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Umbral Reaver's page

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Tales of the Prime

With so many gods and spirits from a former world, there are equally many stories of life in the Prime. Most are fanciful and impossible, describing a place where man could cross nations in a day upon sorcerous devices, and wars where even the lowliest soldier struck at foes with divine lightning. Most such stories, unfortunately, are severely lacking in specifics. No nations are named, nor any places or people, save those that escaped to Deutero. If the gods themselves remember, they have told no-one.

Spirits have expressed distress and confusion at the haze over their memories of mortal life in the Prime, and opinions differ over the reason for this loss. Oft stated is that when the Prime dissolved into the Maelstrom, so too did its history and knowledge. Only by the will of the gods did mere fragments survive. The subject is of particular interest to servants of Ganne, Silai and Lyriasha. This is a point of conflict between the Silai and Lyriasha's faithful; Silai's sharing of knowledge against Lyriasha's covetous secrecy.

A separatist cult of Ganne called the Preservers aims to work in concert with a group of spirits of wisdom and memory to best recreate the works of the Prime in Deutero. They disdain innovation and creativity, seeing these as dangerous and destructive traits - perhaps the very same that led to the end of the Prime. Their goal is to restore only what was, and to create any more than that is heresy. With how fractured and vague stories of the Prime are, most of their work goes into gathering and cross-referencing them to extract what solid facts they can.

Start doing science! Make a character that studies the paths of the mortals-become-gods and attempts to create a coherent science from the evidence!

That sounds like some good plot.

Azathoth probably counts as the most powerful, not that it ever does anything meaningful with that power.

(Unless you count 'the universe existing' to be a meaningful use.)

But who reaps the reapers?

You could make it read, 'You may make a full-round attack as a swift action instead of a full-round action; you may not make two full-round attacks in the same turn.'

There's a Pathfinder Diablo Clan! Come join us!

The main enemy of the Silver Flame is Rakshasas, whose DR is beaten by piercing/good.

Paladins of the Silver Flame got the ability to smite using bows.

Pathfinder paladins can do that anyway.


Last night I dreamed that someone replied to my thread.

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I had a short-lived setting where dragons were 'spirits of greed' that manifested in places where great riches had been lost, usually at sites of old ruins and places where treasure was hidden. Being such aspected beings, they liked to gather more.

The Iron Kingdoms has an entire nation that runs on this stuff: The Nightmare Kingdom of Cryx.

Steam power dominates most of the world. Cryx uses undead enhanced by steam power... but uses fossilised agony instead of coal for fuel.

Pugwampi Bloodline!

It's a difficult question, because Empyreal Lords are impossible to describe. One might ask the same about birds. What are birds? We just don't know.

Finally got the ring. Now I just need to find some more sets to use it with! I've already got four of Inna's. I suppose it will let me swap out a piece for something else nice that I might find in the future.

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Petty Alchemy wrote:

Missing the point. I recognize some of the posters in this thread, and they all have criticisms of Paizo/products. I certainly know I do.

They're just better founded, specific, and not alarmist.

I cannot recall having seen a thread where, even if such criticisms are presented well, the thread does not blow up into hostile nonsense like this one.

If you believe Paizo is doing it wrong, you are arguing against fanboys.
If you believe Paizo is doing it right, you are arguing against alarmists.

See how that fails to achieve any useful discussion?

Rethinking summons.

I'm wondering if perhaps it should be impossible to physically summon something as a combat spell (that would be reserved for ritual-style casting), and instead all short term combat summons are 'elementals'.

Instead of being your generic protoplasmic blob of associated matter or energy, each elemental would have a particular form.

For example, the early nature summons might be Hawk of Air, Snake of Water, and Boar of Earth.

They are solid and can be interacted with, but are drawn from the elements rather than formed from flesh and blood out of thin air.

Chaos summons would be ice, fire and lightning. Death animates corpses and summons shadows, so that doesn't need changing. I can't remember if Arcane still has Phantom Warrior and Phantom Beast, but those are illusions so that's fine. I don't think Holy had any summons.

Doing bounties for RORG.

Find four good pieces of Inna's set.

Still no RORG.


And I keep falling off BattleNet. :(

The generally accepted definition of a Charisma-based check is a d20 roll in which the stat it is based on before any other modifiers (such as from other stats) is Charisma.

As stated above, a will save with Divine Grace is a Wisdom-based check with a bonus equal to your Charisma modifier. It's not a Charisma-based check.

There is an alternative interpretation that any d20 roll that includes Charisma is a Charisma-based check but that can get silly pretty quickly.

I got my season 2 monk to 70. Now doing bounties for a RORG.

This would be boring, but I've been tired and depressed (more than usual) and I'm actually finding Diablo rather cathartic. Everything is so tangibly crunchy. The enemies and environment crumble in such lovely ways. It's nice.

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From Kill Six Billion Demons. It might be fun to build a character that follows Meti's teachings. :D

Meti's Sword Manual

  • 1. Glory to the Divine Corpse, o breaker of infinities.
  • 2. I am Meti, of no house but myself. In my 108th year I am surrounded by fools. My compatriots cling obsessively to their destiny, and my only apprentice is an idiot speck of a girl with more talent for eating than skill with the blade. Therefore I have decided to die drowning in the boiling gore of my enemies, of which there are many.
  • 3. My master was the greatest lord general to the king Au Vam, Ryo-ten-Ryam, who first coaxed me into learning the ways of turning men into ghosts. As his interest quickly turned to the wholly uninteresting and most useless parts of my body, I returned the favor and relieved him of his.
  • 4. It is my personal opinion the straight sword is best if you can obtain one, but I also favor the sabre. The spear, stave, or club are peasant’s weapons of which I am wholly unfamiliar and so will not speak on them.
  • 5. Upon meeting me, you might find that my appearance is quite dreadful and unkempt. I have been spat upon by priest, king, and merchant alike. I have no retainers, and possess nothing except a straight sword six hand spans (five and a half kret) long (this is the proper length). This is because I am Royalty and the undisputed master of the principal art of Cutting. I will fight naked with ten-thousand men.
  • 6. From the age of thirteen I practiced every day with the straight sword. I followed a strict vegetarian regimen, and harsh training of barefoot sprints (five) between cities, squats and breathing exercises (two bells), and sword drills and resistance training (three bells).
  • 7. By the age of sixteen, my body was a steel edifice. I was so often mistaken for a man I began to wear my hair long with no pins and unbind my breasts. I could break stone with my hands with no effort, I could sprint between the Yellow City and the Lunar dominions in a day or less and barely strain my breath. My mastery of the sword complete, I enlisted in the Middle Army’s third legion, where I was widely respected as a swordswoman of incredible power.
  • 8. When it came time to face my first real opponent, the Colossus of Pardos, in my youthful pride and immense skill, I brought all my training and mastery to bear. Scarcely half a day passed before my sword was shattered into thirty pieces, my right leg was almost torn from its socket, and my honed body was broken pathetically in a hundred and forty places. I defeated him by gouging his brains out through his breathing valves. My thumbs, in this case, proved far more useful.
  • 9. At that moment, with my thumbs in his brains, I had a revelation. I had trained far too broadly. Existence and the act of combat are absolutely no different, and the essence of both, the purity of both, is a singular action, which is Cutting Down Your Opponent. You must resolve to train this action. You must become this action. Truly, there is very little else that will serve you as well in this entire cursed world.
  • 10. I hope that by reading this manual, you will be thoroughly encouraged to become a farmer.

Mastering the Sword

  • 1. YISUN's glory is great, and you may know this by two paths, the sanctioned words, and the sanctioned action.
  • 2. The sanctioned words are YS ATN VARAMA PRESH. The meaning of these words is YISUN and their attainment is Royalty.
  • 3. The sanctioned action is to Cut.
  • 4. To Cut means division by the blade of Want, that parer of potentials that excises infinities.
  • 5. To train with the sword, first master sweeping. When you have mastered sweeping, you must master the way of drawing water. Once you have learned how to draw water, you must split wood. Once you have split wood, you must learn the arts of finding the fine herbs in the forest, the arts of writing, the arts of paper making, and poetry writing. You must become familiar with the awl and the pen in equal measure. When you have mastered all these things you must master building a house. Once your house is built, you have no further need for a sword, since it is an ugly piece of metal and its adherents idiots.

The 18 Precepts

  • 1. Consider: there is no such thing as a sword.
  • 2. Your stance must be wide. You must not be spare with the fluidity of your wrists or shoulders. You must have grip on the handle that is loose and unstrained. I heard it said you must be tender with your sword grip, as though with a lover. This is patently false. A sword is not your lover. It is a hideous tool for separating men from their vital fluids.
  • 3. Going onwards, you must adjust hands as needed, do not keep the blade close to your body, keep your breathing steady. This is the life cut. You must watch your footwork. Your feet must be controlled whether planted on fire, air, water, or earth in equal measure.
  • 4. Breathing is very important! Is the violent breath of life in you not hot? Exhale! Exult!
  • 5. You must strive for attachment-non-attachment when cutting. Your cut must be sticky and resolute. A weak, listless cut is a despicable thing. But you must also not cling to your action, or its result. Clinging is the great error of men. A man who strikes without thought of his action can cut God.
  • 6. To cut properly, you must continually self-annihilate when cutting. Your hand must become a hand that is cutting, your body a body that is cutting, your mind, a mind that is cutting. You must instantaneously destroy your fake pre-present self. It is a useless hanger on.
  • 7. A brain is useful only up until the point when you are faced with your enemy. Then it is useless. The only truly useful thing in this cursed world is will. You must suffuse your worthless body with its terrible heat. You must be so hot that even if your enemy should strike your head off, you shall continue to decapitate ten more men. Your boiling blood must spring forth from your neck and mutilate the survivors!
  • 8. You must never make 'multiple' cuts. Each must be singular in its beauty, no matter how many precede it. You must make your enemies weep with admiration, and likewise should your head be shorn off by such an object of beauty, you must do your best to shed tears of respect.
  • 9. When decapitating an enemy, it is severe impoliteness to use more than one blow.
  • 10. A man who finds pleasure in the result of cutting is the most hateful, crawling creature there is. A man who finds pleasure in the act of cutting is an artisan.
  • 11. Man always strives to cut man. Therefore he who draws his sword the fastest is the survivor. To pre-empt this, you must live, eat, and s%!* as a person who has their sword drawn. It doesn't matter whether your blade, in actuality, is always out of its sheathe, though you will look like an idiot if it is.
  • 12. Consider: The undefeated swordsman must be exceptionally poor.
  • 13. The weak swordsman reserves his sword strokes. He clings excessively to his blade. His footwork is unsteady. His grip is too hard and he is afraid to crack the earth with his step. He has a shallow and wandering gaze, his tongue is sluggish and pale. He refuses to exhale the hot breath of the Flame Immortal.
  • 14. The weak swordsman clings to victory. He thinks of his life, his obligations, the outcome of the battle, his hatred for his opponent, his training, his pride in his mastery. By doing so, he is an imperfect vessel for the terrible fires of Will. He will surely crack. He will not laugh uproariously if he is cleft in two by his opponent’s blade. When his sword is shattered, his hands will be too reserved to tear his enemies’ flesh.
  • 15. The weak swordsman strikes his enemy down and thinks his task done. He relishes in victory. He casts away his sword and returns to his lover. Little does he know his single cut will encircle the world five times and strike him down fifty-fold.
  • 16. The weak swordsman clings to his instrument. It is better you have a sword, but death must lie under your fingernails, if need be. Learn death with your elbows, death with your knees, and death with your thumbs and fingertips. It is said death with the tongue is useful, but I find words too soft an instrument to smash a man’s skull.
  • 17. In manners of terrain, you must learn to cut yourself from it. You must cut even your footprints from it, if need be. Have complete awareness of each crawling thing and each precious flower, each blade of sweet grass and each clod of bitter earth, each beating heart and each being that thrums with love, hope, and admiration. Only then are you qualified to be their annihilator.
  • 18.Excess heat and excess coldness are undesirable. Learn to read the weather.


  • 1. It is said the greatest warrior-kings may sublime violence and forget all they learn about the sword. This is true. But the only true path to kingship lies through regicide.
  • 2. Moreover, only the worst kind of idiot strives to be king.
  • 3. My extreme hope is that some measure of wisdom will penetrate the thick skull of my apprentice. If not, may reading this manual demonstrate your powerful disinterest in it, and may its true value die with me.
  • 4. Reach heaven by violence.

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It's a glorious webcomic. It really makes me yearn for Planescape adventures, with its beautiful and terrifying depiction of adventure amongst bustling, cosmopolitan outer realms.

Kill Six Billion Demons

Make an illusion of impenetrable fog. Make sure your allies know it's an illusion so it appears transparent to them. Much better than a wall, since moving through a fog is totally a reasonable thing to happen.

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If pants were powerful, people would want to sunder pants.

Sunderpants. Do you want that in your game? D:


The Elemental Cycles

Chaos magic rules the elements of change: Heat, cold and electricity; and their manifest forms: Fire, ice and lightning.

Nature magic rules the elements of being: Gas, liquid and solid; and their manifest forms: Air, water and earth.

Each element overcomes two others, and in turn is overcome by two elements.

Fire overcomes ice and air, and is overcome by water and lightning.
Ice overcomes lightning and earth, and is overcome by air and fire.
Lightning overcomes fire and water, and is overcome by ice and earth.

Air overcomes ice and water, and is overcome by earth and fire.
Water overcomes fire and earth, and is overcome by air and lightning.
Earth overcomes air and lightning, and is overcome by ice and water.

I tried to fit them all into a symmetrical cycle by ehh... I'm not too happy with some of the interactions. Anyone got a better layout for these six that is still 'balanced'?

Like I said, working on it.

The mage would probably be unable to cast spells above a certain level, while the berserker can probably opt not to rage and thus avoid problems (and not benefit from rage+berserk bonuses). I dunno yet. It's formative ideas at the moment.

While sleepy, I had an idea. It may be one that is not useful to a lot of people, but could be great for NPCs or for players that like to build their characters in close cooperation with each other.

Paired Classes

A paired character class is a special class that joins a character with another character of the class' corresponding counterpart. The two characters have differing powers, but their abilities depend greatly on each other and draw on each others' strengths. When separated, they lose much of their abilities so must do their utmost to work as a team.

All paired classes have the following class ability:

Paired Bond: When a character takes his or her first level in a paired class, he or she designates an ally that has just taken the first level of this class' counterpart. If both parties are conscious and willing, these characters are paired until one of them chooses to end the pairing (an hour-long ritual). A character may only be paired with one other character at a time. An unpaired character with levels in a paired class may only pair with another character upon gaining another level in that class, and then only if their chosen ally has an equal or greater number of levels in his or her class' counterpart.


I haven't got any detailed plans for paired classes yet. At the moment I'm kinda thinking that they might work best as prestige classes. Help come up with ideas, or even write your own! If you can present a good concept I may try writing it into a pair of full classes!

Example concepts:

Leashed Berserker: The leashed berserker is a monstrous warrior of terrifying power, taking rage to inhuman levels. He is a truly devastating force and his indiscretion in battle would even threaten his allies. Thankfully, he is guided by the calm hand of his spiritual companion, the tether mage.

Tether Mage: The tether mage is a master of the spirits and forges a close bond with the intense emotions of a leashed berserker. She siphons off excess rage from his mind during combat, both to fuel her own magic and to keep his fury from destroying him and his allies.

Mechanically, I envision the leashed berserker having a 'berserk pool' that starts at zero and builds during a fight, by attacking or being hit. If it gets too high, the berserker loses the ability to distinguish targets or stop fighting.

The tether mage can spend those points to cast spells or perhaps add effects to or modify spells, and must keep up with the berserker's rate of combat to keep him from losing control and becoming a monster himself.

Possessing Spirits

It's fairly well-known by the scholars of the modern age that a common desire amongst the gods is to manifest wholly and physically in the mortal plane. It is believed that by doing so, their power will magnify by an incredible factor. Thus far, all attempts by deities to inhabit physical forms have been entirely unsuccessful.

Lesser spirits, however, have proven quite able to enter the bodies of mortal creatures and influence - or even directly control - their thoughts and emotions. We believe that ancient spirits were able to alter the bodies they possessed as well, but evidence of that is sparse at best. The story of the creation of the Syldanar is the most substantial record, but most versions do not include bodily possession by the spirits.

A possessing spirit can gain an increase to its power by taking a body, not to mention a more tangible ability to interact with physical objects and phenomena. Depending on the nature of the spirit and the strength of the possession, it may be able to manifest its magical powers through the body, although these powers are often influenced by the flesh they are channeled through. A spirit possessing a mage and attempting to cast a spell contrary to its nature is more likely to produce an aberrant result than not.

Possession is not always performed without the consent of the vessel. The Krodanoi have a long tradition of selecting favoured warriors prior to important battles to be possessed by spirits of chaos. The spirits drive the warriors into battle with fury and strength unmatched by their kin. Unfortunately, these chaos warriors quickly lose sense of friend and foe as they dive into combat and usually have to be subdued after the battle is over lest they start slaughtering allies.

What does this mean for players?

I guess it's kind of like the Binder. Put a spirit in you, get cool stuff, at the cost that sometimes the spirit wants to do stuff that you might not want to.

Can constructs or undead be possessed?

Sure. Why not? Spirits possess inanimate stuff all the time, so some inanimate stuff that walks and talks is just fine.

Summoner, no. Eidolon (the summoner's pet), yes.

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This is my STR 18 character. :)

MannyGoblin wrote:
If you ever played DA2 you would know. Needle and thread factors in.

I skipped DA2.

Oh well. Should I call this thread dead?

Finished it the other day as a human rogue (archer is OP). Started a new game as qunari mage. I'm interested to see how the qunari stance on mages factors into the character's conversation options and decisions.

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You can have sex with just about anything that has an appropriately sized protrusion or hole. I would doubt an eidolon can produce children, however.

Anyone still interested in this? I'd like some discussion I can respond to.

Have I posted about the greater Nature creatures? Nope! Let's see if I can think of some stuff right now.



The greatest of the Behemoths are Silai's favoured heralds. They embody the purity and strength of nature, unfettered by any other aspect. I can't think of what kind of creature they should be.



Fungal Mass

Often resembling a vast quadruped, the Fungal Mass is a constantly growing, decaying and reforming creature of indeterminate origin. Representing renewal, the parts of itself that slough off in its wake bless the ground with wondrously fertile soil. However, whatever lies in front of it is likely to succumb either to its powers of rot or its mighty strength.


The great birds of Anaton watch over his flock from the high places. So long as they have sufficient food, they will viciously defend territory from opposing creatures of power. Few farmers are willing to pay the price to appease such ravenous behemoths, however.

Something weird?

I haven't thought of a behemoth for Yazrath yet.

This was less successful a post than I anticipated.

I have finally started putting together what might end up as a Campaign Setting book for all this. At the moment, it's a whole lot of chapter headings and a bunch of notes copy/pasted out of this thread.

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In my experience, a courtroom in which the party are the defendants. I've had formerly reasonable players start freaking out and threatening to murder Paladins of the God of Law in attempt to avoid showing up in court.

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Use your arcane mark as a watermark and on the seal. If any part of the mark is broken, it stops being a magical mark. The recipient can see if any marks are missing.

Arcane marks cannot be forged, as far as I am aware.

I looked at Crossbow Ranger and saw it can skip the prereqs for Crossbow Mastery. Wow! At the cost of one feat it can almost be as good as using a bow! :P

My GM considers Named Bullet to be cheating. :P

Gestalt allows you to level in two classes simultaneously. You gain the best of each class (HD, saves, skills) and the class features of both. Where both classes share a feature (such as sneak attack), you only take the best progression; they don't stack.

Notes to remember in this thread:

1. Gestalt! Can we get two classes to fit together to make single-shot really shine?

2. E8. No class features after 8th level will be available.

I'm playing in what may be a fairly deadly E8 gestalt game, and I'm considering a ranged character as my backup. My current character is an intimidate focused oni-spawn beatstick.

So, with gestalt and 25 point buy, what are some good ways to make a single-shot archer? I'm less interested in the standard 'machine gun' archer, though I admit that what I end up is likely to be weaker.

I'm working on a system that uses this mechanic.

You have X points in your 'stress pool'. Casting costs points from it. It can be depleted by things that do 'sanity damage' as well.

When you have fewer than half your total stress points left, you take a minor penalty to actions and defenses (you are rather unsettled) and a bonus to fleeing, melee attacks and strength checks. The penalty/bonus increases when you have fewer than one quarter (you are freaking out).

If you go below zero, you then roll on an 'overload' table if you did so with spellcasting, or 'breakdown' if it was caused by sanity damage or something else. The amount below zero is added to your roll on the table.

Overload is basically a wild magic table, with severely detrimental effects toward the high end. The highest possible result is 'you explode with magical energy, obliterating your body and dealing damage in a radius'.

Breakdown ranges from temporary mental problems and penalties to stacking, long-lasting psychosis of various types. The highest result there is death by brain aneurism or something.


Spells don't have fixed durations in my system (as of yet). All spells that last more than one round last for as long as the caster maintains them. Each such spell has a maintenance value usually based on its level. When you take stress damage, you also take additional stress damage equal to the total maintenance values of all spells you are maintaining. It can add up pretty quickly.

This does mean that using fear and insanity effects on a mage that's running a huge lightshow can make him explode.

I haven't done any work toward a d20 version of this, but it could be done.

LazarX wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:

I was looking at lists of ways undead can be created, and noticed that if you're not careful, damn near every corpse you leave behind has dozens of reasons to rise up again.

Those reasons are still fairly rare in occurance. In places, where undead ARE that common an occurance, folks will simply start burning their dead rather than burying them.

Now I'm wondering if there's a type of incorporeal undead that rises from cremation.

Consecrate doesn't last long enough to be meaningful and hallow is extremely expensive.

I was looking at lists of ways undead can be created, and noticed that if you're not careful, damn near every corpse you leave behind has dozens of reasons to rise up again.

So I started thinking about a character, or perhaps even an organisation, whose specialisation is cleaning up the dead in such a way that they aren't going to rise as undead.

I'm pretty tired right now, so I haven't put any work toward building anything yet.

What kinds of character do you think would suit this role well? And if it's an organisation, got any ideas for how it would operate?

I had a campaign that involved time travel in its backstory. Each instance of time travel created a new world.

Timeline 1

High tech humans developed a time ship and fired it up. Their small scale tests hadn't revealed that the principle of time travel sent objects through the flesh of a Lovecraftian god. When the ship made its first time hop, everyone inside was exposed to infinite horror.

Timeline 2

The ship crashed in the distant past and leaked reality-warping madness into a primitive world. Mixed with the beliefs of both the travelers and the inhabitants, the warping effect produced a world overrun with magic and mythic beasts.

Eventually, necromancers came to power, and over thousands of years destroyed all life on the planet (except for a few small populations kept for food by vampires and such, and even those were dwindling). A bunch of powerful necromancers raised the wreck of the ancient time ship and used it to open a gate to a time when necromancy was still weak.

Timeline 3

A thriving fantasy world full of the usual fantasy tropes, and there are several portals to this strange 'Dead World' from which hordes of undead periodically invade. Yes, it's entirely possible for people in this timeline to meet undead versions of themselves from the necromancy-dominated timeline.

In this timeline, the wreck of the time ship remains undisturbed, undiscovered...

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Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Eltacolibre wrote:
Pretty sure according to gaming history, starcraft was originally made as a w40k game, except for some complicated reason, Blizzard lost the license and kept going with making the game.
Really? I knew that was true of Warhammer / Warcraft. I didn't realize that it was also true of 40k / Starcraft.

That's a popular myth.

Old dorky Tyranids came first (early 90s). They had mercenaries and cults and actually talked to people via their diplomat race.

Starcraft (1998) featured the Zerg, which thematically were very much similar to a lot of the classic hive swarmy alien tropes. Their visual design bore little similarity to the Tyranids of the time.

The 'Nids got a redesign (1999+), and suddenly appeared a lot more Zerg-like, especially gaining lots of prominent crests like the Hydralisk. A new unit, the Ravener, is particularly notorious for the similarity.

If you want to say people are ripping off other IPs, in this case it's back and forth between Blizzard and Games Workshop.

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