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TwoWolves's page

795 posts. Alias of Twowlves.


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The proper response is to get up and walk away. Maybe put this GM's name on your No Fly list.

I have a pair of twin Ulfen brothers Herger and Hrothgar Storhoi. One is a fighter 1/bard 7 Ulfen Guard member. As a thought experiment I made a different character with the exact same set of stats ("twin") and then I had a chance to start playing him. He's a Barbarian 1/Metal Oracle 2 currently. I had thoughts of having a younger sister shieldmaiden (myrmidon magus or fighter/sorcerer) but if that happens it'll be a long way off, as I rarely get to play PFS these days.

My -2 is an Ulfen Fighter 1/Bard 7, and is a front line, almost Jedi-like warrior. He has mithril chainmail allowing him to cast with no ASF, and an adamantine battleaxe that cuts through most anything. His spells include Mage Hand (grab the lightsaber from the snowbank, Luke!), Expeditious Retreat/Feather Step (so he runs faster than everyone no matter the terrain), Heroism (+2 to almost everything), and of course, Blistering Invective, because he's the Macho Man Randy Savage of Jedi with a huge Intimidate skill modifier. In fact, he has Cornugon Smash (free Intimidate with a Power Attack, and really, why would you ever NOT use Power Attack?) and Cruel on his axe, so he can stack Shaken and Sickened, giving foes a -4 to most rolls. He's my Fafhrd to my buddy's Grey Mouser, and he's my favorite PFS character to play.

Mitch Mutrux wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:

Anyone know what the Sendeli Foxglove's Favor boon was used for?

It was intended to be for RP purposes mainly. I don't believe there was supposed to be any mechanical benefit to the boon, just that you went above and beyond to help her out. From what I recall from when I ran the scenario, the boon should only go to one person, and only if somebody made an effort to go out of their way to help her out.

I have that boon, and I'm not sure if I was the only one at the table to get it, I was running my Charming (trait + 18 Charisma) cleric of Iomedae (Lawful Good), so it's entirely possible I went above and beyond to help her. I just assumed, given her surname and the open-ended nature of the boon that it cropped up again somewhere and I just missed it.

Anyone know what the Sendeli Foxglove's Favor boon was used for?

I had them believing she was a red dragon. Disguise Self as a red every time she left the lair so every eyewitness account in the city was of a red. Used the 4th level spell Dragon's Breath to mimic breathing fire. Used Hallucinatory Terrain to make her lair look like a volcanic den with lava fountain and obsidian walls, etc etc. Used Mirage/Projected Image to cast Dragon's Breath until the True Sight-casting party members got close enough to see it was an illusion, then had it breathe very real lightning damage on them. The fighter found the secret door behind the fake dragon, so the very real dragon cast Wall of Force trapping him and the bard and splitting the party.

In the end, the party went in knowing it was a dragon and buffed to the gills, and it was the toughest fight of the campaign, but it really boiled down to the need to get a Sidhedron Ring in the party's hands, so I let the dragon stay "just one more round" instead of escaping. I already played Gamigin harder than nails and let him escape, so I felt like denying the party this ring would be too tough on them in the next chapter.

I haven't been reading all of the threads in this forum, but after having backed a current Kickstarter from Mantic Games, it occurred to me that many of their science fiction line of minis could very well work for Starfinder. They have orcs, dwarves, ratmen, an elf-like race, and many stranger alien races for their Warpath, Deadzone, Dreadball and soon Star Saga games. The Star Saga game will also come with 3D furnishings (crates, weapons lockers, terminals, etc.) and doors, while their Deadzone line has walls and towers and such.

Not to mention all of the other lines from GW to Reaper, or the terrain from Armorcast and Hirst Arts. I can see some nice tabletops in Starfinder's future!

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:
"Hey, thanks for thinking it over though."
Both WeiJi and I played Serpent's Ire together at PaizoCon and experienced some feeling of cross-purposes between PCs. It was not fun. It did not add to the experience. It actively detracted from it. I felt the same way in the early seasons with faction missions. We threw out the shadow war for Absalom for a reason.

You mean different PCs sitting at the same table? Old shadow war factions at the same table causing friction? If so, you didn't even read my suggestion in the first place.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:

Or, go back to the promise of the original factions, and have tables muster by faction and compete for an exclusive goal, which gives a boon good for the next year. Silver Crusade vs Dark Archive vs Scarab Sages and so on. Bonus points if your actions can actively help or hinder other tables at the same event. Not PvP, obviously, but "throwing some marbles under your rival's boots during a chase" sort of interference, or preventing some misfortune from derailing an allied table.


Seriously, if that was a part of a given event I'd avoid it and warn everyone else I knew to avoid it, too.

"Hey, thanks for thinking it over though."

I've played in all the GenGon specials except Siege of the Diamond City, and Shadow Lodge was one of my favorites. It had the feel of a cooperative event, where every table no matter the tier had something to contribute.

Other than cleaning up some logistics concerning mustering, audio/video quality, etc, I feel that the best way to improve the specials is to recapture that feeling of putting obstacles in front of each table appropriate for their tier that still work to achieve the main objective in different ways. High tier holds back the horde, but the lower tier has to get the drawbridge up, while mid-tier works to decipher the McGuffin to close the portal letting the horde into Golarion... That sort of thing. Not "everyone fights the same fight, but CR adjusted for your tier".

Or, go back to the promise of the original factions, and have tables muster by faction and compete for an exclusive goal, which gives a boon good for the next year. Silver Crusade vs Dark Archive vs Scarab Sages and so on. Bonus points if your actions can actively help or hinder other tables at the same event. Not PvP, obviously, but "throwing some marbles under your rival's boots during a chase" sort of interference, or preventing some misfortune from derailing an allied table.

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He's dead Jim.

Would have been better to let the True Resurrection work if they tried it after 3 rounds or so.

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bodhranist wrote:
Quark Blast wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
A bunch of jaded, cynical CN sellswords is where the fun is at.

Conan would agree.*

* if he could read

Man, too many people get Conan wrong. Several occasions he abandoned a huge treasure in favor of rescuing some damsel who was only in danger because she ignored his advice. And about his reading ability...

Robert E. Howard, The Servants of Bit Yakin wrote:

'Remembering something, Conan drew forth the roll of parchment he had taken from the mummy and unrolled it carefully, as it seemed ready to fall to pieces with age. He scowled over the dim characters with which it was covered. In his roaming about the world the giant adventurer had picked up a wide smattering of knowledge, particularly including the speaking and reading of many alien tongues. Many a sheltered scholar would have been astonished at the Cimmerian's linguistic abilities, for he had experienced many adventures where knowledge of a strange language had meant the difference between life and death.

The characters were puzzling, at once familiar and unintelligible, and presently he discovered the reason. They were the characters of archaic Pelishtic, which possessed many points of difference from the modern script, with which he was familiar, and which, three centuries ago, had been modified by conquest by a nomad tribe. This older, purer script baffled him. He made out a recurrent phrase, however, which he recognized as a proper name: Bit-Yakin. He gathered that it was the name of the writer.

Conan, displaying his successful Read Languages % roll.

I still have no credit for a Slot 1 (Thursday 8 AM) Faithless and Forgotten part I scenario.

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From Shore to Sea has a very Innsmouth feel to it as well.

jon dehning wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:
To add insult to injury, we were in some kind of acoustic dead zone; the speakers were forward facing and we were far enough away to not be able to hear the dialog echoing off the far wall, and too far away to hear it laterally straight from the speakers. Just couldn't hear a thing.

Having sat there last year, I can attest to this. The speakers did seem better this year, and the addition of text on the screens was a great choice. But I was sat at a table closer to the stage so didn't know how the "far reaches of the room" compared. It sucks that those corners didn't improve much.

Also a little saddened that there was no "random roll for a table prize".

Huh. Can you all try to explain where this dead zone is, please? I went and stood in the far back corner, near where the quests were stationed, on purpose and I had no problems understanding or hearing the audio. I also had zero problems hearing the audio while standing in the card game area.

Thanks for the Marshal love. It is appreciated.

To the left of the main stage, behind the front of the stage (looking up at the screen, it was at a 90 degree angle from my seat, so that I was looking at the screen's left side edge on), about halfway between the left side of the stage and the left hand wall. Not in the corner, but just in front of a pair of double doors in the back wall (less than 5 feet from the back wall). There were 3-4 more tables between us and the corner.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oh yeah, I forgot: The list telling us where to marshal should have been super clear about banner vs stand-up. Since the stand-ups didn't have the character's name on them, I figured they meant banner, but there was a moment of confusion there.

And a suggestion: since GenCon made Paizo move into the ballroom and out of the hall, there was nothing outside to indicate what was going on inside the Sagamore. Maybe a big banner over the entry doors or something? I know they don't want us mustering outside, and that problem has been dealt with excellently, but maybe add some advertising/exposure to the outside of the room.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
twowolves wrote:
, and more than once we were halfway through a fight when an announcement was made and the board was magically wiped clean and a new fight started or a new set piece/cut scene began.
That happens a LOT in specials.

Oh yeah, I know. It just seemed to happen a lot more (maybe because we were high tier and the fights were tougher) and they were replaced by... another nearly identical fight.


Marshaling was fast.
Boon/Prize table was no wait.
AC was just fine.
The pre-recorded dialog for the special was a good idea.

Boon/prize table had no bling! No easel explaining the process (that I noticed), no overflowing treasure chest!

The modified slot hours. 1 AM end and an 8 AM start the next morning is just untenable for anyone not in a skywalk connected hotel. God forbid you have to take a bus out to the airport and back!

The Friday Night Special: This was 100% a bust for my table. We had the misfortune of being seated on the back wall to the left of the main stage. This meant that we could not see the screen AT ALL. To add insult to injury, we were in some kind of acoustic dead zone; the speakers were forward facing and we were far enough away to not be able to hear the dialog echoing off the far wall, and too far away to hear it laterally straight from the speakers. Just couldn't hear a thing. Our GM was great, but the scenario seemed really disjointed. "Look, there's a comet! Let's check it out!" "Stop the elementals from coming through the portals!" "Pick an element to run around in." Maybe it was because we couldn't see the screen nor hear the dialog well, but it just seemed almost like a series of random encounters. It didn't seem like anything we did (or tired to do) contributed to an overall team effort, and more than once we were halfway through a fight when an announcement was made and the board was magically wiped clean and a new fight started or a new set piece/cut scene began. Then, "time" was called and they said "good job" and boom, it was over.

Overall, the GMs were well prepared and we all had fun (except as noted), but maybe putting up video on multiple walls and fixing the speaker coverage would definitely help.

Andrew Christian wrote:
TwoWolves wrote:

They had them the year that the APG debuted, but there were errors with those versions. They promised to revise them and get the corrected versions out asap.

That was 6 years ago.

They were also 15 point buy and I believe created for Master of the Fallen Fortress, not specifically for PFS.

Oh, I know why they were pulled, but the fact is at GenCon 2010 they had pregens for all of the APG classes (not just the 4 in MotFF) in big stacks for handing out to players, and they haven't been seen since. And it's not like they fell through a memory hole, people had been asking for the revised versions on a regular basis for almost 6 years now.

I'm glad they are finally making a (re-)debut.

They had them the year that the APG debuted, but there were errors with those versions. They promised to revise them and get the corrected versions out asap.

That was 6 years ago.

It's just over a week before Gen Con, and I still see literally dozens of unsold tickets for Tier 1-5 scenarios still available, while most of the slots for the Faithless and Forgotten trilogy are sold out. Two and a half months have almost passed, and I haven't seen any shifts in ticket availability or slots opening up. I have the ticket changelog page open and check it daily, so I'm 99% sure I haven't missed anything being added or moved. Am I to assume that this isn't going to happen?

Been a while, so this might be a bit fuzzy...

Tsuto: Captured, put on trial, sentenced to the Hells. Released by his REAL father Ironbriar and recruited to his cult, where the party finally ended him in the sawmill.

Ironbriar: captured and released on the promise he head south and disappear forever.

Ripnugget: Captured and brought to trial in Magnimar. Executed for his crimes.

Lyrie: Captured and tried, sentenced to the Hells.

Orik: Captured and tried, sentenced to the Black Arrows, which became my hook (pardon the pun) for book 3 when the party was assigned to escort him to Fort Rannik. Became a pretty loyal member of that organization and is helping to rebuild that group.

Shelelu: Stayed with her father at Fort Rannik to help rebuild the Black Arrows for a while.

Kaven: Fled when his treachery was discovered, didn't make it past the shocker lizards.

Vale: Killed by big daddy Graul, but reincarnated by the party (tweeners couldn't do Raise Dead yet). Came back as an orc, and convinced this allowed him the chance to become an excellent infiltrator and scout.

Jakardros: Reunited with Shelelu and rebuilding the Black Arrows.

Hook Mountain Hags: I made them a mixed coven, two fled when one was killed and broke the coven's circle.

Conna: Helped convince the stone giant tribes to go home (holding Mokmurian's head helped persuade them) and is home leading her tribe.

Named Lamia under Jorgunfist: Escaped with their pet dragons. Party bypassed them completely, and they scooted when the SHTF.

Side note: Ameiko, Mayor Deverin, Scarnetti, Gavin Deverin (of Two Knight Brewery) and a handful of other NPCs of Sandpoint were captured in the giant raid and held under Jorgunfist. All were branded but all were rescued by the party and brought safely back to Sandpoint.

Jorimundus, Ordikon, Azaven: All left behind completely ignored in Runeforge.

Mogiv and the Skulks: Mostly slaughtered by Gamegin once he escaped their first encounter and made contact with Khalib. He did not survive the subsequent ambush of the party in the skulk tunnels.

Gyukak: Bypassed.

The party is now ready to hit the Pinnacle of Avarice, so there may be a lot more named NPCs to add to this list (or more likely, to the morgue).

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Poor Karzoug, a slave to the power of death.

Nice recap! I look forward to sharing ours in the next 6 months or so.

Voss wrote:

Huzzah? Fan magazines are a big part of popular culture and go back to the 19th century. And again, the pervasiveness of the internet seems to be changing your standards. Anyone can plop 'magazines' on sites like Drivethru. It's a "commercial stream" in the least sense of the word. Literally anyone with a connection can try to sell just about anything for money on the net.

It isn't a sign of popularity or anything else. Lots of local and small institutions turned to the 'net for 'publishing' their newsletters. So instead of one lonely fan (not something anyone ever claimed), it could be a couple dozen fans. Or even a couple hundred fans. That still isn't indicative of lasting success for a game. That goes to very few titles in this industry.

Why don't you plant your goalpost firmly in the ground and quit moving it around. Define "popularity" and "catching on" instead of hand waving away any evidence you don't like.

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Voss wrote:

TwoWolves wrote:
There's enough of a current fanbase to support a web magazine, at least up until a couple of years ago, over 30 years past its release date.
?? Pretty much anything ever published for pop culture has a fansite on the internet. That isn't a sign of success or catching on. Just the nature of the medium.

I didn't say "fansite". SF has dozens of those. I said "Web Magazine", which is to say over two dozen PDF issues that are available in commercial streams, not just their own site. You can get them at Drivethru RPG, for example. It's not the same as Life magazine (or Mad magazine, for that matter) but it's a whole lot more than a blog. And most of the content is reader-submitted, so it's not just one lonely fan with a computer cranking out his houserules.

Cold Iron is cheaper, yes. Initially. You do have to pay the +300gp extra for masterwork quality, and the first time you enchant it you have to pay a 2000gp "surtax" due to the "anti-magical" properties of the cold iron. So a +1 adamantine weapon is +5000gp (3k for adamantine, 2k for the +1) a +1 cold iron weapon is +4300 +x (2k for the +1, +2k surtax, +300 for masterwork, +x for double the original item's cost).

So yea, IMO, Adamantine over Cold Iron, non-magical cold iron back up weapons are cheap. Masterwork Transformation is a thing, as is Oil of Magic Weapon.

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Iron Gods: Thundaar! In Pathfinder! Finally!!

Rise of the Runelords: Grumpy (very) Old Man thinks all of Varisia is his lawn. Get off it.

Giantslayer: Giantslaying.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Sir, the private's weapon is named "Charlene" Sir!!

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bluesman95 wrote:

TSR did star frontiers in 1982 i dont think it really caught on.

There's enough of a current fanbase to support a web magazine, at least up until a couple of years ago, over 30 years past its release date.

Star Frontiersman Magazine

If I don't do the acrylic thing, which I doubt I'll be able to, I'll probably use our dwarven forge stuff on top of some kind of support (Styrofoam?) with golden spray painted dowels, (maybe) brass watch chains, and a red felt undermatting.

We've got a 4' x 8' custom table, with a plexiglass grid and pull out shelves for our books and computers etc. Space shouldn't be a problem.

Now I just have to build it....

I believe you are right, elcaleeb, but I have been looking for groups who have made it this far to confirm what they actually did before building a 3D mock up of my own. It's good confirmation of my suspicions.

Excellent photo album! I'm going to use that as a reference when I get serious about crafting my own version.


I was looking to do the exact same thing, except with acrylic floors. Then I saw how much that would cost me in terns of cash and sanity, and instead I'm thinking about doing it with our Dwarven Forge stuff. But at 5'/square, half of the combatants can't even fit where they are supposed to start the fight!

Looks awesome, I'm looking forward to a spoiler-filled recap!

Gamma World 4th ed had a lot of ideas and mechanics that made it into 3rd ed D&D, so it wouldn't surprise me.

What scale did you use for the final fight, 5' or 10'/square?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I feel your pain Fromper, we've been playing this AP since Sept 2009! We started with the 3.5 versions and got through about half of the AP before the AE came out. I had already been converting everything to Pathfinder, but still, it was a lot.

We only play maybe 4-6 times per year, so a lot of things get fuzzy between sessions. I have the luxury of having plenty of time to bone up on a section, and often tweak NPCs via HeroLab, so I get a little more involved in the tactics than just rereading, but yeah, definitely reread the next book before you finish this one. My group has no idea HOW Big K survived Earthfall, so when they got to Xin Shalast they had no idea where to go or what to look for. They have 2 of the rings, but have no idea that they need them or why they need them. They are about to find out the hard way, I think...

My group figured out where they needed to go before they ever set foot in Runeforge, and so they only hit Lust, Pride, and Wrath (in that order). They never bothered with the other wings and thus never encountered Ordikon and his wing. They are in Xin Shalast now and having trouble figuring out what's going on and what they need to do.

(I also ditched XP for this AP and level them up at certain milestones, so they had no reason to go XP hunting in the other wings. They also didn't get a lot of the shiny toys to be found in the other wings either.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sure would have been nice if the Jingasa was changed to "once/day when subjected to a critical hit/sneak attack, the attacker must reroll the attack and abide by the results of the second roll" instead of "LoL once ever for 5kgp ROTFL sucker!!"

PFS players have multiple ways to get a 1/session reroll for their characters, not so much when it comes for ways to force the GM to reroll attacks against their characters.

Yeah, we normally do this, but due to circumstances, I was unable to commit to buying everyone's tickets this year.

The convention center food is overpriced, but it beats starving. There is also a little kiosk for drinks and snacks set up right outside the Sagamore, so there's that. One year, some capitalistic genius put a few Monster Energy Drink vending machines right outside the PFS room (before they got the Sagamore) and probably walked away a multi-thousandaire!

My #1 piece of advice? Don't try to fill every slot. Spend a huge chunk of your time just wandering around taking pictures. There are amazing things tucked into every nook and cranny of the ICC AND the adjacent hotels. Many of the interesting things will take generic tickets, so bring a fist full of those and jump into anything that seems interesting.

The dealer hall is.. its own thing. Open from what, 11-6? Spend a few hours in there. Bring a map. Many of the bigger companies will be using that space to demo games, so you can get a ton of quality fun out of just this room, and it's BIG! You can get lost in there and miss over half of what it has to offer.

The costume contest is Saturday afternoon/night, and they do a walk through the ICC before/after. Really awesome stuff to see there too.

Wear comfortable clothing, even more comfortable shoes, and have a snack and water on you at all times and you'll have a blast!

Yes, I know all of this. I'm just officially asking on behalf of my friend who is now considering not going because of his particular experience with the preregistration system this year.

It seems like the Faithless and Forgotten series is very popular, while several other Tier 1-5 scenarios are somewhat less so. Could it be possible to add more tables of the former and reduce some of the latter? I have that one friend that didn't get his wish list in on time and has no tickets to join the rest of our gaming group in playing this series, and I was hoping he could get something more solid than generics and a positive attitude.

Pretty Please?

Ogren Runeaxe wrote:
Mostly incidental, but scrolls of Breath of Life suck. They're practically unusable if the caster doesn't start within 5' of the dead player.

That's why my cleric has a Glove of Storing, for when spring loaded wrist sheaths are disallowed.

I guess a burly type could pick a cleric up and move him over to the target, but that's probably asking too much...

You spend an action to activate the nimbus, and free actions to maintain it each round (free action to dismiss it AFAIK). Seems clear that the damage occurs on your turn as you spend that action.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think half of the people against the idea only read the subject line and none of the OP's suggestions. Bonekeep was massively popular for this very reason.

I'm in favor of a hard mode option, have been for years, and myself suggested several of the options you listed. I would add "maximize the Hit Points of every foe encountered" to the list as well. It doesn't have to be complicated to implement, nor take very much time to do so by campaign HQ.

The ONLY reward for doing so I feel is appropriate is a "bragging rights" gold star (flaming skull?) collection for your message board avatar.

My players bypassed some Warriors of Wrath, and Dominated another. When the party wizard got the killing blow on the Highlady, he also got the mark of wrath and instantly got a posse of militant magi (as I made them).

Not only is there a random encounter table for Xin Shalast, if the party has any Sidhedron Medalions on it's supposed to double the frequency and chance for those random encounters.

My -2 and -4 are identical twin ulfen brothers, built with the exact same stat array. -2 is a Fighter 1/Bard 7 Huscarl and former Ulfen Guard, while -4 is a Barbarian 1/Metal Oracle 1 who joined the society to try and track down his brother.

I made the -4 as a thought experiment to see how I could use the same stat array for a very different mechanical character. I've also kicked around making their younger sister a shieldmaiden (myrmidon) Magus...

There are only 34 Rune Giants in all of Xin Shalast, and they are pretty busy keeping the growing giant army perpetually dominated.

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