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Umbral Reaver's page

5,586 posts (5,895 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 7 aliases.


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Digital Sprites? :P

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Asteroid Oreads?
Stellar Wind Sylphs?

Yes, I know PF used those names for their planetouched, which bothers me. :I

Maybe the fey are quite happy that nowadays everything is made of high-tech composites and not cold iron.

Star Nymphs?
Treeship Dryads?
Aerospace Gremlins?

Malefactor wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
I'm the new deity. It's me.
Didn't know we would be getting any ascended Eldest.

That makes me wonder. What do future fey do? But that's another topic entirely.

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I'm the new deity. It's me.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Tom Kalbfus wrote:
I wonder precisely how far you can teleport in Starfinder? There is other stuff, resurrection, healing, you name it!

Presumably the standard teleport spells will work the same way they do in Pathfinder, which already includes a 9th level Interplanetary Teleport spell.

I anticipate that overall Starfinder will be much closer to Dragonstar than Spelljammer. All the planets will be round, ships will have sealed hulls, the solar systems will be Copernican, no flat disks supported by 4 elephants standing on a giant turtle.

Spells stop at 6th level in Starfinder.

Because a rounds/level duration summon doesn't last long enough for factory work?

I imagine there might be some technomancer spells that are both science and magic, such as summoning robots.

Here's a way to make tech healing just as 'free' as magical healing:

Tech characters have a portable fabricator that can pump out a finite amount of specialised nanomachines per day, but are otherwise unlimited. The nanomachines are volatile and have limited lifespan, so you can only hang onto a few batches at a time. You spend a batch of medical nanomachines to heal someone instantly. You can run out, just like a spellcaster, and have to wait until tomorrow for your fabricator to finish working on the next lot. (spellbook, spell slots)

Some nanomachines may require rarer elements, limiting their use! (material components)


Maybe dimensional spaces don't come with you when you go faster than light. So your bag of holding doesn't work outside the system in which it was created. :P

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Be careful with Ill Omen. Some might cheese out of the effect by taking the penalty rerolls on the very spellcraft check used to work out what they were just hit with.

Torbyne wrote:

A group of AI/machines that feel the need to supervise all organics as benevolent dictators. They Primarily use non lethal means but are otherwise extremely aggressive, subduing any organic they believe they can and work to manipulate those that they cant to weaken them. They act completely out of a sense of greater good and those they rule are pampered by machine servants... except that they are not allowed to take any actions to harm others and are not allowed direct access to any means that are deemed dangerous or could remove them from AI controlled regions. Their planets are tightly controlled places of natural beauty and smart urban planning. Some less scrupulous organizations have taken to dropping off prisoners or undesirables in pods near their space and use them as defacto life long prisons.


Gilfalas wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
And imagine a species that reproduces by exploding, scattering its remains over an area that then roots itself and grows into new individuals. Once mature, they uproot and become 'people'.
Like Warhammer/40K Orks?

Sure, but more unique culturally to reflect that, rather than being a bunch of Cockney hooligans.

A spinoff of the classic aliens thread:

What unusual features would you like to see in Starfinder aliens? What's new and unique or not well-explored that could make an encounter interesting?

Or a species that is only sapient for one period of its life or in one temporary state it can take under certain conditions.

And imagine a species that reproduces by exploding, scattering its remains over an area that then roots itself and grows into new individuals. Once mature, they uproot and become 'people'.

Weird but plausible stuff.

Anyone know where to find such a thing?

There could be aliens whose way of life is absolutely abhorrent to standard humanoid conventions and vice versa. Such as one that is required to kill and eat their mate in order to reproduce. It's not seen as evil because it's necessary, and their culture is shaped by that biological necessity.

But I don't know if we'll get that kind of depth, at least not initially. Creature entries only get a short description.

I'm quite attached to this excellent dhampir lady, but I wouldn't say no to excellent space ladies. Maybe it's time for a change. :3

Hah. I haven't seen the Healer's Handbook. What's the stuff that's too good for PFS?

I use Wikidpad for all of mine. It's extremely lightweight and functions as a wikiable notepad.

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You get a Reflex save while unconscious.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I always wondered how the reavers maintained the sensibility to operate spacecraft.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

In a shocking twist, the Swarm are not a ravenous hive mind of insectoid bioweapons devoted to consuming all life...

They are a ravenous hive mind of sexy space ladies devoted to consuming all life.

It's the insectoid bioweapons that are the pleasant, diplomatic and somewhat condescending race instead.

Odraude wrote:
I'd really love something similar to the Cravers of Endless Space, or the Necrophage of Endless Legend. Though with the former, there would be some technological parts.

Have you seen the Endless Space 2 Cravers into video?

Don't worry about the flames. I'm not actually on fire until my HP get really low.

I just let them have it, if it's the sort of thing that would be on their bloodline list if not for the spells already there.

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Gilfalas wrote:

There was once an article in Dragon Magazine in the late 80's (during AD&D) that answered why the Elves were so resistant to sleep magic and ghoul paralysis.

The logic from that article went something like this:

Elves did not sleep per se, they used waking dreaming to refresh themselves since they were part fey so the sleep spell could not force them to do something they were technically incapable of doing.

As well since elves did not have souls but had spirit's and were so long lived, they were immune to ghoul paralysis as it was a form of terror, the terror of death washing over someone so intensely their souls would freeze in fear. Elves had nearly no fear of death in that fashion since their life span was almost 800+ years and their tie's to the fey made their view of death 'different'.

I also think that originally Gygax and Arnison linked their elves more to the Tolkein and English fey ideals and as such these immunities/resistances worked into the feel they wanted for the racecs they wanted to represent.

A lot of the original racial makeups were more about making the race 'feel' right to them than anything about game balance. Game balance was an afterthought, which is why all the non human races had such severe level advancement restrictions in AD&D.

That explanation for ghoul immunity came well after Chainmail. Elves were an elite unit and Ghouls were a basic unit, so it was inappropriate for Ghouls to beat Elves. However, Ghasts were also elites so it was fine for Ghasts to affect Elves.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I like to let sorcerers learn spells that are thematically close to their bloodline.

Which raises a question:

How viable is mundane healing? I say mundane to exclude class-exclusive options (such as mystic/technomancer spells and the mechanic's bio-repair ray or whatever if there is such a thing.)

I'm going to recommend the visual novel 'Va11-Hall-A' AKA Valhalla. It's gay as heck without being a dating game and I love it. In fact, the strictly straight characters might be outnumbered in this one. Romance is a topic in the game but it's not a game about romance.

It's about mixing drinks and changing lives.

If the invaders have Shadows, there is nothing you can do. The Shadow Apocalypse has begun.

I have trouble with Alpha Centauri. The trouble is that crawler spam is too effective AND too tedious.

It's a great game outside of its enormous balance flaws. I wonder if there's a fan patch that fixes those.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So you can hear someone say in character:

"The Swarm has a clue to the Gap in the Far so we'll have to use the Drift from the Near."

Destiny gets hilariously like that in the dialogue with all the generic terms for everything.

I just finished Va11-Hall-A AKA Valhalla AKA Waifu Bartending. It was cheap in the recent Humble Bundle.

It's a visual novel about a bartender in a dystopian cyberpunk future and all the people she meets and the way they affect each others lives. It deals with a lot of heavy issues and can be quite tragic.

It is beautiful and touched me in a way very few things can these days. I loved it.

Under what conditions do you believe Pathfinder 2 would become necessary?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Do we need to start a 'Who in Golarion is Best Girl?' thread?

Maybe all light coming from Golarion disappeared along with it.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Calistria is still top of my list of worst deities without having a deeper think about them all. Too much of a callous, spiteful 'mean girl' exaggerated into godhood.

One of her key features is 'Vengeance against perceived slights'.

It makes the whole of her all the more problematic.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Can I choose myself?

The really important questions are:

Do you have Improved Trip?

What's the fat guy's CMD?

When pushing people in front of trolleys, take care to gauge the necessity of that action. Otherwise, you may eventually forget why you're doing it and just push people in front of trolleys 'because it's right'.

Maybe Shadow Golarion is a few drifting ruins in a vast and empty space, shredded remnants of the world that was.

Some of its inhabitants have connected together these 'islands' of shadow reality together with long ropes and chains to keep them from drifting too far.

Matthew Shelton wrote:

What does magical digital writing look like? Can a uPad be booby-trapped by Explosive Runes programmed into the lock screen?

Explosive runes are so medieval!

Modern wizards use Langford Basilisks. :3

Never played Megatraveller. I should take a look.

We could even add a 'society' PL.

Something like:

Pre-Sapient Society (PL 0)
Instinctual communication and organisation.

Stone Age Society (PL 1)
Language, conveyance of meaning, and tribal structure.

Ancient Society (PL 2)
Writing, concepts of ownership and nations.

Classical Society (PL 3)
Beginnings of democracy, citizen rights, and so on...

It's a gross simplification, but hey, we're trying to classify perhaps thousands of alien civilisations with a quick string of numbers. And of course PLs are inclusive; a civilisation may have a government based on principles at any point lower than their current society PL (such as an advanced civilisation being ruled by a totalitarian government). Even then, a society PL 7 dictatorship may use far more sophisticated means of controlling and placating the populace than a medieval king could ever conceive of.

Though it is more work, I like progress levels to be divided up amongst different fields.

So a highly robotic civilisation might have a high PL in mechanical and computer sciences (as well as probably energy and transportation), while a biological hive species that can alter itself for various tasks might be significantly poorer in those areas but have a staggeringly high bioscience PL.

knightnday wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
Remember: If you say 'It's fine because you can houserule it away.' then it's not fine.
I would say that it is fine because it is fine. If you choose to house rule it away, that is between you and your table. As it stands, the restrictions work fine for some people. Some people enjoy restrictions and think it adds depth. Others may not.

That is absolutely a valid perspective.

11 people marked this as a favorite.

Remember: If you say 'It's fine because you can houserule it away.' then it's not fine.

I once played a sci-fi game where my character was a window-washing robot.

Having four arms and flight made a pretty handy gunslinger.

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