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Umbral Reaver's page

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In another system, the mechanic for 'evasion' was this:

When an AoE went off, you could sacrifice your next turn to dive a distance based on your move rate and end up prone. This would move you further from the epicentre (the game used damage dropoff over distance) and possibly put you behind some blocking cover.

There were some special abilities that allowed you to dive without losing your next turn, dive and remiain on your feet or dive and roll for extra distance.

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I misread the title as 'turning coins into bears'. Now that is a way to protect your money!

Todd Stewart wrote:
I am intrigued. And by intrigued, I mean obsessively wanting to know how this all goes down. :D

Sounds like you're rather hyped for space. :3

In the future, the only recognised currency is sadness. :(

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It's already been stated that the main method of FTL is via hyperspace, a plane that is inaccessible to magical means. Only technology can enable you to enter and exit hyperspace, and perhaps you need it for traversal as well. We don't know if it's possible to sit on a hyperdrive, pop yourself into hyperspace, teleport to your destination's corresponding point, then pop out.

Despite being a wholly unmagical and empty plane, all these people popping in and out all the time have made other places 'leak' into hyperspace. This provides a kind of random encounter effect, where your ship encounters strange phenomena.

Event Horizon was mentioned.

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In the future, the only recognised currency is VIOLENCE.

Note that planetary surface gravity is as much influenced by the planet's density as its mass.

Even perfectly mindless undead and golems have Charisma.

I've long been thinking of doing a Battletech-like game, where players build their characters as normal (for whatever system I end up using, probably not d20), then pick a 'mech training package' that adds their vehicular skills on top of that and progresses independently.

The packages would be something like:

Tactical Pilot
Electronic Warfare Pilot
Guerilla Pilot
Assault Pilot

And so on. You can pilot any mech, and the packages add special abilities. Of course, some might synergise particularly well or poorly with different mechs and mech systems. Such as an Electronic Warfare ability having a bonus based on the mech's electronics suite, or an Assault's 'bulldoze' ability having a bonus based on your mech's strength or armour or somesuch.

In a pinch, your assault pilot might end up grabbing a nearby light utility mech while your party makes an exit from infiltrating a base, then uses that bulldoze ability (with poorer stats) to clear a path.

Or an ECM pilot could coopt the sensor systems of a dedicated tank to instead act as makeshift countermeasures.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
Did you ever play the ancient space game, 'Stellar Winds'?

Whoops. It's Solar Winds.

Torbyne wrote:
lets not forget that the Borg could adapt to phasers but never figured out how to deal with Worf hacking them to pieces. Physical damage is where its at yo.

Did you ever play the ancient space game, 'Stellar Winds'?

You upgraded your shields and weapons with different waveforms. If you scanned an enemy you could discover their shield waveform, then set your weapon waveform(if you had the right one) to match it to do significantly more damage. Setting your shields to counter their weapons was just as important for survival.

In a Pathfinderised mechanic, it would be something like this:

Energy weapons have one of three waveforms: sine, sawtooth or square. (Energy weapon equivalent to piercing/bludgeoning/slashing)

Shields have DR X bypassed by a specific waveform.

Modifications and class abilities might let you switch your weapon/shield's waveform to optimise it against your enemy.

Matthew Shelton wrote:
There are several basic categories of space travel in fiction. Which one(s) will Starfinder probably favor? or something else?

It has already been said that Starfinder uses a newly-discovered plane called Hyperspace that can only be entered by technological means and is used to traverse vast distances. Hyperspace is naturally empty, but tends to collect planar debris and fragments, so there may be some parts that are 'flavoured' by one of the more magical planes or another. I vaguely recall hearing it compared to random encounters, but I don't remember where that was said.

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Maybe I should finish my 'Armiger' class: A 1-20 progression about wearing and improving an ancient Numerian battlesuit. I think it goes up to large size as it is currently written.

It's built for standard Pathfinder and not Starfinder, for obvious reasons.

What I don't want to happen is this:

GM: Engineer, it's your turn.
Engineer: Oh, I guess I boost power to weapons for *rolls* plus two. *Player goes back to browsing internet*

I'm curious how Starfinder will go about tackling this challenge.

Does each party member have a role to play? Is the engineer more fun than just rolling knowledge (engineering) to repair/boost a system each round?

Aranna wrote:

I can help you with some depression advice.

Keep a close friend who can check in on you at regular intervals. Someone who will recognize your depression and can pick you up and take you out to do something they know you will enjoy. Because DOING something is the fastest route through depression, and if you have had severe moments were you couldn't even watch TV then that friend is a lifeline.

I don't really have any support of that level.

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1. Worship Desna.
2. Contact Other Plane: 'What is the name of the nearest human-habitable planet not yet visited by a member of the Starfinders?'
3. Explore!

Nicos wrote:
That's a shame, I've seen you make great posts, I surely would enjoy a book made by you. Why don't you try something small? I've seen great 3pp products of only 5-10 pages.

I dunno. I also feel like I've burned a few bridges in my intermittent bouts of misery-fueled paranoia and anger.

I want to produce enough for publishing, but I just can't. :(

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I have a number of times started something with great ideas but not been able to finish due to my own exhaustion and depression. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Clinical Depression. It's hard.

So I am wondering, is there anyone out there suffering the same conditions that has a method of mustering the strength to write RPG content? How do you do it?

We already had FTL via these spells.

Have these magics ceased to function with the introduction of hyperspace? Or is hyperspace merely a low-level convenience for those without access to such magic?

Wayne Barlowe's stuff definitely gets a thumbs up from me. I recently watched 'Alien Planet', which is based on his artbook, 'Expedition'.

And hopefully more creative than 'animals standing up' as aliens.

Less Kzinti.

More Pierson's Puppeteers.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sorry for being unclear. I was more thinking of setting conversions when I made the post.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just curious. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Blame! and Netsphere Engineer are mangas that take place in a world where hypertech construction robots went out of control and kept building cityscape for who knows how long. Since they developed a means to generate matter from nothing, it's speculated that the megastructure (which started on Earth) encloses the sun and extends to the orbit of Jupiter. People live in a maze of tunnels and mindlessly churning factories and try not to run into vicious 'silicon life' or the deadly descendants of the ancient security systems.

I am hoping Starfinder is suitable for running a nightmarish trek through unfathomable megastructures inhabited by vast intelligences and machines that have long-since forgotten their purpose.

I'm running an SoP game and put in the spheres that my players have.

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Nanobots are actually millions of super tiny wizards. Pointy hats and everything.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nanomachines, the wizardry of the future!

Why would Paizo want to include an unrelated company's IP?

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Gnoll Coward wrote:

Agreed. This is a chance for originality.

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In the future, attention span has been monetized so heavily that attention itself is now currency.

Das Bier wrote:

What was that 3e PrC that let you turn into a construct eventually? Green Star something?

Gave up a lot of caster levels, tho.

It was also extraordinarily weak.

IonutRO wrote:
Drejk wrote:
SwampRatKing wrote:
A bow, in the vacuum of space, could deliver an INCREDIBLE amount of force. With zero wind resistance, and no gravity to counter act, it'd be a fairly simple to wield weapon as well. Plus, grappling hook bolts.
It might require different proficiency, though. The ballistics of aiming would be fundamentally different.
Wouldn't it be actually easier since all you have to do is aim straight without needing to adjust for distance?

I'd probably allow thrown and projectile weapons a doubled range increment or somesuch in space. Relative velocity to the target and the target's maneuverability are still an issue.

Now fire a bow in a rotating reference frame such as a space station ring.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
A gravitic rail accelerator that happens to be bow-shaped?
I take it you don't quite see the slight problem with that? You do know how rail accelerators work?

I know how a magnetic rail accelerator works. What shape is a gravitic one? Maybe it needs to be tall rather than long for... science fantasy reasons.

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IonutRO wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
IonutRO wrote:

Perhaps forcefields only activate when a high speed projectile is coming at you, so as to not prevent you from passing items to others or to from interacting with your environment, and thus melee attacks ignore them?

That would give melee a pro so that it can compete with high tech ranged weapons.

The slow blade penetrates the shield.

The laser, on the other hand, blows us all to hell.

I don't get it. <.<

In Dune, if you shoot a shield with a laser it can cause an explosion comparable to a nuke.

They're like a clueless lemon dumped into Sigil! :P

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A gravitic rail accelerator that happens to be bow-shaped?

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IonutRO wrote:

Perhaps forcefields only activate when a high speed projectile is coming at you, so as to not prevent you from passing items to others or to from interacting with your environment, and thus melee attacks ignore them?

That would give melee a pro so that it can compete with high tech ranged weapons.

The slow blade penetrates the shield.

The laser, on the other hand, blows us all to hell.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mechs with bows?

Snorb wrote:
Your bow, made from the latest composite materials, launches an arrow with flexible foam fletching, a graphite shaft... and an explosive-tipped arrowhead.

And does the same damage as a medieval archer of your level because of balance reasons? D:

Will there be bows?

If there are, I hope they are not the premier damage-dealer. Instead, I'd prefer to see them act in a role they are suited to that guns and lasers can't perform: Non-kinetic payload delivery.

Poisons (make the poison rules work this time!), technological devices, and so on, could be attached to arrows.

Breakable arrowhead, capsule full of grey goo (the science fantasy kind, since that's what we seem to be going with). Make your targets melt from the inside.

What are bloodline mutations and what book are they in?

I suppose what I'm really looking for is a clear and complete list of all spells, items and abilities, sorted by level, that need to be accounted for by either side.

So I'm not caught out by that one weird trick that criminals hate.

With all the hundreds of spells, I would not be surprised if there is some level 1 spell that is worthless to adventurers so goes relatively unknown, but invalidates all possibility of concealing the truth. Or vice versa.

No way. A dhampir would be justified in being a goth. You need something that really has to stretch to be dark and broody... like a gnome. In fact, gnomes are great kineticists!

I propose 'succubus grapples' as an element.

With the proliferation of magic, the simple act of getting away with murder gets a whole lot more complicated.

Let's split this into three parts:


You're a criminal and you want to do a crime without being caught. Knowing you live in this magical world, what do you do to succeed at your crime? What precautions must you take to avoid leaving evidence that can be traced back to you?


A crime has been done! Now from the angle of the detective, in a world where criminals can do magic, how do you perform a full and thorough investigation? What do you have to do to make sure you are not boggled or bedeviled by some sorcerous trick (or even mundane trick that takes advantage of the assumption that magic is used in the crime)?


This is something I've always wanted to do in a roleplaying game, but it is immensely hard. A courtroom scene, with the party attempting to present convincing evidence that their nefarious nemesis actually did the crime. Do we have a magical courtroom as well? In such a case, what happens in it and what behaviours must be enforced or accounted for?

I'd like good advice from peeps that know how to handle these things!

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This gets posted once every month or so, and does not cease to be a laugh.

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