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Killian Paltreth

Travinator's page

Goblin Squad Member. 16 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.


As for steampunk d20, you might look to the d20 version of Iron Kingdoms if you can find it. I think drivethrough rpg might have pdfs of the books.

Something to look at for reference (if you can find a copy) is the old Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press. The D20 version. It modified a number of spells because of the lack of different planes.

The Only Sheet+

Its awesome. I've been using it exclusively for years. they also have an active forum with free add-ins, help, and PbP. Access to some of the Forum is free to all, but the add-ins, etc come with a subscription.

Its $10 or $20 depending on if you want a forum subscription, which I highly recommend.

Nook tablet and Motorola Droid X2

5 Players...

1) Emrah Cook - Halfling Rogue 4/Bard 2

2) Arjen - Half-Elf Cleric of Iomedae 6

3) Gruntel Stoneback- Dwarf Ranger 6

4) Mortred - Human Paladin of Abadar 6

5) Feiss - Human Abyssal Sorcerer 4/Fighter 2

We are about to begin the Infernal Syndrome.

If not Rogue, a Cleric certainly wouldnt hurt. In my mind though, not sure how a Tiefling Cleric would work.

I'm running CoT right now with a group of 5 (Half-Elf Cleric of Iomedae, Halfling Rogue, Dwarf Ranger, Human Paladin, Human Sorcerer) and I'm here to tell you that the Cleric, with the Sun and Good domains is a beast vs undead. especially at higher levels.

Also, the Paladin is really good too.

A Rogue of some flavor or another would be useful.

Otherwise, i think it would be fine with 3 players. you might need to adjust a few of teh encounters on teh fly, but should be ok.

That's a cool idea.

What are your thoughts on teh mental battle that will ensue?

Are the images in your link in order?

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9


Also, those plus your Dull Square and Golarion sides totals only 11 sides.

My group just did this last night at teh end of our session.

I RP'd Szasmir as delirious, but communicative when the party rogue/bard entered the hallway by him self, said he would trade the Glaive for his freedom. But when the Cleric and Paladin came within 20' of his cell, he got increasingly agitated, ending with being enraged. Screaming, yelling, and all sorts of not happy. they left him there for a while, dealt with Drowned Jabe and the party discussed what to do about Szasmir and the glaive.

Ended up the Sorc and the Rogue to, by themselves, to strike a deal, and even though Szasmir was pretty much agreeable to most of their terms, they just couldnt bring themselves to "make a deal with the devil"

Finally, they surrounded the cell, with the Pall-O-Dine at teh door and he smote him some evil as the cleric tagged in, alternating between healing and whacking the devil. Szasmir did not fight with the weapon, being he was delirious and enraged, he just went with Claw, Claw, Beard (if claws hit).

Once that was done, the pally detected evil, and pinged on the glaive. then noone wanted to touch it. Finally the rogue grabbed it, a Halfling, and i slipped him a note that he aquired a negative level, and that he felt a disappointed presence (because the rogue didnt worship asmodeous). there was much discussion still, and they ended up wrapping the blade in a thick cloak and putting it in a bag of holding.

at which point I told the cleric, who has the book on Drowned Jabe, that he felt a tiny bit of a pull toward the weapon, like he felt it was part of something else.

So, long story short (too late), my party looks to be Not weilding the blade, but keeping it for later destruction perhaps. Anyone know how they might go about doing that?

Karui Kage wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Joseph Jolly wrote:
I noticed under Ilnerik's stat block that many of his skills are listed at + 0, including most of his knowledge skills and Bluff, despite high Int and Cha scores. Was this a mistake?
It was a mistake; those are skills he doesn't have ranks in, and there was some sort of weird mixup when it came to generating the stats in our excel-based stat block generator and the fact that bards can make knowledge checks untrained. We've since corrected that issue with the statblock generator... but we still should have caught the error in his stat block on the page and edited out all the +0 scores.

YOU HAVE AN EXCEL BASED STATBLOCK GENERATOR?! All the time I've been doing these Legacy of Fire statblock updates I could have been using a formula instead of my over-worked brain?!


Please. its not free, but its a great character generator/sheet/tracker. PFRPG and D20 3.5 compatible (you can switch between the two). They have great support as well.

It's from the creator of the The Loot Divider

In the Casting section, specifically Casting Tybain, it calls for the PCs to make a Reflex Save, but doesn't specify what the DC is. Anyone have some insight on that.

I was thinking DC20 to coincide with the +1 pop for rolls over 20. Or is it suppose to be something lower?


Scharlata wrote:
Travinator wrote:
Anything would be helpful.

:o) Do you speak german? [for the insults from Khazrae]

For the insults of Robahl: see the respective thread on the messageboard.

LOL, No, but Google does. I could translate them to English and figure it out from there perhaps?

I'd love to get a list of some of these "verbal injuries", i am getting ready to start the six fold trials.

Anything would be helpful.

I think, at least in my minds eye, i see the 'tracing of the runes' as you trace your finger on the rune itself, but the next rune may be on ther other side and not actually touching the first one. then, you trace that rune.

Based on the map of the planes in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting book. pg 180.

I've got about a month or two before they get there so hopefully i can get it solidified by then.

Maybe they find a rough sketch of the map in one of the rooms during the Cornucopia? but which room, hhmmm... Or maybe Sian has it?

I'm thinking of using the planes angle.

Each Side representing a Symbol of...

1) Positive Energy Plane
2) Material Plane
3) Ethereal
4) Shadow
5) Negative Energy
6) Air
7) Water
8) Earth
9) Fire
10) Astral
11) The Outer Planes
12) The Unholy Symbol of Asmodeus as the last 'Stamp'

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