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Umbranus's page

3,676 posts (3,946 including aliases). 3 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 4 aliases.


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FAQ wrote:

Ray: Do rays count as weapons for the purpose of spells and effects that affect weapons?

Yes. (See also this FAQ item for a similar question about rays and weapon feats.)

For example, a bard's inspire courage says it affects "weapon damage rolls," which is worded that way so don't try to add the bonus to a spell like fireball. However, rays are treated as weapons, whether they're from spells, a monster ability, a class ability, or some other source, so the inspire courage bonus applies to ray attack rolls and ray damage rolls.

The same rule applies to weapon-like spells such as flame blade, mage's sword, and spiritual weapon--effects that affect weapons work on these spells.

OK, what have we here?

-"a bard's inspire courage says it affects "weapon damage rolls," which is worded that way so don't try to add the bonus to a spell like fireball."
So we get that it doesn't apply to spells like fireball. Undisputed but to have this part of the FAQ out of the way.
-"worded that way so don't try to add the bonus to a spell like fireball. However, rays are treated as weapons, whether they're from spells, a monster ability, a class ability, or some other source, so the inspire courage bonus applies to ray attack rolls and ray damage rolls."
So we get that rays count as weapon. States nothing about other spells
-"The same rule applies to weapon-like spells such as flame blade, mage's sword, and spiritual weapon--effects that affect weapons work on these spells."
And this tells us that spells that function like weapons are affected and goes on to describe what kind of spells is weapon-like: flame blade, mage's sword, and spiritual weapon. All those are spells that create weapons, which then are treated as weapons by effects enhancing weapon damage.

So where do you get that other spells not mentioned here are affected by effects that work on weapons? Can you give a Rules/FAQ/Dev quote which states that spells which have an attack roll but are not rays count as weapons?

Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This... is my boomstick!

Mark Hoover wrote:
Eigengrau wrote:

A 3rd level Dwarf Cross-blooded Orc/Draconic Sorcerer with Zest For Battle Trait, Havoc of Society Trait, Flag-bearer feat and False Focus feat, can do 1d3 +1 Havoc +2 Cross-blooded +1 Flag-bearer +1 Zest for Battle and +1 for Dwarf FCB.

So he's +2 to hit (BAB and Flag-bearer) and 1d3+6 damage and can use False Focus to make that Acid Splash last for 2 rounds, by using a divine focus as part of casting, you can cast any spell with a material component costing the value of that divine focus (maximum 100 gp) or less without needing that component.

That's not too shabby for a cantrip.

If False Focus can sub in for any component under 100 GP then it can sub for the Brimstone I mentioned upthread adding an additional +1 damage. Ranged Acid Splash ranged touch +2 (1d3+7) and since its all feats and non-consumables its all day, every day. Not bad indeed...

Except that, as noted above, some of the damage buffs do not apply to acid splash as it is not considered a weapon and thus can not benefit from weapon damage increases.

universal monster rules wrote:
Creatures with natural attacks and attacks made with weapons can use both as part of a full attack action (although often a creature must forgo one natural attack for each weapon clutched in that limb, be it a claw, tentacle, or slam).

Until I checkt it and found the above I thought that slams were not attached to limbs. But this quote seems to indicate it.

On the other hand the zombie states:

Zombie template wrote:
Attacks: A zombie retains all the natural weapons, manufactured weapon attacks, and weapon proficiencies of the base creature. It also gains a slam attack that deals damage based on the zombie's size, but as if it were one size category larger than its actual size (see Natural Attacks).

Which doesn't note that a slam might be connected to the arms. And the fast zombie even gets an additional slam attack:

zombie template wrote:
Whenever a fast zombie takes a full-attack action, it can make one additional slam attack at its highest base attack bonus.

That means a fast zombie can, by the rules, make all of its normal natural weapons it had before becoming a fast zombie, two slams and/or all his weapon attacks.

All in all it seems, at least, unclear.

-Grijm- wrote:

That depends, I'm mostly going by PFS ruling. I can't find what are the legal choices regarding the racial heritage u can select.

Trust me, even I would like to have some monster feats like multi attack and improved natural attack (without ranger dip). And no where in the rules nor the feat description do I find anything that says I can qualify for them.

The feats state what you need to fulfil to qualify. For the rules forum that is what counts. For PFS they might not be legal but that is for the society forum not the rules forum.

The part you quoted earlier showed that you can take those feats if you meet the prerequisites. So as long as you play Pathfinder not PFS you can take improved natural attack.

Right I misread it.

Is there any 1 level dip that would help an arcane bloodrager with getting moonlight stalker faster ie giving the right bonus feats except just fighter 1 for a bonus feat?

The idea is that the arcane bloodline allows you to have blur active everytime you bloodrage. As blur gives you concealment the bonuses from moonlight stalker should be on most of the time. But it has a lot of prerequisites.

Moonlight stalker:

You are adept at using shadows to conceal your attacks.
Prerequisite: Int 13, Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Bluff 3 ranks, darkvision or low-light vision racial trait.

Benefit: While you have concealment from an opponent, you gain a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls against that opponent.

Studied target (the slayer ability) should work in melee and on range.

avr wrote:

I'd have a hard time dumping any of the Destined bloodline powers except level 8 or Arcane other than level 12, so it'd be difficult to squeeze Greater Beast Totem in via Primalist. Says something about how good the powers are I suppose. Elemental would be relatively easier, drop 4 and 12 and you're there.

Could you take Extra Rage Power once you have at least one rage power, or do you need the exact class feature?

I think you need the class feature. But you could dip a level of barbarian, don't you?

For society it should not matter much as you can (if I'm not mistaken) rebuild your PC at 2nd level. So just build a classic swashbuckler for 1st level and rebuild it at 2nd.

-Kobolds with the alternate racial trait for a bite can easily qualify for noxious bite, for example.
-Sorcerers with racial heritage (stone giant) can enjoy the benefits of the earthtouched feat.
-Every pc able to get a fly speed can take hover, wingover and/or flyby.
-with racial heritage (goblin) you can use all or at least most of those nice goblin feats.
- A lot of PCs, like witches, qualify for ability focus.

In fact there are relatively few monster feats PCs can't qualify for. There are the ghoul feats, some that require special attacks like heat rock or one requiring a stone giant elder. Most others are fair game.

Unless the GM bans them, which he can do with EVERY feat he doesn't like.

@Vetnor: Not clear if you could use it out of rage but you should be able to take the feat. Sadly that way your DC is lower than by being a kobold. Because the kobold breath weapon uses PC level instead of half class level. And the breath weapon DC is what's used for noxious bite

The undead bloodline strikes me as one of the weak ones or at least very situational. Two abilities are about causing fear, one is about combating incorporeals, most of which are not subject to fear (undead). It has a clear line to follow only in fluff but not execution.

Celestial is very depending in the campaign you play but elemental (especially air) can be nice for the early permanent fly speed.

Infernal again seems rather weak. Especially when compared to elemental which is somewhat similar. The 1st level power gives flaming and thus doesn't stack with a flaming weapon whereas the elemental version should stack. And for most of the other powers elemental has a power that is similar but better.

What strikes me as interesting is that you will not be able to make a fly check while raging without taking a feat or trait that allows it, yet many bloodlines eventually give you a permanent fly speed. I guess that will be a much overlooked/handwaved rule.

ZomB wrote:
With Create Pit remember that it is a -15 to climb DC (total 10 DC) for being able to use both walls and a corner, climb is a move action so 2 climb checks a round, and climb is a strength based skill so giants are good at it. Most giants just accelerated climb (+5 to DC for a total 15 DC) out of the pit in one round (2x 20ft climbs).

If they do two climb checks to get out in one round, don't they end up on the slope where they have to make a ref check to keep from sliding back in?

Rimed ice storms are a blast to slow them down. Deals some damage, creates difficult terrain and entangles them if they are dealt cold damage. That reduces their offence, defence and makes them nearly immobile (quarters their speed).
Follow up with grease and watch the entangled guys balance through the difficult terrain to reach someone.

So take them down send in the air support via summon monsters.

Hmm wrote:

I have a question for all of you about using the acid flask to add damage. Is this a consumable focus, or a non-consumable focus? If it is a non-consumable focus, then carrying the acid flask becomes very interesting for my low strength, 1st level sorcerer. If it is a consumable focus, does it use up an acid flask every time you hit? That could be expensive, not just for the cost of the flasks but also in terms of carrying capacity.

Thanks in advance for your answers to my question.


It is a focus (non consumable). When consumed it would be called material component.

You could use it as a component instead of using it as a focus. Then it would increase the duration by 1 round, meaning it would deal its damage twice.


A common flask of acid has many uses as an alchemical power component, particularly with attack spells.
•Acid Arrow (M): The spell's acid lasts 1 round longer than normal.
•Acid Fog (M): The fog's radius and height increase by 5 feet.
•Acid Splash (F): The spell deals +1 point of damage.
•Acid Splash (M): The spell lasts 1 round longer than normal.

•Dispel Magic (M): Using acid as a material component while attempting to dispel or counterspell a spell or effect with the earth subtype gives you a +2 bonus on your dispel check. This bonus applies whether you are using dispel magic, greater dispel magic, or some other spell that you can use for counterspelling (for example, if you have the Improved Counterspell feat).
•Grease (M): The grease is acidic and deals 1 point of acid damage per round to any creature in the area or holding the greased object.
•Wall of Ice (M): For each flask of acid used as a power component, you may designate one 10-foot square of ice wall that, if broken through, deals 1d6 acid damage in addition to the normal cold damage.

You can not use a flask of acid as both a focus and a material component to get both, the damage increase and the duration increase.

@EvilPaladin: I don't know from which book this is. I always use it from d20pfsrd's equipment list.

Rynjin wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:

I think the point redward was trying to make is that there is a difference between editing/proofreading 800 pages of a novel and 800 pages of game rules.

It's like comparing bicycle maintenance with motorcycle maintenance. They have a lot in common, but can't be held to exactly the same standard.

Not really, at least in this case.

Typos and clear mistakes in grammar and so forth are exactly the same. And there are plenty of those to go around in addition to the more uniue RPG errors.

Fun fact: The novel (or trilogy of novels) with the most editing errors and typos in it I ever read was published by an RPG company. The books are good enough that I read them several times. But it is always something between fun and hard to read when I do.

Metux wrote:

So Archaeologist’s Luck (Ex) with fate's favoured trait can only benefit to rays and weapon-like spells?

Yes. And weapons in general. But not normal damaging spells.

Justin Sane wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
I know Paizo prefers to use full-color art, with minimal art reuse, but the discussion of pagefitting causing trouble is making me think of those oft-reused sketches inside WotC's 3.5-era softcovers. You know, the ones with no real context other than be dungeon-dressing?
I'd rather see reused stock art and good text than magnificent art and badly-written text. Especially because I don't use the art in-game.

More so when the books mostly sit in (on?) the shelves while the real gaming uses the online databases.

brawler could be a good addition. Or slayer, but that one is good for nearly every martial build.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:

So the CRB FAQ has this to say:

Paizo FAQ sais wrote:

Ray: Do rays count as weapons for the purpose of spells and effects that affect weapons?

Yes. (See also this FAQ item for a similar question about rays and weapon feats.)

For example, a bard's inspire courage says it affects "weapon damage rolls," which is worded that way so don't try to add the bonus to a spell like fireball. However, rays are treated as weapons, whether they're from spells, a monster ability, a class ability, or some other source, so the inspire courage bonus applies to ray attack rolls and ray damage rolls.

The same rule applies to weapon-like spells such as flame blade, mage's sword, and spiritual weapon--effects that affect weapons work on these spells.

To me, that means that any spell which requires an attack roll is affected by those abilities, which would include acid splash.

Weaponlike spells does not mean spells with an attack roll but spells that are like weapons. (examples are:flame blade, mage's sword, and spiritual weapon) so it is rather clear that rays and weapon like spells are affected but not other spells.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:

They really need to fix the spells that require ranged attack rolls but that aren't defined as rays. They need to make it so that any spell which requires an attack roll is a "weapon-like spell" and it qualifies for any bonuses that a weapon attack would qualify for.

This would have a huge affect on a character I am working on right now.

With that acid splash would be vastly superior to the other damage cantrips. Now you have to choose between having a ray or ignoring SR.

Lupo nero wrote:
Monk with boar/tigre style?

Unarmed strikes are light weapons.

Edit: The problem is that weapon finesse only works with light weapons (+ some special weapons) and slashing grace only works for one-handed weapons. So without being a swashbuckler or using one of the special weapons you can't use weapon finesse with slashing grace.

Owning a flask of acid adds 1 point damage when used as a focus material.
The other damage cantrips have additional methods which only work on rays, which acid splash is not. Inspire courage and flagbearer for example.

Things that work:
- Havoc of the society
- Acid as power component
- sorc bloodline arcana

Things that work on rays but not acid splash:
- Point blank shot (the to hit bonus applies)
- Flagbearer
- inspire courage
- for evocation spells the evoker wizard school power intense spells

Rays count as weapons while acid splash doesn't as far as I know. Because of that everything that states increasing weapon damage doesn't apply.

Edit: If you are not a sorc then the traits mindlessly cruel or zest for battle can work when combined with flagbearer.

I think it would work with flurry of blows instead of TWF because you do not have to use your off-hand for the flurry. You'd need a monk weapon but there are some that work, like the wushu dart.
That way you get the same number of attacks as with TWF.

Forty2 wrote:

I never read Swashbuckler's Finesse as every single One-Handed Piercing Weapon; I always figured it restricted things like the Spiked Chain/Whip.

** spoiler omitted **

If what you're saying is true... that would be ridiculous. No reason not to be proficient with a Falcata now!


Personally, I would use a Dueling Sword over a sawtooth any day. Same stats, Finesse to attack, slightly cheaper.

But worse for TWF because with two sawtooths the TWF penalties count as if you were using a light offhand.

As I understand it you only get dex to damage but not to hit. So no finesse. Seems to be for the swashbuckler who can finesse all one-handed piercing weapons.

Is a vermin companion a form of animal companion or something similar but different? Why I ask is because without knowing the class ability I'm not sure if it fulfils the prerequisites for celestial servant.

Without any further pieces of information I'd say no, but I can't give RAW. Could you quote the ability giving you the vermin companion?

If you get the Vermin Heart feat, you are on the save side.

Vermin Heart:

Prerequisite: Wild empathy class feature.

Benefit: You may target vermin with spells and special abilities that only affect animals (although they are still affected by spells targeting vermin as well). You may use wild empathy to influence vermin as easily as you influence animals.

Dredcor wrote:

Nowhere in the handle animal skill does it say you need to perform a check to make them perform a trick, after you teach them it.

Yes, it does.

Handle animal wrote:

Handle an Animal

This task involves commanding an animal to perform a task or trick that it knows.

The DC for this is 10, by the way. If you want your animal to do something it is not trained to do you have to use:

Handle animal wrote:

Push an Animal

To push an animal means to get it to perform a task or trick that it doesn’t know but is physically capable of performing.

The DC for that is 25.

Arutema wrote:
Umbranus wrote:
Derwalt wrote:
I'm ressurecting this thread (hululululu!) - as I think the issue needs errata. I've pressed FAQ on the first post, and would invite others to do the same.

I don't think it needs one. This issue is an inconvenience that you have different ways to cope with.

It's like the druid needing a feat to cast during wildshape.

And indeed, said feat for Mad Dogs has now been printed in the Advanced Class Guide:

Skilled Rager
With practice, you’ve mastered your rage to allow yourself
more versatility.

Prerequisite: Rage class feature.

Benefit: Choose one Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skill. While you are raging, you can use this skill.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you do, it applies to a different skill.

I'd rather take the trait that does the same, more or less. It was mentioned up-thread and is called coherent rage.

Would it be viable to make a thrower/switch hitter build with the swashbuckler?

The swashbuckler's precise strike adds the swashbuckler damage to light or one-handed piercing melee weapons even when they are thrown. There are several piercing light or one-handed weapons out there that can be thrown.

Would you dip into another class with such a build or go straight swashbuckler?

- Monk would add flurry if you use a monk weapon like the wushu dart, which is already a good weapon because of the neglect able weight.
- Warpriest would increase the damage die (depending on the weapon used).
- The fighter (brawler) gets a bonus to hit and damage with the close weapon group, which many throw-able melee weapons are in. But needs 3 levels which is a lot for a dip.

If you can get a scaling SLA as prereq for arcane strike and the splintering weapon feat (with bone wushu darts) you should be able to deal some damage while still being able to go melee when it suits you.

Looks feat intensive and the question is: Is it worth it (viable) in the long run?

Edit: Wrong board. Should have been in advice.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Derwalt wrote:
I'm ressurecting this thread (hululululu!) - as I think the issue needs errata. I've pressed FAQ on the first post, and would invite others to do the same.

I don't think it needs one. This issue is an inconvenience that you have different ways to cope with.

It's like the druid needing a feat to cast during wildshape.

deuxhero wrote:

What's the bloodrager spell list now? At first it had the magi list (which was passable, but meant it couldn't cast some spells every caster in the game could) second it got a unique list that was strictly worse than the magi's.

At first glance I feel the final list is worse than the magus list. But it depends on what you want from those spells. During the first part of the playtest I build my BR in a way that he coped with most combat related things using his rage and only cast spells out of combat or in emergencies. As such my spells were vanish, keep watch, Swift girding.

The final list* is mostly combat with only a little utility. All those spells have to compete with attacking during rage in effectiveness. And that with the spells only starting at 4th level. So you have to compare a shocking grasp to a two-handed powerattack, for example.

Sure, I can see using some combat spells in rounds in which you have to move, for example. But all in all I'd see a bigger net gain in overall power and versatility via out of combat or emergency spell usage.

*I mainly looked at the low levels.

Apart from the spell list I could not see significant alterations done to the BR. Especially not in the bloodlines which were (and seemingly still are) very unbalanced to each others.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I don't care much about the swashbuckler so far. But even if there are still some very attractive martial classes out there.
- Barbarian
- Paladin
- Ranger
For some builds the cavalier

Of the new classes at least the slayer is very attractive, too.
The bloodrager could have been but it seems he didn't get much love after the revised playtest. Sadly.


Zilfrel Findadur wrote:
So...a martial artist that rages, that is not a brawler, a brawler is more like a wrestler, a street-fighter, someone who has learned how to hit good by his own experience, au contraire from a guy who is practicing a determined style of fighting which has been designed carefully and methodic. I will say a Martial artist monk/barbarian fits that theme, it is better if he don't like to rage, and just do it in critical moments, adds flavor to the thing.

The OP doesn't want to multiclass.

And your description of a brawler might be the typical one. But nothing prevents you from playing a brawler who never, in his life so far, left his monastery. Who is a dedicated monk (the fluff) but with somewhat different abilities.

Rogar Valertis wrote:
Josh M. wrote:
But Warpriests are proficient with martial weapons... Why not just grab a bow?
Exactly... AND a warpriest of Gorum (or a cleric too imo) should want to deal with his opponents up close and personal...

Sure you would want to, but to be unable to fight back should that be impossible would indeed be a bad thing for a gorumite. And a sling could be the weapon of choice BECAUSE the gorumite might not want to be seen carrying around a bow. Plus the sling always applies strength to damage without further investments.

But, as always, YMMV.

You can get a familiar via your arcana freeing up your class choices. And, now that the ACG is out, the slayer is a good choice for nearly every martial concept.
Alternatively you can get a familiar through eldritch heritage arcane. While you need two feats to get that you could be a fighter. You get two bonus feats (combat feats). So you can learn two combat feats (weapon finesse and dervish dance) with the bonus feats and use the feats you freed up for skill focus and eldritch heritage.

Going the slayer route you get a slayer talent which you can use to get a combat feat. Even without the prereq if you take ranger combat style.

Rogar Valertis wrote:
So if, for mechanical AND thematic reasons I want to play a priest war priest of Gorum what does sacred weapon do for me?

You can have a ranged weapon that really deals damage, for example. Just grab a free sling with some metal (Gorum likes metal) sling bullets and enjoy your level dependant damage die.

Or you choose armor spikes as sacred weapon so you can hurt your opponent when he grapples you. And besides Gorum likes armor spikes enough to have the spell Gorum's armor (renamed spiked armor on d20pfsrd) which turns a suit of armor into spiked armor for some time.

Every one and especially a warpriest of Gorum should know that it is important to have a backup weapon.

You could:
- Play a barbarian and pretend to be a monk. With the "right" rage powers you get improved unarmed strike and TWF with unarmed strikes.
- As above but with the skald. Use spells to do "martial arts tricks".
- Play a half-orc monk, take the Sympathetic Rage feat and ask a friend to play a barbarian

Slayer, Barbarian, Oracle, Bard, Sorcerer, Brawler, Druid, Inquisitor

Not ever again without the slayer. It fixes two classes at once, the fighter and the rogue. For the 8th place I'm not sure. Could as well be the paladin instead of the inquisitor.

I still think about some day playing a guy with at least 1 level in winter oracle and 3 levels in invulnerable rager to get both endure elements hot and cold permanently on. But on the other hand some armor with a compfort enchantment is so easy to get and already helps a lot, counting as hot or cold weather outfit depending on what's better.
In addition to many of my PCs having endurance...

If you rule that being carried makes you loose an action I'd try to take advantage of that rule. If that same air elemental would grapple and move an opponent that opponent would end up away from the party with only a standard action to do. Easy way to keep a rogue type NPC out of the fight. I.e. one with low to CMD and no spells.

LazyTemplar wrote:
Davor wrote:

I think it's important to realize that warm temperatures are very dependent on where you've spent most of your life. I've walked for hours in 100+ degree weather with regular water and been fine. On the other hand, France had one of its worst heat waves in decades relatively recently, getting up to the upper 80s, and they had hundreds of DEATHS caused by it.

Typical temperature can influence things, and unless most adventurers spend regular time in these environments, it actually makes a bit of sense.

They use Celsius over there, so 80 degrees is actually 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty darn hot.

I am pretty sure it's never been 80°C in France. I live near enough to France to have noticed it. But it is right that the last feew hot summers caused some deaths in europe. Its mostly the ill or elderly who suffer from weather like that. Old people often don't drink enough and when it gets hot some die of dehydration. Especially those living alone.

For a healthy joung adult 80-100°F if exhausting. For the elderly it can be deadly. And around 100°F is what parts of france and big parts of europe had during some of the recent summers. (37,8°C)
And very few residental buildings have air-condishening.

Last year on one of the hottest weekends 'round here three of us were setting up tents for a medieval reenactment. In the evening, after 6 big tents, one of us more or less collapsed and only then did I realize that he had drunk too little and the wrong stuff. I felt more or less fine but I'd drunk almost 2 gal, mostly water, and worn some headgear all day.

It would work but it would not be worth it. Until BAB 4 you'd look at -3 to hit for +2 damage.
I don't know what you plan to do but I'd rather dip two levels into ranger or slayer to get power attack without the strength prerequisite.
Or any other archetype that gives it as bonus feat.

I wrot e the it would work part before reading that this is for dervish dance. As BBT noted that does not work.

Just take arcane strike instead of piranha strikes.

With bite, 2 ckaws, TWF and muliattack you could attack with the bite, one claw, a onehanded weapon and armor spikes, for example.
The natural attacks would be secondary and -2 to attack, dealing half strength bonus. The weapon attacks would be at -2, too for TWF.
If you find another weapon that uses no hands, besides the armor spikes, you could use your second claw, too.

Slayer. It's roguish enough but more power AND more style.

The easiest sort of dual wielder is the twohanded unarmed barbarian. Via the rage power you get TWF for unarmed without a dex prereq. Later dip 1 level into martial artist to get increased unarmed damage, full strength on all strikes, a bonus feat. Add in dragon style for again 0.5 times strength.
You can wear brawling armor (elven chain?)and an AOMF.

SunsetPsychosis wrote:

Do I just flat out remove the elemental resistances from the demons? Considering that's part of their CR, would I have to buff them in other ways to compensate? Should I come up with a way to let him change damage types of his spells? I'm sort of lost on how to handle it, I just hate seeing how disappointed he looks when he sees we're fighting more demons, when that's supposed to be the highlight of the campaign.

Tell him that he has three options: Keep on with what he's doing now, change his spells to those better suited fighting demons or reroll as another class.

Removing obstacles, especially to buff a full caster, is not advisable.

Kolokotroni wrote:
CWheezy wrote:

I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I would say that yes, it is. For many levels, the game is one shot and dead until the mid levels where you get some play, and then it is back to being very quick.

It seems like everything that does damage should be toned down, to allow combats to have more events happen. I am noticing in my games it is very much rocket tag, and it is rarely longer than 2 rounds of combat

If you optimize then you are certainly correct. But it isnt just damage. Many spell and supernatural effects are save or lose/save or die. I would not be reasonable to cut damage for the fighter in a world where the wizard still has spells to take out an opponent in a single failed save.


And IF you want combats to last longer would it not be easier to increase hp instead of reducing damage? Just give everyone, NPC, PC and monster alike max hp at all levels.

Anzyr wrote:
Umbranus wrote:
Anzyr wrote:
I don't know about you, but I can gauge in a general sense how serious my injuries are and I can remember my way through Zelda dungeons I haven't played in years. And last I checked I'm not a combat simulation RPG character.
Adrenaline is a tricky thing. Can make you feel well off despite being lethaly wounded.
I guess if you presume adventurers aren't at all competent that makes sense. Seems like a weird assumption given they do this kind of thing for a living but to each their own.

I just assume they are humans instead of John McClane or John Rambo.

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