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Troy Taylor's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 721 posts (734 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.

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Korvosa seems like an ideal locale for a sweeping swashbuckling tale.

I think we need a female adventuring pair as a counterweight to Rad and Varian.

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Well, maybe not quite time traveling, but at one time I thought a viable option for a Age of Worms campaign is to test the players ala Moorcock's Eternal Champion ... That is with each adventure taking place in a different reality.

I chose not to go that path, for reasons that had to do with the fact I run an open game in a store, and players should find it easy to bring a character and jump right in. But I thought it had potential.

For example, Diamond Lake could start off in Greyhawk, but the Ebon Triad Dark Cathedral could be the home of some dark cabal in prehistoric times, Blackwell Keep could be some futuristic outpost space station with lizardfolk aliens, Hall of Harsh Reflections could be in modern day New York City or London, Champion's Belt could be some post-apocalypic future with gladiatorial games and the battle with the black dragon could be in the Realms, and looking ahead, the Prince of Redhand could be an audience with a king during the Restoration Period of Europe and the Kings of the Rift, with so many dragons, could be in some part of Dragonlance. Certainly you could work in an Oriental Adventures, a dark gothic horror setting, and goodness knows, what else.

Suggestions on running an Eternal Champions game are detailed in Unearthed Arcana. The advantage of running such a campaign is, if you are like me, to take advantage of all those campaign settings books on my shelf, and to keep it fresh.

The downside, though, is there is a loss of continuity -- as well as the demand on the players to keep creating similar/but different characters for each reality.

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