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Umbral Reaver's page

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It is centred on you when you cast it. It remains centred where you were if you move.

Most of the Soul Calibur women must belong to an obscure prestige class that increases your cup size as you gain levels.

I don't know if you can call the Soul Edge a minor artifact. It's the most significant artifact in the setting, equal only to the Soul Calibur.

He's also a vampire, sort of.

By worst feat do you mean:

Feat that is the weakest choice to take as a character?

Or feat that is the worst designed? That could include powerful feats that are badly broken and awkward (Antagonize, Sacred Geometry)

"Wow. I don't know why I was so mad at you! I mean, you murdering my wife and children wasn't that big a deal after all. I shouldn't have been so upset. You're a pretty good friend, uh, what's your name?"

A challenger for worst feat Paizo has ever published?

Is it worse than Antagonize?


Dagan4d2 wrote:

Is there any particular reason you cant use more than one shield?

If not having 2 tower shields starts to sound worth the feats. (With 4 arms)

You can wield as many shields as you have hands.

However, shield bonuses don't stack.

It was a joke.

Record all hit point damage you've ever taken.

If this total equals or exceeds 20% of your maximum hit points, you must make a DC 5 Constitution check after resting or your old wounds act up and you are exhausted for the next 24 hours.

For each multiple of that amount the total damage you've taken equals or exceeds, increase the DC by 1.

Before I clicked the link, I thought you were referring to Kingdom of Loathing.

Everything, living or not, is latently sentient and can be communicated with using the right methods (stone tell, etc.). Therefore, causing harm to any organism or material is evil.

The only non-evil character is a nudist elan that uses only repletion for sustenance.

The dying druid says to her paladin friend, "You must eat me. It is my way, that the dead pass their strength to the living. I honour your strength, and I ask that you honour mine. Take me into you, that I may go with you in your noble cause."

Maybe I'll make a world where all the dominant humanoids are plants. They plant their seeds in the ground to create offspring. Different plantpeeps fill all the niches of humans, elves, dwarves, etc...

They will run into mammalian humanoids from another plane and be totally confused and horrified.

There were about ten to fifteen fleeting, vague segments interspersed throughout the main five I remember. There was one where I was in a theatre, unable to move, staring at nothing but static for an indeterminible length of time.

'Unsoakable' is not a Pathfinder rule.

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Vision 1 - The Machine: I wake up. I can't feel my arms and legs. I look at my hands and see crude mechanical manipulators. There is a corpse nearby, broken and bloody. Did I do that? There is shouting outside. I move not because I want to, but because something demands I must. I see another corpse. Some mechanical parts lie on the floor nearby. I know them to be dislodged parts of my hand. I hastily reattach them and pick up the gun nearby, managing to get the jury-rigged fingers around the grip and trigger. The door breaks down behind me and I turn. Bullets slam into my chest. I feel I am required to shoot the... police? Military? They have armoured vests and carry rifles. I refuse, straining against compulsion to drop the gun. I cannot disobey the overarching order to fight. One mechanised punch shatters both forearms of a woman. A knee to the gut almost breaks her in two. A spin and a kick destroys the skull of a man. More bullets hit me. Through the dull thuds of incoming fire, I push out into the corridor. I see a mirror. My face is a mask of steel and cameras.

Vision 2 - The Arcade: I wake up. I see the movie has about an hour left to go but I tire of the violence. I remove the VR set and follow the cheerful, illuminated path into another part of the VR arcade, where I know I will find my girlfriend. She is there. She is playing a colourful fantasy adventure game. It looks like a distant successor to Gauntlet. I join her, choosing to play as the buxom archer. I have some trouble with the adjustment of the VR headset but eventually get it fitting adequately. We play for a while. We flirt. We start getting frisky in-game, our characters neglecting the adventure to pay more attention to each other. We decide to go somewhere private. I move to take off the headset and find I was never wearing one. The world shifts...

Vision 3 - The Laboratory: I wake up. I see doctors drilling into the skull of the woman in front of me and installing silver cables into the hole. There is pressure on top of my head, then it eases. A doctor smiles and tells me my neural interface is good and ready to go. He explains that I may experience some disorientation as the artificial memory syncs with my organic memory and creates a backup. My vision swims.

Vision 4 - The Monster: I wake up. I see a nervous man removing something mechanical, slick with gore, from my head and neck. He is being watched by a group of others in dirty lab coats, all in a similar state of worried anticipation. He says to them that the subject should regain some cognition and former memory. I turn my head and see myself in a reflective surface. I am a monster, a parody of humanity in bloody sinews and muscles arranged almost at random. A few strips of half-melted skin are stretched across my head and torso. I move, pulling myself out of my restraints. The people in the room scream and flee. One hand comes off and I ignore it. I feel no pain, only a dull absence. I stumble - half-run and half-shamble - to a window and smash into it, breaking the glass and falling. The street below is a ruin, full of abandoned cars and trash. There are figures ahead. I know I must escape them. They come after me, in many different shapes yet all like me in their hideous nature. I hear their voices in my head: "You killed her! You gave her to the beast! You did this to us!" I flee past something that might have once been a dog. Its two eyeless, skinless heads gnash at the air. I reach some stairs and something grabs my leg. I feel an impact on the back of my skull.

Vision 5 - The Temple: I wake up. The world around me is organic, a living place, yet ordered and tidy. The walls are formed not from stones but from cells made large and hardened. I follow a long path for what seems like weeks, maybe years. It varies little. I need no drink or food. I keep walking. I follow a spiraling path upward and come to a vast temple sculpted from bone and meat, yet it is beautiful. I walk across the keratinous courtyard and see a figure, faintly glowing. It is a man, naked, yet noble in bearing. His skin is an even red, and he has several long tentacles hanging down from his head and back, waving gently and soothingly. He hovers in the air before me and glows. I feel kindness and compassion radiating from him. He speaks to me: "I am the last man. I stand vigil over where the minds of humanity rest in a shared dream. You have suffered too long. Join them, and be at peace."

Vision 6 - The Room: I wake up. I get out of bed and have a shower. I lie naked on the floor of my room for a while. I get up and get dressed, then post about my nightmare on the internet.

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In one of my settings, nobody knows for sure but theologians have competing theories:

1. The gods were clearly vastly more active in the dawn of the world, and it is known that there is at least one binding pact between all of the gods that even they can't break. Perhaps they have built up more and more pacts between each other over the millenia, such that their ability to act directly has been severely limited.

2. Or, that they are not so bound by laws as they are by the limits of their own powers. They spent their energies frivolously in the dawn of time, but came to realise their powers were finite and had to be conserved as much as possible. Under this theory, spellcasting priests are a 'force multiplier'; a god can get more effect from the same amount of divine energy by passing it through a mortal servant.

3. There was another one but I forget what it was.

The idea that the gods are infinite is considered nonsense in this world.

I find that incomprehensible motives only really work for gods that don't have any real connection to humanity or morality. If a god has a comprehensible church, orders of inquisitors and whatnot, it's expected that the god has a set of instructions understood by its followers.

Otherwise, 'it's incomprehensible' is just a cop out to avoid answering a legitimate theological question.

Also fun in Divinity: When you hit zombies, acid spills out. Hitting them with fire weapons makes it ignite immediately, causing extra damage and burning. :D

It's also nice that the environment plays into effects as well. When it's raining, cold effects are brilliant. Everyone is already wet, so they make freezing easy. However, fire is always going to do less damage and burning won't last.

In warm places, freeze only lasts a single turn but saves vs burning are penalised.

After playing Divinity: Original Sin, I have a strong desire for RPG play with the same level of interactivity between abilities.

Example 1: Target is on fire, taking damage over time.

Water attack makes target wet. This removes the burning condition.
Cold attack would make target slow, but target is wet, so is frozen instead!

Example 2: Targets 1 and 2 are standing in water.

Lightning attack hits target 1 and propagates through water to target 2.

Example 3: Target is taking acid damage over time.

Fire attack hits target, igniting the flammable acid and doing extra damage.

Example 4: Target is wet.

Fire attack hits target, doing reduced damage due to wetness and drying the target. A small cloud of steam obscures the target for a short time.

I feel like building an alternate system for PF magic and abilities would take a lot of work and rebalance, though. D:

A siege pepperbox would probably be an excellent defensive weapon in underground warfare.

Set some up as tunnel defenses. Spray a tunnel with lead.

Hmm. It's been a while.

I think the last of mine that died in-game was instakilled without rolls because the GM didn't like the character. Yeah...

I've had a character die since then, but not during the game. We took a break from the game. During the break, the GM had gotten tired of the game and decided to reboot the world by saying the party caused a worldwide conflagration that destroyed all magic and life, except children, so the next game could be about the children struggling to survive after the apocalypse.

I would help but these days I am just too tired and miserable.

If psionics are allowed:

Shatter Mind Blank

Like this?

Delayed Detonation
Discipline Psion/Wilder 7
Duration 5 rounds or less; see text
Power Points 13

This power functions like energy ball, except that it is more powerful and can detonate up to 5 rounds after the power is manifested. The burst of energy deals 13d6 damage of your active energy type.

The glowing crystal created by delayed detonation can detonate immediately if you desire, or you can choose to delay the burst for as many as 5 rounds. You select the amount of delay upon completing the manifestation, and that time cannot change once it has been set unless someone touches the bead.

If you choose a delay, the glowing crystal sits at its destination until it detonates. A creature can pick up and hurl the crystal as a thrown weapon (range increment 10 feet). If a creature handles and moves the crystal within 1 round of its detonation, there is a 25% chance that the crystal detonates while being handled.

Augment For every additional power point you spend, this power’s damage increases by one die (d6). For each extra two dice of damage, this power’s save DC increases by 1.

Per Eberron art, her 'canonical' power effect colour is purple.

Damnit, Val! Stop being Homura! Stop it right now!

I remember reading it on d20pfsrd just yesterday! Or was I imagining things?

I dunno. Time-travelling magical girl that throws bombs and whose soul is host to a vast evil is kind of specific.

(Eberron Elan; they have Quori spirits trapped in their souls)

Edit: Oh, and she can manifest trippy astral wings. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? D:

I was sure there was one of these with Expanded Knowledge as a prerequisite, but now I can't find it.

I want my nomad to be able to time hop + delayed blast fireball. :3

So, I was putting together an alchemist/psion (nomad) and got something neat going between bomb-throwing and temporal manipulation and mobility.

And then when I started to think about the character imagery, my mind went to one place:

I had accidentally created Akemi Homura.


Has this kind of thing ever happened to you?

I'm going to be playing a gestalt alchemist (mindchemist, psychonaut)/psion (nomad). The theme is psychotropic consciousness-expanding funtimes. Psychic powers have long been associated with recreational drugs. It fits. :)

The trippy nomad's best bud (another PC joining the game at the same time) is a monk (qigong sensei)/vitalist (lifedrinker) that appears as a haggard, emaciated man in chains (vow of chains) that stands there shuddering and wailing disturbingly (buffing/healing the party and debuffing/harming enemies through sensei and vitalist powers).

That requires the GM to decide that the results are predetermined.

Otherwise, it's like casting augury to ask which side a d20 will land on.

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You can worship me if you like. I don't mind.

Alignment: True Neutral
Holy Symbol: The Thorn-Wreathed Eye
Domains: Artifice, Darkness, Knowledge, Madness, Void
Subdomains: Dark Tapestry, Loss, Nightmare, Stars, Thought
Portfolio: Creativity, Depression, Dreams, Literature

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Ask your GM.

Whenever you're worried about a particular spell, cast spellbane! It blocks the spells you are afraid of, while letting you cast your own magic unimpeded!

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Your posts kind of read like Time Cube.

I haven't played lately. Waiting to see what the new content will be like.

The mantis shrimp is definitely an ambush creature with a massive vital strike.

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Dwarves reproduce via spores.

I am building a setting in which people have only been on this world for about 100 or so years, bringing with them only what they were holding at the time they were randomly whisked away from their homeworlds. This means few tools, few books, few people with the right training.

The consequence of all this is that wood, stone and bone will be the primary construction materials for a while. These people remember their homeworlds had more advanced methods and materials, and even if they don't know those methods themselves, it will prompt a more rapid rediscovery.

So, with that in mind, players are going to start out with primitive gear. I want primitive gear to be the 'baseline' for adventuring with until gaining proper stuff somewhat later (from looting or whatever, since there were some metal weapons and armour on the first arrivals; actual magic items would be so rare as to be considered artifacts).

How does this look? The Defense Bonus is to make up for the lack of high AC metal armours.

Primitive Weapons and Armour

Primitive weapons and armour must be non-masterwork, cost 1/2 their normal price and are constructed from some combination of wood, stone, bone or hides. Metal armour cannot be primitive.

When an attack with a primitive weapon hits a creature wearing non-primitive armour, that armour gains DR/adamantine equal to half the armour's AC bonus (round down) against that attack.

Improved unarmed strike and natural attacks are considered non-primitive.

Defense Bonus

A character gains an additional Dex bonus to AC equal to half his or her Base Attack Bonus, rounded down.

Sure, that could work.

Something like this?

3 cards each of 9, 8, 6 and 4. Shuffle and draw pairs. That way, if you get an odd stat, at least it's going to be a high one.

Try this for random stats with equal absolute values (not equal point buy values):

Take 12 playing cards numbered 4 to 9; two of each. Shuffle them and draw six pairs. The total of each pair is assigned to an ability score.

The psionic equivalents of raise dead and so forth have a shorter window in which you can raise the target, and have no material component cost and inflict no negative levels (unless you are late to the corpse).

See psionic revivify.


A brief for the world of Novus, the isolated plane described in my previous post.

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I'm thinking about building a setting designed to be expanded collaboratively with its players. It would allow the players quite a bit of liberty in describing their home nations.

It starts like this:

The First Age

People awaken, wrenched from their homeworlds, in a strange new land. Their gods and champions are gone. They must rebuild from scratch, while struggling against the bizarre threats of this unknown world. They soon discover that other races have been brought here in the same way, each race alotted an empty nation to develop by whatever power summoned them.

As far as anyone can tell, the world is flat. In its centre stands a terrifying black tower that seems to reach upward forever. In a ring around it, each in the centre of one of the new nations, stands a tower of similar design, albeit much smaller.

The players must each pick a different race, from the Pathfinder races (within reason, some may be incompatible). This determines the races that are warped into this world and placed in a ring of nations around the black tower.

It is an age of exploration, untold dangers and wild, untamed lands. Monsters are plentiful and prey on poorly developed villages. A group of heroes must seek out and claim the world's hidden power to protect their people.

The campaign would have mythic built into it. The black tower and its surrounding 'sovereign spires' are mythic locations. The sovereign spires are places of great power of rulership and divinity. The one that claims the throne at the top floor of a sovereign spire gains several deific powers (these would be bonus mythic abilities, scaling by tier) that makes them the god-king of that nation. As soon as a spire is claimed, people can begin worshipping that character as a god and gain clerical powers.

Since players may want to play divine classes prior to the ascension of the god-kings (which are likely to be the first group of players themselves), worshipping the unknown power that created this existence may be an option.

The Second Age

Decades, or even hundreds of years after the first campaign, players may adventure in the same world in its more developed nations that the original group helped shape. They may worship the pantheon of god-kings the first group ascended to become... and perhaps even quest to challenge them for control of the sovereign spires.

New spires may appear in further, unexplored lands, creating a kind of 'go(l)d rush' amongst adventuring parties.

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That's nothing, if you've seen Exalted book covers.

Storm Sorcerer Arcturus wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
I'm currently working on the Archmage campaign setting and rules. It's been a hard and often lonely road, struggling through crippling depression to try and finish it.
...holy crap that is a lot of text too. Nice! Sorry to hear about the depression thing, it's a GMs worst nightmare. And you've honestly done more work on your campaign than I could ever dream of doing haha

Thanks. Comments are welcome. It can help rouse me to further writing.

I'm currently working on the Archmage campaign setting and rules. It's been a hard and often lonely road, struggling through crippling depression to try and finish it.

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Mikaze wrote:
Fanservice and romantic interests don't necessarily mean erotica.

I have a fetish for meaningful, loving relationships.

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