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Umbral Reaver's page

5,527 posts (5,836 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 7 aliases.


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362: As soon as the bean touches the earth, it poofs into a life-sized replica of the last person to touch the bean, naked and with a ridiculous grin on its face. The body is entirely inert and despite its realistic appearance, is made of plastic.

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Mirror of opposition. Put a helm of opposite alignment on your duplicate. You probably need some friends to pull this off. Once it's done, you have a buddy to help you with all your immortality plans (providing you reciprocate).

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I had a winter witch who was utterly consumed with vanity and the GM happened to have her find a tome including a ritual to become a vampire in a pile of an enemy's loot...

Flawed characters make 'fun' decisions. :)

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You need a feat for that.

Robots can make more robots.

Golems can't make more golems.

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Commoner is a 20 level class. Where are our level 20 commoners?

The purpose of this game is to eventually reach a level of simulationism such that the game world functions by a more detailed set of laws than reality itself.

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359: The planter begins bleeding profusely from the eyes. Aside from the mess, this is not debilitating in any way. The effect lasts indefinitely, and upon death passes to the nearest living humanoid with eyes.

The afflicted may spend a feat to learn how to squirt blood at creatures' eyes, as a touch attack with a range of 30 ft. A creature hit is blinded until it takes a move action to wipe off the blood.

Werespacewhales are the worst.

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Undead horses never waver.

What about a fey-minded druid whose stance toward nature is 'nature is my favourite toy; I look after my toys very well' rather than being respectful and subservient to nature?

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Almost everything druids do is unnatural (supernaturally altering/enhancing natural entities and forces). Is this any different?

JonathonWilder wrote:
Any chance you might link or PM me what you have put together for this? The idea does sound interesting.

I don't know how useful it would be. It's all very setting-specific.

Destruction can make a show of being other spheres. Rebuff is a good 'protection' ability, and Energy Leap gives you a 'warp' ability.

In my SoP game, I required casters to take a tradition. There were 35 (I think) traditions to choose from, and each of them was banned from three to five spheres. That's not a normal restriction by the book, but I liked the idea of various orders of spellcasters not having access to everything. Players were also allowed to add drawbacks to their tradition to reflect their personal variation on what they were taught, but were not allowed to remove any existing drawbacks.

The traditions were tied to various philosophies and ideals as well, although no alignments. I didn't use alignments at all. Instead, I used 'aspects', Holy, Arcane, Death, Chaos, Nature (Yes, they are the Master of Magic schools). The list of banned spheres was largely influenced by the primary and secondary (if any) aspects of their tradition.

Oh, and in that the spheres of warp and time were only theorised. There was going to be a plot involving the source of those spheres to be an otherworldly 'sixth aspect'. Probably with some hideous, Lovecraftian price.

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All forms of fiction, including roleplaying games, are obligations to the beings that live within them. Our constant thoughts are the fabric of their existence. To stop playing would be to snuff them out, an act of a cruel and careless god.

There are too many different kinds of possible space-fantasy vacuum-dwelling life to give those kinds of general traits to every single one of them via type.

Let's see. What must a void subtype have?

Does not need to breathe.
Immunity to vacuum pressure.
Immunity to low radiation (although Starfinder may ignore environmental radiation in space).
A fly speed that functions in a vacuum.

I don't think anything else is absolutely necessary, that I can think of right now.

For natural space-dwellers?

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Back in 3.5, a common build was a shadow specialist that got frighteningly high 'realness' percentages, well above 100%.

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Normally, the duration of your shapeshift is 'concentration'. Because you have 'Quick Transformation', it only costs you a move action each round to maintain.

When you shapeshift, you may spend a spell point to make it last for 1 minute per caster level without concentration.

When you shapeshift, you pick a form. You gain all the base abilities (and penalties, in some cases; for example, avian has no arms), and may spend Traits on additional abilities from amongst any forms you know. You gain additional traits as you gain caster level. A few talents and class abilities may also grant additional traits.

Note that some traits cost one or more spell points to include in your shapeshift. Incorporeal (undead transformation) costs 2 spell points, I believe.

When you shapeshift, you may describe your form as you like, depending on the form and traits chosen. It doesn't have to be an actual creature. You can make stuff up or mix and match! If you prefer, you may choose to describe your shapeshift as wholly natural forms, but that's an aesthetic choice, not a mechanical one.

I didn't think my joke was that bad. Sorry. :I

I do support this background, though. I am very much in favour of exploring the diversity of options fantasy provides to people.

If I was going to rip something off, I'd be tempted to replace Triaxus with Auriga (Endless Legend). It's a much more fun science fantasy world with an eccentric orbit tending inexorably toward longer and longer winters and an eventual frozen death. :D

If the rope is as thick as it is long, it's colossal. Work backward from there.

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Kerney wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
We have to be PFS legal? Dang. D:
No, never said that. I did say pathfinder rather than 3.5 or 5e.

Good. I am content with my illegal hotness. :P

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We have to be PFS legal? Dang. D:

Necromancy is a great way to deal with nausea, it seems.

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I just remembered the best part of being Xenarchy. I get a kitty!

Malaclypse is a good fuzzy friend and also a shapeshifting bard/master spy, acting as herald.

On the other hand, does this mean the rest of my party is in the world? One chose the magepunk-cybernetic undead Tarrasque as his herald. It could be a problem roaming around the place.

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Larkos wrote:
I would suddenly get breasts...

Is that ever a bad thing? I get to be unspeakably awe-inspiring. Charisma near 50. Most other stats at 30 or higher. :)

Also, since my character is of deific-equivalent quality, do I get to bring my Realm of the Fey with me? It is full of fun times, beautiful splendour and maybe some horrible things. :3

Does this segue into the 'what if magic showed up in real life' thread?

UnArcaneElection wrote:
Matthew Shelton wrote:

This 'tradition' was invented by Valen to make sure the Earth-Minbari War happened. In fact he needed to make it inevitable that first contact would not only go badly, but that events would play out as they were always meant to. All the way up to the events surrounding Sinclair's capture at the Battle of the Line, his being interrogated by the Grey Council, then triggering the Triluminary, their unilateral surrender, and his eventual involvement with the Minbari until he would go back in time and become Valen (again). It is a causal loop.

Dukat didn't seem surprised at what happened, which suggests he expected it would happen the way it did, that Delenn would do everything she did, etc. He knew he would die, because the Vorlons told him, and because Valen told _them_ how it would turn out for the Humans and Minbari.

The problem with trying to institute/enforce a causal loop is: What if somebody messes up?

Then they were always meant to have messed up?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Do I get the one I invested the most in?

Woo, Level 20 Gestalt Ninja/Sorcerer, Mythic 10 Trickster/Archmage, Post-Mythic Greater Deity-equivalent (Queen of all Fey)!

It was a very long campaign, spanning thousands of years and resulting in the player characters forming the primary pantheon of the next game.

My character's conclusion was quite satisfactory: Xenarchy Triumphant :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wizards create infinite free energy for human convenience.

Later: Earth destroyed as the universe exceeds its stable energy density.

I'm playing in a game that has a homebrew technomancy sphere. We tried to make sure it synergised with creation and enhancement and didn't obsolete them.

Technomancy does not repair, create or boost technology (creation and enhancement can do that). Instead, it involves data manipulation, object control and abilities like converting spell points into technological item energy points and stuff. It can also allow damaged or ancient technology function as if it was new for a short time. We've been playing with the idea of communing with 'machine spirits' as well, in the manner of such spells as 'Stone Tell'.

What does 'energy-based' even mean?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Stuff like this is why I prefer Spheres of Power.

Cats are very important to those familiar with Lovecraft's Dreamlands.

Possible new spheres:

Null Magic

I made one of these for my home game. It included various extra tricks on top of a base 'dispel' ability. Spell resistance, the ability to heal when resisting hostile spells, attacks that drain spell points, destroying spells explosively and making casting more difficult for your enemies (or more unpredictable).

I made sure it wasn't a 'no fun allowed' list. Rather, it's to expand on the ordinary counterspell feat and make it a lot more varied and interesting.


More of a niche thing, dealing with high-tech settings. Interface with machines, project your consciousness through the internet, recharge technological equipment, etc.

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I willingly made an archetypeless fighter last year.

There's a particular effect I'd like to see, and maybe it works in creation.

Create Spell Node

When you create an object, you may spend an additional spell point to designate the object as your spell node.

While you have a spell node, when you use a sphere ability, you may measure range and line of effect from the spell node instead of yourself. You must still have a way of perceiving the target yourself.

You may remove your spell node property from an item as a free action.

You may take this talent multiple times, increasing the number of spell nodes you may have simultaneously by 1 each time.


Alternatively, that could be done as a war talent. 'Spell Totem'.

Ooh, nice! I forgot to keep an eye out for that one. More shapeshifty fun times. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Attitude being system permissions? Indifferent = Guest and Fanatical = SysOp?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tacticslion wrote:

There are a lot of questions about translation from PF to real world, that's for sure!

Sort of unrelated: I wonder if sentient creatures will generally be called "Sophonts" from now on?

I like to use 'sophonts' as a general term for thinking beings in any setting where there is enough diversity of thinkypeeps.

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The Sideromancer wrote:
Be very careful with your wording of "helping humanity."

There is a story in which a magic sword was given a will of its own and a single purpose: Destroy evil.

Being a sword, it doesn't really know what evil means but it is learning through trial and error. Hideous, life-draining error.

And it has discovered it really enjoys doing exactly what a sword is meant for: KILLING

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In The Salvation Wars, heaven and hell show up on Earth to kick off the final war over mortal souls. It turns out that being impervious to bronze swords can make you pretty godlike in ancient times, but isn't worth much against modern firepower.

Heaven gets nuked. Hell ends up conquered and mined for its vast mineral wealth.

We already know that hyperspace is an 'empty' plane that is slowly getting polluted by bits and pieces of other planes. You can have random encounters in hyperspace, by running into terrain and/or creatures from other planes. As we've been told so far (it may change), there's nothing hyperspace-native to encounter.

Ah, the good old lazy aliens method.

Take an Earth creature.

Make it humanoid.

Alien race!

FTL is granted by a god, so it's already magical. It requires technology rather than magic to use, but it is technology operating on properties given by a magical entity.

Does forcing a paladin to fall qualify as an Evil Act and Violation of the GM Code?

4 people marked this as a favorite.

The last time a paladin of mine fell was because a gnoll cut one of his legs off.

Damned critical tables!

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