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6 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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There is nothing evil about traveling the Drift, and to prove it, the next 100 ships that travel via the drift get a box of adorable kittens!!

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And there is absolutely nothing shady about the Drift, I have everything under control, to prove it, kittens for everyone!!

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Orthos wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Orthos wrote:

Firefox apparently just had a major update.


Is it faster as they promised?
Mostly. Paizo is still slow as Heck.

It's not because of the drift. Why does everyone keep blaming the drift for everything. I have everything totally under control.

It's Triune.

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I think we're focusing too much on the drift, and not enough on this box of kittens I'm handing out to the next person that uses their drift drive.

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quibblemuch wrote:

The comparison with O'Hare has got me thinking... you're right, there would be massive public outcry if a plane crashed out of O'Hare once ever 20 days. Yet the equivalent mortality rate (again, with some hand-waving approximations) happens on the highways all the time. And there would be a massive public outcry if you tried to prevent 100 deaths a day by taking away people's cars.

There is only one plausible explanation: Automobiles are sentient aliens, the harbingers of an invasion wherein we destroy ourselves.

So close! It's actually toasters.