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Tramora III Peasantsbane's page

19 posts. Alias of The Black Goblin.


Mad Alchemist wrote:
Scarred Lands

My Great Great Great Grand Father Tramora Skullcrusher came to life in the Scarred Lands. To this day the Scarred Lands campaign setting is my favorite. I started reading the books back in 2002 or 3. I think the first book I read was Relics & Rituals. I was hooked (No S#%$) I collected every book and read and reread them all. No other setting came close to the sense of utter defeat and despair that this one had. Where does one turn when the whole world is wrecked and most of the major civilizations have fallen. Yes for the love of the Gods convert this setting to Pathfinder. I must say that the Paizo setting is awesome. I'm going to run a game in this setting. The people that play with me will probable make me pay for all the bull crap Ive put them through but that's OK with me. Ill be the Galactic Over Lord and Kill them all.

Off with Their Heads!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you Gark I have suffered many slanders. Its hard to find good and trust worthy comrades these days. I've been away for a while and dont post much but I'm always watching. Long live the revolution and long live the SkullCrusher clan.

The Black Goblin wrote:
Just messing around. Total fail

I will probably pay dearly for this hijacking. Warning do not attempt such foolishness without thinking ahead. I did not so sorry so very sorry

Pushes red button...100s of nanobots fly off.

I believe a lot of stupid sh@t before and during my Drunkage. I never forget and I never forgive....JMD031 I'll be following you around So dont get to comfortable! If I dont swing hard enough the first time I'll watch and laugh the last few seconds. Long Live Peasantbane Long Live Freedom

JMD031 wrote:
Ah, the jerkwad player. Perhaps you should throw some Greater Shadows their way have them "conviently" only attack the Fighter. If he complains, simply state that he is doing such a good job of holding aggro that the monsters can't help but to target him.

Ya and why dont I kick you in the face and say "it was a ghost" Then level drain your ass and give you to some Slave trader.. Ha Ha Ha I bet that hurts going in.. Jerk. I am an upstanding citizen who defends the state and crushes the weak. Stupid Peasants!!!!!!JMD031 Ill be watching you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Enemy of the people....We are everywhere we are legion!!!!!!You R a tool. The Peasantbane is declaring you a target of opportunity. Long Live Peasantbane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go ahead..Take out the whole party man..I dont give a sh@t>>>>Long Live Peasantbane/Skullcrusher.

Total Lies...."The Paladins where a weeks ride away". So what? They didnt help in any way At All (Bunch of Red Shirts) F Them. and as for sticking me in a bag and such...F U Ill drop my Hammer on your F@$%ing Head!!!!!!!PROBLEM SOLVED.....A HOLE. LONG LIVE PEASANTBANE.

Well still your tellint people to take a bath & brush their teeth. I dont understand that. My bad..Why wouldn't you bring your own stuff? Like Ive written before "maybe im sheltered but telling someone to take a bath is .....Um retarded..If you need to say "take a bath you dirty hippie" Thats ok Its your right 1st Amendment right. But who are these people your playing with???? I need a list to turn into the "Man". We must keep gaming clean....NO DIRTY HIPPIES!!!!!!!!!!Long Live Peasantsbane

I'm not sure but some of the recommendations here do not make for a fun night of gaming...being a responsible drinker goes out the door after 3rd maybe 4th hour! smoking..and the like...that up to the individual..Ok now maybe Im a sheltered player but everyone Ive ever played with did not need to be told to "take a bath" or "brush their teeth"! Um as far as feeding people we almost always make a meal or one is brought(if you read this you know who u r....made props!!!!!!!!!)Yes things get out of hand and yes I can be a challenging player to deal with..but Its So Much Fun. maybe my sheltered gaming life has enabled me to play the way I like and not worry so much about the other folk..Why would they keep coming back for more if they weren't having fun also? I have 1 rule I would enforce "Dont Search for 15 F-in minutes in real time when we know nothings around!!!!!"or "dont take half an hour to take your turn..Attack Attack Attack....Talk later!". I look at it like this..if you come to our game (not just the GMs game/ we play together)Be Cool chillout and expect some sh@t to go down! Long Live Peasantsbane!

I enjoy Piraat 10+%. Then after that I defend things and stuff from peasant mobs! Then when Its all drunk up...bring out the King in cans..Ya

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
The answer is clear: you should be a goblin paladin.

Um..Ya..paladinks are not All That even if one is a goblin. Look at me I smite stuff and stuff. I'm a goody goody. Nice shoes tool! Whats that a holy avenger+whatever The Peasantbane/Skullcrusher find all paladins to be a bit on the controlling side and slighty full of themselves. Down with control down with hippie dogooders in fullplate wearing slippers.

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Thank you Anklebiter Humperdink. I knew taking the time to tell my side of the story would cause people to question the allegations forced upon me by certain segments of my party/the world. Yes I drink and fight. Yet never have I lost sight of what it means to be a team player. Um unless I blackout..Anyway back to it...The paladins? Who do they think they are. Running around all "I'm so good" "look at me glow" They didn't come to the defence of the courthouse! A lotally unlawful situation which they could have put to bed. Nope.. I had to take up the call and smash that dirty riotous mob. As for the "smiting incident" I call into question the ability of others to pigeonhole me into an alignment..Such as evil when I am clearly NG. One shouldn't be punished for doing the right thing the wrong way. Down with Paladins down with riotous peasants down with anything that try's to tell me what to do. Long Live the Peasantbane

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What Dodobug Toenibbler fails to tell you is The Truth. I defended the honor of Karina Lorrimor when those unruly Peasants lead by the loud mouthed Gibs Hephenus attacked( The ring leaded!!!!!!!!!! ) If Gibs Heblabla (whatever) had not incited a riotous mob at my friends funeral He might still be alive? In defence of My honor and that of any of my companions... ANYONE is a target to by liquidated. My Great Granddad The First SkullCrusher had a saying ((Little Tramora "you should only have to hit someone once. If you have to hit a second time you didn't swing hard enough". )) Screw the peasant rabble!
Now burning down the home of a terrorist peasant! (Card carrying member of the peasant dirt eaters party or... people in support of people that don't have teeth!) Really who cares "No me not now not ever" It had to be done for the sake of Karinas honor and that of The Professor..
Ok now the whole court house thing....? There is no way I did anything wrong. The situation was out of control when we got there. I did what any servant of the state would have done "I made order out of chaos" Now some of the deceased peasant peoples families may not like me..? F them.. The wives of those dead peasants should have kept their men in Check...I saved the lives of many guards who (at the time of the riot looked terrified) call me friend now. I am a defender of Friends, Family, party members and the SkullCrusher way. Those unfortunate persons who don't understand this should stay way. It doesn't matter if your a Palidiot, King, noble, or lowly person. I will take you out or die trying. "Never afraid to die" There will always be a SkullCrusher out there waiting to take up the causes that normal people are afraid to. Or just drop a giant hammer or scimitar into your head!!!!!
As for that Bishop...Only time will tell. Don't believe the lies about atrocities committed by Tramora. Brother and Sister fighters must stand united against those forces in the world that seek to control us for their own nefarious needs. Long Live The Peasantbane!

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

You will not step on the purview of the Dungeon Master of Death, Tramora III! Or else, well, you know...

Anyway, you open a rickety looking cabin and, yep, dishes and glass jars tumble to the floor making a godawful racket. Upstairs, Lodi Carene and Dok are awoken from their 8-hour, level-upping sleep.

You can hear them putting about upstairs. Will you have enough time to set the house on fire? There is an open door on the left side of the house that looks like it leads to a master bedroom.

No No I dont want to burn down the house with my comrades inside ? Anyway I'll go into the Bedroom of the dead mayor (master my ass)with Olif and start going through stuff.

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

In order to roll dice, type the following:

{dice]1d20+5 (or whatever)[/dice}

except those }s are ]s.

For example:


so I failed my reflex save and some dishes fall or what ever. I don't care. We eat oatmeal and its great. I take 2 bottles of wine and stuff the in a saddlebag. Olif and I proceed to look around the first floor. Which ever room looks like a study or office we go into and search.

Tramora III Peasantsbane wrote:
I go to sleep and dream of killing peasants.

So what do Olif and I find to eat in the house?????????????

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

I am Doodlebug Anklebiter, the Dungeon Master of Death.

So, we ended our game on a tragic note with the death of poor Elzbeth.

In between his mournful sobs, Viorec escorts the party back to the Kriegler Estate (the mayor's house) and informs you that a peasant militia has been formed that will watch over you guys while you sleep. I'll remind you that after you have slept for 8 hours, ka-ching!, you'll level up!

What do you do?

So After dreaming of Olif running wild through a peasant village covered in blood gore and carrying peasant parts in his mouth I wake up refreshed and happy. I get dressed( put on armor and weapons) and pack up my stuff ( whatever i have left) go and check out the house looting and looting more. If I come across anyone in the party I act nice!!!!!

If they aren't part of the party I get ready for combat. I didn't sleep late (8) hrs only and I went to bed early so as to avoid the problems that can arise from snooping around and looting a house. I should say Liberated this home from an evil peasant loving cultist ,which I will burn down once i'm done eating breakfast

I go to sleep and dream of killing peasants.

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