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I plan to play a beast rider (BR) cavalier.
We will start at level 4 and now the problem hit. :)

The BR Archetype says that at level 4 I can choose a Lion as mount (what would be awesome).
The normal Lion is Large and due to this would suite as mount, but the Druide animal companion one is medium.
As the BR mount count as animal companion is the mount medium (and not usable by me) or large?

From my point of view it makes no sense to give a class an ability which can't be used at the level the class get it.
So based on this I would say that the player should get a large lion, otherwise he can't use his class ability.

Anyone knowns if there is some official errata/comment for it?


during some of my silly moments I got an intressting idea for a character and I'm looking into how to make it possible.

The idea would be a necromancer who didn't summon/create undeads but instead transfer his consciousness into an dead body and could control it this way.
He can then use the body normally while his original body lays in stasis.

The question now is, is this a feasible concept for PF (rulewise, RP wise etc.) and how to build it with the current classes/feats etc.

Any ideas?

I really like the concept of the gunslinger but I have a problem with the rate of fire of this class.
I'm one of this players/DMs who like a game which have some realisitic roots to build up.

The gunslinger is a problem here.
Flint lock guns the normal weapons of the gunslinger) had a historical rate of fire around 3-4 round per minute (and that was already fast).
In Pathfinder a gunslinger shots up to 40 round per minute (at level 20 without and magic items 4 per round (6 seconds)).

Did anyone else have an issue with it?
Did anyone has an idea how to "fix" it?

I'm thinking of raising the base damage based on the gunslinger level, so instead of doing 2 attacks each with 1d12+X at level 6 he do one attack with 2d12+X damage (Higher damage due to more precise shooting because of more experience with the weapon)
Which would also fit here would be that this "increased damage" only applies if a full roudn action is used (carefull aim).
If the weapon is used in a standard action the normal weapon damage will be used (shoot from the hip).

Any thoughts on this?


as I always liked the concept of the war-priest I really looked forward to this class... and got disappointed.

One of the signature abilities of the warpriest is the sacred weapon, but let's take a look what does it do (and compare it to similar abilities):

Sacred Weapon
1. It increase the base damage of the weapon:
it starts at 1d6 and then reached 1d8 at 5th level till the 9th level etc.
Ok, so basically before the 10th level this part of the ability does nothing, because let's face it: you are are warpriest with martial weapon proficiency, so if you took a martial one-hand weapon you are already at 1d8.
If you build a two-hand weapon warpriest (e.g. warpriest of Gorum), this part of the ability kick in at 20th level.

2. At 4th level it allows you to boost your weapon (+1 at 4th, +2 at 8th level) for lvl/rounds per day.

Let's compare this time to the ability of a Paladin or Magus..
Paladin: 1min/level upt to 4 times per day (at level 20)
Magus: 1min per arcana pool (~16 times without any items, feats etc.)

On top of this the warpriest have to have a weapon focus with the weapon to use this ability while Magus and Paladin can use it on every weapon they wield.

Did I miss something or is there something off with this ability?

On a site note:
I really like the idea of the warpriest, but I think they wanted to put to many abilities into it without creating new, unique mechanics, let's face it: Fevor is a weaker lay on hands, Blessings are domains without spells (and a later major power) and channel energy.. also same only weaker :(


I running a campaign at the moment which involves a lot of exploration and overland travel.
Unfortunately the standard rules are a little spare on this.

Did anyone know some products, websites etc. which could help me here?
What I looking for exactly are rules for exploration and random encounter tables for standard terrains and also seperated by level (e.g. forest 1-3, forest 4-6 etc.)


One of my player is playing a summoner with a biped Eidolon.
He added a claw evolution (leg), now his biped eidolon attacks with his feet-claws and hand-claws.

Is this legit?
For me it feels a little bite strange (especially if I imagine how a biped creature attack with feets and arms at the same time...).

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After a few posts and discussions with my DM we overhauled the Arcana Archer to make it more interesting.


Additional Requirement:
Must be able to use an arcane bond (weapon)

No additional Armor or Weapon Proficiency

Enhance Weapon
Ath the first level the Arcane Archers Weapon becomes his bonded object (all previous bonds are broken).
Also he get an Arcane Pool equal half his AA level + his primary caster attribute. This pool regenerate every morning.

The AA can use his pool to enhance his bow for a short time. As a swift action he can spent one point of his pool to add an +1 enhancement bonus to his bow for 1 minute. This bonus stack with existing boni but the total bonues can be never higher then +5.

At 3rd level he can also adding fire, frost, shock or corrosive enhancement to his bow by reducing the bonus by 1 (the bow has to have at least a +1 bonus)

At 5th level he can also at Distance by reducing the bonus by 1

At 7th level he can also add the elemental burst enhancement to the bow by reducing the bonus by 2

At 9th level he can also add the holy, unholy, chaotic or lawful enhancement to the bow by reducing the bonus by 2

He has to choose at the beginning of the day (while preparing his spells) which bonus he want to apply to his bow for the day.
Also it's not possible to add different elemental affects with this ability to the weapon.
You can add multiple elemtal affects to the bow with this ability (which all reduce the bonus) but you have to choose once you activate the ability which elemental affect you want use.

an AA level 5 decide to add fire and frost to his bow for this day, the Enhance Weapon Bonus will be: +1 fire or +1 frost

Imbue Arrow (Su)
Changed so you can also add touch spells to the bow

Seeker Arrow
Now it's a swift action, last for one round and cost one Arcana Pool

Phase Bolt
Standard Action, cost one Arcana Pool

Hail of Arrows
Full-Round Action, cost one Arcana Pool

Arrow of Death
DC changed to 20 + primary caster stat

What do you think? Overpowered, underpowered, intressting, boring?

We also made a "crossbow" variant which had as additional requirement "Knowl. Engineering 5" and the Enhance Weapon also reduce the reload time by one step (effectively it counts as rapid reload and did not stack with the feat!). Also the ability descriptions are more tweak toward merging engineering with magic ("Charges" instead of "Arcana Pool" etc.)


I planning to go the Arcane Archer root, but one thing bother me.
To become an AA your character has to be level 7, at this level every character should have at least a +1 weapon.

As the Enhance Arrows Bonus (+1) did not stack with an already existing bonus of arrow or bow, where is the sense behind this ability at all?


I'm playing RotRL and I'm not really happy with my character at the moment.
So I try to figure out how to get a little more out of him.

Character so far:
Ranger (Dungeon Rover) 3 /Transmuter 5 (I know, not optimzed, but it fits from what happened during the campaign and the cahr concept).

Str 10 / Dex 16 (+2 Transmuter) / Con 14 / Wis 10 /Int 16 / Cha 8
Feats: Precise Shot, Point Blank Shot, Cypher Magic, Weapon Focus (Crossbow) [will be retrained]

My first idea was to make a arcane (crossbow) archer out of him (DM approved), but unfortunately the AA abilities don't get me at all and I have to learn that a crossbow is a really weak wepaon compared to a bow :(

At the moment I'm the parties scout and dungeon expert.
But I don't really have an idea where to go from here...

If anyone has any intressting ideas feel free to post them. :)

Party consists of Monk, Summoner, Healer-Witch and Support-Cleric

Hi, we're playing RotRL at the moment and I have a problem with one character in the group.

One of our group plays a strength-build monk and he outshines everyone in the group, in combat and out of combat.

We're playing 15-points buy and are 5 player:
Human Witch 8
Halfling summoner/rouge 7/1
Half-Elf Cleric 8
Dwarven Ranger/Wizard 3/5
and then the Monk 8...

My problem with the monk is that there seems to be no weak side at the monk, he's always in all tasks perform best

4 Base attacks +11/+11/+6/+6 1d10+12 (Str 20, Weapon Focus, Amulet of mighty fist, power attack) +1 Attack if he spents a KI Point

AC in the top 20th to early 30th (witches ward and summoner add mage armor).

Out of combat (stealth, perception etc.): 4+Int skill points and a bunch of special abilities

Am I to jaelouse here or are Monks a little bit over the top compared to other classes?

(e.g. Fighter - good combat stats (even weak compared to the monk (2-4 attacks with less damage total per round), tradeoff no skill points, weak out of combat stats)


today I got this total crazy idea of an crossbow turret for my dwarf.

I think of an animated crossbow.
If I'm understanding the construct creation rules correct but here's my concept:

Animated Crossbow
Small animated object
+6 Dex (15000 gp)
+1 HD (CR +1)
Ranged Attacks (2 CP = CR+1)
Extra Attack (1 CP)

HD: 3d10+10
AC 14
Speed 30 ft. (yes it can move!)
Attack: 2x +6 (maybe 7 if mw item is used?)
Damage: 1d6+3 (Base construct damage, Range 20 ft.)


Animated Weapon Platform (Drone)
Small animated object
+6 Dex (15000 gp)
+1 HD (CR +1)
Additional Movement (fly 1 CP)

HD: 3d10+10
AC 14
Speed 30 ft. (fly)
Attack +7
Damage 1d8 or 1d10 (based on the type of crossbow)

What do you think?

as my Kingmaker Campaign comes to a hold (were currently at the 4th book), a few of my players and I thinking about starting another Kingmakerish-Campaign.
The question is where?

Does anyone has some suggestion were we can settle a "explore & conquer" homebrew campaign in Golarion?
Maybe some area with special climate or features which has some background material from Paizo.


I'm playing RotRL at the moment (15 Points-buy) and during the last few sessions we encountered some basic issues with our party composition (lvl 3): Monk, Summoner (Humanoid-Brawler Eidolon), Witch, Dwarf-Transmutation-Wizard.

The Monk and Summoner are very unexperienced players, so they lack a lot of group tactics, while the witch chracter is a little bit egocentric and silly (but in a fun way).

I'm playing the Transmutation Wizard, my character concept is some sort of explorer who is facinated by Thassalonien. I wanted to got Pathfinder Savant, but during the last evenings (we are in the goblin keep North of Sandpoint at the moment) he was near death 3 times due to lack of spells.

So he decided to train his physical skills a little bit more. As he's already the parties "dungeon explorer" (disable device, perception, darkvision), I think of going a strange route for the character advancement.

Wizard (6) / Ranger (Dungeon Rover) 3 / Arcane Archer

My DM allows me to change the AA to a "Arcane Crossbow Archer".

Attributes (15 Points Buy): 10/14/14/10/16/8

The Build so far looks like this
1 Wizard (1)
2 Wizard (2)
3 Wizard (3) - Weapon Focus (Crossbow, light)
4 Ranger (1) - Fav Enemy: Evil Outsider
5 Ranger (2) - Combat Style: Crossbow (Precise Shot), Point Blank Shot
6 Ranger (3) - Fav terrain: Underground
7 Wizard (4) - Rapid Reload
8 Wizard (5) -
9 Arcane Archer (1)

What do you think? I know this is far from optimized, but can this work? He shouldn't be the main Damage Dealer, but a dungeon explorer and the parties guide (underground and in the wilderness).


I like the idea of using the Knowledge Skills to determinate Strength and weaknesses of monsters.
My only problem with it is, what information do you reveal at which DC.
In some 3.5 Books (e.g. the Hordes of the Abyss)there were tables next to the monsters which shows exactly this.
Did anyone know if such lists also exist for the PF Bestiaries (official or homebrew)?
Maybe this would would be a good idea for an small E-Book?

One thing I missed are building requirements, this is something I really miss in KM.

For my group I created a list with some requirements for the buildings. I used Kingdom Size/Ruler Title (to encourage players to expand), Buildings, min City size and "other".

Most of the basic buildings (e.g. smith, granary, tradesman) not have any requirements.
More advanced buildings will have one requirement. The mist advanced one will have multiple requirements.

(e.g. a Libary needs an active Magister, Warehouse need 500gp base value, Slave Pens require that the Kingdoms alignment is any non-good, Granary requires at least one farm within 2 hex..., I think you get it^^)

Anyone else created requirement rules for their campaigns?

one of my player has to create a new character for our Kingmaker Campaign and he came up with an very strange build.

Ranger 4 (archery), Druid 3, Nature Warden 2 + 2x Boon Companion Feat.

So it came up to a ranged fighter with two combat Pets, which count as Level 7 (the ranger ones) and level 9 (the druid ones) due to the boon companion feat and the Nature Wardens Companion ability which states theat his level counts for " all classes that grant an animal companion for the purpose of determining her animal companion’s abilities."

So basicly he will now go straight NW and with it has two companions (char-lvl -2/char-lvl -1) and mid lvl druid spells.

Did I miss something or is this a very potent build?

is there any rule which determinate which and how many magic items a companion (Druids animal Companion, Familiar, elemental companions etc.) can wear/use?
Or is it simply common sense ("it has fingers it can use two rings")?

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after we managed to "obtain" our first ship and heading toward port for modifications I decided to do some "Excel Magic" and create a small sheet for it.

So far the sheet only contains material from the S&S players guide.

What did the sheet do?
You can choose a ship and the modificators and the sheet will calculate the endprice and changed attributes.


C&C welcome

I tried to order the Ultimate Equipment today but my payment methode was rejected. I used the same methode/card (VISA) already for previous orders.

Are there any known issues at the moment?
It would be nice to know why the payment methode is now rejected. (maybe via PM^^)

my round just finished VV and we're now going into BfB.


As their Kingdom is a little bit behind the "Kingdom in Background" (only 49 hex) and we're in Winter now, I decided to stage the attack on Tatzleford in the first spring days of the next year (no oen starts a war in winter^^).
So my player have 5 Month left.
As they're already planing to create their first army during the VV (but failed to do so yet), I expecting that they will have a armie ready for the attack on Tatzleford (or shortly after).

Now to the Problem:
I expect that they will, after the fight for Tatzleford, sent this Army to Fort Drelev (they still have some "issues" with them, thanks to Grigori).
- Did anyone run the fight for Fort Drelev as Mass Combat Encounter?
- What armies would fit to Fort Drelev?
- How can I encourage the players not to start a war yet?

I thinking about giving them a little bit insight to Fort Drelevs Situation and that an armie heading towards the town would probably result in Lord Drelevs flight. Then the remaining troops will run havoc in the city and raze it.

What do you think? Any Ideas/Tips ?

I'm alittle bit concerned about Vordakai's Tomb. My group headed straigth into the tomb after Varnhold didn't response anymore (they had their 2 years anniversary, invited Varnhold and they didnt sho up).

After they found Varnhold empty and fought against the spriggans (when two characters died) they resurected them and headed towards the centauren.
From there they directly headed toward the tomb.
I'm a little bit concerned as the Sprigans already killed two of them that the tomb will be a TPK.

The group is now 8th level and consist of:
Figther (Sword & Shield)
Alchemist (Melee)
Sorc/Ninja/Arcane Trickster
Cleric (Buff, Heal, Trip)
We used 4d6 (drop lowest) so they are all ~ 30 Points-buy

Does anyone have exoerience with a 8th level grp entering this dungeon?


after my character died the forth time in the campaign (already second char after first one died at level 5) I come to a point where I have to say "Would I come back?"

Do you ever had such a feeling to simply say "Let him rest in peace, I will reroll!"

What's your feeling about bringing a character back to life again and again and again?


as I will get my new tablet in a few days I'm looking for some programs I can use to help running Kingmaker.

I already found the awesome OpenOffice Sheet from RunebladeX (thanks a lot for it!) and now I'm loking for some mapping and campaign tracking tools.

Does anyone have some suggestions or already used some themself?
As I said it would be nice if they are running on Android without doing a lot of "adaptions"

as I'm thinking about aking the path of the crusader, I stumbeld across one "issue" with it.

Bonus Feat
A crusader gains a bonus feat at 1st level, then again at 5th level and every five levels thereafter (to a maximum of six at 20th level).

Correct me if I'm wrong but one feat at level 1, then 5,10,15,20 only summ up to 5 feats not 6 at level 20.
The question now is if it should be 6 at 20 or 1 + 1/5level.


one of my player want to take the "Butterfly’s Sting" and I have a few problems with this feat.

The feat description is:

Benefit: When you confirm a critical hit against a creature, you can choose to forgo the effect of the critical hit and grant a critical hit to the next ally who hits the creature with a melee attack before the start of your next turn. Your attack only deals normal damage, and the next ally automatically confirms the hit as a critical.

Now my problem:
Did this means If player A scores a critical hit and use this feat, the next player who hits this creature autmaticly rolls a crit and confirm it or did it mean, the next player had to roll the crit by himself and the crit is only automaticly confirmed?

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I'm playing a dwarven Holy Vindicator at the moment (positive energy channeling).

Some time in the future we will heading into the Lands of the undead. So Channel Energy will be a good source of damage.

The question is about the bleed effect of the Bloodfire/Bloodrain ability.
Normally undeads are immune to bleed damage, but as this is caused by positive energy I ask myself if it's really a bleed effect or not only simply a "damage over time" effect and should then also be used at undead?

From a RP perspective I see no reason why a good god should give his follower the power to cause bleeding wounds at normal people but not at undead?

Any suggestions/comments?


I checked the new PRD yesterday and I have to say, awesome work guys.
Hands up to giving our all your core rule books for free, even as I already have every book, the PRD is a good ressource for a quick search etc.

So again, great work!


I'm running a Kingmaker group at the moment (as DM) and one of my players plays a alchemist who's always looking for some herbs if they explore a hex.
This lead to the problem that in Pathfinder (& DnD) you don't really have herb description.

This brings me back to my P&P starts, I started with DSA (The Black Eye or Realms of Arcania).
This world was very detailled and get a lot of flavour from this small descriptions.

Let my explain it by going back to the herbs (and the related alchemie).

No Herbs
Alchemy = pay x gp for mats, take your time, roll

A book full of Herbs, each with small descriptions etc.
Alchemy = you need herb X, 2x Herb Y, Sulfur and Holy Water, take your time, roll

But this is not only at this, let's take the spells descriptions:

Pure facts, no flavour

Ignisphereo Fireball

The caster grabs some guano and sulfur, roll it in his hand to form a small ball. As he throws the ball toward his enemy the ball catch fire and grows, at the end it explodes in a ball of fire.

Then a few stats

At least some "modifications" which can be applied (similar to the alchemistical items as maic focus stuff from the adventurers armory).

I understood why DnD took this approach, they have to cover a lot of different worlds (but even they brought some flavour via the Splat books). Pathfinder is focused on one world (which is by the way a little to "let's take the best of all" in my opinion^^), so why not bring some flavour to the world?

One posibility would be a Spell Book, where you have complete descriptions (also I have to refer to DSA "Codex Cantiones").

as my dwarf found a Ring of Sustenance lately and are working on his magic weapon (only the enchantment, not the smithing) I thought how would this fit together?

Our group has very short downtimes, so we're most time "on the run".
From RAW one day (during which you spent ~ 4 hours for crafting) "in the field" count as 2 hours crafting time.

But what is if you have a Ring of Sustenance?

The group need to rest at least 10 hours (we have three spellcasters and me, so from guard rotation you're at 10 hours), from this I only need 2 hours rest, so 8 hours left.

Can I work this time at my weapon enchantment? and if yes, how much did it count?

I would guess half (to stay in line with the 4/2 hours of "in field crafting"), so from this each day in field would count as 6 hours instead of 2.

What do you think?

as I playing the Magus atm and I really like the Arcana Pool ides, I was wondering, why not given it to the Wizard, too? (I always think they need some love^^)

So here's my idea:

Spell Pool:
A Wizard get a Arcana Pool of his Intelligence modifier + half his level (round down).
A wizard can spent this Arcana Pool in three ways.

By the Book:
At first level the wizard can spent arcana pool to cast any spell from
his spell book. To do so, the wizard must have the spellbook at hand
and must be able to read it. He must spent a number of spell pool
points equal to the spells level.
A wizard can also cast a spell from another wizards spell book with
this, but he had to make a spellcraft check (like he want to copy the
spell) and must spent twice the amount of points.

Metamagic Spell:
At fith level he can cast spells with metamagic feats in
this way, but he must spend additional points from his
arcane pool to do so, equal to the level increase from the
metamagic feats. The spell’s overall adjusted level must
still be one that he can cast. This increases the casting time to one full-round

Instant Metamagic:
At eight level the Wizard can use his Spell Pool to modifiey a already
memorized spell with any metamagic feat he knows.
This increases the casting time to one full-round action and cost a
number of points equal to the level increase from the metamagic feats.

Maybe this could also be a alternative Bonus for the universal wizards.

What do you think about it?

as the subject already stated I'm looking for a dwarf cleric miniature.
The mini should use (war)hammer and Shield.
Armor should be medium to heavy and if possible no helmet and long facial hair.

Something similar to this pictures: a1/Magni_Wei.jpg/180px-Magni_Wei.jpg

(Yeah, a very "iconic" dwarf)

Anyone has an idea?

as the Katana use the same rules and stats as a bastard sword and the ninja got proficiency with the Katana, my question is, is it a martial or exotic proficiency?

Sword, Bastard: A bastard sword is about 4 feet in length, making it too large to use in one hand without special training; thus, it is an exotic weapon. A character can use a bastard sword two-handed as a martial weapon.

as my Magus now hits level 5, i got two new feats and I thought about Dervish Dance (she has a high dex score(19)) and TWF. (later oversized TWF)

You will ask TWF why?
I'm thinking of the following:
Using Gloves of storing to store one scimitar. Attack with one and one free had for casts. If you wouldn't cast simply use a free action draw the second scimitar and attack.
Also she choose the Pool Strike Arcana, so you can "charge" both weapons before the fight, attack, then let one vanish and use spell combat if you want.
As it's only a free action to summon or store an item at the gloves, you can decide every round if you want to TWF or use spell combat.

Attack would be: +4/+4 if using two mw scimitars

What do you think about this "build"?

I like to create characters and I like fighter and skill monkeys.
So I think "let's try to create a valid skirmisher/skillmonkey build".

So the Origin:
The character is an exiled noble. He lived till his 13. birthday at his fathers (a earl) castle. There he were educated and trained to one time become his fathers successor.
He was very talented with the bow and sword.
After some political struggles, a rival killed his father and his mother and he were forced to flee and seek shelter in the slums of their former residence city.
After he reached adulthood, he left his mother and seek revenge for his fathers murder and try to restore his family name.

So far for the background.

Race should be Human.
Classes should be fighter from his "former" education and rogue from his "street life".
Allowed books: Core Rule Book & APG
Level ~ 6 to 8

I thought of somethink like 5th level Fighter (Mobile Fighter or Archer) and 3 Level Rogue (Swashbuckler)

Any further ideas?^^

I checked out and found a nice, stylish spell called:
Summon Ancestral Guardian
The Spell is realy straight forward except one thing...

Spell Description:
These spirits move and attack at your direction, each having the abilities of a spiritual weapon, except they can attack different targets and deal physical damage (bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing, according to the weapon the spirit wields) instead of force damage.

Did this means If I chose a dwarven waraxe, the spirits will do 1d10+1/3 CL or did they always do 1d8+1/3 CL (like spiritual weapon) only the type change?

after reading the description of explosive runes I have to think at "A Chinese Ghost Story" in some way.

Is it possible to write the rune at lets say a wooden plate, throw it and while the plate is in the air, read it?

"The explosive runes detonate when read" the question is, how near have you be to read it. :)
The Problem I think is the phrase "(close enough to read them)" which indicates the rune can only be readed from close, but why?

Any ideas?
From a game-breaker side, this allows a lot of bombs...
Maybe in this alternative use, the Duration is set to "instant" and you need some sort of Material (special prepared wood plates)

I think the question is clear, can I use Spellcombat and then Poolstrike as the "Spell"?

Pool Strike (Su): A magus with this magus arcana can expend 1 point from his arcane pool to charge his hand with elemental power as a standard action. He can make a melee touch attack as a free action as part of activating this ability. If the attack hits, it releases the charge and deals 1d6 points of energy damage of a type of his choosing, either acid, cold, electricity, or fire. He can use this ability with the spellstrike class feature. If he misses with this attack, he can hold the charge for up to 1 minute before it dissipates.

The description clearly say I can use it to "empower" my weapon with it via Spellstrike, but can I use it with spellcombat intead of the spell?

did anybody have a clue why spontaneous caster have 1,5x as much spell slots per day then prepare caster?

I playing a magus at the moment, level 3, and I have 4 spell slots.
A Sorcerer at the same level has 6 spell slots. Any reason why?

Sure a wizard/magus knows more spells (at my example 11), but he has to choose which spells he will cast in advance. The Sorcerer know less spells (3 at this time), but he can choose which one he cast spontaneous.

Most times you will, even if you are a wizard, use only a limited number of different spells, because most of them are very specialised, and you will always not memorized the spell you need (I think all know this situation^^).

Also the wizard is a master of arcane art, but being outnumbered by the sorcerer.
Anyone has experience with a higher number of spell slots?

(We run a very combat orinetated campaign and most times I save my few spells for the BBEG, but i thought spellcaster named spellcaster, because they cast spells....)

we will start a new round soon and I looking for a character.
My concept is a mercenary. Big guy, Two-Handed Sword, Plate Armor, but (now the problem^^), he should deal with a little bit "dark" magic, to strengthen himself.

Books I have are the Pathfinder CoreRulke Book, GMG and APG.
At the moment I'm thinking of a cleric/"un"holy vindicator, but I'm not totaly sure. Domains so far are "Blood" (I think this fit's well with the mercenary/unholy style), but no idea for the second one (thought of Fire for some offensive casts, but not sure).
All in all this character shouldn't be a evil guy, only "dark, mysterious" one.

Any Ideas? Advises?

sorry if this is already asked, but I want to get right before subscribing.

The Subription (e.g. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ongoing Subscription) means that Paizo will sent me every new Product from this area (in this example as soon as it's released, additional they will give me the free pdf for this book.

My Account will be only charged for the book, not the pdf.
In this case when I subscribing now, i will get the Bestiary 2 book + pdf (as soon as its out) for the price of the book automaticly, and then in April the Ultimate Magic + pdf, again only for the price of the book.

An let's say i don't want the ultimate magic, can I cancel the subscription before it's released without any problems or is there a minimum time the subscription have to run?

I like the duelist PC but also I like two-handed-swords,so I want to merge both in one. :)

I thinking of the following changes:

- remove the "only light weapons" restriction
- change the requirement to "Weapon Finess or Weapon Focus"
- as I like a skirmisher style for it I would add a "character have to move 10ft+" to the precise strike ability (or some similar restriction)

Any comments? Ideas?

I thinking of a new character and i want to play a dwarf (no discussion^^).
My last Dwarf was an Evoker/Loredelver (skiped race req. and 3.5), now i want to create a more "classic" dwarf.
The group is of one Sorcerer (Infernal BL), one Oracle of Flame, one 2H-Axe Dwarf Ranger and one Wild-Shape Druid.

As we are lacking of real Healing-Power (Druid alwyas use other spells and OoF is more the "Blaster-Type"), i thinking of a Dwarven Cleric.

Books i have are:
- The complete "Complete" Series
- The Races of Stone
- Core Rule Book
- Spell Compendium
- we use the Greyhawk Pantheon

The goal should be a Front Line Cleric, who can heal his friends and build the last line of defense. The Campaign is mainly vs. Undead and Demons/Devils.

Create Methode: 4d6 drop lowest

So my first ideas:
Dwarven Cleric of Moradin
- Combat Casting
- Selective Channeling
- Shielded Casting
- Heavy Armor Training (later or CC with one level Figther)
- Weapon Casting (the one where you can create your somatic comp with a weapon, not sure which book it was from)

- aimed for Adamantite Fullplate + Dwarven Thrower + Large Shield

no idea...

I also like the idea of a "Golem" Companion, but I can't find a way to create an effective one, without destroying the "flair" of the classic dwarf.

So have anyone any ideas?^^

As the subject stated, can this spell be used as combat spell?

You ask the target creature a single question. On the subject's next action, it must answer truthfully in the same language as the question or take 1d6 points of damage per two caster levels (maximum 5d6) and be sickened for 2d4 rounds. A successful Will save negates the sickening effect and halves the damage. A creature that is unable to answer still takes damage

Let's say you asked a goblin warchief for the name of the queens sister:

"t must answer truthfully in the same language as the question or take 1d6 points of damage per two caster levels" because the goblin can't speak the same language

Additional, means truthfully the truth from the victims point of view, so a "I don't know" count, or does it means the thruth (in this case the name of the sister), even if the victim doesn't know it?

Any ideas?

My friends and I are running a D&D Campaign in a self created world. As this world isn't complete already, we will write new content continually.

I'm locking for a web-host who provides a side where I can add written text, set a structure (tree shape like in the pdf-files) and allow other, registred user to modifiy the the text and new structures.

Did anybody know such a webside?


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