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Ebon Acolyti

Urath DM's page

717 posts. Alias of Mark Greene.


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Drow don't plot and scheme to kill each other just to kill each other.. they plot and scheme to kill each other to get ahead in Drow society. They pick someone above them who has exposed an opening, and they strike.. sometimes planning for years for the opportunity. Survival of the Drow still trumps that personal ambition, owing to their origin as the 'abandoned' Elves forced to survive in the hostile, lightness Darklands.

At this point, Second Darkness contains the definitive canonical information on Drow (in the support article "Drow of Golarion"). There is some additional information in "Into the Darklands".

Some minor detaila may have changd from 3.5 to Pathfinder (Elves in 3.5 did not sleep; Pathfinder Elves do, for example), but for the most part the 3.5-era content remains the core. Some mechanics have been re-visited and expanded (Fleshwarps and Fleshcrafts in Inner Sea Magic, and the Pain Taster class in Occult Mysteries, as examples).

The Second Darkness AP used some mechanical materials from Green Ronin's "Plot & Poison" (a sourcebook on Drow), which was revised to be the "Advanced Race Codex: Drow" for 3.5 (PDF only as far as I know), but I don't think any cultural material was used.

Wayfinder #9 has some interesting material on Drow and Duergar.

EDIT: Fixed name of Green Ronin product, and added reference to Wayfinder #9

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cartmanbeck wrote:
FLite wrote: wrote:
I'll see what I can do to address your points James.

While you are at it. :)

The Traits > Religeous notes that they require worship of specific dieties (not listed there) but on the pages for the traits themselves there is no note of that requirement. Might be a good idea to add that.

Unfortunately this is one of the things that cant' really be done, as the specific deities' names can't be listed there since those names are not covered as part of the Compatibility License. For religion traits, I would absolutely suggest checking Archives of Nethys for deity requirements before you take one of them.

There was a similar issue with other Traits and Prestige Classes related to Factions.. an unmentionable name that is a built-in requirement. The wording adopted there to the effect of 'this was originally presented as belonging to a specific organizations; GMs and players should consider whether there is a suitable organization in the campaign when adopting this entry' might be suitable here as well.

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My view on Lawful / Chaotic societies:

*Social* alignment is different from *Personal* alignment.

Lawful societies have institutions, like a Watch, Army, and Orphanages, to deal with specific needs. Individual citizens are NOT expected to act on their own when the functions of such agencies are needed.. they are expected (and themselves expect) the agencies to take the necessary action and deal with it.

Chaotic societies lack some or all such institutions. Orphanages may be privately funded by a family, clan, or individual for their own reasons. Peacekeeping (as the Watch would) may depend on individuals taking action when the occasion arises.

Contrast with *Personal* alignment, in which, for example a Chaotic and Lawful retainer to the King, Charles, may be expressed as:

The Lawful retainer is loyal to the King (the institution of Kingship) who happens to currently be Charles.

The Chaotic retainer is loyal to Charles (a personal loyalty) who happens to be the current King as well.

There is no legal product like that to my knowledge.

Lone Wolf Development, the folks who created HeroLab, are in discussion to get publishers to publish campaigns in their RealmWorks tool. The components that would make such a campaign work are "in progress" as well, so the program is not quite ready for that. But the idea is that you would be able to purchase a campaign to run digitally from the RealmWorks program.

Some users have been surprised that there is NO printing at this time, and NO export, so be warned that is the case.

You can check it out "HERE

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A big factor would be if you plan to run Second Darkness eventually, or not.. and, if so, is it supposed to be in the same continuity as the current game. If it is, the Bellona's point (and the spoiler below) are relevant. If not, they are less so.

Bellona wrote:
It's my understanding that no one on Golarion (except for the Winter Council) believes in the existence of Drow until the events of Second Darkness. Of course, this is your campaign, and so you can do you own spin on how things work. :)

Second Darkness Spoiler:

The Winter Council and their agents, the Lantern Bearers / Shin'Rakorath. Which agents, it is at least implied, are used as black ops hit squads who make people that do find out "disappear". The Winter Council is dead set on suppressing this information by any means necessary.

As evidenced by the actual plot of Second Darkness, there are Drow agents who are active on the surface.. but they are generally part of a group, not sole operatives.

Based on the question "are you going to eventually run Second Darkness" and "is it in the same world-version as this game", that should probably guide your choices here. If you want to run Second Darkness someday in the same setting, minimizing the impact would probably make the most sense.

Pseudos wrote:
Urath DM wrote:

This is probably better suited to the Rules Questions forum.

However, the problem here is that you are assuming the Skill Unlock is based on the Alternate Crafting rules. Based on the "5 Ranks" ability, that is NOT the Alternate Crafting Rules.. that is based on the CRB standard rules... presumably, then, so are the others.

You are correct and I am well aware that skill unlocks assume standard rules, and not the alternative. I say directly "The issue is that rank 15's ability conflicts with the alternate crafting progress", so I am well aware of the issue and am seeking a homebrew solution, since I know the RAW intention was not the alternate system. I omitted ranks 5's entry as being an issue because the doubling of a check is easy to switch from a day to a week, and I'm okay with the doubling of a check period.

What I'm not okay with is a 10* faster craft(scaling the week's progress to a day results in a 5* faster craft which stacks with the 2* from level 5), which is why I posed the question seeking a happy medium.

Do you have anything to put forth on that subject? Is the 10* faster craft not a big deal? Do you have an idea to better balance it?

Sorry... I thought you were expecting the Skill Unlocks to mesh with the Alternate rules. It would have been nice if there had been an entry that did note some uses with the Alternate rules.

For both the 5 and 15 rank bonuses, I am debating granting a "virtual" bonus to the craft check for purposes of determining progress. Since the Alternate rules allow incrementing a multiplier based on each "5" factors of the check over the DC, adding an extra 5 at 5 ranks and another extra 5 at 15 ranks, solely for the calculation of progress, seems like it might work.


VMC involves giving up 5 Feats to gain a limited progression of a specific class feature from another Class. You don't get to "pick" what feature that is. In that sense, there is no "secondary class".. just one specific feature from another class. As such, there is no "secondary class" to apply an archetype to.

This is probably better suited to the Rules Questions forum.

However, the problem here is that you are assuming the Skill Unlock is based on the Alternate Crafting rules. Based on the "5 Ranks" ability, that is NOT the Alternate Crafting Rules.. that is based on the CRB standard rules... presumably, then, so are the others.

RAW, it looks like the longer time.

This is probably more appropriate in the "Rules Questions" forum.

graystone wrote:
Urath DM, how can we focus on the part that isn't in the playtest? Add to that that the class should be functional outside that part AND inside that part. As is, there are huge flaws like 5 min change times where you are a NPC class if combat breaks out. On the 'additional subsystems', I'll be more than happy to comment them when we actually see them. Before then, it's impossible to factor them in.

Well, that's why I said

There has been mention made of additional subsystems that will be part of the full book. I think the playtest is hampered by not having those, but at the same time the playtest can't include the entire content of the book. So that's what we have to work with.

We don't have those to work with, so we can't really test them. But my point stands, I think, that focusing on making the "vigilante persona" alone equivalent to other classes seems misguided to me.

bigrig107 wrote:

That's fine, but when the dual-identity thing can be pulled off almost as well with several other classes, in addition to everything else they get, the vigilante has problems.

With what I've seen so far, it needs some work.

If other classes can do this class' key feature "almost as well" somewhat coincidentally (not something I necessarily agree with), then it does indeed need to work to make it more effective and distinctive.

bigrig107 wrote:

And as for tying the class to the Ultimate Campaign rules?

What about those groups that don't even own a copy of the book, and have no interest in using the rules?
Does adding features that are supposed to help the vigilante become relevant that requires buying an entirely new book and learning a new ruleset solve the problem?

It is one suggestion... and the rules are on the PRD for anyone to use. A sidebar in Ultimate Intrigue could provide enough pared-down information for the Vigilante to make use of some systems while referring the reader to the PRD or to Ultimate Campaign for more details if desired. Such has been done before without bringing about the downfall of civilization as we know it :)

The alternative suggestions.. subsystems that allow the social persona more "juice" in the campaign setting.. may already be part of the plan for the final book. It would be beneficial (I think) for them to at least dovetail with related systems in Ultimate Campaign, but they do not have to be complete replicas.

I think people are focusing way too much on making 1/2 the character (the vigilante persona) equal to a full character (martial, spellcaster, etc.).

The focus of this class is the dual-identities. The vigilante specialization, by itself, should NOT equal another full character's abilities.

There has been mention made of additional subsystems that will be part of the full book. I think the playtest is hampered by not having those, but at the same time the playtest can't include the entire content of the book. So that's what we have to work with.

I think more of the focus should be on what the social persona can do. Features and abilities that interact with the social side of the game would be helpful in making the overall Vigilante more effective. Perhaps something using the Capital materials from Ultimate Campaign.. a pool of Influence, Gold, Labor, Goods, or Magic that the social personal can employ? I think this was a missed opportunity in Green Ronin's Noble class for Freeport (both the Pathfinder converted version and the updated one in the new book); the original 3.x version of the class had an Influence ability that could be used to affect some skill checks, and a pool of resources for obtaining material aid... something along those lines might help shift focus back toward the "dual-identity character".

Thanks very much for checking. I had not seen previous multi-part orders split that way, that I can recall, so was concerned.

Yeah I'm still a little concerned because 2 of the 3 parts shipped on Monday and NOT the rest. If the map pack was broken out for just shipping, I would have thought the rest would have shipped around the same time.


I'm confused as to why the Map Pack was shipped separately from my other subscription products this month. Given that there was an issue with last month's order.. I thought it better to ask if there's a problem rather than wait.


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Jason Nelson wrote:
There are a number of APs that more or less require PCs to work hand-in-hand with evil entities to reasonably be able to achieve success, certainly going back to Savage Tide but also Second Darkness and Wrath of The Righteous. To some that adds depth and complexity to the campaign; to others, it's a poke in the eye to good characters who would rather stay on the straight and narrow path. That is a design space we could play in; we'd just have to find the right approach (and passionate author(s)) to make it happen.

Indeed. Paizo has received feedback on the frequency of some of these, up through Carrion Crown. I have seen less of it recently, but for some of us, such choices are not "tough decision" but "which way does my Paladin fall".

Hmm.. now I feel like I killed the conversation.

Re: Second Darkness

A product that *would* be 3rd party do-able, I think, might be replacement NPCs for some of the encounters. There are at least two characters described as "Alchemists", for example, that might benefit from having an alternate version (with modified tactics) to leverage the later books.

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Dragon78 wrote:
I really wish the Coeurl wasn't copyrighted. I love that creature, it would have made an awesome replacement for the Displacer Beast.

I find that comment ironic, in that the Coeurl was the inspiration for the Displacer Beast in the first place. :)

If I recall correctly, the Coeurl belongs to someone else (A.E. VanVogt's estate?) and was used "with permission" previously. If that is the case, I doubt we will see it in a hardcover for general use.

No worries.. I know you're all busy coming off the con last weekend. :)

Thanks very much!

I can't shake the feeling that the two copies of the AP shipped separately mean the software generated two copies of the packing list for that.. and is seeing those as the 2 packages to be shipped.

I'm not sure why the AP volume was singled out to be separate.. that may be part of the issue. It would make sense to me to separate the number of card boxes from the books, but separating out the AP volume from the other books for shipment seems off to me.

The PDFs unlocked as expected, so the issue is not likely to be in that area, IMHO.

Edit: I do see that there's a new "soon to ship" email today, so I take it the issue is resolved?

Jason Nelson wrote:

Second Darkness and Serpent's Skull present an interesting dilemma for us as publishers. While both of those APs could benefit from some great supplemental content, they also raise the question of whether they have enough fans who want to see them "fixed" (for lack of a better word) vs. the general fandom who have moved on and aren't interested.

I think the biggest issue with Second Darkness, as much as I'd love to see someone take a crack at helping it, is that the areas needing the most help are pretty Golarion-specific.

For example, one of the huge areas is that the Elves come off as unlikable pompous jerks.. not anyone adventurers are likely to *want* to help unless well paid. The issue there is very much Golarion-IP-specific:

the Winter Council

So while I think it needs

encounters or side adventures that show the Winter Council acting as thought-police.. maybe frightening friendly Elf NPCs into being rude to the PCs, or sending them off to a correctional camp of some kind
, I don't see those being viable.

The other area needing work is

Endless Night, which makes the PCs too "chummy" with the Drow, and does not provide enough examples of how bad they are. Some encounters or side adventures highlighting their cruelty each other and others would be beneficiai.

That last is probably more do-able by a 3pp.

There has been no sign of the larger package.. just the two copies of the AP volume, each shipped separately. I wonder if it is seeing those as "two of two shipped" and not processing the remainder?

When I view the order, the status of the larger package shows conflicting messages under "Package Tracking"... "Not yet Shipped" in bold gray, followed by "Item(s) have already shipped" in bright red and "Not Trackable" in dark red.

So there seems to be an error with my order...

At about the time the orders were to begin processing, I tried to move the items in my sidecart to the ship separately.. in order not to delay my subscriptions.

It looked like it processed, but then it looked as if the subscriptions spawned with the identical contents included.. so at that point it looked as if I had doubled my sidecart items (Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes set 3, and some clear card deck boxes).

I have received 2 copies of my AP subscription volume, but seen no sign of the other subscription contents. It may be that they are still in-transit, but I can't be sure what the order page is telling me.

Thanks and regards,

Mark Seifter wrote:
No FAQ required: The blog specifically indicated that it was an alternate option. (incidentally, while I'm a fan of my version from the blog, Revan did appear to have missed the high-level option in Unchained using the in-book system for a +10 equivalent weapon)

Is that in reference to the "legendary gifts"?

I am less concerned about being able to have up to +8 in total bonuses at 19th level than I am with being limited by the advancement below that.

For example, a +1 Holy Sword is a total equivalent of +3. It won't fully function until the character is level 14 (having then a +3 bonus to use on the blade); before then, it operates as a +0 Holy Sword (or +1 to attack/+0 damage from being Masterwork).

Does that qualify for penetrating DR/magic? Some GMs might say no. It certainly won't qualify for using the enhancement bonus to penetrate material-based DR... so players will more often opt for straight enhancement bonuses over special powers, I would expect (though I could be wrong).

In another thread,

Revan wrote:

The Automatic Bonus Progression rules state: "Any weapon, armor, or shield special abilities on attuned items count against a character’s
enhancement bonus from attunement. To determine an attuned magic item’s enhancement bonus, subtract the cost of its special ability from the enhancement bonus granted by attunement. (This applies only to special abilities whose cost is equivalent to an enhancement bonus, not to those that cost a flat amount of gold pieces.) For example, if a character with a +3 enhancement bonus from weapon attunement wields a keen scimitar, she subtracts 1 point of her enhancement bonus (for the cost of keen), leaving her with a +2 keen scimitar. If a character doesn’t have enough of an enhancement bonus to afford the special ability (such as a 4th-level character with a vorpal longsword), she can still use the weapon’s power on its own, but the weapon gains no enhancement bonus."

Am I reading this correctly? Under this system it's impossible to have a +10 equivalent weapon? Even at 20th level, a weapon with a +5 ability will never have any Enhancement bonuses to hit?

Relatedly, how does Automatic Bonus Progression interact with ability's like a Paladin's Divine Bond or a Magus' Arcane Pool which can add temporary enhancements to a weapon?

Since that was one of several questions, I've broken it out here for people to make it a FAQ topic.

As published, the system is different from what was in the Unchained Blog Preview, which had a table for adding "capacity" to the weapon in addition to the Enhancement bonus.

This needs some clarification, I think.

The reality is that digital presentation tools will become a larger part of the game. While print will fade somewhat, it will likely never go away. It will become more of a prestige format, though, over time. Especially if printing costs continue to grow, and digital storage costs shrink.

And when I say "over time", I mean over a long while. People *like* the feel of print. That won't change soon.

But products like RealmWorks, which is poised to become a new alternative to PDF and Print for publishing (specifically targeted at gaming) will increasingly gain market share -- as long as they deliver on the features and potential they show now.

Increasingly, tablet-based character-tracking applications that handle rolling will become accepted and commonplace. Some people refuse them now, but that will change as the younger gamers who are used to them become the bulk of the community.

As it is now, some people choose Print or PDF based on what works best for them. As RealmWorks and similar products emerge and mature, they will increasingly become a 3rd option in that mix. Some people will continue to choose "all three" just as people now choose "both"; but everyone will settle on the mix that works best for them.

tzizimine wrote:

The progress with the old system was DC x Die result in cp per day. So DC 25 times Take 10 result of 25 is 625 cp per day or 6.25 gp per day. If you could take 20 for result of 35, then 35 x 25 or 875 cp or 8.75 gp per day.

In the new system, swords are Normal complexity (DC 15) with a flat rate of 2 gp per day. With the Take 10 result of 25, you beat the DC by 10, so triple the progress to 6 gp per day. If you could take 20, for 35, beating the DC by 20, so 5 times the progress at 10 gp per day.

But, that's with regular steel. Adamantine weapons increase the complexity by 2 steps to Intricate, so DC 25 and flat 8 gp per day. Taking 10 would meet the DC 25 on the spot for 8 gp per day, but take 20 would triple it to 24 gp per day.

So, the new process is a bit faster for simple expensive items like Adamantine swords, but is a lot faster for complex items regardless of cost, like clocks and guns.

(then add special raw materials but that's another layer of math)

These are good points.. it is also worth noting that you can have assistants helping you. If 3 of them succeed on "Aid Another" to help, that's a +6 to your check, which means a doubling of the progress rate.

Also, as mentioned, the new system makes crafting a Masterwork Weapon a single process. In the old system, you had to craft the base item first, then work through another crafting process for it to be Masterwork (even though it was flavored as part of the same creation, so you could not add Masterwork to an existing item... hence the Masterwork Transformation spell).

Thanks. I was afraid there might have been an issue. :( It seems that the last few times I've added something that should go to the sidecart, they haven't made it without intervention. That might indicate a bug of some sort, or a deeper issue with my account.


I placed this order today, but the store site was acting strangely and I want to be sure there is no issue.

The digital products appeared in My Downloads successfully, but the order shows as "Pending" and the physical items have not appeared in my Sidecart as expected.

Is there any issue?

Re: 1; I was about to open a new thread for this question. It is also very different from what is described in the preview Blog Post about this element.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Luthorne wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
I hope there will be some new info like were did Halflings come from, who/what created them, why are they found with humans most of the time.
Indeed, but Paizo seems to be being rather coy about that little nugget.
That's easy. Halflings came first, humans are dire halflings.
Close. There was an ancient humanoid race called the "Ling" that were size Tiny. Using permanent enlarge and reduce, some relationships between human and ling worked out, and the result, much like the half-elf and half-orc, was the half-ling.

Hey, now, that's appropriate for the FIRST day of April, not the LAST. :)

Elrawien Lantherion wrote:
That is a lovely cover. It is the final cover for the book itself?

I suspect it is temporary. It is a piece of interior art from a module, Masks of the Living God.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
JonathonWilder wrote:
Wasn't the whole point of Unchained was giving up old 'sacred cows'?

No. The point was to do what the designers would do without the idea that they needed to stay compatible with 3.5.

Apparently what they would do includes dropping the good Will save progression.

Thanks. I was about to make a similar post about Unchained NOT being all about killing sacred cows. I've seen that mentioned a few times, and it was never what I took from any of the descriptions of the book.

For artwork, there's the Rise of the Runelords Face Cards. You may or may not find them helpful, or find them a distraction, but they are one option. There are only a few images for the people from Sandpoint specifically, as the cards have to cover all 6 parts of the Adventure Path.

The Pathfinder Pawns line has a Rise of the Runelords pawn set. This covers the illustrated creatures from the AP, so it will not help any of the townsfolk who are not already illustrated in the AP itself.

The Pathfinder Paper Miniatures line has a package for the townsfolk of Sandpoint, in addition to the specific sets for the AP itself. These provide more individual characters than the pawns or the face cards, and may make a good option even if you just show the art rather than use them as miniatures.

Big Finish productions has does an Audio Drama adaptation of the entire AP, in 6 parts (6 CDs or 6 digital downloads). If you are looking for ideas on how to the play some of the characters, you might find them helpful (to hear one way of presenting them, anyway).

Syrinscape has also licensed Rise of the Runelords for their Fantasy Aucio line. They've put together background sounds and sound effects collections for each part of each of the 6 adventures in the AP.

Aside from accessories, when it comes to making characters distinctive, mannerisms and speech patterns help a lot.

You don't need to be a great voice actor to make their speech different. For one PC I played, I made sure to end most of his paragraphs with a question ("We should do THIS, yes?" or "We should do THAT, no?"). You can get the same by adding some small bits like "hmm, yes" to a character (Brodert Quink) or a distinctive phrase based on the deity for a Cleric of any sort (maybe make frequent references to "balancing the scales" for a Cleric or Paladin of Abadar, for example).

For mannerisms, maybe Brodert Quink always adjusts his spectacles while talking, or the Cleric of Abadar gestures with her hands as if weighing something in each.

How much of the Campaign Setting material do you have available? Inner Sea Magic and Occult Mysteries both have some updates that would be applicable converting the AP from 3.5 --> Pathfinder.

Re: 1

You might also benefit from the Green Ronin product "Advanced Race Guide: Drow".. this is a 3.5 update of the 3.0 sourcebook "Plot & Poison". The double shortsword used later in the AP came from this material, and Paizo has used other bits. One that might be interesting is instead of a Kensai Magus, make Depora a Dominant and her sidekick(s) (a) Submissive(s).

If you do go the Pain Taster route, the Prestige Class was updated for Pathfinder in Occult Mysteries.

Fleshwarps and the like also got some updates in Inner Sea Magic. The Inner Sea Bestiary (I think) has stats for some of the Fleshwarps that are only mentioned by name in the AP. There is also more in a volume of Wayfinder dedicated to the Darklands.

Re: 2


There is a Cyphermage Prestige Class in "Inner Sea Magic", and there is the opportunity to write up the Cyphermages as a Magic School using the rules from that book.

Using the Factions (from the "Faction Guide", including the Light Bearers/Shin'Rakorath) is a good way to represent political back-and-forth. The Magic Schools are variants of the Factions, so the rules are similar.

Creating the Winter Council as a new Faction is something I'm considering.

Additionally, Ultimate Campaign has mechanics for the PCs to build their own organization(s).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd vote Second Darkness ... for a few reasons.

1) The background narrative is integral to the history of Golarion on a more sweeping scale than Curse of the Crimson Throne

2) Its potential was not realized, and that's something a revision could correct.

3) As noted, the support products for it could use a re-vamp. While Into the Darklands and The Great Beyond have not been altered much by the passage of time, additional looks would not hurt. I think all of the relevant stat-blocks from those have been updated by now, so new creatures would be welcome. Elves of Golarion, on the other hand, was done for 3.5 and in the transition period in which Paizo was trying not to put new mechanics in sourcebooks. Some details of the Elves need to be corrected (sleeping vs meditating, for one), and the various Ethnicities need to be defined. We have the Snowcasters, but we only have the Half-Elf versions of the Ekujae and the Spire Elves.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ultimate Trade.. something that expands on the trade rules for kingdoms, but also incorporates and updates the Caravan rules from Jade Regent (expansion for other caravan types, such as merchant caravans) and includes some options for shipping (possibly borrowing elements from the plunder rules in Skull & Shackles)

Splendid! Thanks very much.

I pre-ordered the Pathfinder Legends CDs 4-6 with this order. I have not received CDs 4 or 5, and have not seen them in my Sidecart. The order itself shows as Pending. Is there an issue?

I see the re-sent email.. never saw the original. Glad to know it was just a minor thing, in that case.

I placed order 3283130 yesterday. It may be no big deal, as it appears ok in my Order History, but I did not get a confirmation page or a confirmation email.

Is it just me, or do Merisiel's eyes have whites (not correct for Elves in Pathfinder)?

Oooh.. Peremalfait.. I see Darren McGavin running through the sewers of Chicago with a stick of bayou gum.

brad2411 wrote:
I am interested in Realms works, but I don;t see this happening as if it has all the info then would you really need the APs. Which cuts that revenue from paizo,

Not necessarily. In a licensing deal, the licensee (LoneWolf) typically pays part of the money to the licensor (Paizo). Similarly, Paizo sells the physical copies to a distributor for a portion of the list price. The Distributor sells them to stores for a larger portion of the list price, and the store sells the physical copies for whatever portion of the list price they feel is appropriate.

In other words, Paizo would be getting a share of the money from the sale of the licensed products. They could also choose to sell the content directly through the RealmWorks Marketplace (when that is available; it is not implemented at the moment), but given how their staff is already stretched somewhat producing what they do now, it is likely to be more worthwhile for them to license it rather than dedicating staff to what amounts to an entirely new format of publishing.

If RealmWorks takes off, publishers might then find it more workable to have in-house conversions done, but while it is new and unproven, licensing probably makes more sense.

brad2411 wrote:
I have not used Realmswork as I have a Mac and am waiting for it to come out in browser form which they said is what they are working on.

It is likely to be a while before there is a full-featured web-based version. A player version of the thick application is the current goal. There are several important features to be implemented still to the "core" program, though. Adding features to the web client will happen, but I would not expect to see a fully-featured web client for the GM for some time.

Liz, the links are broken in your post. Here are the fixed ones:

main page


Content Market

Power of the Cloud

Cranky Dog wrote:
Fubbles the Baby Cow wrote:
If Paizo AP's were available for Realm Works, it would finally push me into the "I'm gonna buy Realm Works" category.

What might happen is that it will be community fan base adaptations.

I know that several APs have been adapted for Hero Labs (encounters for each room) and I have made use of them for my own game (Jade Regent).

Actually, that is probably not the case.

The HeroLab content is based on the published game mechanics stats of the creatures in the APs. All of that is open content, and the public can prepare copies of the stat blocks of creatures in HeroLab freely.

HOWEVER, by comparison, the plot and story details of the APs, which is what RealmWorks facilitates managing, is protected Intellectual Property. Some art has been shared on the Blog, and can (probably) be used under the Community Use Policy.. but there is a great deal of other art that is not so available, and use would be in violation of Paizo's intellectual property rights.

I am not a lawyer, but that fundamental difference means that community sharing will be limited to your own creations.. copies of any publisher's content will only occur with a license from that publisher. At least, that's my current understanding.

There's a treatment of the Hook Mountain area in one of the Wayfinders (#9?) as a Kingmaker-style exploration map.

I've considered the same, but the area is kind of small for that hex treatment. The hexes are 12-miles across, but each square on the Bloodsworn Vale map is only 2, so there might be some re-arranging required to keep things from winding up in a small number of hexes.

gbonehead wrote:

I'm curious about this book, though for me it won't fill any sort of hole in my collection.

What I am really looking forward to seeing is something like the WoTC Rules Compendium book, which would be pretty damn handy.

The base system's been pretty stable for years now, and the addition of bestiaries, classes and the like doesn't affect that base, which means that a smallish book of just rules would be an awesome thing.

Anyways, I'll keep hoping. Unlike a spell compendium or feat compendium, it would not get out of date. Once it came out, it was my go-to book for rules.

You know that's the kind of book that publishers do when they're finished with one edition and preparing for the next. Compendiums are the "Cleanup" books that the more junior designers and developers hone their skills on while the senior people work on the next edition.

That's also why they don't go out of date.. they're the death-knell of the current edition.


Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

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