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Todd Stewart's page

Contributor. Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,939 posts (2,081 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 6 aliases.


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Zhangar wrote:

I'll add that Heaven's entry in The Great Beyond states that Heaven tries to keep families together. IIRC, you could actually find families going back many, many generations.

Between the The Great Beyondand Wes's article, I'm under the impression that very few types of petitioners - maybe only the Abyss's? - immediately lose their mortal memories.

More frequently, as millennia pass, the memories of mortal life simply fade into the background. Especially if there's nothing around to reinforce it.

Further, actually transitioning from petitioner to exemplar (angel, devil, protean, psychopomp, etc.) wipes the slate clean - the soul sheds its mortal baggage.

With the occasional spectacular exception. Like Nightripper.

Fwiw, many daemons tend to have scattered, disjointed recollections of their mortality. The knowledge that yes, they were once mortals, causes no small amount of self-loathing, rage, and delusional justification on their part.

Trelmarixian the Horseman of Famine is a special case in that he retains a perfect memory of his entire mortal existence, with the singular exception of the moments just prior to his death by self-inflicted starvation.


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This was beautiful.

Wes you rock, and for everyone else with Paizo, let me say that you're all awesome people and you should continue to feel awesome. :)

This was genuinely touching and it made me smile all morning.


Axial wrote:
Product Description wrote:
Erum-Hel, the mythic Lord of Mohrgs, who plots to put an end to the crusader goddess Iomedae.
Haha, seriously? Good luck with that, buddy.

You go tell him that >:)


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So after some brainstorming between TanithT and I, we're going to be collaborating on a 1500 word piece of fiction to submit.

I do believe that Lamashtu's Flower was mentioned. >:)


Zuxius wrote:

We have news!

Todd Stewart has climbed aboard as one of our judges. Todd has consistently moved on to the Sutter Round time and time again in our contest and we've published his stories in all our Anthologies. He decided this year that he felt the call to give something back to all the contestants and judges from previous years.

We are very proud to have a planar expert on board!

There will be more news to come...

I'm certainly looking forward to reading, critiquing, and where requested providing feedback on stories submitted to the contest. :)


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Not only is this book evidence of my rapid descent into whimsical madness, it's also really cool, and on sale for $1 it's a steal. :D


This looks really awesome and I'll be devouring this when I have the chance to do so today (when I'm not grilling* or blowing things up to celebrate 'Murica). :D

*catagory 2 hurricane permitting

Also, a huge congratulatory thanks to the editors, proofreaders, contributing authors and artists, and everyone else that worked on this. And a personal thank you and shout out to Tanyaporn Sangsnit for some amazing artwork for my story '14 Neth - Xaos Night'!


Entryhazard wrote:
Isn't there some Axiomite demigod?

That would be the Axiomite Godmind. Its exact nature as a divinity or not hasn't been specified in print.


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People are already submitting things? Wow!

*pondering many ideas but also pondering available time*


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Rub-Eta wrote:

Dread Knight wrote:
The argument is that it is a Neutral force because it is a Neutral Force going to the Positive Energy Plane can kill you just as much as going to the Negative...

This, I'm very intresded in, Pathfinder citation please.

However, it would not prove my main point wrong.

Unprotected exposure to both the Positive and Negative energy planes is lethal. Neither plane has an alignment trait. Neither type of energy is linked to Good or Evil.

Citation: write ups of both planes in 'The Inner Sea World Guide' and 'The Great Beyond'.

What's evil is certain applications of negative energy, its effect on the position-energy empowered soul, and arguably the disruption of the natural flow of souls, etc. Fire isn't evil, but burning down an orphanage full of innocents is. Water isn't evil, but drowning your best friend is. Neither fire or water are aligned elements, but their applications can be twisted towards good or evil ends. Same thing with positive and negative energy, but negative energy is vastly more easily able to turn to evil uses because the vast majority of creatures are empowered by positive energy-based souls.

Many undead are evil not because of what energy empowers them, but by the intent of their creators, the particular way in which negative energy is applied, or if they aren't evil initially, the long-term prognosis as a result of the interaction between a soul and negative energy isn't normally promising to not eventually slide towards evil. James has written a lot on this topic in various threads.


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Congrats on joining the Paizo team Mark! :)


Based on body/soul duality (or lack thereof for outsiders), they're excluded from being liches.

As for the 3.5 libris mortis lichfiend, I think it fails on the same grounds of not making sense for the creatures it's talking about.

But that's just me, not an official ruling.


*enjoying listening to the speculation*


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One problem that I often see is a difference in -how- the genders are presented as sexualized.

Females are often sexualized as objects of desire much more often than as sexually aggressive and wanting -you- rather than the other way around. Males on the other hand often get the opposite as aggressive, dangerous sexual creatures that generally are more often male power fantasies than something appealing to heterosexual women (or gay males).

What I'd like to see is an incubus depicted as an object of desire, alluring and there to tempt you, pushing you to make the move, to want them rather than the other way around. Males are rarely depicted in this capacity.

Taking a page from my partner, I created a male (though capable of shifting gender at will) sorcerer who also works as a high priced escort *cough*rent boy*cough* in my current campaign that by various means ended up sweeping their character off of his feet and leading him around like a love-sick puppy. Nothing good will come of this given that the manipulative dandy is an erodaemon descended tiefling that worships Trelmarixian, but the character does turn the standard dynamic of how RPGs portray males as sexual (when they do at all) on its head.

More variety in how males, females, and every other option is depicted and presented as sexual (when it makes sense in context to present them that way) would be awesome. Things are improving -a lot- compared to even just ten years ago, and Paizo has been really working on this, which is awesome. :)


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I like to think that with the exception of those few ascended mortals who became gods, the majority of gods don't have a specific true form. As such, their depiction in art, statues, and altars (as well as manifestations to their worshipers) reflects the local ethnicity (or even species). As such you have Abadar depicted as Taldane, or Tien, etc and likewise I could easily see Pharasma depicted to suit the local population mix.

That said, it would be very cool to have some more artwork of gods depict a wider range of ethnic groups where it would make sense to see that. :)


Lord Snow wrote:
So I had the exciting chance to do exactly as the thread title describes, and the results are here. It was quite an interesting interview, and even though it was meant to interest new readers, I found myself learning some awesome facts about his books that I didn't use to know. So it could be a good read both for those who are not familiar at all with Wilson's work, and for those who are but don't know much of the behind the scenes stuff.

You are so damn lucky. Wilson's fiction is amazing and I need to go read that interview now :)


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KSF wrote:
Medicare lifts the ban on gender transition-related surgeries.

Spectacular news!


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Mark Moreland wrote:
This book will be more similar in its scope to Artifacts & Legends than to Magical Marketplace or Ultimate Equipment.

Artifacts & Legends was awesome. Rock on.


Bob_Loblaw wrote:

It's the far right wing religious fanatics who are fighting the hardest against it. Most conservatives I know are all for it. I'm not limiting myself to just locals either. I'm talking about from all walks of life across the nation. There are a few of my friends who are against it but most are for it.

"The Right" is as fragmented and fractured as it comes, with at least in the US, the Republican party being this Frankenstein's monster'esque amalgam of social/religious conservatives and on the other side economic conservatives and libertarians that could care less what you do in bed so long as it's consensual.

A considerable chunk of the right wing in my experience is wholly on board with marriage equality, doubly so among younger voters who care about jobs and the economy and not about who you sleep with.

The country is changing with regards to marriage equality, and this is a good thing.


Paris Crenshaw wrote:

As for your friendly neighborhood AEiC, Tim has been gracious enough to give me time to work on another Paizo freelance project. It's the first time I've worked on this type of thing for Paizo. I shouldn't say exactly what it is, yet, but it should be released at PaizoCon, and it's a great opportunity for me. I'm very grateful to our fearless leader for holding the reins during this phase of Wayfinder production.

Congrats! :)


Liegence wrote:
So how does an Astradaemon attack on a soul in the river play out? Do they ever go after particular souls or are they just random assaults? If daemons are actively hunting down the PC's as antagonists what's the chance of this occurring on death and how could it be detected/prevented?

This hasn't been handled in depth yet in print, so until such time as it is, here's how I would handle it:

They're hungry, and any attack they'll be balancing out an urge to simply snatch up the closest and easiest soul to ensnare and devour, versus diving in and going for the metaphysically fattest, choicest soul.

Most of the astradaemon packs owe loyalty to one of the Four, with a smaller number created by one of the Harbingers and delivering souls to them after a period of hunting. Most of them are pretty mechanical in their thinking, so using them as soul-assassins is going to be rarer than using them as random wolf packs or swarming sharks. But if you somehow fall afoul of a Harbinger or gods forbid one of the Four, they might do just that and hunt down your soul in-transit to Pharasma's domain should you die.


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1) Tiefling
2) Tiefling
3) Tiefling
4) Tiefling
5) Tiefling

Notice a trend here? :D

I also like fetchlings, aasimar, ifrit, oread, slyph, undine, and of course xaolings.

There's still a trend going on here as well. *chuckle*


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doc the grey wrote:

Honestly I think it was just an accident. The Daemons were always to me sick and dispassionately interested in anything that could maybe help them in their goals.

Musing here on my part, but this is culled from printed material in BotD 3 and elsewhere:

Rising out of their own hatred for mortals, some of them are utterly obsessed over mortal souls. Among the current Four, Trelmarixian has an almost religious obsession with soul experimentation. Part death camp scientist, part religious fanatic, equal parts nightmarish gourmand.

The specifics of the daemonic creation of demons wasn't spelled out (it's one of those things that should have wiggle room I think), but it could be implied that Lyutheria the Parasite Queen had a hand in the process, potentially along with her then student/lover/snack Trelmarixian. There's a bit in an early Kobold Quarterly that touches on their callous, rampant, and frankly reckless experimentation, with the suggestion that failed experiments (whatever they would see as a failure isn't explained) are simply dumped into the Abyss or the Maelstrom 'like the ones before'.

Again, while it isn't solidly stated one way or the other, I would suggest that you could reasonably point a finger at the current Horseman of Famine and his very-much-eaten-by-him predecessor (who is suggested to have been potentially the oldest Horseman except for Charon who is original).

As for if the first nascent demons were intentionally or carelessly dumped into the Abyss and subsequently blew up there is unknown. If it was intentional, the experiment exceeded far beyond their wildest dreams and indeed every expectation of control on their part. But in the long run, might they even care if it ticks the countdown clock to Oblivion a notch closer to midnight?


Ross Byers wrote:
Slight change of subject: Why was Asmodeus's sacred animal a viper? He doesn't normally evoke a lot of snake imagery. Frankly, I was expecting it to be a goat.

My guess is the whole 'serpent in the Garden' motif.

It's older and at least in my opinion less cliche than the Eliphas Levi derived goat motif (which is already poached by Baphomet the demon lord who pretty much gets his entire appearance from Levi's illustration of the Baphomet).

I rather like that they went with the viper. :)


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Kudaku wrote:
doc the grey wrote:
awesome stuff about Folca.

I also love how his subdomains are Daemon, Deception, Exploration, and Lust. That is not a recipe for a good evening.

The only way Fulca could be more scary was if he was also the Daemonic Harbinger for clowns.

And you just doomed my players to an encounter with them now. And they've already gone to creepytown with some of the asuras, meladaemons, and things they don't yet have names for. Time to jolt it up a notch because Trelmarixian and Tegresin werent disturbing enough. :D

Also I didn't create Fulca. But I am in inspired awe of whoever added him into BotD3


Ross Byers wrote:

Pharasma can't possibly be anything other than the biggest and greatest of the psychopomp Ushers.

All just me musing here:

I think this one depends on how old she is. Does she predate mortals? And if so, does that also imply that psychopomps do as well? It's subtle perhaps, but if she predates the mortal cycle or life and death, does that make her different from the psychopomps in some manner if they came about afterwards?

And to add to the list: the Oinodaemon is absolutely a daemon - the first one even. But it may or may not be a deity, less than one, the plane of Abaddon itself, or something else entirely. That's a big, intentionally open question mark. :)


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I've yet to make PaizoCon :(

Won't make it this year. Potentially next year? *fingers crossed* In lieu of something awesome like winning the lottery, it'll have to be a choice between GenCon and PaizoCon. Taking a page from others for GenCon, I've considered Kickstarting a get me to PaizoCon thing. :)


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Ross Byers wrote:
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Hypothetically, if someone were to write a Devils Revisited book in the same vein as Demons Revisited
If you, hypothetically, need authors to write that book, I would, hypothetically, be willing to contribute.

I hypothetically feel the exact same way. Just saying :)


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I could rattle off a few daemons! err, yeah daemons devils :)

How about Methricandra, the erinyes seeking to claim part or all of Aroden's former domain in Axis?


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Despite the fact that there are still spots left, and despite the fact that I've got several characters begging for more artwork, I already have a metric ton of artwork of some of my favorite characters, and I shouldn't be greedy when others' might not have any artwork of theirs.

Thus I just want to say that you're awesome, and I'll at least share my current favorite active character. Besides I'm going to wall of text this place!

Name: Il'setsya the Wyrmtouched aka Crazy-hooves, aka Random McSparkletail
Race: Xaoling (protean descended planetouched - see 'Xaolings' by Rogue Genius Games)
Source: NPC in my current Pathfinder campaign
Core Concept: Random, whimsical, utterly carefree and careless with the abilities of a high level sorcerer (protean bloodline) and a smattering of rogue levels to back that up. If the Maelstrom had a mortal high priestess, she probably had the job but got kicked out for not following the rules.



Il'setsya in many ways looks like a classic tiefling: slightly curling horns like those of a ram or antelope, a long scaly tail, and goat legs from the knees down. Take that archetypal tiefling and add the primal essence of the Maelstrom and perhaps some LSD and you'll have Il'setsya.

Her fingers are tipped in claws painted a wild assortment of colors, and her skin is covered by a mottled sheen of scales on her neck, forearms, and outer thighs in a mixture of green, purple, and orange. Making tieflings everywhere jealous, her tail is prehensile and insanely long (nearly twice as long as she is tall) and the crazy thing is covered in scales and feathers along the spine that shift color randomly – with the tail’s tip having a burst of fur and feathered plumage.

The girl's eyes glow a luminous shade of neon orange most of the time, and her wild, perpetually moving hair is usually some flavor of brilliant grape purple, lime green, or candy-apple red, though like everything else about her, the particular color is prone to change on its own accord at random - and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Beyond that she's prone to decorating herself with a wild assortment of earrings in her pointed ears somewhere between elven and tiefling, a hodgepodge of jewelry she stole that never really matches, and lips painted an obnoxious shade of purple.

And if it were obvious that somewhere in her past one of her ancestors dallied with a protean, she has a floating ring of translucent, glowing blue symbols in Protean loosely orbiting around her head. If asked about it, she'll casually reply that it's a keketar's crown that she gleefully borrowed, entirely without permission of course.

She looks like this


Random, silly, obnoxiously whimsical. She doesn't have a care in the world, and she's of the mind to share that very same outlook with anyone else she meets. Depending on their own outlook, she might do so whether they mind it or not. Watch your purse, don't trust your senses, and take her with a mountain sized grain of multicolored salt. You'll have fun with her around, trust her.


Il'setsya grew up in the planar city of Galisemni in the Maelstrom, though she no longer remembers any details of her past. Her parents, her childhood, any brothers or sisters or friends, all of this is forever lost to her, because she signed her name upon an artifact in that city scratched with thousands of others before her.

It was covered in names not recorded in any book nor remembered by any scholar or any god - these names have never existed. But as legend says, those that voluntarily give their name are granted their greatest wish in return, though it may not be the one that they had in mind. It gives, but in return it devours everything, and thus it did for Il'setsya. All she knows is that she signed her name, and that prior to that she flipped a coin: heads she would sign her name, and tails she would kill herself.

She does know the precise reason why she signed the wall, and has never told a soul - not friends, not lovers, nor the proteans that seem to flock to her side like family members to a wayward sister. But she's happy, finally.

Probability doesn't work properly around Il'setsya. Magic doesn't function by its normal rules around her. Things happen and not necessarily as she plans, but that's the fun of life isn't it? The randomness, the spontaneity, the risk! So what if you turn the entire inn's beer to urine, or a vrock to a construct of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmellow right before you set it on fire and put it through the roof of a church of Asmodeus?

The Maelstrom and at least one particular protean lord has designs for her. Not that she knows. Not that she particularly cares.


Freehold DM wrote:

I had no idea you liked grits.

There is only one place I will eat grits from, and that's waffle house. And only if my best friend is there, glaring at me the whole while. I will compliment the grits and thank the staff for them.

I just had shrimp and grits with smoked stewed tomatoes and mushrooms for brunch. :)


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Just because I noticed it and did a little dance as a result: the inclusion of Alazhra the Dream Eater the night hag patron was pretty awesome just because of the obscurity of her references in prior lore (like 2 places in passing).

That's kind of awesome and whoever was responsible for her/its inclusion, you're awesome too and should feel awesome. :D

Now she needs some love and expanded lore whenever it becomes appropriate ;)

So do the protean lords. Just saying you awesome people you.


Bellona wrote:

Thanks! Are there any particular links to the fanfic? :)

They were hosted on, which is currently recovering from a database crash. Here's one of them that google managed to locate somewhere: Daru ib Shamiq

To avoid cluttering this thread, once they're back up I can PM links, or PM me your email address and I'll email you all of them.


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Wolfang Amadeus wrote:

Again, you are forcing a singular view upon everyone with what you are saying because it fits your view and your standard. Or making a standard for the children to get used to, creating a new standard and indoctrinating this ideology into these children. Not acceptable.

I don't roleplay to bring reality into gaming, but to have fun playing without current political and social issues. Many of those on this discussion might say "good riddance," but that just demonstrates intolerance.

I'm sorry that the way my brain structure developed in-utero is both an ideology and a social issue. I apologize that neurobiology doesn't conveniantly fit into your worldview. I'm sorry that my very existence is an affront to you. Pardon me. :(


Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Relevant to talk about baernoloths...

*chuckle* When I first heard the story about that figurine being the inspiration for them, so much amusement :D


Bellona wrote:
... and I still want some more info/stats on those Baernoloths. Were they only ever mentioned in passing during the various versions of Planescape/the Great Wheel, or is there some resource out there with more information?

2e 'Faces of Evil: The Fiends', 'Hellbound: The Blood War', and 'Planes of Conflict'

3.x has some scattered references to them in Fiendish Codex I, and some Demonomicon and other pieces in Dragon/Dungeon.

And a metric ton of fan-fic by myself. ;)

But back to Pathfinder.


Mikaze wrote:

Hell, the heroes would probably be expected to rip it inside-out, undoing oblivion itself....

...and leaving only a desoloate Gray Waste where the black hole of Abaddon once stood. And somewhere in that Waste a baernoloth would appear, coldly considering the turn of events as simply being the next step in their grand experiment to turn all of reality into a negativity well reflecting their own empty souls. Those damned tricky horse-faced bastards.



I want that sort of crossover to either happen or be strongly hinted at in my home game. But two of my current players are veterans of two previous 'loth heavy Planescape campaigns, and if I did that I fear that they'd go all 'railing-kill' on me, which was threatened last time I went all Baern happy.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
DM Pendin Fust wrote:

I want some more on the daemon, The Four Horseman, and escpecially the Oiondaemon. I want these things so badly.

You really want more despair-inducing, heart-numbing, daemon-fueled horror to kill and devour your PCs?

... I could totally get on board that crazy train. >:D


Christina Stiles wrote:
Oh, yes, I've given Todd the go-ahead for whatever he wants to write on planar creatures. We should be seeing more from him at some point.


You will as soon as my day job stops eating me. Hopefully this is sooner rather than later, but I have ideas stewing.


Mikaze wrote:
Jeff Erwin wrote:
Indeed. When the Peacock Spirit appeared I thought: "awesome, finally a positive spin on the idea…the exemplar of a redeemed fallen angel" And then it/she/he apparently turned out to be non-good. :( But then, I think peafowl are pretty cool.

The Peacock Angel is still out there, somewhere, at least. :)

(and now that you mention it, possibly a great point of origin for the peri, considering their flavor)

Really want to ask Todd Stewart about that now...

If it makes you feel any better, my current home campaign is

My Players Stay Out:
focused around the reasons for the Peacock Angel's fall, and the possibility of his/her redemption.

The little bits of lore I wrote regarding the Peacock Angel (Szuriel and a number of her predecessors wielding Melek Taus's sword for instance, and a LN race in the Abyss claiming to be the results of a fallen Peacock Angel's shed essence of Law as she plummeted from Heaven, etc) were intentionally fuzzy in that they could also be alluding to the Peacock Spirit as well, but nothing was absolute, by design so that future sources on either didn't have to worry about contradicting anything for the most part. Also since I didn't create the Peacock Spirit, I didn't want to solve someone else's mystery out of serious respect for them.

In my home campaign however I'm free to go crazy and be totally unrestrained by canon.

And I've got an Ask Todd Stewart thread, ask away any time you want, though with the caveat that any of my answers there aren't canonical in any way since I'm just a freelancer. :)


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Sissyl wrote:
I do not understand that study. How do the manage to connect the genital nerves to provide a sense of touch here? I am not saying it is impossible, mind you...

They don't actually have to reconnect anything, and what they transplant in doesn't start out with any nerves it seems.

As they explain in the full paper, by seeding the matrix with both epithelial and smooth muscle cells, upon transplantation the tissue underwent vascularization and innervation, aka blood vessels from the surrounding tissue infiltrated, expanded, and integrated into the transplant, and likewise nerves from the surrounding tissue did so as well.


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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
And reviewed here and RPGNow (in comments), and hopefully soon at the d20pfsrd store!

Thank you so much for the review!

Since the proteans IMO were created without the option or the intent to harken back as much to non-OGL critters as for instance the daemons have some shared thematic ground with the 'loths, the proteans are quite near and dear to me, potentially more so than the daemons (heresy I know!). And since I adore tieflings (blame DiTerlizzi and Planescape), the lack of a protean touched race was a glaring hole IMO.

Of course the same glaring hole has been there for a long time, even with respect to slaadi in 3.x (chaonds and neraphim were never really explicit on the topic and were never developed further). Why should fiends get all the fun in interbreeding with mortals? Why shouldn't the plane of unbound creation and raw, random chance be able to imprint and alter mortal offspring? Why shouldn't the best outsiders get to create a race of best-planetouched? :D


Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Myrryr wrote:

So, it always bugged me there was no support for the chaotic outsiders as there is for the good and evil ones...

The Ouroborn are located here.

Interesting. Have you by any chance seen the new Xaolings from Rogue Genius? I definitely recommend it.

Proteans are awesome :D


6 people marked this as a favorite.

Of particular interest to trans* individuals: Tissue-engineered autologous vaginal organs in patients: a pilot cohort study. was a paper published in Lancet just recently.

Big big big awesome implications, and I say this as someone who has worked in tissue engineering (livers) and with some of the techniques pioneered by the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine's. Though this particular study wasn't specifically aimed for producing organs for implantation for MtF patients, it's a logical extension of the technique, and the same basic techniques are likewise applicable with some more work to FtM patients.

And as it's using autologous cells (cells from the patient's own body) to grow the organs, there's no issue with immune rejection as in conventional transplantation.



Congrats to everyone that made it in!


3 people marked this as a favorite.
Ilja wrote:
Hmmm. Maybe i can ask here, if people are interested in discussing it. Please tell me if this is a stupid question... But how do you guys feel about how to include trans* people in RPG world creation?

Like TanithT said, in backstory. For most characters (depending on setting specific, cultural elements) it'll be as up front (or not) as any cis/het character. Unless you're heavily interacting with an NPC it might not come up, or might not be relevant in a lot of interaction.

Here's one example from my home game. The PCs are in the planar city of Galisemni, and one of the NPCs that they've interacted with rather heavily is a protean-blooded tiefling named Il'setsya. It never actually came up in conversation directly during the course of the game, but Tanith asked me after the game, "Is Il'setsya trans*?"

The answer was a solid yes, but as it literally never came up in conversation in game I asked why Tanith thought so, and it came down to a few very subtle statements about her past in-game and Tanith's assertion that "I know you really well". The guess was correct and the character is in fact trans, though it likely won't be openly discussed in game or necessarily something the other players and PCs are aware of. But it's there, and by interaction regarding some elements of her experiences in the past (specifically her past as a starving, male-bodied street urchin and her interaction with a giant campaign bugaboo/macguffin called the Lethe Wall).

Will it ever come up in game? I can't say for certain, but it does provide more depth and emotional character for this character in specific.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Most of my experience with the practical application of Said's work has been to see it used as a bludgeoning tool to silence or discredit scholars who criticize any culture that they aren't members of by birth, and doubly so if they're discussing religion.

For instance I've seen criticism of female genital mutilation in the middle east and east Africa hit by charges of 'you can't criticize this, you're being an imperialist eurocentric/racist/sexist orientalist' etc.

Worse even if the scholar is an actual orientalist by academic focus (see for instance the work of the German scholar Christoph Luxenberg, who regardless of if his theories are historically accurate wholly or even only partially, has been hit by an avalanche of dismissive, disdainful charges of "orientalism" as well as a bevy death threats).


Haladir wrote:
GreyWolfLord wrote:
However, homosexuality is still against the rules as per the New Testament as well.

Speaking as a Christian myself, this point is very much debatable.

Just to keep in mind: Nowhere in the New Testament does Jesus ever say one word at all about same-sex relationships.


Not. One. Word.

** spoiler omitted **

Brief discussion on this topic elsewhere.

Thank you for stating this (I agree wholeheartedly).

And since it was mentioned earlier, it's worth noting with regards to 1 Timothy's positions on women, that the scholarly consensus is that Paul didn't write it, but that it's a 2nd century forgery written in Paul's name. It contradicts Paul's own previous statements regarding the active and equal role of women in the early Church as well as details from other sources.

But I should avoid getting into a scholarly discussion here.


Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

Your own gender, are you male or female?

Your sexuality?

Characters you've had.

Their sexes, ages, sexualities, attractivness level and what sort of attractive they are? Tomboyish girls, manly men, pretty boys, super lovely curvaicious ladies.

Male bodied (MtF trans* but I'm not currently transitioning)

Hetero (if you go by birth gender / if I transitioned it'd be homosexual)

Recent PCs and arguably DMPCs:

Nisha Starweather - female tiefling, heterosexual, 14 Cha, athletic. Obnoxiously random, almost perpetually happy.

Aranath Glenshadow- male elven druid, heterosexual, 16 Cha, athletic (the only male PC I've had in nearly a decade) - he did technically get turned into a female song dragon briefly, and eventually turned into a shadow dragon and ended up in love with an older female shadow dragon that took him under her wing.

Astrid'azilindria'noxamilla - female half-faerie dragon wizard/sorcerer, 19 Cha, bisexual, short, hyper feminine girly girl

Il'setsya - female protean blooded tiefling sorcerer/rogue, 18 Cha, homosexual, average to athletic build, flighty, hyper-random. Probably the most transparently self-insert character I've had in terms of personality in-game


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This was a very fun project to work on, just saying >:)

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