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Treppa's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter, 2014 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,766 posts (11,654 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 56 aliases.

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Sharoth wrote:
Just buy a standard PC and add a video card and you are good. Sort of.

Yeah, be sure your power supply is sufficient to drive the card plus everything else; otherwise, the machine just goes bye-bye randomly.

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havoc xiii wrote:

Alright all you fishing faithful I've got another one for you that comes straight from today!

** Unbelievable stuff **

So, yeah. We went fishing with 10# test yesterday. Yeah. And caught nothing. I took pictures of birds and trees and... and water. So... yeah.

hate. you.


Not really. Just jealous.

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Yeah, if you cook for yourself, eating healthy is cheaper than trying to eat out healthy. A burger, fries, and sweet soft drink is a lot cheaper than, say, a salad with grilled chicken at fast food places.

One writer did a very nice tally of energy availability based on the $29/week food stamp allowance showing how difficult it is to get sufficient calories from healthier food using a $29/week budget. Here it is.

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David M Mallon wrote:
Starting to come to my attention that I need to start getting back in shape and eating better. Problem is, a) I have basically no money, and b) my back is shot and my knees are on their way out. Any suggestions?

Eating healthier is more expensive, so you will end up eating less. I have read of people eating well off dumpster diving grocery stores because of all the discarded produce, or scavenging in other ways. Take it how you will. I have not tried it.

To get in shape with a bad back and knees, start with a no-cost home regimen. First, get your core strong to help support your back. Not your abs, your core. Here's a nice set of exercises for your core. Do those a lot. Typical theraputic reps are 3 sets of 10 for each, resting between sets as needed, but a lot of core moves (like planking) require holding the pose for as long as you can. Start with shooting for 15 seconds and use 3 minutes as an ultimate goal, adding 15 seconds every couple of days.

To help your knees (and I don't know exactly what is wrong with them but stronger is always better), strengthen the muscles by doing at least straight-leg lifts: front, back, side. My PT recommended 3 sets of 100 each day. She has me do them standing on one leg, lifting the other to the front, side, and back as many times as possible until the 100 count is reached. Switch from front to side when the front exhausts, then side to back when side is toast, then back to front and so on until the 100 are complete in each direction. Then switch legs and do it again. Do that morning, noon, and evening to get to the 300 total for each of the 6 leg-directions. If you can get a set of ankle weights at a garage sale, it will be even more effective.

Simple balancing exercises will help your core and legs, too. Stand on one leg and try a bunch of different poses, keeping your balance the whole time. A SERIOUSLY killer exercise is to stand on one leg and touch your toes very slowly about 15-20 times, 3x on each leg. Do it with weights in your hands if you want to suffer greatly. Zowie!

On top of those, do regular calisthenics: push-ups, etc. Try doing squats. Even with my need-replacement knees, I can do some squats by pointing my toes outward and proceeding slowly. With knees, let your pain be your guide.

I swear to you, if you do core and knee exercises faithfully, you will see improvements in your life within 3-4 weeks even if you're in terrible shape. You do have to push yourself and endure some pain, but it's worth it. Once your back and knees are less troublesome, your options for cardio and other exercises expand.

If you come into some cash, I highly recommend TRX straps. They give you a lot of freedom to exercise using body weight very effectively for strengthening. I use them at the gym and absolutely love them. One of those giant sitty balls is also helpful. Sitting on it routinely (especially with your feet together) improves core strength, and there are a bunch of exercises you can do with it that also help core.

For cardio, do as much walking as you can manage. You might want to do a week or two of core and leg strengthening before you start walking, to avoid damaging any shaky joints. Try to find a cheapo bike on craigslist.

If you can, find a place to swim or water walk. I've been in despair at the cost of pool membership around here, but this weekend found that a reservoir very close to us has a $55/year membership which includes a beach which is open from 0530 to 2100. That will give me tons of time to work out. It will probably be cold and miserable, but that's better than doing nothing or doing cardio that will damage my knees further.

Hope this helps. All the old-fashioned calisthenics still work well (like the old Canadian Air Force exercises or other military workouts) if you adapt them for low-impact to save your back and knees. Look for walking trails nearby that have exercise stations for pull-ups, etc. Your tax dollars at work.

Yoga and/or stretching are great and necessary complement for strength training to keep from getting muscle bound and to improve your balance.

Hope this helps. I've been in the same boat lately and this has all been useful for me.

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Fury Road in 8 hours 22 minutes. Popcorn and Diet Coke and explosions for breakfast.

No, I'm not looking forward to it. Why?



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I've been doing very little video gaming since our Xbox 360 bit the dust. I prefer Xbox to the PC but went ahead and replaced most of my favorite Xbox titles via Steam and GOG. However, my video card kept crapping out. Replaced my power supply, mobo, CPU, and put in a better (used) video card -- and now the video cuts out completely from time to time. It is a complaint about this mobo that I didn't know when I bought it on sale.

So I could go get another, but it's such a pain to remove everything and redo it. *thinks* But if I did that, I could also get more memory and another hard drive and a NEW video card... hmmm.

I do have the Xbox controller, which works for some games but not all. I prefer it to the keyboard.

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aeglos wrote:
and the first Asparagus and Strawberries of the season has been bought

We had our first asparagus last week. It was delicious! Strawberries will be coming soon, but I'm allergic.

To be honest, we have everything all year round in the grocery stores here, but I still tend to buy produce in season. It's better tasting and has a better chance of being relatively local.

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Vision is very blurry today. I keep poking myself in the eyes, but it has not improved.

I was going to consult CH, but the foregoing exchange has shaken my faith in his 'healing' abilities.

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Snow is on our schedule for tomorrow. Freehold, come visit! I could see you living very happily in Vail.

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My dogs want you to mail the burned cookies to them. They'll wait.

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After a truly awful day yesterday, the leg looks some better this morning (better being a relative term) and I don't feel quite as bad. The powers of infection and antibiotic side effects combined have been rather devastating. On the bright side of things, catching up on sleep and losing weight (even suddenly and rapidly) are good things.

Thoughts like "how bad does it have to get before I think about the hospital?" and "if the antibiotic doesn't work, will they remove the leg above or below my (already bad) knee?" are no longer popping into my brain today. Those are not-fun thoughts.

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gran rey de los nekkid wrote:
Also, the cookies looked really overdone, so I threw them away.

Didn't you try them first? Always try them! There are starving children in America, you know. --- Mom

Give them to us! Us us us us! NowwwWWWWooooooOOOooooo! --- The Dogs

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I hope this antibiotic starts working soon, because leg is looking guh.

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Our roommate is going on a week-long vacation. I thought it would be a nice surprise to replace her dishwasher racks because some of the tines have broken, so when she returns, everything would be shiny and new.

I looked up prices today.

Racks run from $130 - $200 EACH, meaning it would cost $260-$400 to replace both top and bottom. A new dishwasher is under $500.

I... what the... I can't even.

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I've also wondered about the generator, but other pbps don't have that same problem. I'm not sure what the sample size is to get a significant result, but we don't really have a lot of d20 rolls in any one game.

Funny thing is, I have the same problem IRL at the table, to the point that people joke about it, won't touch or borrow my dice, and (sometimes) don't want to sit next to me.

They claim it's the dice.

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David M Mallon wrote:
In Patrick's Reign of Winter PbP, my character has made a total of 17 d20 rolls. Out of those 17, precisely five of them have been over 10. Of the remaining 12, six were rolls of 1 or 2. I'm f~+$ing cursed.

I have been having the same problems in a couple of pbps. My average d20 roll in one pbp is 7.5. I rarely break 10, but when I do, it's by a lot. The situation is horribly frustrating, particularly when you craft a character to be really good - only missing on, say, 1-5 even at low levels - and they always seem to roll 1-5 on important d20s. Sucks the fun right out of the game.

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Thank you for the good wishes, though I had nothing more alarming than a 101 fever most of the weekend and a suddenly very sore calf. But The Internet said to See A Doctor Immediately, so....

8 people marked this as a favorite.

And back home with antibiotics. Infection, not blood clot, woo!

And permission from the doctor to do anything I like. Doctors should be careful about granting such license.

"But officer, the doctor said I could do anything I wanted. Anything!"

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Lord Snow wrote:


I don't get where this is coming from, honestly. Unlike real cases of abuse, Bruce Banner has an actual supernatural (umm, "scientific", I guess) reason for his rages. It is not as if he is a beating boyfriend that sometimes gets drunk with his friends and then comes home to slap the wife about. He is a very good man who is actually doing the best he can given circumstances. So comparing his situation with an abusive relationship is to some degree absurd. Add that to the fact that Romanov herself is the definition of tough and self reliant, and I just fail to see how this could possibly be an issue.
I mean, the rest of the Avengers accept him as a friend too, and he beat most of them up waaay worse than anything he every did to Romanov (had he been able to pommel her the way he did Thor she would be long dead). Is the Avengers initiative an abusive cult, the various members of it getting victimized by Banner over and over again yet always crawl back to him because they think they need him?
Do the character of Romanov a favor and attribute her with as much agency as you do the rest of the crew.


Holy cow, I have no problem seeing how she could be attracted to Bruce Banner. Who wouldn't want to scruffle his puppy fur and feed him Milk Bones until his tail thumps? But Bruce is not the issue. Bruce/Hulk and what he represents are.

I really love the Bruce Banner/Hulk combo as a character. I love that they avoid the Jekyll/Hyde good/evil judgement and make it about creation/destruction instead. Morally, Hulk is good. He's simply out of control rage and has difficulty distinguishing friend from foe. And Banner's inherent intelligence, decency, and morality make his transformation into Hulk really heart-wrenching.

But no matter how much Bruce's friends like him, they don't take the Hulk for granted. They prepare contingencies to (try to) control him when he comes around. And he always does. Natalia knows this. She knows (from his statement in the first movie) that he's always angry. She knows he can kill her in Hulk form. That's why the poor guy shuns society. Yet she ignores all these things to (suddenly) spill her guts and try to get him into a relationship. It makes no sense. I give her credit for agency - intelligent agency. She's not stupid.

Sure, we can't help who we love. But we can control how we act. Her willingness to enter into a relationship with somebody who could change instantly and become out-of-control enraged is what puts this into the ooky arena for me. It's all too familiar IRL. I hate for young girls to get the message that an out-of-control angry guy is OK - I can handle him. I also think it's cruel to Banner. He has a very good reason for being a hermit.

I admit I may be over-sensitive about her relationships because of Renner and Evan's slut/whore remarks about her character. If they were going to give Black Widow a love story, I'm glad it wasn't with one of those guys!

Hope this helps clarify my reaction to that party of the story. I felt the writers let us down there, though I certainly felt the hurt and pathos of these two lonely people exploring a possible connection. And her late-story reveal about the "graduation ceremony" explained part of why she would consider the relationship, which helped. Still, if I had a daughter who saw the film with me, I'd certainly be having a discussion with her about real life relationships.

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Let me get you to the temple, at least, so we can dispose of Camris. :P

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Sorry for your loss (really). It's aggravating.

That said, Chrome + Lazarus = reduced frustration.

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Hi, Aeglos. We're just fine! I enjoy seeing your pics of the dwarfling and will pass along the 'hi'. {hugs}

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Note: This is my opinion, of course. You are perfectly welcome to disagree. I'm not going to fight about it because opinion.

I didn't notice anything particularly controversial powers-wise either, though I was surprise Helen lived. My nitpicks were more character-driven than anything. Specifically, the characters frequently sounded more like Joss Whedon than themselves. The character development in the movies after the first seemed to be practically chucked out the window. Plus:

Hulk/Black Widow:

This looks way too much like an abusive relationship to me. Hulk chased the Black Widow and nearly killed her. Now she's taming the beast? Ehhh, I don't like it. Too many 'hurt me, love me' vibes, not to mention 'I can change him'. Really ooky.


I know Jarvis is a super AI and all, but he is just software, he practically runs the company, and there is no backup!?!?!? Come. On. For a series that begins with Tony Stark soldering (and doing it properly) to ending where he's not backing up his most critical software is a big technical tumble.

Out Of The Blue'D:

Too many surprises weren't teased through the series and were dumped on us here. Hawkeye and the 'girlfriend/no girlfriend' bit just wasn't enough to foreshadow the family - too obvious and too late. Tony's been building a Hulk-control system. Convenient. Tony has independent (i.e., non-networked) AI's. Handy. (Shame he didn't back up his main one.) And Natasha jonesing for Bruce? Left field time.

Bruce Banner:

In everything I've seen, Dr. Banner's fundamental characteristic is that he lives up to his beliefs. In this movie, Tony Stark proposes something rather insane, dangerous, and secretive and Bruce shrugs and goes "Eh, OK". Banner not only keeps it quiet but helps without raising any serious objection or bringing it to the attention of the entire team. If anybody knows the law of unintended consequences, it's Banner. That's a character switch I can't believe.

The fights were good and the banter (in appropriate times) was OK. I was amused by the focus on one particular set of knockers all during the last fight through the city. It made me laugh and really broke immersion.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Puffin and I were disappointed in A: AoU, so if you feel the same, don't be afraid to say so. :P

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captain yesterday wrote:

Oh! Oh! Redneck jokes

What do rednecks call duct tape


Why is a Tornado like a Redneck divorce

Either way someone's losing a trailer!

Thank you!

These are terrible!

I snorted.

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Female Humanish Very little class but on the level

I set things on fire.

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I took a nap when I got home from work and now I'm all confused.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Treppa wrote:
I've been on a kick of watching the Uptown Funk video and have decided to use it as a unit of time. Eating my breakfast bagle takes two Uptown Funks, for example
That's one large bagel. What's in it?

Everything. And I eat slowly.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Also been on a Red vs. Blue kick and realized I never watched past Season 2! :o So much goodness to go.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It amazes me how long some threads get when the first response answers the question. ;)

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I've been on a kick of watching the Uptown Funk video and have decided to use it as a unit of time. Eating my breakfast bagle takes two Uptown Funks, for example.

I kept wondering who the doopy white guy in the video is and why he's in every shot ruining the thing. Then I realized he's the producer or whatever. Anyway, it's "his" song. Ugh. He should stick to the background -- crowd scenes, etc.

EDIT: So does Bruno Mars really make Sharoth and Drejk want to retire, man?

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* Adds a new Musketeer-era novel to her To Read list. Squeeee! *

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Click it. You know you want to.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Back to the grind learning front-end web development today. I'm trying out my new html/javascript skills to write a program to unpack the ugly course transcript files into something readable, because I'm too lazy to do any more ugly text spiffing by hand.

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3 people marked this as a favorite.

In other news, I now have a sugar-free Rockstar and a double Butterfinger candy bar. I think some s~+~'s gonna get done this afternoon!

5 people marked this as a favorite.

That is the evilest looking beagle I've ever seen.

CH, sorry for your hand troubles. Can't hold a controller? That's well-nigh tragic. I hope it heals quickly.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Tora! Tora! Tora! Con?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Atonement was OK. Now on to Gibson's Neuromancer, courtesy of that damned communist/socialist institution, the Public Library. Digging Neuromancer so far, with its cyberpunk, Blade-Runneresque feel.

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Female Humanoid(vishkanya) Rogue 4/deadly courtesan/Trickster Tier 2 Init +6; Perception +9, low-light vision, darkvision 60'; HP 21/27, MP 3/7

"Perhaps they did not expect anyone to be able to open that rather excellent lock," Zarine murmurs with some satisfaction as she rolls up her set of delicate instruments and stashes it in some pocket or other within her flowing garments. "Yes, let us follow with our eyes wide open. I can see without the light, if you would like me to scout ahead and check the way," she offers, still keeping her voice low.

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The Doomkitten wrote:

Karen Gillian and Arthur Davrill are here for the Denver ComiCon.

*Sinks in.*


*Explodes in fangirly rainbows*


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The wunian snow dance worked. We had between 4 and 6 inches when I looked out at 5 g#!*#& 30 this morning (dogs. grrr.). Now it's very foggy because the air is not that cold. Very dangerous.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Kajehase wrote:
Treppa wrote:
I believe "no sports" is thrown in there occasionally, which is essentially the same as "no politics". Newcomers who did not know these rules are hereby forgiven. Go forth and sin no more. That's not religion. Really.
Although the Europeans get some leeway on the sports point, on account of generally being able to be sensible about it. ;)
Also because when they mention it, no-one else knows what the f#*$ they're talking about.

True, because it's generally gibberish with a few geographic locations and numbers thrown in.

"Argentina was shown the purple band for having eight bounders on a hatch, then Haiti cracked a right jolly amhotep to take the pumpkin 83-nil."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yes, and because we're all so fascinated by the World Cup.


TR: She should be able to take her time and take 10 (or 20).

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Tacticslion wrote:
(Also: no, I don't hate you, this is totally the sum of my political discussion here, and feel free to mention your own political leaning (if any), and we'll all feel free have a "I like you!" party!

Ah-ah-ah! In order to keep the peace, FAWTL threads have rules. We may be no-good, lowdown, lowbrow lowlifes, but we do have some standards. To quote our beloved PMG and Mistress Solnes:

FAWTLhouse 5 wrote:

Gary Teter wrote:
This thread has rules?!

Solnes wrote:
Of course we have rules. No religion. No politics, and if you get Top of the Page you have to run about the thread nekkid. :D

I believe "no sports" is thrown in there occasionally, which is essentially the same as "no politics". Newcomers who did not know these rules are hereby forgiven. Go forth and sin no more. That's not religion. Really.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Snow makes everything betters. Except maybe frostbite.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

My favorite thing about Denver is being able to leave doors and windows open and not have bugs fly in. And how cool the air is though it's warm in the sun... my two favorite things are no bugs and cool air. And the lovely view of the mountains. My three favorite things are no bugs, cool air, and mountain views and how dry and clean the air is. My four... no, amongst my favorite things are... are such elements as no bugs, cool air...

I'll come in again.

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Celestial Healer wrote:
Paging Treppa to PbPs...

But... but... I got the house to clean and it's not done and...


You know what? Nobody else cares how clean or not clean the house is. The pressure to get it done today is solely from me on me. In the meantime, people are waiting for me on pbps. Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna get a cup of coffee and some potato chips and work on pbps.

Thanks, CH.

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Celestial Healer wrote:

Guess whose shower door shattered this morning? This guy.

Guess who's in the emergency room this morning? This guy.

Props to your correct usage of whose/who's even in an emergency situation. If more citizens had level heads like yours, our job would be much easier.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

School projects done and turned in late on the due date. Taxes done late yesterday. Today is house cleaning day, then tomorrow it's an Ogre visit!

I don't owe much in taxes, so the money I've been saving can go for new shocks for the car. Not that it needs it. :/

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