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Umbral Reaver's page

4,875 posts (5,183 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 7 aliases.


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Prosthetic Parts!

In a game where you can lose bits of yourself in combat, it's a good idea to have some way of fixing yourself up. If you don't go for regeneration or powerful healing magic, you can get replacement parts!


Made from wood, bone or metal, conventional prostheses often resemble the missing part or simpler shapes but have no ability to move on their own. Some more advanced pieces may be cleverly articulated, with joints and springs to aid movement.

Cheap, not subject to pain or energy loss, usually cannot restore full function.


A very recent development, a fabricant prosthesis is mechanically and mystically animated in a similar fashion to the fabricants themselves, and can be used by the wearer just like a real limb, albeit with some advantages and disadvantages due to being nonliving machinery.

Some fabricant parts may include intricate devices and tools, or even hidden weapons.

Expensive, not subject to pain or energy loss, cannot use talents that cost energy.


Getting a forgecursed prosthesis is easy. That is, if you can take the limb off a forgecursed. The tortured masses of metal and flesh are eager to reconnect with life and basically install themselves if surgically attached to the appropriate site. They function just like a normal limb. There is the downside of constant pain and a tendency toward gaining some of the negative forgecursed personality traits, making it the least popular option.

Rare, fully functional, constant pain and risk of madness.


Necromancers can animate dead parts and attach them to a living body. This may be nauseating to think about, but is perfectly safe and sanitary so long as the recipient does not let the part's reservoir of life force run empty. The limb may then attack the wearer and those around it in attempt to replenish itself. This can be particularly strange if the prosthesis is not a limb.

Creepy, fully functional, requires upkeep or risks becoming an uncontrolled undead.


A more exotic option, magewood replacements are not crafted, but planted in the wound and grow into the appropriate shape, albeit with a woody and sometimes leafy appearance. Magewood parts are tough and function well but require extra care, frequent sunlight and periodic watering.

Expensive, tough, fully functional, requires tending.

I'm back!

Somehow, I managed to get myself on track with working on this system again. The former eight injury charts (head, chest, abdomen, groin, arm, hand, leg, foot) have been condensed into four (head, torso, arm, leg) and I've added rules for reducing starting stats below the norm (along with a warning about dumping in a system that cares about every stat).

Equipment lists have been refined and edited. More spells have been written (descriptions for existing spells; no new ones yet).

I haven't done more on the world, but if asked, I could elaborate on some aspect.

I might actually be able to get this thing playable soon!

In every PbP I've been in, the GM ditched after a few weeks. And I've tried a lot. :(

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There is no PFS where I live.

It took me a little bit to get the hang of it. There's no useful tutorial.

When you are 'willing', that is not the same as voluntarily giving up your saving throw. Willing creatures are automatically affected by harmless creatures without a save. Unconscious creatures are willing.

So you can heal them up. No problem!

However, when you cast a non-harmless spell on an unconscious creature, whether they are willing or not doesn't matter. They're in no state to voluntarily give up their saving throw.

Farastu wrote:
I may have to check out Warhammer, sounds like their magic system could be interesting.

If I remember, to cast a spell you roll a number of d10s equal to your casting rank vs the target number of the spell. If you succeed, you cast the spell.

However, if you get any 9s in the above roll, you roll a percentile die on the 'perils of the warp' table. It ranges from things as mundane as your hair changing colour... to the aforementioned uncontrolled demon-summoning.

Yes, this means that the better you are at magic, the more likely something terrible is going to happen.

So I picked this up recently. I think it might finally be the successor to Master of Magic I've been waiting for!

Also, the map maker is beautiful. I might even use it to make tabletop campaign maps.

Try Warhammer if you want random magic to screw up entire campaigns! Rolled badly on your attempt to set fire to a goblin? A chaos demon tears its way out of your skull and destroys everything in a hundred metres in the blink of an eye.

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Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the planet, there is a nation of Janes.

A secret order of wizards has dedicated themselves to ensuring the two populations never discover each other.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
Puna'chong wrote:
I do love the idea of magic taking the place of steam, oil, coal, electricity, etc. that we use all the time though.

I think that's a major part of the issue most people have, though. One of the standard fantasy tropes is that magic is rare and romantic,... but it's much harder to keep it that way when you can buy a death stick at any Wal*Mart.

This is Eberron.

Not that I mind! I'm in an Eberron campaign currently and having a good time.

Kolokotroni wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:

Often, it's for a sense of balance.

You can gain power from magic or technology. Pick your favourite flavour.

If you can gain power from both then it's likely that technomagical characters will reign supreme, having twice the power.

This is a total cop out. If there is an imbalance, there's a problem with the rules, not the concept. Its almost always the concept that is regected. People who have problems with the rules just generally change them.

There were tons of anti iron gods and technology guide posts long before the actual rules were discovered.

And that balance isnt really hard to manage, just make them draw from the same resource pool You gain technology either through treasure, or through class abilities. Since both of those are also how you gain magical power, you dont get double power, you get part of one and part of the other. If everything is valued properly theres never an issue.

As for why people reject the concept, no idea...its been a part of dnd since there was a dnd, actually before. The dying earth (you know, where the concept of dnd magic comes from) was science and sorcery, with space ships and flying cars along side wizards and magic items. But some people prefer a revisionist vision of the history of both the fantasy genre and dnd in general, claiming the dont want any new fangled laser guns on their lawns.

Me I am running iron gods. I love me some robots and laser with magic and elves. No real reason I need to segregate the things I like (science fiction and fantasy). Lets strap some rocket launchers and power armor on that dragon and lets do this.

Sorry for being unclear. I meant societal power. As an empire, one that wields both powers together can do a lot more. Whole Civilisations aren't bound by 'WBL' or class balance.

Often, it's for a sense of balance.

You can gain power from magic or technology. Pick your favourite flavour.

If you can gain power from both then it's likely that technomagical characters will reign supreme, having twice the power.

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You might get something out of this.

It's a class built around using a suit of power armour salvaged from a Numerian wreck, so it's 100% tech and non-magic.

I wonder if any of Castlevania would suit.

Holy Gun is significantly worse than a normal paladin that picks up the firearm feats.

Ravingdork wrote:
Wear boots of the battle herald for +4 to all your attacks (and saves and skills) for pretty much the entire adventuring day.

Oh wow.

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Under some definitions, all d20 rolls that include an ability modifier are ability checks. It's probably best to assume that an ability check is a d20 roll that includes only an ability modifier.

Nice to see people are keen. Did anyone actually get a chance to play one?

I'm digging this out of obscurity once more. Maybe I can motivate myself to do some more polish.

My old armiger might be of use. It's a tech-based class that gets a suit of mechanical armour that can eventually become something like a battlemech.

The same thing that happens to anyone in a demiplane when its duration ends.

chbgraphicarts wrote:

I will concede that it would be nice for there to be a way to do Two-Weapon-Fighting with just Strength.

Miyamoto Musashi is probably the premier example of this in real life: wielding 2 single-handed swords, especially bokuto, using just his tremendous strength.

There aren't any sources that come to mind that speak of his dexterity, but he WAS almost (or OVER) 6 feet tall in Feudal Japan, and was built like a mountain.

Although I feel like, if there were a feat (or, worse yet, a TRAIT) which allowed players to use Strength in place of Dex when meeting the prerequisites for Two-Weapon Fighting or feats which require TWF as a prerequisite, that Dex-based fighters would just be killed off entirely.

While that would actually make a lot more sense, and make TWF a lot easier to use, it would also obsolete the main trick that Dex warriors have.

Rangers (and other classes that can get ranger combat styles) can ignore Dex when taking TWF feats.

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Bigdaddyjug wrote:
Nicos wrote:
If a PC have a bite attack and bite the the succubus, does that constitutes an act of passion?
That would entirely depend on where and how forcefully he bit her.

Like this?

I play a lot of different things, but almost all of my characters are powerful ladies that take no guff.

So, it's probably not necessary to buff sorcerers.

What if we slow spell progression of wizards by 1 level?

Well, damn. I didn't look at the date.

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I can't view any of the images hosted on Imageshack. It keeps redirecting me to an ad video.

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The last peasant in the line throws the pole as an improvised weapon with a range increment of 10 ft.

Always down.

I found a miniature to use for the character and it's much more modestly dressed than the image.

Oni Miniature

(Of course, I'd paint mine blue.)


I showed it to the group. Responses:

"What the hell? You dress like a whore!"

"That's rather... boobalicious, don't you think?"

"Uh... maybe you could just use Heromachine."

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I don't believe rogues should be able to sneak attack anyone at all! Where does it say that creatures have vital organs? Nowhere! Some of your giant, undifferentiated mass of hit points aren't somehow more vulnerable than another bunch of hit points!

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So, I'm writing her character sheet and stuff. She ends up being near seven feet tall. Most folks are going to get sore necks if she keeps insisting 'my eyes are up here'.

I think I need to clarify, since there's some misunderstanding going on.

Here's the order of events:

1. I found an already edited oni image, complete with armour.

2. I palette-swapped it to be a blue oni.

3. I posted here.

4. I found the original unedited image through reverse image search.

I was wholly unaware of the Dmitrys original when I made the first post.

The strangest part is that I wasn't particularly concerned with the bare abdomen.

I was wondering if the unreasonable size of her breasts pushed the image over the line from fantasy art to softcore fetish art.

Also, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at everyone calling the character a barbarian. I'm actually making a strength-based, two-handed weapon inquisitor! :P

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Good grief. Did I start a war?

I tried to do the same thing, but no luck. I wish I could swap track for trapfinding.

Do we have the same definition of SFW? I thought it meant 'safe to be caught viewing at work' or something.

Also, it's a local game.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
The original, here, is SFW.

Barely, and even then I'm not sure if that counts as SFW.

So I did some reverse image searching. I found the original.

It's probably not SFW. I won't link it here.

The base I found was already heavily edited to actually be wearing more than a few scraps.

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So, I'm making an oni-spawn tiefling to be the party's beatstick.

It's hard to find good female oni art that is actually wearing clothes.

I found and recoloured (from red oni to blue oni) this piece, which is high in quality but shows off quite a bit. I'm actually quite sexually oblivious, so sometimes I have no idea that I'm looking at a piece of fetish art until someone points out what I've missed.

Would you cringe at seeing an oni-spawn tiefling looking like that in your Pathfinder game?

Addendum: I don't know who the original artist is. I found it wandering around the internet looking for oni art. Apparently it has already gone through a few edits before I got my hands on it, maybe?

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In a game where players saved a dying world and got to shape its future, my Fey Queen arranged marriages between heroes of the apocalypse and highborn fey as a reward for their success and future triumphs in rebuilding life on a bleak world. By doing so, she ensured that feybloods (and other related bloodlines like shadow, verdant, etc.) would be seen as of higher standing than the common folk, even when born to commoners.

Plenty of room was made for some good old fashioned fairy tale stuff, where some farmer and his wife will have a feyblood child who grows up to usurp the mundane king (who must obviously be illegitimate).

What fun!

Armour Check Penalties are on specific skills, noted under the skills descriptions. Changing the stat won't remove ACP.

It's no longer a charisma-based check, so I think not.

I suppose for one, Korra's avatar state is devoid of any wisdom or insight of the ages. It is empty.

Go read the rules for flanking. None of those abilities grant flanking to ranged attacks.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Surely this is an error:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A stygian slayer is proficient with light armor, but not with medium armor, heavy armor, or any kind of shield (including tower shields). This replaces the slayer's weapon and armor proficiency.

I've played a sorcerer with a spiked gauntlet. It was done as having long finger blades instead of spiked knuckles or whatever.

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Flanking applies only to melee.

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