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UnArcaneElection's page

5,449 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 aliases.

Full Name

Lucius Chiaraviglio




Modern Necromancer -1 / Technomage -1






More than it should be

Special Abilities

Ad Resistance 30


My back is DEFINITELY out of alignment


None. I will not be beholden to any religion or divine manifestation thereof.


Brookline, MA




I told you above, Modern Necromancer/Technomage

Strength 8
Dexterity 8
Constitution 9
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About UnArcaneElection

If you have your votes counted by magic, they'll be stolen by magic:

Abjured by those who Envy your ability to vote differently from them;

Conjured by those too Slothful to earn votes legitimately;

Divined by those Treacherous enough to spy on and insinuate their influence into everything;

Enchanted even before they leave their voter by those who Lust for power (and worse) and know how to exploit the weaknesses of others;

Evoked into oblivion by those Wrathful that you could disagree with them or deny their claim of sole right to patriotism;

Made Illusionary by those so filled with Pride as to insist that they know your will better than you;

Raised from the Dead by those who profit from the continuation and eternal expansion of Gluttony;

Transmuted by those whose Greed is limited only by faults in technique . . . and their technique has gotten quite proficient lately.

* * * * * * * *

Character Concepts

I am developing characters according to Pathfinder Adventure Path, although some of them may also have decent alternative Adventure Paths. As you may notice, I like to develop characters who thematically play to or against something about the Adventure Path. This is beginning to grow into UnArcaneElection's Weirdo Collection, but right now, most are still To Be Announced (TBA), as currently I have just 3 characters with fleshed-out backgrounds, of which just 2 (along with the cat for one) are complete.

Note: Currently I am generally trying to avoid material from the Advanced Class Guide (ACG) or Advanced Class Origin (ACO), although slowly letting it in -- the "final release" of the ACG has enough errors (see this thread about numerous errors (pointed to the first of the by-chapter compiled lists of errors) that it needs a full set of Errata first, and until then should be considered a Third Playtest. The ACO doesn't fix any of the errors, and probably compounds them. However, certain concepts simply will not work or will have severely impaired viability without infusions of this material. My 3 current major exceptions for considering ACG/ACO material are both for Wrath of the Righteous, which is reportedly very broken anyway: One of these is in Darien Usher-Tessadril's character build, and the other is noted below in the entry for this Adventure Path (this one also has possible alternative use in Iron Gods); with respect to Wrath of the Righteous, please let me get into a campaign of this that is NOT MYTHIC, unless somebody manages to pull off a Miracle in fixing the brokenness of Mythic rules. As part of this or in addition, some concepts need infusion of a few feats from this material to be viable; a current example is Sariel Cerea's character build (see Second Darkness, below -- impossible to fit in the needed feats without a dip in Swashbuckler, and even with that, the build has essentially no wiggle room). Unfortunately, it appears that the ACG and ACO are here to stay more or less as broken as at release. Also, I am generally NOT thinking (currently 1 exception noted below in Iron Gods) of using a race that doesn't have much backstory, and in the exception I am using adoption by Humans or some other Core Race as an excuse for a backstory that is seriously mismatched with heritage.

Pathfinder Adventure Paths (with dates or expected dates of release) and characters intended for them:

Rise of the Runelords (August 2007 - January 2008): Mirosir Tepescik-Tessadril. For a long time, this Adventure Path was a source of embarrassment, in that I couldn't think of a fitting original character for the Adventure Path that started it all . . . and then, one day, when feeling my inherent resistance to doing anything useful, it suddenly hit me: Slacker beats Slavedriver: Thassilonian (Sin Magic Specialist) Conjuration (Sloth) Wizard! After all, the 5th chapter of this Adventure Path (or at least the product blurb fot it) does ask "Can the PCs hone the sins within themselves into weapons against their true foe, Karzoug, the resurrected Runelord of Greed?" -- Sin of Sloth, coming right up! And it only took me several weeks quit procrastinating . . . And in the space of just a few days, the concept grew into a full-fledged character (and his cat), to participate in my first PbP campaign of Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition. Unfortunately didn't get into the one I applied for, but at least this is done and ready to go for the next RotRL recruitment thread I come upon. In the event that somebody insists on being the Wizard (or Wizard equivalent), this is also a decent Adventure Path for a Tower Shieldadin or maybe even a Reach Witch (see below; Elf/Half-Elf version preferred).

Curse of the Crimson Throne (February 2008 - July 2008): TBA. After seeing this really good PbP, I am thinking of using a Summoner Switch: Start with a Summoner that is doomed to die (and/or worse -- the more gruesome the fate, the better) early in the Adventure Path during or shortly after aiding a certain legendary freedom fighter in preventing a certain travesty of justice, and be replaced by the newly Unfettered Eidolon, which is a heretical (from Hell's point of view) Devil which the Summoner had accidentally rescued from punitive reconstitution and reprogramming. The tricky part is coming up with workable mechanics for this while requiring only a minimum of GM handwaving. The risk that this won't be mechanically workable is substantial, so I need to come up with an alternative, although for thematic reasons, the concept of a scheduled character swap is still appealing -- for instance, start with a revolutionary Bard (as proposed for Council of Thieves, below), which is then executed and/or worse (as specified for the Summoner Switch above), and replaced by a VERY VENGEFUL sibling . . . .

Second Darkness (August 2008 - January 2009): Sariel Cerea. This is the Adventure Path that I intended her for, and I have tried to design her backstory so as not to break the Adventure Path (actually not too hard to avoid), as well as to avoid making a Drizzt Do'Urden clone (I haven't even ready any of those stories, but I did check the Wikipedia article just to be sure I wasn't fortuitously creating a clone). This character is my standard-bearer example of what I mean by thematically playing to or against the Adventure Path, but has turned out to be surprisingly hard to build.

Legacy of Fire (February 2009 - July 2009): TBA. Another spot of embarrassment: less than Rise of the Runelords (above) was (before I finally figured out a character concept for it) because at least it isn't the first Adventure Path, but at the same time more than Rise of the Runelords because currently I didn't even have a good unoriginal character concept for this Adventure Path. To throw in the requisite monkey wrench, I want to play a no-excuses full progression spellcaster (preferably other than Oracle or Wizard, which I already have covered in character concepts for a few other Adventure Paths, although if one of these gets converted into something else, these classes are still open to consideration here). That isn't particularly original, and spellcasters (including Wizards) are not as overbearingly powerful as some people make them out to be, but I want to fit at least one of these in somewhere. To throw in the requisite monkey wrench, I note that the social environment in this Adventure Path presents grounds for revolution (against the slaveholders), so having the character be a devotee (maybe even a Cleric) of Milani seems fitting (or clashing, depending upon your point of view). Thematically fitting with this, have the character become a Daivrat (friend of the genies).

Council of Thieves (August 2009 - January 2010): TBA. Going to have a really hard time filling the shoes of the more permanent characters in this awesome PbP, and would have a pretty hard time filling the shoes of the various DMs too. One thing I would do differently if I was DM would be to play up the dystopian aspect of Cheliax a LOT, while adding in enemy rebels who are REALLY NASTY, forcing some hard choices upon the heroic rebels. But this space is for listing character concepts, not DM concepts -- my best thought for this right now is a revolutionary Bard (although having a different type of revolutionary personality than the one for Legacy of Fire above). (Actually, I wonder if an all-Bard or almost all-Bard party could work for this Adventure Path? See this thread for discussion of similar concepts -- an all-Bard party seems to be the second most popular one-class party concept. If someone wants to join with me in this endeavor, I'm in.) The heretical Devil idea for Curse of the Crimson Throne (above) or Hell's Rebels (below) could also work, provided that the mechanics could be worked out, and this might also be one of the few Adventure Paths that is mostly (except for the last part) well suited to an Arcane Trickster, which also would thematically fit with the revolutionary ideal (although it DOESN'T fit with the idea of starting off as a Bard, even though that is technically possible). Another possibility is an Andoren spy, possibly in combination with the Arcane Trickster idea just mentioned, or (if not going the spellcasting route) a Rogue (Pathfinder Unchained version) or Ninja possibly transitioning into Master Spy.

Kingmaker (February 2010 - July 2010): TBA. This Adventure Path just seems made for a Battle Herald who actually DOESN'T trade away the Cavalier's Mount. Now if only you didn't need to dip into a non-martial class to qualify (technically, Brawler Examplar Archetype allows avoiding this, but is not good for a mounted Battle Herald) . . . As it is, this requires effectively at least triple-classing, so a Half-Elf with Multitalented Mastery is almost required from a mechanical standpoint, and the thematic fit is even pretty good. In the unlikely event that the whole (or almost the whole) party is Small, this becomes a decent Adventure Path for a Halfling Tower Shieldadin Battle Herald.

Serpent's Skull (August 2010 - January 2011): TBA. First choice is a character interested in defusing tensions in Sargava (Negotiator Bard, maybe?). This is also a potential alternate choice for a character primarily intended for Skull and Shackles (below -- the character MEANT to infiltrate the Shackles Pirates, but instead got shipwrecked); however, then a character swap probably needs to be engineered after escaping Smuggler's Shiv.

Carrion Crown (February 2011 - July 2011): TBA. Thinking of a REALLY DUMB character, but he's not your stereotypical Big Stupid Fighter/Barbarian, but a political type, for playing to the mobs . . . now that's REALLY SCARY . . . The character build would be Human Celebrity Bard possibly transitioning into Noble Scion, or maybe to get even more frightening (in the form of Mad Cowboy Disease), some type of Gunslinger (maybe Mysterious Stranger reskinned as a Mad Cowboy) possibly transitioning into Noble Scion. Either way, for inspiration I need only look to some of the recent holders of the higher offices in our land, and some of the aspirants to said offices . . . If this is not acceptable, Darien Usher-Tessadril (see Wrath of the Righteous, below) is a possible alternate here (as something of an eldritch horror himself). If this is also not acceptable, this is also a good Adventure Path for a Tower Shieldadin or a Reach Witch (see below; Elf/Half-Elf version preferred).

Jade Regent (August 2011 - January 2012): TBA. An idea (to be fleshed out more later) can be found in this post, following a suggestion from the Jade Regent Player's Guide that one or more of Ameiko, Koya, Sandru, and Shalelu be player characters, despite some painfully obvious clashes of backstory with starting level, especially in the case of Koya, which is the one for whom I have the best concept (as described in the linked post). Despite the obvious problems (including required non-optimization), if somebody wants me in on a party composed of the above 4 characters, I'm in. This Adventure Path is also a potential alternate choice for any character (including Mirosir Tepescik-Tessadril) primarily intended for Rise of the Runelords (above).

Skull and Shackles (February 2012 - July 2012): TBA. Definitely don't want a character who is going into piracy for profit or for some romanticized idea of piracy, but rather getting into it for a greater purpose, for instance, an infiltration mission (probably Ninja or Pathfinder Unchained Rogue transitioning into Master Spy), or something like THIS awesome PbP (just as much to my liking as a story idea, although my character ideas for a similar campaign are currently less well developed). This also has potential for late entry into this Adventure Path if the character first went through part of Serpent's Skull (above), and then finally manages to get back to the mission after escaping Smuggler's Shiv.

Shattered Star (August 2012 - January 2013): TBA. This Adventure Path needs a really skilled Rogue or Ninja. These days, Rogues (as restored by Pathfinder Unchained) and Ninjas have few places to shine; this is one of them. Mirosir Tepescik-Tessadril (but not necessarily just any character) intended for Rise of the Runelords (above) also has a possible alternate spot here. If others have the Rogue/Ninja and Wizard roles already covered, this is a good Adventure Path for a (probably Dwarven) Stalwart Defender Tower Shieldadin or a Reach Witch (see below; Elf/Half-Elf version preferred).

Reign of Winter (February 2013 - July 2013): TBA. This Adventure Path seems both thematically and (game) mechanically good for a manifested/metamorphosed Witchblood, probably built as an appropriately Dual-Cursed (for Witch-like Fortune/Misfortune powers, including reskinned Wasting Curse for Witchblood metamorphosis) and Flame (or maybe Solar) Mysteried Oracle. Also strongly thinking of NOT accepting the "blessing" from greater you-know-who, who is NOT clearly less bad than lesser you-know-who.

Wrath of the Righteous (August 2013 - January 2014) (preferably Non-Mythic): Darien Usher-Tessadril. Remember that even though they are nominally of the same Alignment, Qlippoths hate Demons, too, because Demons killed off many of them and drove the rest of them out of much of their habitat. Even though the ACG is really still in Third Playtest, I could also consider an Annis Changeling/Witchblood Abyssal Bloodrager; if the yet-to-be-heard-of ACG/ACO errata pack does not leave Bloodrager as a suitable option, this character concept could be built instead as a Rage Prophet with the Wrecker Curse (and use a reskinned Wasting Oracle's Curse to get Witch-like luck manipulation powers and reflect scary appearance; not yet sure which Mystery is best; however, note that Rage Prophet has serious mechanical problems, most obviously the lack of awarding additional rounds of Rage with level, while Oracle VMC Barbarian fixes that problem but introduces arguably worse problems, although don't totally rule it out yet; also note that reportedly this Adventure Path is highly broken anyway). Either way, this character would be Wreck-It Rafaela; however, she (in the Rage Prophet incarnation, if it can be made to work) might actually be better saved for Iron Gods (see below). Sariel Cerea (see Second Darkness, above) also has a possible alternate spot here. If none of these are acceptable, this is also a decent Adventure Path for a Tower Shieldadin or a Reach Witch (see below; Orc/Half-Orc version preferred). I have said this above with respect to Wrath of the Righteous, but I'll say it again: Please let me get into a campaign of this that is NOT MYTHIC, unless somebody manages to pull off a Miracle in fixing the brokenness of Mythic rules.

Mummy's Mask (February 2014 - July 2014): TBA. I have the weird idea of a character (Human Arbiter Bard or Archaeologist Bard, maybe?) who is interested in (and has acquired skills to make a plausible attempt at) starting the Andoren Geographic Society. This character has the weird idea of making this work by attempting to befriend the local authorities, by bucking the general trend of legalized-looter-style tomb-raiding, and instead cataloging everything very thoroughly and transparently to the authorities for local curation (preferred), and (if possible and needed as a failsafe) arranging for that which cannot be curated safely in the local area to be shipped back to a trusted museum in Andoran. Of course, making this concept work will require considerable buy-in from the rest of the party -- it isn't going to fit with money-grubbing treasure hunters, and probably not even with Indiana Jones types.

Iron Gods (August 2014 - January 2015): TBA. Thinking of a Kasatha (but otherwise standard) Bard -- this doesn't necessarily work all that well (game) mechanically, and normally I wouldn't want to use a race that doesn't have its own backstory yet, and his backstory would have to be designed and his racial abilities pruned to avoid breaking the Adventure Path (hence, he was an orphan raised by Humans or some other Core Race -- potential problem: not sure of Kasatha lifespan). However, a four-handed organist is just too good to pass up . . . if the concept can be made to work mechanically. If not, a reasonable alternate character concept is the Wreck-It Rafaela concept described above as a possible alternate for Wrath of the Righteous, but preferring the Rage Prophet build over the Bloodrager build (if mechanical problems with the Rage Prophet can be overcome). In either case, part of the idea is: Robot Problem? Monster Solution! Yet another possible alternate character would be Mirosir Tepescik-Tessadril (see Rise of the Runelords, above), whose deep-seated slacker nature creates a natural attraction to technology for its potential of enabling the evasion of even more work. Sariel Cerea (see Second Darkness, above) also has a possible alternate spot here.

Giantslayer (February 2015 - July 2015): TBA. Despite this AP being sooner than Hell's Rebels (below), I have heard even less about it, so at this time no embarrassment for not yet being able to think of a fitting original character concept for this one. Mechanically, the title suggests a character geared towards fighting small numbers of very powerful enemies; but to play against the theme, a redeemer would be fitting. If worst comes to worst in terms of conceptual creativity (and maybe even if not), this could be another default place to fit in a no-excuses full progression spellcaster character (see Legacy of Fire, above) -- perhaps this Adventure Path is the place to put a full-fledged debuffing Halfling Witch. If somebody else already has this covered, this is a good Adventure Path for a Halfling Mouser Tower Shieldadin (blend in Battle Herald if the party lacks a Bard). If somebody else already has this covered too, this is a good Adventure Path for a Halfling Mouser Underfoot Adept Monk Monkey Shiner (no link yet available to this build concept -- will update if/when one becomes available).

Hell's Rebels (August 2015 - January 2016): TBA. Would like to get -- not just a Tiefling, but somehow a full-blooded (although initially lowly) Devil in here. This Devil would of course have to be heretical (from Hell's point of view). Might be able to do this using the Summoner switch trick proposed for Curse of the Crimson Throne or Council of Thieves (both above). Failing that, pending more information about this Adventure Path, I might also consider this a suitable Adventure Path for an Arcane Trickster (for the revolutionary theme; again see Council of Thieves, above); alternatively, if I was ever going to use an Alchemist or other class Archetype that uses Bombs (Mad Bomber for the revolution!), this Adventure Path would be the place.

Counting up the character concepts by Class and Race

One thing I want to do is make sure I am not putting too many eggs in 1 thematic basket (class or race). Of 17 released or announced Adventure Paths to date, here is an approximate count of character concepts by Class and Race, counting the primary concept for each Adventure Path, except counting the next concepts after the possibly unworkable Summoner Switches (for explanation, see Curse of the Crimson Throne above) and Kasatha (for explanation, see Iron Gods above) as ties with them, and not counting class dips of 1 or 2 levels:


Wizard: 1
Tie between Summoner Switch or Undecided: 1
Oracle: 2
Cleric: 1
Tie between Summoner Switch or Bard: 1
Cavalier/Battle Herald: 1
Mad Cowboy (some kind of Bard or Gunslinger into {Ig}Noble Scion): 1
Witch: 2
Rogue (Pathfinder Unchained version)/Ninja: 2
Slayer: 1
Bard: 2
Tie between Bard or Bloodrager/Rage Prophet: 1
Tie between Summoner Switch or Alchemist: 1
Alternates for various Tower Shieldadin builds or Reach Witch alternate class choices: (Not counted yet -- totals up to 6 each)

Note: Reach Witch is mentioned above for several Adventure Paths -- this does not yet have any counts of its own (currently appears in 4 places, but is not a primary choice for any of them right now). This concept refers to a Witch wielding a polearm to fish for Attacks of Opportunity while debuffing enemy after enemy with Hexes and the occasional spell. See this post for the Elf/Half-Elf (Dexterity-based, otherwise standard Witch) version and this post for the Orc/Half-Orc (Strength-based, Scarred Witch Doctor) version.


Dhampir: 1
Tie between Summoner Switch or Human: 3
Drow: 1
Undecided: 3
Half-Elf: 1
Human: 3
Unknown: 1
Changeling/Witchblood: 1
Tiefling: 1
Tie between Kasatha and Changeling/Witchblood: 1
Halfling: 1
Alternates for various Tower Shieldadin builds or Reach Witch alternate class choices: (Not counted yet -- totals up to 6 each)

So far, not too shabby; Oracle count currently resisting the tendency to go a bit high due to the thematic need for Oracle's Curse; full martial count is definitely low (only Cavalier/Battle Herald and Slayer count, and only mostly); Human count is a bit high but fits reasonably well with the Pathfinder Campaign Setting.

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