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Vampire Lord

Treppa's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter, 7 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 8,625 posts (15,116 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 83 aliases.

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I was nosy and trying to avoid work so ran some basic stats on Alikai's rolls:

Min: 1 Max: 18
Mean: 7.72
Median: 8
Mode: 1

Mode. Is one.

Sovereign Court

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Human Ftr 2/Barb 1; Init +3; Perception +7; HP 23/33; AC 16/t14/ff15; F+7, R+2, W+1

"Like with the rats?" Nicea inquires of Silva, wide-eyed.

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I had the weirdest experience last night (actually between 6-7 this morning). I was dreaming that I was at a beach resort talking on the cell phone in the lobby. I had set my purse on the couch in front of me and went looking for it to put my phone back in. I was the only one there, but each time I picked up a purse, it was the wrong one and another appeared on the couch.

After a couple of times, I went "Oh, of course, I'm dreaming." But I didn't wake up like other lucid dreaming sessions. I went out on the beach, watched with other people as a dragon chased some poor bastards in a boat ("Wow, wonder what they did to piss it off"), had a meal, met with friends for drinks and to watch fireworks on the beach. It was like having Jedi mind powers. It was very real, but anytime I was asked for money, I'd laugh and say "I don't need to pay; this is a dream." They would shrug and accept it. Way cool.

I'm gonna try that at Starbucks today.

Oh, and I absolutely could not wake up and get out of it. Fortunately, an idiot east coast friend who forgets about time zones texted me at 6:45 to chat and the sound woke me up for real. It was kind of a relief by then.

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Sorry to hear of the loss in your group, SS. That sounds awful.

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Meditation seems to help me some, as does - surprisingly - tai chi. Tai chi hurts like the devil while I do it, but I can move and walk more freely after and with much less pain.

I agree with Wei Ji: get off everything you can. I went from 2.4 g ibuprofen daily to a target of 0. Now if I am having a terrible day, I can take 400 mg and feel relief.

When I had to take opoids after recent surgery, they gave me this along with them: Ondansetron 4mg Tablets. It's an anti-nausea drug to help tolerate the opoids. Otherwise the pills and patches have me retching all day long.

Oh, and watching things you find funny or playing video games is supposed to help a lot. You focus on those things and not on pain. I think laughter also releases some arcane substance that makes you better; hilariphins or something.

One extreme therapy recommended for people with lots of inflammation (which can cause lots of pain as well as asthma, anaphylaxis, etc.) is to eat clean and near starvation: 600 calories per day made up of organic fruits, veggies, and meat. No packaged foods, no breads, etc. It's brutal, but if it helps...

Best of luck. Chronic pain is no joke. My dentist said she had a sinus infection that pressed on one tooth root and now understands why people come to her nearly crying and beg "just take it out, I don't care anymore."

Hang in there.

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How do you sleep with headphones on.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Treppa wrote:
I hope you took the day off.

of course not! I have work to do.

Primarily part of my work is entertaining the people on my caseload who knew I was hung over within moments of seeing me.

When are you going to post the wedding pics to Facebook.


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A honeymoon, too? Then it'll be Christmas, I suppose. When does it end? When does it end, CH? When do you get back to what's important in life: pbps?

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I used to follow Z-Day and Appalachee Jihad simply for my own reading pleasure. :)

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Hope tomorrow is a beautiful day, and congratulations in advance! So excited for you. :)

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I had one client move and another go out of business, but start with a new one Monday and a possible soon. Fingers crossed.

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Patrick Curtin wrote:
And poor Brother Francis of Utah!

One of the most hapless characters in all of literature.

I loved the shopping list, too. And Saint Liebowitz! Oy! Wonder how he'd have felt about being canonized by Catholics. :D

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I'm in, too, and appreciate your badgerosity! And your badgerocity, too.

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The game sounds interesting, but I'm not sure I could handle the evil. I feel guilty about pulling the wings off butterflies in Skyrim.

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A gentleman regarded Westchannel and the islands beyond from the vantage of a balcony on the western shore. The sunset behind him shone a brilliant orange on the walls of high vira and palaces of Rego Corna, northernmost of the island sectors of Westcrown, laid out for his view. It illuminated the lesser sectors of Laina and Aerum precisely as beautifully, which the man found amusing. The fresh breeze from the Inner Sea blew the short cape from his shoulders and snapped the pennons adorning the mansion where he resided, pennons proclaiming this house the residence of the highest prelate of the Church of Asmodeus.

The pennons were hardly needed, for the man wore the full splendor of the Cardinal’s robes to which he was entitled. Though not of lofty stature nor impressive build nor exquisite face, the man’s impeccable grooming and posture displayed the impressive red and black garments to their full effect. No passers-by could mistake the gentleman for anything other than what he was: Cardinal Goro Altoviti, late of Egorian, newly named high cleric of Westcrown.

Though most nobles and clergy in Egorian regarded Westcrown as a sort of disgraceful exile, Cardinal Altoviti had requested it, if by requested one understood constant petitioning of his superior for a number of months. She was dismayed to have her most promising protege suffer a transfer to such a mean post, for it reflected badly upon her as well as he, she thought. Nonetheless, she had finally granted his request, persuaded by his smooth reasoning and considerable charm, precisely as he knew she would.

Altoviti had eschewed the clerical chambers in the Qatada Nessudidia, the great temple of Asmodeus in Westcrown, much to the relief of their current occupant. Instead, he had used persuasion and wealth to separate an ancient crone of a near-extinct family from her too-large hereditary mansion - as the last of her line, she had no need of it - and sent her to a more fashionable retirement in Egorian, where she could be entertained by parties and opera nightly in that glittering city. Altoviti now had his own headquarters, secure from the prying eyes of his church’s useless priesthood in this city, where he could quarter his own staff and meet with adherents freely.

He had relocated to this new demesne quite recently, receiving the polite, uncertain bows of the Wiscrani with impassive and precise courtesy. Now he could take a few moments to survey the heathen territory of his new priesthood, with the church at his back and his enemies before him, bathed in orange light. He had scarcely relaxed into sunset musings when a knock came upon the door.

“Enter.” A cloaked, hooded, and gloved figure let itself into the room, gliding over to bow profoundly before the Cardinal.

“Well, what news?” the great man asked.

“They are parochial and suspicious,” the man replied, “And it may take some time to gain trust.”

“That is no surprise; it is just as we thought,” replied the Cardinal, “And you cannot complain of being short of money or support to accomplish your goal. I desire results, not excuses.”

“As His Excellency wishes,” replied his companion, coolly, “As I have no cause to complain about support, neither shall you have cause to complain of my results. Gold opens many doors, and this is a poor city; once a few fall, an avalanche will follow. The old noble house are the worst, yet they must do business with tradesmen and craftsmen, each of whom know a little of their habits. I, though, shall know all their habits together, and you shall know what I do, My Lord.”

“Tread prudently in the city, and I will do the same in the church. When we see the tracks of our quarry, or a stray ear or antler behind a tree, well, then I will summon the huntress.”

The hooded man chuckled. “As you say, Excellency.” At a dismissing wave of Altoviti’s hand, he bowed and withdrew.

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Freehold, my roommate created Snowy Day nails for me to celebrate all things snow-related.

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Storyteller Shadow wrote:
I can't stand any generalization that is applied to millions of people living across a land mass as large and diverse as the US by partitioning decades in what seems to me to be an arbitrary manner. I know people my age who are well adjusted functioning human beings as well as those who are complete dirtbags. I don't attribute their behavior or attitudes (or mine) solely to being born in 1976.

You were born in 1976? That explains why you hate massive generalizations. That's a strong characteristic of your cohort.

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I have a bad sense of who's dead and who is alive. For example, when Frank Sinatra died, I was shocked. I thought he'd been dead for a decade.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Gotta say, though, that the cultural difference doesn't give anybody moral superiority. I almost fell into that the other day, with one of those "cartoons of the nineties" quizzes. I didn't know any of the characters besides Granny from Tweety bird. I snorted and thought smugly "Bugs Bunny and company weren't cartoons of the nineties, they were cartoons of the sixties - our cartoons, not theirs." Then I realized how stupid that is. ANY kid who grew up on Bugs Bunny has that common experience with me, no matter when they watched it, and that's pretty cool in some ways. I wish our cultural continuity wasn't on Nickelodeon, but hey - better than nothing.

I just don't get Millennial bashing. I adore the Milennials I know, and the generation who are teens today. Pretty much all generation bashing is insulting and should stop, but it won't. It's been around for centuries. "You see those kids making little chips on the edges of their hand axes? Honestly, you'd think they could get along fine with the rocks we grew up on. Kids today, amirite?"

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Yup, and the new viewing season started in the fall, and everybody ran home to watch new episodes. With no DVR or VCR or cable channels showing perpetual reruns, you had to be there to watch new shows. It gave a common experience that's hard for today's young people to fathom, except when there's a hit show like Lost or Game of Thrones or Walking Dead, when everyone gets a bit of that experience.

Plus, there was only one TV, so if Dad's baseball game ran late and the new episode of Hogan's Heroes was on, tough toenails. You missed it and got to hear the other kids talking about it next time you went [outside] to play.

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Fidel Castro is gone.

Though it won't make much practical difference, if any, it's the end of an era.

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Suggestion for CH's Christmas gift.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

He means snow in NYC.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Dave's personalities are fighting again. This bodes ill.

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"You know, I feel like I'm going to regret this, but I feel even more that I just don't care and that watching this whole thing unravel might be kind of interesting. Go for it."

-- Leonard Church (Alpha), Red vs. Blue Episode 64


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This is a nice summary article about how the Electoral College helps protect against a sudden populist movement - kind of a circuit breaker for tyranny. It's not easy to understand - one mathematician spent two decades analyzing the system before he could complete a mathematical proof - but there is value to it.

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I'm looking forward to the next couple of years. Both teams have a lot of talented youngsters and a lot of potential for next season. A rematch would be pretty exciting!

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That World Series is destined to be one of the classics: two great teams that play hard and don't quit taking it to seven games, and the winner coming back from a 1-3 start.

Seventh game, extra innings, dramatic brief rain delay that changes the whole vibe... hell, it's a damned feel-good movie.




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The Cubs? Or Cleveland? I hadn't seen the Indians for years and was shocked and appalled at that awful caricature. It was particularly grotesque against the backdrop of Standing Rock.

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Lo, there do I see my father;
Lo, there do I see my uncle and my grandfather and my cousins;
Lo, there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me, they bid me root for the Cubbies so they can finally see a Series win from the halls of Valhalla, where they have been waiting... forever!

There ya go, Dad. <3

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Dying. Dying. One more out, oh please.

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I hope you get a day to catch up on sleep soon, Patrick. Sounds like you need it desperately.

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Patrick Curtin wrote:

I'm afraid.

8 people marked this as a favorite.

Something is wrong.

I woke up really cheery this morning, did some exercise, ate right, cleaned up all the junk and mail from my desk, paid bills, finished up Wayfinder editing and sent it in, got my medical accounts set up online, reviewed my upcoming appointment schedule and found it was way off, set up my schedule for next week on paper and phone, scanned and destroyed a bunch of receipts, moved money to be sure my Nov 1-5 autopayments were covered, finished my ballot and put it and my vehicle renewal in my purse to be dealt with Wednesday after doctor, got work scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, bought goodies for tomorrow night's NaNoWriMo kickoff party, am watching the Cubs game and working on filing.

My desk is clean. My room is clean. I feel organized and efficient and ready for the world.

Something is very wrong.

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Wizard 5 Init +4; HP 70/70; AC 17 PD 17 MD 17; Recoveries 3, RD 5d6+1 | Str +1 Dex +2 Con +1 Int +4 Wis +0 Cha +0

Fortuna makes a wry face as she enters the tunnel and claps her hand over her face, holding her nose. “Oh, gods… this place reminds me of this one time,” she begins, sounding stuffed up with her nose blocked, “I was dating this guy who thought he was a hotshot devil summoner. He invited me to his summoning circle - everybody has one - and tried out this new experimental summoning to try to impress me. I don’t know what he was going for, but I think he summoned a flatulence devil or something. It was like a cross between a lemure and an otyugh and smelled like the sewers of hell.”

She trudges on for a few paces, ignoring the being of smoke which twines itself around her shoulders like a stole.

“That was pretty much the end of the date. And the relationship. A shame, he was cute.”

Her voice echoes softly.

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Treppa's Night:
"Wow, she's really asleep. Haven't seen her sleep this well since she got off all the painkillers and stuff."

"Right? Her eyes closed the second she lay down, and she hasn't moved since. I bet she's getting really restful, healing sleep."

"Yeah, and it's been - what, an hour and a half? I think that's quite enough, don't you?"

"Definitely. OK, what should we do? Neighbors have never been a problem. She has the window open. How about neighbors in another party fighting... or screaming or partying, whatever?"

"Do it... Huh. That seems ineffective."

"Yeah, don't think she even hears it. We need something else. I'm not losing my job by letting her sleep all night!"

"Here, how's this?"


"Oh, that's beautiful! Loud and obnoxious! What did you do? Hey, it stopped, and she's not awake. That's no good."

"Just wait. I drained the CO2 detector batteries. Yeah, it stopped, but every minute all night it'll be..."


"Beautiful! That one woke her up, but she went right back to sleep. Still hasn't moved."

"Patience, my young padawan."


"See? She opened her eyes. It's like Chinese water torture. And now..."


" she hears the neighbors. Yeah, she dropped back off, but her mind is awake, processing the notion that if she can hear this abomination, they can too..."


"...and she's got to get up to stop it. See?"

"Ha ha! Oh, this is priceless! She looks like a marionette with half the strings cut. Don't humans have any coordination?"

"Not usually at 1 am and not if they've been sleeping very soundly."


"Now she's looking for the failing detector..."


"Now she's figured out it's in the hallway, not her room..."


"Now she knows it's the CO2 detector on the wall and she doesn't need the ladder she just dragged out."


"Now she's realized that she can't get the batteries out without utensils. She'll need the toolbox... woah, wait."


"Wow, that's the fastest and most vicious kitchen knife surgery I've ever seen."

"I'll say."

"Wish we could show this to the other insomnia demons back at the office."

"Don't worry, I'm recording. And want to see the best of all? Watch."

"She's lying there with her eyes open."

"Yeah, now she's awake, she can hear the neighbors fighting. She's not gonna get back to sleep for a long time."

"Yeah! We rule!"

"High five!"

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{* wanders off onto the tundra and is trampled by a mammoth *}

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Genealogy results: I seem to be related to myself.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Just found a 4th-great-grandmother named Euphan Sword. Nobody famous, but I think that's a kickass name.

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David M Mallon wrote:

A moment of zen for all you creative professionals out there:

Everyone makes things that turn out like crap, especially if they're new at it. Even the great Peter Mohrbacher used to post amateurish paintings on DeviantArt.

For Inktober, I bought a set of Micron black pens and Tombow grayscale dual brush pens - never done pen and ink before. And instead of forcing myself to try to do great art, I spend a lovely 15-30 minutes playing with various techniques and methods and just messing around with forms and pressures and blending. And instead of being all freaked out about missing the target to post a drawing a day, I look forward to the messing-around-time and, I dunno, I have fun! It makes me happy. Weird.

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David M Mallon wrote:
Wayfinder round 2 edits... Every issue, at this stage, there's always that one article that makes me wonder how the hell it got through the round 1 edits.

Oh god. Did I do the first round edit? It was me, wasn't it? I'm so sorry. Was it me? I suck at this. Why did I ever volunteer? It's all my fault, even if I didn't do it.


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Rysky wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Okay, I can't hold back any longer, what is the purpose of these consonants?


I don't want to argue the merits of sportsball teams here and violate thread rules. Yet I can't hold back the joy at something long-awaited by generations of my family, something I might actually get to see! Years of hope renewed and crushed, of strife and drama and human suffering.

In the words of a famous sign: Please win one before grandpa dies dad dies I die.

Maybe... just maybe... we won't have to wait 'til next year.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Got my general plot laid out and some research done for my historical fiction NaNoWriMo.

Hooray for family drama!

4 people marked this as a favorite.

This should cheer you up, CH.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, I'm not getting another pet until I'm in much better financial shape.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Friend and dog coming over tonight for dinner and to watch Ep VII. I made crock-pot lasagna and will make sauteed garlic spinach and fresh garlic bread. Excited to see the puppy. It's the first time she's come over since Shadow died. I don't know if she'll even notice.

And of course, I have my second migraine in 3 years tonight. :/

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I've never seen it so it can't be important.

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