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Umbranus's page

3,774 posts (4,070 including aliases). 3 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 4 aliases.


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In another thread about a feat that has domain or blessing as prerequisite people tell me that I can just take the above feats.
But here the only answer was that they do not count.

So yes or no?

BadBird wrote:
While you would have to go through the 'War Blessing' feat to get from having an Oracle mystery to having Energy Channel, it may well be worth it since you get to treat your Charisma as your Dexterity for AC purposes with those Mysteries.

If war blessings work as prereqisites, yes. But that is by far not clear.

@Kaboogy: I've seen and contemplated that. But half bonus damage is something. But often that might be offset by resistances.

How Do you think a Paladin build with a 1 level dip into cleric would work for this?
You would have access to energy channel earlier (even if it's only +2), have full BAB from then on and you don't need an archetype that grants a domain.

I'd go Paladin 1, cleric 1, paladin x. That way I can get power attack at 1st level and get more hp to start with. Then 2nd level the dip into cleric. I get some useful spells + slots and two domains, one of which has to be an elemental domain. Possibly both for more options.

Going Paladin most of the time makes choosing the deitie for the favored weapon unnessesary. And I get more use out of having a high charisma.

1st level:

Human paladin warrior of the holy light of Torag

Alternate race traits:
Adoptive Parentage (Dwarves)

Called (Faith), Blooded (Region)

Power attack

2nd level:

Seperatist cleric of Torag

Earth, Fire (Arson)

Do you think that might work out?

Edit: This way I do not get energy channel until 3rd level. But without this dip I would get it another level later and would have to take an archetype that gives me a domain.

Not sure about that. Would be nice if it did qualify. But from another thread I got that this doesn't work:

would having the feat that gives you access to a minor blessing or a 1st level domain power fulfill the prereq?

- War blessing gives you access to minor blessings
- believer's boon gives the 1st level domain power of one domain
Both do not have a special line about counting for prereqs, that other feats have.
All from the ACG.

wraithstrike wrote:
The (...) two do not qualify you.

And believer's boon has no note that it works for prereqisites while a follow up feat of believer's, that allows you to lay on hands once per day boon has it.

There has been another thread about this feat but that was not seen as such. So I thought I'd add this one.

Energy Channel:

Prerequisites: Channel energy class feature; Air, Earth, Fire, or Water domain or blessing.

Benefit: A swift action, you can expend one use of channel energy to grant your weapon attacks a bonus on damage rolls equal to twice the number of dice rolled for your channel energy. This additional damage is of an energy type determined by your domain or blessing: acid (Earth), cold (Water), electricity (Air), or fire (Fire). If you have more than one of those domains or blessings, you must choose one of those damage types when you use this ability. This effect lasts for your next three weapon attacks or until the end of combat, whichever comes first.

So you need channel energy and an elemental domain or blessing. Because of that there are not a lot of classes who qualify without multiclassing.

- Cleric: Streight forward. Take the right domain and you are good to go. But for a lot of channels you are MAD, needing Wis, Cha, either dex or Str and a little con. The only stat you do not need is int and that with only 2+int skillpoints.

- Warpriest: Takes longer to get because channel doesn't come online before 4th level. And it works through fervor, which is an important ressource for the warpriest. That means later and fewer uses of energy channel.

- Paladin: The sacred servant and the temple champion archetype gets a domain. Apart from that similar to the warpriest when it comes to starting level and uses/day. But extra channel fixes that.

Did I miss another option?

Via multiclassing other ways open up. The life oracle, for example. That way one could build more for cha. But does it offer other goodies for a melee guy?

Which way would you go?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There is a trait, river rat I think it is, that increases damage with daggers by 1.

Another thing I've been thinking about is taking a badger or wolverine pet and learning sympathetic rage myself. That way my pet and I could rage together for some rounds per day.

That's instead of taking the maneuver route.

Or alternatively multiclass hunter and barbarian for ferocious companion and amplified rage. But this one would take at least 'till 5th level to come together.
Perhaps if I combine both ideas?

What I really do not understand is the idea of the "good" hexes being to few.

Should I make another witch and go the "white" route I would see plenty of possibilities, at least among the normal hexes.

- Aura of purity
- cauldron
- Fortune
- Healing
- peacebond
- Soothsayer
- Ward

In addition there are quite some additional hexes that are neutral, so a good witch could take them, as well. And some I did not include because I'd see them a green. For me every witch, more so the good ones, has a green touch but I kept those hexes separate because others seem to view that differently.

Faelyn wrote:
Krell44 wrote:

Thanks for the tips!

To Markov: The "lock Down" was intended to be Me and My pet. I wanted to isolate a single target and we would blow it up while the rest of the party handles the others. Then, peel one out and repeat.

This tactic works great with a melee hunter. I would suggest picking a companion that has a combat maneuver built in, such as a wolf. Big cats are damage machines with pounce.

What do you think about th small cat with weapon finesse for tripping?

With the tiger animal focus it starts with a dex of 23 or a +6 bonus and it has the trip ability.

Right now I'm reading "The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories ". Not as quick a reading as most other stuff I devour. Which is no bad thing.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would assume the same limit as the brawler's martial flexibility has:

martial flexibility wrote:
If a combat feat has a daily use limitation (such as Stunning Fist), any uses of that combat feat while using this ability count toward that feat's daily limit.

Synth wrote:
The eidolon must be at least the same size as the synthesist.

That at least answers the last question. The eidolon has to be at least the same size as the summoner. So increasing your own size via hunter pool and then profiting from that as synth is not possible.

The other way 'round it would not help you to increase the eidolon's size and your own strength because when fused you use the eidolon's strength.

Peet wrote:

Obviously the PF Haunt rules were written after the Core Rulebook so the text of disrupt undead should be superseded by anything in the haunt rules that suggests that they are vulnerable to it.

PRD wrote:
positive energy applied to the haunt (via channeled energy, cure spells, and the like) can damage the haunt's hit points...

The use of the phrase "and the like" suggests to me that disrupt undead would work.

Do you guys agree?


kinevon wrote:
Jeff Merola wrote:
Eridan wrote:

The fluff text from 'Disrupt Undead' says 'undead creature' but the spell itself is a ray and not limited on targeting creatures. Basically a haunt is a undead phenomenon that can be fought like a creature.
That's rules text, not fluff text.
Which is also why I asked about negative energy affinity, since the creature with it is not necessarily undead, but could be living, like a dhampyr...

But they are treated like undead for positive energy.

There is one bloodrager archetype that can burn spell slots for self healing. That, too would be a good way for a non casting bloodrager.

Eridan wrote:

Regarding dhampirs and DU:
Dhampir wrote:
Negative Energy Affinity: Though a living creature, a dhampir reacts to positive and negative energy as if it were undead—positive energy harms it, while negative energy heals it.

In short: Yes, it hurts them.

@OP: Haunts, too are damaged by disrupt undead.

Calth wrote:
If you gain the a bloodrager bloodline power without bloodrage, it is unusable. The in addition is just giving you a nerfed means of accessing the bloodrager power without multiclassing.

Where do you read that? One could interpret it that way, but as written that is not the case.

Another near useless feat that next to no one will use because of feat tax.

There is a new line of feats, one of them Grasping Strike, that you qualify for either by being able to cast druid or ranger spells or by having the nature magic feat.

Am I right that the hunter, who can cast druid and ranger spells would still need nature magic because when he casts them they are hunter spells not druid and/or ranger spells?

Grasping strike

Adam Daigle wrote:
mikeawmids wrote:
I wonder if giants / half giants will be a playable race for this jolly green jaunt?

Nope! You supposed to be slaying them, not hanging out with them at family reunions. :)

And I had thought a sorcerer with racial heritage stonegiant to grab the earth touched feat might be an option. But I would not derogate the AP with such a PC.

Some time ago. But that was the last time I REALLY surprised the GM.
We were playing rogue trader (a warhammer 40k game by FFG) and were flying away from some planet to get to a point where we could activate the warp drives when we were hailed by some other vessel. They broadcasted a call for help while powering towards us and away from another spaceship that was firing in the fleeing ship's direction.
Before someone could do something stupid the following ensured.

Me: "It's a trap. They work together to bring the fleeing ship close enough for a boarding action".
GM: "How do you know?"
Me: "Gut feeling."

That is my main point of confusion. Because in addition can be read in a way that both abilities are not directly tied. Which would lead to the bloodline power being constant.

Seems you can combine them but then some class abilities do not work. In other words it is a bad but legal choice.

The feat states that you gain a 1st level bloodrager bloodline power and that you can enter a lesser bloodrage in addition to that.
That reads as if the bloodline power is always on. Not only during the lesser bloodrage. Is that correct?

Raging Blood wrote:

Your blood boils with latent energy, filling you with an intense fury.

Prerequisite(s): Eldritch Heritage or sorcerer bloodline class feature.

Benefit: You gain the 1st-level bloodrager bloodline power for your bloodline. In addition, you gain the ability to enter a state similar to (but less powerful than) a bloodrager's bloodrage. You can enter this lesser bloodrage twice per day, for up to 4 rounds. During this lesser bloodrage, you gain a +2 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution, and no morale bonus on Will saving throws. Otherwise, this benefit is the same as the bloodrage class feature.

If you have more than one bloodline, you choose the bloodline this applies to upon taking the feat.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

An order of the hammer cavalier gains the mighty bash ability once he reaches 2nd level.

Mighty Bash wrote:

At 2nd level, the cavalier does not provoke attacks of opportunity when she attacks foes while unarmed so long as she is dealing nonlethal damage. In addition, the cavalier's unarmed strikes deal more nonlethal damage than usual; she is treated as having a number of monk levels equal to her cavalier level for the purpose of determining how much nonlethal damage her unarmed strikes deal.

Normally unarmed strikes do not threaten unless you have improved unarmed strike. Instead normal unarmed strikes provoke. This ability lets the cavalier attack without provoking but, I assume it still does not allow him to threaten, or does it?

I would assume that it doesn't because it doesn't state that it does. But somehow it seems strange if it doesn't.

Does mighty bash grant the ability to threaten with unarmed strikes?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

[minor spoilers ahead]
I recently ran crown of the kobold king and there some rooms have notes about how the occupants react to certain situations. That's pretty cool.
Some are prepping an ambush, some come to aid others.

My party noticed that and skirted around one fight, erected a barrier to block sound and then went back to kill the guys they circumvented earlier.

I'm going to try and adopt that kind of enemy behavior in other games I run.

metamagic rods let you use a certain metamagic feat 3/day. The level of spell they can affect is limited, too. The smallest version goes up to 3rd level.

Oversized limbs doesn't allow it. With that you do not get a penalty for wielding oversized weapons you CAN wield, it does not give you the ability to wield bigger weapons.

In a way thunder and fang. Because it allows you to wield an earthbreaker as one-handed weapon.
Same way quarterstaff master allows you to use the quarterstaff as one-handed weapon.
But there is no ability that straight out allows you to wield oversized two-handed weapons. At least not without using third party or D&D3.x stuff.

Ascalaphus wrote:
Sounds like stealth errata to me, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

I really do not see it that way. Other weapon enchantments are supposed to be on unless specially turned off, as well. Like merciful, for example.

He loses wis to AC in armor but he can flurry in it.

Diseenith wrote:

-The character uses a 2h weapon
-No magic, ninja and rogue tricks are fine
-The character wears at max light armor, preferred to go no armor
-The character does not rage, in that its personality is that of a more or less very emotionless individual, otherwise it'd be to easy just to pick barbarian
-Preferably has skills, after playing a sorcerer I hate feeling mostly useless out of combat (Party has a wizard and cleric so they covered all the support spells).

Sohei seems a good way to me.

Undecided on the class. They are all cool. Druid, Cleric or Sorc, most likely. Then turn Aasimar then change sex.
Druid of Gorum for the ability to wear metal armor. Best for the "chick in chainmail" thing.

Barbarians, at 6th level can get savage dirty trick which allows to add additional penalties to those normally applied by dirty trick. So you could make a dirty trick attempt as your first attack, making the target dazed or staggered for one round if it fails its save and then make the iterative as unarmed strike which then triggers the additional attacks from medusa's wrath.

Savage dirty trick

Brawler 5/barbarian 6 would qualify if I don't miss anything.

Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:
Umbranus wrote:
There is no reason for it not to be possible. The same as you can still miss with a nat 20 due to concealment.
Well, except they nerfed an entire feat line that allowed the same thing, one of the strong arguments was because it stopped crits.

For parry to stop that nat 20 crit the swashbuckler's roll+mods has to be higher than the attacker's 20 + bonuses. So the swashbuckler has to be a superior combatant for it to be able. That was not the case with the feat line you mentioned.

Edit: And the blur spell (as a lot of other spells) can stop crits, too. Most likely with a higher chance.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You have to use a standard action to activate it once after you obtain the weapon and again after you actively deactivated it.
I remember there being an official answer in that direction once. The sheath is protected from the weapons own elemental effect thus you can just sheath the weapon without deactivating it.

Edit: Found it:

James Jacobs wrote:
While it's a command word to activate or deactivate a weapon like a flaming or a frost weapon... once activated it stays on. Sheathing it suppresses the energy automatically, and when you draw the weapon later it's ready to go. You'd only want to turn off the energy effect, as a previous poster said, when you're facing something that using that type of energy against is a bad idea.

For a battle vs an iron golem, for example, it could be a good idea to deactivate that flaming effect (having to re-activate it later) but most of the time it can just stay on.

There is no reason for it not to be possible. The same as you can still miss with a nat 20 due to concealment.

What Nefreet said.
And we already had this discussion two weeks ago. Just without restriction to AoOs from maneuvers.

I'd suggest taking glorious heat. It is minor healing and a nice buff just added to your blasts.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Eltacolibre wrote:

Not everybody wants to play people dancing around with swords...some just like swinging their big swords and be done with it. I have a friend who enjoys playing dex fighter and enjoyed it when Swashbuckler was released.

Swashbuckler is pretty cool...but frankly I will never ever play a dex based class for personal preference really. I prefer brute strength or spellcasting but that's just me.

Using a bastard sword or katana might be big enough for some people. And the dancing around part is not necessary. You can easily play a guy wielding a bastard sword who's standing still most of the time until he strikes or someone attacks him. That's when he dodges just far enough to not get hit.

But to OP: I'd play a slayer over a fighter or swashbuckler most of the time. Except maybe for a dip.

Imbicatus wrote:

Empiricist is an investigator, not an inquisitor. ;)

I meant investigator.

I could see an inquisitor as engineer. Empiricist most likely.

I recommend a barbarian with savage dirty trick and a cavalier of the order of the hammer who combines a big weapon and unarmed strikes, using the latter to activate his enforcer feat.

The barbarian uses his savage dirty trick (that can't be ended early) to soften the target up and prepare him for his buddy.

The cavalier (doesn't have to be single class) can make free sunder attacks vs the target of his challenge and could use that to make the target's weapon and armor broken. When he uses unarmed strikes (nonlethal) he deals damage as a monk of his level would, working wonders with enforcer.

In the worst case the target is now temporaryly blind, staggered, shaken and weaponless before the third guy even starts doing stuff.

Back in AD&D I played a swashbuckler type guy who and always longed for a magical rapier. For a long time we found only swords until, finally, I found a rapier that seemed magic. When I grabbed it this beautiful weapon started to talk to me saying "Make a wish, go on and make a wish." Not knowing what that meant I was just glad about my shiny new magic rapier.

The, some time later we encountered some evil guy who was muttering in a foreign tongue, gesturing, while behind him 9 people in full-plate made ready to attack us. When I got ready my rapier again went "make a wish!" And I yelled "Alright now stop it! I wish that guy could not cast anymore!"
The guys spell fizzled and my depleted wish-blade disappeared leaving me weaponless* against the 9 undead the cleric had sent to kill us. The cleric himself fled for not being able to cast spells anymore. At least not in the short time it took my companions to kill him and his undead.

*Has been a long time, not sure if it really disappeared or just was non-magical after that.

If you want to blast and mainly use fire spells perhaps glorious heat might be a nice addition. Sure, it doesn't make you blast better but it gives your blasts additional benefits.
Even after having been nerfed for being exploited it is still not too bad.

Matthew Downie wrote:
Umbranus wrote:
I think this is not about him being too harsh but what kind of campaign the players expected. To send a dedicated assassin with 3 levels higher after a group, using all the tricks he has to offer is about the same as having them be killed by an avalanche when travelling through the mountains.
Four levels higher.

Yes, I mixed up level and the CR given by OP.

What I was up to: When an assassin decides to kill someone he has a good chance of succeeding if his level is similar. If he behaves like a proper assassin should.

kinevon wrote:
@Jayson: Summoners, other than Master Summoners, can only have one active SLA summons at a time, and only if they don't have their eidolon out.

Right. The first eagle would disappear when the second one is summoned. But they can still both attack during turn 1. Doing that burns through your summons quick. But in a game with 15min work days it does the trick.

I'd treat it as giving concealment. Being in concealment allows to use stealth.

5 people marked this as a favorite.
Taku Ooka Nin wrote:

Was the GM too harsh in this PC massacre or should have the PCs made better decisions about how to act in the wild?

I think this is not about him being too harsh but what kind of campaign the players expected. To send a dedicated assassin with 3 levels higher after a group, using all the tricks he has to offer is about the same as having them be killed by an avalanche when travelling through the mountains. Stuff like that can happen. But should it happen in a RPG campaign?

Depends on the campaign.

I decided against the dip and thus against the second feat to not delay my barbarian progression. While 5th level is rather empty for an invulnerable rager 6th is nice. I get cold resistance 1 (boosted to 3 by unscathed trait), DR increases and I get a rage power with new choices to qualify for.

Because of that I only took power attack. But that is already a significant increase in damage.

Thanks for the advice.

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