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Umbral Reaver's page

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Silverhand wrote:
Well...if there are no rules, why are folks so sure their opinion is the right one? ;)

You ask how undead should act. People say how undead should act in their interpretation. You refuse the answers given.

What else do you want?

Yeah, I've done that with a sorcerer a couple of times, using Perram's Spellbook.

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Silverhand wrote:

Here's the thing though...

1) Skeletons have CMD and CMB scores. Implying they might use combat maneuvers.

I'm pretty sure the statblock format requires everything to have CMB and CMD scores. Things that cannot move at all still have CMB and CMD.


2) If a mindless undead is ordered by a necromancer to "destroy all living beings that enter this hall". Okay...go nuts! But what if the necromancer said, "Defend this hallway. Bar entry to all who approach"...can the skeleton now use defensive fighting techniques?

Here's how I might have a skeleton interpret these commands.

Destroy all living beings that enter this hall: Skeleton waits idly in hall until a living being enters, then attacks the nearest creature until it is no longer able to (creature is dead, creature has evaded skeleton's senses, etc.).

Defend this hallway. Bar entry to all who approach: Skeleton waits idly at the end of the hallway, and attacks creatures closest to the end rather than closest to the skeleton. Even that might be a tad too sophisticated for some GMs.


3) Mindless occurs in other monster descriptions including plants,ooze, vermin, and constructs. The definition is identical: "mindless and gain no skill points or feats."

But surely we'd expect say, plants, to grapple. And constructs to maybe sunder or disarm...

Plants are a bit ambiguous since a lot of them have a grapple design to them. Certainly, as a GM you could say that it is their mindless nature to just grab and kill the nearest target over and over until it can't do anything else.

Mindless constructs, unless ordered directly (I'd say requiring orders during the battle, preprogrammed tactics would not be allowed), never use sunder or disarm unless it is stated in their creature entry.

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'Evil cunning' is one of the worst bits of meaningless fluff that has ever been written. It's useless and worse, misleading. It pops up in so many monster entries without need.

I wanted some handy, printable reference cards for creatures and stuff for my game, so I decided to fire up Magic Set Editor and fill in the necessary text.

The result! (Ignore the houserule stats such as DEF and AR.) The 'casting cost' icon in the top right is its hit dice.

I think it turned out nicely. More complex creatures may require two cards.

If you're open to 3rd party stuff:

Psion, Psychoportation Discipline (Dreamscarred Press)

Nomad’s Step (Su)

At 2nd level, as long as you maintain psionic focus, as a standard action you may teleport to a location up to 15 feet away. You must have line of sight to the location and you can bring along possessions that amount to as much as a medium load. The distance increases by 5 feet every psion level thereafter.

If you are willing to invest a feat, Fast Step reduces it to a move action.

Other than that, a Nomad Psion is basically an int-based sorcerer.

If you still insist on staying with the group, and want to be neither antagonistic nor silly:

You: "What's your name?"
Them: "I'm not telling you."
You: "What should I call you, then?" (this is the important part)


Take on the burden of tracking and dividing party loot. Ask them (in character) to write their names down on the party's accounts. If one of the others insists on doing the tracking of funds, write up a book of accounts and give it to them, with the same request for names.

MuertoXSky wrote:

Cool, that is a :

INT: 13
WIS: 14
CAR: 12

In my book.


Am I supposed to stat myself or the flesh that is my prison? These are very different things.

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Franz Lunzer wrote:
I would not play a cleric if the GM insisted on this house-rule

I would not play a GM if the player insisted on this house-rule.

Skin of Iron: Because your tempered flesh is hella tough. I was going to put 'Add Con to AC when wearing no armour' in there somewhere but I forgot. Oh well. Replace some other thing that you wanted to replace with that.

They still apply to your damage.

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Meat Mountain - Barbarian Archetype
The barbarian's mighty rage is only the height of an already massive power. The great exertions of the barbarian exercise the muscles and empower strength no mere fighter could match! Cower at such glorious might!

The meat mountain only has a 3/4 BAB but gains +2 STR at 1st level and every 4 levels thereafter (maximum +10 at 17th level).

Impressive Flex: At 2nd level, the meat mountain may flex impressively, adding his or her strength bonus to Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks. Yes, including handle animal and disguise, somehow. Flexing overcomes all. This replaces Uncanny Dodge.

Incredible Smash: At 2nd level, the meat mountain's first melee or thrown weapon attack each round while raging deals an additional 1d6 damage, plus 1d6 for every 2 levels thereafter. This replaces Rage Powers.

Fight Sense: Such a lust for battle attunes the meat mountain to any and all threats. The mere motion of steel through air incites a trembling of the thews! At 3rd level, the meat mountain gains blindsense 10 ft. plus 5 ft. every 3 levels thereafter. This replaces Trap Sense.

Tough It Out: At 5th level, the meat mountain adds his or her Constitution bonus to his or her saving throws while raging. This stacks with the existing bonus to Fortitude. This replaces Improved Uncanny Dodge.

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Hat of additional Hats.

It just seems to attract more hats.

When the wearer of this fancy hat might find randomly-rolled treasure, if the first result of the roll is not a head slot item, it is rerolled once.

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Implying that people that don't play the way that you play aren't grown ups is one of the worst ways to convince people that you're right.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Why do you want to do this?

How do you want your game to feel?

Decide these things before deciding what the mechanic will be, instead of making a mechanic and trying to justify it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I can understand wanting to make death matter.

When you think about wanting to penalise the character, consider this:

Do you want to penalise the player?

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It was a long-running campaign with a lot of character deaths and retirements, players leaving and new ones joining (and old ones coming back... to characters unleveled since leaving). Mine was the only member of the starting party to make it to the end.

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I played in a game that used 'new characters come in at one level lower than the lowest-leveled member of the party'.

By the end of it, I had a level 11 character. The next highest was level 6. The lowest was 4.


I'm kinda confused now.

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"However, if an affected creature spends a move action screaming as loudly as possible, it can act without any other penalties for the remainder of its turn."

In this instance, as loudly as possible is total silence.

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I once accidentally built Homura Akemi. Alchemist/Psion (nomad). Time magic and bombs.

The Vessel of Eternal Spirits
Immortal creatures normally immune to the effects of alcohol can get drunk when drinking from this ornate stein.

The Emperor's New Clothes
A suspiciously common flaw in cursed items resulting from attempts to create items of invisibility, when activated these garments become invisible to everyone but the wearer. The wearer sees him or herself as having successfully become invisible, but in fact, is not.

The Ring of Negative Three Wishes
As a wing of three wishes, but attempts to grant the exact opposite of what the wisher asks for. The magical power interprets what the opposite of something somewhat randomly, as the same wish may not receive the same opposite twice. Generally, something happens that is proportional and directly counter to the wish.
Note: This may be useful to clever sorts that know the ring's nature.

The Cutting Board
This plank of wood functions perfectly well as a normal longsword. It does not detect as magical at all.

A Kazoo
It's a plastic kazoo in a medieval fantasy setting. That's all.

Find some horrible abuse of its rules that forces the GM to remove it from the game.

Feed it to the Tarrasque?

Under what stimuli does the outsider make the decision to wake up? Even if you say it just takes a standard action, you're asleep and have little connection to what's actually happening around you. What reason do you have to decide to wake up?

Brigh x Cyriss OTP.

Brigh x Cyriss x SHODAN OT3?

Brigh x Cyriss x SHODAN x GlaDOS OT4?! Lord save me!

I love me some machine goddesses. :3

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You can't see the sun. The tremendous penalty is due to the time taken for light to travel between the sun and the planet. If you attempt to target the sun with an ability (assuming unlimited range and no attack roll required), it would automatically fail due to the distance the sun has moved.

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118. A kitten appears! It is actually a dragon of random age category and colour that has been affected by baleful polymorph and retains its intelligence and supernatural powers (including breath weapon) but none of its physical abilities. The dragon is naturally quite upset at being a cuddly fluffball but is unable to speak.

What level would a bard need to be to conquer our music industry?

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97. The bean makes a supernaturally awful pun. Everyone within 30 ft. take 1d3 Charisma damage from facial strain as they frown uncontrollably.

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The Immortals Handbook gave additional rules for size up to actual stellar objects, and vast bonuses to spot them.

It still wasn't enough to overcome the distance.

94. It grows into an adorable leshy. This is objectively the best result.

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91. You were the bean all along.

Is the BBEG high enough level to cast Spellbane? Spellbane naming Maze (and some other important encounter-ending spells) can be really handy.

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51. The bean disappears, replacing itself instantly with a normal bean of a random type.
52. A cow of value equal to that of the expended beans appears.
53. A clone of you grows from the ground and does nothing but scream. It won't stop. Aaaaaaaaa...

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Now I'm thinking about a game where instead of the common trope of magic screwing with the function of technology, technology overrides magic.

You fire a bullet at a wizard. That stoneskin might as well not exist.

You take a photo of a scene. Every invisible thing shows up in it clear as day.

It's not antimagic, but it functions as though magic were not there.


You have tech users being more real than wizards, but sorcery can achieve marvelous things when not being quashed by science. I guess it's a bit like Mage with Paradox, but less disastrous.

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What level would a fighter need to be to conquer our Earth?

Magic jar the thing?

Build an alchemical dragon.

Make the alchemical dragon into an intelligent item.

Give the item class levels in alchemist.

It can now take discoveries like tentacle and stuff, appropriate for its size (colossal).

Do you mean the gigantic sentient spaceships?

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In real life, there are birds that have learned to start forest fires, thus driving out small animals into defenseless clearings to be snatched up by the avian arsonists. These birds do this without any particular care to whether the forest is the kind that benefits from a forest fire or even if it is, if it needs a forest fire at that time. They just burn things to flush prey into the open.

Revere that, druids!

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Sometimes I wonder if the 'It's for NPCs' reason for weak archetypes comes well after the design.

My true neutral character is a chronicler interested primarily in learning about the cultures of the diverse people of the world and happens to be on a quest to save the world because that's where all the stuff is.

TOZ wrote:

A miserable pile of secrets.


I clicked on this thread intending to post this very line. Well done.

I give kobolds a better statline and 'tunnel runner', the ability to take no penalties while squeezing.

Public education to ensure that the majority of your adult population are wizard 1 instead of any NPC class?

I am bad at things!

I still want that Vulture, though. :3

Space Lord Leoric's bike looks pretty awesome...

And Li Ming is coming out soon. Augh. Blizzard, why do you taunt me with such treasures?

I haven't been playing lately. Too wrapped up in the current D3 season.

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