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TwoWolves's page

674 posts. Alias of Twowlves.


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Merciful Syringe Spear. The damage is non-leathal, and the healing heals an equal ammount of lethal and non-lethal damage. You never risk doing any lasting harm on the target.

25 point buy isn't overpowering unless they want it to be. I'm running RotRL now with characters built on 25 points, and instead of playing SAD (Single Attribute Dependant) hyper-optimized characters, they all have slightly better secondary stats. The REAL determinant is the number of players. Four players at 25pt buy are probably ok, but 5+ will require some tinkering. Keeping them a level behind the suggested level works, as does increasing HP to max and/or adding 1-2 extra mooks. Also, don't be afraid to optimize the NPCs and change tactics/items to suit your party.

In the land of barbarians, everyone has Power Attack.

At least, in theory.

If you don't eyeball those maps, especially from book 4 onward, you will regret it. There is no room in the Festering Maze for summoned anything at 5'/square, for example. The same goes for anything with giants in it. Big rooms are pretty standard the closer you get to things built by and for the runelords.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Most architects build doors so that they open into a room, so that it is possible to block or bar the door in the case of intrusion. Sticking to this rule of thumb will give you the best answer 90% of the time.

First impressions, all IMHO of course.

Spells? No thanks. Name them Powers or Talents or Abilities or something else. They can behave exactly like spells and interact exactly the same with Spell Resistance etc, but not spells. Psychics shouldn't be using wands and staves.

Undercasting? Ugh. Why not make them scaling UP instead of DOWN? When you have what is effectively a spontaneous full caster, why make them burn their limited higher level "spells known" for weaker effects?

Speaking of weaker effects, it sure seems like the attack/defense "spells" are woefully underpowered for their levels.

All of the classic attack/defence forms should not be "spells" at all. They should be like Magus Arcana. Start with 1 attack and 1 defense at 1st level, then pick from a list every 3 levels. They should be scaleable, not undercastable. They could be powered with "phrenic pool" points, which could be increased to pay for escalating costs of upscaled "spells". The current uses for the phrenic amplification could be moved to feats or another mechanic ("uses/day" or something), or have their costs adjusted to account for the greater number of available points.

Psychic Disciplines. Call me old fashioned, but I had hoped this would more closely mirror the classic disciplines, rather than be like Sorcerer bloodlines. Currently, this class is (again, IMHO) a poor-man's sorcerer. Telepathy, Precognition/Object Reading, Mind Control, Psychoportation, etc etc. instead seems more in line with what I think people might be hoping for. Lore? That just looks like an attempt to make a psychic themed sorcerer look more like a psychic themed wizard. Pain? Make an archetype instead.

Again, I have not studied the playtest document in depth, and all of these are just my first impressions after a quick read through. If I got something wrong mechanically, forgive me, I'll look at it more closely when time permits.

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News Flash: Amazon's release dates for RPG/Gaming products are wrong more often than a stopped clock.

Not a joke, just a fact of life.

Two weeks later, and now not only has it not shipped, I check the status and it just says "not in the warehouse" with NO email or head's up other than the one on the order page. What is the status of this order, other than "maybe one day you'll see it, maybe not"?

You know what? Just cancel the order for the Ink set entirely. Cancel it and refund my money for both the item and the nearly $14 in shipping for a $20 product. I've held this set in my hands in a local store since I've tried to place this order. I'll just get it there, or Amazon, or ANYWHERE else.


Had I known you did not have it in YOUR warehouse I most likely would not have added it to this order, as now I'm almost two weeks behind on the rest of my order.

Thank you for the update.

Can I get some sort of update on this order? It was submitted on Sept 16 (10 days ago) and just seems to be in limbo.


Alexander Augunas wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:

Ah, so no new abilities like "Glows like a torch" or has DR bypassing attacks or a free feat (a la "Diehard"). I was kinda hoping for better, actually. I have a certain Slothful devotee of Jubilex I was hoping to use this with, and now I dunno.

Thanks for the info!

Skeld said, "Summons as a standard action." If that's true and not a typo, that's VERY good. It is usually a full-round action to summon a monster. That's worth the Diehard or other extra benefit in and of itself. It might even be better, depending on who you ask.

Oh I get it. There is a feat for Good casters that is similar. I agree, it is powerful, and probably better for DMNPCs than PCs. I was just hoping for, well, "more different". The other summoning-related feats (Starlight Summons, etc) let the creatures bypass certain types of DR and had some other benefit tossed in to boot, and this one just seems like raw power with no pizazz. Maybe the unique additions to the generic list accomplishes what I'm looking for. We'll see when I get my own copy!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ah, so no new abilities like "Glows like a torch" or has DR bypassing attacks or a free feat (a la "Diehard"). I was kinda hoping for better, actually. I have a certain Slothful devotee of Jubilex I was hoping to use this with, and now I dunno.

Thanks for the info!

What's the expanded "Summon Evil Monster" ability and list look like?

Our group had 4, but picked up one more after the first chapter.

1) Dwarven ranger/rogue. One level dip in rogue, the rest ranger, axe and shield meatgrinder. Giants? Pfftt.

2) Human cleric of Sarenrae. Platemail and scimtar, Healing and Fire domains. High AC and survivability as a frontline backup, tons of healing, and minor blasting. The cleric casts Fireball!

3) Elven Wizard. Lots of fun for wizards. This one focused on Spell Penetration and Persistant/Bouncing spell. He WILL land that crucial spell when you need it. He just got Staff-like Wand, so there's that.

4) Human Bard/Fighter. Spring Attacking/Disarming/Tripping Rapier master, who is the faceman of the group and mega-buffer.

and the group was made all the better by adding:

4) Half-elven Druid of Gozreh. His perception is better then Spider-Man's danger sense. He can actually detect invisible foes just from the Perception roll. No animal companion for him (nor the ranger), but he's a summoning specialist and an incredible fill-in for all the other party roles. Good battlefield control, good blasting, good healing, wild shaping utility/scout/combatant, he can fill in for anyone in the sort term.

Note every party member except the wizard can heal, and with his UMD the wizard can also use wands of nearly anything. And with his Staff-like Wand, he's got a quiver full of them.

I don't know of anyone who, upon first reading the description of Numeria, did NOT say "Oh, that's Thundarr-land".

I've got a lvl 1 Wrath I've been sitting on for ages, never played.

But... I don't have a ticket for the Thursday night gig, and a conflicting slot. Sorry :(

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There were indeed entries in the 1st ed DMG for THAC0 in the table for monsters. That's hardly "late" in the life cycle, it was a full 10 years before 2nd ed.

1st ed was a giant quilt of patches and patches of tables for everything. 2nd ed streamlined a lot of it, ditching a ton of these scattered tables and niche rules, and then proceeded to make tons more of them in the new format. It seemed like a HUGE change back then, now... not so much.

I totally reworked Mokmurian and ditched all the fog spells. Didn't seem thematically coherant. I had him put the wall of force between two pillars, diagonally, about 5 feet off the floor and about 10-15 feet (I think) from the ceiling. He could target AoE spells just under the wall and let them spread, and the party wasted a few rounds trying to figure out why their spells weren't working and how to get around the wall (exactly where it was). It made the fight last a little bit longer, as it should have.

Summon/bind another couple of Forge Fiends to scout the turf....

2 people marked this as a favorite.
CanisDirus wrote:
I think Taldor might actually be getting stronger. They didn't do so well in Season 4, but lately they've been gathering forces for a trip up North. One of their claims to greatness came in the founding of the Shining Crusade. What better way to return glory to the empire than to send a massive force north to push back the demonic hordes (in theory, at least)?

This very notion is the character concept for my first PFS character. Made at Gen Con 2009, he's a Taldan cleric of Iomedadae, fresh from the crusades, trying to get the Pathfinders to work with Taldor to return that nation to glory so they can close the Worldwound with one last Grand Expedition. He switched to the Silver Crusade when he could, but sad to say, he's just now 8th level and hopefully will see some great things out of both his old and his new faction come August!

Summoned Monsters/Nature's Allies are proactive cure spells. Every hit they take is one your party doen't take.

They are also a poor man's battlefield control, as you can get some pretty big creatures that foes have to move/tumble around to get to your squishies. And they are incredibly versitile. If nothing else, they are flanking/aid another buddies equivalent to +2/+4 buffs. Prayer is 3rd level for the same basic effect.

If you choose to be a useful as a rubber burrito in a granite quarry, then I am within my rights to choose not to heal, buff, or support your character's "Build" in any way.

Some folks are ok with this, while others strive to make a better experience for the majority of players by fostering cooperation and teamwork.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If churches didn't have to deal with splinter sects that corrupt the true nature of the faith, why is there enough demand to make an entire PC class around the Inquisitor??

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uriel222 wrote:
Add a few of these minis out in front of the shops and you're good to go...

Skeletons and Hooked Horrors??

An idea I once had involved dragons. Still having massive wealth at home, and seeing the success Cheliax has had allying with devils, Stavian puts the call out for dragons to suppliment his armies, paid for with the gold of the glories of old. They do, and they crush the Qadiran military, though not the entire nation. Then the dragons set up shop instead of going home. Unable to oust them by force, Stavian officially makes certain powerful individual dragons regional governors.

This idea was supposed to be the theme of a new Taldan AP, sort of "Against the Dragons", where all of this unfolds early on (or even behind the scenes) and the main AP deals with getting rid of the dragons. But in this case, maybe Taldor can rise to new heights of power, just under the crushing talons of draconian overlords.

Without Exotic WP: Scorpion Whip, you can use it as a whip, meaning non-lethal damage, trip/disarm etc etc.

As for #2, I don't have the books in front of me, but no, with the right feats your trip would provoke anyone else threatening them, but not yourself, if I remember correctly.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I hear Windsong Abbey has a standing bounty on all evil magic stuff on the market. They'll buy it and dispose of it and pay fair market value to whomever turns it in. I think they are also starting an outreach program in Sandpoint and Magnimar, where representatives of the local churches can make the exchange for you, and pay in gold or scrip.

Just a rumor. Maybe.

1) in a web

2) standing up

Honestly, Eastern Witchcraft is psionics, and without psionics in the game you will be shoehorning something that doesn't quite fit when building the character. Likewise, "elves" being 7' tall is a campaign thing, as well as "everyone can draw on the Imperial Orb to cast some spells". Most of this is out the window in a generic Pathfinder game.

To best emmulate Vlad in a standard Pathfinder game, I'd go rogue (or ninja) with some bard (archaeologist, or some other selfish archetype) for his magic. Use rogue/ninja tricks on combat feats to simulate his Eastern fencing style, and pick up Improved Familiar (Loiosh IS a pseudodragon, albeit with the serial numbers filed off. That's 100% what Brust was modeling the character after, as he had played D&D back in the day). Finally, get some levels of Assassin in. See if your DM is ok with your character being Chaotic Neutral and still getting the pseudodragon and the Assassin PrC.

A little magic, a familiar, a lot of sneak attacking, and a ruthless streak a mile wide, that's Vlad.

PM sent. Thanks!

Ok, thanks! That'll be #1 on my list, as my buddies are all 8-9 currently, and I'd hate to level them out of this one by playing others first.

Magic 8 Ball says.... "Yes, Definately"!

Thanks. That page is a little vague, and hopefully doesn't reveal any spoilers. I just assume anything that says "Jormurdun" or "Worldwound" is what I'm looking for.

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, I tried a search first I swear.

Which of the Season 5 scenarios being offered at this year's Gen Con give the best storyline for this season's metaplot/story arc? I essentially only get to play PFS at Gen Con, and I have not played my 8th level Cleric of Iomedae in any scenarios from this season. I can only fit so many slots in before the big season 5 conclusion special on Friday night, so I want to know which ones to play in before Friday night.


There is a dwarven shield+axe ranger in our RotRL game similar to this, and he does quite well. He uses a dwarven axe and doesn't focus as much on the knockback (there are a LOT of size Large or larger foes in this AP, but that's ok because he rarely knocks one back more than 5' so he can keep up the full attacks). I won't critique this build for you, but I will say, it is a strong choice for this AP. Just make sure you get the right favored enemies. I won't spoil anything for you, but ask your DM. And look at the titles and cover art for the 6 books!

I'm running it for 5 PCs, and I keep them a level below what is suggested in each chapter. Since your party seems to be caster-light and melee heavy, I might instead max all foes' hp instead and see how that goes. Not having an arcane caster is going to make this harder, and is a shame because there is a lot of love for PC wizards in this AP.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I see you misspelled "Babylon 5".

IMO, if the creature's entry in the bestiary is "Elemental, X" then you can summon it. If it's something else but with the elemental subtype, then no.

And 3PP stuff throws everything out the window and into your DM's lap.

Not when you consider that the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game version of that AP is just about to hit the shelves.

Mathwei ap Niall wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:

Not only that, but once he hits 7th level and gets Knowledge Pool, he'll be really behind the 8 ball without having put those scrolls into his spellbook. Same goes for wizards with an arcane bonded item.

At 7th level he'll never bother using a scroll to transcribe spells into his book again.

Unlike all other casters a 7th level magus knows ALL legal spells and can just open his spellbook and write them all down. No need for scrolls or trainging or anything really.

That'll teach me to post from memory instead of looking it up first!

Not only that, but once he hits 7th level and gets Knowledge Pool, he'll be really behind the 8 ball without having put those scrolls into his spellbook. Same goes for wizards with an arcane bonded item.

Think "helicopter".

But seriously, IMC I described him as having chains wrapped around his torso, further binding his arms into holding the scroll tube, and the lose ends of these chains were animate. Thus it was not "him" but his animated chains making the attacks.

I think a lot of people who claim that touch spells are so easy to land that the auto-hit aspect of Magic Missile is negligible aren't using the ranged touch rules correctly. Firing into melee is at -4 to hit, firing at an oponent that has cover is -4 to hit, and usually both will apply to a caster of ranged touch/ray spells. If your buddy is between you and the target and is in melee with your target, a wizard/sorcerer with a piss-poor BAB and no stat points left to put into Dex after pumping Int/Chr to the stratosphere is NOT likely to land that hit!

FLite wrote:

No we don't. There is no light shield.

There is:

Shield, Light Wooden
Shield, Light Steel
Shield, Light Spiked.

Not in Table 6-4 there isn't.

As much as I hate to say it, I don't think Bashing stacks with a spiked shield, and here's why I came to that conclusion.

Pathfinder Core Rulebook wrote:
Bashing: A shield with this special ability is designed to perform a shield bash. A bashing shield deals damage as if it were a weapon of two size categories larger (a Medium light shield thus deals 1d6 points of damage and a Medium heavy shield deals 1d8 points of damage). The shield acts as a +1 weapon when used to bash. Only light and heavy shields can have this ability.

Looking at Table 6-4: Weapons, we see separate entries for "Shield, light" and "Spiked Shield, light" (same for heavy shields). Therefore, I conclude that the Bashing property cannot even be added to a spiked shield, so the question of their ability to stack is moot.

I'm pretty sure "tie in" means that there will be cards and quests in the upcoming chapters of the Skull & Shakles card game that will share names and themes with the three adventures in this adventure module. Nothing more. There won't be cards in this adventure for use in the card game, or anything like that.

SCPRedMage wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:
Finally, a data set is a lot cheaper than the accumilated costs of the PDFs for the books contained in the data set. Saying "I'd rather buy more PDFs" is disingenuous, because you can buy 5 PDFs for over $50, or one data set that contains the HeroLab files for the same 5 books for $5, less if you get it in a bundle.

The bit about coding it yourself may indicate you already know this, but to make sure this is absolutely clear: buying the appropriate data package for Hero Lab is absolutely not a replacement for buying a PDF of the material. The PFS Additional Resources rules state you have to own the book the material is from in order to use it, and buying the data package is not the same.

In other words, in order to use the material included in said data package (which, yes, is cheaper on its own than the PDFs of the books said package supports), you also have to buy the PDFs of said books. That means the cost of the data package is in addition to the cost of the books, not instead of.

That said, I don't have a problem with the relatively inexpensive cost of the data packages.

Yes. Hence the paragraph I wrote just prior to the one you quoted.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Usually if you mouse over a number, HeroLab will tell you at least the types of bonuses it used to calculate the final result (i.e. Armor Class has base + dex + dodge + deflection etc etc). It's YOUR job to know when situational modifiers apply, such as when you are making an attack you get a bonus for (i.e. Sundering with Improved/Greater Sunder).

Every Feat, Trait and Spell (and gear too, I think) has a reference noted in it's entry, so you can tell what book it came from. It's YOUR job to make sure you own it outside of HeroLab.

Clicking the "Pathfinder Society Organized Play character" box in the "Configure Hero" menu should usually show you everything that's currently legal for PFS play. If you don't own the data package for a book, obviously it won't show up. You can manually click on boxes for every book that you DO own the data set for in the same menu. It's YOUR job to make sure your clicked boxes coincide with books you actually own.

Finally, a data set is a lot cheaper than the accumilated costs of the PDFs for the books contained in the data set. Saying "I'd rather buy more PDFs" is disingenuous, because you can buy 5 PDFs for over $50, or one data set that contains the HeroLab files for the same 5 books for $5, less if you get it in a bundle. AND you could just use the included editor to code it all in yourself for FREE if you want. The data sets do cost more money, but the money spent has value and it is not necessary. Try coding in some data yourself and see if your time is worth more than the $5 it costs to just buy the set.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My group took the Black Arrows along, plus Orik (who was sentenced to join the rangers, and transporting him there was the tie in from book 2). They came up from under the fort through the shocker lizard caves, which they bypassed thanks to the druid and the smoke advice, and ran right into Lucretia. She promptly did her "welcome home, Kaven, and thanks for delivering the last of the Black Arrows to me" speech. Upon hearing that, all eyes turned to him, he started to sputter a denial (piss-poor Bluff check) and Jakardros blew his top and turned from the lamia to attack Kaven! Kaven, who was "bringing up the rear" anyway turned and fled back down the tunnel, and by the time the party had dispatched Lucretia and went looking for him, he was nothing but a barbecued shocker lizard meal.

MP, I feel your pain. My group are all older, with kids, and are alo geographically spread over hundreds of miles to boot! If we are lucky, we can meet every 6-8 weeks, and often in the winter/spring we have to miss one of those sessions because we just can't coordinate schedules. We have me plus 5-6 players, and getting everyone around the table is hard. When we do meet, we play for 8-12 hours (with meal breaks etc), so we do get a lot done, and we do have a dedicated adventure chronicler. Can't get people to coordinate via email anything but play dates, so we spend too much time updating characters/crafting/dividing loot, which all could be done via email. We use HeroLab, so the paperwork itself is fast and easy, but still.

And on top of this everyone wants more, not less APs. We have been playing RotRL for 4 years now, and are about 1/4 into book 5, but we have picked out the next AP for me to run, and one of the players has kicked off WotR as well. I've suggested we do more PFS or modules instead of APs, but nobody wants to do that. We've started to invest time and effort into VTT play, with yet another player running Thornkeep, and the idea that WotR is also to go mostly VTT, but our problem is the same: everyone wants to play, no one has time, and no one wants to exclude anyone (we are all friends for 20+ years). So we are right back to tryijng to fit square scheduling pegs into round calendar holes, no matter if we are talking online or in person.

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