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Umbral Reaver's page

5,641 posts (5,950 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 7 aliases.


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I think the Yaddithian's body plan is a bit too human; in proportions, too.

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I am disappointed that this is not about a T-Rex giving up the predatory life to become a priest.

Most of the citizens of Eox have probably never seen a living thing. Would they suddenly realise their hatred of the living upon meeting one for the first time?

Presumably the majority of the common folk of Eox just want to go about their unlives and not destroy all that breathes.

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Put half of a weighted wheel in an area of reverse gravity. It will accelerate to the mechanical limits of its construction.

I once played in a game with an obnoxiously-pacifist healer that refused to fight, complained whenever we were fighting (regardless who started it and even if we were fighting mindless things) and would not heal us until after the fight (insisting that healing during a fight was a kind of violence).

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Let's give this a go.

I'll kill Aroden retroactively, and cover up all the evidence. I'll mess up all those prophecies, too, to keep people guessing. Let's see what happens!

Edit: I just got back to the present and uh, whoops. Sorry guys.

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At this point I don't remember if the original question was ever definitively answered.

Tom Kalbfus wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
And we will never know the answer.
Not much of a mystery if we never know the answer.

The Gap is Starfinder's analogue to the mystery of Aroden's death. It will never be explained.

And we will never know the answer.

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Just don't look at their feet.


This board is dead and buried, huh?

Oh well. Here's a post. It's my first time trying out OSL and I think it turned out okay, even if I only had a potato with which to take the photo. The piece is still in progress. At this point I'd only done the blacks and greens.

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Tom Kalbfus wrote:
Well if you want ugly women, there are always Green Hags and other things like that.

How many ugly women in Pathfinder aren't evil?

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The old 'noble adventurer romances beautiful foreign princess from an otherwise brutish race' is a pretty old racist trope, too.

Thanks. That's good to hear.

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I always feel somewhat uncomfortable when they come up. The prospect of seeing them as a core race gives me ill feelings. I remember the days of '-4 STR'. Is this edging on that?

I know, but I'm in a pretty tight theme here. Shadowbusiness only. :P

Also the Energy Focus drawback gets me the blast type at 1st level when talents are incredibly scarce.

I'm going to suck so much if we run into undead. :P

I'm being allowed to use a custom archetype for Elementalist that's focused on darkness as an 'element'. No nature stuff, though.

Here's the stuff:

++ Shadow Weaver

+++ Shadow Focus (Su)
At 3rd level, a shadow weaver adds 1/2 their elementalist level to all damage dealt with negative energy blasts.

At 9th level, This bonus damage increases to become equal to their elementalist level, and the elementalist may use their class level as their caster level when using the Dark sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

At 15th level, the bonus damage increases to 1.5 times their elementalist level, and they gain a +2 bonus to their caster level with the Dark sphere.

This replaces Favored Element.

+++ Shadow Defense (Ex)
At 5th level, a shadow weaver gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against negative energy, death effects, effects from the Dark sphere and spells with the shadow descriptor. This bonus increases by an additional +1 every 5 levels thereafter. At 20th level, the shadow weaver becomes immune to those effects.

This replaces Elemental Defense.

+++ Shadow Movement (Su)
At 7th level, a shadow weaver gains the ability to use a move action to teleport up to 20 ft. between two spaces of dim or lower illumination. This improves to 40 ft. at 13th and 60 ft. 19th levels.

This replaces Elemental Movement.

+++ Shadow Body
At 20th level, the shadow weaver’s body has become infused with the power of darkness. They gain immunity to sneak attacks and critical hits, and gain DR 10/magic.

This replaces Energy Body.

And then the party is melee-heavy so I go with Elementalist to make a dedicated blaster.

Pew pew!

Hmm. Might be too similar to a fey sorcerer shadow illusionist I already played for years. It's a nice class, but I've done that with this group already.

I think I'll go with magus. The sphere magus can pick up variable sphere talents, too, albeit at the start of the day.

Thanks for the tips.

Ooh, I hadn't thought of Magus. Initially, I was thinking of a fairly squishy back line blaster, but spell combat could make for some vicious moves. Crit/kill with a weapon to trigger devouring then forbidden lore in the same turn.

I don't know what adept at 6 does?

I'm making a Soulfire Master/Devourer Thaumaturge and I'm being given the option of gestalting with a few restrictions:

If I gain another casting progression, I only gain the better of the two, not both. This progression can benefit from spell-modifying class abilities of both classes where appropriate.

Spherecasting is the only available type of spellcasting, although spell-likes work as normal.

The character is a creepy destruction/dark cultist weirdo that wants to wield the hideous powers of the enemy (not that we know exactly what the enemy is yet) against its own forces.

At the moment I'm thinking of taking Incanter as my other half, gaining an eventual +20 talents over what Thaumaturge would normally have. It does, however, leave two bad saves. :I

What do?

I am disappointed that this is not about astronauts playing Pathfinder.

Is that link broken?

Bolters are ridiculously heavy. Should there be a minimum STR to wield them without a penalty to hit?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ravingdork wrote:
Kileanna wrote:

Just checked S&S's players guide.

It states specifically that Mage's Magnificent Mansion and Rope Trick's entrances do NOT move with the ship.
The entrance remains in a static place, no matter if the vehicle is moving.

Is the planet not a vehicle for our earthly selves?


If your vehicle's gravitational influence over you is greater than that of the planet, I'd let your extradimensional entrance move with it.

But then you've got other problems.

Also, how much was art, literature and music affected?

Did statues of historical figures disappear? Did entire sections of architecture vanish?

How much of the Starfinder society is made up of historians whose life work was erased?

That's a good point.

Yeah, I did think of Flash Forward. There's still the issue of people forgetting 'everything'.

What does 'everything' encompass? Clearly they didn't forget language or skills. But did they forget how they learned them?

Millions, perhaps even billions of people must have been doing incredibly dangerous or life-saving work when their memory got blanked.

Also, what happened to culture and science? Since recorded information was erased as well, do people have to invent new cultures from scratch, pieced together by influence of what relics of their now-unknown civilisation surround them?

UnArcaneElection wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
Sauce987654321 wrote:
I feel like this Dragon discussion whether they developed their own tech should be a grey area for the GM to decide in their campaign. Great Wyrm dragons aren't just giant monsters with a breath weapon that happen to be intelligent. Many of them are ninth level spellcasters, and something like a Great Wyrm Gold Dragon could easily have powers like Miracle and Wish. The GM could easily have it use Wish to create a gigantic space ship out of nothing and it'll be well with in RAW, if the Gold Dragon needed it (which it probably doesn't).
Remember that spells only go up to 6th level in Starfinder.

When did that happen? Is that for everybody in Starfinder, or just PCs and normal NPCs?

Presumably everybody, since the core book will only have up to 6th.

Sauce987654321 wrote:
I feel like this Dragon discussion whether they developed their own tech should be a grey area for the GM to decide in their campaign. Great Wyrm dragons aren't just giant monsters with a breath weapon that happen to be intelligent. Many of them are ninth level spellcasters, and something like a Great Wyrm Gold Dragon could easily have powers like Miracle and Wish. The GM could easily have it use Wish to create a gigantic space ship out of nothing and it'll be well with in RAW, if the Gold Dragon needed it (which it probably doesn't).

Remember that spells only go up to 6th level in Starfinder.

Is there a point where a higher level unarmed fighter can punch a lower level capital ship so hard that it explodes?

Edit: Should there be such a point?

The Curse of the Bunny

The afflicted's ears become white rabbit ears and each morning, they are compelled to lay an egg. The egg is hollow chocolate, wrapped in colourful foil. The egg is not cursed.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Some years ago I ran a game with an alien race that were born as conjoined twins and gradually merged into a single functional individual at adulthood. The two minds had to learn to cooperate and were expected to achieve 'oneness' as they aged. It helped that they were well-evolved for mental harmony already.

They had an extremely hard time recognising anything that was born with nobody else in their head as sapient.

Not every intelligent undead on Eox is a Bone Sage, right? Are there undead citizens with autonomous wills?

Torbyne wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
Are all Eoxians evil by definition?

It is implied pretty heavily that the Bone Sages are evil though not of the destroy all life in an overly complicated scheme and twirl your mustache while doing so variety of evil, more of the love personal power and do what it takes to get more of it sort of evil. But Eox also has an area called "The halls of the Living" which i have always thought of as an ark or fallout shelter of sorts where the original, living, Eoxians took refuge and some of which are still alive as of the Pathfinder era.

In the Starfinder era with Eox apparently a participant in the Pact World Alliance i would assume they are no worse than before in that they want personal power and view the pact as a temporary situation until they are strong enough to stand on their own again. Though in practice i doubt the status quo could be altered in such a way that they could go back to each one being their own little king of their part of Eox and pretend that the rest of the universe isnt passing them by. So basically, i assume they are still evil but also smart enough to know that they are just too small a force to be independent on the galactic stage anymore so they come across as more selfish than anything else...

Not just the Bone Sages. I'm wondering if Eox will be a 'non-player' pact world in most games.

Are all Eoxians evil by definition?

Is a human of appropriate scale to fight a tank?

Is a tank of appropriate scale to fight a ship?

Given the attack/AC modifiers from size, it would be useful for ships to operate on a different scale, with a quick rule for converting into 'personal' scale. Such as if a person is shot at with a turbolaser.

-20 to hit, x10 damage or something?

With vehicles becoming a more integral part of the game, what are we to do with spaceships (and creatures) that are above Colossal in size?

Both the Millennium Falcon and a Star Destroyer are bigger than Colossal, but one is clearly magnitudes larger than the other.

Do we need an extension of the size categories? Or something else?

I'm going to make a new thread for ship size discussion. This one was supposed to be about space weirdos.

The smallest starship is probably well beyond Colossal size.

An alien race where an individual that consists of three to four separate creatures that are linked. Each creature gets to move as normal, but the wee collective still only gets a single standard or full action between them.

If one 'dies', the collective takes penalties until it can generate a replacement, which may take a while.

I guess I'm just describing the Tines at this point.

I absolutely hope the ships are in their own product separate from the standard scale figures. I would like to acquire a large number of random spacecraft that aren't obviously attached to a popular setting.

GM: "A battleship-sized craft appears on your sensors." GM puts down a Star Destroyer mini from Armada.

Player: "The Empire is after us! Oh no!"

GM: "No, I just used it to represent its size. It actually looks like this:" Player shows a picture of a completely different ship.

Players promptly forget the image and refer to it as a Star Destroyer for the remainder of the session.

Living forever is a pretty strong motivator.

Would the ruling class be motivated to become undead themselves? In a realm where undead are accepted, some of the powerful undead types may become quite attractive.

Be a necromancer. Once you slog through all those hit points, make them yours.

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