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Sunlord Thalachos

Tormad's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 171 posts (355 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 6 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

Thank you both.

Grand Lodge

Ok my search skills have failed me and I'm looking for some clarification for the Studied combat rules.

Studied Combat:

With a keen eye and calculating mind, an investigator can assess the mettle of his opponent to take advantage of gaps in talent and training. At 4th level, an investigator can use a move action to study a single enemy that he can see. Upon doing so, he adds 1/2 his investigator level as an insight bonus on melee attack rolls and as a bonus on damage rolls against the creature. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to his Intelligence modifier (minimum 1) or until he deals damage with a studied strike, whichever comes first. The bonus on damage rolls is precision damage, and is not multiplied on a critical hit.

An investigator can only have one target of studied combat at a time, and once a creature has become the target of an investigator's studied combat, he cannot become the target of the same investigator's studied combat again for 24 hours unless the investigator expends one use of inspiration when taking the move action to use this ability.

Studied strike:

At 4th level, an investigator can choose to make a studied strike against the target of his studied combat as a free action, upon successfully hitting his studied target with a melee attack, to deal additional damage. The damage is 1d6 at 4th level, and increases by 1d6 for every 2 levels thereafter (to a maximum of 9d6 at 20th level). The damage of studied strike is precision damage and is not multiplied on a critical hit; creatures that are immune to sneak attacks are also immune to studied strike...

How exactly does this work. I can't tell with the wording.

Is it case 1: you study a target and then gain the bonuses on all attacks, but have the option of making one of your attacks a studied strike, at which case it ends the studied combat bonuses.

or is it case 2: You study a target and then gain the bonuses on that target until you hit them once, at which point the studied strike goes off and hence ends the studied combat.

Thanks in advanced.

Grand Lodge

Thank you much for that insight.

Grand Lodge

Hey guys, I have a quick question. Does Delay disease work for mummy rot? With paladin divine health, it specifically calls out mummy rot where this spell does not.


Delay Disease:

Delay Disease
School conjuration (healing); Level alchemist 2, cleric 2, druid 2, inquisitor 2, paladin 2, ranger 2, witch 1

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, DF

Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration 1 day
Saving Throw Fort negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

The target becomes temporarily immune to disease. Any disease to which it is exposed during the spell's duration does not affect the target until the spell's duration has expired. If the target is currently infected with a disease, you must make a caster level check against the disease's DC to suspend it for the duration of the spell; otherwise, that disease affects the target normally. Delay disease does not cure any damage a disease may have already done.

Thanks in advanced.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

Democratus wrote:

I use the concept of "worldbreakers" that gained popularity in 4th edition.

Have an "initial state" with a number of HP. This will be the 'before' phase of the boss. It fights until reduced to 0 or fewer HP.

Instead of dropping at 0 hp, the enemy will instead transform into a new state with a new set of HP.

My dragon bosses do this. You fight the 'regular dragon' first. If you reduce it to 0 hp it's mortal coil is destroyed and the Elemental Dragon within bursts forth (made of the element of the dragon's breath). To truly defeat the dragon you must now kill the elemental form.

Holy cow, I absolutely love this idea. Do you mind if I steal it for my games?

Grand Lodge

blahpers wrote:

The erratum for Crane Wing not only fixes something that isn't broken but actually renders Crane Riposte null and void.


I believe it would still play out as follows, you use the crane wing, if the attack that you called you were using crane wing on misses you, then you get an AoO.

Just a guess though, if one of the devs would feel free to chime in an clarify I would not object.

Grand Lodge

Have you considered an alchemist? Your team is sorely missing skills and there are other places to get them besides rouge(or ninja).

Grand Lodge

If you are looking for a way to apply some battle field control, have you looked at the feat Dazing Assault?

Its a feat, but you take a -5 to hit but then every attack you connect with has a change of dazing the opponent. I know you were looking for a weapon enchant and this is a bab +11.

Hope this helps.

Grand Lodge

I found this a long while ago, and its from 3.5 but most all of it should apply here.

I'm at work and don't have time to read your post but here is the link to an article written by wizards of the coast from a long long time ago.


Grand Lodge

Quandary wrote:

Each Elemental Type (Water, Air, etc) list the Small, Medium, Large (+Huge with EBIV) version you use with each Wildshape/Elemental Body spell.

Each tier of Elemental Body/Wildshape is just adding one more creature option per Element: the next largest size Elemental. That's it.

Elemental Body IV in particular (only via Wiz/Sorc spell, not via Wildshape) is rather confusingly worded,
given "Huge Elemental" could seemingly be the "Huge Elemental" or the Huge SIZE Greater/Elder Elementals (with better stats).
Of course, that right there is the distinction, it says "Huge Elemental" not "Huge Size Elemental", but the wording is pretty confusing.

Note for Pathfinder 2.0:
Just use a similar convention that Dragons use, with different age or 'status' categories correlated to each size tier (+Greater/Elder).

It shouldn't matter which you use, when wildshaping or using the spell you gain the stats the spell says. You do not gain the stats of the creature at all. Like for the example of the Huge air elemental you gain the below.

Air elemental body spell:

Air elemental: As elemental body I except that you gain a +4 size bonus to your Strength, +6 size bonus to your Dexterity, and a +4 natural armor bonus. You also gain fly 120 feet (perfect).

Grand Lodge

but if you found a bracer of mighty fist, you could have that. Say your amulet of might fists is +5, then you can have a bracer(or whatever) of mighty fists with the furious and bane on it.

It will cost an arm and a leg but from my understanding it would work.

Grand Lodge

the play test forums have been taken down for now.

Grand Lodge

If you want to take fighter Levels, why not take some earlier? You will need at least 1 to pick up the weapon proficiency's.

Unfortunately I have no experience with Mythic, so I have nothing to offer on that end.

Grand Lodge

Ah that's why I missed it, it is under Ultimate Campaign. If you're GM is using those rules I find what you have found to be a little off.

You are changing the second curse, the class skills, the bonus spell (2nd lvl), and your revelations.

I'd say you are retaining at least 3 if not 4 abilities.

Grand Lodge

Underwater is always a fun time for archers. They get a minus to hit for every 5 feet away the target is.

Grand Lodge

I can't seem to find that rule anywhere, so I will be no help in this manner.

That's the best that I have, and it's just about GM handwaving mostly. Best of luck finding your answer.

Grand Lodge

I'm on my phone so I can't double check but off the top of my head there is no RAW for training out of an archetype. This would be something you will want to work out with you DM.

If you're in PFS, I doubt there is anyway to change it now at this point.

Grand Lodge

For the purpose of the playtest I would assume no. But in your survey you might want to point that out as something that should be clarified. Or even broaden it to "do bloodrager bloodlines act as sorcerer bloodlines in reguards to other things, such as racials or class features?"

Grand Lodge

My question involves how fervor works along side of channel. I understand they are in the same pool now, but does that mean a war-priest can't take the extra channel feat? Or how about selective channel?

What I am getting at is, does fervor function as channel for the purpose of feats? If not, are there plans for fervor feats to be introduced in the advanced class guide?


Grand Lodge

Anonymous Visitor 163 576 wrote:

What are players supposed to do with that downtime?

A) nothing, it's all setting. ”many years later..."

B) ???

there are the down time rules in the Ultimate Campaign book.

Grand Lodge

Slacker2010 wrote:
I might have miscounted but it also looks like a 32 point build. So it should be extremely powerful.

looks closer to 27 to me, still strong.

str 14 - 5 points
dex 17 + 2 human + 1 level - 13 points
con 12 - 2 points
int 10 - 0 points
wis 12 - 2 points
cha 14 - 5 points

Now to say dropping the int to 8 or the wis to 10 brings it in line with a 25 point buy. I think the biggest thing is signature deed can only be taken once, no where was it stated that you can take grit feats for the swashbuckler (i could be wrong on this one), and even if you could take the feat there is a level 11 min required.

now to be a OP hitting machine, replace those 3 feats with unarmed strike, dodge, and crane style and drop imp initiative for crane wing and you got a party right there.

Grand Lodge

Are you rolling or using point buy?

Grand Lodge

Matthew Downie wrote:
If a former-GM player says "I wouldn't have run it that way" try constantly saying "I wouldn't have run your character that way..."

lol I agree. As a GM currently playing in my first game in forever, I consistently find myself thinking about how i would run something different, or what I would do next, yadda yadda. But then I remember how enjoyable it is to just relax and play.

The biggest thing I like watching is my former players pull their crap with the new GM. It gives perspective.

Grand Lodge

SlimGauge wrote:
Mahtobedis wrote:
Cackle does not effect sleep.

That should be AFFECT.

There is really no reason for that.

OT: Yes I believe the previous comments are correct.

Though unless this is a one on one fight, I don't find slumber as powerful as everyone claims. All it takes is a standard action, or any form of damage to wake the person.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
el cuervo wrote:

It is always great to help a new GM along. There are far too few of us.

Grand Lodge

My last group that I gamed with over 10 years ended up breaking up over stuff like you have stated, so at least you have the comfort that this kind of thing can happen to anyone, not just new players.

A possible work around to the "sell everything at 100% cost" would be to cut the loot they receive in half. I know "sticking it to them" kind of sucks, but it sounds like you've tried talking to the player in question already so if you wish to continue playing this is an option. It will suck because overall they will get less loot, because with the sell at 50% rule any gear you find and actually use doubles its worth. So since you cut in half to avoid over inflation of loot, they get the same amount as they would if they sold everything, and less if they use everything.

Having a marathon session as your second session as new players is very taxing, as you have experienced. Also remember, you're the GM. So you could have the government show up and close down his shop for not following the specific laws, or have it burnt down. Also if he really wants to get into it over the rules, pull out the city rules. Sandpoint can only sell so much in a given period of time. Let him sell the loot for 100% but tell him it could take months or even years until he finds a buyer for stuff. Just because it's up for sale doesn't mean anyone with the means to buy it will come along any time soon, if ever.

I feel your pain, but the tl;dr is talk to the player in question and see if you can work it out. Talk to him about game balance and what you'll have to do to make sure it all works out, since it is a pre-written campaign.

Grand Lodge

It does happen, I had to quit my most recent group because of it. It was a long time group that slowly degraded over time. So yes it does happen, but my new group is more like you in that they have never had such a situation.

It is so much better to GM for a group that isn't so entitled, and are just there to have fun.

Grand Lodge

outside of smiting, the spirit build seems to be extremely low on the damage side. And while that 1 level of cleric is crucial for guided hand, it just seems to set you back pretty harshly. Divine favor for damage a few times a day will be nice, pick up ability focus(stunning fist) and mantis Style and boom, you have a really nasty stunning fist.

Overall I love the guide, but I would like to see a build for each style just as kind of a guideline and a preview of what each can do.

Grand Lodge

Name: Brother Phiroz of Caliphas
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Cleric 1
Adventure: Haunting of harrowstone
Location: West Balcony of the prison
Catalyst: That damn floating scythe
The Gory Details:


The party engaged the headsman's with great confidence, they had just got done dealing with the terrible rat swarm in the western guard tower. They rushed to the prison early to get a peek at it before the Town Council meeting they had been invited to, as that was the next day. They immediately recognized their folly in engaging the haunted scythe with strong heads as Phiroz with his weak constitution(8 con) was the first to deal real damage to the scythe. He also found himself in a melee with it. Shale the towering man was unable to stand in the way to protect the godly man. The scythe scored a lucky hit under the priest's armor (scored a crit) and tore him open. Shale struck the scythe down with a mighty blow one round later, but it was too late. The damage had been done and the Priest was no more.

Grand Lodge

Kroisos wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
There are plenty of feats that can increase your chance to hit. If your Dexterity is much better than your Strength, Weapon Finesse can significantly augment it, but I can't imagine a dexterous scorpion.

Which brings up the following question: I'm thinking of giving my new pet the following feats: dodge, mobility, spring attack.

However, it starts with a 12 dexterity, so it can't take dodge until it's had its first stat increase. Luckily, with Boon Companion, this doesn't take that long anymore.

However, upon reaching 7 HD, my giant scorpion grows, gaining a +8 on Strength but also a -2 on Dexterity. By that time, it would already have the whole feat tree mentioned. But what happens when its Dexterity drops from 13 to 11? Since it no longer has the prerequisites for Dodge, would it lose all three feats? If so, would it be allowed to replace them?

At 3 and 6th lvl and so on you'll gain a passive +1 str and dex so by the time you hit level 7 and grow large, it will have a passive +2 dex (and str). So if you put another point into it it will have 15 dex so after it grows large it will still have 13 dex and you will be good.

Grand Lodge

I don't believe Drow actually get a bonus to Int, I think their mental bonus is that of Cha. Unless it is houseruled to be different in your home game.

So from a straight stat stand point Elf is better. They also have a racial replacement that gives you a +2 to concentration checks, which is always handy for a magus.

Grand Lodge

Per the strictest reading of the rules, the GM as a cohort is an NPC that follows you and is essentially your assistant. The player really doesn't get a whole lot of choice when it comes to what their cohort can do.

But alot of GM's just hand the sheet over to the player as that is less complicated than having another aspect to manage as a GM. And then it's like you're playing 2 characters at once and that is why the feat ends up in the too over powered to consider letting a player have mindset.

my 2 cents, hope it helps.

Grand Lodge

Color Spray is always a solid option at 1st level, and you can trade it out at higher levels.

Grand Lodge

Well there goes that idea. Thanks for the heads up Mathwei.

This idea will have to be saved for a homebrew game then.

Grand Lodge

also a very cool take on the build. No focus on the intimidation but should be over all better in combat.

hmm, decisions decisions.

Grand Lodge

Hey guys, looking for some feedback.

So I find this class extremely interesting and want to figure out a build for it. I'm going back an forth on whether or not it would just be better to play a straight inquisitor or not. Right now I'm looking at Cavalier(Gendarme)2/Rouge(thug)1/Cleric3/Grey Gardener X. Not particularly in that order.

Build level 8:

Human with focused Study replacement.

Stats(20 point by per PFS)
16 str
14 dex
14 con
10 int
14 -> 16 wis
7 cha


Conversion Inquisition
Travel Domain

Abilities and Feats
lvl 1 Cav 1
Human feat Skill Focus(Intimidate)
Feat Weapon Focus(Greatsword)
Bonus Feat Power Attack

lvl 2 Cleric 1
channel +1d6

lvl 3 Cav 2
Bouns feat - Dazzling Display
feat - Combat Reflexes

lvl 4 Rouge 1
sneak attack +1d6

lvl 5 Cleric 2
feat - Furious Focus

lvl 6 Cleric 3
Channel +2d6

lvl 7 Grey G 1
Feat - (Open)
Sneak attack +2d6

lvl 8 Grey G 2
Harsh Judgment
stern gaze
Human feat - Skill Focus (perception?)

The plan would be to pick up shatter defenses at 9 and enforcer at 10 as a bonus feat. Have a merciful weapon so I can intimidate people every time I swing, therefore making them flat footed to the rest of my attacks and get sneak attack all while debuffing them. It sounds like a solid build in my head, but I can't help but to feel like I'm missing something or making this too complicated. I effectively get almost all skills as class skills, though I don't have a solid amount of skills to back it up. My AC wouldn't be great but I would have some healing, and the ability to use a CLW wand. Thanks to Cavalier I could dazzling display as a standard action instead of a full round action, pile that on top of the rouge's frightening ability and I can frighten a number of people depending on my roll.

It obviously would come up short against undead/constructs since I couldn't use non-lethal on them, and anything immune to intimidate.

I guess let me know if this sounds fun, or if I'm being silly and should just play an inquisitor. And with it's somewhat awkward start up, would this be fun to play in PFS?


Afterthought question, would the rouges frightening ability work with the enforcer feat?

Grand Lodge

Guided helps alot but it is also 3.5 material. Without it you would not be nearly as effective. +27 to hit still seems low for level 17.

Lets see, a barbarian would have +17 bab, +13 str (assuming 36 str while raging), +5 weapon, +2 furious enchant, + 1 haste. so +38, or +33 while power attacking(or +38 on first swing if he has furious focus). He would be swinging for 2d4 + 41 and critting on a 15-20. All while having pounce, DR 11/-, great saves vs spells, Much higher HP, etc etc.

so +38/+33/+28/+23/+18 +5 furious keen Falchion(2d4 +41, 15-20/x2).

AC 37-41 (depending on dex)= 10 + 11 Armor (+5 breastplate) + 2 shield(force ring) + 5 defelection + 10 Natural (amulet and beast totem) + 1-4 dex + 1 luck - 2 rage

or with reckless abandon

+43/+38/+33/+28/+23 for attack and an AC of 32-36.

Lower AC but DR 11/- more than makes up for it.

A fighter would be a little bit better but with less or no DR and a much higher AC, but you get the point. This was all just off the top of my head but if you want a full build i'm sure I would whip it up without much effort.

TL;DR Guided is the only reason monk is competitive and even with it they are still behind. Full martial characters should still be quite a bit above you.

Grand Lodge

I'm going to suggest outflank and precise strike as the teamwork feats. You might also want to look into cavalier. It has the ability to give teamwork feats to allies as a short term buff.

A rouge or ninja as one of yours would match up great if you can be flanking buddies with say the cavalier or a fighter/barbarian/ranger.

I would also recommend the feat butterfly sting.

Butterfly sting:

Butterfly’s Sting (Critical)
You can forgo a critical hit in order to pass it on to an ally.

Prerequisite: Combat Expertise.

Benefit: When you confirm a critical hit against a creature, you can choose to forgo the effect of the critical hit and grant a critical hit to the next ally who hits the creature with a melee attack before the start of your next turn. Your attack only deals normal damage, and the next ally automatically confirms the hit as a critical.

Have one of you use a 18-20 weapon and the other use a great axe or scythe. Have the guy with the 18-20 (or 15-20 with keen) set up the high crit mod guy for an auto crit.

Fun stuff

Grand Lodge

I am just not a fan of this spell as a whole. It is overall better than shocking grasp in every way. Same damage, at a range, no spell resistance, and has a save or be staggered.

I saw this spell yesterday with devastating effect by a cross blooded sorcerer.

It puts me at ease to see it can't be used with spellstrike though. =D.

Grand Lodge

I had to download it to read it, i couldn't see it on google docs.

Grand Lodge

Great read.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

In the Tome of secrets there is a pathfinder version of Artificer. It's been awhile since I've read it or it's 3.5 counterpart. Again it is 3rd party so you'll have to pass it by the

Tome of secrets

Here it is online.

Hope this helps.

Grand Lodge

I have a follow player that is using it the second way, and is using the body in rounds per day that can be separated up.

I believe it is the other way around so its once per day for X rounds and one person per round. But I'm not gonna get anywhere on that because its up to the GM to change that, and as the GM is his GF that's not going to happen. -.-

Oh well what can you do.

Grand Lodge

I disagree, every other ability that says you can split up the rounds per days says so specifically. I believe it is only usable once per day and it lasts X number of rounds, or less if you choose.

My question is can it be used to heal multiple people in one round?

energybody excerpt wrote:

... Once per round, if you pass through a living allied creature’s square or the ally passes through your square, it heals 1d6 hit points + 1 per oracle level....

So does that mean you can only heal one person per round or if everyone stood in a line = move speed and you walked through them, you could heal each of them for that amount in a single round?

Grand Lodge

The Original file is working very nicely, thank you. I failed my check to notice it in the original post.

Thanks again, this will be a fun tool to play around with.

Grand Lodge

Awesome spread sheet. Quick question though, when I download the sheet and run it on my local copy of excel it does not like the L column. It works in google docs but doesn't work in excel 2010.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Grand Lodge

I would assume the master since it is still the master's spell. The Familiar is just delivering it.

Grand Lodge

I would say Druids and Paladins absolutely can't as they existed in core. Oracles I would say would be able to if they were 12th level.

And Since witches are arcane technechly I wouldn't allow it. Samsaran clerics/oracles yes, anything else no because it would be borrowing the remove disease spell from witches spell list.

Just my opinion though.

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