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Triga's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 185 posts. 2 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.

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little disapointed

***( )( )

I can some what blame my self for not fully reading what this product was before I purchased it. It is basically a huge map cut up into 4 pieces. It is exactly what the product description says it is.

that said, what is the use of this? it is way to big to be of any practical use. I thought about framing it, but as others have said, the seems do not line up correctly.

I was thinking this would include different smaller maps of the inner sea.Those would of been more useful. I really have no use for this map at all, way to big. The first time I opened the folio is probably going to be the last time.

If I had read the product description more carefully I would never have bought, but even still for what it is it is pretty useless.

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A bit disapointing.

****( )

The one major issue I see with this is the fact that there is almost no artwork here. There are only three pieces of art in this book. One is the cover, which looks great, the next is inside the front cover, it is a nice map of all the nations. The third piece is inside the back cover, it is the same exact art work that is on the cover. That was very disappointing to see. There are four other small pieces of art, maybe a quarter of a page in size. Other than that, this seems like a good product to introduce new players to the world. Not to heavy on info, but enough for players to base there character from some of the city states described.

I would of maybe liked to see less info on the politics of each of the city states described and maybe more on the the ecology or types of adventures you could have here, like the physical aspects of the state.

I took one star for the lack of art work and to much politics in the descriptions. If it were priced more than 10.99 it would get less stars.

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