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Paracount Julistar

Trax Vorkosigan's page

60 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Trup.

Full Name

Trax Vorkosigan










Chaotic Neutral



About Trax Vorkosigan


Trax was born to be a pirate. It was always in his blood from the minute his mother gave birth to him on the deck of his family’s ship. His mother almost died from the exertion of childbirth but was fortunately saved by a friend of theirs who often traveled with them. He happened to be a priest of Besmara, and his divine magics kept his mother alive, and even marked him with a bit of that divine energy.

Growing up Trax often spent time by the sea, praying to the god he was raised to worship. His parent both agreed he was destined to serve Besmara faithfully, and sent word to their friend that they wished him to be trained in the priesthood. The friend accepted, mostly because he was already bringing up several other boys in the priesthood at the time.

Trax was immediately set apart from the boys as he came in later than they, and often faced humiliation and bullying at the hands of his fellow trainees. It got so bad the Trax began jumping at the slightest bump, and strayed away from any shadowy places. It came to him one day that he was not acting like a pirate and that his dream may be in jeopardy , so he did the only thing e could do. Over the next few days, each of his tormentors suffered very unfortunate ‘accidents’ . Although there were no fatalities, they accidents were enough to pull the boys from training, leaving only Trax to learn from the older priest.

He left his training at the age of 20, fully versed in the lore of Besmara and ready to depart on the next corsair to begins his life of pirating and adventure. That was 4 years ago. For whatever reason, Trax can’t seem to get a crew to take him on as a priest of Besmara. He has tried everything to no avail, and often wonders why Besmara would do this to one of her most faithful(as he sees it).

Now he just wanders from port to port, looking for work on a ship at the seediest taverns. He may have had no luck so far, but he won’t give up his dream easily.


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