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Vampire Lord

Treppa's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter, 7 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 8,318 posts (14,330 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 74 aliases.

Current Campaigns

An Ancient Evil

Palm of DoomSylvia Pari

The kingdom of Leyland is in the midst of change. New technology and new social structures are taking the place of the old ways. In the midst of this, an ancient evil is awakening and threatening this prosperous nation. It falls upon a band of heroes to face this menace.

DougFungus' Rise of the RuneLords

Nicea Argote

Roll 20

Current Initiative:

1. Party (Make decisions, roleplay, amuse me)

Flintlocks and Feathered Hats


A Three Musketeer style campaign in Golarion.

Status: Finishing character backstories/relationships Finishing bad guys, writing first scene.

From Breland Forth

TreppaAljohar Sines

TT's Eberron campaign

Heart of Darkness


Combat is over. You may role-play freely.

Kingmaker: A Tale of Doom and Destiny


Meowselsworth's "Who Goes There?"

Sven Iscidae

A mafia game themed after The Thing.

Silver's Swift, Sweet Sound


Breaking in to Fair Fortune:
Up now: Dee, Bertom, Ensis, Valexia Surprise round, 1 action.

Injured: Dee (5 hp) Rexus (4 hp)


TreppaHestia Harper

Commander Shepard made the ultimate sacrifice to [red energy]DESTROY [/red energy] the Reapers. Eight years later, the survivors of the war seek to put the galaxy back together.

Thirst - A Ravenloft PbP


Set in the land of Ravenloft, a band of intrepid heroes searches for a way home, but their fate may be inextricably tied to a vain, power-hungry madman. Uses the Pathfinder ruleset.

Winter is Coming


Start of The Reign of Winter AP

Previous Campaigns

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