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Umbral Reaver's page

4,640 posts (4,910 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 aliases.


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I've had a lot of GM vanishment.

Worse is when the GM stops updating the game, remains active on the other areas of the same forums, and refuses to acknowledge the players at all.

Yes, this has happened.

I've had a few failed attempts at starting some (usually due to my own depression), but my current PbP (Divinity Forge) is going strong. It's more strategy game than RPG, though.

I have never played in a PbP where the GM saw it to completion, and I have played in a lot. Most don't even make it through the first quest. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

That's clearly a d4!

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A dragon hoards poorly-designed RPG books and demands that adventurers defeat his ULTIMATE ADVENTURE if they wish to rescue the princess.

The dragon is the worst kind of self-indulgent GM ever.

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A hoard of amusing tiny hats. The dragon must wear a new hat each week, and never the same hat twice. However, it never gives up a hat. This dragon has lived a very long time.

That's a lot of hats.

ngc7293 wrote:
Dr. Who: getting time travel done the right way. I think Dr. Who looked to always have the right audience and have this little bit of "scare" in each show.

Doctor Who has possibly the least consistent 'science' of any science-fiction. The time-travel and everything else runs solely on the laws of 'plot'. For example, the consequences of meeting your past self are totally different every time it happens.

Wibbly-wobbly, indeed.

Yes, I'm a bit jaded.

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The only thing that bothers me about trypophobia pictures is when the photoshopping is done poorly.

Finally got my Mirrorball! 3x Glacial Spike is pretty great as a main attack.

It's brillaint, although do make sure to get the latest patch and read up on bugs. There are some spells that break the game.

I'd played a little bit of Diablo 2, and decided to give it a decent go this time.

I got up to the end of act 1... and died in the depths of the monastery to a huge mob of elites. I respawned... with no money and gear? Uh. Okay. I tried to sneak back to my corpse and got rushed and died.

Now what? :(

My crusader made it to 70! If anyone wants a (not very well-geared) crusader in their party, let me know. :)

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11
Prexus wrote:

Cost of gaining another science rank (with the Science domain):

rank 1 = free
rank 2 = 1
rank 3 = 1
rank 4 = 2
rank 5 = 2
rank 6 = 3
rank 7 = 3
rank 8 = 4
rank 9 = 4

.. so with 6 power, I can get up to 5 total ranks, like I did, no?

The cost is affected by ranks in all advancements, not just the one you are advancing.

Edit: I double-checked. You are right! I'll adjust your details in the information tab accordingly.

I should do more group runs. The benefits are so much greater.

I made an Official Clan Thread!

Welcome to the Pathfinder Society!

This is a social clan for fans of Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder RPG who also play Diablo 3. If you don't play Pathfinder but you're interested in signing up, that's okay too! Just be warned: The clan chat may often be full of tabletop RPG talk.


This is our official clan thread!

I have something like 70k gold right now!

I've been working on combining emeralds and trying for a reroll on my L70 Chandoto wand to get a socket. No luck so far and I'm low on forgotten souls.

I've also been leveling a crusader with a friend. We got to 68 before reaching Malthael, so we're putting off the final battle and adventuring to 70 first.

Rakshaka and Macharius, you should join us in PFS! If we get together, we can split up to rapidly finish bounties (split up in the same game), then regroup for the rift. We all get the rewards, but do it in a quarter of the time.

I have a wizard 70 with roughly 400k DPS.

Female, late 20s, lesbian.

Let's see how many I can remember.

Xenarchy Malzash, Queen of the Fey

The one I played the most, Xenarchy Malzash. Unfeasibly sexy, unreasonably stacked, and never once used sex to get her way. Nonetheless, she was habitually capricious and manipultive, playing the puppetmaster over whatever she could attach her strings to. Co-orchestrated the ascenscion of a god (without the god's knowledge) while pursuing rulership over all of the fey. Ended up married to Lolth after taking her divinity and replacing it with equivalent fey lordship. Not evil, despite her look in those pictures! She just... occasionally lapsed into fey styles of thinking and treated the mortal realm as a playground full of toys. She was frighteningly effective in that mode and had to work very hard while 'lucid' to maintain a good reputation.

Xenarchy did have something of an aversion to men, having had bad experiences in her past. An evil priest had captured her, stripped her naked and carved blasphemous arcane sigils across her skin in attempt to claim her potential divinity (or fey equivalent). She got better.


Appearance: Dangerously sexy and curvy.
Sexuality: Completely repressed until shacking up with Lolth out of the blue.

Angela Tannhauser
A fairest changeling in a Changeling the Lost game. She was small, lightly built and exuded angelic purity and innocence. She had an active sexual relationship with a guy that spent most of his time as a half-man, half-wolf something. This relationship was more active than we'd wanted to portray, as the GM seemed to like it intensely and worked to have our characters having sex (even though we skipped over the details) as often as possible. She tried to turn a gay guy straight to see if her supernatural force of presence could do it, but instead ended up best friends.

Appearance: Lithe and cute and perfectly angelic.
Sexuality: Rampantly heterosexual. Too rampant. Damnit.

Yldrienne Lianodel (currently being played)
An elf from Cyre working for House Cannith as a gestalt Clockworker (the class I wrote)/Artificer. She is of kinda moderate appearance for an elf, but is eternally dressed in greasy overalls, giant sturdy gloves and buried in packs full of tools and gadgets. She might look nice if she cleaned up, but it's doubtful even gods could do that. It has a couple of times been said that she'd be all over a warforged if we had one in the party, however that would work.

Appearance: Kinda okay-looking elven greasemonkey.
Sexuality: Robosexual?

Arguably a human. She was raised by wolves, and 'civilised' by a hermit druid that spent more time as a tree than anything else. She was fit, predatory and had an uncanny ability to be completely dirty and smelly mere moments after someone forced her to wash (which was often). Her ideas of sexuality were weird, since she thought people weren't animals but instead some kind of magical being that could 'summon' babies. It made sense. Animals breed. Humans summon creatures. When it was time, she'd learn how to summon a baby, right? The only other human she'd known was a druid and it never occured to her master that she hadn't made the connection between animal biology and human biology. Also aspired to be a cannibal (to take the strength of the fallen into her, obviously), although the party stopped her from eating those they killed every time. The one time she did get away from them to feast on the heart of a dragon they'd slain, she later developed draconic wings, to their surprise.

Appearance: The grubbiest. Kinda Norse-looking. Buff and limber.
Sexuality: How is babby formed?

Another Eberron character. Ulakashtai was a Kalashtar psychic warrior who tried her best to be emotionless and stoic at all times except when her overwhelming fear of undead got the better of her. We were using a kind of 'insanity' rule and each character had one. Fear of undead resulted in a lot of failed will saves and running away. Sex didn't come up in that game but everyone assumed Ula was chaste.

Appearance: Well-maintained, muscular, dark.
Sexuality: Ascetic?

And lots more, but that'll do for now. Maybe I'll post others soon.

On seafaring: Settling coastal and undersea tiles might be a thing for later. We'll see how the game goes. I might introduce the possibility during the game as I think about it.

After further thought, I should note that there are two emotions that I can feel:

Frustration and hate.

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I've already invited the peeps over in the other world creation game thread, so I'm extending the invitation here, too!

Divinity Forge - Competitive World-Building

Lay your claim on the new world before others take all the good spots!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Additional note: The rules may change as we go. I wrote them during a sleep-deprived hour of inspiration, so we may run into kinks and holes that need working out. Don't worry. The goal is not seriousness. The goal is fun!

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I always thought 'mob' was a collective noun for fightable entities.

"There's a mob of monsters over there."

Matt Thomason wrote:
Andrew R wrote:
To me motivation is logic, what makes my situation better or worse in life.

One of the biggest depression issues is if your brain no longer registers that better situation as having any meaning.

That's the very root of some motivation issues in severe depression, that what you need to do in order to not only improve your situation, but possibly even to prevent it from getting worse, just may not merit a ping on a broken mental radar.

Sometimes the logic still works, the person can sit there knowing exactly what they should do, and how it will improve things, but simply no longer be able to find it in themselves to care. Not because they're truly apathetic about themselves, but because misrouted wiring in their brain makes them believe that.

I spend a lot of time trying to make myself do stuff. More than I actually spend doing stuff, by a significant margin.

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I should note: When you start, you're given one settlement of five population in the tile of your choice. It doesn't have to be in your home terrain, but terrain difficulty may be a hinderance you don't want to deal with early on.

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I've never heard it used. If I did, I'd probably go 'Huh? Oh, you mean character', and carry on. 'Toon' does of course bring to mind 'cartoon', and since I was born in '85, that means a lot of cheesy old shows.

Speaking out of character, my group does use terms like tank, kite and DPS (yes, DPS). We don't care if it's MMO talk or whatever. It's fine.

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It's up!

I've been severely depressed for so long (15ish years?) that I almost cannot comprehend why people express emotions involuntarily.

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Oops. Let's see if this works:

Divinity Forge

I should probably start a new thread for this.

Here's some of my proposed rules:

Divinity Forge

And a starting map!

Divinity Forge Map 1

I'm thinking about making a new one, with more detailed rules for advancement and conflict to encourage players to interact with each other. I might stand in as a 'GM', to have events occur that the gods and their followers have to deal with.

Oh well. This seems fairly dead. :|

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Your momma's so fat, she contains sufficient mass to build a Dyson Sphere.

I started writing a conversation between Malevi calling Lyriasha out right after the creation of the Myrdanar, but it's not working out well. Ugh.

It goes something like this:

Lyriasha: "I finished making the Myrdanar the most perfect people in the world."
Malevi: "You made all the men into bishies and made the women look like you!"
Lyriasha: "Yes, and it's great."
Malevi: "Did you forget they used to be elves? Sure, the men are kinda the same, but the women aren't used to that kind of... encumbrance."
Lyriasha frowny face at Malevi.
And then they talk about plans to take over the world.

Elves have a bonus to charisma for being attractive and commanding, but a penalty to charisma for being arrogant jerks. Net zero.

There's only three of us so far. Any more out there? It'd be cool if we could get enough to regularly have parties of 4 for adventuring.

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Hellknights of the Order of the Rack know all about grappling succubi.

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Kill La Kill is finished.


What an incomprehensibly awesome ride that was!

I'm currently sitting on 20 rift fragments. When I see enough of the <PFS> peeps on, I'll invite for some rift delving!

Sign up, if you haven't. :)

Not much here lately.

I think I may replace the human discount to buying talents with:

"Your talents and spells cost 1 less of each reserve point required to use them (minimum 1)."

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We're all X-Men at heart.

(my mutant power is sadness)

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I remember my very first roleplaying experiences.

Most of it amounted to:

Player: "I want to do this thing."

GM: "Uh...? Roll a d20?"

Player rolls.

GM looks at the die and uses it as a factor in the player's persuasion of the GM to whether a thing works or fails.

Things were less concrete. In fact, they were utterly fluid. The rolls were rarely against DCs. They were just a way to persuade the GM that their described action should succeed. Sometimes, a description would require only a low roll. Sometimes, if more implausible (by GM's reckoning), it would require a higher roll.

Stats? What stats?

I could not go back to those days. They might have worked for a twelve year old, but not for me now.


I just remembered something important. We did have rules, of growing complexity. Basically, every time a described action succeeded, that set precedent. The player would try it again later, citing that they only needed a 4 to succeed on the same thing last time, so clearly it should be the same.

Years of accumulated precedent built a ruleset, a very awkward one.

Bwuh. My Wiz 70 is only about 200k DPS. I think it might be near 250k? I have no idea how I'd reach 400k. I am at only 69 Paragon, but that wouldn't make that much difference.

I guess I've got a long way to go in terms of gear.

My current build vs elites (currently competent at master, not so great on torment):


Repeated here:

Spectral Blades (Siphoning Blades) - For getting stuck in and generating shields and arcane power.
Meteor (Star Pact) - Constant rain of explosions, usually targeted on self while stuck in the middle of a mob!
Teleport (Calamity) - The most amazing mobility, and combined with illusionist allows near constant blasts of stunlock in the middle of a mob.
Black Hole (Event Horizon) - Gathers targets for meteor and removes awkward elite affixes. I might change it, but I have a lot of items with plus arcane damage so I like to keep the arcane type. Maybe spellsteal?
Magic Weapon (Deflection) - Simple damage + survival.
Energy Armour (Prismatic Armour) - More survival.


Illusionist - Free teleport all the time!
Astral Presence - More meteors!
Unstable Anomaly - One get out of jail free card.
Audacity - More point-blank annihilation!

The plan: Jump right into the middle of everything and explode everything. 5k life on hit helps a lot.

I'd really like to find a moonlight ward.

Edit: Also, you guys should sign up to <PFS>. We can do some bounties or rift runs together!

Drejk wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
but therapists have given up on me
Huh? That is not good sign... And not about you as such but about your choice of and/or availability of therapists in your region.

Yeah, it's not nice to hear, "I'm sorry, I don't believe there's any way we can help you."

Just started a clan. Bare bones for now. Look for: <PFS> Pathfinder Society

Are you guys on the America server? We could join up.

Just finished Words of Radiance. :D

For anyone planning on reading it: I recommend reading the online free novel 'Warbreaker' first.

I've played in a game where we were modern human characters ending up in a fantasy world. It was pretty good. We discovered the universe was kind of like the 'Long Earth' (excellent book) where there were many parallel earths 'up' and 'down' from baseline earth. 'Down' led to more and more magical worlds, until things got incomprehensible and Lovecraftian. 'Up' led to less magical worlds, which modern day earth was already far into. We never got to check it out, but I think further in that direction led to worlds where even chemical interactions could not occur and life could not exist.

I have severe depression. I take medication, but therapists have given up on me. I've got nothing.

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