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Uncle Fred's page

90 posts. Alias of Upaynao.


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Faelyn wrote:
Gallard Stormeye wrote:
Feel free to add something else to the wishlist. I've probably seen 20+ people come and go through the document throughout the day but only a couple actually added scenarios to the wishlist.
I was going to make some requests, but I'm unable to meet your fast paced posting schedule... Which might be the case for some others as well. Otherwise I've got quite a few for my investigator.

Same. There are a couple days a week, I can't get to a keyboard until very late.

Interested, looking at high tier. Gotta run right now, I'll expound on the options lzter tonight.

Male Human

Hiding? We lent out the banana suit to the other lodge. They haven't returned it.


I'm keeping my eye on this one. I love Eberron and I'd love to give a pulpy noir adventure a shot.

Jesse Heinig wrote:
Time for the party to start making plans..

I agree. I'm amenable to sharing my email address via PM so we can start hashing things out while the discussion thread is down; let me know how you guys want to proceed!

I'd like to make a case for a five member party; having been part of one for a couple years now, we've found that it makes for a fairly rigid party structure, with certain roles needing to be covered and thus leaving little room for creativity in some regards. With five members , say healing could be split two ways with no loss of effectiveness, and that's just one example.

I would have an interest in Carrion Crown

All Paizo 0HD Races -> Sure, but let's keep it to Core + Featured Races

3rd party races (maybe) -> No.

Race Builder (race points to be determinated) -> No.

Template(s) -> No.

15 PB, 20 PB, 25 PB, 30+ PB... -> 20 PB

Evil Alignment -> Been there, done that, not interested with people I don't 100% know. Even then, very dangerous.

99% of Paizo Classes and Archetypes -> Sure

3rd Party Classes and Archetypes (maybe) -> No

Gestalt -> Don't know anything about. Not really all that hot to learn a new rules subset.
Unchained's Background skills (maybe with some modifications) -> Maybe

Most of Paizo Traits and Feats -> Yes

3rd Party Traits and Feats (again, maybe) -> No

Most Paizo Spells -> Yes

(maybe) 3rd Party Spells (Big Maybe) -> Absolutely not.

Good to know, just need to get my chronicle sheet in a digital format.

I'd be interested too, but all my characters are locked into PbP games.

Also, do you know if you need to play the character who has the chronicle sheet or do you just need proof that you have the chronicle sheet assigned to one of your characters?

Male Human

Interested in Weapon in the Rift, just need to make sure I have a level-appropriate character that's available.

I too have been following the thread. I have decided not to post anything because as stated, this isn't a recruitment thread. I have ideas sure, but I'd rather share them only when the Gm has started recruitment.

I'm interested in the arc, but I would prefer to play it non-core and not just yet.

Yeah, I realize that this doesn't fit your criteria much, but I did want to show my interest!


I'm definitely interested.

Male Human

Doing this from my phone, I'll try to update all relevant parts

Boris choked a curse, wincing at the blows the thing landed.What is this thing anyway?

Knowledge:Arcana: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

Bolstered by song and blessing, Boris gripped his scimitar in both hands and belows: "Boris King of Dancings now Aspis wood-thing!" and attempts to strike it with brute force, since arcana power seemed ineffective.

1d20 + 3 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 3 + 2 + 1 = 181d6 + 4 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 4 + 1 = 8


I came across the various mustering threads a couple weeks ago and hot damn are they popular. I can't seem to find a game I haven't played that isn't full or almost full. Not complaining, this is awesome!!!

I'm interested as well, but I'm not sure I could do the entire thing (same as Altus), although I could bring other characters.

Edit: Is there some sort of list where we could see who is playing what? I'll come along with Nachts Lemarchand if we need to start putting character names down.

Is there still room for one more? Or are you capping this at 6 players?

Is it too late to hop on? I have a couple level appropriate characters.

Male Human

Definitely putting a dot on this.

Entryhazard wrote:
Bolt Ace is good

Bolt Ace is really, really good. Gunslinger Archetype that switches all the guns out for Xbows.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I had the opportunity to see a few of these fully printed out at ConnectiCon last weekend. All I can say is "wow", I need to find myself a color printer.


Hi, I'm going to be in the Shelton, CT area on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of July. Is there any organized play going on in that area at that time?


I'm going to hate myself for this one but ...

Turn down for Ouat?


I remember when I first met Ray and his abominable portrayal of a cleric of Sarenrae. I mean, everybody knows she's actually known to her faithful as Saranwrap.

This demerit is completely justified.

Would a Druid/Bloodrager (Blood Conduit), while in their wild shape be able to deliver spells using the Spell Conduit ability if they were wearing medium armor while they weren't wild shaped?


Here's to hoping you guys are having a blast, and have saved a couple scrolls of fireball to get out from underneath all that snow.
Where's that fire elemental when you need it?

Thanks everyone for the input. Because this is for PFS, I'm probably going to go with Hongal. Marco Polo on Netflix is indeed really good, I've been watching it with my family. "Range of Ghosts" by Elizabeth Bear was also a source of (mongol) inspiration for me; I strongly recommend reading it.

Been thinking of making a ranged cavalier type inspired by the warriors of the Golden Horde. I'm not that savvy about Golarion's lore; are there any sort of nomadic warrior clans specializing in mounted archery in the setting?

AndIMustMask wrote:

when a class refers to 'level' for any ability granted by the class itself, it is reffering to that class' levels unless it specifically says "character level", "total class levels", "total hit dice", or any other specific call-out for levels in classes other than the base.

lemme track down the source.

EDIT: well, besides the CRB page 30's 'multiclass' section saying it, there's also JJ weighing in here, SKR weighing in here, and numerous threads asking about the ambiguity of "level" meaning class level or character level (it is always the former) by simply searching the rules forum.

Oh. Well then, I stand corrected. I'm still going to say that the defense subdomain's replacement power and the spells it adds are worthy of a bump up, but I'll concede that the protection domain isn't one of the stronger choices.

With regards to the protection domain, I find that it warrants a rating higher than orange. The resistance bonus is a +1 for every five levels; not cleric levels, but levels. I checked the paizo SRD, my copy of the CRB and d20pfsrd to see if there were any clarifications about it being strictly dependent on cleric levels, but I haven't come across any. So it frees up your shoulder slot and provides a scaling resistance bonus, a nifty trick IMO. Resistant touch isn't all that great (I'd rate it red) and Aura of protection will come into play too late in the game for it to matter, but the base ability should be worth a bump to green.

Furthermore, the Defense subdomain's replacement power Deflection Aura is a great support tool that still finds it's use at higher levels with the static bonus it provides to CMD. Add to that that it will add barkskin to your spell list and it too warrants a bump up to green.

Beyond that, what are your thoughts on the Ecclesitheurge archetype?

Edit for spelling


Jayson MF Kip wrote:
Shasfowd wrote:
"What class are you?"

"Hunter 2/Paladin 3/Dual-Cursed Lunar Oracle 1/Fighter 2 (Lore Warden)/Mammoth Rider 1"

I might regret this but I have to ask: what's the gimmick with that one?

Hi folks! I'm preparing a character for Iron Gods and I've been gravitating towards playing a Cleric (Eclesitheurge) 3/Sorcerer (Wildblooded, Empyreal) 1/MT X, using early-entry SLAs to qualify as early as possible. We are a four person party and the other roles so far seem to be a gunslinger, a sword and board fighter, and an alchemist. I've been itching to make a solid MT. I understand that it might not be on the razor's edge, but I'm trying to build as solid of a buffer/debuffer/healer/blaster as the MT will let me.

With that said I have some questions:
-It's been said that a Clr/Wiz MT would need to buy his wizard spells since he's not progressing in wizard. Does that mean that the sorcerer wouldn't learn new spells every level?
-Is it worth considering to tack on the Crossblooded archetype? If so, do you have any suggestions as to what bloodline would fit?
-I'm aware that I'm going to lose out on Class abilities, caster level and a level/three levels of spellcasting (depending on the base class considered). Would I lose out on anything else? Is it that detrimental? Any ways of minimizing it? Will it hurt the party (I especially worry about that since we're only 4)?

Thanks for your time.

Hi folks! I've been racking my brains to figure out how to best utilise the Varisian Weapon Training boon I received a while back. I'm flummoxed as to how to best use it, as any build I can think of so far already has access to the martial weapons listed. I can't think of something to do with the Exotic weapons either. So I come to you in the hopes that you could give me some thoughts as to how to incorporate this in a PFS character's build.

Thanks in advance!

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

Plague rat belt. +2 con and rerolls against poison and disease. Upgrade to greater belt if you can. It boosts one of your weakest saves.

I feel you wasted money on a ring of evasion...and without craft feats ring of sustenance seems like a lesser choice. You have resist energy and Stone skin or other forms of DR. If you take any damage from blast spells it should be minimal anyways.

The ring of Evasion was found as part of some monster's loot. Figured I'd make use of it.

Seems like I always neglect to provide all the information needed. >.>

To answer your questions, this character has:

Headband of Vast Int +4
Cloak of Resistance +3
Staff of Conjuration
Belt of Incredible Dex +2
Lesser Rod of Ectoplasmic Metamagic
Lesser Rod of Silent Metamagic
Lesser Rod of Extend Metamagic
Handy Haversack
Hand of Glory
Ring of Protection +2
Ring of Sustenance
Ring of Evasion

This character is a tiefling conjurer. We do not have access to any crafting feats.

If there is anything else I neglected to mention for a more targeted answer, let me know!

Hi! My 12th level wizard has come into a bit of money. After purchasing a Hand of Glory, I have about 16k to spend and I have no idea what to do with it.

My character is playing in CotCT, and we are currently about to go though book 5.

OP wrote:
Is there anyone out there who just likes Pathfinder as it is, with what they've done so far?

Yeah. Pretty much. I'll take improvements if there are any to be made (and there probably are, to be sure) but overall, I'm happy with the game as it is.


I agree with trollbill overall, but if his oversight resulted in a chronicle sheet with 0 prestige, I would be a little more forceful with the GM about rectifying the situation. Polite, but forceful.

Kleetus is alive, well, and still failing his saves when most comically appropriate.

Like I said, there is nothing in the Warwick/Cranston area as of right now, but that could change in the future.

snickersimba wrote:
Apart from the monthly meetings in lincon, is there ANY place that sells pathfinder stuff and also hosts games? My gaming store sells strict D&D and theres even an anti pathfinder group there. I need to find some place that is not so far from warwick....

Hi Daniel! I'm not sure that there are many stores that have a stock of Pathfinder books available. But I'm sure that Pat Maloney, the owner of Game On! would be more than happy to place an order for any Pathfinder book you desire to get. They might have D&D Next material in stock because of the history the store has with D&D Encounters being held there.

There is no PFS organized play being held in any FLGS south of Providence to my knowledge, but that could change in the future. We are running PFS organized play more frequently then when you last came up though.

I'm sorry I cannot provide you with any further help. But as a parting thought, I'm not sure that the people who attend D&D Encounters or play 13th Age at Game On! (which used to be called Veterans Gaming until it changed owners) necessarily think of themselves as anti-PFS, or anti-Pathfinder. A couple of them play Pathfinder regularly. They just prefer another type of organized play.


At least more than one.


How do the new factions interact with season 5 rewards? Say I play The Glass River Rescue, would a Scarab Sage PC qualify for the Osirion reward?

No, I don't want to be a summoning druid in this instance; as I indicated, I want this to be a /melee/ druid. And as such I don't see much future taking any levels of druid beyond level 6. A couple levels of Shapeshifter Ranger do seem to go a long way, thanks for that and the idea of planar wild shape.

I'm thinking perhaps Druid (Lion Shaman) 6/Ranger (Shapeshifter) 2/Barbarian (Brutal Pugalist)4.


Right, here's the meat of it:

Level 4 Human Lion Shaman

STR 20
DEX 14
CON 14
WIS 13

Hide Armor
Cloak of Resistance +1
Wand of ClW

Feats: Improved Initiative
Power Attack

Traits: Resilient

As I mentioned this is for Pathfinder Society, which caps at level 12. The character has a few levels on him, so starting from scratch, while possible isn't what I had in mind. I want to make this character work.

The idea was to either shift to great cat form or use Totem transformation to melee things to death. I was debating using a weapon by getting a level in either fighter or barbarian (or an archetype thereof) but that would only work while using totem transformation and would reduce all my remaining attack to secondary attacks. I'm at a loss as to what to do honestly.

Hi folks! I've been playing a Lion Shaman in PFS. This was my first character and I just wanted to play something different. I read Treantmonk's druid guide and wanted to give the melee-focused, shape shifting druid a shot. Since there was a a good amount of praise lavished on big cats, I thought I would be doing myself a favor by taking the Lion-Shaman archetype. Now I feel like it's going to run out of steam a little too early and I'm coming to you folks for some advice.

I was thinking of multiclassing into barbarian so as to take advantage of Rage and rage powers but it feels a little ... underwhelming, especially since I won't be able to take advantage of iterative attacks, with my focus being on natural attacks.

What do you think?

For a Golarion Goblin Barbarian:

"If you can read this, I'm probably raging."

I like to customize my player's magical items by giving their weapons names. One of my players is parting ways with his current magical greatsword (a +1 keen shocking burst adamantine greatsword I had the blacksmith name "Splitstrike") and using his funds to buy a new sword. He is considering either getting a +1 Holy Shocking adamantine greatsword or a +1 Omnious Ghost touch Flaming cold iron greatsword. I'm drawing a blank on naming either of these. Any suggestions?

Now I'm confused. I was asking if it was a good idea to use a medium sized firearm as a small creature given the conditions I've mentioned, or if I should craft my next firearm as an appropriately sized one (small). I thought it was possible to do wield an oversized weapon (as in my character wielding a medium sized weapon) albeit with a -2 penalty. I've looked ta the FAQ and it was my understanding that that was just a clarification on whether or not the -2 penalty per size difference would apply. What you seem to be suggesting is that it's not possible period?

Me and my party are playing through RotR and last session I failed a massive damage save against an outerdimentional overweight lava spewing ... thing. 60 points of lava damage almost cooked off my ammo, and definitely cooked me up.

So the druid in her infinite kindness reincarnated me. Surprise, I'm now a Snirfveblin! None of my clothes fit, nor does my armor and my gun is a size category larger than I am.

I've looked up the rules on oversized firearms and this is where I'm looking for advice. I'd be taking a-2 penalty for using my current gun. Now I was already considering making a new gun once we got out of our current predicament. But I'm seriously considering making my next firearm a medium sized firearm as well, instead of making a small sized version. -2 to attack rolls at level 12, even considering all the other penalties I can choose to tack on (Rapid Shot, Deadly aim), and given that my attack bonus went up by an additional +1 seems like it wouldn't penalize me as much as it might otherwise.

What do you think about it?

(From a character perspective I believe that my character would want to see his appearance and size restored, so it would make sense that he would craft his next weapon as if he's going back to that size. I myself am going to hope that my party members will want to help me find a way to restore my towering stature and rugged good looks, as getting a wish spell seems remote at best and the party's wizard has already scoffed saying there are much better uses of a wish spell.)

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