revisited (OGL) was not in the box. :/

Everything else I ordered outside the subscription was included (i.e. Elves of Golarion, Dragon: Monster Ecologies, and Monsters of the River Nations from JBE). My regular subscription goodies were there.

I know PF:CMR is going scarce so I don't want to miss that.

Thanks, folks.

For those who may have missed it, Super Genius Games Mastermind has been purloined with an offer he couldn't refuse.

Since Monsignor Mustache is prowling the bawdy streets of Indy, I should be blessed with the omniawesome Sara Marie. =)

I got my package yesterday and was gleefully opening through it like a kid on Christmas as I do each month. But alas, the debut of Pathfinder Tales was not amongst it. Sad Urizen is Sad.

Being unemployed for the last six months can really restrict your dollars, so you have to make sure you can manage what you have coming in as sharp as possible -- I'm sure all of us are aware to one degree or another.

I'm trying to see if I can bunk & board with a fellow Paizonian on the cheap and try to make it worth the while. I don't need a bed, I don't smoke, and I believe in showering. Since I live only three hours away, it is my intent to drive out Friday evening and stay until Sunday evening. That I will have a car make save the inquiring individual from having do rentals if they're wanting to save money. Make me your gopher / chauffeur. I'm even willing to return you to the airport if your flight leaves Sunday night. Or if you're looking to save some dollars and perhaps want to fly out someplace else that's more affordable earlier in the weekday, you can roll back with me to Columbus and fly out of Columbus International on a Monday or a Tuesday. I can house you at no cost. And you can see what the gaming stores are like out here and raid some of the Half Price Books for gaming goodies. I can even hook you up with a 15% discount on the total sale. The caveat is that you best not be allergic to felines. ;-)

I'm not really committed to any scheduled games, but I probably will join any pick up games if someone gestures me to get involved. Otherwise, I just want to do a lot of meet & greet with a lot of the faces I know from here and other related RPG scenes.

Hit me up with a proposal if you're already on my FB friends list. Or if the Lord President Moorluck and the Lady Solnes can voucher you from PaizoCon & you're going, let's talk. =)

You now may resume your regular normal thread crapping and nerd raging. ;-)

It's the biggest non-event in the history of non-events!


to become the next mayor of Darwin, NT, Australia. My greatest qualification is that I have an epic beard! What else is necessary? Don't delay, ya koala shaggers! Get of the loo and plug my candidacy! Don't make me have to school you like I did that punk on the bus.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Over here

Hope to see Woodraven and Solnes put theirs up soon....

I've never used either from the operating/posting end and I've been thinking about doing so. I'm aware that each has their own pros and cons. I'm just wanting someplace where I can post my thoughts that's separate from my Paizo / Facebook outlet.

I'm curious to hear from you guys what you (don't) do and why (not)?


I also put out a clarion call to anyone on my FB friends list. My lil lady is in the last month of her schooling before she gets her certificate and she's been pulling at her hair trying to figure some things out ... and getting adequate assistance from her instructor has been met with little success.

I've recently picked up a couple books to eventually try to self-teach myself how to do it (as I haven't programmed anything since the early '90's and have a lot of (d/r)ust to brush off), but I'm hoping I can find someeone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two on said topic. :D


Bueller bump.

I'm just curious with some of the creative and crazy minds we have lurking around here, what would you call a race that would have an orc bred with a halfling .... and how would you come up with the racial attribute stats and special skills for this? Indulge me here. ;)

...Bitter Thorn is a double undercover agent working with the Bilderberg Group. Do not believe his analogues of trying to subvert the system by posing as a minarchist. With a syncretism of the Necronomicon, Mein Kampf, The Art of War, and the Principa Discordia, the further the truth is stretched, the greater the chances are for us to be ensnared into his web of deceit and aberrant posturing. After cross-referencing Eliyahu Rips' work against statements made by Gene Ray, I was able to unveil this horrible masquerade.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

<scribbles into conspiracy journal>

I was out on some errands yesterday and I rarely visit LGS here in Columbus. I dropped by The Guard Tower and looked around to see anything of interest. They definitely love their Pathfinder there, which is good. There were a couple of things that held my interest, but given my current state of (un)employment and knowing I can get stuff at better prices elsewhere, the only thing I managed to pick up were two sets of Chessex dice packs. I take them up to the counter to purchase. The person running the register says:

"Do you know what this is for?"


The same thing goes for the choice of music that I listen to; people can't imagine me as a 'gamer' either. I look around the shop and the average customers tend to fall under the predictable stereotypes and I knew very well that I didn't fit either (c'mon guys, you know there are two main stereotypes that tend to visit the LGS).

"I sure as hell hope I do," came my reply.

"Can I get your name?"


"There's a lot of Benders in here"


"You have been here before."

(queue to imaginary re-enactment of me whapping the guy with a clue-by-four)


<idle small talk ensues about P20 vs D20 Mod, Iron Kingdoms, no current editions of KQ available, etc. for two minutes, then I leave.)

Thought I'd share. Resume your activities. :D

I went to create a new alias and I was given the option to edit my name, but none of the avatar selections showed up. (?)

Gary or Ross, use your dark sorceries and root out this evil!

Can anyone point me to a stereo (binaural) class 1 bluetooth headset w/ an omni-directional microphone that supports Telephone/Computer/Mobile ... and doesn't break the piggybank? Been looking around and can't find one that satisfy the all-in-one that I'd like.

For those curious about their personality types, check out these three free sites and compare.

For those curious, two sites placed me as INTJ (Mastermind) while the third as INTP (Architect).

Anyone have ever run across these scenarios? Was it you? Was it your DM? Was anyone threatened with bodily harm, thrown dice, or ripped up character sheets in the process?


Interesting choice of voice actors there. Thoughts? Opinions?

Emperor7's wife @ Facebook wrote:
Update on Joe. Things are going well. Taking pain meds, eating a little bit. Scans all look normal, no answer why or where bleed came from. Blood needs to reabsorb into system. Trying to sleep but it's hard in ICU. Thanks for your prayers and support. Shari and Family, will update again.



It came across me while I was musing; lost in my own thoughts. What are some of the humorous or odd-ball phrases you've heard from those not familiar with our hobby?

Two that I've heard:

Goblins & Indians
Dildos & Dirigibles

Excellent! Looking forward to this. :D

Finally, last but not the least!

I subscribe to this guy's blog on FB and he does a lot of custom action figure molds. Not that I'd shell the money, but take a look at what he has up for auction on e-bay. Nice sculps.

What is Hasbro going to think of next? Oh wait...

almost the same functionality.

My woman has a cinematography assignment where she wants me to play the student and it'll be a 4 to 6 minute short filmed on the school grounds. It's a day in the life of a student, but we can't use the usual cliche of being late to class.

We'd love to hear some thoughts or ideas that'd be interesting / funny to film for her class. Since I'm the subject, it'll be me doing all the acting / antics.

Discuss! And thanks in advance. :D

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