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Umbral Reaver's page

4,988 posts (5,296 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 7 aliases.


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Broodling swarms! Make them much smaller than the Starcraft ones so yu can have entire swarms burst out of victims or huge clumps of them hurled into battle by Swarmlords far above.

Since only heighten changes the actual level, all metamagic spells otherwise use their original level.

Obviously, heighten can only be used with 'tall' metamagic.

I have run into actual mind-reading by ciphers, even though the player character doesn't have this option.

Also! I think Obsidian plans a level 13-20 expansion, as the wizard grimoires list up to 10th (!) level spells but have no slots for them (max 6th level spells at level 12). It might be better to just write the cipher as a 1-12 class and fill in the rest later.

I don't think it's having the listed effect, either. Hooray for Obsidian's notorious reputation for bugs.

Also, I ran into Kurren. He describes the Ciphers as 'soul detectives'. That seems like a neat angle to fill out the rest, especially since PoE does not grant the classes any non-combat abilities.

According to Kurren, they can see where souls have been recently, who has held an item, tracking and so forth. I'd be tempted to give them an ability that works like scent except for anything that has a soul or animating essence (so it does include undead, but not robots or traps).

Cipher is my first, too. Once I get there and learn about that stuff, I can incorporate it into the dead levels of this class.

Also, I think there are some more bugs in the Cipher: I took the talent that increases your Soul Whip damage by x1.2. Instead, it increased my multiplier to 2.4. I was expecting 1.4 (20% + 20%) or 1.44 (1.2 x 1.2).

I fully recognise that it could be broken as all hell. I just like the idea of exploring the different mechanics.

Maybe? A d8 combat class is pretty harsh on a character that's expected to hit in combat already.

Also, I think you're right there. Now I don't know how to find out what maximum Focus is. PoE is frustratingly uninformative about some things, such as how two-weapon fighting works.

I got burned out on both the game and Chucklefish's poor behaviour as developers.

I did try again recently (recent stable, not nightly), and played for a bit. I made a small house, dug a little, and said 'screw this' and quit.

Maybe I'm just jaded due to my excitement for the game so long ago and subsequent hideous disappointment and the long drag of terrible awfulness that came thereafter.

What does double-clicking on equipment do?

I wrote it in quite a hurry, so I probably made a stupid pile of mistakes. Also, maximum focus is shown in the class chart. Focus cost is 5 + 5x power level (the same as in PoE). I stretched the max Focus pool over 20 levels. Since 12 doesn't stretch to 20 very accurately, it's probably worth redoing.

Also, I think having higher max focus is a talent. If you're getting higher than your starting focus without that, it might be a bug.

Edit: I just looked again and yes, you're right. I accidentally the 6th level powers column up one row.

Let's call the current metamagic mechanic 'tall'. You use a higher level spell slot when you add a metamagic feat to a spell.

What do people think of the following?

Wide: To cast a spell with a metamagic feat, you must expend X spell slots of the same level where X is the feat's spell level modifier. For a caster that prepares spells, that spell requires that many extra slots to prepare.

Long: To cast a spell with a metamagic feat, you must spend X consecutive multiples of the spell's casting time (minimum full-action) concentrating, immediately before the action spent to cast the spell, where X is the feat's spell level modifier. You must pass any concentration checks to ignore distractions or damage during this additional time or the spell fails.

Yes, that does mean a long quickened fireball takes four full-round actions then a swift action. Oh well.

Maybe these could even be combined! Is that terrible? It might be!

A tall-empowered wide-maximised fireball takes a standard action to cast and costs three 5th level spell slots to cast.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I really like how this class works in Pillars of Eternity, and its mechanics are similar enough to Pathfinder's that I thought I'd have a go at converting it. PoE spans only 12 levels, so the Cipher looks a bit stretched when expanded to 20. An alternative route would be to add more abilities after 12th instead of spreading out the existing ones (as I have done here).

I promise no balance, only the result of rare and short-lived excitement on my part.

The Cipher

Also I haven't finished converting the higher level powers and haven't written a capstone yet. It's kind of sparse. Contribute!


For those not familiar with what's going on here:

The Cipher is a hybrid combat/caster character that uses Powers that cost Focus. The Focus pool is extremely limited, at most levels not even being large enough to cast two highest level Powers in a row.

The Cipher can replenish Focus in combat by hitting enemies with weapon attacks. While below maximum Focus, each attack deals some extra damage and that extra damage is also added to the Focus pool.

The Cipher flows between casting and fighting, as the Focus pool fills and empties. A Cipher with low Focus strikes powerful blows while a Cipher with high Focus uses frightening psychic powers. These two strikingly different styles come together in a single warrior.

Battlefield Role: Damage/Control

I have been playing for a while, and yes, you do really have to keep a constant eye on your party's actions to make sure they aren't just standing around doing nothing. I wish there was a more noticeable indicator to say whether someone's idle in combat.

I've also seen the party auto-attack other party members (usually after a confusion effect). I don't know if there is a de-target button. D:


I want PoE Cipher in Pathfinder. It's really cool and the abilities are wonderfully interactive. :D

The Cipher is a semi-combat class that spends 'Focus' to use psionic abilities, and recovers 1 Focus each time a hit is scored on an enemy. All of the Cipher's powers rely on external souls, and must target an ally or an enemy (never self). They often have different effects on the primary and secondary targets, such as Mind Wave: The primary target's soul erupts, causing them damage, and blasting out a cone of force that knocks down anyone behind them. It seems like all Cipher blast powers will discern between friend and foe, making them good for throwing into giant piles of melee.

Most of the other classes are almost directly comparable to PF classes.

The ones I've had in my party:

Wizard works like Arcanist. You prepare spells in a 'grimoire' and can cast X spells of each level per day. You can change out the prepared spells by swapping them in the grimoire, which has limited slots. Most of their spells seem to be 'blasty', and will do friendly fire. Careful positioning is key.

Chanter is a more interesting Bard. They string together 'verses' that can flow into each other, creating overlapping auras of buffs. After chanting enough verses, they can cast a powerful spell. They have no casting besides this, and tend to be a rather passive class.

Priest is Cleric. They get all their spells known at each level and can cast from them. They get an ability that is almost precisely 'channel energy'. It heals allies and harms undead. That's about it. Lots of heals and buffs, some single-target debuffs. Very little damage. I think each god grants a different combat talent (feat). The priest following me can get bonus accuracy with swords (meh) and arquebuses (awesome).

Fighter is Fighter. I've built one as a tank, with massive defenses and the ability to threaten more enemies. Unlike in PF, you can only make attacks of opportunity against a single target you are engaging in melee, and all others can move freely. A fighter can increase the number they can engage at once. Fighters can also knock down and probably other maneuvers in melee.

Ranger is Ranger. No spells, but has an animal companion and can do special attacks that hobble and bleed enemies, and make enemies take more damage from companion attacks. The pair seem to be about comboing with each other, adding effects that the other can exploit. The companion is also an 'infinite tank', as it does not use the health system and can be healed an unlimited amount per day. The ranger does become super sad (big attack penalties) when the companion is knocked out, though.

Normally, characters can only be healed up to X times their Endurance (hit points) per day, before having to rest. Wizards have a low multiplier, while front line types have a higher multiplier.

One I have heard some cool things about but not played is the Rogue. Melee rogue is apparently worthless. Instead, the ideal rogue gets hold of a blunderbuss as soon as possible and sneak attacks with it. The blunderbuss fires eight pellets, and 'on hit' abilities such as sneak attack apply to every pellet. That's terrifying.

I actually liked the 'filler' in Inquisition, and wanted even more. D:

I have a kind of zergish swarm in my Archmage setting, called 'The Hateful Flesh'. It's an infectious shapeshifting disease that was created when, after the gods withdrew Gene-Magic from the dwarves, a bunch of rebel dwarf mages tried to substitute Chaos magic instead.

There's now one fewer dwarven nations.

Noqual is a special case and applies spell failure to all kinds of magic.

I keep hearing that the combat is awful and your party members stand around doing nothing when they should be helping. Is this true?

The idea is that they can hold things with their feet but not perform complex tasks. They're not a technological race, although there's no particular mental barrier against learning. They just don't have thumbs.

Also, hello again and welcome back to the thread! If there's any prior stuff I've mentioned that you'd like to ask about, I encourage you to ask. The more interaction you prompt, the more it helps me to flesh out the world.

Thinking about Harpies.

Harpies are totally the kind of weird hybrid that the Rhayud Rhuz would have made, and could have spread out across the world. But how well would they work as player characters?

Consider a humanoid that has large wings instead of arms, grasping birdfeet, and a feathered tail. Obviously, they're going to be severely limited in what they can do without help, due to the lack of hands and the limited ability of their talons.

What would you do with an adventuring PC that gave up hands for the ability to fly?

I have a race in my custom world that has short-range flight from level 1... but their wings are also their arms (bat people). They can't fly if holding anything.

Okay, here's the Pathfinderised version:

Short-range Flight

You can fly only during your turn. At the end of your turn, if you are still in the air, you fall.

You may wish to combine it with the glide ability.

I've played through the NWN2 OC and Mask of the Betrayer on my main PC. I haven't tried Storm of Zehir, since I heard it has basically no story or characters.

Damn! I'd forgotten that in NWN1 XP is divided amongst the party... including creatures that don't even track XP such as familiars and summons.

And I chose to play a summoning-focused wizard. :I

I didn't finish any of the mosaics. :I

I do have a PC that will run current games pretty well. I'm often not home, and have a lot of spare time where my only computer is my portable one.

The specs of this rubbish old machine are not very useful, since they say it should be able to run Crysis.

For reference, I'm currently playing Neverwinter Nights (going to try out some of the modules mentioned) and it still has framerate issues when I turn some of the graphics options off.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

It might work if all the players are using this race, especially if you come up with fusion (gestalt?) rules.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oops. Sorry. I missed the mention of PFS. Outside of PFS, I still recommend the Nomad.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nomad Psion from Dreamscarred Press can do very well as a time-focused caster. Time Hop is a delightfully fun power that can solve all sorts of problems if you are creative!

All of those, already done. As said, the problem is I'm a huge fan of the genre, so I have played pretty much everything mainstream and even most of the obscure ones. D:

I haven't tried any fan-made content for Neverwinter, though. There might be some stuff worth looking at.

It feels like I've played all the ones worth playing. What else is out there?

I'm looking for stuff like Baldur's Gate, Arcanum, etcetera, that is old enough to run on this slow old netbook.

I had Herzog Zwei for Megadrive/Genesis and played it more than any other game on the platform during my youth. I certainly think Airmech lives up to the legacy.

The only complaint I have is a minor one: That is a lot of the cosmetics are silly. So you might see someone flying around in a pumpkin (saucer skin) and followed by a bunch of donuts (you can get 'pets' to follow your mech. They do nothing ingame).

There's an item that lets you bring all of your pets instead of the usual limit of three. I haven't actually seen anyone do this yet, but it looks ridiculous.

I just picked this up a couple of days ago and it's amazing fun! You pilot a transforming aircraft/mech and must build and command your forces to destroy the opponent's base. It's like an RTS... except you can shoot down your opponent's 'cursor'.

I first heard of it ages ago but eventually forgot about it. I only recently came back to it when I watched some incredibly entertaining 2 Star Mavericks replay commentaries.

It's free to play but not pay to win, as all purchases can be made with Kudos, the non-premium currency that can be earned by completing games (win or lose). After playing it for most of a day I'd already unlocked a large portion of the available mechs and units. Diamonds can be won in PvP or bought with real money and are used to buy cosmetic features such as coloured bullet tracers, airmech skins and hats.

If you decide to give it a go, say Umbral Reaver referred you and you'll get 1000 extra Kudos. :)

Play Airmech!

Iczer wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
I'm really glad there's no charisma stat in my system.

More information Please.

[Will grovel if necessary]


It's over in the Archmage thread in the suggestions/homebrew forum. The stats are: Strength, Fitness, Dexterity, Agility, Perception, Cognition, Willpower, Psyche. You use a combination of cognition and psyche for your social skills.

Your saliva is a mild hallucinogen!

I'm really glad there's no charisma stat in my system.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Adding two together always produces 'and'.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Having DR 5/piercing and DR 5/bludgeoning is exactly the same as having DR 5/bludgeoning and piercing. It does not become DR 5/bludgeoning or piercing.

I believe a cold iron weapon with a silver weapon blanch or vice versa would do the trick.

You get the same thing with fey vampires and lycanthropes.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Charisma is appearance in so much as it is presentation. Attractiveness is far more than just physical structure.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm trying.

Your shadow falls in the opposite direction! Or, it dances when you're not looking at it.

Drejk wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
That could happen, but would not occur in all cases. It would very much depend on the power of the spirit, its type, and its individual nature and abilities. There is a high level holy spell that lets you manifest angelic wings (flight + inspiring aura), and a possessing spirit may know that spell!
So it would be rather a magically induced manifestation instead of transformation of the possessed body.

Both are possible.

That made me jump to slightly different topic: Does your world include polymorphy effects or is such complex rearrangement of cellular structures beyond the scope of magic in Archmage?

Shapechanging magic can be found in arcane (for disguise) and nature (for combat/utility). There is a historical instance of chaos magic being used to mimic nature+arcane manipulation of form, but it went very badly for an entire nation.

It is actually impossible for me to recover, due to the nature of my problems. I would rather not talk about it.

That could happen, but would not occur in all cases. It would very much depend on the power of the spirit, its type, and its individual nature and abilities. There is a high level holy spell that lets you manifest angelic wings (flight + inspiring aura), and a possessing spirit may know that spell!

I know those feels, man. :(

My depression is because of medical issues.

Drejk wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:

Can constructs or undead be possessed?

Sure. Why not? Spirits possess inanimate stuff all the time, so some inanimate stuff that walks and talks is just fine.

I would say that undeads created by binding spirit (original or not) back into the flesh might have a degree of resistance or outright immunity to possession. In fact I now started to wonder if you have already defined liches for Archmage? Maybe liches would be undeads created by process of turning the mortal soul into a spirit-like ghost and then binding that spirit to the body? instead of rebuilding the destroyed body like the D&D liches do it would instead possess a new body (or a prepared construct vessel) after destruction. More powerful ones could even have multiple bodies/vessels prepared and switch between them as needed.

Alrighty! Let's see where I can go with this.

I may be contradicting some of my earlier stuff, but I think it works something like this: There are several kinds of undead. Spirits of death can possess corpses and animate them under their control. They may be summoned into the corpse by a necromancer. This death spirit may range from something like a simple, mindless automaton all the way to a demon spirit. So yes, an undead created this way is already possessed and would have some resistance, in the same way that a living creature being targeted by possession can resist.

Some skeletons may be closer to constructs than undead, albeit still powered by death magic. They just eschew the spirit and are much simpler and more controllable creatures, albeit devoid of skill or initiative. Possessing one would probably be a lot easier for a spirit, since there's no mind to resist it.

Currently, the only concept of a 'lich' exists as a typical undead capable of casting spells, particularly ones that let it regenerate energy/stability (which undead cannot do on their own). Perhaps even have some magical process that does this automatically. The idea of the spirit discorporating upon the body's destruction and seeking a new host is a good one! It would probably be pretty rare even amongst undead mages.

What kind of host a spirit can possess and the difficulty in doing so is largely dependant on the kind of spirit it is. Death spirits prefer corpses. Nature spirits prefer animals and plants. Chaos spirits prefer bodies formed from elemental energies (a trick other spirits would have a tremendously hard time with). Arcane spirits prefer magical artifacts and books and stuff, and would be the most likely source for intelligent items.

Holy spirits are those most fond of possessing people, since Holy is the type most closely associated with civilisation. This may be seen as a blessing, akin to being touched with the gift of prophecy or divine something or other in lands where Juric and his children are the favoured deities.

Woo. See, this is what happens when I'm prompted! Thanks. :)

I'm really struggling. The depression isn't helping. I'd like to actually finish this one day.

So! Please ask questions about the setting or the ruleset!

Thanks for the comment. Even as little as that helps. Though, if you have time, poking at the main thread and asking questions helps. If you can point out any flaws or holes in what I've written so far, that's even better! I can be blind to faults in my own work.

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