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Vampire Lord

Treppa's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter, 7 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 8,054 posts (13,752 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 68 aliases.

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F Elf Alchemist 4 {Init +3; Perception +8 (llv); HP 28/35}

"Ugh, tequila at a time like this?"

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Made it to my mom's after a 14 hour drive. At least the weather was good - much better than last time.

Got here and asked my mom for the WiFi password because I have a new laptop since last year. "I have WiFi? I don't think I have WiFi." She gave me the password last year with no problem.

Fortunately, I remembered it. But she can't let it go. "What do I do with the WiFi? Should I unplug it? If I'm not using it, I don't want to pay for it."


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My drive was 13 hours and 11 minutes this afternoon. This evening, it's 13 hours and 12 minutes. Lousy, rotten, no-good Google maps!

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My tuna sammich was delicious. I hope you found some sort of seafood sustenenance.

Got the oil changed, meds refilled, dog food refilled, money moved, cigarette lighter charger bought, and clothes washed and packed. Going to try to be out of here by 0600 so I get to my destination before dark. Google Maps time: 13 hours, 11 minutes. Wee.

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I need a tuna sammich now.

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Werthead wrote:
Some excellent insight.

Thank you for your last post regarding the politics, which were obviously heavy in this referendum and not particularly comprehensible to an outsider, and the voting method. This sounds like one of the biggest fubars in political history, but people aren't being complete idiots. I've made protest votes myself in US Presidential elections, because the area I live in was obviously swinging heavily one way and my vote truly didn't matter. A referendum is a different beast.

I hope they are considering taking some of the outs - such as Parliamentary rejection, or the Scottish parliament blocking, or responding to the petitions. There are some problems with the EU, but you don't fix an ingrown toenail by amputating the leg. They certainly have the EU's attention. Maybe cooler heads will prevail and they'll fix this in a graceful way that uses the large Leave vote as leverage to make change within the system.

And now I'm going to go build a stable for the pony I asked Santa for this Christmas.

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F Elf Alchemist 4 {Init +3; Perception +8 (llv); HP 28/35}

"Oh... oh dear." Sylvia moves behind Jerry and speaks to the thing on the table from there, waving one hand placatingly from behind the nobleman. "You... you should like back down and rest. You don't look so good. We're just passing through, be gone in half a tick."

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Celestial Healer wrote:
At least nobody on the Paizo boards has a handle like "tittyblaster69" or something, because that would be awkward.

See what you started?

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There are several things about this result that make me uneasy. One is the aggressive nature of the Russians under Putin and how that will be affected by the perceived weakness of the EU after this vote - particularly if the Dutch and others follow the UK's example. Another is that one of the US Presidential candidates is no fan of NATO, possibly further weakening European security. And another is the independence movements for N. Ireland and Scotland, which can further fragment the UK. It seems an extraordinarily poor time to weaken the EU.

One thing I have noticed watching the BBC is that people (politicians and experts) are either ecstatically happy or doom and gloom depressed. This leads me to think that nobody has a deep understanding of all the implications of this vote. Reactions are too simplistic, not nuanced enough.

So yeah, a wee bit jittery about this one.

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Scotland could leave and take Northern Ireland with it as a colony.



Sinn Fein is urging Ireland to unite as an independent country.
SNP is continuing to talk second independence referendum.

The pound has fallen to its lowest since 1985.

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Last update, because it looks like it'll be wrapped up in an hour:
Electorate: 46,501,241 with 71.9% turnout (Dang, look at that turnout!)
BeLeave: 15,882,960 England 13,660,624 N. Ireland 349,442 Scotland 1,018,322 Wales 854,572
Bremain: 14,753,634 England 11,966,384 N. Ireland 440,437 Scotland 1,661,191 Wales 772,347

Not that it would have made a difference, but whylt thll flyylllk, Wales?

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Current data:
Electorate: 46,501,241 with 70.7% turnout (Dang, look at that turnout!)
Leave: 6,177,618 England 4,431,660 N. Ireland 278,401 Scotland 777,954 Wales 689,603
Stay: 5,884,324 England 3,729,267 N. Ireland 322,856 Scotland 1,253,284 Wales 578,917

E: "Oh, fair Scotland, stay with us. We're better together, stronger in a union. Don't leave us!"
S: "Um... not sure that's a great idea, but 'kay."
E: "Now that we're staying together, we're leaving the European Union."
S: "Wait, what? We want to stay in the EU. What happened to better together, stronger united?"
E: "HAHAHAH! Good one, weren't it? We have more people than you. We're outta here."

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It'll be interesting if England votes to leave and Scotland, N. Ireland, and Wales all vote to remain. I believe Scotland has already made noise about another independence referendum and petitioning to join the EU as a sovereign nation if the UK leaves.

Current data:
Electorate: 46,501,241 with 67.4% turnout
Leave: 497,630 England 324,829 N. Ireland 78,821 Scotland 93,980 Wales no results yet
Stay: 494,603 England 256,890 N. Ireland 100,321 Scotland 137,392 Wales no results yet

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* is sure to give Sharoth extra cooties *

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I wasn't allowed to read comics because I'm a girl.

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I bit the bullet and got a drafting table and stool today. Table is solid oak and the top goes from horizontal to vertical, which I need to be able to store it. I can use it level for my laptop for work, and slanted for art. Got a nice swivel stool with pneumatic cylinder, too, so am all set. My laptop is on there now and working very nicely. It's quite comfortable. Plus it's right below the newly discovered ceiling fan, so bonus.


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Ugh, 16 hour shifts? That's cruel.

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It's gonna be inside-out, too.

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Dog keeps waking me at dawn, I'm gonna have a new rug.

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I read The Last Policeman trilogy by Ben Winters, about a detective working to solve crimes in the last couple of months before an Earth-killing asteroid is due to strike. Though I enjoyed the books, it's not a good read for any who might be feeling depressed, that's for sure. But if you are in a good place, I'd recommend them.

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They are both sinful. :P

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But is it really a swamp? Or is it a bog, fen, or marsh?

2 people marked this as a favorite. pirahnas that have been "returned to the wild"...

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Leeches! Amoebas! Ewwwwww.

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motteditor wrote:
I like the idea, but honestly I figure I'd forget half the time to change. I might consider it if they get to the point where campaigns remember and default to the default alias (as opposed to just having it at the top of the alias list), however.

If you use Firefox or Chrome Oladon's Campaign Tool lets you set a default alias for a thread.

Pretty sweet.

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Female Humanish

Ooh, Dave's ME3 postings reminded me that I need to replay ME3 with the Citadel expansion. It didn't activate when I added it near the end of the last game.

* glee *

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Patrick Curtin wrote:

You go girl!

Smack that day in the ass and make it call you mommy!

Interesting idea, particularly in light of the dreams I had last night... but that might be TMI. Except for Freehold, of course, who has no TMI threshold. :)

How's the beach? I can't go near the water until July 20, which is making for an unhappy summer so far.

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Up at 4:30 this morning and at work (from home) by 5:00 in the ayem. Making today my b~~+$.

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What game?

"Man my BBEG just tore up one of the party DPS. They need the other DPS on scene pronto. They need a high AC meat shield too. Like a dwarven fighter with a 22 Con and +5 platemail" - that's a heck of a sell for your pbp.

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Aranna, y u keep winking?


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Good morning, monkey! Enjoy your lie-in and day off!

I have myopulse (again) and a ton of work to do from home. No commuting and I get to make money.

Oh, changed the finger dressing last night and found that pain is what happens when you botch your Bandage(Finger) roll, make a big wad of gauze sponge, decide that it won't fit under the hard protective splint so wrap it down real tight with the gauze stretch bandage, then squeeze the shell over it when the biggest lump is directly over the worst part of the fracture. Everything makes sense in hindsight. Now it's just iiiitchy, which is good, according to old wives everywhere.

It's lovely here today, 60's and sunny. We have been getting thunderstorms every afternoon/evening. It's crazy. The grass is green, humidity is high enough that glasses of iced beverage actually sweat, dew is on the grass in the morning, and there are mushrooms growing in the shade. That doesn't happen on the high plains! It's nutso! This isn't Seattle or Britian. Go away, rain.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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I had a myopulse treatment today - electrical stimulation that is supposed to aid bone and muscle growth/healing - and it felt great for a few hours. Now the break aches like the dickens. I may take a pain pill for the first time since surgery.


Maybe it's a good sign. No pain, no gain. Right?


Well, it did something.

♪♫ Always look on the bright side of life... ♫♪

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Did you get any sleep? o_O

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I've been getting crap for sleep lately because it's been too warm for me to get comfortable. I'm the kind of person who leaves the window open all winter because subzero is perfect sleeping weather. But my bedroom doesn't have a lot of airflow, and it's been hot during the day and won't cool off at night. If I leave the door open in a desperate attempt to get a breeze through the room, the dog trots in and out all night, panting and jingling. I'm not sure if he wants to be sure I am breathing or if he thinks I have have a secret roast chicken in here, but he wakes me up multiple times each night. I tried the tower fan, but it doesn't work very well. I so wish I had a ceiling fan.

So tonight I dozed off early and closed the door to keep Mr. Jingles out. I woke up a half-hour later, sweaty and annoyed, and flopped on my back to stare up at the ceiling in anger and misery. And what is suspended from the ceiling? A frickin' ceiling fan. Cue choir of angels. When did that get there???

So I turned on the fan and got a cold drink. The bedroom feels nice and cool. I am going to go to sleep now. :D :D :D

Yeah, I feel like an idiot. But a nice, cool idiot.

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Celestial Singer wrote:
On a related note, my solo was the Lumiere bit in Be Our Guest, so Menken/Ashman for the win.

Like my loafers? Former gophers. It was that or skin the chauffeurs. That one?

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Orlando, what the hell?

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Man, I hate doing pop concerts. The arrangements invariably suck. That said,

though older Disney movies had some of the sappiest songs ever, Howard Ashman's work was hands-down incredible. I remember hearing Mermaid and Beauty for the first time and holding my breath after the first line of a verse was sung, wondering how the hell the lyricist was going to resolve the next line, much less rhyme it. And when he did - spectacularly - it was such a moment of nerd joy that I nearly missed the next shining verse. Some of his double entendres had me laughing so hard that the kids I was with asked what was funny and I had to make s#*# up. The man was brilliant and wicked funny.

Losing Ashman at 40 to AIDS was one of the tragedies of modern American theater, though it's the tip of the iceberg of what that plague has cost us. Damn.

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Driving home tonight, I passed a bank time/temp sign that read "155°F". The air felt really comfortable. Guess I'm adapting to this global warming stuff better than expected.

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Hope your axle wasn't damaged too, Rags. Yikes. At least nobody was hurt.

And no ouchies about fingers. That's the point of pinning it - so it stops flopping around and hurting. It feels much better! Really!

Freehold wrote: you have a hook coming out of your finger? Is that some type of short range weaponry? A kinky prong for intimate games of torture?

It's a really expensive paperclip dispenser. Hurts like heck when I need a paperclip, too. But my office efficiency is tripled!

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So the finger is doing well...ish. Not infected, anyway, though the X-ray still makes the surgeon cringe.

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Female Humanish

Can you tell that I have worked in academia? :)

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F Elf Alchemist 4 {Init +3; Perception +8 (llv); HP 28/35}

Sylvia leans on Jerry, covering her nose and mouth with one hand. "Gods, that's just... I'll bet he didn't have approval from the Humanoid Subjects Research Committee for that." Her voice is muffled by the protective hand. "No wonder he had guards. He'd be arrested - or worse, lose tenure! - if they found this. But where did all the people go? Are they all in that one office? We should have left somebody to guard the other exit, Jerry."

While the others still examine the clockwork objects, she slips to Hinzakle's door and quietly puts an ear to it.

Stealth: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14
Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

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Huh? Don't blame me!

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Poor teeny spider. I imagine being blown into a giant's face isn't the best way to start the day.

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Awwww, cute illness.

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Mmmm, deep dish.

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Happy anniversary to you and the sainted lady who married you, wizard.

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Ow, me!

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

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Same here with President's day. :)

Eat a crab leg for me. Those things are awesome; plus you get vengeance on spiders, essentially.

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