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Umbranus's page

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great fun!


I loved this one.
A great chance to leave the serious stuff at home and just have fun with these little pests.
I'm looking forward to GMing or playing we be goblins, too.

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Some nice ideas...

**( )( )( )

...but the result wasn't as good.
Let me start with saying that I had, most likely, given it 3 Stars if it had been a seperate module instead of a part of carrion crown. Not because being part of CC makes it bad but because for me as a player it didn't seem to fit in with the bigger picture.

But as is I could not help but wonder "Why are we wasting our time here instead of hunting the whispering way?"
That sums up one of my main concerns: Character motivation. There is, really, none given.

Other problems I had with the adventure:
- Too much railroading.
- Too much time pressure. After some time we had to start using massive ressouces to keep going. Like lesser restoration spells and a bought scroll of napstack that eat up nearly all of our scarce cash.
- As someone else rewied:

WAAAAY too skill roll intensive on the first portion. It just became annoying.

- The mob attacking the prison

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By far the best of the first 3 parts

***( )( )

A lot of people seem to like this adventure very much.
I didn't quite as much.
For me it seemed less about horror but more about hack and slash dungeon crawl with undead.
The trust mechanic is terrible.
And I think throwing one big, powerful magic weapon at the PCs instead of letting them find several weaker ones lead to PCs sitting around during fights doing nothing because the enemies where immune to mundane weapons.

As the title states, this was by far the best of the first three parts of carrion crown.

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