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Umbral Reaver's page

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Ah, the good old lazy aliens method.

Take an Earth creature.

Make it humanoid.

Alien race!

FTL is granted by a god, so it's already magical. It requires technology rather than magic to use, but it is technology operating on properties given by a magical entity.

Does forcing a paladin to fall qualify as an Evil Act and Violation of the GM Code?

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The last time a paladin of mine fell was because a gnoll cut one of his legs off.

Damned critical tables!

I don't know if it would help, but you might want to try Spheres of Power. It offers a lot more fine control in customising how you want a spellcaster to feel.

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I am the only evil. Fite me.

Grey_Mage wrote:

Technically the magus was acting with evil intent and would have pinged as positive on the Detect Evil radar... So...

Serously, no. Evil is always selfish, either directly or indirectly. I seeno selfish actions here.

Were the Palidans behavior lawful? Less clear depending on the scenario but lethal damage in and of itself is not evil.

Not all evil is selfish. Some can be quite self-sacrificing for an evil cause (and may believe it is good).

Given how difficult casting seems to be (many disruptable spell components, of which excluding any one causes the spell to fail, barring metamagic), how do you do it by accident?

Stuff exploding nearby or tremendous fantastical effects going off when a person first discovers their magic is a hugely common trope in fiction.

'Oh no, I accidentally burned down my house when I awoke as a sorcerer.'

I don't like it in Pathfinder because it seriously misrepresents levels of achievable power and control. If you've just made level 1 sorcerer, you're not going to accidentally 'fireball'.

Not only that, there are exceedingly few conditions that can make someone accidentally cast a spell. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I would imagine some obscure spellblight or curse might do it.

Rather, I think it makes more sense, if you're going with this, to discover you can use your first cantrip. It can be a subtle thing. I would make it an extension of practiced skill at first.

I hope they change as much as is necessary. Maybe even more.

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Murder the gods and topple their thrones.

Oh well. I was hoping there might have been an obscure rule somewhere that I had missed.

Let's say you are shooting at a target behind an invisible paper screen, then.

Let's say you see an enemy behind a pane of glass and shoot at them with a ranged weapon. What happens?

Umbral Reaver DESTROYS the Big Six!

Rust Monsters!

And that obscure rule where your items blow up if you roll a 1 on a save!

As far as we've heard, PF stuff can be converted to work in Starfinder. That is, it requires conversion. I don't think they are innately compatible.

Spend all of the enemies wealth allocation on potions of heroism, bull's strength and bear's endurance and have them drink them all before the party engages in combat. Just to add insult to injury, put in treasure chests full of used scrolls, empty potion bottles and spent wands.


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No. You can only use my characters.

They are terrible.

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My motives are being questioned, so: I was thinking mostly about White Wolf games where characters often do roll dice on their urges and fears. Although, I suppose in that case everyone is usually playing a particular creature type that has a well known set of problems. The will save is too all-encompassing.

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Good grief. I wasn't expecting this degree of hostility. Sure, it's a bad idea. I give up.

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I haven't actually played a game like this. It was simply something I thought worth discussing, simply for what kind of vastly different atmosphere it produces. Naturally, the players would have to buy into it from the start and be aware of what it means. If the players are okay with it, the complaint about player agency is a non-issue.

Instead, what kind of game does it produce if we assume GM and players are all okay with using this?

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Consider this:

What happens to the narrative if you describe failed will saves not as breached mental defenses, but as a failure of character, a submission to temptation or flaws? That the character chooses, of their own will (as determined by the roll of the die), to take the worse option?

In this case, the will save represents not just a psychic wall against effects, but strength of character. What kind of game would arise from this idea?

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We're missing the really important question:

Can a succubus paladin grapple herself?

It's already been said that Hyperspace is natively empty. There's nothing at all there...

But other planes have been leaking into it, leaving traces of weirdness.

You may run into slivers of elemental planes, or the heavens and hells.

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It also shouldn't take too much time away from the other players.

Aesthetically going for something very Tsutomu Nihei (Blame!) if possible.

Does anyone know of a miniature that resembles Pcell or the Dismantler (Netsphere Engineer)?

Is it? We don't even know what the mechanics for space combat are yet.

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Try to be both original and faithful to the setting (as much as we know about it, at least)! Here's one to start us out:

Iomedae's Light
Iomedae's Light is a mobile strike craft built around a single powerful forward laser battery. What makes it distinctive is the 'Divinity Node', a device that allows a paladin to channel the power to smite evil through the ship and into its laser and shield emitters. The Iomedae's Light sacrifices some conventional firepower and protection, excelling primarily against interstellar abominations of evil, be they sinister void beasts or Infernal hellships fueled by the suffering of the lost.

49. The key can be used to open any container. When used in this way, the container contains one conspicuous bean. Now roll on another table...

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344: You become aware that the act of planting the bean somehow halved the remaining lifespan of the universe.

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Ah yes. White dragons die of hypothermia all the time.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Playable swarms?

Or small groups of creatures that share a single mind (and presumably has only a single standard action amongst them, if the move/standard system is still in effect).

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343: Once the bean is planted, a green suit of power armour grows from it.

Buy titles!

Hmm. Now I'm considering Swashbuckler/Elementalist (Electrokinetic) using Particle Blade. That could be cool. :)

I'm soon going to be playing in a Starfinder-like game wherein there is a sort of 'gap'. Except instead of no memories, the future setting is full of contradictory records and memories of how civilisation got there. In some histories, it's full magic until suddenly spaceships and cyborgs come out of nowhere. In others, it's the reverse. And plenty more that are a mixture of both, saying we naturally progressed into technology from a magical base or vise versa. Nobody is sure which origin is 'real' or if any of them are.

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Bandw2 wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
Now I think I want to run a game where a generic fantasy world is being targeted for consumption and conversion by self-replicating machines that have already devoured most of the galaxy.
i'm currently running this basically.

Tell me more!

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Now I think I want to run a game where a generic fantasy world is being targeted for consumption and conversion by self-replicating machines that have already devoured most of the galaxy.

You can go with the mechanics or the themes. Sometimes they overlap. Sometimes they don't.

The idea of comparing character building and deck building also works when you consider that a deck (usually) only has a certain number of cards in it. If you want to add another card, you have to take one out. It's about choosing which features you most want or most need. You can't have everything.

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This sounds like a job for self-replicating berserker probes.

Souleater probes are intelligent, magic-using machines with the following directive:

Reduce the number of evil souls in existence to zero.

The Souleaters are capable of using magic and as ageless beings that can traverse the universe, they have plenty of time to duplicate themselves and become more powerful. Any time a Souleater gains experience, that knowledge is copied amongst all other Souleaters. Eventually, there will be more stupidly high level wizard machines in the universe than any other kind of being. Surely, that is enough to complete their task. Using up soulgems as material components to build more Souleaters is ideal but not necessary. Most of them will probably be built out of dismantled star systems.

To be absolutely certain that evil souls do not spontaneously arise, it's best that they convert all available matter and energy across all planes into Souleaters.

This might be a bigger problem than all evil.

Spell traps of make whole distributed along the outer hull.

Huh. Hmm. I'll talk to the GM.

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339. Roll three times on this table and draw a triangle between those three points. The bean equals the area of the triangle.

Neutronium warhammer!

Isn't number of talents a function of Caster Level? You start with 2, and gain 1 for each Caster Level (plus any bonus talents from feats, class features, etc.).

Magic talent progression is written like BAB or Saves in the charts. Or like not stacking sneak attack from two classes that both have it.

I can take geomancy and nature spheres with the Soul Weaver, too. I like the spiritualistic aspect of the class.

Hmm. I'm also considering mixing half and full caster. I lose the half casting, but that's not so bad.

Magic teleporting for boarding enemy ships.

Magic teleport trap vs boarders.

Magic hole to put boarders in.

This is another reason why I like Spheres of Power. Having detectable magical emissions when casting is actually a defined drawback casters may or may not have.

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