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Nine-Headed Cryohydra

ToxicDragon's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 23 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

It's outdoors and it's daytime and the sun is shining. You use Major Image to create an image of a house or other building. The building is windowless. You don't create the illusion of any light sources in the interior, so it's dark inside. Assume someone enters the illusory building but fails their Will save.

1) Once the door is closed, will the person in the building experience darkness as a condition -- i.e., they can't see unless they have darkvision? If they do have darkvision, does it activate, allowing them to see the interior of the building?

2) Okay, let's say you have a creature that's dazzled in sunlight, like an orc or a drow. They fail their save. Are they dazzled inside the "dark" building, or are they okay?

3) Okay, let's say you have a vampire. The vampire enters your illusory building, failing its Will save. Is it burned by the sun, or not?

1. If it were a wall, I'd say a failed save means they can not see past it. If the room is pitch black then I'd say they can not see unless they normally see in darkness.

2. Unfortunately for the light sensitive creature, they are still dazzled despite thinking that they might not be. The area of light they are in is actually bright.

3. The vampire thinking it will be safe inside your building will be surprised to learn that even though it is inside it still burns like it were outside.

Dabbler wrote:
Because sound is vibrations. Vibrations in the ground are actually sound-waves travelling through it.

Sound is vibration but I wouldn't go as far to say that vibrations are sound waves travelling through it. Vibrations create sound. The silence spell would only surpress the sound, the byproduct of vibrations and not the vibrations themselves.

This topic comes up quite a bit. There is nothing limiting a weapon from having both properties active at the same time. Logic just doesn't play into it, its a fantasy world that has magic!

I think the problem is caused by resolution issues. There is a youtube video somewhere on the internet that walks you through the long and potentially complicated process of fixing the issue. Good luck.

30. Xannan-Court Wizard. Tall lithe Elven prodigy with a paranoid, controlling, and often dramatic personality. Double agent/spy for an inconsequential nation. Infatuated with his familiar. Easily identified by the red scar from an unwarranted brain surgery.

So how does this work with a large tiger wearing spiked mithril armor? How many times can the tiger claw 1d6+str then rake 1d6+str and add spike damage 1d8+str? That's potentially 2 claws, two rakes, one bite, and potentially 3 spike additions, right?

I hope I'm wrong here, cause that would hurt.

Questions pertaining to alternate class bonuses for the elf wizard and the dwarf cleric.

For the Elf Wizard: "Select one arcane school power at 1st level that is normally usable a number of times per day equal to 3 + the wizard's Intelligence modifier. The wizard adds +1/2 to the number of uses per day of that arcane school power." -APG

Is this bonus limited to your specialist school power or any arcane power and can it only be selected at 1st level?

For the Dwarf Cleric: "Select one domain power granted at 1st level that is normally usable for a number of times per day equal to 3 + the cleric's Wisdom modifier. The cleric adds 1/2 to the number of uses per day of that domain power." -APG

Same question as before but with domain powers, Is this bonus limited to your selected domains powers or any domain power and can it only be selected at 1st level?

A smokestick would grant concealment to negate that sneak attack damage but that's not magic.

If they are only 30ft away to use that sneak damage on you then haste is really nice (but that's a given).

Rynjin pretty much nails it. Be honest, try and work with the friend if he still says he wants to play. Establish measurable expectations like making 3 out of 4 games or 4 out of 5 games vs half of them if that is what it takes.

Do it in person and not through email, text, or phone.

Looking for some creative ways to handle this issue developing between corrupt city officials, and the party. The group is going to be accused of forced labor, coercion, assaulting a city official, and attempted murder by an official that is trying to get revenge for the party assaulting and trying to kill him. The government in this town is Lawful evil so corrupt officials using the law to get their way is really just a perfect avenue to explore.

This official has ties that pretty much ensure the party will be convicted, and this is aside from the fact that the party is actually guilty of the crimes, although with chaotic good intentions to theri credit.

But how do I handle this? The party has developed a relationship with the town during their adventuring, and I don't want to railroad them to flee the town and start fresh someplace else. I'm looking for creative twists on handling the arrest, the trial, and sentencing, and ways for the party to come out victorious!

Any advice welcome, I'm really just trying to get something fun to work with.

I don't think you have to enchant the feather fall at level 5 caster level, but you can for simplicity.

I doubt I'm being helpful but gimpshop is a free photoshop-esque program that I used quite a bit back in the day. I'm not sure it will replace your imagination entirely, but you can apply filters to any image you find and make it look drawn, or painted. It's not a huge resource hog either.

Best part is it's free. Worst part about it is it's free, so it might be frustrating to use.

64.) Spread a bag of flour around the room to reveal invisible things

65.) Fan you with a fan

66.) Do your makeup in the morning?

67.) Pour water from a canteen on a flame

68.) Hang a fishing net to block small swarms

69.) Place a 10ft ladder over a pool of water

70.) Tie knots into a rope

71.) Cheat at gambling with dice?

Salubri wrote:

Ok so a scenario if you will.

I use spell combat to cast shocking grasp i then stab my opponent (say an orc) and touch him with the shocking grasp.

what penalties do I take to these attacks? I understand a -2 for the weapon attack from spell combat. Do I also take penalties for two-weapon fighting?

ok scenario two
I cast shocking grasp and then on the next turn I move up and stab my opponent. I then use my held charge on shocking grasp to touch the opponent as well.

once again what penalties do I take? If I don't have a high enough BAB to get extra attacks can I use my touch attack?

I begin to see why one would want to channel spells through your weapon.

edit: one more quick question. Does a natural 1 auto-fail on an concentration check like it would with an attack or save, or does it not as with skill checks?

I'm not an expert but I'll give this one a try.

Scenario 1: Spell combat is just being specific. you only suffer -2 on your weapon attack.

Scenario 2: You can not move and make a full attack action in a single turn.

Quick question: Concentration is like a skill check with the exception that you can not take ten or twenty. So a 1 is not an auto fail.

Oops, I was hinting at Cleveland, obviously I did a poor job at that. Hudson, on the other hand, is a very nice area.


Who came up with that bloody name? Geez. It almost makes me ashamed to say I was born and raised in northern Ohio...Con on the Cob. Ugh.

This is way after the fact, but it was a nice local event. I missed all the gaming events this year but I plan on attending any future events that come up.

Yeah the name is 'corny', but I don't think a convention for gamers shames Northern Ohioains. The crime rate, however, might.

I don't know if this is legal on the forums, but see and look up the Northcoast Gamers in Ohio. Good group that covers more than just Cleveland and surrounding areas. I'll trust you can find me there and send me an email.

Brandon Gillespie wrote:
I was looking to find a game to get into and Columbus/Cincinatti are pretty far away. Any Pathfinders in NE Ohio area?

There is at least one starting soon in Strongsville Ohio (about 30 minutes from Akron.) However I am unfamiliar with how to communicate the information you need to get connected with the group. I will look around on this website for a little while longer and try and learn more. Please feel free to get back to me if you are still interested.

A little hard for me to tell, but is that a beard or is it demihuman? Regardless, looks like a nice piece.

Is it December yet? How about now?

DracoDruid wrote:

While I see the problem and thinking about right the same, I don't know if automatic skills are the best way to go.

For the sake of fairness you would need to assign each (prestige!?) class a (what I call) CORE SKILL and furthermore, those skills should be equally weighted in game play.

Giving one class Knowledge (nobility) and the other Spellcraft or Survival isn't that fair actually. Even if it would make sense.
Let's see, which skills would be the most appropriate:

Barbarian = Survival
Bard = Perform / Knowledge (History)
Cleric = Knowledge (Religion)
Druid = Knowledge (Nature)
Fighter = Knowledge (Warfare)
Monk = Acrobatics / Knowledge (The Planes???)
Paladin = Knowledge (Religion) / Knowledge (The Planes???)
Ranger = Survival / Perception
Rogue = Stealth / Bluff / Perception
Sorcerer = Spellcraft
Wizard = Knowledge (Arcane) / Spellcraft

You see there are a lot of possible skills fitting, but not every one would be that balanced.

Maybe the best solution would be like what they (WotC) did with the bard:
Put in some skill prerequisites into class abilities.

I disagree with automatic skills. I have run games where a rogue does not have stealth, where a cleric does not have knowledge religion, and even a caster class withough spellcraft (wiz and sorc both). They made some interesting characters and even helpped shake the prejugdice that often accompanies these classes. There is no need for automatic skills.

That said, I do not think some classes should be completely ignorant when it comes to class skills. A wizard should know something of magic, a bard better know at least 'something' and a cleric couldnt go without some knowledge of his deity. So a possible solution might to just make class skills for characters usable even if they are trained only. If that's too much, maybe narrow the field down to one or two skills that can be used in similar fashion.

Xaaon of Xen'Drik wrote:

See I see a major flaw in your Barbarian....+1 chainmail...

Ok you're giving up mobility for the weakest of the medium armors.

Mithril Full plate...not magical, far outclasses +1 chainmail. Still counts as medium armor.

Don't forget to mention the adamantine battleaxe. What is he fighting that he needs to spend valuable gold on the adamantine? I don't have my books on me, but I don't think any of the CR7 monsters have DR/adamatine. That's good money spent on something useless for this play test.

Wanted to throw in something that might be familiar, but why not give the fighter a little more focused path options rather than making him a tons of feats generalist? I like the idea of making the fighter have something similar to what the ranger has in 3.5 as far as progressive combat abilities. Instead of choosing between bow and two weapon fighting as a ranger does the fighter could choose between defense and offense at level one and then with subsequent levels giving more abilities associated with the offense and defense.

For Example

Lv1. Offense/Defense selection, Bonus Feat
Lv2. Bonus feat
Lv3. Dmg Bonus/AC Bonus
Lv4. Bonus Feat
Lv5. Fear ability (requires inimidate)/Challenge foe (requires inimidate)
Lv6. Bonus Feat
Lv7. Dmg Bonus/AC Bonus, +dmg vs enemy DR/gain DR
Lv8. Bonus Feat

Just an idea.

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