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Paracount Julistar

Trafalgar's page

17 posts. Alias of Chaos4knuckles.

Full Name

Trafalgar Zandrus Ulurfaus


Human (chelish, varisian


Witch 1




Medium; 5' 10", 150 lb.'s



Special Abilities

Cantrips, hex (flight), familiar (raven, deception patron)


Lawful Neutral


Atheist (gods just powerful outsiders0


Birth: Magnimar; Currently: Falcon's Hollow


Common, Elven, Chelish, Infernal, Varisian



Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Trafalgar

Feats and Traits:

Improved Initiative
Accursed Hex
Seeking Adventure


Appraise +7
Fly +7
Knowledge (Arcana) +8
Knowledge (History) +8
Knowledge (Nature) +8
Perception +2
Spellcraft +8
Survival +3
Swim +5
Use Magic Device +3


At-will Feather Fall
Cantrips All DC 14 (typical: Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Spark)
1st Level DC 15 (2 per day)(typical: Obscuring Mist, Mage Armor)
beguiling gift, cure light wounds, enlarge person, identify, mage armor, mount, obscuring mist

Statistics and Saves:

Saving Throws
Fortitude +2
Reflex +2
Will +3

Armor Class
Armor Class 12
Touch 12
Flat-footed 10

CMB +0
CMD 12

Hp 9

Initiative= +8 (+2 Dex, +4 feat, +2 trait)
Move= 30 ft.




Arcane Bond=Raven
Bullets (20)
Acid (Flask)
Spell Component Pouch
2 days rations
Cold-weather outfit (with Snow leopard designed hat)
32 gp 8 sp


Trafalgar is originally from Magnimar, where he spent most of his youth avoiding other children and adults who treated him inhospitable. Due to his mother being a varisian slave, many of the people in his district and neighborhood thought of him less so. Even his father regularly beat his mother just for being what she was.

At the very brink of his 15th birthday, the eve to be precise, Trafalgar met a child, a child like no other before; he didn't care what Trafalgar was, but saw something very powerful deep down. He gave Trafalgar an opportunity to free his mother from his father, he immediately agreed to the task. All he had to do was take his mother out for a few hours this evening, while the child would make sure everything else fell into line. Trafalgar begged his father if he may take his mother out as gift for his coming of age; he allowed it, but their must be something of equal trade. His father agreed to his child being allowed to take his mother, but he had to forgo a few lashings. After a few minutes of painful torture, Trafalgar and his mother left the household in begrudging pained tears; Trafalgar didn't care, as long as his mother was free, the pain was the least of his cares.

Trafalgar and his mother went out later that evening, checking out markets, street attractions, the usual sorts in the slums around town; everything was going according to plan it seemed. After the happy and joyous excursion, they soon arrived home. As they entered, they were both surprised and terrified at what they beheld. All the servants, the maids, and all of his former brethren and blood relatives were slaughtered; their remains were ravaged and ripped apart, no blood was seen though, only a few meager drops that soaked up into the furniture. His mother soon screamed and writhed in fear, Trafalgar just stood stunned, how could this have happened, how could this free his mother.

The local authorities soon came and surveyed the crime scene. They had no idea what had happened, but they knew what they had to do, They soon arrested Trafalgar's mother due to likely hood of conspiracy, but Trafalgar was let go. It seemed since he wasn't legally an adult, a few hours short, he could not be legally put into jail, nor fined for possible conspiracy against his family, it was known that he was hated, and he had little of any inheritance from his father until tomorrow, so their was no way he could hire anyone and pay them afterwards his father's death. His mother however had family that was known to cause some trouble around Magnimar, so it was most likely her doing. The days that soon followed were grueling, and it was soon fact that the crime was completely unknown on who did it, but they had to make an example. Trafalgar's mother was appointed to a cell for the rest of her days, only a large substantial fee would ever hope to free her; it was impossible to free her anytime soon. Trafalgar, now an adult, was on the streets, hoping for a solution for his mother, that is until he met a familiar sight; the child.

Trafalgar dashed towards the child and hoped for answers, but he easily moved out of the boys way. Trafalgar asked what had happened that night, and the child quickly answered.
"As i told you, I had a way to free your mother from your father. The easiest way was death, death of him, and all the blood that was connected to him, other than you. Although I did free her from him, I never said I would "accidentally" commit her to life in prison. I do know a way though to free her, but it will take time and skills you do not yet have." The child transformed, no longer was their a human child standing in front of Trafalgar, but a well-dressed jewelry-bedecked fiendish gnome, its face mostly mouth and fangs. Its skin was blue, eyes red with yellow irises. and its hands were surprisingly backwards. "Now, if you wish to free your mother, you will have to remain under my tutelage for the next few years, it may be grueling and painful, but it is a quick and easy way to free your mother. So", he leaped towards Trafalgar, and offered a hand, "Do we have a deal?"

A million things raced in Trafalgar's mind; how could he trust this creature after what had happened so recently, would he end up the same as his mother and father, what did he see in himself, and what plans did he have for him? All in all, it boiled to one thing; what other choice did he have. Trafalgar grabbed the creature's hand and shook, "So, where do we start?" They both smiled.

Personality and Appearance:

Trafalgar has tan skin from his mother's side, but physically looks like his father. He has the trademark green varisian eyes, and black straight hair. His hair is medium in length, two inches from his shoulders. He wears dark black clothing accented with yellow borders. He commonly wears a snow leopard fur hat even in the hottest environments; and heirloom from his father's side.

Trafalgar is quick to follow the order of law, even though the courses that happened in his past. Wherever there is no laws however, he will do things by whatever means necessary to continue his goal. Trafalgar cares little of money, other than to free his mother.

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