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Ebon Acolyti

Urath DM's page

685 posts. Alias of Mark Greene.


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Elrawien Lantherion wrote:
That is a lovely cover. It is the final cover for the book itself?

I suspect it is temporary. It is a piece of interior art from a module, Masks of the Living God.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
JonathonWilder wrote:
Wasn't the whole point of Unchained was giving up old 'sacred cows'?

No. The point was to do what the designers would do without the idea that they needed to stay compatible with 3.5.

Apparently what they would do includes dropping the good Will save progression.

Thanks. I was about to make a similar post about Unchained NOT being all about killing sacred cows. I've seen that mentioned a few times, and it was never what I took from any of the descriptions of the book.

For artwork, there's the Rise of the Runelords Face Cards. You may or may not find them helpful, or find them a distraction, but they are one option. There are only a few images for the people from Sandpoint specifically, as the cards have to cover all 6 parts of the Adventure Path.

The Pathfinder Pawns line has a Rise of the Runelords pawn set. This covers the illustrated creatures from the AP, so it will not help any of the townsfolk who are not already illustrated in the AP itself.

The Pathfinder Paper Miniatures line has a package for the townsfolk of Sandpoint, in addition to the specific sets for the AP itself. These provide more individual characters than the pawns or the face cards, and may make a good option even if you just show the art rather than use them as miniatures.

Big Finish productions has does an Audio Drama adaptation of the entire AP, in 6 parts (6 CDs or 6 digital downloads). If you are looking for ideas on how to the play some of the characters, you might find them helpful (to hear one way of presenting them, anyway).

Syrinscape has also licensed Rise of the Runelords for their Fantasy Aucio line. They've put together background sounds and sound effects collections for each part of each of the 6 adventures in the AP.

Aside from accessories, when it comes to making characters distinctive, mannerisms and speech patterns help a lot.

You don't need to be a great voice actor to make their speech different. For one PC I played, I made sure to end most of his paragraphs with a question ("We should do THIS, yes?" or "We should do THAT, no?"). You can get the same by adding some small bits like "hmm, yes" to a character (Brodert Quink) or a distinctive phrase based on the deity for a Cleric of any sort (maybe make frequent references to "balancing the scales" for a Cleric or Paladin of Abadar, for example).

For mannerisms, maybe Brodert Quink always adjusts his spectacles while talking, or the Cleric of Abadar gestures with her hands as if weighing something in each.

How much of the Campaign Setting material do you have available? Inner Sea Magic and Occult Mysteries both have some updates that would be applicable converting the AP from 3.5 --> Pathfinder.

Re: 1

You might also benefit from the Green Ronin product "Advanced Race Guide: Drow".. this is a 3.5 update of the 3.0 sourcebook "Plot & Poison". The double shortsword used later in the AP came from this material, and Paizo has used other bits. One that might be interesting is instead of a Kensai Magus, make Depora a Dominant and her sidekick(s) (a) Submissive(s).

If you do go the Pain Taster route, the Prestige Class was updated for Pathfinder in Occult Mysteries.

Fleshwarps and the like also got some updates in Inner Sea Magic. The Inner Sea Bestiary (I think) has stats for some of the Fleshwarps that are only mentioned by name in the AP. There is also more in a volume of Wayfinder dedicated to the Darklands.

Re: 2


There is a Cyphermage Prestige Class in "Inner Sea Magic", and there is the opportunity to write up the Cyphermages as a Magic School using the rules from that book.

Using the Factions (from the "Faction Guide", including the Light Bearers/Shin'Rakorath) is a good way to represent political back-and-forth. The Magic Schools are variants of the Factions, so the rules are similar.

Creating the Winter Council as a new Faction is something I'm considering.

Additionally, Ultimate Campaign has mechanics for the PCs to build their own organization(s).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd vote Second Darkness ... for a few reasons.

1) The background narrative is integral to the history of Golarion on a more sweeping scale than Curse of the Crimson Throne

2) Its potential was not realized, and that's something a revision could correct.

3) As noted, the support products for it could use a re-vamp. While Into the Darklands and The Great Beyond have not been altered much by the passage of time, additional looks would not hurt. I think all of the relevant stat-blocks from those have been updated by now, so new creatures would be welcome. Elves of Golarion, on the other hand, was done for 3.5 and in the transition period in which Paizo was trying not to put new mechanics in sourcebooks. Some details of the Elves need to be corrected (sleeping vs meditating, for one), and the various Ethnicities need to be defined. We have the Snowcasters, but we only have the Half-Elf versions of the Ekujae and the Spire Elves.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ultimate Trade.. something that expands on the trade rules for kingdoms, but also incorporates and updates the Caravan rules from Jade Regent (expansion for other caravan types, such as merchant caravans) and includes some options for shipping (possibly borrowing elements from the plunder rules in Skull & Shackles)

Splendid! Thanks very much.

I pre-ordered the Pathfinder Legends CDs 4-6 with this order. I have not received CDs 4 or 5, and have not seen them in my Sidecart. The order itself shows as Pending. Is there an issue?

I see the re-sent email.. never saw the original. Glad to know it was just a minor thing, in that case.

I placed order 3283130 yesterday. It may be no big deal, as it appears ok in my Order History, but I did not get a confirmation page or a confirmation email.

Is it just me, or do Merisiel's eyes have whites (not correct for Elves in Pathfinder)?

Oooh.. Peremalfait.. I see Darren McGavin running through the sewers of Chicago with a stick of bayou gum.

brad2411 wrote:
I am interested in Realms works, but I don;t see this happening as if it has all the info then would you really need the APs. Which cuts that revenue from paizo,

Not necessarily. In a licensing deal, the licensee (LoneWolf) typically pays part of the money to the licensor (Paizo). Similarly, Paizo sells the physical copies to a distributor for a portion of the list price. The Distributor sells them to stores for a larger portion of the list price, and the store sells the physical copies for whatever portion of the list price they feel is appropriate.

In other words, Paizo would be getting a share of the money from the sale of the licensed products. They could also choose to sell the content directly through the RealmWorks Marketplace (when that is available; it is not implemented at the moment), but given how their staff is already stretched somewhat producing what they do now, it is likely to be more worthwhile for them to license it rather than dedicating staff to what amounts to an entirely new format of publishing.

If RealmWorks takes off, publishers might then find it more workable to have in-house conversions done, but while it is new and unproven, licensing probably makes more sense.

brad2411 wrote:
I have not used Realmswork as I have a Mac and am waiting for it to come out in browser form which they said is what they are working on.

It is likely to be a while before there is a full-featured web-based version. A player version of the thick application is the current goal. There are several important features to be implemented still to the "core" program, though. Adding features to the web client will happen, but I would not expect to see a fully-featured web client for the GM for some time.

Liz, the links are broken in your post. Here are the fixed ones:

main page


Content Market

Power of the Cloud

Cranky Dog wrote:
Fubbles the Baby Cow wrote:
If Paizo AP's were available for Realm Works, it would finally push me into the "I'm gonna buy Realm Works" category.

What might happen is that it will be community fan base adaptations.

I know that several APs have been adapted for Hero Labs (encounters for each room) and I have made use of them for my own game (Jade Regent).

Actually, that is probably not the case.

The HeroLab content is based on the published game mechanics stats of the creatures in the APs. All of that is open content, and the public can prepare copies of the stat blocks of creatures in HeroLab freely.

HOWEVER, by comparison, the plot and story details of the APs, which is what RealmWorks facilitates managing, is protected Intellectual Property. Some art has been shared on the Blog, and can (probably) be used under the Community Use Policy.. but there is a great deal of other art that is not so available, and use would be in violation of Paizo's intellectual property rights.

I am not a lawyer, but that fundamental difference means that community sharing will be limited to your own creations.. copies of any publisher's content will only occur with a license from that publisher. At least, that's my current understanding.

There's a treatment of the Hook Mountain area in one of the Wayfinders (#9?) as a Kingmaker-style exploration map.

I've considered the same, but the area is kind of small for that hex treatment. The hexes are 12-miles across, but each square on the Bloodsworn Vale map is only 2, so there might be some re-arranging required to keep things from winding up in a small number of hexes.

gbonehead wrote:

I'm curious about this book, though for me it won't fill any sort of hole in my collection.

What I am really looking forward to seeing is something like the WoTC Rules Compendium book, which would be pretty damn handy.

The base system's been pretty stable for years now, and the addition of bestiaries, classes and the like doesn't affect that base, which means that a smallish book of just rules would be an awesome thing.

Anyways, I'll keep hoping. Unlike a spell compendium or feat compendium, it would not get out of date. Once it came out, it was my go-to book for rules.

You know that's the kind of book that publishers do when they're finished with one edition and preparing for the next. Compendiums are the "Cleanup" books that the more junior designers and developers hone their skills on while the senior people work on the next edition.

That's also why they don't go out of date.. they're the death-knell of the current edition.


Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

As I understand it, they were not supposed to be available until after (the start of?) PaizoCon. I had them in my shopping cart, and they have since vanished from there.

It is not a list, but the products link to the previous and next releases here on the site. (Edit: within the same line.)

There are also pdfs of the product catalogs that have the *planned* release order and dates (usually correct, but not 100%).

Actually, the APs did not routinely show the expected level progressions until after Second Darkness was published.

Keep in mind, too, that the AP was published under 3.5, so the "Fast" XP track for Pathfinder is most appropriate.

Also, there is a mention in Armageddon Echo (in the text or a sidebar; I don't have my copy in front of me at the moment) that the PCs will likely be short of the expected level.. so that GMs can provide some customized encounters for their group while journeying... so, the PCs are *not* expected to end Book 2 at the levels recommended for Book 3.

The Rulebooks line contains almost no world information, other than the deities. The books in the rulebook line are intended to provide the framework for games set in any world.

Inner Sea Primer (from the Pathfinder Player Companion line) contains a good introduction to the Inner Sea region of Golarion, intended for players. It is generally spoiler-free.

The Inner Sea World Guide (from the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line) is a more GM-oriented introduction to the Inner Sea region, with much more information and some spoilers for things hinted at in the Inner Sea Primer.

There is a similar Dragon Empires Primer for players for the quasi-Asian part of Golarion. The Dragon Empires Gazetteer is much smaller than the Inner Sea World Guide (64 pages vs 256) as there has been much less focus and development on the quasi-Asian region. Almost all other products are eared toward the Inner Sea region, which is the analogue to the Mediterranean/Europe/Africa of Golarion.

The books in the Campaign Setting line tend to be more GM-oriented and flesh out the details of a topic. Some are regional (such as Rule of Fear, about the land of Ustalav), while others (such as Inner Sea Magic and Inner Sea Combat) span the larger region of the Inner Sea discussing how that topic is seen in each land there.

The books in the Player Companion line are more geared for both GM and players, providing player-friendly information and rules elements suitable to the subject. Like the Campaign Setting line, a Player Companion can focus on a region of the Inner Sea (like Varisia) or a subject across the entire area (liks Knights of the Inner Sea).

Adventure Paths are pretty much entire campaigns of linked adventures. They often include gazetteers on topics that are relevant to the story in the Adventure Path.. sometimes detailing a city/town, sometimes a region, and sometimes expanding the details of life for a creature or creature type. If you intend to use them, the adventures are GM-oriented and players may not enjoy them as much if they have read through them.. they will not be surprised when they should be by the plot twists, for example, and will "know" the secrets their characters are trying to discover. These volumes try to include something worth reading for everyone.

Modules are pretty much GM-oriented for the same reasons as the adventure parts of the Adventure Paths. They do provide background for the adventure that sometimes expands on the campaign setting as a whole.

There's also the Guide to Korvosa, a 3.5-era city book.

City of Strangers may be too far inland for a set focused on the coast, but perhaps not. If not, then the modules Seven Swords of Sin, Feast of Ravenmoor, and the Godsmouth Heresy could be candidates.

Other books have touched on content.. Cyphermages from Inner Sea Magic, for example, or Riddleport Pirates from Pirates of the Inner Sea.

We Be Goblins and We Be Goblins Too.. perhaps Squealy Nord will be immortalized in plastic?

There appears to be a little error in the blurb:

Blurb wrote:
Lost Coast is the latest 45-figure set release in the award-winning Lost Coast line of miniatures from Paizo and WizKids Games!

The bolded part should be "Pathfinder Battles", I think.

Otherwise, as a "frontier" region, the Lost Coast and Varisia offer lots of variety for a non-AP-themed set to draw on. That it will happen to also be useful for people running 4 different APs in the surrounding area is good, as well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
DeciusNero wrote:
Also, has PF come up with the Organization rules that 3.5 Player's Handbook 2 had? Because that'd be nice way to deal with joining organizations (getting perks, mechanically and fluff-wise).

The answer is somewhat off-topic for this product.

Off Topic:

The closest match is the Faction Guide, which outlines various organizations and defines how PCs can work with them. Inner Sea Magic and Inner Sea Combat present school organizations (for spellcasters and for non-spellcasters, respectively) in a similar manner.

The core of these is modeled on the PFS organized play system; earning Prestige for a total Fame score. PCs can "spend" Prestige points to obtain goods or services, rank, and organization-specific perks ("vanities").

A similar but scaled-down and organization-independent version of the same system appears in Ultimate Campaign as well.

There is not as much about the PCs starting and growing their own organizations. Pretty much all of them assume the organization is larger than the PCs throughout their careers.

Hmm.. I'd like to see some mythic kingdom building. Mythic monuments? Mythic settlement qualities, or disadvantages? Mythic defenses? Mythic buildings or improvements?

terraleon wrote:

Still, it probably ought to be in there. I think. Maybe. I'm kind of torn on it, but the fact that you're confused on them makes me think that it probably ought to be. I apologize for the mistake. You can read more on incantations here or the Zombie Sky Press document, here. (Which I prefer as updated for Pathfinder)


I just wanted to chime in, in case it helps with decisions in future.. I have loved seeing Incantations in other Kobold Press/Open Design products... and been unhappy that there were not clearer directions to help newcomers find the basic rules. *I* know they're from Unearthed Arcana and in the SRD... but a new reader isn't guaranteed to. So, I'd prefer to see an explicit statement "you can find the basic rules...", especially in a magic-focused book like Deep Magic. It is more questionable to include in a less focused book, I think.

Otherwise, very happy with my copy. Though I also agree that involving the backers in proof-reading before committing to print might be a good plan. The issue there, I suspect, is making sure that doesn't throw off the delivery schedule. There are probably as many folks who would push for early delivery regardless of errors as there are folks who would advocate later with more proof-reading.

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Dylos wrote:
This seems wrong to me but evangelist doesn't specify that the aligned class has to be a non prestige class heck evangelist can increase levels in exalted or sentinel!
That is because the PrC specifically lists the aligned classes for Each of the Core 20 Deities, under each deity. The GM could actually argue that if the deity didn't have specific aligned classes listed, it wasn't eligible for the PrC...

Irnk, the description of the list of 5 for each deity is just the most common. The Aligned Class class feature just says "pick a class you had before". I think this is to indicate the choice is made ONCE, not at each level as some PrCs allow.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Illius wrote:
I'm not sure if this has been asked or not, but will this book have alternate options for summon monster for each of the main deities?

Since this books is compiling and revising the various deity articles that have appeared in the Adventure Paths over the past years, I think the summon monster options from those articles are assumed to be part of the content. Each such article added a handful of thematic choices over the various levels (typically 3 or 4 choices).

If you mean totally customized summon monster lists per deity, that I think is not going to be there.. Paizo's staff feels it is easier for developers to design consistently if the spells remain mostly unchanged. Significant new sets of options are better presented as new spells.

Generally, you can get quicker answers to questions about HeroLab on the LoneWolf forums.

That said, did you make sure that, in addition to downloading the add-on, you enabled it for that character? Ctrl-K brings up the "Configure Your Hero" screen.. in the list of sources, make sure that the book you want to use is checked for that character.

Jim Groves wrote:
Samy wrote:
Jim Groves wrote:
It is illegal (I think) to charge your credit card for a product that has not been shipped to you.
I dunno about that. My online comic book shop charges the card when I place a pre-order for a product that comes out six months later.
That might be a policy decision. If so, I think it is a wise one. There's difference between placing a holder and actually charging.

If I recall correctly what Vic Wertz had said before, it is a requirement in the contract with the credit card companies. Stores that do not abide by it are at risk of losing the ability to process credit card transactions.

d20pfsrd had to change the names of some feats, and other things, when they became a commercial site. You will find the trait under another name: Treerazer's Bane.

Edit: Ninja'd. Never post whlle making dinner. :)

At least some have started. I received my authorization email last night... late last night. It appears the Warehouse, Customer Service, and Web, teams are putting in long hours this week.

The Eldritch Weaver class

The Noble class (although that could be in the Freeport book anyway); a second product for the "Noble Houses" as Factions or Rooms/ Teams/ Organizations/ Buildings in the vein of Ultimate Campaign would be nice.

The Avatar's Handbook had a number of interesting creatures, including Bardess' Angels, that could stand an update.

While Pathfinder has its Witch, I think the Shaman class from the Shaman's Handbook would appeal to some people more than the forthcoming Shaman in Paizo's Advanced Class Guide.

James Jacobs wrote:

Is that the only flaw? There needed to be more words?

Personally, I'm a HUGE fan of city books and each one we do I seek to make better than the one before. I'm eager to learn more about how to improve things! What could Magnimar have done better (other than just be longer! :P)?

Well, two things I can think of that I'd like to see are:

1) Cost adjustments by district. I liked the prices of houses listed in each district in the Absolom and Katapesh books. That was probably taking up too much space to do in other products, but an addition to the city/district statblocks to adjust the cost of living helps to give each settlement and district more flavor, and to bring home the flavor of different economical regions. It would also help to indicate when certain levels are not available at all, such as Destitute not being available in the rich part of town.

2) Some representation of local politics in a form similar to the Factions from the Faction Guide, but scaled for "local" use.

That's one of the things I like about Paizo.. the attention to quality with licensees.

For the record, my case had no paint jobs that I considered problematic, a full set, and no breakages. Splendid!

I found that I had the problem of repeated logins required if I went to the main page, logged in there, and then went to the store page. If I went to the store page before logging in, and logged in from there, I did not have the repeated requests to login.

I'm not sure that helps at this point, but there it is.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Draco Bahamut wrote:
A subscription only means that you are giving carte blanche to paizo do anything that she wants because you would buy it anyway.

No, that may be your reason, but it is not necessarily anyone else's.

I am saying "I mostly like what you did previously, and I like the discount and free PDF, so I will take the chance I will like it and buy it sight unseen."

If the value to me drops to the point where I would need to see it before I bought it, then I will drop the subscription.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The "vote with your wallet" demand falls flat for a subscriber. As a subscriber, I have purchased the products before general availability. I don't get to see the content before I buy. I can only express my preferences after the fact... unless I cancel the subscriptions, which I think is less than desirable in Paizo's eyes. I am sure they would prefer for me to speak up and express my like or dislike well before I am alienated enough to cancel.

CR is *not* a measure of anything about the PCs, although some people do refer to it that way.

Average Party Level is the measure of the approximate power of a group of PCs. Add 1 if there are more than 5 PCs, and subtract 1 if there are less than four.

Challenge Rating (CR) is a measure of the threat/challenge a creature/ trap/ hazard/ other thing poses to a group of PCs. The numeric rating means that a creature of CR8 is a "reasonable challenge" to a group of 4 PCs of level 8. A "reasonable challenge" is one that causes the PCs to use up about 20% of resources.. a few spells, maybe a potion or two.

See here for reference.

Customer Service has been posting threads in the Customer Service forum about the monthly shipping process and status for the past few months. This months can be found here.

There's a 3.0 treatment in Green Ronin's "Trojan War" product, part of the same Mythic Vistas line as "Testament" (Biblical), "Hamunaptra" (Ancient Egypt) and "Eternal Rome".

They might all be out of print now, but look around used stores, or for the odd copy in the discount bin of your local game store.

There would be some conversion involved to use some of the setting-specific classes, but the background materials may help inspire a bit if nothing else.

Coupon codes are on the final page, when you're done.

There's a "copy" link there, but it appears to copy the description, and not the code itself.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If both remove or modify the same Proficiency, they are both modifying the same class feature, and are not compatible. Losing Heavy Armor proficiency when you take the first archetype means that it is no longer available to lose in "payment" for the abilities of the second archetype.

There are many more investigator model characters than Sherlock Holmes, CSI, or the film-noire gumshoe.

  • Banacek (1970s, television) - tough street kid who grew up to be an investogator. Solves "impossible" thefts. Has a bookstore owner who does his research for him. Gathers information by interviewing subjects.

  • Ellery Queen (1970s, television) - brainy mystery author who uses logic to find the guilty party. Uses information gathered by the police combined with information gathered by interviewing subjects.

  • Karl Kolchak (1970s, television) - reporter who uses reluctantly accepts the evidence his pursuit of a story digs up the reality of monsters and magic in the modern world. Researches solutions and weaknesses of the enemies, and gathers information by interviewing the subjects.

  • Sam and Dean Winchester (current, television) - monster hunters, very apt for Pathfinder modeling. Use researched information and information gatherered via interviewing subjects.

  • Randall Garrett's character Lord Darcy (book) - fantasy version of Holmes. Uses inspiration to connect disparate clues and see patterns others don't (his magical talent in that universe). Gathers information by interviewing subjects, and from his companion Chief Forensic Sorcerer's efforts.

What these have in common are two aspects: Research and Interviewing subjects. In some cases, the research is done by another, but the interviewing is done by the investigator himself.

Interviewing: A type of guided/targeted "Gather Information" Diplomacy check, in which the result is one or more pieces of information about a specific subject (a person, a family, an event, etc.) of interest, rather than current rumors in the area.

Research: This probably needs a new mechanic altogether. The mechanic should be available to all classes, but the Investigator should be able to excel at it, similar to the Ranger's bonus to Track and the Alchemist's bonus on crafting Alchemical Items. Assuming Research is a new skill, each successful check turns up 1 additional piece of information; DC for more rises based on the number of "facts" already gathered (by 2? 5? each).This allows Knowledge checks to go back to being "what you already know" and Research becomes the means of adding to that.

b-vis wrote:

The brawler is just what i was looking for excpt for the Martial Maneuvers it adds to mush time to the game. As my player(s) or me, look to see what feat best fits the situation. It would be easier if you could just raze one physical ability score for one minute and though forth.

So for all the other class look good.

This is the older playtest document, not the Advanced Class Guide document.

Check out the Inner Sea World Guide (pp.33-37) for the canonical information. There's a rough timeline for a lot of these items.

The first item in the Age of Anguish is about the start of re-building, 1,000 years after Earthfall. That's when Post-Apocalyptic stuff happens; when the surveys of what was left behind begin. And both the Orcs and Dwarves have arrived on the surface by this point.

The Pathfinder Society is listed as being founded in Absolom in 4,307 AR.. about 400 years before before the current date, and 9,500 or so after Earthfall.

I would be ok with any of them. I think I lean toward #1 for all the people who don't have the templates in other forms, and who don't use the internet religiously enough to get them there.

I'm also a bit more curious on the handling of some others.. like any that have been "partially updated" by Paizo by being used in AP volumes. For those, I think I'd definitely like to see Option #1 followed (full conversions that "match" any partials used in the APs).

The letter codes were used mostly on the 3.5 modules. They were a bit of nostalgia, as the old D&D modules used similar letter coding to identify related modules (G1-3, D1-3, Q1, etc.)

In Paizo's case, the letter codes also identified broad themes:

W was for Wilderness
E was for Event
D was for Dungeon
J was for Journey

Justin Riddler wrote:

Hello Mark,

Sorry to hear that your package contained the wrong item. I've put a replacement in your sidecart for sending with your next subscription shipment. You can verify this change from your My Subscriptions page.

~Justin Riddler
Customer Service


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