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Clegg Zincher

Titus "The Titan" Armstrong's page

167 posts. Alias of Ashe.


AC:19(25),T:19:FF:13(19)|HP:108/108|F:13,R:13,W:10|Initi:6|Per:14| Rage: 22/22, CH: 4/4, Retribution: 9/9, Ferocious 6/6, Hero Points 3/3

About Titus "The Titan" Armstrong

Titus "The Titan" Armstrong

Advancement Choices:

1st: Mighty Godling
2nd: Monk MoMS, Sacred Mountain
3rd: Mighty Godling
4th: Mighty Godling
5th: Mighty Godling
6th: Mighty Godling
7th: Mighty Godling
8th: Mighty Godling

Male, American, Age: 25
LG Medium Human Dual Talented (Humanoid)
Init +6; Senses ; Perception +14
AC 25, touch 19, flat-footed 19
(+6 armor, +6str, +3wis)
HP 108(124 Rage) (7d12+1d8+16)
Fort +13(+15), Ref +13(+15), Will +10(+14)
Speed 30 ft.
Unarmed Strike w/Dragon Style +13 1d6+10
Charging Dragon Punch +15 1d6+16
Charging Dragon Knock Out Punch +15 2d6+32 (Nonlethal)

With Rage
Unarmed Strike w/Dragon Style +15 1d6+13
Charging Dragon Punch +17 1d6+21
Charging Dragon Knock Out Punch +17 2d6+42 (Nonlethal)

Space 5 ft., Reach 5 ft.
Rage 22/22 Rounds/Day

Lineage Domain:Ferocity
Ferocious Strike 6/Day +3 Damage

Divine Traits:
Divine Portfolio I: Nature Mystery, Nature’s Whisper(Str)

Mystic Inheritance I: Transmutation School, Physical Enhancement

Divine Portfolio I: Wind Mystery, Air Barrier

Divine Portfolio I: Wind Mystery, Wings of Air

Seer I Standard Action Gather Information on a Subject 1d20+16

Scion Talents:
Force of Brawn: Strength to Saves

Retribution 9/Day, Attack a foe that strikes me in melee

Channel Energy: 4/Day 4d6 Positive

Str 22, Dex 11, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 11
Base Atk +7; CMB +13 (+15Rage); CMD 32(36rage)

Fates Favored,Heavy Hitter, Reactionary

Wow, I know Kung Fu:
Campaign Trait: "Wow, I know Kung Fu?"
Description: Years of learning fighting styles and tricks has given you you the ability to put on the grace and movements of a master of unarmed combat.
Benefit: +2 Intimidate Vs combat attackers.

Brawl 1st
Rage Talent Bonus 1st
Dragon Style Bonus
Knockout Punch 3rd
Emergent Divinity 5th
Improved Initiative Bonus
Horn of the Criosphinx 7th

Skills (26 Points - 18 class, 8int):
Acrobatics +12 (3 rank, 6Str, 3class)
Stealth +16 (7 rank, 6Str, 3class)
Diplomacy +17 (8 rank, 6Str, 3class)
Perception +14 (8rank, 3Wis, 3class)

Favored Class: Mighty Godling (+1/2 Divine Rank)
Racial Modifiers: +2str, +2wis
Languages: English, Spanish

New Dodge Ram 2500 ($35,000)
Dodge Charger ($30,000)
Dukati Superbike ($22,000)
Smart Phone ($200)
Computer Tablet ($500)
Clothes Casual ($800)
Clothes Formal ($600)
Handcuffs Zip tie ($100)

Carrying Capacity Light: 173lbs. Medium:174-346 lbs. Heavy:347-520 lbs.

Money: $120,800



The year is 1981. Marie decided to study abroad. She wanted to be a history teacher and loved Greek Mythology. So she took the opportunity to spend the semester in Greece. What she didn’t know was she would find the love of her life there. The young man’s name was Anthony and he was happy to show Marie around to the the sights.

It had been two months and Marie had seem almost everything she had wanted to see. With Anthony’s assistance she had been studying books on the occult and other myths tied to the ancient gods. They found one that was said to make their love last forever. After much research the two performed the ritual. The conclusion was the two making love in the temple of Aphrodite. What they didn’t know was they sparked up some ancient magic in the process.

It seems the ritual was set in place long ago as a failsafe. The god’s knew their time was limited as the world grew. Aphrodite and Hephaestus had performed this ritual long ago and the seed of their child had lain dormant and ready for a mortal to take on. The night ended. Soon the semester would end as well. Marie had to return back to the states. The two made plans to be together. Marie would finish school and Anthony would work and save for the year in preparation to come to America. What was unplanned for was the baby. Marie was fortunate to live close to home. Her parents were happy to help while she finish school.

Anthony was able to come for the birth but still would not make the move for a year. Now a year later Anthony has made the move and found work and Marie has graduated and working as a teacher. Her parents still help with baby Titus and are very happy to have a grandchild. Titus was a large and healthy baby. He grew and enjoyed a pretty normal life. He was an athletic child and found a great outlet in martial arts. As a young boy he watched the early stages of the UFC. He was a big fan of Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock.

Now in his twenties he has spent years training. He has a professional record of 6-0 with all 6 wins being knockouts. He has an invitation to fight at the next UFC pay per view. If he wins he is to be offered a UFC contract. His dream is to hold the heavyweight championship. He is known for his devestating power and his uncanny ability to heal after a fight. He has made many friends along his path and a few enemies as well. He hopes to open his own gym and train new up and comers in the future. He also has a big heart. With things the way they are in the down economy, crime has risen. He has taken it upon himself to moonlight as a vigilante protecting the people in his neighborhood.

Ht: 6' 5"
Wt: 235 lbs
Age: 25
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White(Tanned)

Titus is a tall well built man. He looks to have been carved from stone. His is handsome with charp features and a stong jaw. His blond hair is kept high and tight around the edges with the top messy and spiked.


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