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Umbral Reaver's page

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HyperMissingno wrote:

Going back to Pokemon, any electric type is absolutely horrifying. Why? Thunder Wave. 100% paralyses unless you're under Blur or something or are immune to electricity, no save. Many electric types carry the Static ability which has a 30% chance or paralyses to anyone that touches it with no save once again. And then there's the 10% chance from pretty much every electric attack in the game.

The less said about the moves that have a 30% to instakill anything under the user's hit die the better.

Thankfully, Pokemon paralysis only has a chance of preventing your action each round.

Don't forget to thank Mr. Skeltal.


I'm a bit blank right now. Somebody throw a topic at me!

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Have you considered rerouting the river? What about siege weapons? They might be able to break a dam quite well.

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I am disappointed that this thread is not about how to give a healer's familiar style feats.

Linguistics - Wordcaster

North and South

The extremes of the planet remain largely unexplored due to the severity of environmental conditions the further one travels. The northernmost edge of the known lands are relentlessly smashed, torn and eroded by the Doomwall, also known as Ragann's Fury. A vast, eternal storm encircles the entire planet. It is impenetrable by any known means and no ship whose captain was daring (or stupid) enough to attempt a voyage into it has ever returned. Whether the storm continues North forever or does eventually give way to clear skies again is utterly unknown. Even the gods themselves speak nothing of what might be up there.

To the far south one encounters the biting cold and savage peaks of the Frosthelms. Even were it not so deathly cold, the slopes of the ragged mountain chains that dominate the Southern latitudes are the most vicious, unforgiving landscapes in the known world. The ice that spears into the bones in an instant of exposure makes exploration all the more deadly. Most lore regarding the Frosthelms says that things only get worse as you approach the pole, and that there is nothing but folly to be found there. There have been several recorded attempts to map the Southernmost Frosthelms, with most parties turning back and some never returning at all. The tunnels of the Deeps offer no easy passage either, and are assumed not to have any surface exits amongst those frozen spires.

It is generally assumed that the planet is spherical. A minority, considered mad at the best of times by most scholars, insist that the world must be a torus in non-Euclidean space, whereby one could travel North past the Doomwall and eventually reach the Southern edge of the Frosthelms or even that other habitable lands may be found between them.

Let's see if we can match up all of them! Maybe even with archetypes.

A dragon disciple gains 3/4 BAB per level, as an exception to the norm.

Ms. Pleiades wrote:
Regenerators from Resident Evil 4.

DR/sneak attack and Regeneration/sneak attack?

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If we don't adjust for ruleset, then stuff like Diablo series monsters become impossible to deal with, boss monsters often having trillions of hit points and immunity to most non-damage effects.

It's just silly. Thus, we adjust them down and they become more or less the same as a lot of Pathfinder monsters.

Now get an amulet of might fists with ghost touch on it and rip a ghost in half!

You could do it as a resetting magical trap. The area of the trigger is the gun's range, and the gun is the trap itself that fires a spell. This does allow it to fire once per round, I believe.

I'm considering spellslinger dip again. The one thing that still makes me hesitant is that it causes the gun to break if an enemy rolls a 20 on their save against a spell. That's a lot of chances if it's an area or multi-target spell. If we ever reach a point of engaging armies, it's almost guaranteed every time a blast is thrown into a formation of troops.

What's so bad about higher levels of gunslinger?

Spellslinger looks truly awful. D:

I will be playing in a low level game soon, and I want to try out the gunslinger. The game is also gestalt (it's rather popular amongst local groups).

The game starts at level 2 and has a soft cap of 5. The GM will evaluate the game at that point and decide if we will go further or stop at e6 or e8 or whatever.

I started out thinking of using musket master + myrmidarch to do something fun and different, but upon further examination it's somewhat problematic to make the two classes and their archetypes play nicely together.

Anyone got any neat ideas for a gunslinger/something? I'm not aiming for pure power. I want something fun, interactive and competent.

If you worship Lamashtu, though, you're fine. In fact, even better if your baby is a monster or hybrid!

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That seems like a tremendously bad idea.

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Turn someone into a free-willed undead then pour concrete over them.

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
I'd also be in pretty bad shape, digestively speaking, from going a few months without squatting a deuce. That can't be good for you.

It's not blood that bloatmages are full of.

Unarmed coup de gras?

Extend and Widen it for extra fun!

Military Forces of the Myrdanar

As the Myrdanar government (or lack thereof) and their society's resistance to formal code of law inhibits the formation of a national army. Instead, each of the great houses and several other wealthy factions each maintain a well-paid, elite mercenary force. In the underground, high power concentrated in small areas is key to success. In the world above, however, this leaves them unable to take and hold territory with their conventional forces.

When the Myrdanar invaded the surface to retake land from their ancient cousins, they employed vast legions of undead at great expense to their necromancers. While requiring expensive components for the initial animation, an undead force requires negligible upkeep compared to living soldiers.

In my Archmage setting, I've done a few races that use a tweak on a scientific name or just made up words for their names.

Krodanoi = orcs (though they are so divergent from the typical orc design that they might as well be their own thing)
Syldanar = elves
Myrdanar = also elves
Rhuz = dwarves
Gnostra = small cat people
Chirops = small bat people
Hivekin = insect people (this being one of the few instances of the '-kin' suffix)
A bunch of others

...and humans (who are a genetically engineered amalgam of most of the 'natural' races).

Are the peasant railgun, the one-bow army and the animal highway going to feature in this?

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What next? Nyarlathotep, Loki, Eris, Anansi and Coyote in a free-for-all?

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Ban A from the planet.

I have revisited Infinity Mechanism and expanded more on it. Every time I do, the setting grows darker. Good grief!

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You could use the old Immortals Handbook to work out Andromeda's size category and thus its AC.

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Youtube has a lot of really good videos for doing your makeup.

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I misread the title as can you 'trap' a riding person, and immediately imagined a horse failing a pit trap save and the rider succeeding, thus resulting in a cartoon scene of the horse falling and leaving the rider in mid-air for a moment.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

41. Self-repairing architecture!

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The councilors complete their enlightenment and become gods. Unfortunately, this also binds them by the same laws that limit real gods; they cannot directly interfere with the mortal world. They can grant power to worshippers and intercede in special circumstances, but are otherwise barred from the world.

This leaves a huge power vacuum and the structure of the utopia falls apart as those maintaining it can no longer do so directly. Their underlings are probably the first to become their priests and rush about in a panic to try to stabilise the failing nation.

Other nations take this opportunity to invade without fear of the nigh-omnipotent leaders. Chaos everywhere!

Maybe even horrific things the councilors had sealed, become unsealed as their power leaves the material plane.

It doesn't just go bad in one way. It goes bad in every way. The nation was so utterly reliant on their perfect leaders that they are helpless without them.

I have played it. It's okay, but I prefer Age of Wonders 3 a lot more.

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I write gods as sometimes even more fallible than mortals. They have a much bigger scope on which to screw up. Think of them as extremely powerful but distant wizards, with no more omniscience than you would expect from a master spellcaster.

This, of course, means there are lots of interesting things for the mortals to deal with! Enter the adventurers. It's far less fun if the gods make everything perfect all the time.

Started a hardcore seasonal barb. I haven't done hardcore before!

Level 11. Things are looking good so far...

Elves don't sleep.

They wait.

Aelryinth wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:

Woo! Season 3!

I should start a character for this.

You really have to play something other then a wizard so you can enjoy the game differently. ;)


Hey! I have a 70 of everything but Barbarian! :P

Why no spells? Ghosts are all psychic and have a number of 'magic' abilities, depending on their training and experience.

What is your vision of 'realism'?

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Punch goes in, foe goes out.

Can't explain that.

I dunno. It's dust. Does this mean Rovagug is really dusty?

Are you trying to invent something, or is this a preexisting thing you're trying to identify?

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The core of the planet is full of incorporeal dust that fell through the ground, compressed by gravity and heat into something horrifying.

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Skylancer4 wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
There's probably a way to exploit this bloat bonus stacking to win at DPR and thus be the best roleplayer.
But then the roll-players would complain!

That's fine. They were having badwrongfun anyway.

There's probably a way to exploit this bloat bonus stacking to win at DPR and thus be the best roleplayer.

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Do bloat bonuses stack, like dodge bonuses?

Woo! Season 3!

I should start a character for this.

Pondering 'pets' for the various schools of magic. It might be neat. They would be optional, costing extra XP. Not every mage would have one.

Nature gets animal companion, probably the only one that's actually of any real power in combat.

Arcane could get a homonculus. Mostly because I want to reprise a fun NPC of mine that is a knitted doll homonculus called 'Mittens'. As the domain of thought, Arcane gets the most intelligent companion.

I'm not sure about the rest.

Death could get a traditional familiar, maybe, in line with its theme as 'pact magic'? Its unique feature could be a 'share spells' or even 'arc node' like spell conduit ability.

Got any ideas for Holy and Chaos?

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