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TwoWolves's page

721 posts. Alias of Twowlves.


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For a minute, I thought this was about MY bard. He rocks a +1 adamantine cruel battleaxe.

I never told them anything about Sin Points at all until they set foot in Runeforge. I didn't want them to play any differently knowing such a thing existed.

Murdock Mudeater wrote:

Any clue why Simple/Martial/Exotic weapon proficiency aren't considered combat feats?

Not really sure where besides combat you'd be using those feats...

Clerics with the War domain gain the ability at 8th level to emmulate Combat feats they qualify for, 1 rnd/level/day.

I watched their actions in the campaign, but I also started everyone off with a point or two based on their class and race. The dwarf got a greed point, the summoning druid got a sloth point, the elven wizard blaster got a pride point and a wrath point, etc etc.

I ran my pre-Pathfinder campaign there for many years, and the group has fond memories. After our current RotRL game wraps up we just might revisit this world.

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Matthew Morris wrote:
Just got in myself. Sad there are more 5E pledges than PF pledges :P

I see it like this: 5ed needs a quality campaign setting, whereas Pathfinder already has one!

So if you make Breath of Life a ranged touch attack with Reach Spell, do you have to roll to hit?

I'm not worried about dying to a single failed save. Rerolls are like $10, after all....

Down to the last 6 hours, and they've unlocked the Wise and the Wicked goal, complete with 3 new characters. They've also added a bunch of add-ons like posters and new pledge levels. Get it while it's hot!!

Glad to be of help.

The Wizard's Amulet?

Necromancer Games/Frog God Games free download, prequel to The Crucible of Freya/Abysthor's Tomb.

I don't know I missed this, as this is exactly the sort of thing I would have submitted for. I have had a mini for my Ulfen Guard/Taldor faction fighter/bard character for years, and had to paint not one but two versions of my cleric of Iomedae. Hopefully this will be an annual thing, because by then I can submit my newest character/mini combo, the ulfen barbarian/oracle twin brother of the fighter/bard!

My group hit Lust first, and failed to clear the area. The leader of that wing went looking for them after teleporting away according to her tactics. I played it as everyone in Runeforge is super-paranoid and automatically assumes the party is recent recruits/allies of their already established enemies, so that's where she started looking for them.

Meanwhile, they went back down the (now dead end) entrance tunnel, and stone shaped it mostly shut in the last 10'. Anyone looking down that way wouldn't be able to tell the tunnel was 190' and not 200', and they disintegrated another 10' cube to one side for extra room.

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I use HeroLab on a Surface Pro. I also have PDFs of all of my sources used for my character on the Surface. I take notes with the stylus and OneNote during play. I have a hand-painted mini for my character and I roll dice hand picked to represent said character. I also print out a copy ONCE per character level and leave it in my folder along with my chronicle sheets.

If asked to provide a paper copy, which is the current rule, I can and will. But under no circumstances am I going to use scratch paper and pen to track my spells, buffs (I run a cleric and a bard), hit points, temp mods, or my character as a whole. I use HeroLab because it's a good product and does what it claims to do, and is licensed by Paizo. I don't try to use it in place of a rules referrence (I have those separately, in PDFs) and I'm not using it as a "crutch". It's a time saving convenience. Refusing to seat me because of a program on a device smaller than my core rulebook is a dealbreaker. THAT most assuredly falls under the "don't be a jerk" clause.

I'm in.

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Glen Cook apparantly took this tack when naming characters and cities in The Black Company. At least for the original trilogy. All the members of the company had nicknames ("Raven", "Croaker", "Goblin", "Silent") and the bad guys had titles ("Soulcatcher", "Shifter", "The Hanged Man"). Even the cities were named after gems ("Beryl", "Jasper", etc). He really kept the exotic names to a minimum.

He can both swim and burrow. He can get away enough to buy himself some time. He's ancient, and he didn't get that way by being impatient.

Yeah, taking THAT much time off to craft (presumably ignoring your warnings about being on a timetable) sounds like they should just lose. Almost. Leng Device worked, so no:

massive armies from the Xin-Shalast of 10,000 years ago

and most likely the first sign they've screwed the pooch is
Mhar Massif running around flattening the countryside with a swarm of Leng Denizens dancing up a storm


Ah. I see. When I played Waking Rune, I had not played in any of the other scenarios where "special" things could have been aquired/used. The GM for Waking Rune asked, the table (which were my home group + Random Passerby) unanimously said "what's that?" and it never came up again...

I played In Wrath's Shadow and The Waking Rune, but none of the rest of that season's metaplot, and I don't remember anything in the former that dealt with the latter. Can someone clue me in?

My party captured him, so I had him stand trial. Ironbriar presided, of course, and sentenced him to life in The Hells. What no one else knew was that Tsuto was Ironbriar's son, and he was sprung to help his old man with his crazy death cult thing. Tsuto was leveled up and encountered in the sawmill with his old man.

With 3 Full BAB classes and potentially a wildshaping melee/mook summoner, I'd consider maximizing the HP of every foe they face.

I don't use XP, and level them up according to where they are in the plot, and I've just kept the party 1 level behind the suggested benchmarks. Seems to work ok, but it really depends on what your party composition is.

I thought Necromancer Games had a level or an adventure like this, either standalone or in City of Brass, but I can't confirm it was in a human body.

I think the map is wrong. You have size Huge creatures on ledges that are only 10' wide. If the map is 1 square = 5' then they will be squeezed. Pretty much the same for every other non-medium challenge.

Mike J wrote:

Took about six to seven months, playing every week for 5-6 hours per session. Didn't miss many sessions (maybe 2 or 3 total) and there wasn't much side tracking or lengthy discussions. Book 5 was a bit of a problem as the party went straight for the info (by pure dumb luck) and had to trudge through the rest of the book to get enough xp to "move on". They by-passed much of the "filler" in book 6.

** spoiler omitted **

The final battle was pretty epic, though.

This is part of the reason we agreed to ditch XP altogether and hand out levels upon reaching certain plot points. My group only hit 3 wings of Runeforge and immediately split, and this was after I made the place inescapable via any means other than the one in Wrath. They'll probaby try to run straight up the mountain, but that occluding field will likely send them back to the lower city for a while.

joep wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:

We started in September 2009, and they just hit Xin-Shalast last session....

Wow. How often do you play?

What kind of tracking do you keep for remembering key NPC's and places from previous sessions.

We mostly live hours apart, and can only meet 3-6 times a year. This year was particularly bad, as we went from the end of January to late Septermber between sessions due to constant scheduling conflicts.

We use HeroLab and save the characters in a shared Dropbox folder. Myself (the GM) and one of the other players keep detailed notes during play, and I send out recap emails before a session.

We started in September 2009, and they just hit Xin-Shalast last session....

Lonjiku was letting Varisian smugglers use his tunnels under the Glassworks.

There won't be any duplicate characters if the PCs don't see their reflections.

It is obvious the duplicates are not PCs, so the players do not get to control them. They appear out of the mirrors, so it should be equally obvious which is which.

As written, the duplicates only attack their identical PC counterparts, which is a mitigating factor, as the players can gang up on dangerous duplicates and otherwise use better teamwork and tactics. It is meant to be a hard fight, but not impossible.

The Giant Sentinels are the last encounter before entering Xin Shalast, Encounter D.

My group is about to enter the Lower City of Xin-Shalast, and I was wondering what everyone was using for combat encounter maps for the enormous buildings and lairs to be found there. Are there any custom maps floating around, or good ideas for flip-mats or map packs to make encounters in the city look better?

I can see a Lich being immune, it's a good benefit of becoming one and you have to research HOW to do it. It's not an accident, it's a choice.

But vampires? Alien minds with unknowable motivations? Ghouls? C'mon, I'd say "lust" or "hunger" are really pretty easily understood, being the two most basic of human urges behind "survival". Nope, no way Mr Mindbending Psychic can wrap his big brain around those esoteric concepts...

There is a Psychic Phrenic Pool power that gets around this.

What grinds my gears is that all of the really good psychic-flavored foes are almost universally immune to mind affecting. I understand originally it was so you can't charm/dominate then interrogate these master manipulaters, but now it means that if you are getting ramped up for a big Occult-themed campaign and you make a mind-bending psychic, you'll then see that you can't use hardly ANY of your new toys.

"I Mind Thrust the serpentman occultist!"

"He's immune."

"Ok, I start a Psychic Duel with him!"

"He's immune."

"So what you are telling me is that in order to be effective in this Occult-themed campaign full of horrors beyond time and space I should have made a barbarian?"


Going forward, I suggest you adjust for 6 players by keeping them AT LEAST one level below what each chapter suggests, and consider either adding additional foes or maximizing the HP of the monsters or both. Otherwise they will walk all over everything. Already your group is 1-2 levels over the suggested level for this fight, AND they have 150% of the actions/round.

Amazingly, our group didn't harm any of them (one purely due to time being called and the plot advancing, still, 4/5 ain't bad). AND we had the skill monkeys in place to resolve the final comflict peacefully as well. Not 100% sure who the antagonist was or why they were motivated to act thusly, but I only get to play PFS at GenCon, so a lot of the backstory scenarios passed me by.


My group meet 4-6 times per YEAR, and have been going since Sept 2009. They just started book 6, and will meet for only the second time this year next month. We can do it!

Digital Mystic wrote:

Ok so no maps today, but I have been hard at work building some handouts for the Catacombs of Wrath. I worked up a Thassilonian Font (available HERE ) which I used to produce several pages of the Prayerbook of Lamashtu . I also made a Translated version . The last page of each is, naturally just a joke. Not sure if I will leave it in for my guys or not. I also wrote up a a book that fills in some back story on Malfeshnekor.

Full disclosure, all of this is not original to me. I did some minor fleshing out of work done by a Reddit user named IAMASTOCKBROKER . Most of the credit goes to him without a doubt.

Trogdor? Seriously? LoL

Mike, you have done an incredible job, and set an example of how this organization should be run for all future campaign management to follow.

We met in Chattanooga at a horrible little con back when you were building the northern Georgia PFS base. You ran Midnight Mauler for a table including myself and a friend of mine, and you did a great job. I was pleased to hear you got the big boss position, and loved most everything you have brought to the organized play experience. I was proud to shake your hand in that un-air conditioned sweat lodge of a con back in 2010(-ish), and I'll be equally proud to shake your hand again as you ride off into the sunset. Best of luck, and I hope to see you again at future, more pleasant game conventions!

I use HeroLab on my Surface Pro. Even though it's a 1st gen machine, by turning off Wi-Fi it'll last well past one slot, and more than two with the battery keyboard attached.

But I also have a print copy in my binder along with my chronicles, because I'm not stupid.

When I ran this, he got the wizard in his mouth and flew out over the lake. The wizard rolled ONE POINT higher in initiative than the dragon and activated a teleport effect that sent him back to Magnimar before the final ice breath and drop would have not only killed him but also made any corpse retrieval much more difficult.

Also, that teleport was the entire party's escape route, so they were stuck there. Next up was the bard, who DID get the royal snatch/bite/breath/drop routine, only his body ended up bouncing down some of the frozen stairs. The remaining 3 hid under a domed wall of ice (upon which Arkryst perched and bragged about his might) until the wizard was able to heal up and teleport back for a rescue.

One bard corpse retrieval/raise dead/regroup and heal later, they faced him in his lair and things didn't go as well. They sealed the exit cave with a wall of force and fully buffed and ready to face a dragon, the party got their revenge. Again, a good initiative roll by the wizard got that wall up before Arkyst could escape, and a Persistent Slow really wrecks dragons....

They make a wire styrofoam cutter specifically for this. It runs on a pair of "D" batteries, and looks like a cheese cutter. Prevents all the mess, and gives a large ammount of control.

IMO, there is no need to keep a party of 5 up to the suggested levels past 2nd or 3rd. The extra actions per round more than compensates for being a little behind in XP.

Gorbacz wrote:
Anybody who thinks that these price hikes are horribadawfullybig obviously never was a regular customer of anything by Games Workshop ;-)

True. But I also don't buy their products anymore either. Unless Paizo plans on an 18 month turnover time in their total fanbase, I'd hope they don't plan on further emulating GW.

I have 5 players and have kept them one level behind the suggested level from the books. I have not had to adjust the numbers nor HP of anything thus far. It helps that player #5 is running a druid...

However I HAVE rebuilt some BBEGs from the ground up, taking into account new classes, feats and spells from more recent rulebooks.

That looks awesome! I have DF tiles, enough to try this, but is this to scale? I realize the baddies are, well epic-sized, but it seems cramped. Also, where did you get the throne? My group is about to start the last book, and I was either going to do something like this, or make the whole thing out of clear plexiglass...

If they make spiked shields a separate item completely instead of an after-market add-on to existing shields, that would allow the Bashing property to "stack". You aren't doing any "as if" changes, you are just adding Bashing to a completely different item with completely different base stats.

Merciful Syringe Spear. The damage is non-leathal, and the healing heals an equal ammount of lethal and non-lethal damage. You never risk doing any lasting harm on the target.

25 point buy isn't overpowering unless they want it to be. I'm running RotRL now with characters built on 25 points, and instead of playing SAD (Single Attribute Dependant) hyper-optimized characters, they all have slightly better secondary stats. The REAL determinant is the number of players. Four players at 25pt buy are probably ok, but 5+ will require some tinkering. Keeping them a level behind the suggested level works, as does increasing HP to max and/or adding 1-2 extra mooks. Also, don't be afraid to optimize the NPCs and change tactics/items to suit your party.

In the land of barbarians, everyone has Power Attack.

At least, in theory.

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