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Ughbash's page

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 1,535 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So he gimped his archer by making it a ranger and you are complaing...

You further gimped his ranger by halving favored enemy bonuses and you are complaining....

I seem to be in a b!tchy mood today so I will just say be glad he did not build the character as a fighter.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

All the PC's make rolls out on the table.. let the rolls land how they land.

One DM we have several makes all his saves and hits behind a screen.... Funny thing is they almost always make their save. Gets kind of annoying. A save or suck mage is useless every major NPC will save so the rest of the party won't be bored. You boost your AC to 1000.. doesn't matter you will still get hit because otherwise there woud be no excitement in the fight.

Our wizard has about stopped using slow... in the last 5 levels I think it has only landed once on some mooks, and 3 of the 4 mooks made the save. Tougher monsters always save.

Basically 2 builds work in his game. Blaster wizards who flat ut kill everything even if they make the save (which makes him whine). Martial DPS who kill everything with raw HP overkill, preferably from a distance (archer).

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Enurp wrote:
On the sidebar for Aasimar it states that a "small" aasimar, such as a Halfling, can be Small but purely for cosmetic purposes. This sounds like a contradiction. If it's purely for cosmetic purposes then why even mention it. If instead it gets Small properties, bonus size AC, chance to hit, 20ft speed, etc. then it's not "purely for cosmetic purposes". Can someone clarify please what the intent is?

Speed is not based on size.

See Kobold and Goblin.

Halflings and Gnomes get a racial ability of slow which lowers their movement speed.

To the best of my knowledge, playing a small race Assimar would give you the bonuses and penalties for being small.

+1 AC
+1 to hit
-1 CMB
Lower carrying capacity.

It would not effect your speed, and if you were a race which had either Natural armor or Natural attack you would not get those.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Don't think it works.

Slashing grace does not apply to a SPECIFIC weapon it applies to a group of weapons.

Martial versaitlity says take a feat that applies to a SPECIFIC weapon.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
StabbittyDoom wrote:
Ughbash wrote:

How long does it take you to write out a page of notebook paper?

30 seconds? a minute?

This lets you do it in 6 seconds.

If time is not important, then this spell is not either (except for a lazy sorceror I play).

Longer, but so is the spell. It takes 1 minute to copy a page with the spell.

My apologies somehow when I read it I mentally said 1 page a round not 1 page a minute. I can STILL see my sorceror buying a runestone for this, he is just that lazy, but nowhere near as quick as I thought it was.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
VampByDay wrote:
The weapon came down to a quarterstaff, or a sansetsukon. The bonus of the sansetsukan is that it does a d10 damage and has bloking and disarm. The bonus of the quarterstaff is that they are super easy to find should mine get sundered, and they can be made with holy ice weapon (a GREAT spell btw). Plus, it is more thematically appropriate.

Just one other option for a wepaon and it costs a feat for Exotic Weapon. Tetsubo. Considering among other things the weight of the staff and many of its depictions it was not just a quarterstaff and a Tetsubo might be more appropriate.

So while this would be VERY feat intensive consider either Exotic Weapon Tetsubo, WEapon Focus TEtsubo, Improved Unarmed Combat, Weapon Focus Unarmed combat.

Alternatly if you are willing to DIP monk.
Level 1 Monk MOMS Weapon Focus Unarmed Strke Bonus Feat Monkey Style
Level 2 Monk MOMS Bonus feat Monkey Moves
Level 3 War Priest Feat Exotic Weapon Proficiency Tetsubo and pick up Weapon Focus Tetsubo.

Stay War priest from then on out and you can do your bonus damage with either Tetsubo or Unarmed strike.

For stat spread I would suggest a slight modification

Str 14 (5 points)
Dex 16 (5 points vanaran)
Con 14 (5 points)
Int 12 (2 points)
Wis 16 (5 points Vanaran)
Cha 6 (-2 points Vanaran)

Oh and also convince all the other players that for tactical reasons the group should have a language they can talk in and most others can not and that do to its rarity Vanaran is the perfect language :)

While Whoflung Poo is a perfectly acceptable name, I am partial to Bananna.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

How long does it take you to write out a page of notebook paper?
30 seconds? a minute?

This lets you do it in 6 seconds.

If time is not important, then this spell is not either (except for a lazy sorceror I play).

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

If you have a decent charisma and LG allignment dip 2 levels of paladin :) After all what is even more dipping if you are dipping this much.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

By the rules no only bloodline spells.

Not only would you have to KNOW the spell it has to be on your list, so even if you KNEW Slay Living it would not be on your list so you could not cast it. This was FAQ'd due to the reverse situation, Oracles using Eldritch Heritage Arcane to learn arcane spells.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The obvious ones are animal companion (nature or lunar) and Channel Energy (life).

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
LazarX wrote:

If you undertake a move action that puts you in a different square than what you started it in, than that's a move.

Going with what you have here and still the horse example.

If you make the DC 20 ride check to dismount as a free action, could you then take a 5' step and attack?

You have moved 5' but you have not used a move action.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

My advice....

Skip toughness and only take the feat Power Attack at level 1.

Take the Human alternate race ability Dula talent.

By giving up your bonus feat and skilled you get +2 to two stats.

Now add them to Con and to Str and have a 20 str and an 18 con.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:
Eltacolibre wrote:

Drow noble is the only race that I would even bother to call OP in Pathfinder, but to be fair with some clarifications from the authors, it was supposed to be a race that you can only play at APL 2+. All races are rather tame and many of their benefits (RP) don't do much compared to the core races.

Android are okay.

Since when was Drow Noble a player race?

Having a "Characters" block in the monster manual entry DOES NOT imply a player race. Non-player Characters are characters too. All this denotes is that the race typically advances with class levels rather than monster hit dice.

The original debate was when using Monsters as Player Characters section in the Bestiary. People were not correctly caclulating the CR of the Drow Noble leaving some people to think it was base CR 0 which has no mod as compared to a CR 1 which would (using those rules) only be available at level 2+ and cost you a class level.

IMHO, which along with $1 will let you buy a cup of coffee, a drow noble is fine in a mixed party as long it is one level behind others players. It MAY be stronger at level 1-3... but will probably be a little weaker at mid to high levels (especially if a pure caster on levels where it has to wait the extra level for new spell levels).

If your group uses the "Using monsters as Player Characters" optional rule great have fun, if it does not great have fun. There is no wrong way :)

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
LazarX wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
I have a bard with perform: oratory (he tells stories about the greatest of all pathfinders - himself) and I was wondering if there was masterwork 'instrument' or some such that would work for oratory. Thanks much.
Not every skill has a plausible masterwork instrument. Megaphones for instance only make your speech loud, not more convincing.


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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
David Neilson wrote:
That is a bit of a weird mental image though. Knight taking off his full plate, and then slipping into a chainshirt to sleep in.

We refer to it as Mithril Pajamas.....

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

HOw many points are they built on? or did the roll for stats?

How much wealth is their gear equal to?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber


There is a limitation so you always get 1 per level so a barbarian gets (4-2) 2 skill points and a fighter or cleric gets (2-2) 1 skill point.

Humans then add one more to this total assuming they did not trade away skilled.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
DM_Blake wrote:
My wife is my companion and she's a friend too, but she's my only companion;

Too many jokes come to mind.....

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Covert Operator wrote:

Sorry if this question has already been asked, but I am a bit confused about whether Mystic Theurge counts as having a "spellcasting progression" or not.

Specifically, I wanted to know if a prestige class that advances spellcasting progression for one class you had before taking the prestige class would allow you to advance your Mystic Theurge spellcasting progression, which by extension would advance both classes' spellcasting progression.

Mytic theurge does not have progression it progresses other classes so, no you can not take for example Loremaster and progress your MT.

Evangelist now is more up for debate since it advances a CLASS and does not specify it to non-prestige classes.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
JiCi wrote:

1)A feat similar to Superior Unarmed Strike

because you're NOT gonna get far with ONLY 1d3 points of base damage if you're not a monk or brawler.

Funny thing is I SUSPECT that unless size modifications are used the class that does the most damage with an unarmed strike is a fighter.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Move: Obviously I have a pretty high BAB, since have quite often retrieved my phone from my jacket or pants pocket without stopping moving. While you walk somewhere and have re required number of hands, why not, unless you have to interact with a container like a scroll case (with more than one scroll in it).

Not that hard considering you were walking (which is a move action). That means you still had a standard action to do that during those 6 seconds.

If you double moved call it a hustle or a jog, it might have been more dificult and thus would have required a Bab of 1+.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The rules say "The eidolon does not heal naturally."

Our group was unsure what this meant.

Option 1) The eidolon does not gain HD over night as a character or animal companion would equal to their HD.

Option 2) The Eidolon can only be healed by the spell "Rejuvinate Eidolon" and Clerical magic or bursts would not heal it.

This was not mentioned in the APG FAQ so I was wondering if there was an offical answer? or failing that what the general consensus is?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Dicefreaks stating the unstatable.... Not sure if there site still exists (web filter blocks me at work) but should be able to find the stats somewhere.

Think they had Asmodeous at CR 81.

I'd start there.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I would like a geat so that when using a reach weapon against a target which has an ally between you and it the target did not get cover.

Call it Precise Strike.

I would also like an Improved Precise Strike that let you ignore all cover that is not full cover from a melee attack.

Mildly annoying that if you have this set up EAY (Enemy Ally You) if you are a properly feated archer you can attack at no penalty, but if you are using a Reach weapon you can not pick up feats to attack without penalty.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Just one thought... Should not the Title of this post been "Fluffer Question" as compared to "Fluff Question"?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Why I just realized that even without this feat you can pick a skill point and a hp and a favored class.

They key word is OR.

If yo have done truth tables you know that if you say "the apple is a fruit OR the apple is a plant" it is true even if both are right.....

If Paizo had wanted to make it so it was "one or the other bot not both" they should have used XOR...

Now I will go rebuild all my characters.


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
SoonerTed wrote:

Comparing large weapon + large weapon and saying that doesn't make you able to wield a huge weapon is in no way comparable to saying "treat these levels in Cavalier as levels in Monk when determining unarmed damage".

The reason Unarmed Combat Mastery needs a specific stacking clause is because Ninja & Monk are two different classes.

Levels in the same class stack, no?

Cavalier and Monk are not the same class. So unless it says the effective levels stack they would not stack.

Note Ninjas says it acts as a monk level -4 and that they stack with monk levels for damage.

Cavalier says it counts as monk level for non lethal but does not say anything about stacking with monk levels.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
SoonerTed wrote:

The cleric that gains bard levels doesn't actually have bard levels. Sermonic performance says nothign about having any number of bard levels, just "equivalent to".

What makes this different, in my mind, is it actually says "treated as having the monk levels" in regards to unarmed strike. But I've been wrong before.

But it says "treated as having monk levels equal to their cavalier level".

Lets say a Feat let you wield a large weapon with no penalty.
Lets say you are also a tiefling who has the alternate ability to wield a large weapon with no penalty.
You can not then wield a huge weapon with no penalty.

If you compare the wording on the monk levels to the advanced talent for ninjas.

Unarmed Combat Mastery: A ninja who selects this trick deals damage with her unarmed strikes as if she were a monk of her ninja level –4. If the ninja has levels in monk, this ability stacks with monk levels to determine how much damage she can do with her unarmed strikes.

Here it speciically says it stacks, without that wording it would not stack.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
SoonerTed wrote:

Order of the Hammer states:

"At 2nd level, the cavalier does not provoke attacks of opportunity when she attacks foes while unarmed so long as she is dealing nonlethal damage. In addition, the cavalier's unarmed strikes deal more nonlethal damage than usual; she is treated as having a number of monk levels equal to her cavalier level for the purpose of determining how much nonlethal damage her unarmed strikes deal."

If a character has 2 levels in Cavalier/Order of the Hammer & Two levels of Monk, does that make him level 4 in Monk for unarmed damage, therefore giving his unarmed, nonlethal damage 1d8 ?

It makes sense that it would, but RAW doesn't always make sense.


Assuming that is a directr quote, no they would no stack.

As a 2/2 she would as a cavalier be treated as 2nd level monk when dealing non lethal and as a second level monk when dealing lethal.

If instead she was a 4th level cavalier and second level monk she could do non lethal damage as a 4th level monk and lethal damage as a second level monk.

Levels would not stack unless it stated they did. Thus Monk does not stack with Brawler or Sacred fist either.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Ashiel wrote:
Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:

I can't imagine a bigger waste of time than adversarial analysis of Pathfinder.

PvP tells you basically nothing about how the game plays in a campaign setting.

Well, yes and no. I'm going to jump out and say that PvP is not something that I encourage in my games in the least, however when you get right down to it, the entire game is PvP.

I tend ot agrere wiht Lincoln...

However I posted the first fighter at level 5 in response to the following post:

Rhedyn wrote:

OK, put together a level 6 martial that beats the level 5 eidolon.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Put together quickly so not fully optimized.

Human Fighter 2 handed weapon archetype
str 22 (13) +2 racial +1 level 4 +2 belt
Dex 14 (5)
Con 14 (5)

Int 7 (-4)
Wis 10
Cha 10

AC 23 (24 if hasted but yes I consider this low)
HP 10 +(4d10) + 10 (con) +5 (Favored class) = 47
When Power attacking +12 (d8+20) (assuming haste and bless +14 to hit)

1 Dodge
H Weapon Focus Naginata
F1 Improved Unarmed Strike
F2 Power Attack
3 Dragon Style
F4 Weapon Specialization
5 Combat Reflexes


Equipment: 10085
Full Plate +1 (2650)
+1 Naginata (2335)
Belt of GIant Strenth +2 (4000)
Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000)
Potion of Enlarge Person x2 (100)

Notes has reach so on medium sized opponents he gets an attack as they come in.
COmbat reflexes so up ot three attacks of opportunity even if flat footed.
Can charge through difficult terrain and allies due to dragon style.

Side Note one: Crits are RARE, and can not be counted on... but one crit will one shot almost all of those encounters (84 -112 damage).
Side note two: landing those crits are FUN!!!!!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

OK so you get a third domain.. Big Deal.

Lets look at a level 10 cleiruic levle 10 exalted.

As a cleric he gets 2 domains at level 10 as an exalted he gets one more at level 10.

It does NOT say in Exalted that it advances Domains as a cleric. So yoru Cleric domains stop advancing and then you get a third domain that advances as an exalted. That is a trade off. I would consider 2 at 20 MAY be more effective then 3 at 10.

Exalted has 1 good save 2 bad saves, cleric has 2 good saves.

So a 10/10 has saves (before stats) of Fort 10, Ref 6, Wil 12 vs cleric 20 fort 12 ref 6 Wil 12 (MINOR advantage cleric).

DEPENDING on how you interpret Domain spells you may be shooting yourself in the foot. I DO NOT KNOW what the correct way is.

Option 1) Domain Spells are part of spellcasting which advances with prestige class.

Option 2) Domain spells are a function of the domain whcih does NOT advance with prestige class.

So with option 1 Exaled is clearly better and can fill his 9 domain slots with 1 of 3 spells at each level.

With Option 2 Cleric is clearly better, as while the exalted has a little more flexibility on domain spells for level 1-5 only the cleric gets domain slots on 6 - 9.

Is exalted a good class? Yes, it is also very flavorful. I am not sold on it being heads and shoulders the way to biuld any cleric.

P.S. IF anyone cares... reach clerics? BAB is 1 less with Cleric/Exalted when compared to pure cleric

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Celanian wrote:

If you read the challenge, it was to build a martial who could do as well as the synth in a party vs a typical selection of CR appropriate foes. Your fighter fails in that regard because damage is so low that most CR appropriate monsters will ignore him to attack squishies in the back.

The synth doesn't even have to go toe to toe vs your fighter. It could do something like evo surge wings to fly, then cast enlarge person in safety, then go to ground and evo surge a trample. Then just trample the fighter to death. With spells, there are all sorts of ways of beating the fighter cheaply with minimal risk.

For IN a party against typical CR foes I would defintely build differently most likley an archer. Yes I realize with magic there are a lot of things any caster can do to trash a melee.

However MOST if not you but other posters were saying someone post a melee who can hold its own agianst the Eidolon. Heck one even suggested since I mentioned 6 is a break point for melee to send a level 6 melee against your Eidolon.

My fighter while he WOULD work best in a group was designed for by himself.

BTW on a side point do you know off hand if evol surge, was nerfed the same way paragon surge was? Just due to the similarity.

Finally if the idea is to be a melee with party support againt CR equivalent foes... Would you care to pick half a dozen appropriate fights and say what the party buffs should consist of?

I THOUGHT I was expected to build a melee to fight (more or less) straight up against the Eidolon. If the challenge is not that please clarify exactly what you want the melee to do in comparison to your Eidolon and what outside resources are available from group members?

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

half elf with the drow magic alt ability

oracle 1/sorc 2/MT
oracle use the wood mystery and grab the bend the grain revelation

full Cha based casting and the least painful entry you're gonna get
starting at level 9 you'll have access to 3rd level arcane spells and 2nd level divine spells, with 3rd level divine spells coming at character level 10.

Anohter option is Assimar, not the standard one but several of the other heritages in blood of angels give a level 2 arcane SLA.

Also Oracle 1/Sorceror 2/MT 5 gives you 3rd level arcane and divine at 8th level not 10th.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Celanian wrote:


+2 Str (2)
Limbs Arms (2)
Claws (1)
Improved Damage Claws (1)
Improved natural armor X2 (2)
Energy Attacks (2)

Feats: Power attack, Arcane Strike, and +1 evolution.

Take half-elf for favored class benefit to get another +1 evolution.

Your build is a gimmick build specifically designed to fight an eidolon. It's nowhere near as good as the synth for general adventuring and against a general assortment of CR appropriate foes. But even with this build, the synth simply doesn't power attack and it's...

Yes, it is somewhat gimmicy, and yesit was crafted for the Eidolon but would work in a regular group also. However the challenge was prtty much set up as build a Martial who could fight the Eidlon. Mine COULD have been optimized more (for example I am not at all using Improved shield bash) so could ahve left off one of his feats.

Not power attacking lets the Eidolon hit on a 19 or 20 instead of just a 20 his alter person to small size would let him increease his to hit by 1, and change it so even wihtout power attack you need a 20. Again HASTE is your big advantage over him. You are also better againt mooks. The only REALLY gimmicky part of the character was taking Aasimar as a race so the 5 points of Acid resistance would negate your energy attack most of the time.

Is a synthesists summoner strong? YES
At level 5 will it beat a pure melee? PROBABLY
Does it TOTALLY DOMIMATE every other character? No.

I think Synthesists are strong characters but do not consider them broken.

In a 5 point game they would be INCREDIBLE and DOMINATE!!!!
In a 100 point game people would say useless.
As I thikn I said I usually play 25, I consider them to be strong but not overpowering, in PFS which is 20 point buy they would be a little stronger.

Also if it did not come across, I think what you put together was a very nice build. I may try it one day.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

There is a difference between what is the best for a party and what is best in arena. Point value also makes a difference (usually I play at 25 points so less of a differnce) at 15 points it would be harder to even come close.

Still at 20 points a basic ordinary sword and board fighter. I did not take traits but *shrug* only "unusual" thing is race (angel blooded aasimar) the rest is straight out of Core.

Level 5 Fighter angel-blooded Assimar

Str 18 (10)
Dex 16 (7) +1 level 4 stat increase
Con 14 (5)
Wis 10
Int 10
Cha 10 (-2)

HP 10 +(4d10) + 10 (con) +5 (Favored class) = 47
AC: 30
Damage +12 (D6) +10

(1) Dodge
(F1) Arcane Strike
(f2) Weapon Focus Scimitar
(3) Shield Focus
(F4) Weapon Specialization (scimitar)
(5) Improved Shield Bash (does nothing but setting up for two weapon fighting later)

Equipment: 10135
Full Plate +1 (2650)
Heavy Steel Shield +1 (1170)
Amulet Natural Armor +1 (2000)
Ring Protection +1 (2000)
+1 Scimitar (2315)

Not having haste from party mates really hurts this character. While haste would change the Synthesists from 4 attacks to 5 (25% more) it would double the attacks of the fighter.

Still fighter hits Eidolon on a 16 17 18 19 or 20.

Eidolon hits fighter on a 20.

Which helps to counteract a lot of the damage difference. Would still probably put money on the Eidolon but a close fight. With haste (commonly cast by party members) I think the fighter might win.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Celanian wrote:

Level 6 actually helps the summoner as well since Rend and an additional +2 Str evolutions are freed up as well. Level 8 REALLY helps the summoner since Large size is opened up.

I suspect that it won't be until level 11 when the martial gets its 3rd attack that it catches up just on the fighting aspect. And of course the summoner has 4th level spells and SM 6 by that point.

BTW, would you mind posting real quick where each of his evolution points went? Glanced over the build but I admit I have not looked too much into Eidolons.. my only summoner is a Master Summoner and theEidolon is more skill monky then combat due to being half size.

6 has some nice stuff, 5 had a LOT of nice stuff.

5 is a break point for
Power attack (their odd BAB progression makes them ahead of a 3/4 Bab class at this point and at every level other than 4 8 12 16 20)
Arcane Strike
Str/Dex Bonus
Stacking Natural Armor

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Celanian wrote:

I'm kinda surprised that nobody has posted a level 5 martial so far. Level 5 should be easy to slap together.

In my experience, a level 5 fighter, barbarian, paladin, or ranger usually has about 40-50 HP, AC 18-22, and does 1 attack for about 20-30 average damage. Barbs are higher on the HP and damage, but lower on the AC. S&B is higher on the AC and lower on the damage. Paladins vs their smite targets do a little better.

Those numbers are nowhere near as effective as a synth of the same level. Which is a shame since classes that are supposed to be good at fighting should be better at fighting than a class where fighting is only about half of what they can do.

Just to point out level 6 is a break point for martial, not level 5 (which is probably why 5 is being selected).

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Actually Greater mighty wallop specificaly says in the spell up to Colossal in size. So it does not stack with enlarge peson.


As mighty wallop, except that the bludgeoning melee weapon damage

increases by one size category for every four caster levels you have, to a maximum of five size categories or up to an effective size of Colossal.

Nice spell if you allow 3.5 splat books (in this case "races of the dragon") Gives monks a nice boost but still not in and of itself game breaking.

Now combine with pumeling style and if you actually get to the point where you can land an attack... (all pure melee's issue) you will do a ton of damage.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Quintain wrote:
Ok, since a familiar isn't an animal companion (slight mistake there), how does a rogue get an animal companion (not a familiar) that doesn't require a dip into a different class.

2 feat chain Nature Soul + Animal Ally. Now how you get the companion to have a 13 int to take the feat is beyond me. I seriously DOUBT that they expected you to put a point into IQ so your AC can take linguistics, read a +4 book and then use a +6 headband....

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Russell Engel 960 wrote:
So, having ki pool (cold iron), is that good or not with the way I want to build the monk/rogue or monk/ninja?

I would not. You really do not want to sacrafice BAB by going with a 7/13 build. So you would instead want to go 8/12. If you do that you are giving up 2 dice of sneak attack and two advanced talents. Sure you get a few extra things but for me it is not worth it.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Russell Engel 960 wrote:

Is there any way to get close to optimization in damage or what not or probably not since its multi-class instead of sticking with one class all the way through?

No, not only are you multi-classing 2 3/4 bab classes, you are using gunarmed strike which is a x2 crit on a 20.

The Ninja 16/Monk 4 negates the loss of BAB any more by going with a break point. You will also have full level 20 hth damage by using BOTH the advanced talent and Monastic Legacy. If you got a Monks robe you could retrain Monastic Legacy.

BigP4nda I believe spending a Ki is a swift action so you can only spend one ki not one from each class. From a NON-Gestalt standpoint I would find you loose too much Sneak attack (for my personal taste).

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Depending on what you want.... at high level Sacred Fist, Barbarian, Fighter.

Fighter defintely and barbarian most likley will out dps a monk in unarmed combat.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Russell Engel 960 wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
Russell Engel 960 wrote:
I was wondering if anyone has a guide or suggestions for how many levels of monk/rogue and when to take them.
That's going to depend entirely on what your goal is. Can you tell us more about your concept and what you want this character to be capable of?
I want to be able to do sneak attack with my flurry of blows using unarmed strike.

Then I would suggest Ninja/Monk rather then rogue/monk.

I would suggest monk 4/Ninja 16.

At level 3 pick up Monastic legacy.

When you get your first advanced talent pick up th ninja talent that lets your ninja levsl count as (monk levels -4) for unarmed combat.

Look into using stunning fist with an attack of opportunity and then the feat Dastardly Finish to Coup de Grace a stunned opponent.

You may also want to consider the feats Knock Out Artist, Sap Adept, Sap Master.

The build will do what you want, but from a POWER level you will be behind most other characters if they optimize at all.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
CWheezy wrote:
I wonder if paizo will patch or ignore it.

To determine the answer to this we must look at the extremely complicated Paizo Patch Decision tree!!!!!

Does it effect organized play? If yes Patch, if no go to next step.

Does it give non spell-casters an edge? If yes Patch, if no leave as is.

Result will not be patched.

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Lore Oracle could be good and mesh well with the library. Her curse (Whatever you choose) could be flavored as her penalty for leaving hell to persue knowledge/truth/japanese-manga-school-girls.

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Swift action spells do not provoke and thus do not require defensive casting.

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Sending in the middle of the night (more than 25 words because he researched a variant).

The Message wrote:

I know who you are. I don't care what you want. If you're looking for power, I can tell you I don't have to give it... but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you return my spellbook now, along wiht 5000 gold pieces that will be the end of it - I will not look for you, I will not pursue you... but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you... and I will kill you.

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Wow what an Elegant Solution for Crane Wing..... Shame they did not think of it a year or two ago.

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It is a 2 handed weapon. Elves have an ability to use it as a martial weapon rather then a Exotic weapon, but in ALL cases it is a 2 handed weapon.

So an elf who by class gets all martial weapons can use it two handed.

A non-elf who spends a feat on Exotic Weapon proficiency Elven Curve blade could use it two handed.

Anyone else can use it two handed but they would take the -4 penalty to hit for using a weapon they were not proficient in.

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