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Tricky's page

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Any comments from people that got to playtest this at Gen Con?

Unfortunately when I asked about it I was shot down - Saturday morning I was told there were no more playtest sessions for Gen Con. This was pretty much on par with everything else I tried to do at the con.

Still, I think it could be fun and I'm looking forward to the game coming out next year.

This game sounds completely awesome. I know the meme is overused but hush your word-hole and accept my Republic credits.

I will be begging to try the playtest or at least learn more about the game at your booth at Gen Con. And likely purchasing it at next year's Gen Con.

Cosmo wrote:

Unfortunately, this was a mistake in the email. Subscriptions to Planet Stories do not include a PDF of the book, as we do not have the rights to provide this.

The email said your PDF is now available because this is a form shared with our other subscription products, which do include a PDF. This will be fixed soon.

I apologize for the mix up.


Ah, no problem, I understand. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks for the response!


I recently placed this order for two Planet Stories books and a Planet Stories subscription. I started with Secret of Sinharat, so my shipping email indicated that I am getting 3 books in the box. Woot!

It also indicated that I could download a PDF of Secret of Sinharat, but when I go to my Account page, it says I have zero downloads. How do I get my PDF? And do I get PDFs of the other books I bought?

Thanks for your time,


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