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Tragershen's page

699 posts. Alias of markofbane.

About Tragershen

Elf Bard (Archeo) 3 – Wizard (Evo Adm) 3 |HP 30/30 | AC:16 | T:12 | FF:14 | CMB +1 | CMD:13 | Fort:+4 | Ref:+6 | Will:+4 | Init: +14 | App +11 | SpCr+11 | Per+7 | SMot+0 | St+8 |

Luck 6/6 |

Neutral Evil Male Elf Bard (archaeologist) 3/Wizard (evocation, admixture subschool) 3
Medium Size (6’ 0”, 124 pounds)
Age: 153
Move: 30’
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Celestial, Goblin, Sylvan, Orc, Infernal, Abyssal, Terran.

8 Strength base 8
14 Dexterity base 12, +2 racial modifier
14 Constitution base 16, -2 racial modifier
20 Intelligence base 18, +2 racial modifier
10 Wisdom base 10
14 Charisma base 14

Initiative: +14 +4 feat, +2 Dex, +2 racial, +2 trait, +4 familiar
AC: 16 Mage Armor +4, Dexterity +2 +1 dodge vs. traps, +2 luck when in effect
Dagger (+1, 1d4+1, 19-20/x2, P/S)
CMB: +1
CMD: 13
Fort: +4 (+1 base, +2 Con, +1 resistance)
Ref: +6 (+3 base, +2 Dex, +1 resistance) +1 vs. traps
Will: +4 (+3 base, +0 Wis, +1 resistance) Immune to sleep, +2 vs. enchantments
Hit Points: 30 8 HD + 2 Con


Standard Trait: Criminal. +1 bonus to disable device, and it is a class skill.
Standard Trait: Fate’s Favored. When getting a luck bonus, gain +1 to the bonus
Campaign Trait: Slave Trading. +1 skill point per level to Appraise skill.
Training Trait: Strike First. +2 to initiative
Feat, Level 1: Breadth of Knowledge. +2 to all knowledge skills; can make knowledge and profession checks without ranks
Feat, Class Bonus level 1: Scribe Scroll: Can craft arcane scrolls
Feat, Racial Bonus, level 1: Run. When running, move at 5 times normal speed and retain Dexterity to Armor Class. +4 to Acrobatics when jumping with a running start.
Feat, level 2: Improved Initiative. +4 feat bonus to initiative.
Feat, level 3: Craft Wondrous Items. Can craft wondrous magic items


15 points per level: 6 class, 5 intelligence, 2 AP, 1 trait, 1 favored class.

+6 - Acrobatics (1 ranks +3 class skill +2 attribute modifier +0 modifiers)
+11 - Appraise (3+3+5+0)
+6 - Bluff (1+3+2+0)
+3 - Climb (1+3-1+0)
+9 - Craft (Alchemy) (1+3+5+0)
+6 - Diplomacy (1+3+2+0)
+10 - Disable Device (3+3+2+2)
+6 - Escape Artist (1+3+2+0)
+6 – Fly (1+3+2+0)
+14 - Knowledge (Arcana) (3+3+5+3)
+13 - Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (2+3+5+3)
+13 - Knowledge (Engineering) (2+3+5+3)
+13 - Knowledge (Geography) (2+3+5+3)
+13 - Knowledge (History) (2+3+5+3)
+12 - Knowledge (Local) (1+3+5+3)
+12 - Knowledge (Nature) (1+3+5+3)
+12 - Knowledge (Nobility) (1+3+5+3)
+12 - Knowledge (Planes) (1+3+5+3)
+12 - Knowledge (Religion) (1+3+5+3)
+11 - Linguistics (3+3+5+0)
+7 - Perception (3+3+0+1)
+2 – Profession (Any) (0+3+0+2)
+11 - Spellcraft (3+3+5+0) +2 to ID magic items
+8 - Stealth (3+3+2+0)
-1 - Swim (0+0-1+0)
+8 - Use Magic Device (3+3+2+0)

Race/Class Abilities:

Favored Class: Wizard (3 used for skill points)
Elven Abilities:
+2 Dexterity and Intelligence, -2 Constitution.
Medium size, Normal speed.
Elven Senses. Low Light Vision.
Elven Immunities. Immune to sleep effects, +2 vs. enchantment spells and effects.
Elven Magic. +2 to CL to overcome SR. +2 to Spellcraft to ID magic items.
Fleet-Footed. Run as bonus feat, +2 to initiative. Replaces Weapon Familiarity and Keen Senses.
Wizard Abilities:
Proficiencies. club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, quarterstaff.
Arcane Bond: Familiar. Scorpion.
Arcane School: Evocation, Admixture Subschool (opposed: Enchantment, Necromancy).
Bard Abilities:
Proficiencies: simple weapons, longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, whip, light armor, shields
Archaeologist’s Luck. As swift action, +1 luck bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks and weapon damage rolls. 6 rounds per day. Free to maintain.
Spells and Cantrips.
Bardic Knowledge. +1 to all knowledge checks
Clever Explorer. +1 to disable device and perception checks. Can disable devices in half the normal time.
Uncanny Dodge. Cannot be caught flat-footed, does not lose dex to invisibility
Trap Sense. +1 to reflex saves and AC vs. traps


Cantrips (DC 12): Detect Magic, Light, Mending, Message, Presdigitation, Mage Hand.
1st level (DC 13, 4 per day): Cure Light Wounds, Feather Fall, Liberating Command, Vanish.

Memorized: Spells in blue indicate they have been cast
Cantrips (DC 15) 4: Detect Poison, Acid Splash, Ray of Frost, Spark.
1st level spells (DC 16) 4+1: Endure Elements, Endure Elements, Endure Elements, Endure Elements, Magic Missile.
2nd level spells (DC 17) 2+1: Flaming Sphere, Glitterdust, Mirror Image.
Spell Book
Cantrips (17 pages): Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Presdigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance, Spark.
1st level spells (10 pages): Burning Hands, Color Spray, Endure Elements, Enlarge Person, Grease, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shield, True Strike.
2nd Level spells (8 pages): Flaming Sphere, Glitterdust, Mirror Image, See Invisibility.

In a matter of minutes, Tragershen went from a darling of Talingarde parties to one of most wanted criminals in the land. For decades, Tragershen has kept up the pretense of being an exclusive sage, charging high prices for the rarest lore to support his lavish lifestyle. In truth, he had dealings in a whole range of nefarious activities, including the one that would finally bring an end to his charade: slave trading.

One fine evening, Tragershen was hosting a party at his townhome. The first floor, the sage office that served as his front, was dark. The three levels above that beamed with light and music. Tragershen effectively held court with the young and rich of the city, until a little after midnight. When the party was coming into full swing, there was a crashing noise from below. Tragershen excused himself and went down to investigate. When he reached the ground floor, he found it was swarming with guardsmen, ransacking the office. He started to protest, but then he realized the front door was still closed, and a cleverly concealed trap door in the floor was shattered open. The guardsmen had come from below, from the hidden room that held the articles he’d stolen, the slaves awaiting delivery and, most damning, his ledgers. He tried to flee back upstairs, but one of the guards must have been a priest because with a word he froze Tragershen in place.

The guards broke up the party sending everyone else home after taking their names. The guards made sure that, as they left, they saw Tragershen in manacles just outside. Once the townhome was empty, the captain sneered in Tragershen’s face when he said ”Now, no matter what, this life is gone for you! In Mitra’s name, I swear it!” Then the captain snatched a torch from one of the guards and pitched it through one of the townhome windows. With all of the books and scrolls in his office, it was mere moments before the whole building was engulfed in flames. Everything Tragershen had built up for almost a century, gone. Wine, books, spellbooks, scrolls, finery and jewelry, all gone.

As the guards hauled him away, Tragershen silently vowed to himself. Not only would he rebuild all he had just lost, but he would get revenge on everyone involved in his fall from grace, all the way up to the throne!

Tragershen is a tall slender elf, with white hair and pale silver eyes. His demeanor has changed since he was brought down, his previously jovial attitude replaced with a more bitter cynicism. He dresses in fine clothes of gold, green and brown. He has not lost his taste for fine foods and wine, though he realizes that such indulgences may have to be deferred until Talingarde’s current regime has been brought down.


Encumbrance: 25.5#, Light (26/53/80).


Courtier’s Outfit
Iron Circlet
Scorpion, ½#
MW Mithral Dagger, ½#

Spell Component Pouch, 2#
-Ioun Torch
-Wealth (7 pp, 6 gp, 9 sp, 10 cp)

Waterproof Bag, ½#
-Spellbook, 3#
-Arcane Family Workbook, 3#
-Scrivener’s Kit w/Ink, 1#
-Spare Spell Component Pouch, 2#
-MW Thieves Tools, 2#
-Elven Rations (6), 6#
-Scroll Case, ½#
--Paper (5)

Waterskin, 4#

Iron Circlet. This circlet of wrought iron alters itself to comfortably fit any wearer. It allows the wearer to alter their appearance as with a disguise self spell. As part of the disguise, the circlet can be changed to appear as any sort of hat, headgear, or hairstyle the wearer desires, just like a Hat of Disguise. Hat of Disguise

Aura faint illusion; CL 1st
Slot head; Price 1,800 gp; Weight —

This apparently normal hat allows its wearer to alter her appearance as with a disguise self spell. As part of the disguise, the hat can be changed to appear as a comb, ribbon, headband, cap, coif, hood, helmet, or other headwear.

Craft Wondrous Item, disguise self; Cost 900 gp.

Note: Tragershen spent 380 gp to add two 2nd level spells to his spellbook.


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