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Umbranus's page

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As others have said you can use a light shield because that way you can transfer your weapon to your shield hand for casting.

About the focus: You can get a sanctified shield (channeling focus) that counts as a divine focus.

As the giver of the reward is a fey I'd go with a little mischief added to the personal reward. Like the thing does something cool (like the other's rewards) but makes the user's hair turn blue or something. Nothing that is too bad for the pc but that reminds him/her of what (s)he did.

As a side note: As you described the fey queen she sounded like a real jerk I could see some of my PCs have problems with, too. Perhaps you should talk to the player in question. Perhaps (s)he felt the same and just reacted according to the fey's behaviour.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
The Brawler Rage Power ups your unarmed damage to 1d6 if you already have Improved Unarmed Strike. With that, I see no reason not to go straight Barbarian.

I didn't know that. Cool.

As a barbarian you don't need the scaling damage dice that bad. You got flat bonuses instead. And there is a two rage-power chain that gives you imp unarmed strike and two-weapon fighting while raging.

Athaleon wrote:
How many combat feats are actually good? Good enough to compare to class features like Rage Powers? How wide a variety of abilities do they actually give you? And how many of the good feats are Fighter-only?

There are no real fighter only feats because all feats so called can be taken by a variety of other classes, as well. And not only obscure archetypes as is with getting rage powers without being a barbarian.

Depending on how low you want magic to be it is more or less difficult. The easiest path is to just increase all spell levels by 1. Meaning cantrips become level 1 spells and level 9 spells become epic no standard caster can cast. That leads to casters starting out with nothing but what are cantrips today.

Yes, the human would be flatfooted the first round, not because he is in darkness but because he has not acted yet. After that both can see their attacker so no problem. Should the drow move away from the light later in the fight it would change.

Depends what you want. For mounted fury I prefer being a half-orc with the amplified rage feat and the saddle that gives teamwork feats to my mount.

666bender wrote:
DominusMegadeus wrote:
666bender wrote:

i like barbarians, but Superstitious i like less than most here.

yes, it give super saves but in a group, it mean no one will "waste" a buff or heal at you - as you will resist easy.

the 2 builds i like for barbarians are: all Invulnerable.
1) Invulnerable barbariann with 1 dip in fighter > for easy staleart feat access. it will have super DR and super HP.
2) take 1-2 oracle (battle or metal) for fatigue immune , and 1 lvl in fighter for stalwart access. learn and focus on strength surge, knockdown etc, read scrolls. nice rounder character.

The idea is usually that casters will buff you before you rage, and that you don't particularly need buffs for every fight. Healing, you can rage cycle.

normally the fights begin without preparations. so, round 1-2 buffers buff.... while melee fight...

also, rage cycle is pain to gain. the least cost that i know of (without items that no DM will give...) is 1 lvl dip to oracle , so its barbarian 9 minimum.

It depends very much on the group's play style. If the group buffs in combat an option is to delay behind the buffer. That way you can at least get one buff without loosing a round of rage.

For healing: Shield others pre combat and the healer heals himself. Or channel energy, which is no spell.

Marcus Robert Hosler wrote:

Anyone else never see or use an ion stone at any point in their time playing this game?

I know they are a thing, and I include them in all judgments, but how many of us actually do have stones floating around us at all times?

There is one that regenerates hp at a rate of one per hour or so which I have used. The cracked Pearly White Spindle.

For attacks it depends. It can make a full attack action (no move action) with one bite and two claws. All at full attack bonus and with the strength bonus applied to damage (+1 at 1st level)
Or it can move and make a standard attack action. Then it has to choose which weapon to use (bite or one claw).

For armor it has 10 base +1 natural armor (listed for the big cat)+3 (dex) = 14

It does have a separate pawn. Some groups play it with a shared initiative, some with a separate initiative.

the companion can learn tricks, later the druid can command it to use such tricks, for example Attack.
You find all the rules for animal companions here.

The lion starts out with:

Big cat wrote:

Starting Statistics

Size Medium; Speed 40 ft.; AC +1 natural armor; Attack bite (1d6), 2 claws (1d4); Ability Scores Str 13, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 10; Special Attacks rake (1d4); Special Qualities low-light vision, scent.

Modified by the 1st level column in the Table: Animal Companion Base Statistics under the link I've given.

It starts out with 2d8 hp plus con modifier, has a BAB of 0, 2 skills, 1 feat (from a special list under animal companions) and 1 trick.
The hp are not maxed for 1st level unlike PCs.

Marcus Robert Hosler wrote:

Likewise, I would totally allow a Huge water elemental to break someone's fall.

That's the whole point of this discussion. Your side gives some abilities what the rules give them plus every thing you think it should logically do. While the other side just gives abilities what the rules give them and stay away from bringing logic into a fantasy world.

ChainsawSam wrote:

So you're stuck with D&D, Pathfinder, and maybe the group of weirdos that still play WOD games.

Unless you're in Washington state. Then all these bastards play Shadowrun and it'll take you a long ass time to find a group for anything else.

I'm really puzzled how hard it seems to be elsewhere to get gaming groups. When counting the last couple of years I had groups for PF, shadowrun, L5R, the WH40k games from FFG, Midgard (german system), 7th sea and would have had the opportunity to play WOD or others but declined.

When looking at my whole gaming life I guess I played at least 50 different RPGs. As I had no group for some time I just joined my old pals (who were playing the traditional way around the table) via Skype. One place around the table. I could even see the battle-map and the other players, just not the GM, because he was sitting behind the camera.

/thread derail

The sad truth is that nearly every gaming system has a martial-magic disparity because nearly all of them assume that martials have to follow physics while the magic users don't.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In fact there are a lot of good options (maybe not optimised but still more than viable).
- Weapon master fighter/archaeologist bard (with fate's favoured)
- Paladin/Wood oracle

For something else a sohei/urban barbarian might be good. Or a small sohei/hunter if ACG is allowed.

The first uses the rage to increase to hit or (via adaptive bow) to damage as needed when raging. The second one can ride his AC into battle when the terrain allows for that, gets to share teamwork feats with his pet and has some other nice stuff.

Edit: Forgot the alignment restriction on the first one. But Aasimar would work.

AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:

Oath Against the Wyrm Code of Conduct wrote:
Slay evil dragons, as well as other dangerous dragons whether or not they are evil. Prevent the bloodlines of other creatures from being corrupted with draconic power. Protect the innocent against the predation of dragons.

So, while he might not KILL her, would he be okay to work with her if she's 'corrupted' and even more so a dragon blood drinking sorceress?

EDIT: Okay, got ninjaed a bit... so yeah might not like it if she has children, but otherwise could be friendly with her.

Just be glad its a female specimen or else you would have a harder time with preventing other bloodlines from being corrupted.

Side question: Would a paladin in such a case be allowed to smuggle bachelor snuff into the draconic sorcerer's body? If it was a male and he intended to be free with his love so to say?

Kwauss wrote:

I'd just like to see all the common posters here, who readers take as authorities (like Wraith), giving better answers than 'the ability doesn't say that so it doesn't do that', but more likely 'although not listed in the ability, it should probably by extension of the name have that effect.' Teach people how to RPG, not MMORPG, even in the rules forum, I recommend.

The problem with this is that it encurages like "I use ray of frost to frees the wet flood to make it slippery." or "I pour water into the lock and cast ray of frost on it. When the water freezes its volume increases, cracking open the lock". Which have both things I actually read around here. And with that you can stop giving spells levels and limiting them per day. Why learn grease when ray of frost can do it?

1: The splatterman is a ghost, the lopper is, as far as I know, a wraith. The third, I could remember/find online.

2: We came upon the trial of the beast because we had the task to bring some books to Leppidstat. The woman we had to give the books to told us that she needs us to find out the truth about the beast and sh would pay us double she owed us if we were successful or nothing if we declinds. Not even what she owed us already for the books. No leads, just need for money have been our reason to help.

Depending on the pc you could use int, as well. If you go sorcerer, for example, having a low int isn't that bad. Put your favored class bonus into skills then you have at least that one skill point per level.
You could take the skilled alternate racial trait and you'd have 2 skills per level.

Being a little more clear:

About the genre:
CC is called gothic horror but I much more found it to be splatter mystery. A little bit like scoobydoo meets doom.
For me gothic horrow would require the undead/monsters to be fewer and more dangerous, not wading through destroyed skeletons and zombies.

Part 1: I liked this part except for tha fact that there were too few magical weapons and too many incorporeal foes. I could see myself GMing this first part as a standalone. But then I'd either replace the incorporeals with foes more sensible for a low level module or use other ways to make sure every player has a chance to contribute.

Part 2: I did not like that fact that the group was forced to abandon the search for the whispering way to help some construct. We got no roleplaying incentive to help except being offered money and the fact that he/it might be innocent. Very much NOT reason enough to stop persuing an undead cult that endangers more than a single life/soul.

Part 3: Again no reason given to go to the castle except for the beast having invited us. The search for the whispering way seemed altogether forgoten. The party was very much too low on cash and equipment, about WBL for level 2-3 at level 6, when we had to fight stuff like rust monsters that destroyed the only magic armor our party had.
As the castle belonged to someone we had no reason to plunder it and because of that we had no chance whatever to gain any loot. No reason to clear the castle of monsters we were just endangering our lifes and spending the little ressources we had for nothing while still ignoring the whispering way.
I guess it was about mid-way through part 3 when our mage (the only PC my stonelord liked) was killed. He then took the corpse, brought it to the next temple and went of his way to really fight evil in a meaningful way.

DualJay wrote:
Umbranus wrote:
I once did a level 1 sorc build that could deal 1d3+7 with ray of frost while buffing the party (and himself) via flagbearer. Might not be as powerful as some others that have been suggested but I'd like to play him at some time. And he still has his level 1 spells to do other stuff.

How'd you get ray of frost up so high?

All I can think of are draconic and Orc bloodlines, maybe point blank shot.

Off the top of my head:

Havoc of the society trait, liquid ice as power component, point blank shot, flagbearer in addition to being a crossblooded sorc. Orc and a second one which I do not remember.
And if your GM allows it take the mindlessly cruel (orc) trait. Either through adopted or through having the orc subtype through the bloodline.

Edit: Here is the thread about it.

Kwauss wrote:

This is the problem I'm having perpetually with the forum people or PFS people in general. You have an ability whose name implies getting things wet, and has a mechanism that would involve getting things wet, but since 'it doesn't say it does', it doesn't happen. This attitude is more appropriate for a MMORPG or playing 4E than playing a RPG like PF. As a GM, I'm not going to let you put out a campfire using Drench without it looking like you dumped a huge bucket of water on it (and generating mud).

"No wait," says the PFS player, "this book states it puts out fires, not that it makes things wet."

My issue is that if the designers didn't want it to be putting fires out by dropping water all over it, it would be named 'extinguish'. That's applying a modicum of common sense by reading the description of the ability, and in direct conflict with the 'it doesn't say it does' mentality. I'm concerned it's influencing a whole generation of gamers negatively.

So you would allow a water elemental (or druid in the form of one) to akt as a source for drinking water?

Or to irrigate a field?

MurphysParadox wrote:

Another fun fact: elementals can't talk, so I hope the druid player isn't trying to communicate while in the form of an elemental.

at least some elementals have a language listed. And without the "understand only" some magical beasts have. And the general rule is that if you (your form) can talk you can speak every language you know.

Orthodox Banjoist wrote:

ACG is permitted, but i think can be already unbalanced, so i try to avoid...

Master summoner seems a good alternative, i will think of that

Did you just call the ACG potentially unbalanced and then went on with considering the master summoner? Really?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Perhaps he's talking about the reincarnated druid archetype.

I once did a level 1 sorc build that could deal 1d3+7 with ray of frost while buffing the party (and himself) via flagbearer. Might not be as powerful as some others that have been suggested but I'd like to play him at some time. And he still has his level 1 spells to do other stuff.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

We're not talking about eating animated objects made out of chocolate syrup, we're talking about the blood of the living. If you bite someone and swallow human blood, you're saying, "this creature is food to me, I will gain sustenance from drinking its blood." And if you're doing that to an intelligent creature, you're treating intelligent creatures as food. That's evil.

If Rolf has to kill someone in order to defend himself, we accept that.
If Rolf is attacked and has to resort to biting his attacker in order to escape or avoid being killed, we accept that.
If Rolf bites his attacker and decides to swallow the attacker's blood, that's just creepy and inappropriate.
If Rolf swallow's the attacker's blood and his eyes light up with joy and he gets stronger for doing so, that's evil.

I doesn't matter if Rolf is a human, dhampir, half-orc, or gnome; gaining power from drinking a person's blood is creepy and evil.

It's an easy choice: If you're worried about drinking blood being an evil act, (a) play an evil character, or (b) don't take the Blood Drinker feat. Your character lives in a universe where there are absolutes for the alignments, and the physics of that universe says "Feeding on unwilling intelligent creatures is an evil act."

My only problem with this is that they are not using this in the rules. By this the sanguine blooded sorc drinking blood to heal himself should be an evil act. But it doesn't have the evil descriptor that other similar abilities have.

And yes, it should be no different with a dragon's blood. But remember: Doing a little evil act now and then will not change your alignment.

/offtopic: I'm always amused by the above quote because I happen to know someone named Rolf.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
DrDeth wrote:

I have several issues with this comparo, and one is Superstition. It's highly situational and varies by group. If a group likes to use lots of in combat buff spells, and has longer combats where healing will be necessary, Superstition is a trap.

It has its drawbacks, yes. But calling it a trap is a bit strong imo.

Just yesterday we had a fight where superstition could have killed my pc but I'd still always take it again, because there are more fights in which it saves my behind.

The kobold can start with a bite, get two claws via rage power or ranger combat style and get a tail slap in addition to that via a feat.

in addition to that they can qualify for noxious bite. But I don't think that's PFS legal.

feat racial heritage:halfling. Or settle for the weaker helpful trait that is open to every race.

How do you want to get a real consensus if only those who liked the AP well enough to play it to the end are allowed to vote?

I for my part was a player in CC and left the group because, for me, the AP sucked. so for me the fun factor was 1/10.


2) until I left in book 3 there was no central theme apparent. First you hunt the whispering way, then you suddenly forget that to help the beast...

4)the hardest part of book 1 was sitting around several fights because of multiple incorporeals and only one magic weapon for the party.

Artanthos wrote:
Umbranus wrote:
No feats let you change your pc that much like some rage powers.
Mounted Skirmisher wrote:

Prerequisites: Ride rank 14, Mounted Combat, Trick Riding.

Benefit: If your mount moves its speed or less, you can still take a full-attack action.

Normal: If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only take an attack action.

Unlike a pouncing barbarian, the mounted skirmisher does not have to move in a straight line.

Good to see that fighters can get something akin to pounce, too. But I don't see what this has in common with my statement that there are more different ways to buiold a barbarian than there are to build a fighter.

Is it possible, that you missread my posting? It was not about charging but changing.

Rynjin wrote:
To be fair, dropping Beast Totem for Spirit lowers the AC something fierce. Even moar damage though.

I just wanted to show that there are more ways you can go. Ways that are not open to the fighter. No feats let you change your pc that much like some rage powers.

But the one time I tired a spirit totem barbarian we had to fight a special tribe of lizardmen immune to negative energy and healed a little by it.

Build a dwarven inquisitor. You will not get trapfinding but you get lots of skills, good perception, bonuses to perception to notice traps in stone walls or floors as well as good saves vs some sorts of traps.
You can be a melee, a ranged guy, a buffer or a mix.
While it is true that you don't have a full 9th level arcane caster you do have a summoner. That has to be enough.

CountofUndolpho wrote:
Ok how about if blinded etc would I just move 10' a round full stop? Is there any ruling for it?

I guess you could do a double move. But I'm not sure how your speed would be calculated in that case. i.e. is it two separate move actions for 10ft twice or is it one move for 25ft?

Insain Dragoon wrote:

Want to play a noble and skilled weapon master in full plate? That Armored Hulk Barb archetype is a better fit, just say you're rage is the tunnel vision from the fight or flight response in combat. Not only will you be more effective in combat, but you will have more skill points to back up your roleplay.

And on top of that the barbarian can choose class abilities that let him get more use out of charisma, should you want to play a charismatic leader guy. (the spirit totem line and the rage power that lets you intimidate as move action for example) meaning that the barbarian class is more versatile than the fighter class, too. (If you go by base class without archetypes)

But one thing the fighter has going for him: He can take a trait to up his armor by 1, evening out the armor value in the first comparison. No such trait for the barbarian.

And we still have no ruling on how to treat non item buffs that grant an int bonus for longer than 24h. Like an extended threefold aspect.

If you cast this every other day, you always have one day when it is a temp buff and a second when it is a permanent buff.
New language and maxed out skill every other day?

Ricardo Pennacchia wrote:

I do remember that Star Wars SAGA RPG had a similar mechanics. Might be worth checking it.

Eridan wrote:

You can use a 'wound' system similar to the 'Earthdawn' roleplaying system.

You define threshold for damage per hit. Everytime you get more damage than your threshold you get a wound in addition to the damage. If the damage dont ecxeed your threshold everything is fine and you only get damage. Every wound is a -1 penalty to dice rolls.

The threshold can be CON, 10+lvl, ..

A wound is healed with a healing spell in addtion to the damage.

We tested this in the past with D&D3 and it worked good. You only count wounds and use penalties. That is not much paperwork.

Try it if everyone in your group wants more realism.

I would suggest a threshold of CON + 2 x BAB, so it could benefit martials a good deal.

If you use con or con +2xBAB then it is impossible to wound a level 1 char without killing him and it's even close for a level 2 one. The result would be that you can hit a low level pc, bringing him below zero and he's unwounded but the high level pc can be hit that bare nicks his hp but wounds him.

Because of that I'd rather take con bonus instead of con but perhaps BABx3 instead of x2

Thomas Long 175 wrote:
The effect ends immediately if it can't attack you.

If it can not attack you in the round of its duration you can make a check to increase the duration for another round.

And even that is only for the intimidate part, not the diplomacy part.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Torbyne wrote:
Maybe for about a year people will talk about the sad death of rogues and fighters but then unchained comes out and we get new rogues who phase through walls and fighters who can cut through space and time.

I would be very happy to see fighters getting cool stuff.

K177Y C47 wrote:
Uncommoner wrote:
Hmmmmm, I get the sneaking suspicion I won't be seeing any more rangers or rogues in my games anymore..

well rangers still have uses. Some people liek the AC, and other people like the woodland feel. Also, spellcasting...

Rogues though... yeah....

For our games it will, most likely, replace rogue and fighter. But not the ranger.

I don't have my playtest document with me so I'm doing this from memory.

Example for a Dwarf Slayer:

I think PFS uses 20 point buy, right?

1st level Dwarf slayer
STR: 16 DEX: 13 CON: 16 INT: 12 WIS: 12 CHA: 8

Alternate racial trait:
Rock stepper (5ft step in some difficult terrain)

Weapons of choice:
Dwarven waraxe, light spiked shield

Defensive strategist
Glory of old

Power attack

Class abilities:
Favored target (choose a target hit better, deal more damage no daily limit)

8 Skill points

So right now the differences between fighter and slayer are: One less feat, one more good save, two more special abilities, four more skill points, no heavy armor.

At second level we choose ranger combat style weapon and shield to get TWF.

The differences remain the same except that we could ignore the prerequisites for our 2nd level bonus feat and we missed out on bravery. Let's say that evens out track, which most dwarves will rarely use.

At third level we get sneak attack instead of armor training. While sneak attack is not what we are looking for it sometimes helps deal damage and as a dwarf we get little from armor training because we are slow and steady.

At fourth level we get our next slayer talent. Up until now the best fitting might be combat trick to get a bonus combat feat, same as the fighter. We can't choose weapon spec, but instead of getting +2 damage with one weapon we get +1 hit and +1 damage with all weapons just by using favoured target.

At fifth level your favoured target increases to +2 and you can have it active on two targets. We miss out on weapon training.

I left out the standard feats, because every char gets those.

All in all the slayer can be played and fluffed just as a fighter. He can't use heavy armor if he wants to use a ranger combat style (thanks to Imbicatus for pointing out) and you don't get armor training, weapon spec and weapon training. But you (in my opinion) more than make up for the loss through what you get instead.
You can ignore prerequisites for some feats, you get two good saves, a lot more skills, a strong ability to increase hit and damage with favoured target

With the ACG we will see some archetypes so we might even get something that's even better at being a dwarf man at arms.

Edit: Just to note it, until at level 5 he gets his earth elemental, the stone lord paladin can be seen as a rather stereotypical dwarf warrior, too.

Imbicatus wrote:
Umbranus wrote:

But there is one point in which I disagree with you, Arachnofiend: I would be using heavy armor as a dwarven slayer. It's just a feat and I'm slow and steady.

Don't Slayers & Rangers loose the benefit of their combat style in heavy armor?

Right, that is possible.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The kobold racial feats and noxious bite. Especially combined.
Kobolds are one of few races that can get it relatively easily.

I still miss a class that gets cool supernatural abilities but no actual spells. Like a bard that exchanges his spells for a sorcerer bloodline.
We have enough examples of abilities such a class could get but they are exclusive to casting classes.
Bard, Sorcerer, Oracle, druid

2 people marked this as a favorite.
chaoseffect wrote:
From memory it says you can use it if you cannot take a full round action but can take a standard... which would mean you could use it while Staggered as well. Which is hilarious for a pouncing Barbarian.

... pouncing zombies...

I get the forbidden message with all of them. Including the new cavalier link.

JoeJ wrote:
L33Fish wrote:
If I were only playing with the core book, I'd still rather be a bard who happened to put max ranks into Disable Device than a Rogue. I would be able to deal with mechanical traps via DD and magical ones via Dispel Magic. Meanwhile, I'd be a better party face (via versatile performance), a better knowledge monkey, and have something to do in combat.

So what class should I play if my character is a little guy who grew up on the streets, making a living by breaking into the houses of the wealthy? He's never had the chance to learn any magic, and he's certainly not a performer - just the opposite, in fact. He spent most of his childhood trying not to be noticed.

Urban ranger, slayer, ninja, urban barbarian

The problem with gorum, while allowing you to take that nice trait, is that he gives a two-handed favoured weapon and as such you'd still not have a good one-handed weapon for sword and board.
That's why I suggested Ragatiel earlier in this thread.

On the other hand there ARE some simple one-handed weapons that can be used. The morning star for example.

For stats I'd go str > con = wis > int > dex > cha

Half-Orc Gorumite Inquisitor:

Going half-orc would allow you to use longswords through the city raised alternate race trait, would give you a bite attack through toothy and, if you like it as much as I do, endurance through shaman's apprentice. You are steel, you don't want to take off your armor at night, do you?

Without dumping you could have: STR: 18 DEX: 12 CON: 14 INT: 13 WIS: 14 CHA: 10

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