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Tom S 820's page

1,237 posts. Alias of Tom Saksa.


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Ancient Lorekeeper(Oracle; Elf) Class striaght Hunted Curse
then take Sorcerer via feats form Pathfinder unchained

A character who chooses sorcerer as her secondary class
gains the following secondary class features.
Bloodline: At 1st level, she must select a sorcerer bloodline.
She treats her character level as her effective sorcerer level
for all bloodline powers.
Bloodline Power: At 3rd level, she gains her bloodline’s
1st-level bloodline power.
Improved Bloodline Power: At 7th level, she gains her
bloodline’s 3rd-level bloodline power
Blood Feat: At 11th level, she gains one of her bloodline’s
feats or Eschew Materials.
Greater Bloodline Power: At 15th level, she gains her
bloodline’s 9th-level bloodline power.
True Bloodline Power: At 19th level, she gains her
bloodline’s 15th-level bloodline power

Adept Channel feat

This gives you full caster ability in armor and channel

I would try this your idiea
Kitsune Sorcerer - Enchantment Primary/Conjuration secondary with either Fey, Sylvan, Serpentine bloodline. Tatooed Sorcerer archetype an option for familiar. Due to favoured class bonus can get spell focus in conjuration instead. BUT shortage of skills for face/knowledge/skills.

With Bard ability via feat multi-class option from pathfinder unchained

A character who chooses bard as his secondary class gains
the following secondary class features.
Bardic Knowledge: At 3rd level, he gains the bardic
knowledge class feature, treating his character level as his
effective bard level.
Bardic Performance: At 7th level, he gains the ability to
inspire courage and inspire competence as a bard of his
character level – 4 for a number of rounds per day equal to
his Charisma modifier + his character level.
Versatile Performance: At 11th level, he gains versatile
performance in one Perform skill of his choice. He can retrain
all his ranks in the two associated skills for free.
Lore Master: At 15th level, he gains lore master as a 5thlevel
Additional Performances: At 19th level, he gains the ability
to use dirge of doom and inspire greatness as a bard of his
character level – 4.

Goldmyr wrote:

The Str bonus comes in very late as part of the Iron Body spell or my capstone polymorph. ability. The Antagonize Feat looks good. The Earth Armor Spell creates a suit of armor with a +6 armor bonus That can't be enchanted unless I'm missing something. A one level dip means I wouldn't get my capstone, but I could pick it up again with a spell. Actually, that capstone is bad.

If you want cast spell in Armor take level Dip in Fighter. If take dip at level 1 then play till level 20 that 19 level doing your trick. Or if do not at level 20 you get you cap stone ability for one level of fun.

So it 19 levels of fun with the vs 1 level of with capstone.
That if you play till level 20 and stop...

My groups plays AP so we stop at level 16 so this is a no brainer.

Or if you group plays pass level 20... Say to level 21 or more then you get capston ability.

Capstone ability are really there for GM's not players.

Hammer the Gap and Vital Strike Chain for the Rounds that you have to move.

BlingerBunny wrote:

I'm already putting points into UMD to be able to use scrolls and wands. I'm gonna end up having to shell out a lot to get a wand of gravity bow. Besides that, I really want to work on making arrows with different damage types, like bludgeoning arrows, and slashing arrows.

What about Weapon Versatility, I could basically shift my aim and have my arrows viciously graze my enemies to do slashing damage, unless it doesn't apply to arrows used with a bow.

Why a Wand of Gravity bow is 750 GP same as wand Cure Light?

Oracle of Battle 1 level

War Sight (Su): Whenever you roll for initiative, you can roll twice and take either result. At 7th level, you can always act in the surprise round, but if you fail to notice the ambush, you act last, regardless of your initiative result (you act in the normal order in following rounds). At 11th level, you can roll for initiative three times and take any one of the results.

roll 2 D20 take the better that should be on average +10 shift in initiative

Fighter (Viking) Archetype
Source People of the North pg. 24 (Amazon)
The sagas of the Ulfen people are filled with stories of mighty warriors sailing south to raid the peoples of warmer climes and returning with longships filled with plunder. The Ulfen call these warriors vikings, and their deeds are sung in the longhouses during the long winter nights. A viking strikes fear into the heart of her foes, and in battle can fly into a terrible rage. Many vikings wear the pelts of bears or wolves, drawing on the strength and ferocity of these beasts in battle. Vikings do not wear heavy armor, but are skilled at fighting with an ax or spear in conjunction with a shield.

Fearsome (Ex): At 2nd level, a viking can make an Intimidate check to demoralize an opponent as a move action. At 10th level, she can do so as a swift action. At 18th level, she can demoralize a foe as a free action once per round. This ability replaces bravery.

he whole bloodline looks very defensive. I'm thinking melee, but I wouldn't get any good melee abilities until around level 17 when the strength bonus from spells kicks in. Though I'll be able to spend bonus feats to get access to mithril armor with no spell failure. I'm looking at spending 5 for all the armor proficiencies and arcane armor mastery.
? What STR Bonus

I could also go for control with spells that shift the battlefield, but would enemies attack me because I'm not dealing direct damage? I would hate for all my defensive stuff to go to waste.

Antagonize Feat

I could make the fighter resistant to critical hits, but that's it. Earth Armor would be worse than what he's wearing while it would stack nicely with my natural armor. Iron Body is personal.
Add Fortification or Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier

Price 5,000 gp; Aura strong divination; CL 15th; Weight 3 lbs.

This conical iron jingasa, or war hat, grants the wearer a +1 luck bonus to AC. Once per day when struck by a critical hit or sneak attack, the wearer can spend an immediate action to negate the critical hit or sneak attack (similar to the fortification armor special ability, but without requiring a roll). The damage is instead rolled normally.

Construction Requirements

Cost 2,500 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, divine favor, moment of prescience

How hard would it be to make a control sorcerer that can melee as a secondary role? Assuming I'm going to blow 5 feats on the armor proficiencies and arcane armor line.

Save the feats take one level of fighter.

first this AP Build so you only need to build till level 16.

Maneuver Master (Dirty Fighter) Monk 10/ cleric of Pharasma 4/ Shadow Dancer 2 Repose & Water domains
Dodge, mobility, Spring Attack, Believer's Boon, War Blessing (Repose)Divine Protection

Next you Party is beater heavy
Lizardfolk barbarian
Tengu swashbuckler
Human Corsair (fighter)
Gnome bard.

I would have the whole party multi class some.
Lizard folk barbarian 4 /Sorcerer 2 /Dragon Disciple 10
Tengu swashbuckler 10 rouge 6
Human Corsair (fighter)6 Warpriest 10
Gnome bard 12/ Arcane Archer 4

Idea one (Some Work)
1 Spider Giant with the Advanced Template, (Mom)
1 Spider Swarm (Kids)

Idea two (No Work)
1 Spider Giant (Mom)
2 Spider Swarm (Kids)

Idea three (a lot of work)
1 Spider Giant (Mom)
1 Mite Ranger 4 with Giant Spider poison Arrows (rider)
With mounted combat, rapid shot, Skill focus ride feats

Tom S 820 wrote:

Feat Blasting Boulder Source Giant revisited
The boulders you hurl explode upon impact, laying waste
to nearby creatures.
Prerequisites: Smoking Boulder, base attack bonus +13,
heat rock special attack.
Benefit: You can infuse rocks thrown as part of an
attack action with volatile fire energies, adding one of
the following effects to a thrown rock affected by your
Smoking Boulder feat.
Choking Smoke: All creatures in the affected 10-footradius
spread are nauseated for 1 round.
Concussive Blast: Creatures in a 10-foot-radius burst are
deafened and staggered for 1d4 rounds (Fortitude negates).
Incendiary Explosion: The creature struck by this rock takes
4d6 points of fire damage, other creatures within a 10-footradius
burst take 2d6 points of damage, and all affected
creatures catch on fire. A successful Reflex save halves the
fire damage taken and negates catching on fire.

What Stat do you use to set the DC?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Blasting Boulder
The boulders you hurl explode upon impact, laying waste
to nearby creatures.
Prerequisites: Smoking Boulder, base attack bonus +13,
heat rock special attack.
Benefit: You can infuse rocks thrown as part of an
attack action with volatile fire energies, adding one of
the following effects to a thrown rock affected by your
Smoking Boulder feat.
Choking Smoke: All creatures in the affected 10-footradius
spread are nauseated for 1 round.
Concussive Blast: Creatures in a 10-foot-radius burst are
deafened and staggered for 1d4 rounds (Fortitude negates).
Incendiary Explosion: The creature struck by this rock takes
4d6 points of fire damage, other creatures within a 10-footradius
burst take 2d6 points of damage, and all affected
creatures catch on fire. A successful Reflex save halves the
fire damage taken and negates catching on fire.

What Stat do you use to set the DC?

Blasting Boulder
The boulders you hurl explode upon impact, laying waste
to nearby creatures.
Prerequisites: Smoking Boulder, base attack bonus +13,
heat rock special attack.
Benefit: You can infuse rocks thrown as part of an
attack action with volatile fire energies, adding one of
the following effects to a thrown rock affected by your
Smoking Boulder feat.
Choking Smoke: All creatures in the affected 10-footradius
spread are nauseated for 1 round.
Concussive Blast: Creatures in a 10-foot-radius burst are
deafened and staggered for 1d4 rounds (Fortitude negates).
Incendiary Explosion: The creature struck by this rock takes
4d6 points of fire damage, other creatures within a 10-footradius
burst take 2d6 points of damage, and all affected
creatures catch on fire. A successful Reflex save halves the
fire damage taken and negates catching on fire.

What Stat do you use to set the DC?

I think your are trying to do to much and you will not do anything well.

Unless you can attacking touch AC this build is behind on BAB.

If this is AP PC that tops out at 16 level he will end up with +9 that is lose of 3 BAB. That is huge for build Melee based.

STAT MAD you need INT (spells, arcane pool,& skills), CHA, ( KI, face skills, buff to feint) WIS ( to find traps ) this may be drop to 10, CON ( fort, HP, death door), STR to hit and damage, DEX ( AC, int, range stealth acrobatic) may to hit and damage but that will cost you 3 feats.

Feat you need 5 feats combat expertise, improve fient, weapon focus , weapon finesse, slashing grace. With AP build in mind that only leaves 3 open feats on extra KI, extra arcana, extra pool, extra trick.

You can not take combat trick to help you get ahead if you want to it use it with forget trick.
To make forget trick work well you need power attack, combat expertise , and point blank shot. More feats that you don't have room for.

I you think your role in four person table your weak skill, weak arcane, weak striker do loss of 3BAB. You don't file any role well.

To feint you need two feats in build that is feat starved.

Not trying to do both in same round, but in same fight.

From the magus Myrmidarch (Archetype)

Ranged Spellstrike (Su): At 4th level, a myrmidarch can use spellstrike to cast a single-target touch attack ranged spell and deliver it through a ranged weapon attack. Even if the spell can normally affect multiple targets, only a single missile, ray, or effect accompanies the attack.

This is addition to normal spell strike with Melee weapons

From the arcane archer

Imbue Arrow (Su): At 2nd level, an arcane archer gains the ability to place an area spell upon an arrow. When the arrow is fired, the spell's area is centered where the arrow lands, even if the spell could normally be centered only on the caster. This ability allows the archer to use the bow's range rather than the spell's range. A spell cast in this way uses its standard casting time and the arcane archer can fire the arrow as part of the casting. The arrow must be fired during the round that the casting is completed or the spell is wasted. If the arrow misses, the spell is wasted.

What I am thinking is elf switch hitter .

So acid is some how stronger that fire, cold or electricity?

O create water
Dr 1Advanced Scurvy ,Hydraulic Push,Read Weather,
Dr2 Aboleth's Lung,Eagle Eye,

Any one got good magus arcane archer build ?

Can anybody tell me why the Magus and the arcane archer do not get them?

Bane construct ,and bane elemental arrows for the thing you can not smite

Hate saying it use basic math. If it a cr 8 fight set up for party of four then that is 4800 /4 =1200 exp per person. So add 1200 for each person after four. So that 2 cr 4 for 2 extra players.

For the stone giant fight I would add 2 advanced dire bears

Can'tFindthePath wrote:
The Rot Grub wrote:

Things I'm NOT using:

Not criticizing, just giving my perspective:

Staggered Level Advancement - I have been considering this off and on since Sean K Reynolds introduced it on his site many yahrens ago. .

Why did Sean K Reynolds not get credit for stagered advancement? Did pathfinder just rip it off or flat out steal it.

Believer’s Boon
Your deity rewards you for your faithfulness. Prerequisites: Wis 13, alignment must be within one
step of your deity’s.
Benefit: Choose one domain granted by your deity.
Once per day, you can use all 1st-level domain abilities granted to clerics of that domain. You gain access to this one ability only, not the higher-level domain ability, domain spells, or additional class skills that the domain might grant, or any bonus feats that are listed under its granted powers. Your effective cleric level in regard to this ability is 1st level.

You did not give any thing for us to comment on or to add too.

I like cherry picking one level of cleric with chaos domain, luck domain, channel and extra Orins.

Dose the mod tell what level you should be at point X?

If so the give money & or gear make sure the party is at that point.

Check wealth WBL as PC And as party as well.

The race build was totally ripped off of Skills and Powers versions of 2 Ed d&d

ECL dose not exist in pathfinder that a 3.5 or 3.0 idea

Gwiber wrote:

The simplest, easiest answer?

Add one small stat box.

Psychic Resistance. [PR]

Just like not everyone has Spell resistance as a stat, not everyone has Psychic Resistance as a stat.

In the Psychic Spells stat block you put Psychic Resistance instead of Spell resistance. Note in the other spells for the Classes that use Psychic Spells that any reference to Spell Resistance is Psychic Resistance instead.

Saves remains the same as they always have.

It's a very small rules addition to make along with all the other special abilities and feats that come with the Psychic classes.

And it shows a difference in Spells and Psychic powers, without lumping them into the same category, or having to add a host of new rules.

realy you want to go back a change four these bestiary worth of stat blocks....

That right there should end the whole discussion. BAD IDEA!!!!!

Is there list of pathfinder mod by location?

I want to may add them in as side quest for some of the APs.

We need a Giant Blood line for Sorcerer before this class comes out.

Mercurial wrote:
And would Grease be a better choice than Obscuring Mist, considering that I'll be taking it around 6th level?

Grease as spell known Odscuring mist as wand.

The new page just looks bad....It hard to read and move around. The font is realy hard to read. The button do not alway show on my PC.

Are style feats also Combat Feats?

Can not rember what the name is but it feat that combines Ki pool an Arcanca pool?

Jeff Merola wrote:
Not sure how you got from point A to point B on that one, chief. Haste gives you an extra attack on a full attack, which both Flurry and Spell Combat count as. Haste is not its own action, nor does it have a special action associated with it.

But flurry is own special full attack thing as well beacuse you can not furry and two weapon fight or rapid shot in pathfinder( you could in 3.5 or 3.0).... so there for you should not be able to flurry and use haste if the magus can not use haste and spell combat.

So then monk can not use haste and furry?

Can monk/ magus furry and spell combat in same round?

Spell craft gone in my game

Spell caster now use the following skills

Bard Perform
Cleric Knowledge Religion
Druid Knowledge Nature
Paladin Knowledge Religion
Ranger Knowledge Nature
Sorcer Knowledge Arcane
Wizard Knowledge Arcane
Oracle Knowledge Planes
Summoner Knowledge Planes
Witch Knowledge Planes
Inquistor Knowledge Religion

To ID spell now is DC 10 plus level spell.
+5 not same type energy Arcane / Divine
+5 the spell is not on your list.

To id an item it is base line 10 plus highest level spell
+5 not same type energy Arcane / Divine.
+5 the spell is not on your list.

Why could they not?

Mokshai wrote:

My GM doesn't allow 3PP, otherwise I would look at it.

Never thought about oracle, will have to look into that.

My who post was about that class.

Claxon is totaly right by the RAW but it irks me to the nth degree. Because I can now cast enlarge peron on any giant or troll... but not Aasimar or Tiefliong....

Barbarian 4/Oracle 2/Rage prophet 10/Sorcerer 1/ Dragon Discple 3

Savage Seer: A rage prophet's class level stacks with barbarian levels for determining the effect of rage powers, and with oracle levels for determining the effect of oracle revelations and his oracle's curse. This does not grant additional abilities.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

The Sisters Market; or, making the succubus more trouble

Douglas Muir 406
What makes the succubus different? No, no, besides the obvious.

I'd say it's this: succubi are, by their vary nature, social creatures. Other demons are solitary top predators, or slithering connivers, or rampaging monsters of pure destruction. But succubi need a social context to work.

So: succubi have a network. You could almost say an organization. Oh, it's a very chaotic organization, full of lies, jealousy, plots and treachery. Succubi don't actually *like* each other. But they have a lot in common, and as noted above they're social creatures, and also they can find mutual profit in working together.

How? Why, through the Sisters Market.

The Market is an informal network of succubi. It reaches all across the Abyss, and well beyond. Think of it as a Craigslist for demons. Though the current incarnation of the Market is fairly recent, something like it has existed for millenia. Because demons are demons, the network regularly gets crashed by cheating and abuse; but because it's so damn useful, it keeps getting recreated.

Succubi trade some physical stuff -- magic items and the like, and of course dominated slaves -- but mostly they trade information, roles, and hooks. Roles are identities that they've taken over. A "hook" is a Suggestion or Domination that a succubus has placed on a victim. (Yeah, it turns out that these things can be traded between two willing demons.)

So, say Candi has infiltrated a small mortal kingdom, dominating the queen and planting suggestions in the King's mind, and is driving the kingdom towards war and utter ruin. But suddenly she has to to away. Maybe she has a better job offer somewhere else; maybe she's suddenly become bored (this is the eighth kingdom she's ruined, frankly she'd like to try something different now); maybe she just got the news that the Shining Crusade is about to come to town and the palace will be crawling with good clerics and paladins. Whatever the reason, she contacts the Sisters Market and offers her role and her hooks -- the suggestions on the King, the domination on the Queen -- for sale. Tanya, who's been hanging around the Abyss torturing the same damned souls over and over, jumps at the chance; she offers an interesting magic item and, oh, the true name of a minor devil. An agreement is reached and, boom.

(Context: my PCs recently defeated a succubus; she got a Suggestion into one of them but then flew off because they were obviously too powerful. She's now traded the suggestion-hook to a more powerful demoness, who has just joined the party undercover.)

The Sisters Market also trades information. Much as they dislike each other, succubi tend to be gossips, and they love nothing better than a good, juicy secret. And they trade tactical information: I serve this demon lord, but I've noticed a weakness in his defenses. I'll trade it for information about the powerful good party that's rumored to be preparing an expedition to my plane of the Abyss. From a PC's point of view, this means that once you've encountered a single succubus, any subsequent one you meet may suddenly know much, much more about you. (This is especially true for characters who have embarked on a career of fiend-hunting, demon-binding, or anything else that seems likely to bring them into conflict with the sisters more than once. Demons are chaotic, but intelligent; they're not going to sit in rooms waiting for you to show up and kill them.)

The Sisters Market isn't only for succubi. Other fiends, and even high-level characters, can occasionally try buying or selling something. Just making contact would be a minor challenge in and of itself, and then of course you're dealing with a bunch of millenia-old chaotic evil outsiders with high Wis, very high Int, and very high Cha indeed. Good luck negotiating with the gal who can read thoughts, cast suggestions all day long, and -- oh, you have Protection From Evil up? -- talk rings around you anyway, because she has +27 Bluff.

Anyway, the Sisters Market. Thoughts?

Doug M.

Not my Idea but I used twice since I read this post. Make the Succubi part of this cabal of demon whores.

Again Big thumds up to Doug M.

You say want to make MT on 15 point build becasue you want to fill both roles as cleric and wizard... Try this

Elf ancient lorekeeper Oracle of lore with the haunted curse because it add more spell know. Then take eldriech heirage chain of feats for the Arcane bloodline. This gives you full spell casting progression, with 3/4 BaB, 8HD, 4+int Skill points, and casting in armor with no arcane spell failure.

Racial Archetypes
The following racial archetypes are available to elves.

Ancient Lorekeeper (Oracle)
The ancient lorekeeper is a repository for all the beliefs and vast knowledge of an elven people. She shows a strong interest in and understanding of histories and creation legends at a young age, and as she matures her calling to serve as the memory of her long-lived people becomes clear to all who know her. An ancient lorekeeper has the following class features.

Class Skills: An ancient lorekeeper adds Knowledge (arcane) and Knowledge (local) to her list of class skills. Whenever she makes a Knowledge check of any kind about a question regarding elves (creatures of the elf subtype), the ancient lorekeeper adds half her class level on her check. This replaces the bonus skills the ancient lorekeeper gains from her mystery.

Elven Arcana (Ex): At 2nd level, an ancient lorekeeper's mastery of elven legends and philosophy has allowed her to master one spell used by elven wizards. She selects one spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list that is at least one level lower than the highest-level oracle spell she can cast. The ancient lorekeeper gains this as a bonus spell known. The spell is treated as one level higher than its true level for all purposes. The ancient lorekeeper may choose an additional spell at 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, and 18th levels. This ability replaces the bonus spells she would normally gain at these levels from her chosen mystery.

Mysteries: The following oracle mysteries complement the ancient lorekeeper archetype: Lore, Nature, Waves, Wind ; Ancestor, Time, Wood.

Expanded Arcana feat
Expanded Arcana
Your research has revealed new spells.

Prerequisites: Caster level 1st, see Special.

Benefit: Add one spell from your class's spell list to your list of spells known. This is in addition to the number of spells normally gained at each new level in your class. You may instead add two spells from your class's spell list to your list of spells known, but both of these spells must be at least one level lower than the highest level spell you can cast in that class. Once made, these choices cannot be changed.

Special: You can only take this feat if you possess levels in a class whose spellcasting relies on a limited list of spells known, such as the bard, oracle, and sorcerer.

You can gain Expanded Arcana multiple times
Arcane blood power via eldtrich heirage chain of feats

Arcane Bond (Su): At 1st level, you gain an arcane bond, as a wizard equal to your sorcerer level. Your sorcerer levels stack with any wizard levels you possess when determining the powers of your familiar or bonded object. This ability does not allow you to have both a familiar and a bonded item. Once per day, your bond item allows you to cast any one of our spells known (unlike a wizard's bonded item, which allows him to cast any one spell in his spellbook).

Metamagic Adept (Ex): At 3rd level, you can apply any one metamagic feat you know to a spell you are about to cast without increasing the casting time. You must still expend a higher-level spell slot to cast this spell. You can use this ability once per day at 3rd level and one additional time per day for every four sorcerer levels you possess beyond 3rd, up to five times per day at 19th level. At 20th level, this ability is replaced by arcane apotheosis.

New Arcana (Ex): At 9th level, you can add any one spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list to your list of spells known. This spell must be of a level that you are capable of casting. You can also add one additional spell at 13th level and 17th level.

School Power (Ex): At 15th level, pick one school of magic. The DC for any spells you cast from that school increases by +2. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by Spell Focus.

If GM take point of view that 1/2 elf can take anything elf or human take. Then play 1/2 elf get skill focus for free, put the +2 any in to CHA, then when you level take extra spell knowen insteed of skill point or HP for being elf orcle.

Then take Paragon Surge and change the spell know at will by changing
Expanded Arcana feat.

Paragon Surge Spell

School transmutation (polymorph); Level alchemist 3, cleric 3, magus 4, paladin 4, sorcerer/wizard 3, witch 3

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S

Range personal (half-elf only)

Duration 1 minute/level

You surge with ancestral power, temporarily embodying all the strengths of both elvenkind and humankind simultaneously, and transforming into a paragon of both races, something greater than elf or human alone. Unlike with most polymorph effects, your basic form does not change, so you keep all extraordinary and supernatural abilities of your half-elven form as well as all of your gear.

For the duration of the spell, you receive a +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity and Intelligence and are treated as if you possessed any one feat for which you meet the prerequisites, chosen when you cast this spell.

All this plus good a UMD skill due having high CHA.

Dangerously Curious Trait

You have always been intrigued by magic, possibly because you were the child of a magician or priest. You often snuck into your parent's laboratory or shrine to tinker with spell components and magic devices, and frequently caused quite a bit of damage and headaches for your parent as a result.

Benefits: You gain a +1 bonus on Use Magic Device checks, and Use Magic Device is always a class skill for you.

Two-World Magic

Benefit: Select one 0-level spell from a class spell list other than your own. This spell is a 0-level spell on your class spell list (or a 1st-level spell if your class doesn't have 0-level spells). For example, if you are a druid, you could select mage hand and thereafter prepare it as a 0-level druid spell; if you are a sorcerer, you could select know direction as a 0-level sorcerer spell known.

These two triats will help out this build by give it acid splash and let you use wands or scrolls.

master_marshmallow wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
So, Divine Spellstrike?
It still doesn't let you deliver it with a free action melee attack, you would have to find a way to make that melee attack action to deliver your spell.

It replaces the touch attack with a melee attack in that casting of the spell so the round that you cast it you only get one attack or you could get I guese a full attack it you wait till the next round or later.

The big draw back in this that you have to hit Real AC and get 1d8+(what ever)extra damage + spell efect vs hitting Touch AC and geting Spell effect.

Claxon wrote:

Sepratist Cleric of Torag? You would have to spend proficiency on warhammer (unless you were a dwarf).

So Dwarven Sepratist Cleric of Torag, with this feat. Choose a domain that will give you a useful touch range offensive spell. Does any domain offer shocking grasp?

It realy dose not matter what domain spells you get.... You can only cast that domain spell once per day because you one have one domain spell slot per level. So great if can find a domain that has Shocking Grasp you still can only cast it once.

Ie in our Legacy of Fire Group We have a Cleric of Sarenrae with the Fire domain so she can cast fire ball once per day, that in no way step on my Elemant Sorcrer toes who can cast it all day long.

You need to look at spell list. Ie Druid, Cleric or Inquistor

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